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Posted by JQQ on 12/27/2004
WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- I bought a car a month ago from Lustine Toyota and I posted a complaint already and sent a letter to Toyota. I decided to get the mailing address for the owner of the dealer, I called Lustine Toyota and I spoke Debra Ghorbanian the Customer Service Representative, she was extremely nice and helpful. I addressed my concerns to her and she asked me to speak to the General Manager Jim Giddings, I informed her that I left several messages and he didn’t call me back. Mr. Giddings finally called me because Mrs. Ghorbanian asked him to; I explained my situation and informed him that I was upset due to the treatment received while I was purchasing my car. I told him that I got a damaged car, and he said that they did me a favor by fixing it, I told him that they had to fix it since I purchased a new car, not a damaged or used one and he said that he can sell me a damaged car if he wants to, and I told him that they can not sell my a damaged car without my consent and once again he replied that yes they can. I told him that due to the treatment that I received I didn’t want to purchase another car there and he told me to take my business somewhere else and not to bring my car for services. I informed him that I am taking my car to get serviced there because I purchased a service agreement and he replied with a sarcastic voice “I’m dying to have your car here for service”. I took it as a treat to my car and I decided not to bring it in. No wonder you read all those complaint letters regarding this dealer; starting with the General Manager most employees there don’t know how to treat the customer. The only two employees that seem to care and followed-thru was Chris Allison and Debra Ghorbanian, I feel terrible for them to have to work at a place like that. My advice to all of you, DO NOT PURCHASE A CAR AT LUSTINE TOYOTA unless you want a headache. If you don’t believe me do a search and you will find many other complaints related to Lustine Toyota.
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Posted by holla back on 2005-03-05:
im not gonna give my real name right now but, i work for lustine toyota of woodbridge va. and they are the worst dealership in the country.im gonna give you the full run down on the whole dealership. it all starts like this they give a monday morning meeting,to tell us how to scam the cutomers not into buying the cars but out of money. (instresting) after the salesperson shows the customer the vehicle there instrested in they take the customer in the dealership (the meat grinder) and start with the paperwork and its called a work sheet. thats to disrtact the customer for a while, getting there name and address, phone number etc. then its the negotiation, then the down payment they take and put in there pocket all the salesman split it (i dont take any money if its not a check) and in the finance office the hit you the hardest alot of people all ready know how that goes, the take an additional down payment from you (but your just trying to get out of there) so you give them an extra five hundred dollars. ill be back soon. to tell you the rest. everyone that reads this send me a e-mail and maybe we can put a stop to this (like call channel 9 news)
Posted by White Chocolate on 2007-02-19:
I once went to Lustine Toyota and went so far as to sign a sales agreement and put down a $3000. deposit. When I realized they were introducing additional costs and fees after we had agreed on a price I challenged them on it. That's when the dance started. It eventually brought in their sales manager who tried to belittle me by accusing me of "trying to get something for free". He finished yelling at me and telling me that he "didn't want my business". I haven't been back to Lustine Toyota since. If you ever get that gut feeling that you're getting screwed, go with it and walk out. I'm glad I did.
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Lustine Toyota Of Woodbrige Is A Ripoff Horrible Values
Posted by 1 MAD CUSTOMER on 03/19/2005
WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- Back in may we purchased a scion xa from a guy named mike. Also there is the owner of the lot as well which is a liar too. He claims that his dealership is legit, when he is a bigger liar than mike. Last but not least folks is a aftermarket dealer named Rachel who is actually the owners daughter. Who by all means is a liar. First thing is they tried to rip us off with the promotional 6 disk cd player that came with the car for no extra cost. I told them that other dealerships were doing the promotional 6 disk cd player for free and after about 5 minutes of argument, they check and what do you know I was right. So they apologize and then I decide to get the car because I am tired of arguing.

So then I decided to get a few aftermarket accessories and mike showed me the catalog. I ask him about the trd wheel package which was $1899.00 and he tells me that the package includes 18 inch trd wheels w/tires, adjustable shocks, and adjustable springs. I asked him if that was the installed prices and he tells me yeah. So I figure that is a good deal because I have a fully customized civic so I know the prices and this would be a good deal. Then we reviewed there promotional life time warranty. They said that the warranty is for free but the catch was you have have to get all your services done there (which is oil changes, tire rotation, 5000/30000/50000 mile service, etc). I decided not to get this, it felt strange I knew somehow they would get over on me over. I sign the contract and they tell me to come back in 1 week for the rim package. 1 Week passes and I go to get the package.

