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Horrible customer service
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I placed an order purchasing a 3 piece Bill Blass Spinner Luggage set. The item was selling for $39.99 as part of a big Thanksgiving Day online sale and I purchased it using a 20% off coupon code, thus supposedly paying $29.99 and getting free shipping for the item. When it arrived, I received a totally different piece of luggage and was charged $71.99 for the item. After several phone calls and many hours spent talking to a rude, incompetent customer service center, and unfulfilled promises about managers calling me back, someone worked with me the next day to "fix" the problem. She said she sent me a return shipping label for the wrong luggage, credited me the difference in the cost, and sent me out the correct product as well as a $15 gift card for all my troubles.
I never received the luggage or the gift card and, after a few weeks, I called Macy's to find out what happened. They told me the product I wanted was no longer available so they credited my account. I checked my account and it was never properly credited and I also saw that product was, in fact, still available and in stock on the website, so I emailed customer service on December 27th to explain the situation. After several more ridiculous email exchanges, I finally got the full credit for the item I was told I'd get a $15 gift card in the mail. I then emailed to ask why, if the product is in stock, I could not get it shipped to me at the price I originally paid. They emailed back saying they could not place the order for me online, but that I should call customer service referencing the UPC code (which they gave me) and order number to show my original price and they would handle it.
After spending almost another full hour on the phone with customer service this morning and getting the runaround yet again, I was told they will not be able to send it to me for the original price I paid and that I would now have to order it for the price it is selling for today.
Overall, it was a horrible experience and I am so frustrated at this point that I am planning to cancel my Macy's credit card and cease shopping there forever.
Problem With Ordering From Bridal Registry And Zero Customer Service!
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My Brother and his Fiance got Married in March of this year, and They had registered at Macys for the bridal shower/Wedding. I had gone online to view their registry and ended up ordering something off of it to be used as a gift for the bridal shower which was at the end of February.

The website indicated the item was in stock, and I had ordered it to be delivered to my Brother and his Fiance's house giving plenty of time for it to arrive before the shower. (3 weeks).

I went through the whole order process, and entered my credit card info...etc. And at the end of the transaction, it stated it was complete and I would receive a confirmation when the item had shipped.

2 weeks went by, and I still hadn't received any confirmation of shipment. I started to panic a little because the shower was now only 1 week away. I attempted NUMEROUS times to contact somebody to give me info on my order, but all my emails went without response, and all the phone calls I placed to get someone from online were all dead ends full of countless hours of being put on hold/transferred/disconnected.

I checked my credit card, and it had still not been charged yet, so I figured maybe my order didn't go through for whatever reason, but by then, I didn't want to reorder through Macys again since the customer service was zero. So I ended up ordering a whole other gift from another store instead, and this time had to also pay for faster shipping so it would arrive at their house on time.

Now...Fast forward over 3 months later. The Bridal shower had come and gone, and so had the wedding. The honeymoon was long since over, and everyone was just back to living their lives.

Out of the blue, I get a phone call from my brother stating he just got a package from Macys. It turned out it was the item I had ordered many months back, and now they finally decided to ship it. I was FURIOUS with Macys now.

I renewed my attempts to get a hold of someone who could help me. I wrote repeated letters complaining that the gift came way too late to be appropriate as a shower or wedding gift, and that I had already purchased those gifts at another store since they had failed to confirm, or notify me in any way since I had made the initial purchase in the beginning of February.....and it was now the middle of May!

I checked my credit card balance, and sure enough, they had charged it May 12th.

What pisses me off is that not only is the customer service and communication completely lacking, but they put me in a situation, where it would be socially awkward to tell my brother that this shipment from Macys was a mistake. It would be rude of me to ask him to return it even though I had already bought his wedding presents and had given them to him at the appropriate times.

