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Magellan Map Updates
Posted by on
I purchased a Magellan Maestro 4200 GPS from Tiger This unit was purchased as a X-mas gift for my wife on 11/23/08. On X-mas day when we open up the unit and registered the product I found out that the map in the unit was out-dated. (2years)

After contacting CS at their web site I was informed that a update was available for 79.95 since it did not fall under the 30 day grace period from date of purchase. I responded with "you mean to tell me that the only way I can get a free map update is to purchase the unit the day I intend to give it as a gift?" Their attitude is 30 days is 30 days. Even though the unit did not arrive at my address until 11/28/08. Well my response is to return it to Tiger This is in no way a bad reflection on Tiger Direct. They are a very reliable company.

As for Magellan, I will buy a Garmin or Tomtom from Tiger Direct, and not recommend that anyone buy any of Magellan's products. They really know how to put the Grinch back into X-mas.

As we all know almost all companies honor the fact that when a product is registered as a X-mas gift the warranty starts the day a gift is received, not the date of purchase.

This was their response:

"Thanks for writing us back. Again, we are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Since your unit has been purchased last November 23, 2008, unfortunately, you are not entitled for a free map update. As per Magellan policy, those units that were purchased within 30 days will have the opportunity to receive free map updates. What we suggest you is to purchase the 2008/2009 map update through Best Buy or to our website. If you do need further assistance, do not hesitate to email us back so that we can further assist you. We will be awaiting your reply.

Should you require further assistance about this or any other Magellan unit, please also visit our website

AM 20270
Magellan GPS Technical Support
Email: support. us@cs.

No Thanks Magellan:

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Anonymous on 12/27/2008:
Magellan's 30-day map guarantee is weird. It's free only if they release a new map within 30 days of purchase. TomTom is different. You get the free new map if the one on your unit is outdated. Still, though, it has to be done within 30 days of purchase.
jktshff1 on 12/27/2008:
Garmin..ya still got to upgrade, but it works.
DeLorme has a great gps for laptop, but I tend to work if I got my laptop on in the car, so I don't do that.
Sequoyah on 08/07/2009:
Due to misinformation on their website, I bought an update that is not compatible with my Roadmate 2000. I used their drop down guides and my unit is registered with them on their site. At no point was their anything that indicated that this would not be compatible, and, in fact, the site indicated that it was compatible. They refuse to refund me anything for their mistake, even though I can not use it. I am selling the update and buying a Garmin. I will never buy a Magellan product again.
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Beware of Buying From This Company
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Absolutely BEWARE of buying from this company. I ordered a Roadmate 1700 and when received the Manufactures box was not properly taped and components of the unit were in the shipping box, the face of the unit looked as if it had been skipped across a concrete floor it was scratched so badly and the unit would not even operate. I appeared as if they had grabbed one off a bench, dropped it and then threw it in a box and shipped it out to me. I have now had to return the trash at my expense and am awaiting their golden word if I will even receive the amount I paid. This company is a SCAMMER so BEWARE.
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Magellan GPS is Trash
Posted by on
This is a high end GPS system I purchased 2 years ago. I use it about 2x a week. Take very good care of it. It stopped charging. The charging cord light is on so that works, but the unit won't take a charge and therefore won't work. Talking to people in India is a challenge. When they tell me that Magellan will not fix the unit even if I will pay for it, I wonder what is the matter with the company? It must be ready to go bankrupt. I've never heard of such a thing. They won't repair their $400 GPS under any circumstances. What a rotten company. I'm going to report them to the Attorney General.
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Anonymous on 10/19/2009:
You need a new battery. Magellen is a great product. Sounds like your unit may have a faulty battery OR the charger has a short in it. If it has a removable battery, check to make sure it is in correctly.

Try using the cigarette adapter that came with it to see if it will charge that way. If so, it is the charger, the outlet or some other defect.
i_am_canadian on 10/19/2009:
Attorney General, lmao. Good luck with that.
Eloise on 10/19/2009:
What do you think the Attorney General will do? The reason I ask is that the job of the Attorney General is to be the main legal advisor to the government. Not 'consumer dissatisfaction'.
Anonymous on 10/19/2009:
In my state, the Attorney General has a very active office that intervenes on behalf of consumers.
Anonymous on 10/19/2009:
That series Magellan Maestro as well as many others have a defective DC power port. Magellan is not acknowledging the defect. You can have the port replaced for about $40 by some repair shops.
Slimjim on 10/19/2009:
An AG's office does have responsibilities in the area of consumer protection, but honestly this is not a case they would look at. AG's tend to only investigate when either a blatant law is broken or a pattern of complaints against a company is evident. You did the right thing by posting your experience. Beyond that, I would do what ladyscot said and just get it working, even if on your dime at this point.
Anonymous on 10/19/2009:
passing, I did not know that about this series of product. Magellan is a very good product usually. But just like every other company, they can have a bad thing from time to time.
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Magellan does not stand behind their products
Posted by on
Magellan GPS quit working. No way to contact the company except by phone. Finally got someone but it is out of warranty. This was an expensive product. I believe it only needs a new battery but instructions say not to try to change it yourself.

