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Lustine Toyota
14227 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Woodbridge, VA 22191
866-984-6839 (ph)
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Buyer Beware - Deceptive Pricing
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Rating: 1/51

WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- I received in internet price and after shopping around determined that they were giving the best deal. I sent an email verifying what my price was to be and that I would have a bit of a drive, so I wanted to make sure we were on the same page before I came down. When I got there, they informed me the price quoted had $1,500 worth of incentives that I did not qualify for. I then told them that I verified "my" price before coming down and they said they couldn't sell at that price.

I wanted to give them a chance to "save the deal" so I told them to beat my "next best price" by $300 since I came all that way. I showed them the email with the competing price (to verify what another dealership was offering) and they came back with a price $700 more than that price rather than $300 less. THE NERVE!! Needless to say, I walked, taking my $30,000 purchase with me along with a potential sale because I had brought my daughter to look at Corollas while as well.

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Rating: 1/51

WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- I got my car from there a few months ago. You can't get in touch with the people there because no one answers the phone in service. Parts will answer their phone before the people in services will. In addition to that, the guy that was assigned to me, **, wasn't there for my appointment. One of his colleagues had to help me because they couldn't FIND him.

THEN, while I was waiting for my oil change, the men there are trying to sell me another car. Um...I just got this car from you guys and you're trying to sell me another one. I hate this place and, if you buy a used car, they don't care about you at all. You're nothing to those people but a dollar sign. I was so mad. The guy that referred me got an earful too. I was so pissed. I hate that place.

Service Department Not 100% Truthful
By -

WWOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- I had my car towed to Lustine after the serpentine belt had come off and coolant was flowing out of the bottom of my Caravan. I was called from ** a service advisor who told me that there was a problem with the water pump and that needed to be replaced which is covered under warranty. He also mentioned that the serpentine belt was stretched and they we recommending replacement. I declined because at that point I told ** that is something I can change on my own and cheaper.

That evening when I picked my car up and reading the service report I noticed that he indicated that the belt had a chuck missing out of it and not that it was stretched replacement. Also that because I didn't have them change the belt at that point that parts replaced will not be covered under again if they fail because I didn't have the belt replaced. All of this info would have been nice at the time of repair because if he would have said your belt had a chunk missing from it and we won't cover the part again I would have had the belt replaced at that point instead of doing it myself.

So when I spoke with ** the next morning his excuse about the comments in the service report were "Since you didn't want to replace the belt when I told you it was stretched I didn't need to tell you that we found a chunk missing out of it and the warrantied part because you declined to have it replace before". Now giving the correct info at the time of service I would have had them replace just because of those two pretty major concerns. So I went in and spoke with the service manager there and he did say I should have been told but it still didn't matter I wasn't given the full and correct info because I declined to have the part replaced.

I had to walk out of the dealership without a resolution because from his view it was my fault I didn't replace the belt when I was told it was stretched. Not the fact I was never told that the belt was missing a piece and the part will be void because of that. I have never been that mad after leaving a dealership and never been talk to like that by a service manager. His response before I left was "What do you want me to do" not in a way of what can I do to help but in a oh well way.

Warning! Do Not Purchase A Car At Lustine Toyota
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WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- I bought a car a month ago from Lustine Toyota and I posted a complaint already and sent a letter to Toyota. I decided to get the mailing address for the owner of the dealer. I called Lustine Toyota and I spoke ** the Customer Service Representative. She was extremely nice and helpful. I addressed my concerns to her and she asked me to speak to the General Manager **. I informed her that I left several messages and he didn'€™t call me back. Mr. ** finally called me because Mrs. ** asked him to. I explained my situation and informed him that I was upset due to the treatment received while I was purchasing my car.

I told him that I got a damaged car, and he said that they did me a favor by fixing it. I told him that they had to fix it since I purchased a new car, not a damaged or used one and he said that he can sell me a damaged car if he wants to, and I told him that they cannot sell me a damaged car without my consent and once again he replied that yes they can. I told him that due to the treatment that I received I didn't want to purchase another car there and he told me to take my business somewhere else and not to bring my car for services.

I informed him that I am taking my car to get serviced there because I purchased a service agreement and he replied with a sarcastic voice "I'€™m dying to have your car here for service"€. I took it as a threat to my car and I decided not to bring it in. No wonder you read all those complaint letters regarding this dealer; starting with the General Manager, most employees there don't know how to treat the customer.

The only two employees that seem to care and followed-through was ** and **. I feel terrible for them to have to work at a place like that. My advice to all of you, DO NOT PURCHASE A CAR AT LUSTINE TOYOTA unless you want a headache. If you don'™t believe me do a search and you will find many other complaints related to Lustine Toyota.

Bad People Skills
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WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- I contacted the facility in reference to something missing from my vehicle while being serviced. Instead of getting a helpful professional on the other end of the phone, I got a disrespectful employee that became very defensive, and very sarcastic. He made me feel as though it did not matter to him that I was concerned about something I needed to retrieve very badly, but instead he asked me if it was so important, why did I leave it in the car.

Well first of all, it is my car. I should be able to leave anything in the car I want and no one should tamper with anything in the car even if they are working on the vehicle. I did not say anyone stole anything from the car, I just wanted to know if they saw the military stickers left in the console of the car. His comment was, "we have no reason to steal your stickers". He never asked the person that worked on the car or anyone else anything. The conversation went very badly, and I hung up on him.

If the management team at Toyota handle their customers the way I was spoken to and screamed at by someone who claimed to be a Service Consultant, then they need to train their staff all over again. He never once offered to help me, just became defensive from the start. I will never do business with them again.