When I pick my car up the service guy says that the trd package was only for rims and tires and there were no springs or shocks that come with it. So I am heated. So I ask mike about it and he tells me I never told you that. Well Rachel was a witness to this so I ask for her but she is off this day. I get my car and decide to come back the next day. Before when the service guy pulled my car to the front he leaves the curb right on my rim. So I pull off and guess what my rim gets curb damage. The next day I call and ask to speak to the manager of the lot and when I do all hell breaks out. This guy tell me that I am trying to get free stuff. I tell him that his sales person mislead me into buying this package and told me I would be getting adjustable springs and shocks too. He tells me that I am lying. So I go to the dealership to talk to him. He is gone. I see Rachel and mike sees me. Mike runs up to Rachel and says loudly you didn't here anything. I ask here about the wheel package and she assures me that she heard mike tell me that the trd package came with the rims, tires, springs, shocks. Rachael tells me to make an appointment with the owner of the lot which was her father.

So I schedule an appointment with Rachel and her father. Well 2 days before the appointment I am driving the car on 95 and the tire pops. How the hell does a tire pop that isn't even 2 weeks old. I hit a small pothole about 4 inches long and 2 inches deep. One of the tires they put on burst on the outside of the sidewall. I pull over to change the tire. Guess what! No lug keys or tire iron to unlock the tire bolts. I have to pull off the road and drive on the rim to a gas station. (2 Rims damaged for there mistake) I call my friend and tell him to come up with his set of lug nut keys and a tire iron. I was in Baltimore MD and he was in Fairfax VA. The day of the meeting I go there and he makes me wait 1 hr. I see Rachel and she ignores me.

Now I know something is up. I go in and talk to the owner of the lot and he tells me that I am lying and that I am the type of person who wants free stuff. I tell him to ask Rachel about it and he said he talked to her. I tell him to call her in the office! He tells me that she went home because she is not feeling well. Huh what luck, that's ironic the day I have the meeting and I see her and I come to talk to you and she is not here. Well I starting to get angry and I tell him that this is his fault and that it wasn't my fault that his staff were just playing me, just like him. I guess they learn from there boss. Then I go off on him about the tire popping and the rim being messed up. He tells me its not his fault that his facility forgot to put in the tire iron and the lug nut key. But he would consider giving me one. How is it not his fault I don't understand. His horrible dealership forgot to give me a tire iron and lug key and its my fault. They park my cars rim against a curb and its my fault. They lie to me about the trd package and its my fault. Well I had to leave. He tried to shake my hand but I walked off.

To sum it all up Lustine Toyota of Woodbridge VA & there other lot Lustine Saturn of Woodbridge VA are horrible. They are all scumbags and cons who try to get over and do on the working man. Don't buy from these guys they are cons. You want to buy a Toyota go to Springfield. You guys are all scum bags your dealership deserves to go bankrupt.
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Posted by mmmchicken on 2005-05-28:
Although I agree with you that the Lustine Sales people are morons, no one can possibly take you seriously if you type in all caps.
Posted by White Chocolate on 2007-02-19:
Sounds like the same folks I tried to buy a Toyota from. I went to Lustine Toyota and went so far as to sign a sales agreement and put down a $3000. deposit. When I realized they were introducing additional costs and fees after we had agreed on a price I challenged them on it. That's when the dance started. It eventually brought in their sales manager who tried to belittle me by accusing me of "trying to get something for free". He finished yelling at me and telling me that he "didn't want my business" as he flung the sales agreement back across the desk. I haven't been back to Lustine Toyota since. If you ever get that gut feeling that you're getting screwed, go with it and walk out. I'm glad I did.
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Unscrupulous sales staff
Posted by Ds on 06/27/2004
WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- Most of the sales guys are unscrupulous and are desperate for a sale since they get paid on commission. during negotiations, they might offer you options or say things that they don't really mean, for example-- i was told to take the car( 2 door coupe demo with 4000 miles) home tonight and come back tomorrow to finalize the deal since it was about 1.15am fri/sat and it was really late. Initially, i refused to take the car home and they said no problem, just come back in the moring to finalize the deal. the next morning, to my amazement, i woke up only to find out that the seats were stained , and the rear interior was dirty and there were scratches on the dashboard, things you can't really see in a dimly lit showroom. less than 9hrs later and adding only 10 miles to the car,i arrived at the dealership only to be told that the car is now mines, since i put a downpayment on the car and signed some of the forms, not all( i hadn't even signed the transfer registration title yet from my old vehicle) . they refused an upgrade, i even suggested ending the transaction and that they keep my downpayment they refused. they threatened to ruin my excellent credit saying i can't cancel the transaction and that it would show up as a repo on my credit report. once you drive off the lot, the car is yours and that a handshake does not hold in court. After much complaints, they agreed to clean the stains but were unable to get the stains out. I like the body of the car and i can live with those stains and of course have learnt an important lesson to look before i leap. The GM definetly needs some customer service classes , has he as a lot to learn and a much harder job of teaching the staff.If you are looking to buy a car here---USE WITH CAUTION .