This is a warning in general to be wary of ordering anything off the online Macys registry. They make it impossible to get any kind of help if something goes wrong with your order! Especially important when the gifts you buy are time-sensitive like for weddings!
Beware Macy's Credit Card
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Around Xmas I took out a Macy's credit card - BIG MISTAKE. I had some coupons from a friend but could only use them with the store credit card. I immediately paid off my balance in the store after my purchases. I was told that I would get a 15% discount on my first bill.

The exact opposite happened and Macy's by their assignee Department Stores National Bank has done the following:
First they sent the card to the wrong address, so I immediately cancelled without ever receiving the card.

After returning the items to the store ( the gifts did not fit) I was told I could only get the cash I paid put back on the credit card and after two weeks on a cancelled card they would automatically return it. NOT TRUE this is April and I after numerous request for my cash I still don't have it.

The worse part is they DEDUCTED 15% from the CASH I actually paid on the card, claiming they were taking back a 'new account savings' which they NEVER gave in the first place.

I have written numerous letters, and spent lengthy hours on the phone to their outsourced customer service in India where they just don't give a damn.

I have shown the reps that no way should a store deduct from actual cash paid on the bogus claim that they were taking back a discount. I am entitled to the full amount of cash I paid once the items were returned. Moreover I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED THE 15% DISCOUNT IN THE FIRST PLACE. They claim it was given in the store. This 'promotion' is still ongoing where they rope you in by claiming to give a 15% discount on your first bill for all purchases done within the first 2 days of getting the card. NOT TRUE - a total ripoff.

Each month I receive a statement saying if I want my cash back ( minus the fraudulently deducted 15%) I should submit the bottom part of the statement. Instead of a check I got a 3 line letter saying they did not have sufficient information to review my dispute, or return my money.

On top of it, I was told I would have received a Macy's Visa, but the statement shows it is an Instore card with a whopping 22.90% interest rate.

The entire operation by Macy's Stores and Department Stores National Bank is a huge scam against consumers - the old bait and switch. The reps have every detail of my transaction even the codes on the receipts and the items purchased, yet I am told by the dispute department they have insufficient information to attend to my dispute. Pure Crap!!!

I went back to the Macy's store in Valley Stream NY and the explained the fraudulent accounting. He agreed that I 15% should have been deducted from my cash balance on returned items. He tried to contact customer service with me on the phone - and the rude woman at the other end said, it was not his account and she could not talk with him, even though I gave her permission to discuss my account.

I intend to pursue this matter to the ends of the earth if I have to, and Macy's should be paying me 22.90% on my cash balance they have been refusing to send, plus on the fraudulently deducted 15% I intend to pursue a small claims court case under local Business Law for double the amount owed.

These kind of things happen when big corporations outsource financial and private matters to Asia where it is obvious the reps don't give a hoot, and also are not beyond stealing. Personally I think the surge in identity theft comes from outsourcing.
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COLUMBUS, OHIO -- I opened a department store account with Macy*s to get a discount on my rather large purchase.(My biggest mistake in years!)
I was led to believe (B4 I opened the account) that I would be able to pay the bill right then and there. Well I had to go to another part of the store and use a check (not a debit card!) which I do not carry around. In this day and age who uses paper checks?

I do not shop often in the malls so returning was not likely. I registered with the website online several days later thinking I could get the info I needed for my bank to send an electronic payment. My account # is not listed online thus I could get the info I needed for my bank. I waited and waited and waited for a statement to appear in my mailbox; I'm still waiting 4 weeks later!!! The website shows my account balance with a due date that has passed! Remember I have yet to receive a statement, so I do not know my account # and cannot pay my bill without it!!
I called "customer service" (I used that term with my teeth gritted)and was told there is no balance due* so I will not receive a statement!
*Apparently they think the due date is 4 weeks in the future, thus no statement is sent for however long they choose. They do not send statements "until there is a balance due".
I do not feel that setting an arbitrary time to send me MY INFORMATION is fair. This reeks of setting someone up for late fees, service fees etc.

