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Lumber Liquidators Warranty Is No Warranty.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS -- This review is regarding LL's warranty and specifically about a product they sell(Virgina Mills Handscraped Matterhorn Birch hardwood #10003480). Our customer purchased this flooring and when we attempted to install we found approx 20 - 30 % of the flooring unfit for installation due to variations in the widths of the flooring. We found some boxes had no variations while others had lots of this problem. This causes "gaps" to occur in the flooring whenever a board is installed that is not the same width as the others. The problem is compounded with every row of flooring installed. The home owner hired an independent inspector to inspect the flooring after Lumber Liquidators refused to look at the flooring on site. LL took one box of the flooring and said there were no defects. Since not all the boxes contained defects this is not acceptable. The independent inspector found variations in widths just as we did. He determined the problem to be a milling problem, just as we did. This is a manufacturing problem and NOT an installation problem.

Here is the real problem though. Lumber Liquidators' warranty states the installer is responsible for any defects in the flooring once it is installed. OK, this is fine but after they were advised of this problem they said they would not inspect any of the product on site. They said an independent inspector's report was not acceptable and that it has to be from the National Hardwood Flooring Association inspector for them to accept it. There are no inspectors near our area and would cost too much to pay to have one sent here. They make no guarantees they will do anything even if the NHFH inspector comes. They will NOT inspect flooring that is not installed either. SO if the floor is installed it is the installer's fault for any defects and if the flooring is not installed they will not inspect it or do anything about it. They say it is the installers responsibility to take out defective boards and to not install them. 20 - 30% of the product unusable????? They will not reimburse for any of the defective product. We installed a few of the boxes and we found this out when we tried to get them to inspect it because they wouldn't unless it was installed. They refused, saying "you installed it so we are not responsible". Even though over 90% of the product was NOT installed. Their warranty basically puts them in the position of no resposibility for anything.

Also beware that after you have had the product for 60 days their warranty is null and void. The warranty is NO warranty and they wash their hands after 60 days.
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User Replies:
At Your Service on 12/07/2012:
Interesting review to say the least. So the wise consumer would calculate an approximate 10+% waste cost into their purchase. Add such, does the purchased become cost effective?
face it on 12/09/2012:
In the early days of Lumber Liquidators I witnessed several times that material was returned and everything possible was done to correct any issue. After there turning corporate there was a drastic decline in quality as well as customer service. These facts are out there for folks thinking about making purchases at one there locations. I wish more people would take the time to look at these reviews before they get stuck in the classic "now what do we do" situation. Thanks for your review I hope lots of people see this before wasting there hard earned money.
prizmfloors on 12/28/2012:
follow up comment: LL offered to meet with our client. guess when they wanted to meet? On Sunday Dec 23rd they scheduled a meeting. Our client lives close by so he said, fine, no problem I will be there. Guess who did not show up? You guessed it! LL did not come to the meeting. Are you asking yourself if they tried to deliberately schedule this meeting at a time when our client might not show up? Ya really got to wonder! Incredible!
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Worst Customer Service Ever
Posted by on
CINCINNATI, OHIO -- Lumber Liquidators "unwritten" policy towards customer complaints is that if they put you off long enough that you will give up or at the very least take a insultingly small amount of money back to "shut up". They in all reality should advertise "we will sell you the wood, but we will not deliver it, or install it, and if you are real lucky and can afford to hire an attorney you might get a store credit forcing you to come back into our store to redeem your credit after you have an issue with our sub standard products."

To anyone that wants to have additional unneeded stress added to there flooring project, or who crave the absolute worst customer service out there, or anyone that wants to have to fight through a mountain of corporate malpractice to simply correct an obvious quality issue. By all means hurry to you local Lumber Liquidators store today!! To anyone else that does not wish to undergo this drama I simply suggest to avoid Lumber Liquidators !

