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PO BOX 6785
West Palm Beach, FL 33405
1-800-MAGICJACK (ph)
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MagicJack Is Wonderful
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I just got my MagicJack and I have to say it really works great. A few times I called, the phone ring was broken up so I hung up and redialed. It was then clear. I'm not sure why that happened a few times but I got a clear line when I called back. I only had a cell phone prior to this and sometimes a business will leave you on hold for a while so I needed something else. This is my answer! This device is going to put tel companies out of business. It's cheap, no monthly tax or payments. You know those gov taxes that are added on to your phone bill that no one understands. This is great. I'm not associated with MagicJack I just wanted to let consumers know this is worth buying.

By -

MagicJack only works when computer is ON and does not work if computer is in "Sleep" mode.

Magic Jack Is Not Magic! It Is A Headache
By -

Wasted about 3 hours giving MagicJack a chance - got a chat once and then found out that it won't work with Mozilla and then IE7 failed also. Until they get the clinks out - don't try it unless you have a lot of patience over the next few years to get it start.

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