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ELMHUSRT, NEW YORK -- I was at Macy’s recently and I had the most absolute rudest cashier EVER! I’ve been a manager in the retail business for about 13 years now so I know how it is for sales associates so I always smile and say “Hi” whenever I go shopping and mostly they are very helpful but this woman was in a class of her own - the lowest a person could possibly be in.

I was paying for a couple of items at Macy’s and I gave the cashier some cash while looking in my wallet to find some change when I noticed that the cashier, [name removed], was about to close the cash drawer.

I told her to wait and that I had the change but she looked me right in the eye while she closed the drawer and told me, “Too bad, you should have told her before.” WHAT??? Why did I have to say anything in the first place? Did she think I was going through my wallet to giver her a tip? Of course I wanted to speak with a manager after that and she told me that there were no managers working. Yeah, a big store like that with no managers? I said something like that back to her and then she absolutely refused to call a manager.

So I went looking for somebody to call a manager for me and found a security guard. He directed me to another cashier who tried to help me and called a manager a couple of times to try to get him to speak with me but the manager kept making excuses and refused to. With managers that don’t care, no wonder they have sales people that have a nasty attitude. [name removed] also refused to give me her name, she actually covered her name badge with her sweater! The cashier that was trying to call the manager for me was nice enough to look up the cashiers name for me with the receipt I had or else I wouldn’t have known her name.

In my experience, most of the employees that always complain about their managers or their jobs are the ones that purposely give customers a difficult time and are constantly being spoken to or written up. They are ALWAYS trying to make excuses for their own behavior.
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Suusan B. on 2007-12-17:
You need to get over yourself - - this is the second forum I've seen this identical complaint and as I stated on the last one, I can't believe you demanded to speak to a manager over something as trivial as this. Your snippy remark "Did she think I was going through my wallet to giver her a tip?" speaks volumes about your attitude.
Anonymous on 2007-12-17:
WOW,I hope you didn't let this MINOR incident ruin your day.
Pomona Guy on 2007-12-17:
You need to calm down, lady.
Anonymous on 2007-12-17:
I've had that happen to me before. Not worth all of this stress, Smi. I hate being behind people that take 20 minutes to "fish out" like 6 pennies from their wallet anyway.
Anonymous on 2007-12-17:
jktshff1 on 2007-12-17:
And who is making excuses for your behavior?
Principissa on 2007-12-17:
You wrote this over pocket change? Are you serious? Any time I am giving exact change I tell the cashier before I hand over the money. That way they know I am giving change. For all she knew you were going through your wallet for a parking pass. And that snippy tip remark was totally out of line. Get a grip.

I don't work retail, but I can tell you this, once the cashier keys in the amount of tender they cannot add or take away from the transaction at that point. I can bet money that those registers, especially at this time of year are under surveillance by security and if you were to hand her change and she were to give you bills, she would get in trouble. It would look like she was giving you more money than the register says you were due. Her drawer would most likely break even, but that transaction would be flagged as suspicious.

Get a grip and enjoy the holidays.
Anonymous on 2007-12-17:
Eileen? Where? Where?
I didn't get through the whole post,did the OP call her brother from the store?

jktshff1 on 2007-12-17:
sic 'em princi!!!!lol
jktshff1 on 2007-12-17:
Eileen lost her cell phone!!!
Anonymous on 2007-12-17:
as long as her stapler isn't lost,I'm cool.
fazie on 2007-12-17:
no way! I totally agree with this poster the cashier's comment was uncalled for! what happened to customer service?I too wouldve reported her . you should always do like "they" would do GET LOUD , and lots of the problem is because they don't know how to count change they are too used to the register doing it for them.
Anonymous on 2007-12-17:
Do you think that was what the cashier really said? Like I stated when it happened to me the cashier said that I was too late and her drawer had been closed. Okay, give me my chicken and I will leave peacefully. I bet that wasn't the worst thing said or done to her that day. I believe that you have to choose your battles and in my opinion that wasn't worth it.
DebtorBasher on 2007-12-17:
If you've been a manager in retail for 13 years, you would know you don't need that cashier's name. Her ID would be on your sale's slip. If not her name, her code with the register, date and time on it will have her ID code as well. But I doubt they would do anything about something like this. They have bigger problems to be concerned about.
DebtorBasher on 2007-12-17:
...told me, “Too bad, you should have told her before.”

