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Bait and Switch, Don't Trust These Guys!
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Rating: 1/51

HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT -- Warning! Watch out for Lumber Liquidators! I was in the store on Tuesday. They had some laminate for.89 a square foot. I took 2 samples home for my wife to look at and decide which one she wanted. She made her decision and I went back the very next morning to order 1000 square feet. The salesmen said, "Oh sorry. That sale expired at midnight last night. It's now $1.39 or $600 more than yesterday!" They would not budge on the price and tried to switch me to something else. I walk out and went to the Home Depot. Never to do business with these guys again!

Impossible to Keep Clean Unless You Don't Walk on It
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Rating: 1/51

MUKILTEO, WASHINGTON -- Once the first floor was about 2/3 done, I was anxious to get it clean and on with life, so I damp mopped the finger print/smudges off; just plain water on a clean cloth. It dried and most of it was still there. Did it again and really had to rub to get the smudges off. (5 Other rooms and stairs to go). If you look at the floor with no light on it, it looks great; we love the coloring (that is what ultimately made our choice, plus the 30 year warranty). Can you say squat? That's what Lumber Liquidators warranty is worth--diddly squat! Next day, I damp mopped the entire floor... 3-4 Hours later, you would think it hadn't been cleaned in a week!

If you look towards the sliding glass door light, it looks horrible! (Capital letters). I called the store..."If there is more than 20% install, we don't do anything with it, it goes to headquarters" so, I call headquarters. I have to fill out a "general disclosure form". They send out an "independent inspector"; he asked some questions and did some looking around. I asked him if he would like a rag to wipe the floor so he could experience for himself what my issue is; said "no, that's not necessary".

So a week later I get a packet from headquarters. 'The floor has been found to not be defective'... Really? Isn't that a surprise! So, at the end of the packet of papers there was a form for me to sign. If I signed and returned it, LL would send me a check for $250.00. That check comes with the stipulation that I never speak or write anything bad about LL in any way. Does that sound like a bribe to anyone besides me? I cooled off for a few days and tried to call the representative I was assigned. Called 5-6 times the first day, and no answer. Next day I tried again and after the 4th time, still no answer.

I got my son's phone, called and lo and behold, she answered!! Anyone heard of caller id? Basically I told her she can keep her $250.00 Because after spending over $6000.00 To get new flooring, it will be impossible to keep clean, even with minimal use; they can take that check and put it where the sun doesn't shine. I will make sure to tell anyone who will listen to me to never use LL. They have my money and couldn't care less about warranties, defective issues, customer service, etc., But I will do everything in my power so no one else gets shafted like we did.

I am so angry and depressed over this entire experience, I could just cry. I was raped from my money; it took a long time to make that money to just throw it away on crap. One of the main reasons we put in this floor was to cut down on cleaning for me since I have a lot of back issues. This floor has compounded my work by 10 times over the old flooring. I am considering organizing a class action suit with LL. The only way to stop this raping of the consumer is to ban together.

LIARS @ Lumber Liquidator
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Rating: 1/51

CHEETOWAGA, NEW YORK -- Buyer Beware, biggest SCAM operation running from the Lumber Liquidator Store located at 3801 Harlem Rd. Cheektowaga NY. Bought our flooring from LL at 3801 Harlem Rd. Cheektowaga store and had it installed this past Feb 2013. When we initially went there, we were met by the store manager ** (He was very sick at the time, remember!) and informed him we were looking for a floor that would not scratch as we had two small dogs. We stressed to ** the manager and flooring expert that our main concern was not so much the flooring or cost, but that did not want to invest in something that would scratch.

** showed us some floor samples and said to us "it will not scratch from your dogs, I have a dog and the same flooring in my house and mine has no scratches." We trusted you ** and being you were the manager and a corporate representative for LL and an expert in flooring, we again gave you our trust and purchased approx. $5000.00 in flooring from you.

Well not more than two weeks after it was installed, we noticed scratches on the floor. Scratches that **, the purported expert, said would not happen. We immediately called our installer ** and upon his inspection he stated, "I've never seen a floor so badly scratched and so quickly in my 9-year career, this is bad." Folks this floor wasn't down 5 weeks. We were given some scratch removal product from LL, and let me tell you it is **, it did nothing to remove, fix or even hide the numerous scratches. We called LL and spoke with ** who gave us the standard answer, "You have a problem, call the 800 number, file a claim, it's out of our hands". Thanks **.

