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Lumber Liquidators Hardwood Flooring

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Lumber Liquidators Warranty Is No Warranty.
Posted by Prizmfloors on 12/07/2012
CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS -- This review is regarding LL's warranty and specifically about a product they sell(Virgina Mills Handscraped Matterhorn Birch hardwood #10003480). Our customer purchased this flooring and when we attempted to install we found approx 20 - 30 % of the flooring unfit for installation due to variations in the widths of the flooring. We found some boxes had no variations while others had lots of this problem. This causes "gaps" to occur in the flooring whenever a board is installed that is not the same width as the others. The problem is compounded with every row of flooring installed. The home owner hired an independent inspector to inspect the flooring after Lumber Liquidators refused to look at the flooring on site. LL took one box of the flooring and said there were no defects. Since not all the boxes contained defects this is not acceptable. The independent inspector found variations in widths just as we did. He determined the problem to be a milling problem, just as we did. This is a manufacturing problem and NOT an installation problem.

Here is the real problem though. Lumber Liquidators' warranty states the installer is responsible for any defects in the flooring once it is installed. Ok, this is fine but after they were advised of this problem they said they would not inspect any of the product on site. They said an independent inspector's report was not acceptable and that it has to be from the National Hardwood Flooring Association inspector for them to accept it. There are no inspectors near our area and would cost too much to pay to have one sent here. They make no guarantees they will do anything even if the NHFH inspector comes. They will NOT inspect flooring that is not installed either. SO if the floor is installed it is the installer's fault for any defects and if the flooring is not installed they will not inspect it or do anything about it. They say it is the installers responsibility to take out defective boards and to not install them. 20 - 30% of the product unuseable????? They will not reimburse for any of the defective product. We installed a few of the boxes and we found this out when we tried to get them to inspect it because they wouldn't unless it was installed. They refused, saying "you installed it so we are not responsible". Even though over 90% of the product was NOT installed. Their warranty basically puts them in the position of no resposibility for anything.

Also beware that after you have had the product for 60 days their warranty is null and void. The warranty is NO warranty and they wash their hands after 60 days.

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Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-07:
Interesting review to say the least. So the wise consumer would calculate an approximate 10+% waste cost into their purchase. Add such, does the purchased become cost effective?
Posted by face it on 2012-12-09:
In the early days of Lumber Liquidators I witnessed several times that material was returned and everything possible was done to correct any issue. After there turning corporate there was a drastic decline in quality as well as customer service. These facts are out there for folks thinking about making purchases at one there locations. I wish more people would take the time to look at these reviews before they get stuck in the classic "now what do we do" situation. Thanks for your review I hope lots of people see this before wasting there hard earned money.
Posted by prizmfloors on 2012-12-28:
follow up comment: LL offered to meet with our client. guess when they wanted to meet? On Sunday Dec 23rd they scheduled a meeting. Our client lives close by so he said, fine, no problem I will be there. Guess who did not show up? You guessed it! LL did not come to the meeting. Are you asking yourself if they tried to deliberately schedule this meeting at a time when our client might not show up? Ya really gotta wonder! Incredible!
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Posted by Missler36 on 12/23/2009
I went to check out lumber liquidators out of curiousity. I used to own a flooring store so I am well aware of what dictates quality wood OR laminate. Just remember...YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!! They are selling this stuff for cheap because it lacks quality control in all phases of production. The milling is off, finishes are subpar, most of there products are made specifically for them from china.
Quality control from A-Z gives you re-assurance the wood was dried, milled, and finished properly. Go with hardwoods from Kentwood, Mirage, Pinnacle or Appalachian to name a few.
Go to hardwoodinstallers.com to get remomendations for products from the professionals who install them.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-24:
You sound like one of lumber liquidators competitors.
Posted by face it on 2011-03-07:
Thank you for posting this information. I see someone responded to your comment saying that you sound like a competitor. I can assure you that what you are saying is absolutely true. There quality control is non existent.....period. They make huge profits from selling the junk no one else wants. With some cleaver advertising and basically out and out lying they trick people into thinking that they should buy from them. PEOPLE BEWARE!!!!! Don't go there!!
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Nonexistent Customer Service
Posted by Craftyiz on 08/28/2008
I was going to compose a scathing letter to LL about insulting and ignoring us but after reading all the web sites and blogs I could find, I see they have ignored, insulted and abandoned most everyone who has any problem with their products. That said, I will point out: I am a woodworker. I got a letter & packet from LL explaining how nail down and glue down floors buckle. Our floor is FLOATING. Installed exactly per written and verbal guidance from LL. Upon close inspection (LL wouldn’t know about that process) we found several boards cracked and split. I am sure the LL technical staff will find a way to explain how those splits and cracks are my fault. Know that the wood (Jatoba or Brazillian Cherry) will darken (2 or 3 X darker than the box). I will spend the next 25 or 30 years doing my best telling folks to avoid LL,Inc.

