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Bad service and paint job
Posted by on
ST. ALBANS, WEST VIRGINIA -- I wanted to get my truck painted and make it look good. I took it to Maaco because it was supposed to be a professional and inexpensive to get done. I drove an hour to get to St. Albans, WV from Ironton, OH and had to leave my truck there a couple of days and return back to pick it up. I thought the paint job was terrible. I told the manager Butch that I was not satisfied and to see if we could work a deal. He said he had no authority to do that but I could talk to the owner if I wanted to bring the truck back again another day. I did contact the owner Joe Wallace and drove all the way down there for him to look at it. He said that he witnessed the truck being sanded and painted. I told him that it has not been sanded. It still had my old paint, that they just painted over it. He told me that he witness the employees stripping the truck to bare metal. I told him that I had already taken the truck to the dealership and they told me that it looked like it had just been painted over and that they didn't even get the surface rust off. He told me that they had stripped it. I told him that I was going to take paint remover and strip it myself and if he could tell me what color it was going to be underneath. He told me "GRAY and GREEN" primer, and he told me that if I did that that he would not touch the truck or fix anything that I could get off his lot. I took the paint stripper and stripped the spot above my cab and the same old paint and rust was underneath it and no primer. Then he told me that they made a mistake and to excuse them. He told me that he would paint the top of the cab and the very bottom edge of the doors and fenders. I told him that the whole paint job was not done right and that I wanted it done right. There were fish eyes every where and he told me they were rock chips but the dealership told me that it came from not prepping the surface right and that it would have to be done all over again. Just to fix what they had done and would probably cost $ 4,000 now to fix their mistake. When I told Butch, the manager, that he told me since I only paid $ 530 for the paint job that I probably couldn't afford a lawyer so sue him. I called their corporate office and talked to Marilyn and she told me she would have to talk to Joe and call me back and I never heard back from her. I am truly not satisfied. I feel that this was fraud, they lied to me totally and said that they seen them strip the truck which was a total lie. P.S. this all took place at 6124 MacCorkle Ave in St. Albans, WV 25177 and phone 1 800 894 8220. Just in case someone else would like to make the same mistake I made.
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Rory Anderson on 2014-05-20:
As a previous employee at maaco. I worked for the maaco in aston p.a. Wilmington de, and lawnside n.j.. this is not an attack on these stores i'm just bringing to light the truth take it or leave it, their not painting my car. these three locations are owned by a man named frank castellino. he rips off customers on a regular basis. if you purchase a basecoat\clearcoat special the chances are it will be painted in single stage. let me explain single stage to you. single stage is basecoat and clearcoat mixed together. it's shot in 2 coats metallic colors can't be buffed so any flaws can't be fixed. maaco policy states their can be up to 9 defects per panel, that's a lot. before they have to fix it. most places will fix the job if a customer complains. single stage fades, chips lifts, and wrinkles very easily. it will last about 18 months. hence why they only give you a 1 year warranty. the offer a basecoat\clearcoat for around 800.00 it's a rip off. the quality of paint they use is junk. it's bottom of the barrel I paint cars and I wouldn't put it on my car, and i'm sorry to say I put it on other peoples car. they have a quality paint line but they only use it on their more expensive package. But the stores I've worked at won't actually buff your car even though you pay for it. they prey on your ignorance or lack of education in reference to paint. they win you lose.

Let me explain why I WAS an employee and I'm not now. the owner bounced 3 of my pay checks. each time it cost me 300.00. I did work and wasn't paid for the jobs. I worked four days and they gave me a check for 180.00 after taxes 205.00 before. I was their painter. Lying is of no intrest to me. if I lie you won't believe anything I say. i'm only informing you so you can see why i'm doing what I'm doing. you can choose to go to maaco. in some cases it's worth it. who has the money to spend 3,000.00 on a paint job on a car worth 2k. I get it i'm just onforming you the consumer that if you wanna get your money worth go to a different location. if you have gone to these locations and you wanna know what is wrong with or will go wrong with your paint job email me at hystrung026@live.com I will look at your car and see if their is something worth complaining about. i'm not interested in nit-picking that's not what this is about. it's about helping you get what you deserve and not what they think you deserve. if you want quality go to another maaco that's my advice take it or leave it.