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Posted by melissa.messner.ni1q on 2004-06-28:
Exactly what forms did you fill out before leaving the dealership? The 24-hour test drive is a popular selling tool for Gm, but it by no means says that by driving it home for the night you own it. Sounds like the salesman pulled a fast one on you.
Posted by dharma band on 2004-07-04:
i feel for you. i did the same thing. once you sign a buyers agreement and take possession on the car they say it is yours i am not sure legally but was threatened with the same even though went i went to sign the paperwork it was $2,000 more than i had agreed on. i asked for my car back and dissolve the deal and they refused.
Posted by PeskyKittyButt on 2004-07-07:
You just have to be so careful when it comes to purchases like this. Sounds like you learned your lesson.
Posted by RetiredCloser on 2004-07-18:
Its uneducated buyers like you that allows dealers to do this. First, IT DOESNT MATTER THAT YOU DROVE THE CAR HOME!!! Did you sign the BANK CONTRACT?? If you did and then drove it home YOUR DONE. If you DID NOT, dump the car back there....NEVER drive a car home if you are uneasy about the deal.....
Posted by White Chocolate on 2007-02-19:
Lustine Toyota has no respect for the consumer and is unscrupulous in the extreme. You'll feel it in your gut and you'll read about it in the other posts here. I once went to Lustine Toyota and went so far as to sign a sales agreement and put down a $3000. deposit. When I realized they were introducing additional costs and fees after we had agreed on a price I challenged them on it. That's when the dance started. It eventually brought in their sales manager who tried to belittle me by accusing me of "trying to get something for free". He finished yelling at me and telling me that he "didn't want my business" as he flung the sales agreement back across the desk. I haven't been back to Lustine Toyota since. If you ever get that gut feeling that you're getting screwed, go with it and walk out. I'm glad I did.
Posted by Mengle on 2009-04-20:
I am the new Senior manager at Lustine Toyota. I have been hired to ensure that we change our culture regarding the customer experience. My name is Mike Engle, and I assure you that I am here to change the way business is being done. For any concerns, please contact me personally at 571-435-0075. I started April 1st and assure you that I will do everything in my power to prevent such experiences from happening in the future. I am a Marine who has not lost his values despite what I do for a living. Thanks for the comments, they are helpful in educating my staff of the publics perception.
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Posted by MGWG on 10/23/2003
WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- On Oct 3rd 2003, My wife and I went to LUSTINE TOYOTA DODGE in Woodbridge,Va. We purchased a 2004 Toyota 4Runner Sr5. The asking price was $34000 and we offered $31000. After an HOUR of Haggling with Mr Amine Rezki "sales Manager" the price "31250.00" was agreed upon with a hand shake. Now we waited and then went to the Finance office and spoke with Todd 'Finance rep". He offered a prepaid service for a $1000.00 So I bought it thinking that over the 4yrs of service it would cost 3800.00 by pre-paying it I will save $2800.00 dollars.
When he reprinted the contract once he added that sum back in the contract and threw! away ! the original contract.
Well the following morning 4th Oct, 2003.
I noticed that the price listed on the contract was $31760.00 NOT the agreed upon price of $31250.00. I went back to the dealership and talked to Todd and he said to talk to Amine Rizke
And when I spoke to Mr Amine Rizke he said "OHH that's what everbody pays". I told him that it was unethical to do such a thing to a customer like me to add money after a deal was sealed with a customer. I submitted a Complaint to the Better Business Bureau about this incident and basically they said that I would have to wait for 30days for a solution or a response from the BBB. I have waited almost 3weeks now for LUSTINE TOYOTA DODGE to give me a "remote control that came with my 4runner" and it was missing from the 4runner when I bought it!
basically, if you go there expect to REALLY waste "YOUR" time and also Once you buy a vehicle from them that's when the "so called customer service ends"
Recently, I ran into another person that bought a 2004 4runner from Lustine and they too refuse to deal with them! due to the LUSTINE's unethical, unreasonable staff and Management that needs a course in Consumer/customer service!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-02:
Handshakes do not hold up in court. You should have looked at the contract before you signed it!I still have to feed my kids too.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-10:

I recently bought a new 2003 Toyota 4Runner at Lustine Toyota in Woodbridge,VA. The Salesman Mr. Rezki worked with me and set up a deal quoted at a 5.9% interest rate. It was late and to my detriment, I quickly signed all the paperwork to get it done. After getting home, I realized the interest rate was 6.4%. I immediately called the Manager JIM GIDDINGS who said " Let me check it out and I will return your call". Two months later, and having left many messages on his voice mail, I finally spoke to him again and informed him what I negotiated in good faith with Mr. Rezki. I asked for some sort of restitution and JIM GIDDINGD stated "I don't think we will be able to help you." THATS IT! NO INTEGRITY, NO SERVICE. AVOID LUSTINE TOYOTA AT WHATEVER COST! I ahve filed an ethics complaint with the better business bureau and have seen that I am not the only person they have lied to.
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-08:
Amine Rezki is a NON American! I have done the background check on him!!!
Don't feel too bad about the $510.00 you lost at Lustine Toyota.... I will post what he has said at the site and send it to all other sites like www.consumergripes.com....it gets me mad about people who think that in AMERICA honest business does't happen!!
Let me tell you my friend...Mr Amine Rezki ... You shall see how long you will trick people that have honest HANDSHAKE and you take them for a ride.
We will see "Who HAs The LASt Laugh"
Well, I have to feed my children too..you know But I sleep better at night because I didn't just RIP someone off and use the "Persian Excuse" Ohh I have to feed my children too. If your kids knew how their Father Mr.Amine Rezki puts food on the table they would THROW UP"...Ohh I forgot that they were YOUR kids!
Posted by natefire14 on 2004-01-26:
I have purchased 3 vehicles from Lustine and Helped 2 friends buy vehicles there and I would NOT RECCOMEND ANYONE GO THERE UNLESS YOU LIKE TO BE LIED TOO. They do not deal in an honest manor and do not like to treat customers with respect. I only go there because I like to spend hours arguing with them. If you like to argue and you stand over their shoulders the whole day you get a good deal. I am not the least bit intimidated by car dealers, but if fighting for a fair deal is not your thing try Manassas Dodge. ALSO If you want a fair deal on parts and Labor AVOID LUSTINE DODGE. They charge 2 to 3 times the price of Manassas Dodge for the same services. I go there knowing that if I have problems I will go to Manassas Dodge for all the work on the Truck. NEVER TAKE YOUR VEHICLE TO LUSTINE FOR SERVICE. Its no wonder they are not listed on the Dodge website for dealers in the area. Dodge doesn't want to be associated with them...
Fuel for Thought!
Posted by wearecruisers on 2004-03-28:
Well you are a non-spelling complaining problem. GO AWAY.
Posted by navy_hobo on 2004-03-31:
I just bought a car from Lustine, and they got me from under my car. I owed 12,000 and my car was high mileage! They practically paid it off and gave me alot of free stuff on a new Stratus. Everyone was nice. You just can't be a sucker. There are contracts for a reason, and buyers need to be aware of what they are getting into! I thoroughly scanned mine, and I signed when the terms were agreeable to my standards. Quit crying. You were just easy prey, and the wolves smelled you coming for a mile!
Posted by MGWG on 2004-04-26:
Posted by MGWG on 2004-04-26:
Posted by White Chocolate on 2007-02-19:
Lustine Toyota has no respect for the consumer and is unscrupulous in the extreme. You'll feel it in your gut and you'll read about it in the other posts here. I once went to Lustine Toyota and went so far as to sign a sales agreement and put down a $3000. deposit. When I realized they were introducing additional costs and fees after we had agreed on a price I challenged them on it. That's when the dance started. It eventually brought in their sales manager who tried to belittle me by accusing me of "trying to get something for free". He finished yelling at me and telling me that he "didn't want my business" as he flung the sales agreement back across the desk. I haven't been back to Lustine Toyota since. If you ever get that gut feeling that you're getting screwed, go with it and walk out. I'm glad I did.
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Posted by SteveAnt1 on 07/30/2006
WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- After looking at almost 12 dealerships in the Fairfax and Prince William area, my wife and I finally went to Lustine Toyoya in Woodbride. BIG MISTAKE! Besides being 95 degrees and my wife was pregnant, the salesman was pushy and wouldn't take the fact that my wife didn't like the cars they had in stock. He kept picking out cars that she insisted she wouldn't buy, but he kept running and getting keys anyway. He was determined to sell me a car no matter what we wanted. If my wife doesn't like it...WE AREN"T BUYING IT!!!! PERIOD. After about 2 hours of trying to be polite, we said we were NOT interested in any of the cars and that we were leaving. He said wait 5 minutes and I'll get some information about your car as a trade to take with you. HE GOT OUR KEYS. BIG MISTAKE. 40 minutes later he comes back and I was @%$!%@ OFF!! I had to go up to him and a sales manager in the middle of the salesroom floor and say " Give me my keys...NOW!!! I'm not interested and we aren't buying a car!!" My wife was in tears and I had to make a scene. He still didn't want to give me my key back. The sales manager had to tell him to give my key back. The sales manager said something obscene as he walked away. I wanted to punch him in his face!!! He wasted almost 2 hours of our time in 95 degree weather. I'll forever badmouth LUSTINE and will never look or buy a car from these snakes ever.
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Posted by Skye on 2006-07-31:
What was the size of the gun they were holding to your heads and keeping you hostage?? You are a big boy, and could of left anytime. You allowed them to waste 2 hours of your precious time.
Posted by Sparticus on 2006-07-31:
I've never heard of the "give me your keys" scam before. That's a new one. You are right, it was a mistake to trust them with your keys. But everyone makes mistakes once, consider yourself better prepared for the next time. Good luck!
Posted by Timboss on 2006-07-31:
The dealer's will do anything to make you stay there - take your keys, driver's license, take your trade-in for a test drive and forget where they parked it. This is very common practice.
Posted by Sparticus on 2006-07-31:
I had a dealer call me back after I had already bought the car, signed the papers and paid for it. I was at home the next day and he called wanting me to come back in and pay MORE money! He said they forgot to charge me tax! Ha! He gave me some sob story about how he had to pay the difference and how he has 3 kids, etc. These car salesmen can get VERY creative.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-31:
Yeah, I wouldn't trust one as far as I could throw 'em.
Posted by White Chocolate on 2007-02-19:
Sounds like the same folks I tried to buy a car from. I once went to Lustine Toyota and went so far as to sign a sales agreement and put down a $3000. deposit. When I realized they were introducing additional costs and fees after we had agreed on a price I challenged them on it. That's when the dance started. It eventually brought in their sales manager who tried to belittle me by accusing me of "trying to get something for free". He finished yelling at me and telling me that he "didn't want my business" as he flung the sales agreement back across the desk. I haven't been back to Lustine Toyota since. If you ever get that gut feeling that you're getting screwed, go with it and walk out. I'm glad I did.
Posted by THETRUTH1 on 2007-11-06:
Sounds like you are a cry baby. All you have to do is ask for the key. You must not be too bright!
Posted by Mengle on 2009-10-19:
I understand your frustration and I hope to one day have the chance to show you that things have changed at Lustine Toyota. We are currently under new management and we are working diligently with Toyota and our team to change the customers perception of our dealership. My name is Mike Engle, feel free to ask for me directly if you ever have any future concerns.
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BEWARE !!! DO NOT waste your time and money at Lustine Toyota/Scion/Dodge/Jeep/Chrysler
Posted by Megaman on 07/18/2010
Lustine Toyota
Lustine Toyota
WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- On June 25th 2010 I went to Lustine Toyota/Scion in Woodbridge, VA to buy a Scion TC. Prior to that I had secured my financing with my bank and also did my extensive homework about the car online so that I know what I will be paying at the end. When I entered the dealership I was greeted by their salesman (Rocky Hearn) who was nice and courteous. I told him upfront and straight forward what I'm looking for, what options I want with the car and already am approved for the loan as well. He was surprised first that I didn't give him a chance to even run me around. I picked out the car and the options to put on it. They mentioned I can get additional $1000 off rebate from Scion, if I graduated in last 2 years or will be graduating with in next 2 years. And also I will be qualified for another $500 off which Lustine is giving. Well I was qualified for grad rebate, but I asked them if I have to finance with them in order to get the rebate. At first the Sales Manager (Amin) said YES, but wasn't sure so he went and asked his finance manager and said NO I don't have to, as long as I have a proof to validate it. Finalized the pricing and was promised to get a loaner for the time I won't have the car for the parts to be installed.