Unfortunately, I did not read the negative emails, blogs and/or customer comments already posted on several sites. I will add mine to the mix frequently. When you walk out of any Lumber Liquidators Store, make sure you have exactly what you need ‘cause there ain’t no customer service or care from that point on. Buyer beware.

Doug Bracken
craftyiz at aol.com
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Scratched dented hardwood floors
Posted by Cat769cc on 01/30/2013
I bought 16,000 dollars of hardwood flooring from Lumber Liquidators what a joke within a month scratches and dents all over my hardwood floors from 1965 were in better shape after 47 yrs. I should have just thrown the money out the window. I bought the high end flooring how are they still around don't even bother with them unless you like throwing hard earned money away what a joke of a business

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Posted by face it on 2013-01-31:
I am sorry you had these problems. I am curious tho, what species of wood did you purchase? Where you told anything from the store in regards to the hardness or durability of the wood you purchased?
As a seasoned hardwood installer I am curious about the type of wood and what you where told at the store, this information will also help anyone reading this review that may possible be thinking of buying materials from Lumber Liquidators.
although not a guaranteed remedy to your issue, I would suggest to contact the Federal Trade Commission and inform them of your issue.
thanks for your review I hope that any potential Liquidators customers are able to see reviews like this before they waste their hard earned money and get stuck in a " now what do I do" situation.
Posted by Patti on 2013-05-20:
Thank you! I was seriously considering buying from Lumber Liquidators - even in the measurement stage - but not now. Not going back to LL.
Posted by J.Patton on 2013-09-27:
I am thinking of purchasing from LL. but after reading such bad reviews I am going to check elsewhere, Id rather pay a little more and be sure of good customer service , than risk having to argue over poor service.
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Do Not Buy Anything From Lumber Liquidators!! They Are Dishonest, And Have Rude Customer Service.
Posted by Glcm222 on 09/17/2010
Lumber liquidators has shady business practices, they never delivered my product, lied to me, broke promises to me, their customer service is horrendous, and I still haven’t gotten any of my money back. To say that I am disgusted with their company and the treatment that I have received from lumber liquidators would be putting it lightly.

I purchased 761.92 sq. Ft. Of hardwood flooring from lumber liquidators on july 12, 2010. It is now 9/17/10 and I still do not have my floors, nor do I have my full refund that I was promised. They charged my credit card $2557.59 (which I paid), and haven't given me anything. I have contacted customer care more than ten times, and I was told "your floor will be in in 1-3 weeks" over and over again. I have numerous emails from the customer care team also stating over and over that my floor would be in. When I called and asked to speak to a supervisor I was told "no, you can't you have to talk to your service representative l***". I asked to speak to his supervisor and I was told "no, you can't speak to her either. She said that you need to resolve your issues with l***". I asked if there was anyone that I could speak to that had authority in the company and was told "no". When I said that I was going to contact my credit card company, bbb, the department of consumer protection, and the attorney general for my state and the state of va they hung up on me!! I called back and still was not able to talk to a supervisor! Instead I was sent to a voice mail, and that person never called me back. I wrote to [snip] the chairman for lumber liquidators and still nothing was done.

I have written them letters, emails, and even have one of their employees recorded on my voice mail and still do not have a refund! I am now contacting bbb, the department of consumer protection, and the attorney generals hopefully I will have my money back soon.

