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Abusive store manager, poor quality ambassador-level paint job
Posted by Alfred Ruby on 11/21/2007
PEABODY, MASSACHUSETTS -- What occurred is this: Maaco store #1682, Peabody, Massachusetts offers three or four levels of paint job, with various names like (to the best of my recollection): Emperor, presidential, supreme, Ambassador. I ordered the Ambassador, which is the least expensive, but which is in fact an offered paint job. I understood that it was to be only one layer of paint, without extra protective coatings added. They explain the Ambassador as an all-in-one single coat paint job which has paint and some protective portion mixed in.

I had a subcontractor working for me who was going to be adding extra layers of "clearcoat", so I did not need or want the more expensive levels which would be doing just that. My subcontractor detail person had done the body work and I wasn't holding Maaco store #1682, Peabody, Massachusetts in any way responsible for any of the under-layers or bodywork, I just wanted to have the car painted. My guy had prepped the car, and Maaco store #1682, Peabody, Massachusetts did whatever minor work they had to do in order to paint it.

This we endeavored to do October 5, 2007. In fact the car was painted my desired color silver. There are problems with the paint job however. There is a distinct "mottling"-appearance (basically you can see the air-brush's strokes, like tiger stripes) at various parts of the car in particular at the trunk, but seen at certain places along the sides. There are bunchings-up of the paint at area spots on the car. These appear like "milk mustaches", for instance along the vertical edges of the doors. Their detail work was very poor: they let paint spray into the well under the front hood, near the windshield wipers. Paint sprayed onto other parts that aren't supposed to be painted. They painted the windshield-spray-nozzles. There were paint drippings along the wide horizontal silver logo at the back of the trunk.

Maaco store #1682, Peabody, Massachusetts' behavior thereafter was reprehensible. My detail man brought the car back on the first available business day of the very next week, October 11, 2007. He was treated in for a paint you a a brutal fashion: the manager was staying in his office, and refused to come out and look at the car. He said through a worker, to bring the car back in two weeks to look at it. This store is some 15 miles from my office and it is a bit of a burden to have to bring it in the first place. My detail man called me up on his cell phone to tell me the situation that car could not be looked at. I spoke with the store's manager, and I have never, seriously, had any business person scream and yell at me on the telephone such as he did that day. He said that I was a "cheap (**)!", and he said he couldn't "believe a doctor would ever order such a cheap paint job". I pointed out that it was one that he and Maaco offered. If it is such a bad paint job choice,then perhaps they shouldn't offer it in the first place.

He said he had a bad knee and didn't want to get up out of his chair to go look at the car. I recommended that he send his best assistant to look at the car and make an assessment, given that we had spent the time, half hour - 45 minutes to drive it up there through traffic. He started saying how he hates (all) doctors, and doctors don't deserve to be treated well themselves (I couldn't figure out what he was talking about, I had never had any dealings with him previously).

He cursed, grumbled, hung up the phone on me saying that he himself would look at it. I didn't hear back from him that day, but my detail man says that he came storming out of the office cursing and ranting and physically pushed him to the side, causing him to stumble. the store's manager repeatedly cursed at "that cheap *&^% doctor".

the store's manager (despite his supposed "bad knee"), then got down (literally) on his own hands and knees and in theatrical fashion "begged" my detail man "Please let me give that "cheap *&^% doctor" a free paint job". He then was bowing and trying (theatrically) to kiss my guy's feet. My detail man was laughed at by workers working on the street nearby, and felt humiliated. the store's manager then told my guy to "right now get out of here".

The situation was ludicrous!!! My detail man called the local police afterwards and was shaken up physically and emotionally. He refuses to go back there and deal with the store's manager. Separately he has dealt with an assistant Carlos, from whom he bought touch up paint at separate price, some $40 or so. Additionally this touch up paint is not the color on the car. My detail man's assessment is that likely when they did the "Ambassador" paint job they significantly watered down the paint, thus the touch up paint is so much darker. This has caused additional problems because we have tried to fix some of the "bubbles" (of their poor paint job). These now looks like blemishes, given the different color of the touch up paint.

