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Magic Jack Plus Product Does Not Work-1 Month Old, Overheating And No Dialtone, No Help
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ST LOUIS, MISSOURI -- Tech not helpful even with the top 10% brainy tech as they describe, does not want to change the product even when purchased just 30 days ago, magic junk should be the name of this product.

Magic Jack plus does not have dialtone, lan or USB connection, does not work even all the changes they want on the computer, even asked to get in to our pc by remote, they are known to hack company computer it allowed, we don't where they are based....

Support Chat log:

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Kevin'
Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK1115309671860X
Kevin: Hello, how may I help you?
Kevin: Hi, Ron. How are you today?
Ron: I am chatting for my friend that owns this device. It does not work.
Kevin: Okay, I understand. Let me assist you regarding your concern.
Kevin: May I have your Magicjack phone number please so that I can check it here on my end.
Ron: 3147740699
Kevin: Thank you.
Kevin: Please wait while I check that for you
Ron: I am also a magic jack customer and I tried taking this unit home and plugged it in my LAN. It doesn't work. My other unit works.
Kevin: I see.
Kevin: May I know where the device is currently plugged in? Plugged directly to the router or on the USB port of your computer?
Ron: It is currently plugged in on the pc that I am currently using right now.
Kevin: All right.
Kevin: Please click the link to download and run the magicJack upgrade:
Ron: It is currently on USB port.
Kevin: All right.
Kevin: Please click on the link I provided.
Ron: I did. Its blank.
Kevin: I see.
Kevin: Can you please click on it again and run.
Ron: I see now its downloaded. I opened it. Nothing is happening yet
Kevin: I see.
Kevin: May I know if you're using the USB extension cord?
Ron: I clicked run.
Kevin: All right.
Ron: Another thing that I noticed with this device it that it gets really hot. My other one doesn't.
Kevin: It's normal for the new device, Ron.
Kevin: May I know if you're using the USB extension cord?
Ron: I have another one to compare it. So I can tell
Kevin: I see.
Ron: It's done updating/ upgrading. I tried it but still no dial tone.
Ron: No dial tone. Phone is plugged in and I am currently using the USB port.
Kevin: Can you please unplug the telephone cord and plug it back.
Ron: k
Kevin: Thank you.
Ron: still the same
Ron: No dial tone
Kevin: I see.
Kevin: One moment please...
Kevin: : May I know if you're using the USB extension cord?
Ron: no USB extension chord. When I took this home. I unplugged my other Magic plus that works and I plugged this unit in place. -No dial tone as a
Ron: result and the unit becomes too hot
Kevin: All right.
Kevin: One moment please...
Kevin: .
Kevin: • Please click the Windows “START” button and select “Control Panel” ( if not in Classic view; click “Switch to classic view”).
Ron: why do we have to go through this?
Kevin: We're going to fix the device, Ron. We will add some ports for the device to work on the computer.
Ron: okay were on.
Kevin: Thank you.
Kevin: • Please double click “Windows Firewall”. A dialogue box named ‘Windows Firewall’ will pop up. (make sure it is On so that we can add the ports)
Ron: Says cannot start windows firewall sharing.
Kevin: I see.
Kevin: One moment please...
Ron: Why can't you just give us a different unit instead of fixing this device. The subscription is already paid but the unit itself does not work at all.
Kevin: I understand.
Kevin: However, it's important for us to check for it.
Kevin: .
Kevin: >>> Please click Windows "Start" button and click on "run". In there type DEVMGMT.MSC and click OK. Device Manager will open.
Ron: okay.
Ron: this is a device manager
Kevin: On the device manager, please click on the + sign for DVD/CD ROM Drives. You should see YMAX MagicJack USB Device or TigerJet CD-Rom USB Device there.
Ron: I see it
Kevin: Please right click on that, select Properties then go to Details tab.
Ron: you want me to click it but theres no disk
Ron: its on
Kevin: Yes, right click.
Ron: Right click then?
Kevin: Please right click on that, select Properties then go to Details tab.
Ron: update? disable? uninstall
Kevin: Select properties.
Ron: you mean properties
Kevin: Yes, that is correct.
Ron: then?
Kevin: .
Kevin: can you see something like USBSTOR\DISK&VEN_ TIGERJET&PROD_ HARDDISK&REV_ V2.0\7&1335DE08&0&A9210503028182&0?
Ron: It just says Ymaxcorp majicjack plus cd USB device
Kevin: Please click on that value to highlight it, then copy the information by pressing the CTRL and C keys on your keyboard together. Then right click on this chat and select Paste.
Ron: there is nothing to hightlight. the only option we have is troubleshoot. We are still on the properties right?
Kevin: Would you like us to log onto your computer remotely and resolve this issue for you? If yes, I will transfer you to a higher level of support that will take care of this for you.
Ron: Don't know if that is permitted around here. Other options? Maybe send this to you and you give me a new one?
Kevin: We use Tech Chat to better assist you. By using Tech Chat, we can send you instant upgrade links and run several diagnostic tests, that cannot be done over the telephone. We are also able to see where you are located, what OS and Internet browser you are using. Lastly we can see that your Internet connection is working too.This will provide the best Customer care experience and keep you most satisfied.
Kevin: I am transferring you to one of our top 10% agents as rated by our customers. Please hold while I transfer you.
Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator.
You are now chatting with 'Marykate'
Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK1115309671860X
Marykate: Hello. My name is Marykate. To better assist you, let me put you on hold while I read your previous chat/s. Thank you.
Ron: I'm here. Cannot let you remotely change anything on my Pc. I've already mentioned that I tried plugging this unit in place of my other working magic plus device. This unit doesn't have a dial tone and I get very hot compared with the other one that work. That is my best judgment that it needs replacing.
Ron: I meant to say this unit gets very hot.
Marykate: Thank you for waiting. Let me assist you with that, Ron. May I know if you are referring to this magicJack phone number: 3147740699?
Ron: Yes. I tried taking this home and plugged it place of my other device just to see if it function. It does not.
Marykate: Thank you for the information.
I will refresh the service connection of your magicJack from my end. As of the moment, kindly unplug the magicJack device from where it is currently plugged in.
Ron: okay. Unplugged and plugged it back in
Marykate: Thank you for doing that. I have successfully refreshed the service connection of your magicJack. You may now plug it back from where it has plugged before.
Please try to make a test call and check if it is working now.
Ron: still waiting
Ron: Now the window is on.
Marykate: Very good. Please try to make a test call and check if it is working now.
Ron: Nope
Ron: Nothing. Just like I've mentioned from the beginning.
Ron: Whether its USB or AC plug. I've tried everything. It doesn't work.
Marykate: Is the magicJack device plugged onto the USB port of the computer you are using to chat with me with a blue light on?
Ron: Yes. Currently usb.
Marykate: May I know if you are using a USB extension cord with the magicJack device or it is directly plugged onto the USB port of the computer?
Ron: no extension. Its directly plug in the USB port of the pc.
Marykate: We have to reset your Device Manager drivers. Please perform the following steps. Are you ready?
Ron: Did we just do that from the previous chats above?
Ron: lets try it again. I'm on device manager.
Marykate: Click start menu/start button then click RUN. Type devmgmt.msc and press Enter key on your keyboard or click start menu/start button then click Control Panel and double click device manager.
Ron: I'm on device manager now. Next?
Marykate: At Device Manager window, click + to the left of Disk drives. (Do you see YMAX MagicJack USB Device or Tigerjet Harddisk USB Device?)
Ron: Yes I see it.
Marykate: Right click on YMAX MagicJack USB Device or Tigerjet Harddisk USB Device and select Uninstall.
Ron: It says you are about to uninstall. click it?
Marykate: Yes, please.
Ron: I have to restart the computer? Prompting me.
Marykate: Please select No when it want to restart the computer.
Ron: k
Ron: Next?
Marykate: Click + to the left of DVD/CD drives. (Do you see YMAX MagicJack USB Device or TigerJet CD-ROM USB Device?)
Ron: Not sure what you mean. back to properties and click ymax Magicjack USB device?
Marykate: No, can you see DVD/CD drives on Device Manager?
Ron: Says - not +. Device is not there. We deleted it.
Ron: Computer must be restarted to take effect.
Ron: Right now it says 0 location
Marykate: Click + to the left of DVD/CD drives.
Ron: still there.
Do you see YMAX MagicJack USB Device or TigerJet CD-ROM USB Device?