Take my advice and do not purchase anything from this company!! They are absolutely horrible, and dishonest!!!
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Posted by Skye on 2010-09-17:
Thanks for the review. I always see commercials for this place, and read nothing but complaints against them.
Posted by Glcm222 on 2010-09-19:
I'm glad that you found my review helpful! Hopefully, more people will read this and avoid Lumber Liquidators. And hopefully, for people that do end up purchasing something from Lumber Liquidators or another company and need someone to help them they will contact the Attorney General for their state (as well as the Attorney General from the state the company is out of), in addition to the Department of Consumer Protection. Then these companies that think they can continue to rip people off, and treat people like garbage will be stopped. Also, the Action team (google Action News or search for your local Action News team) will investigate the company, help solve your problem, and inform the public on the evening news.
Posted by face it on 2010-09-23:
It is absolutely amazing that this company can continue to operate when time after time there customers are treated this way. Lets get back to basics people. This company does not value the relationship with there hardworking paying customers. They have a long history of dissatisfied customers. And they get away with all of this through deception and there well feed legal department that is paid off with money from customers like yourself. Kinda makes you sick, doesn't it?
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Buy Beware
Posted by Landldowns on 04/04/2013
URBANDALE, IOWA -- Just ask them a few simple business practice questions before putting any signature or down payment toward a purchase with this company. Ask to see their return policy in full. Ask what are the advantages of going with your recommended installers and write them down for later reference. And the #1 question Ask what if this product gets installed and I am not 100% satisfied? That is the big one and if you do not ask you will soon find out, without having to spend over $5000, you are on your own. Just read the other reviews, they all sound the same.

After throwing even more $100’s at this dissatisfaction and countless weekend and evening hours my advice would be just go to your local Home Improvement Store, get a better price, get the same product, get the same group of local installers, and grab a hold of that 110% money back guarantee for peace of mind. This common business “rule of thumb” practice that exists in today’s business world does not exist anywhere, that I could find, in this company’s business model. From the local store level (Jared/Dave)all the way to the top corporate customer care(Misty/Phil) lack integrity and need to be reminded, because of the customer ”THEY” exist.
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Posted by face it on 2013-04-11:
Sorry Landldowns,
Wish you had seen the info on this site before you lost all that money. thanks for the review tho. I hope other people see this before they too are stuck in a "now what do I do" situation.
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If You Don't Care About Service, Warranties, Returning Phone Calls and a 2nd Rate Product, Go to Lumber Liquidators.
Posted by Billa75 on 06/09/2012
I'm a remodeling contractor in Northfield, VT. My customer's house was flooded out by Tropical Storm Irene on August 28, 2011. When all the interior repair work was nearing the point to install hardwood flooring, my customer ordered 3/4" maple flooring from Lumber Liquidators in Williston, VT. Their man came out to the job-site in Moretown, VT. and measured the area that was to receive the flooring. When other structural issues were discovered with the house we had to delay the flooring delivery. L. L. kept pressuring us to take delivery even after we explained our situation. So we took delivery but told them we would not be installing the flooring for a few weeks. They said that would not be a problem. When we did install the flooring we discovered that L. L. had over calculated the amount of flooring by 273 s. f. We had thirteen full boxes of flooring left over. When we called to return the overage, they told us they would charge a 20% restocking fee because it was beyond 30 days from delivery.

They knew our situation, over ordered the flooring, and then made extra money by charging a restocking fee on their mistake. They took advantage of a victim of Topical Storm Irene who has enough stress trying to sort through all the issues that come with a natural disaster such as this. Only after demanding some fairness did they drop the restocking fee to 10%. Still trying to squeeze every dime they could from my customer. The whole process took weeks to settle. Several times they said they would look into the matter and call back. They never do. We always had to call them to find out what they decided to do to resolve the problem.

We had to truck the over-ordered flooring 45 miles to return it. It certainly was not the best milled flooring I've installed and I've installed tens of thousands of feet of wood flooring but I can deal with that. The service at Lumber Liquidators after the sale was absolutely terrible at best.
Read Company Response
Company Response on 06/11/2012:
LL Response to early pick up and a restocking fee:
The stores make every attempt to deliver product purchased to make room for incoming trucks with other customer orders and stock orders to meet customer needs and future sales for in stock items. If the store failed to waive the restock fee it was a judgment call and one I would say was the wrong call for this type of scenario. Please contact Customer Care at 800-366-4204 right away and we'll make this right. Not sure what you purchased (odd lot or some other lower grade) but if there was a concern with the milling the invoice, warranty, and installation instructs provide direction on what to do so we can address any product issues. We regret this happened and sell to thousands of very satisfied customers each day. Given the number of sales and repeat customers, most experiences are not at all like yours and we apologize for the less than perfect experience. We're more than willing to make this right with your help. If needed, ask for the Director of Customer Care referencing this message. Thank you for informing us about this concern. We will add this to the stores report card and company executives will know this occurred as we monitor store decisions and activity to improve the customer experience.
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Posted by face it on 2012-06-10:
billa 75,