Well we did contact the 800 number and spoke with the so called "Customer Relation Specialist" ** (No last name given). He informed us of the procedures to file a claim, it required us to take 10 pictures of the damaged floor, fill give a detail explanation of the damage and send it to him. We did everything required. I asked ** "When will someone come out and look at the floor?" ** said "no one will come out and look," and we should hear something in about 10 days or so. So we waited, during which time we put booties on our dogs feet and again tried to rub out the scratches with the LL scratch removal solution.

Well folks guess what we received 10 days later in the mail, you guessed it, we received a standard corporate form letter from **, (no last name on letter) and you might guess it basically said "Sorry not our problem." Comments like "No additional action regarding this matter, as this is not a warrantable claim." Additional comments in the form letter were surprising such as "A thorough review has been undertaken by LL Inc. regarding your concerns of scratches and fading within your floor" (Riiight) and "it should be noted that while laminate finishes are scratch resistant, there are no claims of the finish being scratch or dent proof."

I guess ** claim to us as manager within LL Corporation that we would not experience scratches is not a claim of no scratches? A corporate employee is not held accountable for direct misrepresentation. Oh, wait, just say anything (Lie), for a sale and screw the customer, ** (No last name) will just send them a corp. form letter later, who cares. Well folks we are just simple people here in Western NY and trust those who give their word, particularly when they represent themselves as so called experts.

Here is my advice to my fellow consumers: Do not go to Lumber Liquidators at 3801 Harlem Rd. in Cheektowaga or any LL store. THERE IS NO WARRANTY WITH THIS CORPORATION, don't believe a word out of the mouths of anyone who works there, anyone who represents LL, any written documents from LL, any advertising from LL, anyone who does contract work for them, anyone who provides or calls themselves a "Customer Relations Specialist". Should you do, you too will be writing a review like I am today, $5000.00 later, heartbroken, having been treated so badly and having a floor that is a piece of **. Don't do this to yourself, it is your home.

Finally, you got us **, hope you and your pathetic staff got a good laugh at our expense or at least you spent the commission paycheck well. I can only hope that the NY State Attorney General's Office gets people like you who lie to the public, misrepresent product and falsely make statements, people like you who support scams like Lumber Liquidators Inc. does to the good folks of Western NY and takes the appropriate legal actions. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Laminate Flooring
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Rating: 1/51

N CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- 9 minutes ago I purchased $1000 worth of this cheap laminate flooring from LL that they bought from China for pennies on the dollar back in Dec 2014. For the last 4 months I put down 2 bedrooms myself. Ever since I started this project I have had all the symptoms of formaldehyde poisoning. In my own home, I have cut and installed and breathed and slept in it for 4 months now. I am sick with headaches, red eyes, shortness of breath cough and sneezing. Please if anyone is thinking of buying any laminate flooring from LL you had better think again.

So now I am miserably sick with 2 bedrooms done and 20 more boxes unopened sitting in my house, not about to put down any more. Was going to do the whole house. So now my house is a disaster with no help from LL. They can only say their product is 100% safe. What a load of **.

See they are in a major lawsuit all over the country. That is what they are supposed to say. Admit no guilt. Even if I were to try and sell my house who in their right mind would want to buy a house that is contaminated with unacceptable levels of formaldehyde that will make them sick or that could lead to uh, cancer? Please anyone with a reply thank you. I need help for what am I supposed to do? But it isn't coming from LL.

Poor Service And Support - Make Sure Your Warranty Has Substance To It
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Rating: 1/51

TOANO, VIRGINIA -- We purchased roughly 1,200 square feet of really affordable laminate and had it professionally installed. Within months of installation, we started to experience buckling in the material, creating trip hazards throughout the house. Unsure whether we had an installation or materials issue on our hands, we sought the assistance of Lumber Liquidators to get to the bottom of it.

Our hope was that they'd send someone to our property to take a look at the floors. Instead, after weeks of dodging our emails and phone calls, we received a generic response indicating our warranty was void for any number of reasons and that the matter was closed. I'm preparing to dispute the charges on my credit card, to initiate contact with the Better Business Bureau and potentially to sue them in small claims court. I don't know whether it's the cheap product or the installation that's caused the safety hazards we're dealing within the house, but I do know that Lumber Liquidators doesn't care one way or the other. So what's their value proposition?