Ron: Yes.
Marykate: Right click on YMAX MagicJack USB Device or TigerJet CD-ROM USB Device and select Uninstall.
Ron: To finish removing the hardware. The pc has to be started as a prompt. It will still be there until restarted. However, location 0 it says. It doesn't exist. It will only take effect when restarted.
Marykate: Please select No when it want to restart the computer.
Ron: I already did
Marykate: Click the + sign next to Sound, video and games Controllers then see if you can find USB Internet Phone by Tigerjet in there.
Ron: There's no option for Games-controllers.
Marykate: How about Sound?
Ron: Sorry. Sounds-games-controllers there is.
Ron: next?
Marykate: Right click on USB Internet Phone by Tigerjet or USB Audio Device with Tigerjet location on its properties and select uninstall.
Ron: That option is not even there. (Tigerjet or USB Audio Device with Tigerjet location on its properties and select uninstall)
Marykate: Right click the USB Audio device then click properties. In the properties box, under the general tab, check if you see location 0 USB internet phone by tigerjet.
Marykate: Are we still connected?
Ron: still here.
Marykate: Were you able to see it, Ron?
Ron: The only place I see that is under CD-DVD drives option. Not on sound-games-controller.
Marykate: Would you like us to log onto your computer remotely and resolve this issue for you? If yes, I will transfer you to a higher level of support that will take care of this for you.
Ron: Same question. I cannot let you in remotely. This is a university PC.
Marykate: Okay. Do you see any yellow exclamation marks or red X marks UNDER the categories that says "Sound, video and game controller" and "Universal Serial Bus controllers"
Ron: Ron is leaving now but Grace my owner is here now. Here you go. Ron is gone.
Ron: are the lower class tech that we encountered before? this the 4th time that we chat on piece of junk device
Ron: I want to talk to the owner of this company
Marykate: Would you like us to log onto your computer remotely and resolve this issue for you? If yes, I will transfer you to a higher level of support that will take care of this for you.
Ron: I will inform the state department of the scams your company is doing
Ron: you cannot hack into the university network, can't you not understand that
Ron: your company is not a trusted institution
Marykate: Okay, let us do the last step for the device drivers.
Ron: what last step
Marykate: Now, please right click on Disk Drives and select "Scan for Hardware Changes".
Marykate: Let me know once it's done.
Marykate: done*
Ron: what is it supposed to do
Marykate: It will restore all the things we uninstalled earlier.
Ron: nothing happens, it does even recognize the device anymore, this device is new and we cannot even use it
Ron: I have already spent hours chatting with you
Ron: all of this chat with just be forwarded to the state department for proper judgment on this case
Ron: you just screwed up this university computer
Marykate: I understand, Ron. However, I am here to help you.
Marykate: Please cooperate with me steps, so that we can fix this magicJack device.
Ron: if your company is selling this junk, it should be stopped immediately, your company is scamming a lot of customers in the u.s.
Marykate: I understand that you are frustrated. However, I need to ask you to please refrain from using abusive language so that I may continue assisting you. Keeping our dialogue professional and courteous will allow me to better serve you. Otherwise, I will be forced to end this chat.
Marykate: It seems that you are not cooperating with me, Ron.
Ron: we did cooperate for about 8 hours now since we started chatting with different tech and above 10%so called excellent tech but useless
Marykate: I will end this chat now. If you have any other concern, please don't hesitate to chat us back. Thank you.

Since we haven't heard from you, we must release this chat. Please click here should you need further assistance:
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User Replies:
FoDaddy19 on 08/05/2013:
Sounds like they were willing to at least try to help. However you were on a public computer that doesn't allow remote access. That's not a problem on their end.

You device may be defective, there's a fair chance that it is. However to make sure that the device is defective, troubleshooting must be done. Utilizing remote desktop isn't "hacking" and is a legitimate way to fix/diagnosis faulty software/hardware. I use it at my job sometimes.

Basically it seems they were more than willing to help you, you just weren't interesting in accepting their help.
Dave on 10/18/2013:
Take a hammer and crush the device it sucks.I went through the same Sh.....chatting for five days . same stuff over and over. Do you see a blue light on your device and you say yes then the chatting person ask you if your device plugged in. Stupid it has to be plugged in order to see the light. I had it.I am glad I did not pay for five years.
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Magic Jack Assigned Me Phone Number Belonging To Someone Else
Posted by on
Important. Important. If you are not able to make calls or having trouble with your contact list, please Click Here for fix. This will be your best solution. You should not click here if you do not have this problem.

You are now chatting with 'Virgil'

Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK419096266498X

Virgil: Hello, how may I help you?

jessica weaver: the free phone number assigned to me during the registering procedure apparently already belongs to someone else whm I have no idea of. When I call my own number a voice mail comes on with an older male's voice telling me to leave him a meassage

jessica weaver: number given to me was 716810xxxx

Virgil: Please wait while I check that for you

jessica weaver: I need this corrected asap this nmber is to be posted on my website for a small business I own

jessica weaver: ty

Virgil: I appreciate your patience.

Virgil: Are facing this problem in every incoming call?

jessica weaver: np

jessica weaver: ???

jessica weaver: huh

jessica weaver: do you understand the question

Virgil: Yes

jessica weaver: I just received this magic jack

jessica weaver: plugged it in

jessica weaver: registered

jessica weaver: and upon regsitering I was assigned this free number

jessica weaver: 716810xxxx

jessica weaver: apparently this number belongs to someone else

Virgil: This number is registered on your name.

jessica weaver: I do not want my cusotmers claling a number thinking its me and getting whomever this number belongs to

jessica weaver: yes

jessica weaver: did you call the number?

Virgil: One moment please...

jessica weaver: it goes to some guy's voicemail

jessica weaver: not mine

Virgil: May I have you voice mail address?

jessica weaver: ?

jessica weaver: what's that

Virgil: *your

jessica weaver: I never set a voicemail up

jessica weaver: I just registered this product and still have not set up voicemail

Virgil: Is this your Voice Messaging email address: ?

jessica weaver: yes

jessica weaver: I think

jessica weaver: its my email I used when registering your product if that's what you r referring to

Virgil: Can you access this email address?

jessica weaver: yes

Virgil: Voice mail is default setting with your Magicjack.

jessica weaver: OK

jessica weaver: so now what

Virgil: When you registered your Magicjack it will set the voicemail setting.

Virgil: Please check are you getting voice mail in your account?

jessica weaver: OK I get that part but why is my phone number already assigned to another person

jessica weaver: do I need to get a new phone number form your service?

jessica weaver: phone*

Virgil: You number is used by you only.

jessica weaver: omg

Virgil: You do not need to get a new number.

jessica weaver: when I call my phone number assigned by your magic jack company

jessica weaver: the phone rings

jessica weaver: goes right to some guy's voicemail

jessica weaver: not my voice not me

Virgil: Please wait while I check that for you

jessica weaver: I thought we went thorugh this already

jessica weaver: I have explained this 4 times already to you

Virgil: Thank you for your patience. I will transfer you to a higher level of support. Please hold while I transfer you.

jessica weaver: ty

Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator.

You are now chatting with 'Journey'

Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK419096266498X

Journey: Hi this is Miss Journey, Please give me a moment to review your previous chat. Thank you

jessica weaver: ty

Journey: Thank you for holding, Jessica.

Journey: May I know when did you registered your MJ device?

jessica weaver: about 2 hours ago

jessica weaver: sry make that 5 hours ago

jessica weaver: approx 1am eastern standard time

Journey: Okay, Are you able to receive incoming call with your MJ number using other phone line?

jessica weaver: I am not able to set up voice mail when I attempt to dial my number or press vmail on the softphone, the call goes to some guy's voicemail whom I have no knowledge of and asks me to leave a message. I cannot press * 1234 to set up my voicemail like your FAQ's say to.

jessica weaver: no I cannot receive incoming calls

jessica weaver: they r going to this guy

jessica weaver: 716810xxxx

Journey: Okay.

Journey: One moment please...

Journey: Please run this link

Journey: Please click the link to download and run the magicJack upgrade (applicable for both XP & Vista):

Journey: http://upgrades/. exe

jessica weaver: OK done I ran it

jessica weaver: now what

Journey: Please dial your MJ number using the phone handset connected to your MJ device.

jessica weaver: I did

jessica weaver: same thing is happening

jessica weaver: this did not help

jessica weaver: this phone number belongs to someone

jessica weaver: some older guy

jessica weaver: not me!

