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Sloppy work
Posted by Nice girl on 02/27/2006
This work was done in Burnaby Canada. When i picked up my car the first time.....sealant oozing out of spoiler..190E emblem broken and adhered with carpet tape. pooling of paint. insufficent prep( chips and scratches painted over)..radiator was replaced with wrong fluid (detrimental to rad.) Allignment of hood ridiculous! over all paint job was neglegent, sloppy, full on horrible...
old bad body work which i paid to fix was ignored and painted over. trim loose...And the interior was covered in dust....
The second time i picked up the car....passenger side window seal upside down...left head light falling out, right side loose...rubber seal of trunk lock missing..more tiny dents of paint all over hood and door..190E emblem not replaced and still badly adhered along with all emblems....orange peel look on rear....over taping that when peeled off took paint with it!! ( edges of tail lights, head lights and it seems ALL edges paint peeling off. Rear comlaint of body work ignored again.. very sloppy!! Never did Macco call to apoligize or anything..My mechanic witnessed all of the above and was horrified as he was the one that recommended Macco. So, now my Mercedes has a crappy paint job that will disintegrate quickly. I've called customer comlaints, the Better Buisness B. and the insurance company. And i will continue to scream from the tree tops how bad Macco is. Nothing is resolved yet, and i refuse to have them do any more work. Would you ?

Read Company Response
Company Response on 12/14/2008:
Dear nice girl, though there is no excuse for the poor customer service you received in the past, I wanted to let you know that Maaco Burnaby is now under new management and new ownership. More than ever before, we are committed to a high level of quality and customer service.

I sincerely apologize for what has happened in the past, and if you are still interested in having the issues with your 190E resolved, I invite you to call me personally or come in so we can rectify the situation, and work together to restore your 190E to its proper condition.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-02-27:
Why would you take a MERCEDES to a bargain body/paint shop?
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-02-28:
I have to agree - why take a Benz to Maaco? They are known for their budget repairs.
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Disappointed and ripped off!
Posted by Curlyn on 10/14/2012
KILLEEN, TEXAS -- I requested a Platinum Paint service for my 2006 Jet Black BMW 325i from Maaco of Killeen Texas in June 2012. The platinum service is supposed to have the car looking like it has a showroom finish from the factory. I dropped my car off on a Saturday with it being promised to be finished in 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, I stopped in to see what was the hold up and they told me the entire car had to be redone because the paint they used was contaminated. I understood that things can happen so when they finally finished it was almost a month. I was out of pocket $200 because the rental car was only paid by the insurance company for 10 days. When I went to pick up the car, it wasn't completed because the rocker panels and other areas still had that orange peel or rough look. So they said to bring it back in six weeks to have those areas buffed. I took the car back after six weeks and they called me back the same day to pick it up. All looked OK but the next day I noticed some white residue on the rocker panels. I returned and they buffed those areas again while I waited. The next day, the residue was again visible. I called to tell them it was back so they said bring it back in a week. I took the car back yet again to have the rocker panels rebuffed along with other areas on the hood and around the car that began to show discoloration and a dull mirror like finish all over. This time they kept the car for 2 days. When I returned to pick it up, I noticed the rocker panels still had the same problem with the white residue. The said they would have to respray those areas but that was it for me. After contacting the corporate office they said I couldn't get a refund and wanted me take the car back to the shop so they could fix the problems. After four times and the same problem, no way I was going back. I will have to pursue this case in court for a refund. Not to mention, they tore the interior on all four of my doors when they went in to remove the outside door handles to paint under them. They broke the passenger side latch and it no longer retracts. I am totally disappointed with the service provided and do not recommend this business to anyone.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-10-14:
To my mind, if a body shop offers a premium service to give a car a "new" look, it would be wise to look elsewhere. I have had large portions of cars repaired at a shop that just offers repair and painting - no "levels". In each case the finish looked perfect.

