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Via di Tor Cervara
225 Roma, 00155 Italy
06-22-935-1 (ph)
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Warning before dealing with Maggiore
By -

ROME, ITALY -- I would warn anyone considering renting a car from Maggiore in Rome to be careful as they have shown dishonnesty in their dealings. Here is copy of the E-mails. They have not responded to my last reply:

Dear Mr. Giada Liotto,

I forgot to mention the charge on my Visa card was Euro 77.03 but only the inappropriate charge for fuel (E 45.55) has been given an explanation. What was the other unapproved charge of Euro 31.48?

Dr. J Sylvain

Dear Mr. Giada Liotto,
I do not doubt you refilled the tank with fuel but this is not the point. When I signed the contract I was told the tank was 1/2 full and I needed to bring it back 1/2 full not to incur any charges. I brought back the car in that state and should not have been charged for filling the reservoir. Unfortunately your system doesn't allow for verification since there is no attendant in the garage when you take possession or return the car. I frequently rent cars during my travels and never encountered such a system. Usually verification of the car status and any pending charges are settled when the car is returned and it was a nasty to surprise to have charges put on my Visa card without any explanation. I made the mistake of trusting that Maggiore was an honest company and I have now changed my opinion. If I do not receive the refund I am due, I will certainly advise anyone planning a trip to Italy to avoid your company. I will also place this information on Trip Advisor and similar sites to alert fellow travellers about fraudulent practices at Maggiore.
This is ruining an otherwise excellent experience with the car.
Dr. J Sylvain Original Message
To: "Jacques"
Sent: Thursday, January 07, 2010 9:59 AM
Subject: Invoice n°0920268041 rental agreement ROT 3103A
Dear Mr Sylvain,

as per your e-mail dated 1st November 2009, we are sorry to inform you
that we cannot refund the amount of € 45.55 charged for the fuel charge, as requested. In fact, as per our records, at rental start the car had the 33 litres of fuel and was returned with 31 missing litres. As per our Car Rental General Conditions, you have been correctly charged for the missing fuel. In attached you can view the copy of the receipt of the refuelling that made our renting location :
(See attached file: Receipt fuel_plateDX300HL_ROT3103A_.tif)

Kind Regards

Giada Liotto
Relazioni Clienti
Maggiore Rent spa

Via di Tor Cervara, 225 - 00155 Roma
+39 0622456014
mailto:Giada. Liotto@Maggiore. it - http://www.maggiore/. it

I rented a car from your company, a Mercedes (Plate #DH300HL), from Oct 19-27, 2009. An unexplained charge of Euro 77.04 has appeared on my Visa account on Oct 27th, 2009. The car was returned in impeccable condition at 10:00 on the 27th,, one hour before it was due back, with the fuel tank slightly above the 1/2 mark (I had received the car with the tank at 1/2 and was asked to return the car with the tank at least 1/2 full to avoid extra charges). I was not informed of, nor did I authorize, any other charges and the car rental had been prepaid. Please justify the debit or refund the error.

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention.

Dr. J Sylvain

Poor Customer Service and Unauthorized Charges !!!!
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Rating: 1/51

MILAN, ITALY -- We rented a car through Maggiore in Italy. There were multiple issues:

  1. Horn was not working. They offered us to drive the car for an exchange to Milan (2 hours away). This is unfair since it would be at our own expense and wasting our time.
  2. We received the car with 3/4 fuel tank and return it in the same way. When returned the car in Malpensa (Milan Airport) we were told it was fine, but then Maggiore sent me the bill and completed an unauthorized charge for extra fuel and the service of adding that fuel (together over 50 Euros).

We called and complained, but Maggiore does not seem to care about customers. We would NOT rent from them in the future. Other companies seem to care more about customers than Maggiore.

Worse Rental Car Experience
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Rating: 1/51

FLORENCE, ALASKA -- I had the worse experience in my life with Maggiore Rent in Italy. The car was not ready in time for which we reserved it and paid in advance. After waiting, we were told to sign a contract. We had to wait another 35 minutes to get the car that had only about 20% of the tank full. When we gave it back, we were charged an extra full day the month after for not having put enough fuel in the tank (we did add more) and to have brought it back 30 minutes too late from the time we signed the contract. If you want to have good holidays = don't use this company!!!

Terrible customer service! Stay away!
By -

We rented a car from Maggiore for our holiday in Italy in July 2010. Everything went fine until we had an accident, and customer service was absolutely terrible after that, and still is. I am still trying to make them answer questions and pay for some of the extra expences they caused us, and that they promised to pay for. Some examples here:
- they do not reply when you call them (I must have called them 50 times before I got through to someone who could tell us what to do)
- they could only offer us to tow the damaged car away, not to transport us to a place we could get a new car. As we were in the middle of nowhere, this made things really difficult for us
- when we after many hours managed to get to another city to get a car, they didn't have any, despite telling us on the phone that they did
- When we then spent the rest of the day to get to Rome, they got us a car that could not fit the whole family

etc. etc. I can't write it all, because it still makes me so upset.

And that was not the en of it. We were promised that they would reimburse us for our expenses, but after 4 MONTHS of emailing and calling them again and again, they told us that they would not do so after all.

I can only say: Never, ever, ever use Maggiore!!!

Fiumicino Airport Rome
By -

Same complaint as previously posted.
Keep well away from Maggiore at Fiumicino Airport Rome.

Had a reservation for a station wagon at 10:30 am. Arrived on time but it took 1.5 hours to get to the desk, to be told our reserved car was unavailable and only a Fiat Punto was available (a super mini) for a family of 5 plus luggage.

The Rep seemed to take pleasure in recounting horror stories of the bad service he and his company deal out every day.

After an extended discussion/complaint/argument I asked to see the Manager. I was then told a Van (?) was available but at least it had 5 seats.

My insurance wasn't recognised, nor my credit card, ending up paying cash at twice what I had originally agreed just to get out and start the holiday.

The family in front of me had a nightmare situation, where the representative wouldn't issue a baby car seat. They were told to go to the nearest Mall and buy their own and to reclaim the expense through their Insurance.

When I got to the garage/ collection point I saw 4 baby seats on the floor of the office ?

Don't bother complaining, my telephone calls and emails have gone unanswered

Keep well away

Worst Car Rental Company
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Rating: 1/51

ROME, ITALY -- In advanced booked car, filled in flight on the form (they say "they check it for delays"). When I arrived to the Rome Fiumicino office few minutes before closing (because of the delay), they were long gone. No response to my emails, no communication at all. I do not recommend to use Maggiore services at all. I borrowed cars before but this was by far the worst experience I have ever had.

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