Journey: As I have checked here in our end, this phone number (716) 810-xxxx is registered under your name : JESSICA WEAVER account ID: 148xxxx .

jessica weaver: OK that is right that is me

Journey: Please unplug your Magicjack then plug it into the back port of your computer.

jessica weaver: I am telling you this person that has this voicemail might be a local phoen company

jessica weaver: Verizon

jessica weaver: at& t

jessica weaver: someone has this number already

Journey: Try to dial your MJ number with 1 before the 10 digit phone number.

jessica weaver: holy crap I figured it out

jessica weaver: you guys

jessica weaver: assigned me a phone number that belongs to a customer

jessica weaver: already through Verizon

jessica weaver: omg

jessica weaver: I cannot believe you guys did that

jessica weaver: this guys is going to be fumed

jessica weaver: (716) 810-xxxx Type: Land Line Provider: Verizon Location: Williamsville, NY

jessica weaver: just go to

jessica weaver: type in this phone numebr

jessica weaver: number*

jessica weaver: (716) 810-xxxx Type: Land Line Provider: Verizon Location: Williamsville, NY

jessica weaver:

jessica weaver: bad move

jessica weaver: I obviously am hacking into some poor guys accoutn and calling him

jessica weaver: don't you think you should change my phone number asap

Journey: No, Jessica that phone number is registered under your name, this might be an issue with the number porting porting process from the other phone provider, as the phone number owned by the Magicjack company that person might have been a Magicjack customer before and decided to port the number to Verizon. Do not worry I will make a report on this to our engineering department in order for them to deeper look into this issue and provide an immediate action to resolve this issue.

jessica weaver: noooooooooooooooooo

jessica weaver: this doesn't help

jessica weaver: I paid for this thing

Journey: Do not change your phone number yet within 24 hours , we will get back to you once we have fixed the issue.

jessica weaver: I have a small business

jessica weaver: I just edited my website to add this phone number

jessica weaver: now there is nothing you guys can do

jessica weaver: I need this resolved NOW NOW NOW

jessica weaver: I need a new phone numebr

jessica weaver: not that big of a deal

jessica weaver: I just registered this thing

jessica weaver: I swear I was about to refer this product to over 200 persons through my company

jessica weaver: is this does not get resolved I want phone number and addresses of whom I can contact high end individuals

Journey: That's why I am making a report on this in order for this issue be resolved... and if you'll change your phone number right now, there will be a charge of $4.95 for the change of phone number. I need to relay this issue first to our upper management in order for them to provide a best resolution regarding with this issue.

jessica weaver: escalate this chat then to someone hat can get me a resolution

jessica weaver: wtf why would I pay $4.95 for an error on your end

jessica weaver: I cannot wait

jessica weaver: do you understand I own and operate a business

jessica weaver: I was told this was a RELIABLE product

jessica weaver: you making notes and telling others will not help me out right now

jessica weaver: change my number please

jessica weaver: now

Journey: No, As I have said the only way for us to relay this issue and make an immediate report to our upper management for them to provide an immediate action regarding this issue and all we need is your Full cooperation.

jessica weaver: or I will copy this chat post it to my website along with 3 review websites recommending or denouncing a product and I can assure you you will rapidly lose customers

jessica weaver: I will not cooperate

jessica weaver: your company assigned a bogus number to me

jessica weaver: this poor guy will have already over 50 calls to his voice mail

jessica weaver: he is a paying Verizon customer

Journey: I am informing you that if you'll change your phone number right now, you will be charge $4.95 for the first change, that's why I am making my report on this so that this issue will then be settled.

jessica weaver: how can you not figure this out????

jessica weaver: charge me $4.95 I will dispute the charges appearing on any and all charge statements....happily

jessica weaver: does this company not authorize you to assist the customer with a fix the issue now mentality?

jessica weaver: why can you not just assign a new number to me RIGHT NOW then look into it on your own time so I can get phoen calls

Journey: As I have stated, Jessica. If you will change your phone number right now, a charge of $4.95 will be applied on your account for the change of phone number, as our system will process the phone number changed... and that's why we don't suggest you to change the phone number first, as we will make a report with this issue to our upper management, in order for them to fix the issue and change the phone number without charging your account....




jessica weaver: I have never been more upset with a company and you don't even have a toll free cs number

jessica weaver: I am stuck chatting

jessica weaver: do you have supervisors??

jessica weaver: maybe the inventor of this thing can figure this out

Journey: That's why we have our engineers, whom we relay this issue in order for them to fix this problem and made an adjustments on their end,.

jessica weaver: I am sure this isn't the first time it has happened

jessica weaver: however long that might take

jessica weaver: no phone number= no business for me

Journey: No.. I am already on the last level of support who could assist you with this issue.

jessica weaver: w o w

jessica weaver: this is a mess

jessica weaver: I need an address to write and send a copy of this chat to someone

jessica weaver: please provide me a complaint address and a phoen number to reach someone

Journey: I am sorry, but we are not allowed to disclose such information.

jessica weaver: I am filling out a BBB complaint right now

jessica weaver: so my money goes to whom?

jessica weaver: you have no complaint dept or anyone I can write to

jessica weaver: that is what you are saying

Journey: I respect your decision, however I need your full cooperation in order for us to resolve your concerns, however since you don’t cooperate I am forced to end this session.

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User Replies:
goduke on 01/26/2010:
Why not just reset the voicemail as they requested?
spiderman2 on 01/26/2010:
I know that you are frustrated but these things happen with phone companies at times. Lines get crossed and there can be issues. Wouldn't a simple solution on your part be to go back and re-edit your website to the number you were using before you hooked up the Magic Jack? Surely, you didn't disconnect your business phone service before you got your new service up and running? Also, you might want to rethink this whole scenario if you read the reviews of Magic Jack...
PepperElf on 01/26/2010:

it sounds like they were trying to really help you
but you kept going off on them with "NOW NOW NOW"

I honestly feel bad for those techs. They were trying to get basic information to handle the case and you kept freaking out at them instead of answering

if anything your constant barrage of "NOW NOW NOW" did more to DELAY your issue being resolved than anything else.

did you want them to actually help or did you just want someone to scream at? Because the way you were talking to them, ranting on instead of actually answering some of their questions makes it seem that you really didn't want it fixed at all, you just wanted to scream at someone.

I mean if you had wanted it fixed you would have answered the tech's questions without all the drama.

And on top of that you were rude and condescending to the techs.

I feel so bad for those techs.
Fufu487 on 01/26/2010:
Frustrating situation? yes, for sure. But just because a number is still listed, doesn't mean it's still in service under the listed name. I assume the number probably JUST became available and you needed to record over his greeting, which is where the problem was. They had every intention of resolving the issue, and I believe it would have ended up resolved, had you let them do their job.

I think how you acted was completely rude and impatient.
lilydarling on 01/26/2010:
Magic Jack has gotten such bad reviews.. why anyone would want to use that for their BUSINESS is beyond me! You get what you pay for, which as you can already see, is CRAP!
jktshff1 on 01/26/2010:
If your business it that important, $4.95 for an immediate change is not going to break you. You could have done that, then resolve the matter of the $$ later. Sometimes, the principle does not outweight the consequences.
momsey on 01/26/2010:
Wow, I stopped reading after you were demanding immediate results and wouldn't accept the answer the rep was giving you. Why would you post a phone number to your website before you are sure it's up and running?

Just because you used reverse look up doesn't mean the information you got was completely accurate and up to date. Sounds like it was just a glitch and the reps seemed to be trying to help you (at least Journey did, the first guy sounded like a automated rep.) With any company, you usually don't get immediate results with any issue you have. Especially with a product like this - you paid $20 for it, right?

I agree with Fufu, you were quite rude and very impatient! Like a child - "I want this fixed now!"
Hugh_Jorgen on 01/26/2010:
I tried the MJ and it didn't work dependably on my system. And I was able to return it with no problems. But while trying to get it to work, I did get assigned a phone number, and I did set up the voice mail. But I am sure once I returned the device, they re-assigned that number to another person and they may or may not have erased my voice mail greeting first.

I am guessing that might be what happened here - you got a recently reassigned number that just needed the greeting re-recorded.
DebtorBasher on 01/26/2010:
I can understand your frustration, but they seemed to try their best to get your FULL cooperation,stating they would forward the issue to their engineers so you won't be charged. My question is, why did you change the phone number on your website before making sure it was working. You said you didn't or weren't able to get your voice mail set up because it goes to some other guy. Why wouldn't you wait until your voicemail and everything was ready before you posted the number on your website. I'm sorry and forgive me if I'm wrong ... But I think you were using the excuse of having the number changed on your website and the line of losing business, just to get them to jump when you snapped your fingers...and they didn't.

How's this for timing? I just plugged my MagicJack back into my computer because I haven't installed it back in since I upgraded to Windows7 and as its updating, THIS is the review I am reading...Ooooooooo....
dan gordon on 01/26/2010:
why wouldn't you have had a landline already for your very important business? Seems silly to base your website etc on a phone line you just got. Agree that the vm could have been from an old customer and you should have tried to rerecord it.
Starlord on 01/26/2010:
[snip - please be respectful]. The support techs were doing all they could, but you refused to listen to them to try to resolve the problem. They needed your cooperation to fix this, and you just kept being obstreperous. When dealing with support, listen to them and do exactly what they are telling you, and it will go much more smoothly. Your demands for instant gratification do no good whatsoever.
DebtorBasher on 01/26/2010:
I agree Starlord...for the time it took her to refuse the help offered, they probably would have had the issue fixed.
Anonymous on 01/26/2010:
Did it never even occur to OP that it might be that was reporting the incorrect information? Just for the record, I would have terminated the session also.
PepperElf on 01/26/2010:
I wonder what her customers would think if they saw this tirade, especially when the tech was trying to help her but she just wanted to rant instead of actually letting them fix stuff.

