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Poor Quality and Over-priced
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CONCORD, CALIFORNIA -- Mac Prime does sell door to door. In fact, the President of the company uses the standard California Security Agreement and fills in the cancellation date that specifically references “Door-To-Door Sales.”

I recently bought $500.00 worth of meat and poultry from Mac Prime Foods. I will NEVER EVER buy anything from them again. To begin with, they shorted my order. I did not get everything I paid for. I had to tell the company items were missing. The missing pieces of meat were eventually delivered, but they should not have been missing in the first place. All of the chicken they delivered was spoiled. They replaced the chicken with steaks. The steaks were of good quality (so unlike the other products) that I was curious to find out where the steaks came from.

The steaks were professionally packaged in wrapping that said “Newport Meat Company.” The steaks were the ONLY products that looked professionally sealed and labeled. All of the other products had a shabby homemade looking “Mac Prime Foods” label on them. I called Newport Meat Company in Irvine, California (888 781-2333.) I asked them if they sold to Mac Prime Foods and I was told “certainly not!” Newport Meat Company had never heard of Mac Prime Foods. I also called Newport Meat Company’s sister company “Facciola Meat Company (510 438-8600.) Facciola Meat Company assured me Mac Prime Foods is NOT ONE OF THEIR AUTHORIZED BUYERS. SO IT SEEMS MAC PRIME FOODS MIGHT BE GETTING NEWPORT MEAT COMPANY PRODUCTS IN AN UNAUTHORIZED MANNER.

Also, one thing I do not like about Mac Prime Foods is that the items on the order form are not individually priced. So you have no way of doing a price comparison. My family and I are certain we could have gotten much more meat and poultry for the same amount of money if I had shopped elsewhere.

In my opinion Mac Prime Foods is holding itself to be bigger than what it is. For example, I kept getting one excuse after another as to why my products were being delivered by Mr. Campos PERSONALLY. Although he claimed to have a delivery driver and a “big” delivery truck, HE was the one who delivered to my friends and me. When he came to my home he was wearing a scruffy sweat suit and driving a dirty white van and he carried my meat and poultry products into me in a not so clean plastic storage bin.
I have also discerned Mac Prime Foods DOES NOT have a formal office or building location. In my opinion, the owner of the company is falsely portraying his business as being much, much bigger and better than what it actually is. Whenever I called the phone number listed on the Mac Prime Foods website (925 674-3626) there was NEVER a Mac Prime Foods employee available. I finally got the girl who answers the phone to admit she is the receptionist in a common business center. She answers the phone for up to 30 different businesses.
Although each business has a personalized telephone answering mechanism set in place, they all SHARE the one receptionist in their “virtual office” setting. It’s the kind of setup where a general switchboard has phone numbers assigned to a number of different businesses. When a call comes in, the receptionist answers the phone in the name of the phone number that pops up on her screen. The receptionist is cued on which business name to use by looking at the last 2 digits on her display screen. (You can reach the Executive Business Center by calling 925 674-3600.) Notice this phone number is EXACTLY THE SAME as Mac Prime Foods’ phone number, with the exception of the last 2 digits! None of the businesses have a formal office. You can look up the location of Mac Prime Foods’ VIRTUAL OFFICE location by going to
Knowing THERE IS NO COMPANY LOCATION for Mac Prime Foods to operate from raises the most important question: WHERE ARE THEIR FOOD PRODUCTS BEING PACKAGED AND STORED? Someone said for all we know the products could be being packaged and stored in Mitch’s garage next to a nasty kitty litter box. The thought is gross, but sadly it could be true.
Based on the first complaint, I did some checking and I too can not find any city or county where this business is licensed to sell food products. Sellers of food are required to be licensed to insure food packaging and handling are being carried out under sanitary conditions. Because ALL of Mac Prime Foods products (except the Newport Meat Company steaks) looked like they were packaged with an at home “seal a meal” machine, my family and I did have concerns about the safety and cleanliness of the products.
I will not purchase from Mac Prime Foods again because the quality of everything (except the Newport Meat Company steaks) was very poor and I do not know where the other products were purchased and packaged. My ground beef and pork products had a lot of fat as well. And the pork chops were very dry and thin. I was very disappointed with the quality. In all honesty, I believe I can get better quality and prices at Costco.
I had heard the President and lead person of Mac Prime Foods was cited by the South San Francisco Police Department. I did call the South San Francisco Police Department (650 877-8900) and I asked them. They referred me to police report #081126054. They could not give me all of the details, but they did say the President of the company went to a lady’s house WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT and that the President's behavior frightened the lady so badly, she called the police. They also said he IS REQUIRED BY LAW to have a license to sell food products and that he WAS cited for driving and not having a valid drivers license. They said the officer made Mitch wait in South San Francisco for a licensed driver to come and pick him up. My family and I thought this was improper behavior on the part of a company “President!”
I called the Better Business Bureau (510 844-2100) as well and they said he is NOT A MEMBER, although his website says he is. The BBB also said he DOES have a NEGATIVE rating with them. I have a few words of advice: If you are going to buy food products from an individual company, make sure the company has:
1. A Seller’s Permit (commonly referred to as a “Resale License.”)
2. A local Business license from each of the counties the company does business in. (To my knowledge Mac Prime Foods is doing business in at least 4 different northern California counties….without a license from any one of them!)
3. A USDA Food Safety Inspection Permit.
4. A GOOD rating with the Better Business Bureau
What Mitch Campos is doing is not as innocent as selling Girl Scout Cookies or candy. Although some individuals are authorized to sell food products on an informal basis, all of their products are labeled with the required FDA information: such as where the cookies or candies were made, the basic ingredients and expiration date. However, we’re not talking cookies or candy here. We are talking about highly perishable items that can sicken or even kill an individual if the product is contaminated with e-coli or salmonella.
Think about it: When you buy meat in the grocery store, all items are labeled with the weight; packaging date and/or sell buy date. The USDA requires this information be in plain English. This information serves as a means of providing the consumer with some means of determining the freshness of the meat. Mitch Campos claims this information is encrypted in his homemade barcode label. If this is the case, the encryption does the consumer little good. Personally, I am very doubtful about his claim.
One last word of warning: In my opinion there was nothing “gourmet” about any of the products I purchased from Mac Prime Foods. And I highly doubt any of the products were “hormone free,” “natural,” “free range,” or any of the other healthy claims this company made. It is my opinion the products came from a common run-of-the-mill LOW END supermarket. Save your money and shop at Whole Foods, Molly Stones or Lunardi’s if you want superior quality meat!
Too bad I did my research after-the-fact. My experience with Mac Prime Foods has turned out to be a $500.00 lesson in how NOT to buy food outside of the common retail market! All in all, I can not honestly recommend Mac Prime Foods to anyone. My experience with Mac Prime Foods was expensive and disappointing. I WILL NOT ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN, NOR WILL I REFER ANYONE TO MAC PRIME FOODS.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/23/2008:
Why would you buy that much meat to order from a door to door salesperson, PERIOD? Did I miss something in this Novel?
Anonymous on 12/23/2008:
I'd never buy from a door-to-door salesperson, ESPECIALLY meat.