Lumber Liquidators-Avoid at all Costs
By -

CALEDONIA, WISCONSIN -- I am thoroughly disgusted with Lumber Liquidators of Wisconsin. We bought 300 SF of laminate flooring advertised during the Labor Day Sale on HGTV's site only to be told that because of high demand we would have to wait one week for the product to be delivered. The agreed upon date came, and we were thrilled that a message was left on our home phone system that stated the floor was ready for pick-up. We called back to confirm the pick-up date only to find that the floor was not in stock. We asked to be called back when the product finally did arrive. Upon the next call we were told the order was only "in" according to the computer, but not really at the store.

This continued for five days. On the fifth day, the store manager called to let us know that the product was in. We drove 40 miles for the second time to pick up the floor, arriving before the store opened. We waited for TWO HOURS as the fork-lift driver searched the premises for the flooring. The store manager and other employee stacked and loaded several other customer's orders as we waited. We walked into the warehouse to see the forklift driver sitting doing nothing several times during this period. The manager went out to prompt the driver into loading other customer's orders while this was all going on, as well.

I complained to the store manager that brushed me off continually. I was told that if I complained he was the "store manager” and final authority. I asked for my money back and was told he would not refund the money, but continue looking for the floor. He stated he might be able to get the flooring by next week Tuesday. There is still no resolve to this. I no longer wish to deal with the distributor. They cannot be trusted to deliver items they advertise. I am out debited cash from my account and have no flooring. They do not keep flooring in stock on the premises for their sales.

Apparently, when the trucks deliver the stock the store employees do not physically check off the inventory being delivered and have no system of maintaining where their stock is located. It makes one wonder how their cash flow can ever be monitored. I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin and filing a complaint of false advertisement, if possible, so others won't fall for their game playing.

I believe that it was the intent of the store to send out advertisements to lure people in and then sell them a more expensive product once they discovered the flooring they wanted was not readily available in stock (bait and switch). Even if the floor were available for pick-up today on the third trip to the store, the added expense in travel time (one hour each way) and mileage (80 miles) has already made the flooring more expensive than anything we could have purchased on sale at a local Big Box Retailer.

Company Response 09/28/2010:

Customer Care is in place for situations like this and we certainly understand your frustrations when it comes to product availability, but we can answer your concerns. We advertise product and ultimately it's available for purchase from all sites via our warehouse system. We just upgraded this system to improve the customer experience, but the transition had an impact on some customer orders and without knowing your exact order information I would assume this fell into that category and we sincerely apologize. If the customer service skills of the store personnel fell short of your expectations, we would certainly want to know as our company does not tolerate this kind of behavior. Our warehouse system has been completely transitioned and we know where our stock is, how much we have on hand, and how long it will take to deliver. Our policy states we do not guarantee delivery dates because of unexpected challenges with logistics, but if all goes well we can deliver and many of our stores received stock trucks during the warehouse transition so there's plenty of selection on hand. I would encourage you to call Customer Care informing an agent about your experience so we can assist you. The transition was complex and necessary for growth, but we're moving into a new era with systems that will meet our customer and company needs and we would like earn back your business recognizing we did not make a good first impression and encourage you to call or write to us on line so we can make this right.

By -

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- Purchased Nirvana Laminate flooring from Lumber Liquidators in Pittsburgh PA. Once purchased was told all sales were final - no returns. Prior to installation my contractor and myself realized just how inferior this product was. The floor crumbled in my hands with little pressure - but I was stuck - I couldn't return the product! What to do? So I installed it. My daughter dropped a plastic hairbrush and the floor dented and the wood grain covering peeled off. This floor is simply pitiful. I did the right thing and contacted the Customer service office.

I then sent a letter with 3 pieces of sample board for their quality team to examine. And then emailed the corporate office to assist in resolving this issue and THEY RESPONDED WITH THE FOLLOWING RESPONSE "I personally examined the samples provided and noted several impact damage marks on the sides of the boards and the samples support the original findings shared with you that the product was not in fact defective, but the care being used to install the product was in question. I see no evidence of manufacturing defects from what we see and the claim the product is defective is unsubstantiated."

** x7521. Office of **, Chairman. Lumber Liquidators, Inc. 3000 John Deere Road, Toano, VA 23168.

What an easy way out! At least 2 of every 8 boards per box were damaged upon inspection And the locking tracks were so fragile they cracked and snap off in my hands. I actually resulted to taking each board out with gloves and had them wrapped in a towel - can you believe that? And this is supposed to have a 25 year warranty! I was told the warranty is only for manufacturers defects. What a joke. I have been offered a 3rd party hired by Lumber Liquidators to inspect the floor. Wow how biased would that be? Hmm let me think VERY biased!