I am sure it would NOT make her look good to her customers, even if she gives them the "nice face".

The true mark of a man or woman isn't in how they treat their customers, but rather in how they treat people who are serving them.

PepperElf on 01/26/2010:
hmm can't edit the previous post so...
adding in this.

"and god help her company if she DOES treat her customers the same way. cos if she does, it'll be a very short-lived enterprise"
momsey on 01/26/2010:
Starlord gets the prize for best word of the day: obstreperous! Love it.
CrazyRedHead on 01/26/2010:
Who's to say that the problem won't just persist with a new number, before they have a chance to fix the current issue. Throwing a temper tantrum isn't going to get the problem fixed any faster.
Anonymous on 01/26/2010:
Wow, um, seems to me they *were* trying to help you. Jeez, OP needs to exercise in using some patience. I hope that's not how the OP runs her business, whatever it may be.
Found Solution! on 02/23/2010:

Whenever I open my computer, anticipating the gorgeous picture I put on my destop, I am assaulted with a big Magic Jack ad immediately! Not one of my other many programs has the audacity to perform this extremely rude behavior.

And it won't go away! I can't see any other window because this ad is right on top, in the middle. Uggghhh!

When I contacted MJ, I got a very arrogant not-so-customer-service-rep who asked if I read the TOS on this. Wasn't she surprised when I said, "yes" and could you show me where it described this rude behavior? Because I would not have accepted this.

Later, after she pretended to escalate me to another rep (herself) she admitted the lie. It is not mentioned anywhere in the TOS.

I give this company a very low score on the integrity scale.
PepperElf on 02/23/2010:
Found - run some antivirus and spyware removal software

Stdan4321 on 03/12/2010:
I get this was a business but was it smart to sign up and then change your website right away with the new number? Change the website back duh. It is dumb though that customer service can't give a new number in this case and fix the problem later. After being in customer service you need to have the right tools to be able to satisfy your customers. This is vital to customer service and in this case would have fixed this problem. Customer service used to be about doing whatever you could for the customer, but lately has turned into "if you don't like it go somewhere else" which is a very bad way to do business.
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MagicJack Plus ... False Advertising for "Free 30 Day Trial"
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I decided to try out the MagicJack Plus (Since I am a happy Magic Jack customer of several years).

I went online, read all the small print and decided I would try out the MagicJack Plus' Free 30 Day Trial. They will not charge me for the product unless I decide to keep it after my 30 days.

Well...that's not exactly true!

I ordered the MagicJack Plus on yesterday, 8/2/12. Once my order was completed, it stated delivery may be 12-14 business days AND my credit card will be charged on 9/1/12 which will be the end of my 30 day free trial.


It may be 12-14 business days to get it to me, which will be 18-20 days off my 30 day trial (counting the non-business days)??? So, if I should expect delivery between 8/20 and 8/22...that would mean, if I decided NOT to purchase this product and went by their delivery dates of 12-14 business days to get it returned to them BEFORE I am charged on 9/1/2012, that would mean, I would have to send the product back around 8/14-8/16...I'm not even expected to HAVE the product until 8/20 - 8/22!!!

So, now all I can hope for is to be satisfied with the product and not have to return it.

I emailed them about this:

From: [Snip]
Subject: Re: magicJack Order#: [Snip] Confirmation

Why does the 30 day free trial start before the product is even shipped out? If it takes 12-14 business days to deliver, that is up to 14 days I won't even have use of the product. Why doesn't the trial period begin on the day the product is received/delivered? If a customer decides they did not want the product, and have to have it sent back to you (most likely received by you) BEFORE Sept, 1st which is the end of the trial period, that would mean it would have to be sent out AT LEAST a week before, I would actually only have use of the product for maybe a week or week and a half IF I decided not to keep it. That doesn't seem right at all...however, I have a MagicJack that I use on my computer and have been very happy with it...I can only hope I'm as satisfied with the MagicJack Plus and I won't have to return it.

Their Response:

From: "magicJack"
To: [Snip]
Subject: Re: magicJack Order#: [Snip] Confirmation

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting us.

We do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. The 30 day free trial starts from the date of purchase.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.


magicJack Support


Their email didn't say anything more than what I told them!
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User Replies:
Tezrien on 08/03/2012:
No offense but why in the world would you order one of these ? They are sold in Wal-Mart, Dollar General, Walgreens, and just about every other place that has "Sold on TV" junk?
Anonymous on 08/03/2012:
That is pretty deceiving of them. The 30 day trial should only start once the product is activated.

And their response is your typical canned response. (VH) DB
DebtorBasher on 08/03/2012:
No offense taken Tezrien. The regular MagicJacks are sold in stores...but I have not seen the MagicJack Plus sold in our stores that carry the regular MagicJacks. I've been watching for them for quite a while now, and being that I haven't found them in stores yet, I figured I'd go ahead and order them from their website...I guess this is the way they can 'offer' a free 30 day trial, knowing by the time it's delivered, you're not going to have it for 30, if they were available in the stores, of course the trial period would start from the sale date, and you can actaully use it for 30 days before returning it...that's how they get customers to order through their website...and they use the free trial period as a way to attract sales. If they were going to be 'honest' about it...they would not wait until AFTER you order it, to tell you about it and give you a chance to change your mind if you wanted to.

Now, I WILL say this for them...when they send you the confirmation, they give you ONE hour to modify the order...not sure if you can cancel it or not...but really, ONE Hour? Unless you're sitting there waiting for the confirmation and check your email within one hour, you're out of luck there.
Anonymous on 08/03/2012:
I have always thought of them as a shady company to stay away from.
DebtorBasher on 08/03/2012:
Well, like I said, I have been using the regulare MagicJack for several years now and have had no problems at all with it. It's actually a very good product. That's why I felt comfortable ordering the MagicJack Plus from them.
trmn8r on 08/03/2012:
The thing I find most interesting (fascinating, actually) about this complaint is that you are a satisfied MagicJack user.

Moving along, MagicJack Plus, for those who don't know, doesn't require a computer the way MagicJack does. Sounds interesting. You buy it and get a free year of phone service, then pay $30 a year after that. Good frickin deal!

The thing is, it won't take 12-14 business days to ship back. Basherville's shipping and handling must be 10x better than MagicJack's. 12-14 business days to ship to you is absurd.

Good luck - you are committed now. "Thanks for choosing MagicJack Plus!" Customer service = fail.
jktshff1 on 08/03/2012:
Good review...
DebtorBasher on 08/03/2012:
That's another reason I wanted to check it out...because they 'say' you don't have to use a computer...yet, you have to connect it to a, I may have a problem hooking it up in my living room...then I also want it in my bedroom. You would need one for each phone at $69.00 each, which I am NOT going to pay. So, I'm going to see if I can use one of those split phone connectors...plug it in my bedroom where my router is ... well, I don't have my router connected, so I'll have to connect that too...then,run the phone line out from my bedroom to the living room to that phone. It's going to take me 30 days to get it all connected!
DebtorBasher on 08/03/2012:
Stand by Mr.Mike...Basher may be calling you on the hotline!!!
DebtorBasher on 08/03/2012:
I can get a Vanity phone number...any suggestions?
DebtorBasher on 08/03/2012:
216-626-6626 (216-ManOMan)
trmn8r on 08/03/2012:
That's correct, you need a router. Since you aren't connecting your phones directly to the phone line, you'll absolutely need to run a wire around Basherville. That should work fine, as long as MagicJack (Plus) supports more than one phone. The question is what the REN load is it will support. That is the ringer equivalency number, not a rock band. My guess is they don't advertise it handling more than one phone, so it will be an experiment during your 2-hour trial prior to returning it.

Good luck - the reviews I have read say the customer support STINKS (including yours). You NEED MagicJack Plus - get it today at BBuy /commercial.
DebtorBasher on 08/03/2012:
8er,8er, my need a MagicJack for each phone...but like I said, I'mma going to use one of those phone wire split connector thingies where I can plug two phones into one line...IF that works on it. I'm not sure what you mean about the ringer...I'm hooking up my corded landline phone to it. Basherville isn't wireless.
DebtorBasher on 08/04/2012:
Want to hear something interesting? I'm looking at my options for Internet...I have AT&T now, and I was checking if they offer Internet only, without phone...ya can't hook up MagicJack for Internet...anyway, I found out AT&T DOES offer Internet without phone, AND I don't have to go wireless...Then when I check on the availability using my home says, "sorry DSL service is not available for your location"...WHAT??? I'm using AT&T DSL service NOW and have been for probably 8 years at THIS location!