I have personally seen the level of disrespect and nothing short of illegal activity that takes place. For instance a store manager taking money from a cut rate contractor to insure he gets steady work regardless of the huge trail of unsatisfied customers left in there wake. The lying and cheating of the mafia like combination of regional manager and in store manager that will simply put off a customer complaint till the simply give up. I wonder if Al Capone is a share holder in Lumber Liquidators?
Company Response 09/10/2010:
As the Director of Customer Care for LL we serve over 1,000 people a day with a variety of questions, comments, positive remarks, and valid claims for which all customers are served at varying degrees of service based on the question, or concern. The photo is an example of natural defects found in wood products, not unlike any other natural product. If you don't like the knots in the wood, don't install it and use the company return policy if you have any dissatisfaction with the quality of any products we offer. If you would like to contact Customer Care and ask for me, I would be more than happy to hear your story as I'm sure we have opportunity for improvement like an organization, but as with some concerns of this nature posted on the internet that I've researched, or personally been involved with, the story is often altered to get a reader’s attention and lacks the true facts of the claim. Comments like the one made about a store is hear-say and if you have facts to share the store personnel would be in serious violation of our policies, so when making such an accusation it's best to share it with the company using proper channels if you really want to take action.

We have far more gallery photos and positive reviews flowing to LL compared to the handful of people whose projects did not go well because of no fault of our products, or there was a valid claim and we took care of the customer in support of the warranty. We help customers with Install Pros available by phone, Customer Care Associates well trained, and a support staff of some of the most industry savvy people available keeping our prices low so people can enjoy quality products. If you want something really inexpensive - we have that too.

If you had a bad experience – I want to hear about it myself and look forward to your call. If we did something wrong, I’ll make it right.

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User Replies:
maxinebb on 09/09/2010:
I bet you loved the prices thinking you were getting a great deal. There are various grades of lumber. More than likely you got what you paid for. If you wanted top quality you should have gone to a better lumber yard, inspected the lumber anf paid the price. In my past experience, anything liquidation is NOT top quality.
old newfie on 09/09/2010:
Even the name of the business sounds cheap.
face it on 09/09/2010:
that is correct, there are 3 basic grades of flooring lumber 1) rustic 2) natural and 3) select. the product pictured is easily a rustic grade but was sold as a natural grade! and a higher price than a rustic grade.
(rustic = open knots, larger closed knots, large variation in color/ Natural=smaller closed pin knots, some mineral streaking/ select=no apparent knots, cleanest grain, and the least amount of color variation, typically the highest price point.)
face it on 09/10/2010:
typical response. This issue has been reported to "there proper channels" and absolutely nothing has been done. Regional manager and store manager need to be investigated period. Why could your response not be that you will investigate these issues, ask all employees at the store what they have seen and or heard. Research recent complaints by customers of that store that have been simply put off till they give up and go away. I understand you do not want these issues publicly available for all to see, but the truth is had you addressed these issues with actual effort and not just simply dismissed them then postings like this ( as well as several others like it) would not be here.
raven2010 on 09/10/2010:
I really like the direct approach in the company response!
Glcm222 on 09/19/2010:
I have to admit I laughed when I read the response from the Customer Care Lead. Especially when she states that she wants to hear from unsatisfied customers, and that she will fix the problem. I called you, and you NEVER called back. I asked to speak to you, and was told no. I wrote to you and got no response. If anyone is interested in finding her go to the BBB website type in Lumber Liquidators and select the VA store with the address with the city Toano. It lists her name, phone numbers, fax etc. Make sure to include these things later when you have to write to the attorney general for your state and VA. If enough people complain to the right people this company will have to start treating people better. On another note, I work for a health insurance company and we deal with 1000's of callers as well. Our operators are trained not to hang up on people, and our phone calls are recorded so the company can monitor employees...perhaps Lumber Liquidators should start monitoring their phone lines.
Ex employee on 02/07/2012:
Forbes top 100 companies with integrity.
That's a load of crap. No INTEGRITY at
LUMBER LIQUIDATORS. Management monitors all the wrong things. Employees are at breaking point having to sell the garbage that 444 Toano sends.
Many guys suffering stress related health issues.
Used to be a great company.
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If You Don't Care About Service, Warranties, Returning Phone Calls and a 2nd Rate Product, Go to Lumber Liquidators.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I'm a remodeling contractor in Northfield, VT. My customer's house was flooded out by Tropical Storm Irene on August 28, 2011. When all the interior repair work was nearing the point to install hardwood flooring, my customer ordered 3/4" maple flooring from Lumber Liquidators in Williston, VT. Their man came out to the job-site in Moretown, VT. and measured the area that was to receive the flooring. When other structural issues were discovered with the house we had to delay the flooring delivery. L. L. kept pressuring us to take delivery even after we explained our situation. So we took delivery but told them we would not be installing the flooring for a few weeks. They said that would not be a problem. When we did install the flooring we discovered that L. L. had over calculated the amount of flooring by 273 s. f. We had thirteen full boxes of flooring left over. When we called to return the overage, they told us they would charge a 20% restocking fee because it was beyond 30 days from delivery.