F.Y.I. The reason I worked at three locations is because they are all owned by the same person and when they had painter problems (usually because a painter quit) I'd fill in until the problem was fixed.
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Being taken advantage of and ripped off
Posted by on
ST. ALBANS, WEST VIRGINIA -- I decided that I wanted to have my 89 GMC Sierra pick up truck painted to make it look good. There was a few dents that I wasn't worried about. I found out that Maaco had the best price on paint jobs. The closest one to me was an hour away drive. I live in Ironton, Ohio and drove all the way to St. Albans, W.Va where I got the truck done. They quoted me on the phone $299.00 just for the paint job. When I got there, they said its $330 for the paint job,then they told me that it will cost another $150 for them to strip the hood, top and tail gate..which I had a little rust spot on the top of the cab. The total bill was $530 with tax and all.. I came back to pick up the truck.. It was awful.. there was fish eyes every where.. The did not sand, strip or primered anywhere.. You can see where they painted over the rust and everything.. I was so disappointed. I told the manager Butch that I know that they didn't strip it. He said they did. I told him that I am a mechanic, I know about stripping and all that.. I just didn't have the accessories to do the paint job myself. He just stood there.. and wouldn't do anything. So I asked who owned the business. He said Joe. I had to take the truck all the way home an hour away and come back a couple of days later so that Joe the owner could look at it. He said that his employees stripped it and that he had witnessed it. I asked for paint stripper so I could prove it to him that it has not been sand, strip and primere. He agreed to give me the paint stripper. He didn't think I was really going to do it and he threatened me that if I did it that they would not fix the problem. We got into an argument and I told him that I know it hasn't been stripped. He finally admitted that they didn't strip it and I told him I wanted the fish eyes out of the paint and he said no that they would only fix the top of the cab and underneath the doors. I told him no, that wouldn't do me any good. I wanted the truck redone. He refuse to do it and told me to leave his property. I am very upset and would never go to another Maaco again !!!! I am going to take legal action over this. Do not go to MAACO in ST. ALBANS, W.VA !!! I don't know about any other MAACO but I do know this one. Oh, before I forget to say... when I first dropped my truck off, there was a couple from Huntington, W.VA that had just gotten their BMW painted a different color, they were coming to finally pick it up.. They told us that they were not satisfied with their job and that they had forgotten the door jams and a lot of things. They had to make 3 round trips to get their car done right. They told us that since we were getting the truck painted the same color that we should be fine..now I wish I would've listened.
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cg on 2004-04-16:
Maaco in Alpharetta Georgia is A+.

I was in an accident - someone backed out of their driveway into my van. Tony at Maaco repaired the area crushed and gave me their top grade paint job. It was beautiful! They even came in under what the insurance company paid me for the damage.
I believe that each Maaco shop (like all other businesses) varies in the quality of service.
The shop in Alpharetta came highly recommended. As a matter of fact it was the shop that painted a classic/old mustang that ended up on the cover of a magazine and won as best mustang in show.