After a wait of 20 minutes, I was called inside the finance office for a wrap-up. I told the finance manager (Harry Singh) that I already have a loan ready I just need the information of the car and a copy of the title for my bank to write a check to Toyota. Here he kind of played me and said I can get you a lower rate or the same. I initially declined it and insisted to still go with my bank. Because they had already run my credit report and so forth. He then became aggressive and said the only way I can get those 2 above mentioned rebates is if I finance the car with Toyota Financial. There I got shocked and mad because just 30 minutes ago I was told I don't have to finance it and still be able to get the rebate. He said whoever told you was wrong, it in the terms and condition that you have to do it with Toyota Financial. I said well let do it with Toyota and see what interest rate I get. He came back with interest rate of 4.39% APR. Furthermore he started offering all of his extra packages for ridiculous amount. I listened to him and declined them. By this time, its already 9:45pm dealership is closed, I'm sitting there starving trying to get the hell out of there. He printed out all the paperwork and contracts. I signed them without making sure the price and interest rate is correct to shorten the process.

They handed the car over and did the walk through on the car. Got in and left the dealership at 10:30pm. Then the next morning I pulled out the paperwork to read and make sure things were all correctly stated. And DAMN F****** sure the very first thing the interest rate was jacked up to 7.69% then all the packages I had declined earlier damn sure were all included along with no $1500 rebates in it. But my payments were saying the same as what we had calculated in the finance office. I was boiled up by this time and took my car keys and ran straight back to Lustine Toyota/Scion and demanded to talk their General Manager(Mike Dennis). I explained him the story, he said let me go find out and will be with you right away. I was called inside the office along with the finance manager (Harry Singh) who I had dealt with last night. I asked the legitimacy of the extra charges and the jacked up interest rate. Harry (finance manager) said that's because I'm not qualified for the lower interest rate (even though my credit score was excellent 769). Long story short I asked the GM (Mike Dennis) to cancel my deal and I want to return the car back. Consequently under the VA law (No cooling off period) I couldn't, so I told him to rework the contract and take out all the charges and apply the rebate and fix the interest rate back to the original 4.39%. It was all done with careful review I re-signed the contract and was told to bring back the car 2 days later for the parts to be installed that I had bought with it. I went back 2 days later and was told parts has not come yet so expect a phone call within a day or two. Didn't hear anything for a whole week then I called and inquired about it. I was told they are there and bring in the car the next day.

