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I won't buy from them again!!! Bad business.
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Paid for Fedex overnight shipping and the order clearly stated that I would receive on Oct. 2nd. I called customer service and was told that the item had shipped but tracking # had no details and I would still receive as stated today. CS said she would call me back in an hour or two with tracking details. Amazingly the tracking # now shows item wasn't even shipped until today and won't be here until 10-5-09. I requested a refund of the shipping or cancel the order but have not received a reply from MacMall. I've also started a complaint with Paypal. Really bad business from these people. I won't buy again from them for sure and will spread the word the best I can about how lousy they are.
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Starlord on 10/02/2009:
Was delivery time THAT critical? Unless it was some kind of lifesaving drug, I hardly think so. It is my belief you are making a mountain out of a molehill. Stop and smell the roses, my friend, before you have a coronary.
Eloise on 10/02/2009:
I wish more people would follow your advice Starlord.
jktshff1 on 10/02/2009:
Afraid I have to disagree, if the op paid for and was promised overnight service, this is a legitimate gripe. Makes no difference how "critical" an issue it was, 'coulda been golf balls but that is not the point, the point is a service promised and paid for was not delivered. VH
Anonymous on 10/02/2009:
Jkt, could not agree with you more. Why pay for something (in this case overnight shipping) if you are not going to get it.

C'mon guys, would you pay for a item at the grocery store if you knew you weren't going to be able to take it home? Doubtful! Why should the OP pay for overnight shipping if it was not going to be shipped overnight?
Anonymous on 10/03/2009:
It is overnight from the time shipped, NOT the very next day after ordering it. Also, every shipping company who offers overnight shipping also has EXCLUSIONS. If the OP is that distressed, perhaps online shopping is not for her. I remember the days of 6-8 weeks. These days everyone is in too big a dang hurry.
Anonymous on 10/03/2009:
Did anyone bother to read that the OP stated that the order clearly stated that they would receive the order on October 2nd? Did anyone bother to read that the OP called customer service and that they had originally told them that their order had shipped, but no tracking number was located but would still receive the order? THAT misinformation is the fault of the business, NOT the customer!

The business in this case CLEARLY screwed up but people are still placing blame on the OP or suggesting that the OP should simply give up and get over it.

This website has become nothing but a bunch of finger pointers placing the responsibility for bad customer service back onto the customer instead of with the businesses where it belongs. It is disgusting.
Anonymous on 10/03/2009:
I agree that if the OP paid for overnight delivery and didn't get it, he should be refunded part of his shipping costs. I don't think, however, that this means that MacMall is now a "lousy" company. I've never heard of a company with 100% accurate shipping.

ucrazy, let us know how MacMall responds to your request for a refund/cancellation.
Anonymous on 10/03/2009:
I agree with you Mundo. Things happen that may not necessarily make the company lousy, but they should do what it takes to make it right. Members coming onto the site pointing the finger back at the OP is not helpful.
Anonymous on 10/03/2009:
The company didn't deliver AS PROMISED. The OP has a valid complaint, enough said.
Anonymous on 10/03/2009:
I should reiterate. If the OP didn't get the package as promised, then a refund of the shipping costs is all that is needed to be refunded. To demand the cancel of the sale or filing a complaint with Paypal is ridiculous.

Paypal will make the OP wait until 7 days AFTER the sale, THEN give the company 10 days to deliver BEFORE they issue a refund. THEY make buyers wait a REASONABLE length of time before the allow refunds. Paypal also will not even accept a claim if it has been less than 7 days since the purchase date.
fionaflyby21 on 10/03/2009:
The OP has a legitimate complaint - refunding the shipping may not be the solution at all - a complete refund may be the least this company could do for them. Ever try using a MAC without an OS (operating system)? Could shut down a business for several days until Snow Leopard arrives, especially if you rely upon that computer to perform your job, or run a home business. May not be a "life saving drug", but it could be critical to staying in business that day. This OP probably spent over 5 times the normal shipping rate in order to receive PRIORITY overnight service and the company did not deliver if it was arriving on Oct 5 rather than Oct 2.
ucrazy51 on 10/03/2009:
I received an email response today from CS. They stated they will credit the overnight shipping charge back to me...

Now I can spend that $7.99 on the lifesaving drug I've been needing...
Eloise on 10/03/2009:
I completely agree with Mundo.
Yes, the shipping charges should be refunded.
Yes, the company made a mistake and should have been more forth right.
Yes, the OP has every right to be upset.
(I wonder what method of overnight shipping costs less than $10. Shipping an overnight envelope costs twice that. I hope the OP got the full return, because the amount just doesn't sound right.)
Jane on 08/13/2012:
MacMall is a terrible place to do business. I purchased a high priced MacBook Pro from them that never worked and I had to send it back and I have been waiting 3 weeks for a refund. All I get is lies and the run around about my refund. By the way they charge your card when you order and not when it ships which is days later.
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No answer from letter I sent
Posted by on
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Here's a letter I've mailed them. I never got an answer...:

Dear Madam/Sir,

On January 2, 2008 I've placed an order with your firm.

The shipping address on that order was a friend's address - different from my billing address.

As a reply, I've received your attached e-mail massage, with the attached PDF document, containing a list of demands from you.

In your e-mail you also indicated that I have 48 hours to comply with your demands, or my order will be ignored.

In my reply (see also attached), I've canceled my order.

Yesterday I've learned - to my dismay and embarrassment - that you have charged my friend's account, and were planning on shipping the goods to her.

The fact that you've chosen to ignore my cancellation request AND your own declared policy, and by that positioning me in an impossibly embarrassing situation - is a matter I would appreciate receiving your comment to, as soon as possible.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/11/2008:
How did MacMall get you friends credit card number? If you gave them your credit card but asked them to ship to a location other than the CC billing address I can see why they got a bit worked up. A couple of points need to be cleared up. MacMall gets very few complaints so something is not clear here.
FoggyOne on 01/11/2008:
Yeah! How did they get your friend's account number? I have my mailing address different from my billing address and I've never had a problem. Just pay your friend what the item costs.
atoz on 01/13/2008:
My friend was a client of them. Maybe they keep credit card's info on their records. I really don't know.
Till today they didn't even bother to email me an explanation.
There's no question she should be even more furious than I... but she refuses to do anything about it.
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