Great shop. Great people.
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Maaco Theft Of My Vehicle Lights
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BOSTON MASS DORCHESTER, MASSACHUSETTS -- My vehicle was painted last Wed, 4-18-2012.
1030 Morrissey Blvd Dorchester, Mass,02122 617 282-3400
Repair Order 72874
Today... Wednesday 4/25-2012 I arrived at around 8am to pick up my Honda Accord.
I was pleased with the work completed however as I drove home I saw a light on the Dashboard that was not there before. The light was "DAL" I called to speak to Ryan [snip] who was in charge of my work done to the car. He was tied up and the secretary stated he would call me back. Curious on to what this light was I decided to Google it... It was a representation of damaged Daylight Savings Light or missing. I popped my hood and discovered my 9005 (bulb size) Yellow light bulbs were missing!
By this point I am enraged; the vehicle was at Maaco for 7 days total. I called back to talk to Ryan [snip] and I got him on the phone this time. He listened to me and assured me I would get a follow up "soon"
It was 3pm by now and I called Macco again, Ryan [snip] then informed me that it was impossible for his people to take it, explaining that the car was at times on CCTV coverage but AT OTHER TIMES NOT.... Hello contradiction!!!! Ryan then said the General Manager for the Shop Brian [snip] would call me back.
The Shop General Manager called me around 5pm and I explained to him my story about his Shop has a rat and there is a thief in there. He stated that he had changed his entire staff and he can guarantee no one took my light bulbs. How can a person in upper management neglect an investigation of this magnitude?
The bulbs are inexpensive... It's the principle!!!!
Brian was firm saying THERE IS NOTHING HE CAN DO TO assist me in which I spent 400 $ Dollars of my hard earned money to have items taken from my vehicle. THIS IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!!!

To: Macco franchise owner and Shop General Manager: Brian [snip]

All I asked for was a simple reimbursement of the stolen light bulbs from your shop. There is no question I am 100% confident there is theft going on.
My bulbs could have easily been replaced for 30$ or less...
Now you will lose Customers.... Me losing 30 dollars is nothing... your shop losing Thousands in lets say 4-5 Customers would bring satisfaction to me. At the end of the day I was taken my bulbs (30$) you would lose thousands in future customers. Bad Management skills you have.

Thank you.
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Alain on 2012-04-28:
Contact Macco's corporate office (210 Freedom Business Center, Suite 200, King of Prussia, PA 19406) at (610) 265-6606 and let them know you're having a problem at this franchise location. You might also want to let them know you've posted a complaint about it, just for good measure.
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Great Job!
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
MAINE -- User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
by travelin sam 02/02/2012
I felt the need to respond to the one negative review about Maaco in Portland Maine from 2007, as now in 2012 our experience was quite different. I saw that negative review online after Maaco already had our car and I was just looking online for their phone number to see when the car would be ready. Had I read that review before taking our car there I probably would have gone elsewhere. Our car is a 2002 Jetta that "Morong VW" in Falmouth had just replaced a rusted fender on that was still under warranty. We decided to just have the whole car painted as it was showing its age from living up here in Maine. We were originally going to have the body shop at Morong do the job, but it was going to be just to expensive, and THEY recommended possibly looking into Macco for the job as we did. As it turned out they were very friendly and helpful there at Macco and took the time to explain and answer questions about the different options available. They offer 6 different levels of painting to choose from depending on what your needs may be. We chose the 4th level up which was a Urethane + IC that does not include a clear coat but looks as if it has. It was explained to us that the doors would not come off for this level of paint job. The levels above ours did but for more money as you would expect. The job also required some minor body work to take care of a number of dings and surface rust on the front of hood form rocks. We just got the car back yesterday and I must say that I was more than pleased. One would never guess that the car had been repainted, it just looked new! No over-spray seen anywhere (and I REALLY looked), no runs, no holidays...they did a fantastic job, and I'm a fussy guy! And one last thing...there was quite a bit of time from when I first took the car in for an estimate to when the job actually got done. As we were there to pick up the car they told us that they were having a sale on that paint job. This reduced our bill by about $200 from what we were expecting to pay, and that they certainly could have still charged us!
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Posted by on
FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS -- Maaco advertised a bumper paint job for $179.00. I visit the Maaco facility in Framingham, MA and was told that the price only included the paint. Total for the work would be $379.00. I*'m quite certain I heard the commercial on the radio. I don't recall hearing that the price only included paint. Apparently the sign on their wall did state in finme print that it covered paint only.

I don't go to a clothing store and buy a shirt on sale and then at checkout am told that the sale price only included the sleeves.