I called the national Maaco office and dealt with somebody in their service/customer relations department: Marilyn. We have had more than a half dozen telephone calls back and forth to try to mediate the situation. Ultimately we have not gotten very far. the store's manager made some excuses about his mother's having been in the hospital, as his reason for hating doctors. He says that he will repaint (only) the trunk. This is not adequate. I have already spent money to clearcoat the car (hoping to see some improvement in the mottled color effect, and to protect the paint job such as I have) and would have to do that all over again (at considerable expense).

There are problems at various parts of the car and the whole car needs to be repainted. I don't feel comfortable going back to his store and Maaco is not able to transfer any possible credit I might have at his store anywhere else. They refuse to go any further with this case. I think that the money I spent here should be rescinded, come back to me, so that I can put it towards a decent paying job somewhere else. I think also Maaco shouldn't intimate that the Ambassador is in fact a paint job; conversely they could name it something less important-sounding and more realistic such as the "blind man's special" (no offense to blind people of course).

I think that I have done due diligence here , trying to work through Maaco's own channels, and have taken far more abuse and disrespect than any man deserves, let alone somebody who innocently just wanted to have a simple paint job. Same goes for my detail man. I would like to close out this bad chapter and have my money refunded. I don't think that his behavior which borders on the criminal should be justified by a payment via Bank of America.

I can't, honestly, think of a less professional individual than the store's manager, and less professional actions than he brought about.

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Posted by bargod on 2007-11-21:
Sounds like a case for small claims court. Judge Judy are you listening?
Posted by chris513 on 2007-11-21:
I don't know, I am actually partial to judge mathis.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-21:
Think you have issues? Check this out:

Posted by big fish on 2007-11-24:
it is amazing that people except a great job when they take the less expensive paint jobs. What you should of done is taken the better paint job. END OF STORY. they should of treated u better though
Posted by big fish on 2007-12-19:
what the owner of the car should of done is payed more for a better paint job. The crew of that Maaco should of treated you better though. I would tell him to repaint your car for free.
Posted by rrpostal on 2008-07-06:
My but you sound like a pompous person. Why didn't you have your "detail man" do the work? What exactly is a "detail man" and where can I get one? I assume you were paying him to drive your car around and argue with people for you. Why not just DRIVE IT YOURSELF to get a GOOD paint job. You even say 15 miles is a hard, out of the way drive for someone else to make for you!

Honestly, sounds like the manager was a jerk who has no business doing any customer service. But you bought BY FAR the cheapest possible paint job on the planet and then wonder why you are not treated like you would be at the country club. The reason they offer it, as you oddly inquire, is because some people have actually done menial jobs in their lives and know what to expect from low-paid semi-skilled labor offering super low discount work. That's not to say if it was a horrible job I wouldn't take it back. But I wouldn't have "my help" take the car a whole 15 long miles and try to argue for me. And I'd try to be a little in touch with what I was expecting and who was working on the car and realize the lowest price at the lowest cost chain might not be a good, decent or even run of the mill. It will be what it is.

I would LOVE to see the picture of these problems.

Oh yeah! Like I tell my children- Just saying "no offense" does not make what you just said less offensive. Actually it can be seen as a sign of conceit. Offend if you mean to, but don't say it if you don't mean to offend. You can't have it both ways.

No offense, though...