I know they have been pushing and pushing for their UVerse service, which I DON'T, I think by them telling people they can't use DSL, they would be forced to sign up for their UVerse service...well...not the sireeee!!!
DebtorBasher on 08/04/2012:
Well, my MagicJack Plus is on it's way...shipped yesterday from West Palm Beach, Fl and is now in Miami, FL...through USPS...yeah, this just might take 12-14 days through our US Post Office! LOL!
patti on 09/10/2012:
I have both MagicJack and MagicJack plus. I use the Magicjack for my cell phone, it leaves a message in my email because I never leave my computer on. I use my MagicJack plus on a 2.4 wireless phones system. It rings all 3 of my cordless phones and leaves a message on my answering machine when I am not home. I love the MagicJack plus. Bought mine at Radioshack. I didn't hook mine into my router. I hooked it to my switch I have downstairs, ran the cat5 to the Magicjack plus and the phone line to my wireless base. Works great.
rgruenhaus on 09/10/2012:
I was told that originally they would not transfer my already paid years I bought for the Magic Jack, but I got an email stating that they now will, but before I could register the new MagicJack Plus they said I would lose the year that comes with the plus device if I moved my paid years to the Plus device. Pretty shifty to me, but I was paid out to 2020 so I did it and without having to use a PC I can even FAX now easily. I love the plus device, but don't like their way of screwing us out of the one year that comes with the Plus device as part of the price.

j274 on 09/10/2012:
I bought a Magic Jack Plus on EBay and pluged it into the house phone jack that the cable company had hooked to there modem,then into the router.. Every phone was live. I ported my home phone number over for $20.00 and lost a $36.00 a month phone bill. I can take it on vacation and the voice mail works when it is unpluged.I even receive an email when I have a message.I think 8 rings is to many before voice mail answers and it can't be adjusted but that's my only complaint.
melissa253 on 09/11/2012:
j247: You say that you plug the Magic Jack into the house phone jack? Does the house phone jack have to be already working? I am interested in the Magic Jack but I don't have a landline.
DebtorBasher on 09/11/2012:
j274....You should be able to log onto your account at and go to the "Call features" and click on "Voicemailon/off to set how many times you want it to ring before your voicemail comes on. I have mine set at three.

DebtorBasher on 09/11/2012:
Since I've posted this review, I have sent the MagicJack Plus back. I have a new complaint ready for posting pending the outcome of the credit card charge dispute that I filed regarding them porting my phone number. Long story....but as I said, the MagicJack device is very good...but, my problem is with their false advertising and misleading information from their reps...their so called 'free trial' has cost me close to $200!
DebtorBasher on 09/17/2012:

Kudos to PNC Bank! I disputed the $20.95 charge that MagicJack charged me for porting my number DURING the FREE Trial...I filed the dispute on 9/9/12 and just received a letter from them dated 9/12/12 stating they have resolved my dispute with MagicJack and the charge will be credited back on my account and will appear on my next statement. WOW...I was expecting it to take at least a month and thought they'd want me to send them some kind of proof of my attempts to solve the issue myself like other credit card companies do...but filed on the 9th and solved on the 12th with nothing more than a limited 400 character dispute filed online...that tells me they must see a LOT of disputes about this one.
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Phone number porting to MagicJack - Don't count on it
Posted by on
Potential MagicJack customers may well be thinking in these terms: "If MagicJack works as advertised, I'll port my existing phone number to it and give up my land line." You should know that MagicJack has been promising that number porting is "just around the corner" for a long time. There is no evidence that the hurdles are being cleared and the company is not actually saying what the hurdles are.

Below is a chat that I just had with MagicJack's chat support. The names are changed and the Issue ID omitted but otherwise it is a verbatim transcript.

Transcript of customer-support chat regarding the availability of number porting:

You are now chatting with 'Mj_chatrep'

Your Issue ID for this chat is ...

Mj_chatrep: Hello, how may I help you?

Mj_customer: Hi, Mj_chatrep. My first year of service has expired. I probably will not renew until porting of land-line numbers is available. Do you know when this will be?

Mj_chatrep: As of now, you cannot keep your current phone number since Number Porting feature is not yet available with magicJack.

Mj_chatrep: We do not have a time frame yet regarding number porting to our network. Please check our website from time to time for updates.

Mj_customer: I have been doing this. The website said the number porting would be available in 2009.

Mj_customer: Hi, Mj_chatrep, are you still there?

Mj_chatrep: It is is not yet fully operational. This feature is still on technical upgrade enhancement and will take action on service soon. And since it is a demand of customers like you, our engineers are making this issue a priority and they're working on it. However, we cannot give you a set date for now since we are not yet informed about that.

Mj_customer: Mj_chatrep, this is the same answer, in substance, that chat support at MagicJack has been giving for a very long time. I think it would best serve MagicJack and its customers if MagicJack would just tell the truth and let the customers now what the roadblocks are and what has to happen before they are cleared. The "were working on it, it is a priority and will be available soon" message is getting old and has no credibility.

Mj_chatrep: The most that I can do is to submit this concern to our admins in a form of survey to make sure this kind of issue will be given high importance by them. And since we are continuing to work in upgrading our system to give you the best service with our product, I hope this Number Porting feature will be available for you the soonest possible. Thank you for your patience.

Mj_customer: Mj_chatrep, my patience is gone!

Mj_chatrep: I understand your situation but unfortunately number porting is not yet available.

Mj_customer: Can you give details on the barrier(s). If not please refer me to someone else. Thank you.

Mj_chatrep: Please allow me to inform you that we cannot give you yet such information since number porting feature is still on technical enhancement.

Mj_customer: "On technical enhancement", now there is a smokescreen.

Mj_customer: If MagicJack cannot reasonably and with confidence project a date for porting then it should just tell its customers that they should not plan on this feature becoming available.

Mj_chatrep: Okay. I'm writing it down in your chat and I will send this to our administrators.
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User Replies:
melissa253 on 09/11/2012:
What does "porting of landline numbers" mean?
DebtorBasher on 09/11/2012:
That means, when you want your current phone number transferred to be used with MagicJack, instead of getting a new number.
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Magic Jack Does What It Says And Works Great
Posted by on
For those not familiar with Magic Jack, it is basically an alternative to your standard telephone service that uses the internet to place and receive calls.

I recently purchased one of these devices from Radio Shack. My average phone bill was running about 50 dollars a month which equals out to be 600 dollars a year for something I don't use much. Magic Jack seemed liked an interesting product so I thought I'd give it a try. It costs $39.95 which includes 1 year of service and the device itself. Each year thereafter, it will cost $19.95 a year which includes free long distance to anywhere in the USA, free call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, 3 way calling and voice mail. They also offer a 5 year package for only $59.95. The unit itself is a small chrome plated box measuring about 2 1/2" X 1 1/2" X 1/2". It has a see through window which shows the internal circuit board lighted by a blue led. It has a USB male connector on one end and a telephone jack on the other end.

Setup was extremely easy, just plug it in to an available USB port, plug in your telephone and wait 3-5 minutes while Magic Jack auto-loads itself to your system and connects to the internet to download files it needs to operate. Once that is completed you will need to fill out a registration form and click on the link with the return e-mail they will send you to complete final activation. Your Magic Jack is now ready to use! An on screen GUI will appear on your computer and it has telephone buttons, a SEND button and an END button so you start and stop calls just like on your cell phone. This interface also allows access to a phone book that you can create with all of your favorite numbers, a redial button, voice mail button and a 411 information button. Simply click the phone number you want with your mouse and hit send, the only thing that you will need to get used to is having to dial the area code, even for local numbers.