They knew our situation, over ordered the flooring, and then made extra money by charging a restocking fee on their mistake. They took advantage of a victim of Topical Storm Irene who has enough stress trying to sort through all the issues that come with a natural disaster such as this. Only after demanding some fairness did they drop the restocking fee to 10%. Still trying to squeeze every dime they could from my customer. The whole process took weeks to settle. Several times they said they would look into the matter and call back. They never do. We always had to call them to find out what they decided to do to resolve the problem.

We had to truck the over-ordered flooring 45 miles to return it. It certainly was not the best milled flooring I've installed and I've installed tens of thousands of feet of wood flooring but I can deal with that. The service at Lumber Liquidators after the sale was absolutely terrible at best.
Company Response 06/11/2012:
LL Response to early pick up and a restocking fee:
The stores make every attempt to deliver product purchased to make room for incoming trucks with other customer orders and stock orders to meet customer needs and future sales for in stock items. If the store failed to waive the restock fee it was a judgment call and one I would say was the wrong call for this type of scenario. Please contact Customer Care at 800-366-4204 right away and we'll make this right. Not sure what you purchased (odd lot or some other lower grade) but if there was a concern with the milling the invoice, warranty, and installation instructs provide direction on what to do so we can address any product issues. We regret this happened and sell to thousands of very satisfied customers each day. Given the number of sales and repeat customers, most experiences are not at all like yours and we apologize for the less than perfect experience. We're more than willing to make this right with your help. If needed, ask for the Director of Customer Care referencing this message. Thank you for informing us about this concern. We will add this to the stores report card and company executives will know this occurred as we monitor store decisions and activity to improve the customer experience.
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User Replies:
face it on 06/10/2012:
billa 75,

I might be able to offer a bit of insight as to why they (Lumber Liquidators) wanted to pressure you into taking delivery ASAP. Lumber liquidators employees earn a bonus/commission from sales above and beyond a certain "mark" they are not paid these commissions until the product actually leaves the store and not when the actual purchase/transaction takes place. One might argue they have a small space and can not keep product for extended amount of time, which is somewhat true but would you not also expect to be told that at the time the order was placed if that where such a pertinent issue? Regardless of the needs of the customer there employees are forced to make higher and higher numbers (sales)to get any sort of commission. This may also in part explain why there was such an overage in the order (to meet a quota). The average waste factor for hardsurface flooring is 5% across the board with special requirements for specific products (wood deemed as seconds/damaged/or excessive knots/splits etc.) Their over all business model is not based on customer satisfaction (simply proven by the amount of negative reports they have accumulated) instead they base there operation on the amount of product they can move in a specified time frame. The situation a particular customer has means nothing to them other than a showing of false notoriety to close a purchase (make the sale) outside of that you are nothing more than a number.

In regards to the milling of the product, I have installed flooring since 1988 and I installed Lumber Liquidators material exclusively from 2001 to 2010. Once Lumber Liquidators went "corporate" there quality went down hill as there profit margins went up. I have seen product literally fall apart in your hand! To board sizes differing as much as 1/4" in width and/or thickness. And just about every sort of finish issue you can imagine (orange peeling,spots, debris in the finish, you name it)Given these types of issues and Lumber Liquidators policy of "once we have your money screw you" this combination results in countless unsatisfied customers. You can expect a company response that states "our policies are clearly noted at the point of sale" That in and of it's self describes the heartless nature of there business practices, basically cutting your complaint down to "it's your fault you didn't read our ridiculous policies page first" (which I equate to a kindergarten match up of "I know you are but what am I").