Posted by rexbuiltmyhouse on 2010-02-17:
Thanks for posting this. If my review of your review can bring any additional solace, rest assured that they will NOT get my business!
Posted by hdlp4604 on 2011-12-29:
I just had a run in with the store manager of the Maaco in Manassas, VA. They ruined my mothers Camry. We thought Maaco was a respectable franchise where you could get quality work done. Wrong! The manager and I had lively yelling match in his parking lot after I called him out on his staffs crappy work. We are currently working on getting our money back. And if it means takin this jackass to court then so be it.
Posted by dave on 2012-02-05:
people need to realize you get what you pay for, the managment was totally wrong for acting the way they did . A great paint job is expensive , quality primers, sealers, basecoat, clear coat, hardners, reducers ext. can easily run $1000 thats just materials, add to that sand paper, masking tape, masking paper and labor a paint job under $2000 isnt going to be much of a paint job
Posted by Nick on 2013-10-29:
Dear Sir/ Madam
My Name is Nick And im the new Manager at Maaco in Peabody, MA.
i am very sorry about your past experience with this store. the store is under new management since april 20th 2013 and we have dramatically improved our customer experience and i like to invite you to give us another shot and please feel free to discuss with us the problems that you had with the previous management.
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Worst Body Shop In New Jersey
Posted by Pinto34744 on 09/02/2010
I spent almost 2000.00 Dollars in this shop. I was told my car would be ready in 5 Days, it took over 2 weeks. I came to get my car and refused the car cause the hood was done so badly. Then one of the new parts they put on my car flew off on the highway and they refused to take responibility for the damage. I am in the process of suing them now. Don't go there I have warned you!!!
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Posted by Alain on 2010-09-03:
Maaco's service varies widely from shop to shop. That's why reviews like yours are helpful. This shop isn't one people would want to go to. Keep us updated on the lawsuit.
Posted by imperial357 on 2010-10-22:
file a Bureau of Automotive Repair Complaint Intake Unit about the crappy auto repair that was done.
Posted by Scotty M on 2012-08-25:
Funny, what did you expect it's Maaco.
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Unbelievable Contempt for the Customer
Posted by SkookumPete on 07/04/2005
BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON -- In May 2005 I took a car into the Bellevue WA shop and spoke to the estimator about getting the car into saleable condition. The main problems were paint chips on the hood, some light scratches in the clearcoat on one door, and more severe scratches on the bumpers. He looked it over and said that only the hood needed to be painted, and all the scratches would polish out. He wrote up an estimate for $315 plus tax.

When I picked up the car, an employee was still working on the side door, and the manager stated that polishing out the scratches had been more difficult than anticipated. As it was raining heavily, I wasn't able to properly inspect the work before paying the bill and taking the car home.

The next day, on examining the work that had been done, I saw that:

(a) The front bumper had not been touched at all.

(b) The scratches on the right door were now worse, as a very clumsy job of polishing had been done.

(c) There was a paint bubble on the hood where the repainting had been done.

I phoned the shop and pointed out these problems to the man who had given me the original estimate. He was apologetic and promised to personally do the work to my satisfaction if I would bring in the car again, which I did.

I went to pick up the car again a week later. I found it in the yard in a dirty condition with the front license plate and antenna sitting in the back seat. On inspection, I found that some work had been done on the bumper, and the paint bubble had been sanded so that it was now just an unsightly blotch. However, the scratches on the front door were worse than ever, and in fact the rear door was now badly scratched as well; the whole side of car appeared to have been attacked with sandpaper.

When I brought these matters to the attention of the manager, his manner was extremely unhelpful and insulting. First he said that "the story keeps changing," which was nonsense; the work I had wanted done was quite clearly stated on the estimate and I had never asked for anything else. Then he tried to throw the blame on his estimator. Then he said the $315 was only for the painting, and the polishing had been done "free" as a "favor" to me. Finally, he stated that his shop didn't normally do polishing at all, and that if I had wanted that done, I should have gone to a detailing shop. He refused to accept that his shop had any responsibility for the fact that (a) I had been told that the car would be put in a saleable condition, which it was not; (b) the scratches on the side of the car were far worse than when I had first brought it in. He refused to even look at the car and told me outright that he would not do anything more for me.

In the end, I asked for my keys and left the shop, telling the manager that since he was not willing to give me what I had paid for, I would have the work done elsewhere, send him a demand letter for the cost, and sue the shop in small claims court if necessary. His last words were, "Fine, I'll see you in court."

I then took the car to two other shops for estimates. Both told me that the paint on the hood has been so badly applied that it would have to be entirely redone. The scratches on the side of the car -- mostly from overaggressive polishing by the Maaco people -- were too deep to be dealt with other than by repainting. In the end, it cost me $1600 to put the car in saleable condition, in addition to the $315 I had paid Maaco.

In response to my demand letter, the owner of the shop apologized for his manager's manner but refused to acknowledge that I had any claim. He too asserted that the polishing was a "free" item even though it was on the estimate. (He didn't address the issue of the additional damage caused in the course of doing me this "favor".) He also stated that I had chosen not to take advantage of their warranty -- which is absurd, since the manager had clearly told me he was finished with the car and he wouldn't even look at the faulty workmanship. I might also mention that I wrote to customer service at Maaco national headquarters and did not even receive the courtesy of a reply.

So, this matter is ending up in court, and I advise staying away from this shop if you want quality work and courteous treatment.