If you forget to dial the area code, an automated voice will remind you. You can also make a call by simply using a standard telephone handset as you normally would without the need to do anything on the computer (other than having it on). It can also be connected to your wireless phone master base and all of your wireless extensions will work just like a standard phone. NOTE: This device requires a good quality high speed internet connection with at least 3-5 megabyte capability. If you have the low end 1 megabyte service, your phone conversations may be choppy making it difficult to understand each other. I also tried to use this product with an encrypted VPN and had bad results with that (choppy, broken conversations) so if you use an encrypted VPN/IP changing/hiding program, you will have to temporarily disable it to receive/make calls.
I kept my original phone service active during the Magic Jack test period (in case it was a dud) but this product did everything it said it would do and was incredibly easy to set up. I'll be giving Embarq their walking papers on Monday! The other nice feature about this product is that you can take it with you and receive calls from your number anywhere you go in the world, just plug it into any other computer and your back in business. Magic Jack assigns you your own new telephone number (you can't keep your old number and you cannot transfer your Magic Jack number to any other phone service). with regard to 911 service, it is available if you register your name and address. This service, or any phone service will not be available if your computer is not on. Overall, I would rate this an excellent product and would suggest it to anybody who is tired of high phone bills or if you need to add a second phone line for the kids.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/14/2009:
Great review DC! Thanks.
Anonymous on 03/14/2009:
Good review. The device does work as advertised. People who have installed the device may not realize that it has no uninstall feature. One has to manually edit the Registry to remove it completely. You also give them the right to examine any web pages visited which allows them to send specific ads to you. They also sell your browsing history to third-parties. If you install the device on a friends computer it will start watching there also and again, cannot be easily uninstalled.
Anonymous on 03/14/2009:
Have one too and really like it. Magic Jack could be the last nail in the Vonage coffin.
Anonymous on 03/14/2009:
Great review, DC..I'm in the process of switching from Vonage to Magic Jack as we speak.
jktshff1 on 03/14/2009:
Great review DC, good additional info PB
madconsumer on 03/14/2009:
great review.

very helpful.

"You also give them the right to examine any web pages visited which allows them to send specific ads to you. They also sell your browsing history to third-parties."

I hope they enjoy m3cents and porn!!
Anonymous on 03/14/2009:
Their snooping then selling what they snoop is one of the many reasons I will never allow this device in my home.
DigitalCommando on 03/14/2009:
Virtually all websites track at least a small amount of data and store permanent cookies on your hard drive with some being interested in where you've been. I stop all of that by using an encrypted vpn with an IP/changer so they are basically tracking nobody. Passingby is correct about the hard to remove part though, but that can be overcome by removing the device and blocking their IP at the firewall level. As for spyware, claims have been made about this in the blogosphere but I have yet to find any credible testing authority that has verified this. With over 1.5 million of these being out there you would think at least one lab would have discovered something. I wonder if it might be Vonage employees stirring up the pot? And thanks to Super for giving me the thumbs up on this product before I purchased it.
GenuineNerd on 03/14/2009:
I was thinking about Magic Jack, but after seeing many reviews of both compliments and complaints about the product, I will continue with my old reliable AT&T landline. Magic Jack limits you to one telephone, which does you no good if you have telephones in several rooms. And I don't think Magic Jack works with caller ID or call waiting. And the technology behind Magic Jack isn't perfected, like landline and cell phone coverage. And I don't want additional cookies or spam on my computer.
DigitalCommando on 03/14/2009:
GN, If you like your current service, stay with it! Majic Jack is for people who are seeking other options because they are not happy with what they currently have or want to augment existing service with an additional line. If you have hardwired phones in every room then Majic Jack will only work on one phone, if you have cordless phones it will work on all of them. It's probably not for everybody but it works great for me in my situation.
old fart on 03/14/2009:
I have the same situation Nerd... Magic jack wouldn't work for me..
Anonymous on 03/14/2009:
Unless they changed their terms when one installs the software one agrees to allow them to track your internet use.
In another forum a poster said one way to avoid the device from watching your browsing activity is to create a new partition and install in there. It only watches activity on the drive where it is installed. Cookies are usually stored on the C: drive.
madconsumer on 03/14/2009:
passingby, so installing it on a separate drive would work too?
tnchuck100 on 03/14/2009:
I got curious about their terms and conditions and was unable to locate them on their website. Is that something they disclose only AFTER you sign up?
DigitalCommando on 03/14/2009:
chuck, when I read the recent terms of service, there was nothing there that stated they had the right to sell your data. Passingby, you can also shut down Majick Jack totally with a ctrl/alt/del,applications tab, right click on Majick Jack and end task. I have not seen any pop up ads or spam either so far. I also monitor my firewall, Majick Jack does connect and the bytes in/bytes out totals do increase when a call is made/received but the numbers don't change otherwise (which suggests no other traffic is flowing outside of the phone calls). I also ran 3 different malware detection programs with no results.
tnchuck100 on 03/14/2009:
DC, where can the terms be seen?
DigitalCommando on 03/14/2009:
Like all software that you buy, you don't get to see it until you buy it and register the product so you can't preview it. If I would have thought of it, I should have c&p it but I didn't.
DigitalCommando on 03/14/2009:
Chuck (and anybody else that's interested) I found a site that should clear up all of the unfounded speculation regarding Majick Jack.
tnchuck100 on 03/14/2009:
Thanks, DC.
steveherb on 03/30/2009:
Am I missing something? The Magic Jack rids long distance fees. You still have to pay Verizon the "basic" $30 a month to have the phone line and the $20 a month for DSL connect. Do I even need this magic jack when all if any of my long distance calls are over my cell phone? Thank you for the tip. I was wondering how those pop ups were related to my browsing.
Slimjim on 03/30/2009:
I though the Magic Jack eliminated the need for any phone lines or service. Isn't the idea that all phone service in and outbound is now run through the devise VOP through the net?
Anonymous on 03/30/2009:
Sort of Slim, you still need a high speed connection of some sort for the MagicJack to do it's thing. Using DSL means you would still need a phone line of some sort for the DSL. If you have Internet with your cable company no need for any phone line. MagicJack is really kicking Vonage's arse which is why Vonage is now running three months for $9.95 a month. They are feeling the MagicJack death grip.

The best feature of the MagicJack in my book is we have friends in Europe. They also have a MagicJack so calls between MagicJack's are free. MagicJack is backed by its own network. YMax Voice is one of the newest and largest U.S. phone networks with 42 gateway switches in major metropolitan U.S. cities and interconnection agreements across the country. The YMax Voice network is one of the only competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) networks in the U.S. certified in all 50 states.
Velcro on 03/30/2009:
Read PassingBy's comments again. They are true. The device is okay but not worth the money especially since internet calls are less than .01 cent per call. The device has an Echo and a slight delay which can be very annoying. Sounds like you're in a cave. Very difficult to uninstall. Company is good on refunds if you act quickly. Avoid long term contracts with any carrier.
rgruenhaus on 03/30/2009:
For me magic jack has been spotty. At first it was clear on most calls, then I had a few that they stopped hearing me and I heard a stutter sound like the connection was breaking up with lost data bits and then if it was a customer service call to another company I had to call back and start all over. All you need is to have the internet service active on your local ISP and have your PC on all day to receive calls. I call Florida to New Jersey all the time with it and see no additional charge. I do not have any other land line service. For long clls that you don't have a problem with interrupted calls and can call back without starting over, then it's fine. Whether the breeakup of the signal is on my PC due to programs or the ISP loading I don't know, but for $20 a year after the hardware price a couple of long distance calls will pay you back.
Anonymous on 03/30/2009:
Rgruenhaus, a couple calls to Ireland and we have the thing paid the entire year. If you call someone a lot overseas send them a MagicJack. You will both save a lot of money in LD. We have yet to have a dropped call. But like you say for the price who really cares, just call them back.
ford2M on 03/30/2009:
If you have to keep your pc on all day, this would wear out your MUCH faster! There goes the savings. If I'm wrong, please enlighten me.
Anonymous on 03/30/2009:
Ford2M, we don't run it as a regular phone 24/7. We just use it for prearranged calls. Or we will call the person and ask them to turn on the MJ. I guess there are people that use it 24/7 but none I know that have it.