When you quote someone, you need to quote correctly...or drop the quotation marks.
jktshff1 on 2007-12-17:
I'm sorry, this OP's got more problems than change!
killerklown on 2007-12-18:
"I’ve been a manager in the retail business for about 13 years now so I know how it is for sales associates so I always smile and say “Hi” whenever I go shopping and mostly they are very helpful but this woman was in a class of her own - the lowest a person could possibly be in."

So this "rude" cashier is worse than, oh I don't know, a serial rapist, or a pedophile? Lady, get bent.
Ponie on 2007-12-18:
Bet this is the same person who 'lost' her mother in Macy's and expected the employees to drop everything and look for her. If it is, she didn't get any sympathy on the other forum either.
smimi on 2007-12-18:
Just want to clarify:
1.) I did tell her to wait before she closed the drawer. I already had the change in my hand ready to give to her. The fact that she said too bad while the drawer was still open, the way she closed the drawer and the look on her face that said what are you going to do about it is unacceptable behavior for somebody working with customers.
2.) killerklown and ponie - why even go there?
3.) That's how the other cashier was able to look up the name - with the receipt I had. He was very helpful with that and wasn't surprised when her name came up.
4.) Yes, I was pissed off when I wrote that and I still get mad when I think about it. Maybe she thought she could get away with giving me an attitude because I was a different nationality than her or most of the others in line.
5.) Cashiers do make mistakes once in a while keying in the wrong amount and they have to figure out how much change to give back to the customer. It's basic math.
6.) What about my behavior? I wasn't able to speak with anyone at Macy's so I vented online, so what? It's not like I got loud or start yelling in the store. I've dealt with many customers like that and I would never do that to someone else.
mnt@nyc on 2007-12-18:
If you don't live in NYC, people can’t understand how really ghetto some of these sales people are. They do things like that so they can get fired and collect unemployment. And who are these posters that're talking about whose attitude? Funny way to respond with your own attitude!
Anonymous on 2007-12-18:
Anonymous on 2009-06-18:
Cashier's are not mind readers. You are rude and should shop online from now on.
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Hidden Charge
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AKRON, OHIO -- I was walking in the mall and decided to just check out the furniture in the new Macy's that had taken the place of Kaufmanns. As I got to the top of the escalator there was a sign saying semi-annual furniture sale (nothing else but those words) so for me that was a plus factor to even look at their furniture displays.

I saw a black leather recliner chair that was small and just the size I had been looking for and it was on sale for $399! What a deal! I told the sales clerk that I wanted to purchase that chair and was there a delivery charge? He said the delivery charge was $65. I said wow I just had a refrigerator and stove delivered from HH Greg and it was only $50 plus they removed my old appliances.

I told him that my friend would pick it up for me with his truck. He then proceeded to fill out the papers and then said that there was a $15 charge for pick-up. I said what! He said it was for the paper work and getting the chair ready for me to put it in my friends truck.

I said the sign should say $414. for the chair not $399 if I have to pay that amount even to pick it up. I also said there were no signs and nothing on the tag stating that there is a $15 charge for pick-up. He said that is Macy's policy. I said OK, well then the sign says $399 for that chair then I will take that chair. He said he could not sell it to me it was the floor model and that I would have to get one out of the warehouse (thus adding the $15).

After talking with various managers, the home office, and district manager they basically said it was Macy's policy and they were not going to change it for me or anyone else.

I then said I would apply for a Macy's card and get 20% off my first purchase. They informed me that I had a Kaufmann's charge and that it automatically turned into a Macy's card and that I could not apply for a new card and get the discount.

To make a long story short, my friend with the truck filled out a form for a Macy's card bought the chair for me and had it delivered to my house and the cost was a lot less than if they would have just taken the $15 off the price. So I paid my friend, he cut up the card and Macy's lost two customers.