UPDATE 9/15/05: The judgment in small claims court was in my favor, despite some questionable testimony from the Maaco representative, who asserted that I had asked for the car to be left on the street (not true) and that the scratches on the side of the car must have been caused by vandals! The judge ruled that I was entitled to a refund of what I had paid Maaco, plus the cost of repainting the side of the car. So in effect I just ended up paying for the repaint on the hood.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2005-07-05:
Sounds like another Maaco horror story. They must not get many repeat customers, I don't know how they survive.
Posted by LegalCollector on 2005-07-06:
I don't understand why people keep lining up to go there, they've been legends of bad paint jobs for decades.
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Stay Away
Posted by Accentuallygifted2009 on 11/09/2012
JONESBORO, GEORGIA -- BEWARE of this place!!!!. I've never written a review on anyone ever, but I think people should be warned about this company!. I took my car into the location 8280 tara Blvd, Jonesboro Ga on a Monday, and they promised without a doubt it would be done by Thursday at the latest because it was minor damage that needed repairing. I called Wednesday just to check on the status and was told everything was about done and to check back in a few hours. I called back first thing Thursday morning which then I was told they were finishing up and it wouldn't be ready until Friday. I called first thing Friday which then they said everything was ready but they were waiting to paint it and it should be ready by that afternoon hopefully or if not then Saturday! I then had someone else to call and check and they told them it really won't be ready until Monday. Monday morning we were told they really haven't finished it nor have they reattached the parts. After pushing them they said it should be ready by 4pm. I called at 4pm then was told 4: 30 or 5 but they closed at 5: 30pm. I got there at 5 and the guy had just pulled my car up. Lets remind you I only had minor work done on the QUARTER PANEL!. I reviewed my car to find that my bumper had damage, cracked, and paint missing.

Also my battery was dead, which they blamed on the weather, and had to jump it off!. He made every excuse then was mad that we were asking questions about the vehicle and stated he was closing and ready to go home, not ready to offer any solutions! As I reiterated that I've been calling for days to retrieve my vehicle now he want to act as if I was inconveniencing him, not to mention I myself took off work to go pick up vehicle!

I'm very unhappy with this company and still in the process of trying to get my bumper fixed from damage that derived in their possession....also after getting my vehicle back I realize that something that was left in the vehicle is now missing

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Maaco Frazer Stole or Lost My Emblems
Posted by Duanne on 08/08/2009
FRAZER, PENNSYLVANIA -- Please be warned that upon pick up of vehicle we were missing all emblems. The company said nothing when the vehicle left the premises. The vehicle owner received the car and noticed immediately that all emblems were missing. Call was placed to Maaco Frazer and employees stated that the emblems should be in the vehicle "somewhere." Once the car was thoroughly searched, a call was placed once again to report the missing emblems. Employees checked the premises and subsequently stated that the vehicle had no emblems when it came in. We have a photo of this car showing at least one of the emblems and the vehicle owner is extremely observant. Maaco Frazer reports having video surveillance to confirm that there were no emblems however refused to show it and called the vehicle owner a "liar." The Maaco Frazer owner said he would order new emblems, fire the accused employee and have this employee "come after me" for accusing him of stealing the emblems. Again, the owner refused to show the video when asked to produce. A very sleazy and shady operation.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-08-08:
File a police report.
Posted by moneybags on 2009-08-08:
Yeah! Call the Police. Besides theft, the owner is making threats.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-08-08:
wait he was going to fire the employee
and have the employee go after you?

i dunno but if my boss just fired me i wouldn't be attacking people for him.
Posted by Duanne on 2009-08-09:
I agree, I should contact the police for his threats however I would rather just move on and be sure to let every potential customer know of my experience. I will be contacting the BBB and the corporate offices on Monday to report this. I am sending my photos of the vehicle with emblems as well.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-08-09:
You would rather move on??? No, seriously, contact the police. DO IT.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-08-09:
Duane - the BBB can't force them to turn over stolen goods. They're not a legal entity.

Having them contact the company *might* work, but the company isn't legally required to even respond to them.

Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-08-24:
What about comprehensive insurance coverage on the vehicle for theft of emblems, if they are expensive to replace.
Posted by Diabolical on 2009-10-05:
A lot of people make stealing emblems a hobby. Pursue this.
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Auto Paint Job
Posted by All4fenway on 04/10/2009
KEYPORT, NEW JERSEY -- I recently purchased a 2001 Audi Convertible that has been keyed 360 Degrees on a visit to Manhattan. The scratches were deep into the paint and there was also dents and dings on the car. Not to mention a huge crack in the windshield. What kind of idiot does that kind of damage to a parked car?..Anyway.....