I'm not that surprised about the result - I can't shake the image I have from my long lost youth of tv ads for $299 for a complete paint job at Maaco. Uh oh!
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-10-15:
I've never seen a car come out of a Maaco with acceptable looking paint. You get what you pay for. Generally speaking a quality paint job (entire car) will run at least $2000 from a reputable independent shop. When I was in college a worked part time at such a shop, A good 20% of our business was comprised of disgruntled Maaco customers.
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Dent specialist and paint repair
Posted by Kt12345 on 07/08/2006
TRENTON, NEW JERSEY -- I went to Maaco to get an estimate initially for a fender replacement job. It was either I find a fender or have them fixed the current fender and then have that area painted. I was quoted at a price of $315.33 to have them fix the current fender and paint if I couldn’t find another fender. I finally found a fender in very good shape and brought it in. They mention that I could have my entire car painted with the dents and scratches taken out also and he gave me another quote of $620.84. I had it painted the same original color. At the time of picking up the car, I didn’t notice anything visible. When I went home, I took a closer look and noticed that there were some dents and paint dripping. I called them immediately and they wrote up an invoice to fix it and bring it back at a certain time and wait for it to be done. I then went back at the specific time and the owner of the place said that he can buff the area in question but it would not look like the way I want it to. The dents might still show. How does he know what I expect it to look like? Also I would have to come back and leave the car. I am not asking for much. If I knew ahead of time that the dents cannot be taken out completely why would I proceed with the paint job? All I want is the dents and paint dripping to be taken out and look like the rest of the car. I feel that is what they are in the business of doing to take dents out and prevent paint dripping. If they can’t success in doing that why do they try to sell me to have the whole car painted and they call themselves the dent specialist? The original paint on the car was in very good condition. It was the dents and scratched that I wanted out and now I’m told I would have to make time to bring the car in again
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Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-08:
Ahh...the famous "Maaco shuffle" where the customer comes in for a minor repair and is upsold to an entire shoddy paint job. Maaco has a good place in the market...painting cars destined for auction. Other work is best handled by a reliable independent.
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Terrible Paint job and Injustice
Posted by Suemaaco on 01/12/2006
WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- Maaco painted my car and damaged the car and did not give me the paint job that I paid for. The hood will not shut properly and the rear quarter panel is bent behind the tire. I was told by their secretary that someone hit a car in the parking lot and I think it was my car. The highest price paint job on the wall was $899.00 but the paint job that I got was the $399.00 paint job according to the manager. They are trying to charge me $980.00. The car has allot of scratches in the paint and the passenger side of the car is orange pealed (looks like an orange pealing) has numerous runs and drips and after only 2 weeks paint is pealing off of the passenger door. I took out a small claims court action and before the court date I asked Maaco if I could bring another paint and body man over to inspect the car. They cursed me out and would not let me see the car or anyone else see the car. They told me that they would see me in court and forget seeing the car.

I contacted their corporate office and they did NOTHING to help me with my situation. I sent three unanswered letters to the corporate office. Two addressed to the CEO and alleged owner. To this date I have heard nothing more from them. All they care about is opening franchises and nothing else. The lady that was in their customer service department told me that. She also said that there was nothing they could or would do about it. She basically told me tough luck. The reason I went to Maaco in the first place was because of their national name and size. What a big mistake. No one is this company could care less. I left 10 messages for the franchise owner to call me and I never received ONE call back. They think they can do anything they want to the customer and us have to take it.

Well we went to court and they presented pictures of the car that did not show the scratches and other problems and the judge had no choice but to dismiss the case because of the pictures. I appealed to superior court and asked for a jury trial. The court appointed a mediator and again I went to the Maaco store to see the car and take pictures for the mediator. Again the store manager refused to let me see the car or take pictures. I called the police to meet me at the store because of threats I have received from the manager in the past. He still refused to let me see the car or take pictures and two Wilmington Police officers can attest to his refusal. While I was there waiting for the officers I was threatened by the manager and two of his employees. They cornered me in the back of the building beside a fence. Luckily the police showed up and nothing happened but I think they had plans to assault me.

I went to the mediation procedure and as usual the man from Maaco lied repeatedly to the arbitrator just like the first case. Luckily this guy didn't believe it for a minute. The arbitrator asked me if Maaco could bring the car to court so I would have the opportunity to see the car and he would look at it too. I said sure and that I would LOVE the opportunity to actually see the car since I had been trying to for over 2 months and Maaco would not allow me to see it. This was 10:30 AM and Maaco said they could have the car there by 3:00 PM....WHATTTTTTT I guess they had to finish the car over 3 months later. Who knows.....anyway the judge asked why so long since the dealership was only 15 minutes down the road. Maaco said they had to wash the car first. I told the judge that I would agree to 1:00 P.M. instead and the judge agreed.