I took the car back and asked for the loaner that I was promised for. Parts Manager (Armarita) pulled out the paper and said, it says No Loaner written on it and showed me. Whereas the copy of the paper I got said nothing about No Loaner or whatsoever. I spoke to the GM (Mike Dennis) again but he wasn't any help then went VP (Jim Giddings). He said he will stand by his Sales Manager decision and what it says on the paper. I was pissed off by now with the treatment and level of customer service I had received overall. I just dropped off the car for the installation called my ride and left. I was told it will be done by the end of the day. It sure wasn't done matter of fact wasn't even started to be worked on. My car was there for 4 days just for installation. I promised myself and told them I will never go back after I get my car back, because of the way it all unfolded.

Now I go to other dealership to get the service and maintenance done which is little bit out of my way. Also I have noticed Lustine's prices of service are higher than other dealerships around. I HIGHLY encourage everyone NOT to EVEN think about Lustine Toyota/Scion/Dodge/Jeep/Chrysler for anything. They will only give you respect until you agree to the pricing, after that you are screwed up. Take your Money, Time, Peace of mind and Business to somewhere else than Lustine Toyota/Scion/Dodge/Jeep/Chrysler.

Lustine Toyota/Scion/Dodge/Jeep/Chrysler means Dishonest, Unprofessional, Liars, Poor Customer Service, Untrained and Oblivious.
Read Company Response
Company Response on 07/20/2010:
I would like to sit down and see if there was more to the story than what has been written here. We do our best to accomodate all customers, and since we are in such a hight traffic metro community, many of our night do not end until after midnight, so 9:45 is not that late. I am surprised that someone of your credit score did not read the paperwork before leaving the first time. And considering Lustine Chrysler Jeep Dodge has been a GOLD standard customer satisfaction delaer all year, and LUSTINE Toyota has outstanding Customer Satisfaction Index scores, I am surprised to hear how unhappy you are. And also, it sounds like something else happened in the mean time. You bought the car and had such abad experience ont he 25th of June, yet this review comes up 25 days later? Please let me know what else happened and if you would like to sit down and discuss your experience. My apologies that you were not 100% satisfied. If there was anything else that was not fixed, please contact me.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-18:
I am glad you got the interest back to its original rate. I know there are many skilled car buyers out there--but I am not one of them.--I was really cheated too (by a different dealership) when I was relatively young and buying my first car. Anyone with a 769 credit score should almost be getting 0% interest.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-07-18:
I'm surprised they changed your interest rate back after having a signed contract by you. They can only get away with these things because they know that most customers (like you) don't read what they are signing.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-07-18:
I thought the same thing as Weed. Good for you for standing your ground.
Posted by RetiredCloser on 2010-08-03:
I purchased my vehicle at Lustine and had none of this. It was very very nice and friendly atmosphere. They even treated my family to lunch on Saturday with Pizza from Joes. Sounds like you just had a bad day. Armarita took very good care of our vehicle with the protection package and even offered us a shuttle ride to the metro.
Posted by Megaman on 2010-08-07:
@RetiredCloser: Thats because you probably agreed to the price that they want you to buy the car for. Also you bought the packages that are super mark up so that may be the reason why you got treated nice there. Shuttle is their basic service which any one can get it.
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Random Call After Normal Business Hours
Posted by Mnmcintosh on 02/06/2014
WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- Tonight I got a call from someone "following up" with me about an inquiry I made on a Scion TC in 2010...it's 2014! It was a little after 7pm and there was a lot of noise in the background. He wanted to know if I was still interested in that car, why not (because I said no), he wanted to know what kind of car I have now (I only told him the make), and if I was interested in trading in my car and getting lower payments (I said maybe in the future). He asked me to keep them in mind if I changed my mind. Has anyone ever gotten a call from Lustine or other dealerships like this and after normal business hours? He sounded confused and like he didn't know what to say. Do they hire people to make calls like this at random times? Aren't they supposed to do this during normal working hours, 8am - 5pm for example? The number they called from, 571-337-9034, doesn't seem to be associated with Lustine Toyota in Woodbridge or any Lustine Toyota dealership. Has anyone received a call from this number before from someone claiming to work for Lustine Toyota?
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Posted by Slimjim on 2014-02-06:
A follow up call from a car salesman isn't unusual. Many businesses have multiple lines/numbers associated with their phone system. Roll down or hunt group numbers aren't necessarily listed for whois look-up. The last point I would debate, Anyone who has ever worked in the car business would be very quick to correct you on their "normal" hours. Most dealers stay open weekdays until 9PM.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2014-02-06:
SlimJim is absolutely correct. When I sold cars for a living my hours were usually 9:00 AM until 10:00 PM, six days a week, once a month one dealership I worked at would have midnight madness sale, where you were expected to stay until 1:00 AM.
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Beware, Lustine's Finance Department Are Liars and Massive Crooks!!!
Posted by Rdunn_jr on 08/25/2013
WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- 1. Per enclosure 1, on 12 Aug 2012 I purchased a 2012 Toyota Sienna from Lustine Toyota, Woodbridge, VA 22191. I spent approximately eight (8) hours negotiating a price from $38,000.00 down to $36,000.00. Approximately 45 minutes after negotiating, a male representative from the Lustine finance Department came out and my family and I accompanied him into his office. He started by requesting my credit report from one of the three credit agencies. After learning of my credit approval, he began working enclosure 1. At the completion, he quoted me a monthly payment of more than $800.00. I immediately got up to leave telling him no, that was why too much for this vehicle. He said wait, asking what I would be willing to pay. My reply was, I can afford $450.00 to 550.00 per month. Not realizing that I was charged the asking $38,000.00 for the vehicle at the time, the finance guy asked that I wait as he exited the office. He returned about 15 - 20 minutes later and began adding numbers into his computer. This time he came out with approximately $700.00 per month which I again, said no. He exited his office again and returned shortly thereafter, telling me he was waiting on a phone call for approval. He again started in-putting numbers into his system. During that time, the phone rang as he answered it and held a conversation simultaneously working on my contract as I could see the computer screen. Finally, the finance guy revealed that they could get my monthly payment down to $629.00 per month at 4.24%. The finance guy printed out the contract and I began to review it. It was in-fact $629.58 but something did not seem right about the numbers within contract. As I sat discussing this with my wife and reviewing the contract, the finance guy interrupted on every question that was asked by to me by my wife. Then I notice, the Credit Life and Credit Disability on the contract. I told the finance guy that I did not was this insurance. He then replied, "I cannot get you financed without it". He then carried on with other explanation as I continued to review the contract. At this point my full attention was on this insurance as the finance guy continued to talk. As I continue to read the details of the insurance, I noticed that it was optional, therefore it could be cancelled. So I decided to trust the financier and get the loan financed, then cancel the insurance within 30 days. I signed the contract and asked if I could pick the vehicle up the next day because it was late and my wife's drivers license had expired while we were stationed overseas. Although informed of this situation, he said no, I had to take delivery that day, so my wife drove the vehicle home.