Very deceptive and dishonest. I will never again visit a Maaco shop.
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Slimjim on 2012-01-27:
Doesn't sound like much of a deal and somewhat deceptive way of advertising it. What bumper doesn't need some prep? No labor at all in an advertised price to paint a bumper. I agree with the OP. Extra for damage would be very reasonable to ask, but it sounds like no one can get a bumper done for this price regardless of the job.
Typical Maaco on 2012-08-31:
Maaco's current advertising campaign, summer 2012, "Free UV" with paint service. UV inhibitor is in the paint it is always included. Maaco???
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Rip off, poor quality work, and liars.
Posted by on
Well I might as well stood on the roof of my house and threw my 800 dollars to the wind and I would have got a better deal. I brought in my truck to Maaco at their Puyallup, Wa store for some body work and paint because I had them do work on another car before and they did an OK job so I thought I'd try them again. We went over what was to be done fix dents in one door and rear box quarter panel and paint the panels. Thet had the truck a week which is how long they said they would have it. I did not check the truck real close on pickup due to time. Once I got it home I got a better look at it and noticed on the door lots of dirt, and fish eye in the paint and there are lots of gouges in the panel under the paint that you could see like the surface was not prept correctly. It also looked like it was painted in a chicken coop and not a paint booth. There is paint on the mirror and the rubber window trim from not masking it correctly. Some of the dents in the quarter panel are still there and they did not remove the canopy in order to paint all of the quarter panel as was agreed. They also left a bunch of used masking tape and paper in the bed of the truck and the radio station and settings had been changed like some ahole was sitting in my truck screwing with it instead of working. I called the manager first and explained the problem and he said the owner would call back which he did, I explained the problems to him and he said he'd fix them, I told him I do not want any of his people near my truck and that I would acept 400 dollars back and I'd drop the matter. He said he'd have to see the truck I guess he thinks people go out and lie to him like they lie to us. Well I told him the truck was at another shop and he will have to go there and look at it. He said alright he would go look at and get back to me, we will see if he does he'd better otherwise I will take this matter further. I will contact the AG of the state and hire a lawyer. He could have cut his losses but I guess he wants to be a dick. Do not ever take your car to these clowns I hope this review saves other people from becoming the next victim of Maaco.
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At Your Service on 2011-08-29:
I don't know where you're coming up with the $400 figure from. If you can positively show that the work they did was negligent, than the cost of fixing their mistakes is something they would need to cover. If you really do think you may take this into court, I would hesitate getting any work done just yet. It can be difficult to show such flaws and issues with a camera and you may need to show the vehicle to a judge. Getting a lawyer involved is ridiculous and simply not required, at least at the amount your speaking of here. This is nothing more than a small claims court issue.

Let us know how it turns out.
joesinkovic on 2011-09-06:
Moved From Other Review: I and the manager of Maaco have come to an agreement that 400 dollars will be refunded to me. So despite the snark from the 1 commenter I won. As far as how I came up with the 400 dollar amount the repairs are itemized so I deducted the work I felt was below par, get it? BTW you can get a lawyer for cheap by going through the bar I once hired one on retainer for 25 dollars.
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Maaco Bumper Repair
Posted by on
GLEN BURNIE, MARYLAND -- I went to Maaco after a minor finder bender for repairs about 7 months ago. My bumper was damaged beyond repair so I had Maaco take the old one off. Maaco then painted and put the new one on. This process took three days. Maaco assured me they could handle this custom repair. When I got my car back I saw only one problem. The bumper wasn't flush on the sides of the car. It wasn't to noticeable so I let it go. When I got it home I noticed there were some spots on the car where they had used touch up paint where some of the paint had chipped off. I remember the manager saying it took 4 guys to stretch the bumper out and put it on the car after it was painted. Then they painted over it again while it was on the car because the stretching damaged the paint job. They also broke the seal on my left light so now I have a moisture build up. I was thinking man this is pretty bad. I didn't think to look when I checked the car when I left. Not even 2 months later the paint started chipping in a bad way. First it looked like an air bubble under the paint. Then paint started falling off everywhere. I had had enough. I took it back to Maaco and asked Mike to repaint my bumper. He said he wouldn't do it. He said they won't even accept custom bumpers because of how hard it was to put on. I could see after the paint was coming off they didn't even sand the bumper first. It would have probably made a read difference. Maybe if they had actually put it on the car then painted it would have been better than painting it then stretching it on the car. I have been putting touch up paint on it but it just falls off over time. Anyway ended up spending $800 dollars for a repair and paint and now I have to end up doing it again. I felt Maacco this repair in such a lazy way.