To add insult to injury I have received a Macy's VISA card!!! I do not want this card and never asked for this card, and am upset I now have TWO accounts to cancel! Of course the Macy*s VISA is a COMPLETELY different account #.
The website will allow payments if they can get your checking account #. Giving them more info is the last thing I want to do. This is why people use the bank to pay bills and not individual websites, only the bank has the info not everyone else.

I feel as if this is a way for making people forget about the balance for a while, send the statement later hoping they can get the extra late fees service fees etc by catching you unprepared
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Worry No More Scam From Uniters
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Rating: 1/51
OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON -- I think we all need to file a class action lawsuit against Macy's and Uniters. I have been having the same problems as all of you. The salesperson said the same B.S.. to me anything and everything is covered. Each time I have called they have been rude and will not cover my couch or chair. Scam!
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Fake "Sales"
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Rating: 1/51
Enough of the duplicitous sales tactics! Yesterday's advert: starting tomorrow, 50% off the regular price of cashmere sweaters. Surprise -- today the "regular" price increased by $50. That's not the kind of store that I reward with any kind of loyalty and neither should others.
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Poor quality misleading warranty
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Rating: 1/51
RENO, NEVADA -- Purchased a high end leather NATUZZI recliner from Macys in Reno 3 yrs ago. Leather is peeling off in lumbar region. Warranty we purchased does not cover peeling only rips or tears. Totally misleading warranty, very poor quality and neither Natuzzi or Macys will do anything but offer excuses as to why they won't do anything to make it right. We will NEVER again shop at Macys nor purchase any Natuzzi product. Hope this review helps someone avoid the same bad decision we made to shop at Macys.
Rude & Would not offer to help me
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TROY, MICHIGAN -- I was at the Somerset Collection in the crystal dept. I waned a Swarowski Christmas ornament."LYNN" said they were sold out. Was I looking to sell them on E-Bay??? Why on earth would she make a comment like that? I asked her if she could check Oakland Mall to see if they had and she handed me telephone number and told me to call them. I was so taken back, there were no customers at her station. She was rude.......I will never have her help me again, I will find a store manager. The lady in luggage was so helpful and kind, I think her name was Kathleen.
I did go to Oakland Mall and I couldn't believe how friendly and helpful everyone was there. If I need anything it will never be at Somerset. Other people were complaining about her flipant attitude. She definitely need some attitude change. I have been a loyal customer since 1959.R. McKimson
Misleading/Outdated Listing
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ONLINE -- This Tuesday there was a "one day sale" event at Macy's in store and online. I spent about 40 minutes adding items to the cart and checked out. At check out 7 out of 10 items in my cart were "unavailable" even though they were still listed on the site. Contacted customer service, was told that the IT department only updates the site every 24 hours. The next day, those same items I wanted are still listed so I added them to my cart again, thinking the site must have been updated and these items are somehow becoming available. At check out the very same thing happened. It's a time waster, really, and a big disappointment. Today they are having another sale event, I went through the site adding different items to my cart, and at check out every single 1 of my items added were "unavailable". I shop at Macy's just about every week or every other week and do a lot of online shopping at their site as well. But this is becoming such a hassle. Very unsatisfied.
Paying Online
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Last Thursday I went to the Macy's website to pay my bill and got: We are sorry our payment system is currently unavailable. Please try again later.

I went back Friday--same thing.
Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday--same thing.

On Tuesday I called the 800 number to pay my bill. I called at 8:49 PM. They were closed. The message stated they received calls until 9:00 PM central. I wasn't happy.

I went into Macy's in Garland, TX, yesterday to pay my bill (paying it off because of this), and told the customer service person. She was polite and informed me where I could find the manager. I easily found the manager and told him I know the website is not his domain and proceeded to inform him what happened. I also told him this situation propelled me to pay off my credit card with Macy's. He offered me a discount. I didn't take it, but I appreciate that he made the offer.
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