I shopped around Middlesex New Jersey for the best prices on having the entire car painted. After speaking with a few body shops I decided to have Maaco in Keyport NJ paint my car as they had the best price at $999.00 for a paint job. The owner Scott was very friendly as was Mark, the other employee I dealt with. I am a female and I felt Mark and Scott both treated me with the utmost respect and made me feel very comfortable while I was at their shop. Scott even offered for his daughter to drive me home from the shop. Maaco Keyport is family owned and that too was important to me when I chose who I would pay to fix my car.

I left my car at the shop on Thursday and later that day I received a call from Mark asking if I would like my windshield repaired while my car was there at the paint shop. He had a company come in and fix the windshield and even got me a good deal on the price!! BONUS!! Now that is good customer service!

A week later my car was ready for pick up and it literally looks like a brand new car!! Its sparkly and shiny just like and Audi should be!! I give these guys 5 STARS!! PERFECT! I am so happy with their work that I am taking my Ford King Ranch truck into them to have shopping cart dings fixed in my drivers door!
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My Mother's Honda Civic
Posted by Curlin on 05/05/2007
5670 KEARNY VILLA, SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- My mother and I just took her 1997 used Honda Civic (she bought in 2004, but it was already showing Arizona sun, ding and dent damage,) the paint was finally peeling from both bumpers, hairline cracks in the hood, dings from numerous other car doors...the hood had a major dent from shutting it too hard)...We were treated above and beyond our expectations, the service was stellar and the car's finish outstanding! The paint job is immaculate and the service was impeccable! These people treated us like V.I.P.s, they helped us get home when we first dropped off the car and when it was done, they were so personable and professional..they take pride in what they do, and they should.
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Posted by Ponie on 2007-05-06:
There is always that occurence which is the exception to the rule we read about on this forum. I, myself, was embroiled with Maaco several years ago and it took the BBB to get satisfactory resolution for me.

You say you 'just took' your mother's Honda to Maaco. I hope six months from now you'll look upon them as favorably as you do now.

Good luck.
Posted by Curlin on 2007-05-10:
Update from Curlin and my mom's 97 Honda Civic...We have had the Civic back 6 days and a guy has just rear-ended me, leaving a Subway Sandwich shop, I just wanted to cry, he said we were both at fault, but I was already out of my parking spot getting ready to go forward (I guess this is just nitpicking an unfortunate situation, but how come my damage is worse than his? Something to do with transfer of energy, I digress..) the funny thing is we both had 97 Honda Civics and the same insurance providers (which confused them no end!) I just knew something would happen, we've had the car back 6 days and I felt like I was driving a target with a bulls-eye on it...My mom and I are bringing our car back to Kearny Mesa Maaco as soon as the claims adjuster is through with it, no question! I am only sad they will see that gorgeous job marred so soon.
Posted by Curlin on 2007-05-10:
Ponie, I am talking about a specific place, one shop that showed us exemplary service in a time when that kind of service is the exception, not the rule...you walk into a place and it is a crapshoot and they were great to us! Curlin
Posted by Curlin on 2007-05-10:
Ponie, I am talking about a specific place, one shop that showed us exemplary service in a time when that kind of service is the exception, not the rule...you walk into a place and it is a crapshoot and they were great to us! Curlin
Posted by Curlin on 2007-05-10:
Sorry, I am new to this on-line deal, I thought this website and forum was about more than just a complaint festival. I was genuinely happy with a specific company, Kearny Mesa Maaco in San Diego, and I thought other San Diegans would like to know.
Posted by Starlord on 2007-05-15:
Curlin, thank you for sharing your good words with us, and I am so sorry for your misfortune.
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Sloppy work
Posted by Nice girl on 02/27/2006
This work was done in Burnaby Canada. When i picked up my car the first time.....sealant oozing out of spoiler..190E emblem broken and adhered with carpet tape. pooling of paint. insufficent prep( chips and scratches painted over)..radiator was replaced with wrong fluid (detrimental to rad.) Allignment of hood ridiculous! over all paint job was neglegent, sloppy, full on horrible...
old bad body work which i paid to fix was ignored and painted over. trim loose...And the interior was covered in dust....
The second time i picked up the car....passenger side window seal upside down...left head light falling out, right side loose...rubber seal of trunk lock missing..more tiny dents of paint all over hood and door..190E emblem not replaced and still badly adhered along with all emblems....orange peel look on rear....over taping that when peeled off took paint with it!! ( edges of tail lights, head lights and it seems ALL edges paint peeling off. Rear comlaint of body work ignored again.. very sloppy!! Never did Macco call to apoligize or anything..My mechanic witnessed all of the above and was horrified as he was the one that recommended Macco. So, now my Mercedes has a crappy paint job that will disintegrate quickly. I've called customer comlaints, the Better Buisness B. and the insurance company. And i will continue to scream from the tree tops how bad Macco is. Nothing is resolved yet, and i refuse to have them do any more work. Would you ?