They just did what was easy for them. I don't see myself ever going back there. It was such a waste of time and money.
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trmn8r on 2011-08-03:
It sounds, from your description, like this shop was incapable of the "custom" repair you needed. If they stretched the bumper cover during installation, it could have disturbed the bond between the paint and the cover.
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The Worse, females beware!
Posted by on
PASADENA, TEXAS -- Let me start by saying the customer service is excellent but the work done is horrible! They will be very nice, and tell you it will get done, and apologize here and there for missing something but in the end its crappy service, and you have to be on them to get the job done right. I trusted my car with this Maaco, until I was called to come get my car because accord to them it was ready, I was shown two dents that were not there before, and I was given two different stories from the manager John, and his employee, so instead of calling me to come get it, they should have taken care of this. I told them they will be the ones to fix it and take care of the charges, well when I was called the 2nd time to come get it, there were things that just was not done, and I told john time and time again what needed to be done, and things were just missing, so I had to leave it again, well to make a long story short my back lights would not turn off, the "NEW" window motor didn't work like new, it was very slow to rise, and the paint was so horrible, it was very wavy. I had to leave it 4 times out of my entire ordeal. I left crying the last day, like I said they apologized but it like it was not getting done. I finally took my husband, and he told them what to fix, and could you imagine they didn't give my husband any excusses. I picked up the car the following weekend, and can you believe when they called me to come get it because it was ready, this time it really was. They re-did the paint, and it was no longer wavy, and the dents that happened on there property were gone. I would rate customer service high, but actually getting the job done right, and when you tell the customer it will be done, a zero. I would not recommend this particular spencer location to females, ladies please take your husband or man, because they will give you the run around. It is very sad that it took a man to make them do what they were supposed to take care of in the first place, but I have learned my lesson.
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Venice09 on 2011-07-02:
I would rate the customer service zero.
jktshff1 on 2011-07-02:
good review vh
DebtorBasher on 2011-07-02:
Oh Oh, Better not get Macco!
trmn8r on 2011-07-02:
You stated right in the beginning that "the customer service is excellent."

I can't concur with you. I think it stinks.

There was a review on a consumer website in a galaxy far, far away, in which someone kept having to go back to Maaco to get a job completed. Different customer, same result. Actually, theirs was never done right.
Venice09 on 2011-07-02:
What planet would that be, trmn? I can't imagine.
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Poor Quality Paint and AWFUL Customer Service
Posted by on
MARTINEZ, GEORGIA -- We went to the Maaco Martinez Location We have a 97 Honda Accord and went to get it repainted (dark purple) last summer 2010. We thought for $750 the Presidential was a great deal (it has a 2 year warranty). We never expected to have the amount of paint damage to our hood in less than a year. By January of this year were were noticing fading on the hood. It is now May and the METAL is showing through.

Since it was still under warranty we took it back in May. We talked to the service manage ( Ed, I believe) and they said the car would be back by Wednesday. Wednesday rolls around and Never had a call. My husband ask me to call on Thursday since we hadn't heard from them. We call and they say oh, "it should be back on Friday afternoon". It is now 3pm (they close at 6pm) and still haven't heard so my husband gives them a call. They said "let us check and we'll give you a call back in a few minutes". 30 minutes pass and still no word so I give them a call (we had plans to go out for the evening so we were trying to get this done). They said "we still haven't checked yet". An hour later still no call back so I can't believe that it takes 1 hour to check on ONE car. All they had to do was redo our HOOD (we took it to them on Monday and it is now FRIDAY). I call back and they give the old spiel of "we had others ahead of you for insurance claims". I understand that but how about call and say "hey, it's going to be a few more days before your car is done". They didn't even call. They had promised our car was to be done on Wednesday and never would have called. WE HAD TO CALL THEM EVERY TIME!