I might be able to offer a bit of insight as to why they (lumber liquidators) wanted to pressure you into taking delivery ASAP. Lumber liquidators employees earn a bonus/commission from sales above and beyond a certain "mark" they are not paid these commissions until the product actually leaves the store and not when the actual purchase/transaction takes place. One might argue they have a small space and can not keep product for extended amount of time, which is somewhat true but would you not also expect to be told that at the time the order was placed if that where such a pertinent issue? Regardless of the needs of the customer there employees are forced to make higher and higher numbers (sales)to get any sort of commission. This may also in part explain why there was such an overage in the order (to meet a quota). The average waste factor for hardsurface flooring is 5% across the board with special requirements for specific products (wood deemed as seconds/damaged/or excessive knots/splits etc.) Their over all business model is not based on customer satisfaction (simply proven by the amount of negative reports they have accumulated) instead they base there operation on the amount of product they can move in a specified time frame. The situation a particular customer has means nothing to them other than a showing of false notoriety to close a purchase (make the sale) out side of that you are nothing more than a number.

In regards to the milling of the product, I have installed flooring since 1988 and I installed lumber liquidators material exclusively from 2001 to 2010. Once lumber liquidators went "corporate" there quality went down hill as there profit margins went up. I have seen product literally fall apart in your hand! To board sizes differing as much as 1/4" in width and/or thickness. And just about every sort of finish issue you can imagine (orange peeling,spots, debris in the finish, you name it)Given these types of issues and lumber liquidators policy of "once we have your money screw you" this combination results in countless unsatisfied customers. You can expect a company response that states "our policies are clearly noted at the point of sale" That in and of it's self describes the heartless nature of there business practices, basically cutting your complaint down to "it's your fault you didn't read our ridiculous policies page first" (which I equate to a kindergarten match up of "I know you are but what am I").

In today's world these types of practices seem to be more and more relevant. Empire Today is another example of corporate greed over customer satisfaction. Simply said, no matter what this or any other company does or says, if people are not supporting these stores by making purchases there would be no business. I wish that these reviews would be posted at each individual store and/or web site so that customers would have the information necessary to make an informed decision before getting stuck in a "what do we do now" situation.
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Flooring Installation
Posted by Ncreinard4 on 04/26/2012
The installer that was assigned to me by the store has done a terrible job installing 1,200 sq. ft. of wood flooring in a single story home.
gaps at almost every seam that the installer has tried to fill with a putty.

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Posted by ok4now on 2012-04-26:
Your first clue should have been "Liquidators." At least Home Depot an Lowe's stand behind their work. Good luck with these people.
Posted by dan gordon on 2012-04-26:
sorry to tell you but filling gaps especially in prefinished flooring with putty is common and standard practice. No wood is perfectly milled so there will be gaps etc. If it were site finished then gaps would be filled prior to finish being applied.
Posted by lexophiliac on 2012-04-27:
As a DIY'er I use wood fillers frequently. If you are dissatisfied with the installation, do contact the manager and discuss it. House settling, walls and floors not being 'square' or 'plumb' are some issues that can and will affect aesthetic installation, but can be cleverly concealed with a little cleverness and cosmetic cover up.
Posted by 2cent-er on 2012-04-27:
With flooring the milling is critical. that's one of the reasons for $ difference' on floors. who wants to see filler throughout their house! respectfully disagree with Lex/; regardless of how far off the floor or walls are; that's the responsibility of the installer=bring everything to level and square.
Posted by face it on 2012-05-19:
Having done installation of hardwood for around 24 years now I can tell you that filler putty is not uncommon. However if the milling of the wood is sub standard That is a manufacture issue. Lumber Liquidators sells this type of material, usually without telling a customer about possible issues. As you say thee is filler in almost every seam sounds excessive . A common type of milling for pre-finished hardwood flooring is an edge treatment called micro beveling. Where the edges of each board has a somewhat rounded edge to it to disguise the difference in height from one board to the next due to either sub floor condition or the actual milling of the wood. If the edges where square you would feel the difference between each individual board. A less experienced installer might try to fill these voids with a putty, not knowing any better. Without a picture of the issue you are having it is hard to know what the actual problem is by the description given in this review.
Lumber Liquidators uses a service company called The home service store to offer installation services to there customers. Without going into a long drawn out explanation of what that means, it basically means that the money you pay for the installation goes to feed yet another 1-800 company that serves no actual purpose but to take installation liability away from lumber liquidators. Quit simply put if you are not satisfied with your installation refuse payment. If payment was made with a credit card dispute the charges. Also contacting the BBB will do nothing to help your situation (as lumber liquidators is an accredited member of the BBB and they simply pay there way to a higher rating than they deserve) If you can not get satisfactory results from contacting the installer to fix the issue I am afraid the only option at that point is to seek legal help.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-19:
Excellent comments, face_it. I certainly hope that someone didn't fiil the bevels in over 1200 sq ft! You are correct, without a picture or a very detailed explanation it is hard to know exactly what the issue is. Your advice on what to do fills in the gaps. For this problem, BBB is a waste of time. A complaint would leave their rating at A+, since they bought it.
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Bait and Switch?
Posted by Weubank82 on 12/27/2011
ST PETERSBURG, FLORIDA -- We are looking for new floors for our home and have shopped a variety of flooring stores. We should have researched Lumber Liquidators more prior to spending an hour driving to their store. If we did we would not have wasted our time. We did shop their website and found several floors that we liked the looks of and were reported to be in stock. Upon arrival we waited about 30 minutes to speak with a sales person who turned out to be the manager. As we waited we overheard the manager inform the only other customer in the store that the other sales person was out with a family health issue which made the wait and the staffing level understandable.