It's only real value to me is calling others that have it to avoid out of country LD costs.
Abbottsford on 03/30/2009:
It works!!! Yes, it really works. Some configuration problems were handled by "Andre," who was very helpful. "Chatting" online worked best for me.
ford2M on 03/30/2009:
Do you keep your land-line phone, have the phone company turn off long-distance capability, and use the Magic Jack for long-distance only? (I have a NetZero prepaid cellphone that only costs $16 per month).
mariecz_2 on 03/31/2009:
It doesn't work well on wifi type service. when I contacted them was told was better on modem. The IT wanted to mess around with my setting and did not sound real informed about my system so I passed. It works in a pinch but stuck with land line. Not quite up to all the hype
DigitalCommando on 03/31/2009:
The negative issues that people are having with Majic Jack are not the cause of Majic Jack itself. Mine works flawlessly with no skips, dropouts or anything else. You should have at least a 5 meg connection to get this level of service. You will experience occasional issues with speeds below 5 and you will definetely have problems with speeds below 2 megs. The other factor which you are probably unaware of is the QUALITY of your broadband connection. You could have 5 megs of speed and have a crappy quality connection that can't/won't support voip communications flawlessly. That is not Majic Jack's fault or problem. There are several online broadband testing services that can check the quality of your connection as well as its speed. You should check it out before you buy any voip service.
Ex-Pat Brut on 04/03/2009:
Interesting comments everybody. Like any other voip a good fast connection is everything, at least 5meg, but if you are getting phone service through cable then you should have no problems. The majority of people don't turn their PC off so its pretty much win win
Don12345 on 04/26/2009:
I switched from Vonage to Macic Jack and it has been a real money saver. With Vonage I was able to have 4 phones running off of the same adapter. With Magic Jack if I try to plug in more than one phone, my phone will not ring when someone calls me. The 5V USB power is NOT strong enough to power more than one phone! I can live with one phone especially with all the $$$ I'm saving.
DigitalCommando on 04/27/2009:
Don12345, if you connect your majic Jack to a cordless phone base, it will work on all of your cordless phones (I have 4). Just as an update, I still have not had a single add pop up. It can be shut down easily with ctrl,alt,delete and then 'end task'. Once installed, simply leaving the majic jack unplugged from your USB port also shuts down the app completely. Monitoring my outbound connections on my firewall, there is no activity going on regarding majic jack which pretty much puts to rest the false claims about it spying on you.
DebtorBasher on 06/26/2009:
Great Review DC...I don't know how I missed this when you posted it. I just bought a Magic Jack today...I want a separate phone line for my business...I was hoping I can hook up my fax machine to it...but I'm not sure if that would work, if not, at least I can use it for the business.
DebtorBasher on 06/26/2009:
I will of course be keeping our AT&T Landline...if the power should go out or the computer goes down, you'd be left without a phone if you only used the Magic Jack...I would advise it as an extra line but not the only line to the outside world.
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Poor Customer Service, Company of Thieves
Posted by on
I purchased a MagicJack computer phone Jack almost a year ago. From the very beginning it has been one problem after the other. They have live web support, however getting to it, takes quite some time as you repeatedly have to click on live support, and continue to see other screens pop prompting you to not use the live support, but to use their FAQ instead. After clicking the live support several times, you will finally get to a live person. However, once you do get to the live person, they rarely if ever listen to you, and actually do nothing more than cause you to become agitated because you can’t get any help. Don’t even think about trying to call them to get help, because they are not about to give you a phone number.

For the better part of this past year I had complained over and over and over and over and over (I think you get the point), that when you were in the live chat window, you could not see what you were typing to the Rep., because they were only providing a 1” inch tall, by 1/4" wide area to type in. They just fixed that about one week ago, so around the 1st of February 2009.

On top of that there are constant problems getting a dial tone and you can spend as much as 4 to 5 minutes trying to get a dial tone. This was a nightmare getting this through their heads. There are also constant problems with the clarity of the call, either you can’t here the party on the other end, or they cannot hear you, and sometimes neither of you can hear each other. Then MagicJack wanted me to turn off my firewall and virus software so they could make changes that another one of Their Reps made with my firewall and Virus Software untouched. Strange how one knew he could do this and all the others did not. This guy was also able to do a net meeting with me and make some fixes himself and not one of the other Reps ever offered to do that either.

What takes the cake is that the other day they said they were going to send me a free replacement at absolutely no charge, and all I had to do was return the old one with an RMA that they sent me by email, and I had to do it within 2 weeks of receipt of the replacement. I have not even received the replacement yet, as it was just ordered.

However, I looked at my online banking the next day and they had charged my account $39.95 which caused an over draft as I did not have that much in my account. I was furious and let them know that I never authorized a charge on my account and had been told there would be no charge. They continue to send me this email stating the same crap over and over, that they will remove the charge when I return the original Jack. And, all of this is in spite of me being told there would be absolutely no charge. Additionally, at every request they refuse to allow me to speak to the Corporate Office, the Company Office, or the Owner. They will not provide me with any phone numbers or addresses for the company, I find that quite odd and have never known of any legitimate business that conducts its business in this way.

I have been asking to speak to someone in charge for quite sometime now, both through email and through their web chat. Not one of their reps will comply with my request. I have decided to file a Better Business Bureau Complaint against them as well as go to the Attorney General for the State of Missouri, and for the State that this Company is located in.

I am strongly urging everyone who might be considering to purchase one of these Magic Jacks, to reconsider as the company seems to be full of thieves, and uncooperative, lying, stealing, Customer Service Reps, and they all will refuse you access to phone numbers, addresses, and Corporate Owners, or Company Owners. Also, should the Company go out of business, you would lose your service anyway.

Conducting business in the manner that they are, I would doubt that they would stay in business for long. It's really ashamed, as the idea was a good idea, too bad the wrong people had it and had no idea what Customer Service means.

Just so you know, this is the MagicJack that is advertised on TV, and on the Internet. The creator is Dan Borislow and I believe he is the gentleman that is in the TV Ads, as well as he uses his Daughter in the Internet Ads, or is that a fake as well?


Larry D.

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User Replies:
Starlord on 02/09/2009:
So what if he does his own commercials and uses his daughter in them? There is nothing illegal, immoral or even fattening in that. We got a MagicJack a couple of years ago, when we were under the thumb of Qwest. and it sure changed things for us. Now we have Comcast, which has VOiP, so we already have unlimited free long distance all over the US and Canada. But we never had any problem with our MagicJack. Are you sure you are using it properly? When all else fails, read the instructions.
hornetmadness on 09/04/2009:
So I love my MJ and run my business over it. For the $20/year price I expected the support to be bad. After the first install and ran the fix I haven't had one problem.

I do have one billing problem that seems to have the opposite problem of everyone else. Before my 30day trial ended, my CC that I signed up with expired and I got a new card with a new number. I logged into my support thing and add my new CC number. After the trial ended I did keep the service. After a month of waiting my CC was never charged. I tried chatting about this with MJ several times and they said my account as fully paid. I informed MJ that it was not and spent 2 hours trying to convince them of this, but they cannot see past their monitor or maybe conceive that "The Great System" might be broken.

I say all this and remember each time I have to deal with these folks that this is $20/year service and the support rep is making minimum wage, and thought is not required (or paid for) at that pay level. As far as I'm concerned, I've done my due diligence and informed of them their mistake and tried very hard to correct it. Their own "System" keeps getting in the way. Will be interested to see what happens when my year of service is over.

Some thoughts to help MJ save some face.

1. Do a Google search and see how many complaint sites talk about the same thing and think about it.
Word of mouth is EVERYTHING in VOIP biz, you really should remember that.
I read that MJ is selling 8k units a month. how long to you really think that is going to last?
Once you have all the customers you can get what's next. What compelling reason are you going to give customers to stick around? $20/year isn't enough, stacked on the lack of or just pain crappy support.

2. Automation causes automatic problems.
You *need* gaps in automation to stop errors and have accountability.
Higher a few better paid folks to catch this stuff, and then DO something about it.
How can your accounting people miss my issue when doing the month end reports? I think its because you lack such a process in favor of your Great Automated System, yes a cost cutting move.

3. You lack any follow up on reported issues.
I understand not wanting a support phone number as that means more people to pay thus cutting into your narrow margins. But your missing an opportunity to make your self and customers better using this limited and narrow channel of support.

4. Is the rating that customers give a reps for support issues a reflection on reps or your company?
I'm willing to bet that most all bad marks are a reflection on your "Great automated system" and your company direction. These are low paid people that have precaned messages and little knowledge beyond that.
Anonymous on 09/28/2009:
First, you are complaining about a service That costs you $20 a year. Do you have cable, DSL or are you trying to use MJ on a dial up line? Do you have the MJ software running when you are trying to get a dial tone? Telephone service for $20 a year would not have me complaining no matter how bad it was. Coincidentally, I love mine.
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Porting Number
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- Chat with Customer Service is below in addition to a registered informal complaint with FCC. Any one else who may have the same issue of being charged over $30 to return your personal number back from Magic Jack should register a complaint as well through FCC. They are the only company in the US charging for a return porting of a persons number.