I showed my contractor the email and he flipped his lid and will be letting everyone in the area to NOT USE LUMBER LIQUIDATORS for anything. He knows how careful and precise he was in getting this floor installed. Lumber liquidators has an A+ rating on the BBB site but actually there are over 40 cases in which the customers issue was not resolved to their satisfaction. They should be rated an F in my book - I have asked in all correspondence with them to call me and they decide to email and hide behind their PCs. MY suggestion go buy the cheapest flooring at Home Depot and it is twice as durable and a quality product.

DO NOT GET Taken by Lumber Liquidators. They do not stand behind their product or know how to handle customer inquiries. All in all RUN don't walk AWAY from using them. LL had what they called an Independent 3rd party look at their work (which they paid for) and they said they are not responsible and the damage was due to installation. What a joke they are. Please pass it on - DO NOT USE LL - They do not stand behind what is an INFERIOR product.

Company Response 02/24/2010:

We take each inquiry seriously in the event there's a problem with the manufacturing of a product a claim will be filed and the customer satisfied. Manufacturers require documented proof the product was defective and we use the independent inspection process, including samples to make such determinations. The customers frustrations witht he product are the result of installation damage where the sides of the planks were pounded together, so the complaint shoudl be directed to the installer, not LL. We addressed the problem in great detail including a cost of over $300 to determine if in fact there was a problem with the product, but the consumer continues to blame the product and our company for issues unrelated to the manufacture of the flooring. I viewed this case in great detail and doubt you'll find a posting anywhere calling out the installer for the damage caused. We regret this became a problem for the customer and would advise them that no matter where they shop - If they use the same installer the issue will only be repeated. We respond to postings in an effort to help educate consumers. Always follow the installation instructions and when usign a contractor, check their references and WATCH THEM PERFORM THE INSTALLATION. Many consumers find problems with the installation after it's completed and too latem to make corrections. Board selection requires participation by you - You paid for the product, oversee the project!

Laughable return policy
By -

First I have no complaint of the flooring itself. It is beautiful and went down with little to no problems. BUT we ended up with five (5) unopened boxes plus a 6th with a few boards out of it. I contacted LL to return the unopened boxes, which look as good as the day we picked them up. The young lady on the phone asked if they had been exposed to weather, paint, drywall and then asked about heat, I said no because it was summer and no heat needed. She then asked if it was stored in an air-conditioned house, which again was no. She advised me that I had exceeded the 90 return policy but she would have a claim representative contact me.

I had the flooring bought early so that when my contractor needed it, I would be able to get the flooring on site when he needed it. Well 3 weeks later after numerous calls I asked for her supervisor and within 30 seconds she answered. She advised me that they would not take the flooring back because in the initial interview I had stated, it had not been stored in a climate controlled environment. And in good faith to another customer they couldn't resell the flooring.

I laughed at her and asked her if it was shipped from Brazil on a climate controlled train or ship? I advised her that when I picked it up at the warehouse, there was no insulation, no heat, no air-conditioning and was leaking the rain that was coming down into the building. She burbled and put me on hold, 20-30 seconds later, she told me I had exceeded the 90 return policy and LL was denying my claim. She advised me that I would receive a letter from LL denying the claim. It has never came and I don't expect it to.

ALSO the extra boxes came from the computer generated waste on the order form. They claimed 10 percent it wasn't even close, a mistake of 150sqft and $600.00 in their pocket, so beware when you order they pad their numbers and then deny the claim to return it. So Make sure when requesting your return, YOU KEPT IT IN AN ENVIRONMENTALLY CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT and check to see how many extra boxes they are making you buy.

Company Response 11/12/2009:

We're glad to hear the product meets your needs. In regards to returns, our invoice clearly states the terms and conditions at the time of sale and you initialed our policy at the time of sale acknowledging the same. It also states that we are not responsible for measurements and quantity ordered. If you felt this was a potential problem, the store has the authority to make exceptions at the time of purchase with this information considered as part of a potential return. In some cases NO returns are permitted and that's why your measurements and quantity ordered is important. People store product unprotected in places exposed to the elements. As a responsible retailer, we do not take back product improperly stored becuase its considered out of our control and not something we will pass on to another consumer. This action is against our quality controls and not unlike other major retialers. Wood is a natural product with a varying degree of potential waste. We can only suggest you make an educated purchase, or communicate with us at the time of the sale, not weeks or even months later. Keeping extra product is actually beneficial should you have a need for board replacement due to unforseen water damage or other accidents within your home.