2. Per enclosure 2, on 6 Sept 2012; my wife and I returned to Lustine Toyota after extensive research into the Credit Life/Disability insurance and tactics used by dealership and banks to force this insurance on consumers. I believe this was the case with my recent purchase. I meant with the same representative from Lutine's financed department. I informed the him that I wanted to cancel the extended warranty and the Credit Life/Disability insurance. Additionally, I told the him that he was wrong in telling me that he could not get the vehicle financed if I did not get the Credit Life/Disability insurance. Clearly agitated he stated, "I did not say I could not get the vehicle financed; I said, I could not get you the 4.24% interest rate if you did not get the insurance". (After speaking with my attorney, this is also illegal) The finance representative further went on to say, "you can cancel the insurance, but we cannot redo the contract; all this will do is decrease the number of payments". (This is also a lie, he was concern about the reduction in his commission) I thought it was rather strange because I know he was lying to me. I then mentioned that I would hate to get an attorney involved in this matter which further agitated him. He replied, "we have attorneys too, and this company is too big to play with you over $50,000.00 (what a child?). At this point, I was starting to get upset so I told the financier to get it done so I could be on my way. I had driven my other vehicle (not the Sienna) to the dealership, so he told me I had to go get the Toyota Sienna so he could get the mileage, which I did. Upon my return, enclosure 2 (Cancellation of Credit Life and Disability Insurance) was completed and my wife and I departed.

3. I then contacted bank who financed the loan to get information. The representative informed me that the loan was in my wife name as the primary and my interest rate was 3.99%. This immediately raised a red flag because I remembered the financier changing his claim stating, "I did not say I could not get the vehicle financed; I said I could not get you the 4.24% interest rate if you did not get the insurance". I explained what was going on to the representative at the Credit Union, who then informed me that obtaining Credit Life/Disability insurance has no bearing on their decision to grant loans. I then waited and continued to track the status of the cancellation through the Credit union since enclosure 2 lacked point of contact information.

