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Horrible Organization and Customer Service
By -

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- My husband and I were recently married and took back quite a few gifts from the wedding that we didn't need and put the refund towards a couch. We had been looking at the couch for over a year, but couldn't afford it until then. We were informed that it would take 6 weeks to get it in the warehouse, which we said was fine.

We went out of town overnight, and they called us telling us to call back and confirm an appointment for delivery. However, even though we did not call back because we did not get the message, they sent the truck anyway and then called us saying "no one was home to deliver the couch". Why would they send someone out there if they requested a confirmation but did not receive one? When I called to reschedule, they told me "2 more weeks". This happened again 2 weeks later. My husband missed the delivery by five minutes, and again, they sent the couch back.

The third time, I got the call and asked if there was a way to reschedule the appointment, because I had to work. I was told that the woman could not fix or "touch" the delivery scheduled and I would have to take care of it by calling another number. What she failed to tell me was that she cancelled the delivery completely. I was able to get my husband to take time off work to meet the truck, but they cancelled the delivery so he took time off for nothing.

When I requested to speak to a manager, they gave me Christopher, who insisted that the only thing he could do was deliver it nine days later. Because I was at work, I had him give me his number to call him back. About an hour later, I called the number and was connected to some lady in the Arizona Branch! Finally I got ahold of someone who told me if I didn't want the 29th delivery I could have it on the 3rd of January!

I cancelled the order and I am calling today to make sure I get a full refund. I don't need to pay 10% of something that never even made it to my house! I will never buy Macy's furniture again. I used to work in customer service and I know what things can be done to rectify situations. They are so big, they don't care. I wish Nordstroms had a furniture department.

Avoid Macy's Online Retail
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Macy's online shopping is among the worst on the net. My first experience involved PayPal purchases. Twice my order was cancelled because of a discrepancy between the cost at time of transaction and the transaction value Macy's brokerage firm attempted to push through. By the time I was notified of the failed transaction, the item(s) were no longer in stock.

My second experience was even worse. This time I issued my credit card info and purchased 3 items online. The first shipped within 1 week, the remaining 2 were in "processing" status for about 3+ weeks. I contacted Macy's customer support and was assured the order was being processed. After another week, or so, I contacted Macy's again and according to the csr, there was a "warehouse problem" and did I want them to try to locate stock.

Totally unacceptable and unprofessional conduct. I live in a relatively small community and I purchase a lot of stuff online mainly because of unavailability locally. I've honestly *never* had the kind of negative experience I've had with Macy's. It frustrating and ultimately disappointing. My advice, especially to other international shoppers is to avoid Macy's online like the plague! Compared with most of the other online retailers I've shopped with, Macy's is really amateur and incompetent.

Strike 3 Macy's... you're definitely out. This is one customer who will never spend another dime in your organization and I'll tell anyone who will listen.

What's Really on Sale?
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Rating: 2/51

TROY, MICHIGAN -- Although I have a Macy's credit card, I very seldom use it. Mainly, I purchase gift cards for clients/friends/relatives. There are two stores quite near me; one within walking distance. Last week I received a mailing that left me scratching my head. In it were four ‘star rewards PASS' cards. Two were for $10 off a purchase of $30 or more; two were for 20% off any purchases made on any day I choose. As expected with various coupons, sales, etc., at the bottom of the cards was: *Exclusions apply; see reverse for details. Before tossing them, I thought I'd take a look at the reverse.

I was very surprised at what I found: ‘Excludes ALL: Everyday Values (EDV), specials, special purchases, super buys, furniture, mattresses & area rugs/floor coverings, cosmetics, fragrances, electrics/electronics, Licensed Depts., bridge and designer handbags & shoes, designer sportswear, watches, Impulse, Oval Room, 28 Shop, eSpot, sterling flatware, All-Clad, Eileen Fisher, Emporio Armani, Tommy Bahama, Coach, Dooney & Bourke, Dyson, Henckels, Juicy, Lacoste, Lalique, Lauren/Polo/Ralph Lauren/Denim & Supply, Levi's, Lladro, Waterford China/Crystal/Silver, Wusthof, etc.

There were many more companies and/or departments listed but I think these are enough to give a general idea of the exclusions. At the bottom, in bold print is: Online exclusions differ, see (website) for more details. I realize some manufacturers do not allow retailers to discount their products. Yankee Candle comes to mind. A suggestion for Macy's: On the reverse of the amount/percentage off cards, list the items that CAN be purchased using these cards rather than the exclusions. The list would probably be shorter.

Fine Jewelry
By -

My wife bought a pair of earrings in fine jewelry for $2600. The saleswoman ** took the tags off the earrings and stuck them to the receipt and told her that she could return them in 30 days. We went and tried to return them about 15 days later which is today. ** and her manager ** who wouldn't give her last name told us that they aren't returnable because the tags are not attached to the earrings. ** lied and says that she told my wife they were not returnable if the tags were off. It does say that on the receipt but who reads the receipt if the salesperson tells you verbally that you can return it.

So a warning to all who shop at Macy's for jewelry. Do not let the salesperson take off any tags, because they know that if they do, their commission is guaranteed and you will not be returning anything without a tag attached. I know that this has happened to others because it's a scam. Salespeople should not be taking tags off of anyone's purchases. They have too much to gain and nothing to lose. I will celebrate when Macy's files for Chapter 11 and ** and ** get downsized.