Well we went back to court and while I was outside Maaco drove up with the car. I went over to look at the car and it was atrocious it was actually worse than the last time I had seen it. So I went up to court and asked the judge two questions.......
1. Before we look at the car I would like to have it impounded by the police until the
conclusion of these proceedings.
The judge said he couldn't order that.
2. Was the decision of this court...final and binding.
He said that they were not and that either party could appeal the decision.
I told the judge that someone took off with the car when I was walking back to court and that I didn't know what happened to it. (I wonder what happened repo man might have got it I don't know)

The man from Maaco went crazy...telling me I would be arrested for stealing my own car.....(wonder how that could happen) At the end of the proceedings the judge ruled in my favor because I had to refund a persons $1000.00 that they had given me when I had the car sold on eBay. But since it has never been ready I had to return the money. So the judge awarded me $1000.00 and gave them $980.00 for there screwed up paint job that has to be sanded off and repainted. UNBELIEVABLE. The judge knew I wasn't really out any money this way so it didn't really matter. A Really Smart judge.

I did find the car and sold it the same day. After taking pictures and having 4 other body shops evaluate the car. They obviously wrecked the car or something because there is more damage now than when I took it to them and luckily I have pictures of the car I had taken the week before that I had put on eBay. The car had no body damage before and now it does. Not to mention paint pealing off of the car.

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Posted by Coonass on 2006-01-24:
I am a shop owner, Not Affiliated with and wish not to be with Maaco or any other production/economy shop. Please use common sense when leaving your second highest purchase of your life in others hands. I feel very bad for you and the others of this terrible mishap. But you must first look at the cost in comparison to other shops. Most other shop are not outlandishly high, the Maaco's and other economy shops are much to cheap to do the job correctly.

I understand that they advertise things you will not get. BAD FOR THEM! Thinking you will get a three to five thousand Dollar Paint Job for under $1000.00 BAD FOR YOU!

It technically cannot happen. Material Cost for good materials to do a complete exterior paint job will exceed your entire price quoted to do the job. I no longer do complete refinish work because even at the 3-5 thousand $ mark. There is still very little profit after all materials and labor and insurance and on and on. Lets say overhead is calculated. But I know they advertise that you are getting the best. Well the best is an opinion and that opinion can very by quite a bit from person to person. As you have witnessed.

Rules of thumb.

1# You cannot buy a Lexus for the cost of a Hyundai.
Hyundai is not a terrible car but if you are looking for the same quality you will be sadly sickened. DO NOT EXPECT THE SAME FROM A PAINT AND BODY SHOP.

2# Most big companies have misleading advertisements. (Ford) Built Ford tough. have you seen the things they put those trucks through on the commercials? (Chevy) driving a stock Chevy truck on top of a man made boulder mountain, Technically would never make it, but thanks to computer animation and technology, they’ve done it.
Try to get warrantee Work after repeating the punishment they encounter in the False Advertisements.

3# If it sounds to good to be true it probably is. Sad but true.

4# Ask to see a vehicle that has just been finished or is in the final stages. If they are not willing to share there great work with you as a SELLING tool then maybe the work they do is not great at all.

5# Any good paint shop will not have different grades of work. *Good * Better * Best. Should not exists in a collision repair shop. There is only one way to repair a wrecked car, THE RIGHT WAY. The Collision repair tech only knows one thing, if he is getting paid 1-hour to fix a dent he is not going to spend 1-2 hours additional on that same dent. So he stands back and sees that the estimator shorted him to get the job in the shop and is angry. So if anything he is going to spend less than that 1-hour to make up for the shortage in time. Plus how many other dents x how many vehicles that week was he shorted. Now if he was treated right and given a decent time to fix that dent, maybe he would catch another small dent or scratch or two because he feels that he was not taken advantage of and shorted.

6# Check out the small shops for collision repair. independent shops that are not chain driven. There you will normally find people that truly care about you and your car.
The guy that managed the BIG ABC shop you went to could have been a shift manager at McDonalds 1 month prior. And with nothing more than a 2-3 day siminar,is estimating and making decisions on how your car should be repaired/repainted..
No punt intended to the McDonalds Shift manager. I would not want to attempt to do his job after a 2-3 day seminar. Plus How many Seminars are really driven to produce top people, the more cattle they heard in a day the better the pay.
No seminar can compare to on the job training that would take months or years.

I have gone a bit over board with my response. I seem to do the same with my Business. We are in our 44th year in business and 40 years in the same location. Father son operation. Sad to say this trade lost one of the best
Body man/painters/customer oriented people, 11 years ago. See my father was a terrible businessman. He died with no money saved, no health insurance. Thank God it was a very brief illness. but everything paid for. Left my mother and I with nothing more than funeral cost.

But left this World with a lot of people that respected him and his way of taking care of customers and there cars.
And I plan to do the same. With the exception of saving money. God and IRS Willing.