4. Approximately two weeks later, I received enclosure 3 from TRANSAMERICA Life Insurance Company advising me of Declination of certificate because it exceeded the maximum coverage stated in my certificate. At the point, I thought my request for cancellation was a mute point because I was denied coverage anyway. So I waited the six weeks as stated in the letter before pursuing the matter. However, once the six weeks elapsed I contact the Credit union to see if they received the payment from Lustine Toyota. They had in-fact received the warranty cancellation reimbursement, but had not received reimbursement for the Credit Life/Disability cancellation. On 3 Dec 2012, I finally made contacted with Lustine Toyota after several attempts starting in November 2012. I spoke with a a different person in the finance department and explained my concerns. She called me back shortly after informing me that the check was sent to the wrong company. She stated, the check would have to be cancelled and sent to the correct credit union, causing further delay due Lustine Toyota's incompetence. I found this to be odd because the letter received from TRANSAMERICA states, "For reimbursement of your premium, a check in the amount of $3,138.32 has been mailed to Lustine Toyota." I did not question her claim, I decided to trust that it was an honest mistake, so I waited. As of 9 Jan 2013, after speaking with a representative from the Credit Union, the bank has not received the check in the amount of $3,138.32. I have since called Lustine Toyota and left numerous messages however, they will not return my calls. I have also called customer services and when transferred, I get an answering machine in which, I again leave a message but my calls continued to go un-answered.

Additionally, I feel I have a moral responsibility to inform the Government and State of Virginia (Insurance Commissioner) of possible fraud to its good citizens, especially during our hard economy times. Any assistance in this matter will certainly be appreciated.
As you see, the above is a modified letter that I sent to the State of Virginia Commissioner. My overall assessment of Lustine Toyota is, the individuals I dealt with show their incompetence and I will never deal with this dealership again. I gave them 1 star because I couldn't go any lower, but a 0 would have been appropriate. (I'm not even upset, it's over)
As for the Insurance Commissioner, I appreciate them looking into the case, but they were very little to no help. Bottom line, don't waist your time seek assistance from an attorney while its fresh because it's time everyone start exposing and weeding out these terrible dealers, to keep other folks from getting caught up into this type of madness.
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Posted by saj80 on 2013-08-26:
I haven't purchased a Toyota for many years, but still remember how much pressure their finance manager tried to put on me. As for the credit insurance, it is never required, and, in fact, it is illegal to even state that it is required. They can offer it, but they have to give you the option to accept or decline it. This is a good case to forward to your states dealer licensing board.
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Buyer Beware - Deceptive Pricing
Posted by Michael.sullivan.dc on 11/26/2012
WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- I received in Internet price and after shopping around determined that they were giving the best deal. I sent an email verifying what my price was to be and that I would have a bit of a drive so I wanted to make sure we were on the same page before I came down.

When I got there, they informed me the price quoted had $1,500 worth of incentives that I did not qualify for. I then told them that I verified "my" price before coming down and they said they couldn't sell at that price.

I wanted to give them a chance to "save the deal" so I told them to beat my "next best price" by $300 since I came all that way. I showed them the email with the competing price (to verify what another dealership was offering) and they cam back with a price $700 more than that price rather than $300 less. THE NERVE!!

Needless to say, I walked taking my $30,000 purchase with me along with a potential sale because I had brought my daughter to look at Corollas while as well.
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Posted by Susan on 2012-11-26:
Specifically why did you not qualify for the maximum incentives?
Posted by BigAl on 2012-11-27:
It does not matter why this OP did not qualify for the maximum incentives. Incentives for students or previous owners or any other promotion is a moot point. The problem is that many auto retailers will say anything to get you in the door. Basically here is their thinking: They sell a product that costs approximately $30,000 (or whatever that particular vehicle sells for)It is not easy to find someone who wants to spend $30,000. By "lowballing" a price by $1500 they get the potential customer into the door. Now they do not need to sell $30,000 but only $1500. The OPs "other" price that he wanted the dealer to beat by $300 was probably just as bogus. For the readers who do not believe me reread this complaint. The Op almost immediately agreed to lessen the $1500 by an unspecified amount. You would be amazed by the number of people who fall for this trap. The bottom line is that when no trade-in is invovled there is very little difference between what you pay for a new car at any dealership regardless the hype. "Huge" discounts because we are "volume" dealers is just rubbish. Most new car purchases have about $1000 worth of "wiggle room" after you have obtained their "best" price while at the dealersip. This is where your negotiating skills determine how much of that $1000 you can get deducted.
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Posted by Ptkendraj on 06/13/2012
WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- I got my car from there a few months ago. You can't get in touch with the people there because no one answers the phone in service. Parts will answer their phone before the people in services will. In addition to that, the guy that was assigned to me, Bryant Jones, wasn't there for my appointment. One of his colleagues had to help me because they couldn't FIND him. THEN, while I was waiting for my oil change, the men there are trying to sell me another car. Um...I just got this car from you guys and you're trying to sell me another one. I hate this place and, if you buy a used car, they don't care about you at all. You're nothing to those people but a dollar sign. I was so mad. The guy that referred me got an ear full too. I was so pissed. I hate that place.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-06-13:
If this is a new car dealer, you are correct - they won't have much interest in dealing with someone who bought a used car there. They will, however, take great satisfaction in running your credit card once they are done having their way with you.
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