To cap it off, the service manager (ED) says "what do you want us to do. We've done all we can do". My answer to that is CUSTOMER SERVICE. 1) Pic up the PHONE and call your customers and tell them changes (don't lie and say oh you beat us to the punch before we could call you) 2) Admit when you are wrong and APOLOGIZE. An apology will go a long way.

This experience has soured me on MAACO and I will never take my business to them or any other Maaco outlet. I would say spend the extra money on a premium outlet.
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Skye on 2011-05-20:
I'm sorry you had such an awful experience, but it seems many do.

Did they ever repaint the hood?
Alain on 2011-05-20:
It seems that Maaco is either a love it or hate it franchise. Give their corporate office in King of Prussia, PA, a call at 610-265-6606 and let them know about this problem.
trmn8r on 2011-05-20:
You are absolutely correct. All they had to due to make this less stressful, was to pick up the darned phone and call you. Or speak with you when you called.

They screwed you around time and time again. I'm sorry you went through this.

The thing I find most surprising, and alarming, is that Maaco does insurance repair work.
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Discriminatory practices
Posted by on
RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I want to convey the horrific treatment I received from Maaco Auto body and paint on Atlantic ave.
First I want to say I was a repeat customer there and had two of my vehicles painted there. I called to ask about the warranty and pricing on the painting my vehicle. A Darryl answered the telephone. I ask for the manager Dwight and he told me Dwight was not there could he help me. I said I would rather speak to Dwight. He continued “are you picking up a vehicle or dropping one off?”. I asked again “could I not speak to Dwight”. Then he hung the phone up on me.
I got off work early and went over there. Dwight was not there but Beth and Darryl was there. I told Darryl “you are the one who hung up on me”, he did not care. So then Beth answered a telephone call, hung up after 5 seconds and said “that was Dwight he won’t be in this afternoon”.
I asked “why didn’t you let me speak to him. I drove all the way over here and been asking for him all afternoon”. She said “Oh well he’ll be in tomorrow from 9 til 12”.

I came back the next day at 10 am. Darryl was talking to a customer(what seemed to be a man and his son). There was another lady ahead of me. When he sees me he says to the lady “can you go outside and excuse us for a moment”. The lady goes outside.
He tells me Dwight is not there and I am not to come back there without an appointment. We went back and forth and he starts heading to the back saying he was going to call the police. I wait there a minute and suddenly Dwight comes from the back room yelling and screaming with his face all red and veins coming out of his head.

He tells me to get out of his store “ I can’t come in there bothering his customers”. I thought I was one of his customers. When I was leaving getting into my car I realized that Dwight was there all along. I did not bother to go back in to point that out for fear of further confrontation.
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madconsumer on 2011-01-29:
the least they could have done was offered you a time dwight was going to be there. perhaps take this complaint the the corporate office.

very helpful.
trmn8r on 2011-01-29:
When I read stories like this, and it happens more often than I would have imagined, I wonder if the store employees in the story have completely lost their minds or there is more to the story. Since this kind of mental illness isn't that common, I am more inclined to believe it is the latter.
BofAmerica666 on 2011-01-29:
I agree with mad.. Taking this to the corportate office is a great idea. Hopefully everything will work out.

To the OP: If you can resolve this somehow, feel free to let us know, because you can then update the review with (resolved) in bold print. This would be especially helpful to passerbyes that are viewing the site. Good luck!!
GenuineNerd on 2011-01-30:
You might be better off dealing with an independent body shop rather than Maaco, especially if the bodywork or painting involves an insurance company. Sounds like either the staff at that Maaco were having a bad day, or the staff and manager there have attitude problems. At least someone there, even if it isn't the manager, could give you the courtesy to give you the terms of their warranty for their services. I would avoid them in the future.
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