John's Paint & Body
Posted by Sundancer on 2013-09-18:
Wonderful article knowledgeable information. Only disagree on one point. If the choice is Lexus , Caddy, or Hyundai. I'll take the flagship Hyundai. It's far superior to the US made product and more reliable.
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Maaco nightmare
Posted by Jacar on 08/18/2005
LAKE PARK, FLORIDA -- There is saying that nobody learns from others mistake and I discovered that is true. My Maaco nightmare; after shopping around for quotes and reading some bad reviews about Maaco I still decided to give them a try (bad mistake). My decision was not based on price but on convenience so I took my 83 MB 300TD to the shop in Lake Park Florida. After asking the owner, Phillip, what was his best job and explaining to him my expectations, we came to an agreement, so I left the car. As part of the contract they were going to strip the hood, the top and the rear hatch because the paint was cracked and had some surface rust (only on the top and right rear door). The first time I say my car they were removing the paint without removing any of the moldings that I did not remove. I told them to remove the grill, it was in the contract, but they did not remove it. They scratched the grille and damaged 80% of the chrome parts that were left on. The second time I went to see my car is was sitting outside rusting because they removed the paint and did not treat the metal or even primed it. The owner told me that what I saw was not rust, yeah right (I have pictures). I told him that if he did not treat the rusted area correctly that the paint would bubble. After 5 1/2 months with the car and have been painted 5 times due to many mistakes made by them, sticky paint, cracked paint, bubbling paint and a paint job the showed black ink marks under the clear, they want me to take my car because the say it is good. I did not know that a good paint job is one that has rust hidden underneath and it is starting to show. I proved them that the bubbling is rust under the paint by sanding the area myself and then they said that since the car is over 20 years old you can expect that rust. They managed to damage some of my interior parts too. Bottom line, if you need to paint a car and you are considering Maaco, you are better off doing it with a paint brush behind your house because you know what you can expect. I have never heard so many lies in my life. One more thing, the corporate office is worst the franchise. That is my Macco nightmare.
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Posted by Ponie on 2005-08-20:
You have my empathy. Several years ago it took me 7 months of working with the Better Business Bureau, to get a complete refund of their highest end paint job on my convertible. Although I didn't have the many complaints you do, the main one was something you've encountered: bubbling paint on a surface rust spot. Guess Maaco doesn't know how to remove a very small spot of rust and make the paint stick properly. Each time they redid it, the bubbled area got larger. I wish you luck. You might go the same route I did by contacting the Better Business Bureau.
Posted by DC1847 on 2009-11-09:
The owner of the Mercedes could have used his warranty at any other Maaco IF he indeed had repairs done. The shop in question (Lake Park) is now run by a new franchisee who had owned another shop for eight years in Lake Park as well. He never had any complaints and none since becoming a Maaco franchisee. The owner of the Mercedes is welcome to bring his vehicle to the Lake Park location for proper repairs under his warranty.
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Unsatisfactory Autobody Repair
Posted by Almead21 on 01/09/2004
CAPITAL HEIGHTS, MARYLAND -- As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

My name is Damien Chaplik and I had collision repair services performed at Maaco (111 Westhampton Place Capital Heights, MD 20743). Unfortunately, I have had unsuccessful attempts at rectifying ongoing issues with this company.

My vehicle was involved in a minor accident and was dropped off at Maaco on December 15, 2003 for services. Maaco had my vehicle for almost one month and failed to perform adequate repairs. My rear brake light and turn signal do not work, making me a hazard on the road and endangering my personal safety. Although I have paid in full for my services, Maaco refuses to assist me any further. I have failed in my attempts to get the name and number of the owner of this franchise to voice my concerns, and the staff has been less than helpful. The individual that I have been dealing with is the manager Mr. Louis Choporis. I would appreciate any assistance that you can offer in this matter, and I thank you in advance for your time.

As a resolution, I would like the following:

I would like to have my vehicle properly repaired in a reasonable amount of time. My insurance company provided rental services for the 'usual and customary' time period, and refuses to extend rental coverage for this ongoing dilemma.

Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-10:
Maaco probably won't (can't) do anything else for you. They're right up there with Pep Boys. The only advice I can offer, is next time you need repairs done to your vehicle, try the dealership (service center) you bought it from, or bring it to a locally owned (not a franchise) autobody shop, preferably recommended by a trusted friend. And one more thing to remember: "Uh-oh, better not get Maaco"!!!!
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Very Happy, and a great price
Posted by Scotty D on 10/02/2009
STERLING, VIRGINIA -- I recently took my 1985 Celica convertible to Maaco of Sterling. A rare west coast car with no rust but badly faded red paint. Met with Steve the Owner who took his time looking at my car then explaining my options.
I chose #3 out of 4 in paint job rank can't remember the name. Anyway they had a half price special on a cheaper paint job which Steve gave me the same deal on the better. I opted for the body prep, which included a lot of sanding of deep hips on the front 129$.
Anyway total price with tax .
444 $ Dollars. I could not believe it. That's four hundred forty four bucks..
I was uneasy taking it in, and on a tight budget. The car looks like new, I mean perfect, lipstick Red, smooth and even paint job. He even painted my grill black which was grey upon request at no extra charge. A private body shop would not even talk to me for under 1500. My car turns heads. I could not be happier, a great paint job at a bargain price, I almost feel guilty.
Could not be Happier.
Scott Day, Fairfax Virginia
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Posted by MRM on 2009-10-02:
I, too, am a satisfied Maaco customer after they have painted my 1988 Jeep Cherokee (see my blog). And as the same as your car, my bright red Jeep turns heads as I roll through the streets in the 757.
Posted by scotty D on 2009-10-04:
Lov it 757, I am not a rich man but love my old school ride. I hate the haters who put down a bargain and a good job. I am rollin in the 703, and like you gettin looks, take care. Maaco rocks.
Posted by scotty D on 2009-10-04:
Maaco rocks.
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Great Corporate Care - BUT Terrible Shop Work
Posted by Gdsbls on 10/09/2007
GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA -- Took our car to have repairs made on the front end and have the car completely painted. The first time we were called to come and pick up the car it was painted the wrong color. Owner, manager, said that the paint guy was mad and was going to quit so he did that on purpose. The second time we were called to come and pick up the car the trim had not been painted and a piece was still broke on the hood. Third time we went to pick up the car there was a run in the paint and the new hood didn't center on the front where the headlights come up. They were supposed to fix the headlights and they didn't but the cost of repairs didn't come down either. What started out to be a $1600 quote ended up costing over $2000. AND the hood flew up on us later and busted the windshield. Two other bodyshops and the insurance company stated that it was due to faulty workmanship. I am just stating facts - not my opinions above. We were getting this car fixed up for our 16 yr old daughter. She could have been seriously injured.

In the month that they had our car they went through three painters. In my opinion...stay away from the Gainesville GA Maaco. Plus the paint has already begun to bubble on the headlights (they are they type that open and close)

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-09:
Take them to small claims court and get your money back (inc. hood and windshield).
Posted by gdsbls on 2007-10-09:
I am really thinking about it. When I called them today they stated "we never did work to that part of the car" ie: radiator support. But I explained that the insurance company stated in their opinion it was "faulty workmanship".
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They turned my car into a Monster and laughed about it.
Posted by Very pissed off on 07/19/2007
WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- I took my 1987 Monte Carlo to Maaco in West palm Beach on Church St. off of Okeechobee Blvd what a mistake I made. They totally destroyed my car and laughed about it. I took the car there last year around September and was told it would take two and a half weeks and 1500.00 dollars and it would look like it came off the Showroom Floor. I did not get the car back for over eight months and what hell that was.
When they found out I called corporate about the problem they took it out on my car. The first month it was there it was left outside to be rained in twice I had to come and cover it up. Then they moved it inside and when I would go and check the progress all they had done was sanded it down and in the dust wrote nasty sayings and drew nasty pictures on it. The second time it happened me and the manager had words and I told him if you have time to write and draw on my car why can't you paint it. Well people that ended in a nasty way and the manager was cussing me out.

I asked him what would it cost me to get my car out of the shop I did not want it there any longer he told me 1500.00 dollars I asked for what and he said they had painted it once already so they could see the dings because it was black and that counted as a paint job mind you the car was sitting there sanded down with cuss words and dirty pictures on it.

The two new doors I got for it they said they had someone to hook them up and they lied they wanted me to find someone and blamed the car not being done because of that.

Then I came back and the car was still not done and more nasty words and pictures was on it that's when I called corporate office that's when they destroyed the car I guess as a pay back. They cracked the front windshield, they busted the side mirror on the right door, they cut the wires to the doors, they busted the back tail=light, they pushed in the headlight in the front and their finger prints are there because when they did it the paint was wet.