In today's world these types of practices seem to be more and more relevant. Empire Today is another example of corporate greed over customer satisfaction. Simply said, no matter what this or any other company does or says, if people are not supporting these stores by making purchases there would be no business. I wish that these reviews would be posted at each individual store and/or web site so that customers would have the information necessary to make an informed decision before getting stuck in a "what do we do now" situation.
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Bait and Switch?
Posted by on
ST PETERSBURG, FLORIDA -- We are looking for new floors for our home and have shopped a variety of flooring stores. We should have researched Lumber Liquidators more prior to spending an hour driving to their store. If we did we would not have wasted our time. We did shop their website and found several floors that we liked the looks of and were reported to be in stock. Upon arrival we waited about 30 minutes to speak with a sales person who turned out to be the manager. As we waited we overheard the manager inform the only other customer in the store that the other sales person was out with a family health issue which made the wait and the staffing level understandable.

As we waited, we looked for the flooring that we were interested in and were unable to find it. Once the sales person was able to help us, we asked about the flooring we were looking for and she seemed to be shocked that it was still on the website as it has been out of stock for a long time and no longer available. In fact 2 of the 3 bamboo floors from their website we were interested in were no longer produced and the floors that we were directed to were about 30% higher. The 3rd bamboo floor was available but was priced higher than their website. We then proceeded to look at engineered hardwood floors and could not find the variety and finish of floors that we had shopped on their website.

While we did not have printouts from the website I was able to browse their site on my phone. When I showed the manager the issue she apologized but seemed to get very defensive and her level of service noticeably changed. Another customer walked into the store and she began helping him fairly quickly as he was there to pick up an order. She quickly got him out of the store and to the loading dock leaving us alone in the store. We waited about 15 minutes for her return as we wanted to ask a few more questions but she never returned.

We will not be returning to Lumber Liquidators either. In our experience they have some great looking samples but their service is lacking and it has the appearance that they promote lower prices and nonexistent products on their website to draw you into the store in the hopes that you will not notice or they will be able to up sell you to different product.

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User Replies:
JayByJay on 12/27/2011:
Does the website say these particular items were in stock at that specific location?
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Buy Beware
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
URBANDALE, IOWA -- Just ask them a few simple business practice questions before putting any signature or down payment toward a purchase with this company. Ask to see their return policy in full. Ask what are the advantages of going with your recommended installers and write them down for later reference. And the #1 question Ask what if this product gets installed and I am not 100% satisfied? That is the big one and if you do not ask you will soon find out, without having to spend over $5000, you are on your own. Just read the other reviews, they all sound the same.

After throwing even more $100’s at this dissatisfaction and countless weekend and evening hours my advice would be just go to your local Home Improvement Store, get a better price, get the same product, get the same group of local installers, and grab a hold of that 110% money back guarantee for peace of mind. This common business “rule of thumb” practice that exists in today’s business world does not exist anywhere, that I could find, in this company’s business model. From the local store level (Jared/Dave)all the way to the top corporate customer care(Misty/Phil) lack integrity and need to be reminded, because of the customer ”THEY” exist.
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User Replies:
face it on 04/11/2013:
Sorry Landldowns,
Wish you had seen the info on this site before you lost all that money. thanks for the review tho. I hope other people see this before they too are stuck in a "now what do I do" situation.
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Shame on you
Posted by on
NEW CUMBERLAND, PENNSYLVANIA -- I ordered wood at the Lumber Liquidators 2 Laurel Road in New Cumberland on 3/27/2011 PA and gave 1/2 deposit. I was said that I should get my order at this store in 4-5 business days. Of course it never happened and I waited for 2 weeks and the store never contacted me about the order. So I called the store and they told me that my order was received at the store and it was damaged but they never thought of letting me know about it. So they were supposed to re-order it and once again I waited 2 more weeks without any phone calls from the store: I kept calling and the store never answered their phone. I left message and they don't return your call.
I went back to the store and they told me the same thing, that my wood was damaged and they should get it in their next delivery. I emailed their corporate office, it took them 4 days to get back to me and they told me that my wood was ready to be picked up at the store last week (week of May 1st, 2011). I called the store before going there and it took me 4 days to have somebody answering their phone, just to let me know that they didn't have my wood, they were hoping to get a delivery on Friday but they might not have enough room in the truck to get my order. Shouldn't my order have been prioritized? I waited 5 weeks for my wood, hello!!! And of course, on Friday they didn't have my wood. No phone calls from them and no excuse from the manager at the store. I went to the store on Saturday to cancel my order and get a refund. The manager didn't even excuse himself. This store is impolite, arrogant and they don't have any customer service at all and the corporate office is not better. Stay away from LUMBER LIQUIDATORS. THEY SHOULD GO OUT OF BUSINESS. Obviously they do not know how to manage a business in Cumberland.
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User Replies:
face it on 05/08/2011:

I am sorry that the information available on this (as well as other) sites was not made available to you before you got trapped in the Lumber Liquidators web of lies and deception. And unfortunately this behavior is not isolated to just that store in PA. You are absolutely correct in the fact that they should be shut down, for the reasons you posted as well as countless other reasons. I truly wish there was a way to inform each and every person thinking about spending there hard earned money at a lumber liquidator store. A customer innocently enters one of there stores drawn in by there misleading advertising, and a far too large of a percentage of those people are either tricked out of there money and/or time dealing with an unmeasurable lack of concern for the customer. You can fully expect a company response with every excuss under the sun as to why they are so professional and your situation is so important to them. Facts are facts people..if they are truly what they say they are then why are there so many people ripped of by these crooks day in and day out? When will this stop? when will they be made to pay for the wrong they have done? They are literally the Osama's of the retail (flooring) world and they deserve to be treated as such.

On the other hand you can be glad that you never did actually get the material you ordered as the chances that not only would you have had a long and stressful wait for arrival but an even more outrageous series of events to correct all the issues you inevitable would have had with the JUNK you bought from them.
trmn8r on 05/08/2011:
I'm starting to detect a theme with Lumber Liquidators. Kind of like the one with Ashley Furniture.
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I appreciate the Reviews
Posted by on
I will be installing Hardwood floors at my home in a few months. I've seen many commercials on TV advertising Lumber Liquidators. Recently, a Lumber Liquidator was opened in Davenport IA. So, my wife and I decided to check the place out. Big Mistake, the people who worked there were ridiculous. They couldn't answer our questions. Now today, I'm browsing the net and luckily run into this website with all these reviews. Thanks You, Thank You, Thank you.... I feel horrible for all the awful experiences you guys have had. I WILL definitely go somewhere else.

Menards...Lowes....anywhere but Lumbar Liquidators. Thanks Again for the reviews. You guys saved me a lot of $ and headches.
Company Response 03/18/2011:
LL Response:
We thank you for your comments about the store and the Regional Manager / Director will be notified about the shopping experience. I would like to add that you can search our competitors, in fact any retailer and find negative comments, so making a decision to shop competition would mean you truly haven't viewed all the online complaints, but that's a right we have in this country and we're all grateful for having the freedom of choice. We stand before the manufacturer as an advocate for our customers. Search the brand names of our competitors and there you will find the complaints about product concerns hidden within the manufacturers - We're not hiding and support the warranty when a product concern warrants. Having shopped every manufacturers warranty and installation instructions, the best advice for you would be to shop for price, then READ the manufacturers warranty and installation instructions before you buy instead of relying on sites where the postings of those who often ignore such key information reside. We stand behind our products and warranties, but the consumer has the obligation to understand the purchase and follow the directions and we're equally frustrated when a problem occurs when this information is not followed, or ignored entirely. If your shopping experience was less than ideal at the store - there's no excuse for that and we'll look into it right away!
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User Replies:
dan gordon on 03/17/2011:
for flooring related discussions I suggest you check out this site as well:
face it on 03/21/2011:

I am glad you received the proper information before conducting your business. And for anyone else reading, Of course any retail location is going to have complaints. Haven't you ever had an unpleasant experience at a retail store before? Regardless if it is hamburgers or hardwood flooring. The point is that here we have someone that just walks into a liquidators store and is put off by the over all attitude and knowledge of the people that this place employees. One might expect to hear "our box was damaged" or "we got too much or not enough" typical issues you will face in this type of product. But to hear over and over again from many many others (not counting my experiences personally)how rude they wear,how product was junk,just as a start kind of paints a picture. And I have said before, and it still remains as true now as ever....The proof is doing business with them,If you dare!!!!
Always Truckin on 12/01/2011:
Man, I was really siked up to get my new floors from Lumber Liquidators. The guy is coming tomorrow and I have the money all ready, 4500 bucks. My coworker had some installed and recommended them to me. I think I will ask him who specifically installed his floors so I can use the same install company. Man, reading these internet post can really scare you. But I am also going to check with the BBB in my City to see if my particular LL has any complaints or claims against them.
James R on 02/06/2014:
We installed 720 sf of the Morning Star Click bamboo flooring sold by Lumber Liquidators in June of 2013. The material scratches easy, however, the scratches are the least of our problems. The cupping started with the shorter pieces in the hallways. By December 2013, the entire installation was cupping and gaps appeared in random areas. After contacting Lumber Liquidators about the problem, We were told that since we did not hire someone to test the moisture of the subfloor and the humidity in the house prior to the installation of this material, the warranty was void. In addition, I was told that our method of cleaning resulted in the problems with the floor. It seems that if the cleaner is sprayed directly on the floor, the material absorbs the moisture along the edges and this was another reason for the damage to the bamboo flooring. We purchased a 32 oz. bottle of cleaner after the floor was installed. Most of the time, the cleaning involves sweeping and using a dust mop. About once a month we get on our hands and knees, spray a fine mist of cleaner directly onto the floor and use a cloth towel to clean the floor. Since the installation, we have used the liquid cleaner about five times and still have about half of the cleaner left in the bottle. I guess 16 oz. caused the damage to the entire 720 sf of the floor, including the material under the furniture and area rugs!! Seriously?!?!?!? In reading the various reviews for this product, it seems that there is a chronic problem with scratching, cupping and separations. It seems that Lumber Liquidators will use any excuse to avoid the liability for providing the customer with a very poor product. I understand that a product warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it. Perhaps LLI should condense their warranty to simply "Warranty void if material is removed from factory packaging". We will have to replace our six month old floor and it sure as heck will not be with a product supplied by Lumber Liquidators. STAY AWAY!!!!!
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Do Not Buy Anything From Lumber Liquidators!! They Are Dishonest, And Have Rude Customer Service.
Posted by on
Lumber liquidators has shady business practices, they never delivered my product, lied to me, broke promises to me, their customer service is horrendous, and I still haven’t gotten any of my money back. To say that I am disgusted with their company and the treatment that I have received from Lumber Liquidators would be putting it lightly.

I purchased 761.92 sq. Ft. Of hardwood flooring from Lumber Liquidators on July 12, 2010. It is now 9/17/10 and I still do not have my floors, nor do I have my full refund that I was promised. They charged my credit card $2557.59 (which I paid), and haven't given me anything. I have contacted customer care more than ten times, and I was told "your floor will be in in 1-3 weeks" over and over again. I have numerous emails from the customer care team also stating over and over that my floor would be in. When I called and asked to speak to a supervisor I was told "no, you can't you have to talk to your service representative l***". I asked to speak to his supervisor and I was told "no, you can't speak to her either. She said that you need to resolve your issues with l***". I asked if there was anyone that I could speak to that had authority in the company and was told "no". When I said that I was going to contact my credit card company, BBB, the department of consumer protection, and the attorney general for my state and the state of va they hung up on me!! I called back and still was not able to talk to a supervisor! Instead I was sent to a voice mail, and that person never called me back. I wrote to [snip] the chairman for Lumber Liquidators and still nothing was done.

I have written them letters, emails, and even have one of their employees recorded on my voice mail and still do not have a refund! I am now contacting BBB, the department of consumer protection, and the attorney generals hopefully I will have my money back soon.