Read Company Response
Company Response on 12/14/2008:
Dear nice girl, though there is no excuse for the poor customer service you received in the past, I wanted to let you know that Maaco Burnaby is now under new management and new ownership. More than ever before, we are committed to a high level of quality and customer service.

I sincerely apologize for what has happened in the past, and if you are still interested in having the issues with your 190E resolved, I invite you to call me personally or come in so we can rectify the situation, and work together to restore your 190E to its proper condition.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-02-27:
Why would you take a MERCEDES to a bargain body/paint shop?
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-02-28:
I have to agree - why take a Benz to Maaco? They are known for their budget repairs.
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Disappointed and ripped off!
Posted by Curlyn on 10/14/2012
KILLEEN, TEXAS -- I requested a Platinum Paint service for my 2006 Jet Black BMW 325i from Maaco of Killeen Texas in June 2012. The platinum service is supposed to have the car looking like it has a showroom finish from the factory. I dropped my car off on a Saturday with it being promised to be finished in 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, I stopped in to see what was the hold up and they told me the entire car had to be redone because the paint they used was contaminated. I understood that things can happen so when they finally finished it was almost a month. I was out of pocket $200 because the rental car was only paid by the insurance company for 10 days. When I went to pick up the car, it wasn't completed because the rocker panels and other areas still had that orange peel or rough look. So they said to bring it back in six weeks to have those areas buffed. I took the car back after six weeks and they called me back the same day to pick it up. All looked OK but the next day I noticed some white residue on the rocker panels. I returned and they buffed those areas again while I waited. The next day, the residue was again visible. I called to tell them it was back so they said bring it back in a week. I took the car back yet again to have the rocker panels rebuffed along with other areas on the hood and around the car that began to show discoloration and a dull mirror like finish all over. This time they kept the car for 2 days. When I returned to pick it up, I noticed the rocker panels still had the same problem with the white residue. The said they would have to respray those areas but that was it for me. After contacting the corporate office they said I couldn't get a refund and wanted me take the car back to the shop so they could fix the problems. After four times and the same problem, no way I was going back. I will have to pursue this case in court for a refund. Not to mention, they tore the interior on all four of my doors when they went in to remove the outside door handles to paint under them. They broke the passenger side latch and it no longer retracts. I am totally disappointed with the service provided and do not recommend this business to anyone.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-10-14:
To my mind, if a body shop offers a premium service to give a car a "new" look, it would be wise to look elsewhere. I have had large portions of cars repaired at a shop that just offers repair and painting - no "levels". In each case the finish looked perfect.