Normally I spent a great deal of money over the holidays at that store but not this year! I feel for $15 they lost a good customer and I am sure there are others who feel the same way!

J Munn
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*Brenda* on 2007-02-04:
I've never heard of them charging you for a pick-up! That's nuts.
tander on 2007-02-04:
It's probably not so much the money but the principal of being charged to pick up furniture.
spiderman2 on 2007-02-04:
I would have told them to keep their furniture. That is crazy. I don't care how good of a deal it was a rip-off is a rip-off. Your point to them would have been made more loudly if you would have taken your business elsewhere.
Skye on 2007-02-04:
That's crazy talk, wanting to charge her 15 bucks for picking it up herself. I am shocked, I always thought Macy's was a stand up kind of store. Good review, and thanks for warning others.
Anonymous on 2007-02-04:
Don't got back
Shakra on 2007-02-05:
I'm sorry, but I really think you were over the top on this one. A lot of items have price tags that don't include the sales tax. Should we inform them that we no longer want the product because it is taxed and it isn't posted? Anyway, if you are this upset over $15, you should have walked out and went to another store where you could pay a lot more for the product, but not charged for picking up your goods.

rhondam718732 on 2007-02-05:
People expect to add sales tax to purchase prices in most states but a $15 PICK UP fees? Not so much. If it's Macy's policy then they should have no problem posting it clearly throughout the store for customers to actually see. Shame on Macy's.
Shakra on 2007-02-05:
I used to go to a particular furniture store all the time and they don't tell how much delivery is until after they write the whole thing up. If they charge for pickups, I'm unaware of it since I have all the furniture I need as of now.

Companies are charging people massive amounts of money for "restocking" fees and they aren't listed prior to purchase, either.

As I said, she has every right to go elsewhere to do business. If you have enough people who are as upset as this person then they will go out of business. I walked out of the only place in the city to get a certain car part because they raised the price by $30. This is when we could ill afford the extra $30. We went to a junkyard and got a used one instead.
yoke on 2007-02-05:
When you buy something and want it delivered you expect to pay for a delivery charge, but to get charged for a pick up is absurd. I wonder how many people don't realize they are getting charged the fee and never notice it. There should be a sign at the cash register letting you know of the $15 fee. I wonder if it is even legal for them to charge you for a pickup without it being posted.
rhondam718732 on 2007-02-05:
State Dept. of Consumer Affairs says that restocking and delivery fees can ONLY be charged if they are posted prior to purchase at the retail store. Also...VERY important to note. The Dept. also says it's ILLEGAL to charge a restocking fee to a customer who is returning a defective
Shakra on 2007-02-05:
Then why do we have so many complaints stating that they bring in a defective item and they are charged an outrageous fee? Whether it is illegal or not, it is obvious that companies are charging these fees, anyway.

BTW, I'm not saying that it isn't wrong that the company is charging the fee when they are picking up the item. I'm saying that she had a choice to walk out when they told her about the cost. If enough people protested the fee by walking out, the company would have to either drop the pickup fee or go belly up. She did say that the sales rep told her about the fee voluntarily.