Take my advice and do not purchase anything from this company!! They are absolutely horrible, and dishonest!!!
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User Replies:
Skye on 09/17/2010:
Thanks for the review. I always see commercials for this place, and read nothing but complaints against them.
Glcm222 on 09/19/2010:
I'm glad that you found my review helpful! Hopefully, more people will read this and avoid Lumber Liquidators. And hopefully, for people that do end up purchasing something from Lumber Liquidators or another company and need someone to help them they will contact the Attorney General for their state (as well as the Attorney General from the state the company is out of), in addition to the Department of Consumer Protection. Then these companies that think they can continue to rip people off, and treat people like garbage will be stopped. Also, the Action team (google Action News or search for your local Action News team) will investigate the company, help solve your problem, and inform the public on the evening news.
face it on 09/23/2010:
It is absolutely amazing that this company can continue to operate when time after time there customers are treated this way. Lets get back to basics people. This company does not value the relationship with there hardworking paying customers. They have a long history of dissatisfied customers. And they get away with all of this through deception and there well feed legal department that is paid off with money from customers like yourself. Kind of makes you sick, doesn't it?
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Lumber Liquidators Is An Awful Company Do Not Use Them.
Posted by on
If you are thinking of ordering from Lumber Liquidators, thinks twice, do not use this company, they are loosers and liers, no one can give you and straight answer, every sales person I skope to trying to solve this matter, was unprofetional, unknowlageble, all I got from them was "I have no idea where or when your order will reach, not even knowing when it will leave the warehouse. They will take your money and leave you high and dry. I was supposed to open my daycare center this Monday 9/13/2010 but I am unable to do so because I have no floors. So thanks to Lumber Liquidators there are 40 children with no scholl to go to. Thank you very much Lumber Liquidators for the "wonderful service and integrity". I hope you company goes under. I hope this review will prevent many potential buyers from doing business with Lumber Liquidators.

Here is the email from the sales representative confirming my purchase: and following is an email I sent over to him, but I received no reply.

On tue, August 31, 2010 at 9:21 am, wrote:
hi daniel, thank you for your order. Please review and sign the attached invoice. I’ll need you to email or fax a signed copy to complete the order. The store will notify you when the flooring arrives. The estimated delivery date is 9/6. Brooklyn #130 64 12th street
brooklyn, ny 11215
phone: (347) 756-4215
email: store130@lumberliquidators. Com

Monday 8am - 6pm
Tuesday 8am - 6pm
Wednesday 8am - 6pm
Thursday 8am - 7pm
Friday 8am - 7pm
Saturday 9am - 4pm
Sunday 11am - 4pm please let me know if you have any questions. Sincerely, chris lyszyksales representativeLumber Liquidators 3000 john deere roadtoano, va 23168800-476-0007 x 7542 (toll free)757-566-7542 (direct)757-259-7292 (fax)

hello chris, I placed and order with you almost 2 weeks ago, one of the main reasons I placed this order with Lumber Liquidators was that you told me that it will arrive to the store in brooklyn this week.
After calling last week to check up on the status of the order, I spoke to one of your sales reps, (what a joker this guy is, I think his name is william) he makes jokes over the phone, telling me "oh boy, that he thinks there is no way the shipment will arrive this week " and "oh boy, you are in trouble" and so on the entire conversation.
I called again today(Tuesday 9/7/10) and the same guy gets on the phone, again with the stupid jokes" brooklyn, brooklyn, brooklyn" repeating the word brooklyn in a funny voice at least 15times, again not serious, giving me some kind of bs excuse as to why there is no shipment yada yada yada, and telling me that the shipment will arrive only by the 13th of the month.
This is ridicules and extremely unprofessional on behalf of Lumber Liquidators. I have a business scheduled to open on the 13th of the month, but thanks to the idiots & liers who work at Lumber Liquidators I will not be able to do so.
Needless to say it is to late for me to cancel the order, but I have learned my lesson and will never ever use Lumber Liquidators and will spread the negative word to all my business contacts, associates, family members, friends regarding this matter.