I'm not that surprised about the result - I can't shake the image I have from my long lost youth of tv ads for $299 for a complete paint job at Maaco. Uh oh!
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-10-15:
I've never seen a car come out of a Maaco with acceptable looking paint. You get what you pay for. Generally speaking a quality paint job (entire car) will run at least $2000 from a reputable independent shop. When I was in college a worked part time at such a shop, A good 20% of our business was comprised of disgruntled Maaco customers.
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Maaco is a waste of money!!!
Posted by WAR16ANK on 08/19/2006
YORK, PENNSYLVANIA -- I took my car into Maaco in York Pennsylvania, and told them I needed it repainted because it was peeling on the trunk and hood. The lady at the front desk, Lee told me it would be $250 just to have the trunk and hood stripped down to the bare metal the rest of the car would just be sanded down. I paid overall for everything $726.10. Lee set me up for the Presidential packaged without even asking me what packaged I wanted. A guy my fiancee knows paints cars and I was willing to pay $1500 for him to do it but I'm not keeping this car forever and I just need it to get me through college for the next 3 years. So I decided to ignore what everyone said about Maaco and see for myself. I was hoping they would prove them wrong and be a great company. Boy was I wrong. I got the car back 3 days later and it had so much texture in the paint it looked like an orange peel. They apparently don't tape your tailpipes off because mine are half black now and silver on the bottom. Whoever takes off your emblems doesnt put them back on because they were in completely different places. I'm even missing one! The spoiler which was to be painted the same color as the car was black with the original silver showing through at places. The only nice thing about the paint is that it has sparkles (hey i'm a girl what do you expect?). I called Lee back after I got home and was able to check every inch of the car and was told to bring it back in and they would fix it. I took it to the Lancaster branch and was told that this car should have never left the shop looking like this and if it was his paint job he would be ashamed. We then took it back to Lee and she said that she would fix it after she decided to tell me to my face she didn't like me and didn't like my attitude and that whatever she did to my car I wouldn't be happy with. After about 30 mins of arguing she agreed to redo it. A week later I get the car back again and it doesnt look any different. Now parts are worse then they were. Chuck the so called manager said it's a beautiful paint job and that I have to wait 6 weeks before he will even touch the car again and that I got what i paid for. Maaco doesnt car what your car looks like as long as they get their money. They throw you the run around and that's it. You get what you pay for apparently. Now they want me to pay them more money and upgrade to the highest package which is $800.00...That's bull I'm not paying them a cent more. I beg anyone don't go there!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-19:
I'v seen a lot of bad things about Macco on here and herd a lot of bad things from other people too. I am going to get my car painted painted and thanks to your post I will not be using Macco. Thenks for the info....
Posted by Sparticus on 2006-08-19:
It amazes me that a company that has survived for so long still doesn't seem to do the job right. Are they all independently run franchises? This could be the reason for the sporadic service.
Posted by Nohandle on 2006-08-19:
Sparticus, in my area the Maaco franchise is independently owned/operated. Don’t know about the rest. At one time Maaco was quite stringent on the requirements to be a dealer. Who knows what has happened to the franchise since then.

I believe I'd stay clear of this company until they get their act together.
Posted by Ponie on 2006-08-20:
A few years back I was taken in by Maaco. However, since this was when the BBB had some standing/bite with businesses, every bit of my money was refunded. BBB is now just as much a joke as Maaco. I'd steer clear of both of them.
Posted by WAR16ANK on 2006-08-21:
Ponie, I thought about contacting them but I figured they werent going to help me over something like this. Thanks for the insight! Just a little update...I've had my car sitting outside for the past few days in the heat to dry a little bit faster instead of waiting 6 weeks. It rained and now I have these marks that look like the water went into the paint. I doubt maaco will do anything but it's just another notch on their belt of bad things! Thanks for all the replies i know i'm not alone!
Posted by 98Bird on 2006-09-28:
WONDER why your friend who paints car on the side wanted $1500 for the same job? that means he's probably experienced and if this was his sidejob price, then where he works would have wanted $2000-3000 maybe? however, your review is still helpful (as i'm checking myself) but i'll only be weary of this particular Maaco, as they're all franchises. and all that the BBB wants is the fees that companies pays to them to advertise that they belong to the BBB.
Posted by Deb Hanover pa on 2012-02-08:
I was looking up the number for Maaco. I saw this blog site. Thank you for saving me time and money ! I have a 1979 Chevy truck needs body work and a paint job
I know now where I won't be going ! Thanks again !!
Posted by chris on 2013-04-22:
I recently had work done to my truck and I can say the truck is worth more than most cars people have.2006 gmc 2500 diesel.I had them repaint my right front fender after I replaced it and truthfully it looks great.I know macco gets a bad name a lot but each store has different standards.the also did my buddies 89 mustang and did a great job on it to.
Posted by Tim on 2013-08-16:
I wanted to write a review somewhere and wasn't sure where. A week ago I drove 20 minutes to the MAACO in York for an estimate on my son's car. They drove me home and drove my car back to the shop, which I thought was nice (did not expect that). I picked up the car yesterday and I was very pleased. It needed a new fender. Their price for the new fender was cheaper than used one. I will definitely be using York MAACO again. Just my three cents!
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