Butchers and grocery stores only, for me and my family.
No More Mac Prime Foods For Me! on 12/23/2008:
The company operates from a list of referrals. Sometimes they call ahead of time and sometimes not. They claim their products are better than what you can purchase in a store. He also touts the convenience of home delivery. His orders end up being so expensive because he does not list the price of his items individually and he offers to break the total up into 3 payments. For persons who are health conscious and have not had good experiences with store bought meat, Mac Prime Foods initially appears to be a good deal. The complaint provides the information needed to fully investigate this company prior to purchasing from them. Buyer Beware!
Anonymous on 12/23/2008:
It appears you have done a lot of research to provide up to date information in your M3C complaint. Why didn't you do this research before you purchased meat products for your family to consume? I am sure had you known this information up front you would not have purchased from this less than reputable company. Speaking for myself I have never and will never buy meat (or any other food) from a door to door salesperson. As clearly noted in this post it is not a good idea.
No More Mac Prime Foods For Me! on 12/23/2008:
The recommendation to this company came from a fellow church member. I am recovering from a recent illness and surgery and am forced to rely on home delivery for many things. Mac Prime recommends getting a 3 month supply of meat when you order. Once I saw the meat, I knew I had been taken. I now know my "friend" got a $100.00 discount on his next order from Mac Prime. Sadly, I now feel very differently about my church member "friend." I was too trusting. Yes...I should have done my research first!
No More Mac Prime Foods For Me! on 01/22/2009:
Mac Prime Foods is now operating as Mac Foods Delivery Service. Buyer Beware!
tomsawyer on 09/21/2009:
My friends referred me to MAC foods. After reading the negative reviews I went into investigation mode the best I could.
I uncovered that the "virtual" office for MAC is in what is called an excutive business suite or center. This is actually a very common practice for small businesses and satalite offices threw out the country. All businesses at the center have actual offices but share front secetarial and conference room costs.
I went there and met a woman who said she is the office manager and scheduler for the company. She explained the warehouse is in a town called Rodeo. I do not have the street address in Rodeo yet.
When I questioned her about where they get the food she told of the different farms and butchers such as Newport Meats and Carolina farms for the poultry. But referred to the owner Mitchel Campos for the details and took my phone number for him to call me.
The company appears to be refferal in home sales only not door to door as the review stated. But heck who knows for sure at this point?
I printed the above review and showed it to her. She again referred to have the owner Mitchel Campos address it. She did explain the company at times does use a large resale distibution company for best pricing called Sysco Foods who also supplies high end resteruants with simuler meats.
Mr Campos has yet to call me. And I sure as heck have not ordered anything until I know all the details. That is what I have so far. To be continued.....
No More Mac Prime Foods For Me! on 11/13/2009:
I just called the former Executive Suite Mac Prime Foods was "operating" from. A lady named Dillon informed me Mac Prime is no longer in business and that she would not recommend them. She said they got numerous complaints about the business. She suggested I "Google" Mac Prime and read the complaints. Thanks to the power of the internet, another dishonest company has been forced out of business.

tomsawyer on 08/02/2010:
I spoke with some friends who were using this company one of which referred me to them. It seems the company was temporarily out of business as the owner was incarcerated for some sort of felony. I have read about Fraud by this company and dis honest practices. This though tops em. Does any one know what he was convicted of?
jsdme on 04/25/2012:
Swanns and Celebrity are 2 out of many legitimate and high quality home delivery food services. MAC / NorCal/ Mr. Campos appeals to people who might wish for these services but find them expensive. He speaks to our greedy side. Sometimes a "bargain" is just too good to be true. To get the real thing you have to pay the price.
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