Buyer Beware! Defective Products, Worst Customer Service, Fraudulent Actions and Charges.
By -

LORTON, VIRGINIA -- I purchased (first quality “not seconds”/”odd lot”) engineered flooring on 4/14/2011. My credit card was charged in full on that same day and there was no indication that the product was out of stock. I came to learn that they did not have the product to ship yet, still charge the credit card and they fraudulently did not communicate that to me. I was never alerted when it was shipped to the store. It was only after yet another complaint that I found out 6 weeks after my purchase that it had finally shipped to the store. There was no statement or communication that it was not in stock or that they would not be shipping the product.

I checked my status on the website repeatedly and it read “Partially Processed.” I routinely complained and asked when I would receive shipment since they had already charged my credit card in full. Of course I could not cancel my order because they had already charged my card. Next, we picked up our order at the store and when we complained that the box looked like “odd lot” pieces, was not full nor looked like 30 square feet, we were told, “what do you expect this is not Home Depot.”

After loading the wood and driving 40 minutes back home, then unloading the wood, we opened the first box. Piece after piece was clearly marked by the manufacturer inspector as rejects. The manufacturer had marked a large “c” and long lines on each piece of wood noting the many defects. These included holes, large gashes, uneven coloring and mismatching grooves. I immediately called and demanded a refund. I was told this is normal and to open the second box, which of course had the same clearly marked inspection rejects. I called again and demanded a refund and advised them to pick up this wood immediately.

I am still arguing with a very highly trained Customer Service Staff who are scripted to change the subject and state that it is your fault and manufacturer rejects are what is to be expected. Customer Service provides no assistance in resolving the complaint. In fact, they lie and you end up wasting even more time as they try to blame you. I now realize I am not going to get anywhere with them. They are trained NOT to process your claim and delay the matter so that after 30 days and you prove you have defective products, they can charge you a 20% restock fee.

THE INVOICE YOU RECEIVE AT PICKUP LITERALLY ABSOLVES THEM FROM ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. I have wasted so much time since 4/14/2011 on this fraudulent company. They should not be allowed to do business as is documented by all the complaints on the web. I am going to the Attorney General next to demand they take action against this nationwide company who markets on the web, mails catalogs and fliers to your home and also employs salesman to call you.

Company Response 06/15/2011:

LL Response from the Director of Customer Care
First of all we're sorry to hear you had a negative experience, but this is not typical of the day to day transactions that go off without a hitch with thousands of satisfied customers each week. The amount of gallery photos, email responses, return shoppers, and reviews is overwhelming. Your credit card will be charged when you make a purchase not unlike other retailers, and the fact that it was partially processed would indicate there may have been a payment concern that was obviously corrected if you received your product. There are several comments and statements here that just don't make sense and we view this as hear-say, from the big box store comment to the uncooperative customer service staff can assure you we don't treat customers in this manner. Our return policy is clearly disclosed and as well as our recommendation that you inspect the product as the final quality check to make sure it's exactly as you expected. Did something go wrong here? Possibly, but we make it right and the implication here is not in line with policies meant to protect our customers , enable LL to uphold the warranty by holding manufacturers accountable when a defect exists, while providing quality products at low prices for our customers. I would imagine these are the same qualities that brought you into the store / web to shop, and It's never our intent for someone to have a negative customer experience and we're sorry this happened. We pride ourselves on improving our business and I'll be sure to review what happened if you feel obliged to call, or write to me with some identifying information I can use to review this further.

Lumber Liquidators Does Not Honor Warranties!!!
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Rating: 1/51

JOHNSON CITY, PENNSYLVANIA -- We paid over $4000 total with labor to get flooring from Lumber Liquidators. It was supposed to have a thirty year warranty (yeah right). A year later the floor is garbage. It is full of chips and dents and they won't honor one dime of warranty. We were told in the store about "how high quality this floor is" and "how they use it in their entryways." They lied. We got sold junk. Lumber liquidators is a scam and a lie. Their warranties are not worth the paper they are written on. We went through their entire warranty process and they told us to stick it. They suck, they suck, they suck. Next time, I'll go to Lowe's.

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