As we waited, we looked for the flooring that we were interested in and were unable to find it. Once the sales person was able to help us, we asked about the flooring we were looking for and she seemed to be shocked that it was still on the website as it has been out of stock for a long time and no longer available. In fact 2 of the 3 bamboo floors from their website we were interested in were no longer produced and the floors that we were directed to were about 30% higher. The 3rd bamboo floor was available but was priced higher than their website. We then proceeded to look at engineered hardwood floors and could not find the variety and finish of floors that we had shopped on their website.

While we did not have printouts from the website I was able to browse their site on my phone. When I showed the manager the issue she apologized but seemed to get very defensive and her level of service noticeably changed. Another customer walked into the store and she began helping him fairly quickly as he was there to pick up an order. She quickly got him out of the store and to the loading dock leaving us alone in the store. We waited about 15 minutes for her return as we wanted to ask a few more questions but she never returned.

We will not be returning to Lumber Liquidators either. In our experience they have some great looking samples but their service is lacking and it has the appearance that they promote lower prices and nonexistent products on their website to draw you into the store in the hopes that you will not notice or they will be able to up sell you to different product.

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Posted by JayByJay on 2011-12-27:
Does the website say these particular items were in stock at that specific location?
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Horrible Customer Service and Blatant Lies!
Posted by ChromeDivaStyle89 on 11/13/2011
MELBOURNE, FLORIDA -- We bought wood flooring from Lumber Liquidators in September 2011. It was a big order for most of the floors in our house (1800 sq ft). We were told at the time that it would take 2 weeks to be shipped in, maybe 3 weeks at the most. I scheduled a contactor to do the work 1 month out barring any other delays. At 4 weeks when I had not heard anything, I called the store. I was told someone would get back to me. At 5 weeks when I hadn't gotten a phone call, I called again and was told someone would check on the order. At 6 weeks I was told by a manager that someone had spoken to me several times teliing me that the wood was going to take SEVEN weeks to arrive and that they told me the date when we ordered the flooring. The manager went on to say that they sent and Email a month earlier confirming the shipping date. I never receieved an Email and IF someone had said the flooring would be in at 7 weeks, I would have either gone to another company or scheduled the installation accordingly. The liars stuck to their story though without apology or any symathy since we lost the contractor who was going to do the job thanks to the delay in our order. PITIFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE! Refund in process.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-11-15:
This is similar to many of the complaints about this company both here and on other sites. Let us know when you get a refund from them if you get a chance. Also, you may want to file an official complaint about them at http://myfloridalegal.com and http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/index.shtml
Posted by face it on 2011-11-18:
The conduct of this company is what is at question. And the sum of the reason they should be shut down. The only positive thing that can come from this is that there is one more person that has seen first hand how dishonest this company is. As always people....the proof is in doing business with them, if you dare!
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