There is running paint on my new tag , on the taillights, over spray on the brand new tires I had just put on it three days before I brought the car to them. The puttied over the trunk lock so I can't open the trunk they took out the lock from the glove box so I can't even open the trunk that away.

The paint job looks like a child did it with a spray can it is bubbled and there is no clear coat on it. I could go on and on and I have pictures to prove all of this and I will seek farther help because corporate claims they can't do anything go figure.

They also lost the chrome that goes around the back window they lost the chrome lettering that went on the lower doors I just can't believe it and then when I was told by the owner he would take care of this this is how my car was given to me and the owner wasn't there like he said.

The car wouldn't start and when it finally did it wouldn't move one of the employees got in my face and told me to leave the lot now and said if you hadn't of destroyed my car I would ,I put some transmission fluid in it and got it rolling I had to pull over at the first gas station all my gas was gone they had drained all the fluids out of the car and before I took it there I put 5000.00 dollars in restoring the engine and that includes the new tires and rims which they also destroyed because of the overspray.

I can go on and on and if anyone is crazy enough to take there car to Maaco may God be with you. Please don't take your car to the one in West Palm Beach off of Okeechobee blvd trust me ladies and gentlemen you will regret it I promise because they will DESTROY YOUR CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Email me if you would like to hear more or if you have had problems with this Maaco center. They will not replace the front window they busted or find my chrome for the back window they want me to take 500.00 dollars and release them of the other damage. NO WAY ATTORNEY HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for letting me get some of this off my chest I have to go the first of the news teams are here.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-19:
Gezzzzzzz! I hope you get it fixed and I will never use Maaco anywhere.

Good luck
Posted by MRM on 2007-07-19:
Its hard to believe that Maaco has cause all those damages as stated in your complaint. I would like to see pictures of the damages that they have done to your car. A picture is worth a thousand words. You can post the pictures on this website. I hope you have filed a lawsuit against these guys then have enough money to buy a new car.

PS. I had good service by Maaco when i took my 1988 Jeep Cherokee to be painted. Awesome paint job it was and it cost me $1000 for the whole body work.
Posted by heaven17 on 2007-07-19:
MRM, I'm with you. I find this claim hard to swallow (kind of like Stew's prescription, apparently).
Pics please?
Posted by runaway on 2007-07-19:
Definately alot missing from this story.
Posted by adzidek on 2007-07-19:
WOW!!!!!!!!!!! C A L L T H E C O P S !!!!!
Posted by Pomona Guy on 2007-07-19:
Why didn't you just buy a new car? All the money you put into this would have boughten a new Korean sedan.
Posted by LDB on 2007-12-24:
My daughter had just as horrible of an experience. I was witness to it. They just got a judgement against them, and now the shop owner is claiming that to pay in a lump sum would be a hardship on his family. He was ordered to pay just over $2000 though estimates to fix the intentional damages were thousands of dollars more. This particular shop is in Anaheim, CA. You can believe these stories or not. I would never use them and would warn others not to. I was even threatened by the shop owner. Beware of them.
Posted by car owner on 2008-07-22:
I think pictures would be the best. the story seem's to be over done a little bit. please show us the pic's.
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Maaco in Columbus Ohio painted my car and.....
Posted by MaacoHappyCustomer on 11/03/2010
COLUMBUS, OHIO -- I read some bad reviews on Maaco, then after someone scratched you my car I had no choice but to chance Maaco to paint my car. the whole car had to be repainted. Maaco on fairwood avenue in Columbus Ohio painted my whole car (black) and only charged me $394.98. I got there to pick up my car and was SHOCKED! they did take a little long to do it. I dropped it off on Monday and got it back the following week on wednes day. BUT the work they did was GREAT! The guy chris was very professional. I returned in another black car a brand new car I might add and the Maaco paint job on my 04 looked as good as the new 2010 I was driving! if all the other maaco's suck or not I don't know but this Maaco was GREAT! I recommend them and even though I took the cheap way out and got the cheap stuff I can't tell it from my new car. Mind you that was just to paint it black over black and didn't count between the doors etc, but the job was beautiful. I'm not getting paid to say this nor am I in anyway part of Maaco but the fairwood ave. Maaco must be the best Maaco because they to awsome work and it was UNDER $400 for a FULL size ford crown vic. I fully trust them now and will return for other car paint needs! if this is there cheap stuff I can only say don't buy there good stuff because I don't think the car could look ANY better even if it was brand new!!! I'm guessing the good stuff must just last longer or something because it looks brand new!!
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Posted by GenuineNerd on 2010-11-04:
Crown Vic...was this an ex-police car?
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