Thank you very much lumber liqudators, you screwd me over big time.
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Company Response 09/29/2010:
I spoke with Chris and know he's just as disappointed the product missed the truck, but after following up on this issue I learned the weight of the truck was an issue so the order was pulled off the truck (2 orders total) to meet the weight requirements. The order in question failed in the middle of our complex warehouse systems conversion, and this whole ordeal is very unfortunate for the customer, our company, and Chris. We clearly state delivery and lead times are estimates on every order. In this case where the project had a short timeline it would have made sense to look at in stock items at the store, but the frustration generated here could have been avoided by looking into other product choices. In regards to the comments about our reputation on line, we sell products that are difficult to move because of size, weight, and in some cases location of the species. You must also consider we get blamed for issues related to the installation of products because no one cares if John Doe the local installer messed up the project because complaining on line about their work is meaningless - no one knows who they are, so let's blame the well known flooring company. Thousands of people every day save money, receive quality products, and speak highly of our company. The great thing about America is the fact that people can voice their opinions and the negative ones run to the internet. Take ownership of your projects and be a part of it and you won't have any issues. Chris is well respected and receives many compliments on his service and he should not be blamed for a situation where the customer should have planned in advance considering most projects run into unexpected delays and there were other options available that were refused.
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dan gordon on 09/12/2010:
LL doesn't have the best reputation if you searched at all, however they also have vast inventory of in stock ready to install product. Why you would do a special order when on a tight schedule is beyond me. Hardwood or laminate must also acclimate to where it will be used so its always better to order what you can 'see and touch' vs a special order. I'm afraid you need to bear some burden of responsibility on this one as well.
face it on 09/13/2010:
For a customer to walk into a retail establishment and simply order what it is t hey like or want and then be hamstrung by the corporate malpractice that is Lumber Liquidators is in no way a fault of the customer. this problem could have been avoided all together had the customer been informed that there material may not make it in time to meet there deadline. Lumber Liquidators sells wood flooring products, you can not expect everyone that walks in the doors to have any knowledge in regards to flooring products. That should be solely the job of the employees at Lumber Liquidators.
Mam? I am sorry for your experience at Lumber Liquidators. The fact of the matter is that if you order does ever arrive it does need to acclimate which the text book answer for that is 7 days for hardwood and 2 days for laminate. Which simply means that much further delay in your project. As much trouble as you are having before you even get your material you absolutely do not want to rush it and install it before the material is suitable acclimated to the project environment, I can guarantee you your problems are not over with if you do not. Just imagine what you will be put through to turn in a claim for product failure!!
I personally want to thank you for you posting, as a professional installer I also want to warn each and every person who even thinks about purchasing material at Lumber Liquidators!!
Also any complaints to the BBB? they don't work, don't waste your time.
face it on 12/21/2011:
Has anyone else read the company response to this issue? This one review is all that needs to been seen by any potential customer. the fact that they would make such a statement is a perfect description of how any customer with any sort of issue will be treated, and how they are viewed from Lumber Liquidators.

Al tho I know it was not there intent, I must thank Lumber Liquidators for placing such a heartless response. Maybe this will be proof positive for the next customer thinking about spending there hard earned money there.
trmn8r on 12/21/2011:
Yes, and notice how the company rep followed up with store employee Chris but not the CUSTOMER.

And he finishes off blah blah blah with how well-respected Chris is. Uh huh! Right. Give me a break. Someone?
ukrockhunter on 01/12/2012:
Wow. I agree the Company response is all you need to know about Lumber Liquidators. Are you serious, this is their response. BE WARNED
face it on 01/13/2012:
With the onset of corporate based "big box" organizations, such as Lumber Liquidators, The unfortunate result is a blatant lack of appreciation to the customer and the personalized service that all paying customers deserve.
The direct effect of this to a contractor is that the profitability is reduced to that of a minimum wage (non skilled) position. To the customer that equates to lack of detail, and a "flooding" of the market of less than professional service.
These organizations are steadily looking for ways to reduce there costs by sacrificing the material quality and using "policy" as a default answer to shed liability to any and all issues in regards to customer satisfaction. A boycott of all such organizations is in order it seems. If they have no customers, by default, they have no business.
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Posted by on
I went to check out Lumber Liquidators out of curiosity. I used to own a flooring store so I am well aware of what dictates quality wood OR laminate. Just remember...YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!! They are selling this stuff for cheap because it lacks quality control in all phases of production. The milling is off, finishes are subpar, most of there products are made specifically for them from China.
Quality control from A-Z gives you re-assurance the wood was dried, milled, and finished properly. Go with hardwoods from Kentwood, Mirage, Pinnacle or Appalachian to name a few.
Go to to get remomendations for products from the professionals who install them.
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Anonymous on 12/24/2009:
You sound like one of Lumber Liquidators competitors.
face it on 03/07/2011:
Thank you for posting this information. I see someone responded to your comment saying that you sound like a competitor. I can assure you that what you are saying is absolutely true. There quality control is non existent.....period. They make huge profits from selling the junk no one else wants. With some cleaver advertising and basically out and out lying they trick people into thinking that they should buy from them. PEOPLE BEWARE!!!!! Don't go there!!
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