I also think that a $65 fee is excessive for home delivery. Again, not my point. Walk away from the store and don't look back.
steve and sue on 2012-01-13:
Well nothing has changed. OK things have changed, the pick up fee is now $25. There is no option to get away from extra fees. Macys just lost another customer who has spent thousands of dollars in the store in the past few years. Never again.
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Posted by on
FREEHOLD -- I Just want to tell people...that there are some young women in the Macy's dept store...who wear their black suits and walk around with their clear bags...and also have an attitude to boot. I work in the same mall as they do..and they walk in my store (which I will not mention by name) on their breaks or when they are off..and they curse, they speak to mall employees in a very demeaning way-as if working for Macy's makes them better. They are rude and demand attention from you while helping other customers. Excuse me...but regardless if you are off work or not-when you wear that suit-you are clearly representing the company you work for-and how you represent yourself in other stores in the same mall you work in-says a lot. I was outraged by these two girls who are young, and obnoxious...they came in my store and by the time they were walking out...I had some words for them..and GOSH-they were stunned that someone actually stood up to them. I was thinking how would they like it-if I came into their department in Macy's and acted the same way-I'm sure they would not appreciate it. So now..I have no interest in going to shop at Macy's not in the beauty/fragrance area..that's for sure-they don't deserve my business when they hire such trash. I'll just head over to Sephora...anyplace else will word to the wise...when you walk in Macy's and come across a girl who has no idea about customer service or you see a Macy's employee walking in the how they act and speak and remember not to be that way-its not flattering at all.
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DebtorBasher on 2006-11-27:
You already made the point I was going to make...whether they are on or off the Macy's clock, they are still in uniform and easily identified as a Macy's employee and as long as they are, they should still uphold Macy's standards as I am sure are outlined in their empolyee handbook. Any company I've worked for told us as long as we can be ID'd as one of their employees, we are to conduct ourselves by company standards, whether on break, lunch or in the parking lot going to our cars. If we are wearing the company's ID badge, we are still ID'd as an employee for that company.
tander on 2006-11-27:
I would imagine that them young girls working for Macy's makes them feel pretty special, but come on, wearing black suits, is classy?
DORCAS on 2006-11-27:
I've seen this type of employee at other Macy's and stores of that caliber. What they forget is that they are having to wait on people, not the other way around. If they were such big shots they wouldn't be working and waiting on the pubic for a living. I don't know what their earnings are but I'll bet they're not much more than minimum wage plus commission.
DebtorBasher on 2006-11-27:
Maybe they were walking around pretending to be in Macy's Parade.
tander on 2006-11-27:
Good point Dorcas, their supposed to be waiting on customers not customers waiting on them, their too big for their britches with them classy black suits they have *LOL*
Anonymous on 2006-11-28:
Maybe they sell make-up?
Anonymous on 2006-11-28:
The woman who work in the cosmetics area in Macys all look like Tammy Faye Baker.... which is to say SCARY!
yoke on 2006-11-28:
Are they even employees of Macy's. I know some of the clerks (don't ever call them that if you want to get waited on) work for the company they are selling (like Elizabeth Arden, Origins, etc), that is why when they have storewide sales the cosmetics are never included in the sale. Either way they are all a bunch of snobs!
chopperchick on 2006-12-15:
It looks like you were having a bad day and decided to take it out on someone else. I have to admit however that while at Macy's its usually the younger employees who run around acting better than everyone else, and they usually work the make- up counter. I have
chopperchick on 2006-12-15:
bad computer cut me off. Oh well, just go into Macys and walk past the counter. Trust me major snobs.
frogit on 2007-08-21:
As a Macy's employee, I want to assure you that not all of our employees are that way. Sad to say, there are rotten ones in every organization, and the employees who you describe certainly do not demonstrate Macy's basic principles of being fair, professional, and courteous. In my particular Macy's, we sadly have some who are snotty, but I know that there are also many who are courteous, and try to be positive and professional.

By the way, I would encourage you to go to our website and share that information via a survey that is available...go to

I know from daily staff meetings that this IS shared, and Macy's does pay attention to this input.