By -

Well where do I begin. I made the terrible mistake of buying a car from these clowns in 2009. the salesman I worked with ** was a complete joke. I needed the car so I thought OK I'll deal with this as long as I get my car. After all was said and done I started having serious doubts about this guy and this dealer as a whole.

I did some investigation and found out that ** was a convicted felon and a certified crook, low life bum, loser who is not even licensed to drive and yet he sells cars. And I found out that at Lustine Toyota Scion they do not drug test their salesmen or check backgrounds. All the sales dept there are a bunch of thug convicts in suits and ties. NEVER NEVER will I step foot in that ghetto-run so-called dealer again.

Avoid This Dealer At All Costs
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WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- After looking at almost 12 dealerships in the Fairfax and Prince William area, my wife and I finally went to Lustine Toyota in Woodbride. BIG MISTAKE! Besides being 95 degrees and my wife was pregnant, the salesman was pushy and wouldn't take the fact that my wife didn't like the cars they had in stock. He kept picking out cars that she insisted she wouldn't buy, but he kept running and getting keys anyway. He was determined to sell me a car no matter what we wanted. If my wife doesn't like it...WE AREN'T BUYING IT!!!! PERIOD.

After about 2 hours of trying to be polite, we said we were NOT interested in any of the cars and that we were leaving. He said "Wait 5 minutes and I'll get some information about your car as a trade to take with you". HE GOT OUR KEYS. BIG MISTAKE. 40 minutes later he comes back and I was ** OFF!! I had to go up to him and a sales manager in the middle of the salesroom floor and say "Give me my keys... NOW!!! I'm not interested and we aren't buying a car!!" My wife was in tears and I had to make a scene. He still didn't want to give me my key back.

The sales manager had to tell him to give my key back. The sales manager said something obscene as he walked away. I wanted to punch him in his face!!! He wasted almost 2 hours of our time in 95 degree weather. I'll forever badmouth LUSTINE and will never look or buy a car from these snakes ever.

Unscrupulous Sales Staff
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WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- Most of the sales guys are unscrupulous and are desperate for a sale since they get paid on commission. During negotiations, they might offer you options or say things that they don't really mean, for example -- I was told to take the car (2 door coupe demo with 4000 miles) home tonight and come back tomorrow to finalize the deal since it was about 1.15am Fri/Sat and it was really late. Initially, I refused to take the car home and they said "No problem, just come back in the morning to finalize the deal".

the next morning, to my amazement, I woke up only to find out that the seats were stained , and the rear interior was dirty and there were scratches on the dashboard, things you can't really see in a dimly lit showroom. Less than 9hrs later and adding only 10 miles to the car, I arrived at the dealership only to be told that the car is now mine, since I put a down payment on the car and signed some of the forms, not all (I hadn't even signed the transfer registration title yet from my old vehicle). They refused an upgrade.

I even suggested ending the transaction and that they keep my down payment they refused. They threatened to ruin my excellent credit saying "I can't cancel the transaction" and that it would show up as a repo on my credit report. Once you drive off the lot, the car is yours and that a handshake does not hold in court. After much complaints, they agreed to clean the stains but were unable to get the stains out.

I like the body of the car and I can live with those stains and of course have learnt an important lesson to look before I leap. The GM definitely needs some customer service classes, has he has a lot to learn and a much harder job of teaching the staff. If you are looking to buy a car here USE WITH CAUTION .

Adding $510.00 After Sales Price Was Confirmed
By -

WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- On Oct 3rd 2003, My wife and I went to LUSTINE TOYOTA DODGE in Woodbridge,Va. We purchased a 2004 Toyota 4Runner Sr5. The asking price was $34000 and we offered $31000. After an HOUR of Haggling with Mr ** "sales Manager" the price "31250.00" was agreed upon with a handshake. Now we waited and then went to the Finance office and spoke with ** "Finance rep". He offered a prepaid service for a $1000.00. So I bought it thinking that over the 4 yrs of service it would cost 3800.00. By pre-paying it I will save $2800.00 dollars.

When he reprinted the contract once he added that sum back in the contract and threw! away! the original contract.
Well the following morning 4th Oct. 2003, I noticed that the price listed on the contract was $31760.00 NOT the agreed upon price of $31250.00. I went back to the dealership and talked to ** and he said to talk to **. And when I spoke to Mr ** he said "OHH that's what everybody pays". I told him that it was unethical to do such a thing to a customer like me, to add money after a deal was sealed with a customer.

I submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau about this incident and basically they said that I would have to wait for 30 days for a solution or a response from the BBB. I have waited almost 3 weeks now for LUSTINE TOYOTA DODGE to give me a "remote control that came with my 4Runner" and it was missing from the 4Runner when I bought it!

basically, if you go there expect to REALLY waste "YOUR" time, and also once you buy a vehicle from them that's when the "so called customer service ends". Recently, I ran into another person that bought a 2004 4Runner from Lustine and they too refuse to deal with them! due to the LUSTINE's unethical, unreasonable staff and management that needs a course in consumer/customer service!

By -

WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- Went to Lustine to purchase a Prius. After we agreed on a price, I mentioned a $400 rebate for military who finance with Toyota finance. The contract showed up a few minutes later with a $400 increase to the price that we agreed on, followed by the $400 rebate. The salesman claimed that the quoted price included all rebates. After 10 minutes of 'conversation', the salesman talked to the sales manager and gave us the rebate. The next item on the contract was the destination charge.

I have no problem with a destination charge, but I was paying it two times! The salesman said the charge on the sticker is to get the car to the port of entry, and the additional charge is for the dealer to get the car from the port to the dealer. I asked to use a computer and looked up 'destination charge' on the internet. The first three definitions of 'destination charge' all stated that it covered the charge of delivery to the dealer. They wouldn't budge on this extra charge, so I left.

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