Chat on August 14, 2012
Magic Jack
You are now chatting with 'Marykate'
Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK554080677073X
Marykate: Hello, how may I help you?
Customer: I have placed a porting of my number from you to another carrier and you wish to bill me $ 30 to port a number that was mine that I ported to you. That sounds little illegal since it was not your number to start with and I paid the $ 10 to port it over to you last December. Please explain or eliminate that fee.
Marykate: Please allow me to inform you that Phone Number - (410) xxx-xxxx technically belongs to magicJack after you ported the number last 12/28/2011.
Marykate: The $30 fee is for porting out a magicJack number to other phone carriers and it is part of the porting process.
Customer: I have a telecommunication company and your response is not accurate. Clients do not lose their number when it is ported it is only used by the new carrier and subject to its return provided the client does not owe any outstanding debt to the Carrier currently using the clients number.
Marykate: I understand however the $30 fee is part of the port out process and it is not possible to waive this fee.
Customer: You may want to take this up to a supervisor. I do not want to take this to the FCC for a violation
Marykate: I am a supervisor. I respect and appreciate your sentiments because I would feel the same way if I was on your shoes. However, please understand that a company policy is a policy that we need to follow at all times.
Customer: Company Policy does not super cede FCC guidelines. You will be hearing from me.
Marykate: Okay, Customer.
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User Replies:
Kris10 on 08/16/2012:
That does sound very illegal. I wonder how many people they have nailed with that fee before. Hopefully the FCC will be able to help you.
trmn8r on 08/16/2012:
In this day and age of moving services and phone numbers from one provider to another, maybe this is legal. I don't know if it is or not - please stop back and let us know. I note that the FCC website indicates companies can charge for portability, which possibly pertains to both porting in and porting out:
"•Companies may charge their customers fees to recover the costs that they incur in providing number portability. Fees may vary between companies, and some companies may not charge any fees."
leet60 on 08/17/2012:
Some information from FCC.GOV on number portability:

Fees and Charges

•Companies may charge their customers fees to recover the costs that they incur in providing number portability. Fees may vary between companies, and some companies may not charge any fees.

•Companies may not refuse to port a number because a consumer has not paid for porting.
DebtorBasher on 08/17/2012:
I'm on the Library computer now because MagicJackPlus screwed me big time. Now, I have no MagicJack, no Landline and no Internet because their rep gave me the wrong info. I just got off the chat with them and told them I didn't want charged for the number transfer and they said they no longer refund that. I told them I will be disputing it with my credit card company because I kept a copy of my chat with the rep that gave me all the wrong information. It is now costing me close to $200 to get everything back the way I had it before MJplus...and it will still be until then end of next week before I get my Internet back and I'm without a Landline until next weeks well. I've been without all week. I had to end up getting an entire new phone number for my landline thought ATT because MajicJack couldn't even get it transferred back right!
Yeah...there's going to be a nice long review on that when I get my Internet service back up again.
1_positive_guy on 12/10/2012:
URL for the FCC site mentioned by leet60 on 2012-08-17:
DebtorBasher on 12/10/2012:
Thanks for the info, Positive Guy!

As an update to my above comment. I disputed the fee for transferring my phone number, with my credit card company. My credit card company didn't even bother sending the usual forms to fill out, within TWO days of my dispute online with them, they had already approved it for me and within a week, it was credited back on my credit card. So, it looks like some credit card companies must get a lot of disputes about their porting fees and are willing to reverse it on our credit card. BTW, I have PNC credit....KUDOS to them for knowing we're being ripped off!
MArvin Ballard on 06/27/2013:
Do not pay the porting fee! The port will go through regardless. It's this kind of business practice that made me leave in the first place.
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Save some REAL money
Posted by on
CASA GRANDE, ARIZONA -- We saw an infomercial several times for a gadget called MagicJack. We discussed it, and decided to give it a try. We had left Qwest and will never go back. We have been using Transcend Broadband for about a year, but have been unhappy with the quality of the VOiP phone service. We decided to try MagicJack, as they have a thirty day free trial. You order the product, and they send it to you, and do not charge your credit card for thirty days. If you notify them you are not going to continue and send the unit back, the charge is wiped out.

You plug a phone into the MagicJack and then plug it into any USB port on your computer which has a broadband connection. In just a few minutes, you are in business after following the onscreen directions to get your phone number and set up.

The quality is better than Transcend's service, and we are saving the $32.50 per month that we were paying. MagicJack costs $39.95 the first year, which is $20 for the device and $19.95 for the first year. Each year after the first one is $19.95 per year. Yes, per year, for unlimited local and long distance calls to anywhere in the US and Canada, and two cents per minute worldwide. I like the little picture of the MagicJack that comes up while it is processing the program on set up. "A moment of patience for a lifetime of savings." We temporarily have a Phoenix number, because the response was so great in our area, they ran out of slots. As soon as the engineers get more slots, they will contact us with a local number. We have to have locals who call us give us a number, and we call them back.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/06/2008:
Starlord, I have been watching the commercials too and wondering if it was really that good. I'm glad someone has tried it and liked it. I am going to give it a try now. I have a full T1 so I'm sure I can get the same high quality signal. This may put the final nail in the Vonage coffin. Thanks for the heads up!!
CrystalSword on 05/06/2008:
SB....when we first plugged it in we were using a cordless phone, quality just isn't there with that but a corded phone was GREAT!!!!! I "talked" on live chat with a company rep. and they said to hook up a corded phone and see what happened....WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

Heartland America has a set of phones that is one corded base phone, and three cordless phones for use in other areas of the house that don't need a phone line...what is nice about that is even if the cordless portion won't work on the Magic Jack, they act as an inhouse intercom or walkie talkie set, which is just what we need in this mobile home!! We're both hard of hearing and if he's in the kitchen trying to tell me something and I'm at the back of the place, there is no chance I am going to hear him without help. The set of 1 corded and 3 cordless is just $59.99!
Hugh_Jorgen on 05/06/2008:
Sounds like a great little device. Do you know if once it's set up properly does the phone # travel with the device? For example if it's set up at home, can I bring it to the office and have the same phone # at the device?

It would be great to basically bring your home phone with you to the office or on the road in a hotel with wi-fi.
Anonymous on 05/06/2008:
More good info to know, thanks. I picked up a set of Uniden cordless from Costco that work pretty well on my Cox VoIP so I will test it out on those and report back.
jktshff1 on 05/06/2008:
what about 911 availability?
Starlord on 05/06/2008:
Hugh, yes, the number travels with the device. We are taking it to Washington with us when we go on vacation and hook it into our son's computer. We should have our local number by them, so Crystal's mom can call us without long distance charges. With the information when you set it up, they have a 911 provider that takes your call and channels it to the proper authorities, Although right now we have a Phoenix number, it is set up for our home address for 911, and there is a green light next to the address, so that means they can get help to us, without anything special. In Washington, the address for 911 will change, but not the phone number.
Starlord on 05/06/2008:
You can give the MagicJack to family that is moving overseas, and they can call you without any charges, as the device gives you free long distance anywhere in the US or Canada. Right now, when someone calls us, we tell them to give us a number and then we call them, as local calls on regular phones between Casa Grande and Phoenix are 12 cents a minute, so, 12 cents to get the number then we call them for free.
dt66 on 08/02/2008:
This co. is a scam .I know about 1 of 8 work and when they get your acc info look out
dt66 on 08/30/2008:
Its a scam.I ordered 2 and they cleaned out my acc. and who do you call.TRUST ME ...ITS A SCAM...
Anonymous on 08/30/2008:
I doubt they would be selling 7,000 - 8,000 units a day if they were a scam. The one I have works perfect and everyone I know with one now says they work fine. They charged the exact amount they said they would to my CC.

Magic Jack is far from a scam. If you want to deal with a scam might we suggest you go sign up with Vonage?
Sparticus on 08/30/2008:
I agree, I don't think it is a scam. I've never used one, but I can see how it would work. And from seeing some reports from local news stations, it seems to really work.

Anonymous on 08/30/2008:
If MajicJack were really a scam, they would outnumber Vonage in the complaints here on My3Cents. The only thing holding me back from trying them is numbers can't be ported to MajicJack yet. I hear they are working on that.
Starlord on 03/02/2010:
Apparently, they have discontinued the overseas use of the MagicJack. but our new one, bought at WalMart is working just fine.
Connoisseur on 08/23/2010:
the only way to pay your bill is to give them a checking account% or a visa card??? so they can take and charge at will?????

That leaves me out, I don't care what the savings is. ALL it takes is one renegade or dishonest or incompetent representative and you are in financial hell. Good luck with magick jack folks.
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- Magic Jack TV ads say "Just $9.95 PER year". What they DON'T tell you is the RENEWAL is $35 PER year. It would be truthful if they said "Just $9.95 for the FIRST year", but "PER year" means each and every year, not just the first year.

Once you renew, they want to charge $35 and that, in my book, is BAIT AND SWITCH.

I talked to someone on the Chat line (in India of course) who said the renewal was $19.95 per year, but after digging, that is only if you purchase 5 YEARS for $120. Everything they say is SHADY.

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Getting My Refund
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Rating: 1/51
FLORIDA -- I returned the product mid January and now it is almost the end of February and I still have not received my refund. I have made several "live chats" with different people who have all said "it is being handled as we speak". Yet it has not been submitted to my credit card company as yet. I feel like I am getting the run around and they will soon say that the time is up and I will be out my $80. This is very bad business and I hope this information gets out to the company as well as the public. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!
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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 02/20/2012:
Anytime you get a refund credited back onto a credit card, it can take up to 2 statements before it shows. Try calling your credit card company and aske them if they show it pending or how long it takes for it to show up on your statement.
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