"Worry No More" is Bogus - Mattress Cleaning
By -

First let me explain that I have lost sleep because of this (literally). When I made my mattress purchase $1200 worth, I also purchased the protection plan and they declined my claim stating numerous stains, however from the time I submitted my claim my small child apparently wet the bed again. So now we are in the process of waiting 30-60 days for an answer on whether they will clean it or not. It makes no sense! I can't even sleep on my bed since the stench of urine is too strong for my senses.

Stay away from the protection plan, they give you bull. I have called the worry no more company and have spoken to Macy's and they just give you the runaround I will never buy furniture in this place. Why would you sell your customers a sham of insurance, and why should anyone have to wait more than 30 days for an answer this is totally unacceptable. The salespeople selling you the plan do not explain anything. They are just trying to sell you the plan. It's already been 3 weeks since my claim was submitted... All I have to say is Macy's you suck for cheating your customers!

Macys Credit Card Fraud
By -

Macys Credit card fraud. It happened to me, the Macys credit card fraud. I am writing this to alert anyone reading of this of Macys fraud department. It works like this, when you buy any products from Macys they ask you if you want to sign up for their card service, if you say yes, they try to put your new purchase on the new card so that it gets activated immediately and you become liable to use it. I had given them my existing credit card, I don't know why they put the charges on the new card.

I called their customer service to remove the charge from their card and put it on my card. They went ahead and closed it and put a balance on my credit report. All without informing me or contacting me. I paid their card balance in full. This is after they charged me a hefty penalty fees. They won't send me a itemized bill. The penalty amounted to 271$, for a charge of 46$. The Macys customer rep said that I should not have paid without getting a itemized bill, completely sidestepping the issue.

I think I am legally entitled to an itemized bill. Please can anyone reading this advise me. Macys really hurt my credit score. And now after having paid them for an year, they won't update my credit report. I call them get transferred from department to department. In retrospect, any card which is offered in a Shopping mall is risky, this is to all teenagers and youngsters. Hope that helps. Concerned Consumer.

Worry No More Plan made me Worry More!
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Rating: 1/51

PENNSYLVANIA -- We bought a leather sofa from Macy's a few years ago. We purchased the Worrynomore Premium protection plan that costs $338. We thought this was a good idea that would give us peace of mind. No long after before our final payments we noticed small cracks beginning to develop on two of the seating cushions. We contacted the protection plan company and explained our concerns. They sent out a representative who examined the couch. He told us that he had just examined a couch like ours that was a couple years older and the cracks had become splits and they were replacing or repairing it.

He also expressed that it was from body oils. The seat cushions haven't even been sat on where body oils would be transferred to the leather, and there isn't any sign of discoloration on the leather. It is an obvious defect. Days later we received a call from the company and said that it wouldn't be covered because the examiner said it was due to body oils.

Also if you do not place a claim within 7 years you get your money back. Now that we placed a claim we have a ruined couch that we can't replace and we wasted $338 on a protection plan that was a huge waste of money. I am very disappointed in Macy's and this plan. I would not waste my money on this plan. You would be better off buying cheaper furniture and replacing it every few years.

On Online Gifts for Shower Sent to Bride Instead of Me - No Shipping Info on Order
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Rating: 1/51

NEW JERSEY -- I ordered online through bridal registry gifts for shower. I gave all my credit info - checked that I did not want card or message sent. I expected to receive packages to my billing address since I did not see shipping info. My shower gifts were sent to bride instead of me ruining surprise. Now I have no gifts to bring to shower. I checked my order info and saw in very tiny print that order would be sent to bride - cannot understand how bridal gifts would be sent to bride way before wedding day - very disappointed.

I am a senior citizen and live on a budget so therefore it will be quite embarrassing for me at shower - will never use your registry again. Tried to call and no one answered - it seems you could do a better job in that department and add shipping address very clearly on any orders.

Fine jewelry... buyers Beware
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Rating: 4/51

LA MESA, CALIFORNIA -- Purchased $600 gold bracelet 10/6/12. Wore it approximately a dozen timeslast time worn (9 weeks after purchase), had feeling like a pin-prick and noticed that a gold filament had broken and was poking into my skin. Checked bracelet more thoroughly and it was broken in 4 places. Because I had removed tags, they would not take it back and only option was for it to be sent to their repair shop to have it repaired at my expense (because I had not purchased extended service warranty).

Told them that tags were removed so that I could wear the bracelet as my intent was obviously to keep. Extended service warranty irrelevant and applied only to repairs, not returns.... a product like this should stand up to gentle wear for longer than 9 weeks. So, no consumer protection at all here for a product that is of poor quality. Wish they had lemon laws for jewelry!!

Poor Quality Worse Than Cheap Furniture
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Rating: 1/51

INDIANA -- I am writing this due to the poor quality in the couch that I purchased and also the lack of service from one of your dealers. I first purchased a Natuzzi couch almost 20 years ago which I still have and LOVE!!! The problem is that it needed recovered and we decided to get all new Natuzzi furniture due to the great luck and quality that we got from the first one. We purchased a new set in 2006, the recliner mechanism was not working properly and the cushion on the couch seemed different from the beginning and we were told that it was all covered not to worry.

Here we are 6 years later and we are still trying to get it repaired and have to contact the dealer to follow up and make sure that they follow through. I am getting ready to furnish my basement that was recently remodeled and WILL NOT get more Natuzzi furniture due to the last set we bought. I seriously doubt we will be ready to gamble on what the quality will be this time around.

I was a raving fan at one time of Natuzzi that is why I did not think twice of spending over $4,000. for a new couch from your company. The performance of the couch we currently have after only 6 years and 2 adults being the only people living here and very little use is very disappointing to me for what was the only brand that I would buy.

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