Again, I am saddened to see that you have had a negative experience with some of our employees. I hope that you discover the majority of Macy's employees who DO treat others with fairness and respect.
MacysNorth on 2008-01-21:
Macy's North of Michigan, aka Marshall Fields, aka Hudson's the employees are long time seasoned good people. We get compliments daily in my department alone. The majority of us are still the old Hudson’s workers and we know customer service and good behavior towards others inside the store and I’m sure outside as well.
bellapug02 on 2008-08-15:
I know this is an old post- I was just browsing. I live in the south, and I have worked as an Estee Lauder rep in both Macy's and Dillard's. We only had to carry clear bags at Dillard's- not Macy's, but it may be different where you live. Anyway- I'm not so much addressing you as the people who posted calling us (we are beauty advisors by the way- not "clerks" and we also all have NAMETAGS bc we are human beings with names) Snobs. I'm sure there are snobby people in every department. It is very mean to assume we are all that way. Most of the makeup counters are Lauder companies: Clinique, Origins, Mac, Bobbi Brown, and of course, Estee Lauder. We are all trained extensively about our products and more importantly about customer relations. If these young girls were like that, it is probably no fault of the company as much as their own upbringing. I can tell you from experience, we know we aren't better than anyone else. The pay is not great- its alright, but not huge. We get all kinds of attitude and judgment by people who just assume we are stuck up. Most of us are not. I agree you should have taken up for yourself- but I hate that you would punish all of the cosmetics department because of those 2 little unfortunate girls. Trust me- we want to help- we want everyone's business- those of us who are grown and actually have bills to pay. And for the record- we don't like the black suits. They are hot, itchy, and uncomfortable. It's just our uniform. Just like anyone else whose job requires them to wear something specific.
beauty advisor 59 on 2012-03-28:
I read a lot about the cosmetics department employees in Macy's being snobs. Really? What we are is underpaid but highly trained beauty consultants that are expected to work in all departments even though we are trained especially for OUR department. We get a very small hourly pay plus a very small commission. In order to pay our bills we must sell, sell, sell!! PLUS clean, stock, and deal with mean, rude people who think we are there to do FREE makeovers for parties, proms and weddings. Gives us a break and treat us with the respect that we deserve...perhaps then we won't come off so snobish.
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Compliment Victoria, for excellent service
Posted by on
Victoria, in Woman's better sportswear has a delightful personality and is very professional and goes above and beyond to satisfy her customers and I so appreciated her helpfulness.
Carol Taylor
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BEJ on 2010-06-21:
Great review! Out there somewhere, there are people who care about doing a great job and looks like you found one of them.
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Thank you, Margaret
Posted by on
BRIDGEWATER, NEW JERSEY -- On January 30, 2010, my husband and I went to Macy's at the Bridgewater Mall to find and purchase shower and wedding gifts. Margaret was exceptionally helpful and made our shopping trip much easier, in fact, fun. We now have lovely gifts ready to deliver and we will be sure to look for Margaret on our next shopping trip. Thank you, Margaret.
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Thanks Shannon
Posted by on
My aunt & I went in and Shannon came over to greet us& asked to help. She ran all over the store for us to attend to our needs. She went out of her way to make us think she was there just for us. She explained the promotions & coupons, figured both options to take full advantage of our savings and was very attentive & friendly. WE CAN'T say enough about her or our great savings that day. Thanks again Shannon for the fun afternoon. Judy Snow & Jessie Parker
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Good Service
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GREENSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- Frankly, my wife and I always have wonderful service from the staff at Macy's Westmoreland. My most recent experience was with Bernie who is always extremely helpful, and Thursday was particularly outstanding. Thanks for hiring good employees.
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Skye on 2010-01-30:
tnchuck100 on 2010-01-30:
I'll second that! SHILL!
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Praising an employee of Macy's Regency Square Mall, Richmond, VA
Posted by on
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- I wish to compliment Tracy in the women's shoe dept. for his excellent service to me. He was pleasant and efficient, showing me several kinds of shoes, showing me various colors in a particular shoe, and helping me decide on the proper size as I am difficult to fit and certain brands of shoes require different sizes. I bought 4 pairs of shoes from Tracy and would like his supervisor to know that I have never had better service in any shoe dept. of any store and I'm a senior citizen.
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Helpful employee
Posted by on
I want to compliment your employee, Alicia, store #11, 11686203. She was extremely helpful, I recently had knee surgery and have a little difficulty getting around, she helped me find garments and exchange some items. She was very knowledgeable and friendly. A GREAT EMPLOYEE!
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Anonymous on 2009-12-16:
Alicia sounds hot....
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Excellent sales personnel
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BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- Macy's Boca Town Center Mall Boca Raton Florida
My wife and I purchased a diamond pendant from this store. The sales person Gloria #71859778 was very knowledgeable about the jewelry, most helpful in our making a decision and very courteous/friendly. She is an excellent employee

Bill fleming
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