Magellan sucks. They should not be in business. Buy from someone else!!
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User Replies:
John doe on 06/13/2011:
Not enough info, how old is this product?
trmn8r on 06/13/2011:
If the instructions advise against user-replacement of the battery, Magellan tech support should tow the company line, whether it us under warranty or not.

Seems to me your best bet is to use online help from others who have faced this issue, and figured out how to replace the battery.
bob93 on 06/15/2011:
Type this into Google and see if your model is listed, it shows how to replace the battery in many models:

GOOGLE: how to replace battery in Magellan GPS
GA Riverdale,NJ on 08/01/2011:
I agree. Magellan customer support is realyy not support. It is basically "buy a new one". My Magellan Roadmate 700 stopped speaking and although it was old I did pay $800 for it and barely used it. All they could say was buy a new one & will give you peanuts as a trade in. I will never buy another. Bought a Tom Tom and it works great. I will reserve judgment on their customer service for when I need them.
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Magellan warranty, BAH, HUMBUG!
Posted by on
SAN DIMAS, CALIFORNIA -- I bought my Magellan Maestro 3100 on 1/26/09. The touch screen has quit and they are making me jump through hoops. I did all of the diagnostics with the phone support person then e-mailed them proof of purchase showing that my 1 year warranty is not up. I just got another e-mail from their support department saying I am out of warranty (not true). They go on to say "Since Magellan no longer service GPS units it is no longer within warranty" but they will sell me a new unit at "discount". What a crock. This company must be going down the toilet if they can't live up to their commitments. I sent them all of my info again to show I am within warranty. I do not want to buy another Magellan.
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Bad Customer Rep bad item
Posted by on
SMYRNA, TENNESSEE -- I bought this system in Dec '08 6 months later the screen would not work It has a year warranty. Well most companies will send you a label to return the item. After all you have already paid for a working item why should you pay an extra $12 to mail their defective product! Paid the money returned the item after a whole month of having the item they gave me a refurbished on with only the time left on my other warranty to cover the item???

The screen was scratched and it looked old!? Never again Magellan. Buy a Garmin or other item next time!!
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Magellan Roadmate GPS Repair Service
Posted by on
On 2/7/08 I contacted the Magellan Repair Service at 1-800-707-9971. I gave my Member ID number. Since I had called numerous times before without any positive results I was prepared. When the agent informed me that my Roadmate was not repairable I gave instructions that my unit was to be mailed back to me immediately and that if that could not be done I would go directly to Headquarters located here in Santa Clara, CA. Next, the agent started with would you be interested in...I immediately cut in and demanded that my unit be shipped back to me that I was not interested in spending another $243 for a better model, etc. etc. The agent then informed me that Magellan was willing to send me a replacement unit FREE OF CHARGE. I said OK, when. I was informed that I would have the unit by the end of next week and to call in the middle of the week for a tracking number as the unit would be sent via UPS.

It was explained that this was being done as compensation for all my troubles with the repair center. So now there is hope. I will update this posting at the end of next week, hopefully with good news!
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nstigator39 on 02/07/2008:
I hope you will keep us updated on this matter as Costco is having one on sale, $100 off in March and I am considering it, however if the reviews of the company do not look too good I will go with another brand. The one I am looking at is a top of the line model, regularlly $499 so I figure with the hundred off I will give it a shot.
So keep us updated, Thanks
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Magellan Roadmate 1200 3.5
Posted by on
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Magellan GPS Updates
Posted by on
Magellan produces the worst crap ever. I've had gps units that were cheaper and performed better. Their recommended procedure does not work and they only offered to sell me another crap unit.

Buyer beware.
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TGT101 on 06/02/2009:
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Poor Warranty/Customer Service
Posted by on
DES MOINES, IOWA -- I purchased a Magellan Roadmate less than 2 months ago. Last week I pushed the screen and the thin plastic layer over the touch screen cracked. The unit will not work now. This was not abuse, just a simple push to mute the voice command. Magellan informed me that since it was physical damage the unit would not be covered under their warranty. They offered me a used unit for $84 plus shipping.

I only paid $89 new at Costco here in town no shipping. In my opinion no one should waste their money on products from this company!
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