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Refund Not Given
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NEW YORK -- My (round trip ticket) flight from newark to delhi (10 Feb, 2009) was cancelled due to weather related problems and I had to book flight in another airline at separate expense to get to India, because it was an emergency. Make my trip has still to date not refunded my money for the one leg of journey ($448 = Rs 21000). My Make My Trip booking ID is FUSINT20002080595.

We have taken this case to small claims court in New York to sue this fraudulent & inefficient company. If anybody have faced any problems with make-my-trip (in USA), I suggest you to take them to small claims court (you can apply online), and they will make sure, you get your payback for suffering. We will make our experience public in NYC newspapers & on internet, to make people aware of this fraudulent company.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/23/2010:
Please keep us updated on the progress of your lawsuit. Also, don't book with online agencies in the future. You will probably save the hassle of suing somebody.
Anonymous on 03/23/2010:
Suing the airline directly won't get them a refund either when they book with them and weather cancels a flight.
bhanu4379 on 04/28/2010:
We went through the court hearing and "Make My Trip" representative had no defense against the case. The guy was trembling, when we started to give the proof in support of the case. At Last, the judge agreed to our claims. We just received the official court letter noting us about winning the case and total award amount which we should get from "make my trp"(refund + 3% interest).

Even before, we receive the official letter from court, we receive a email from Make My Trip saying that they are refunding the amount to my credit card account :) I am trying to decide, whether I should press for full claim money (which I asked for more) or just let these b*st*rds go with the refund amount.

At least, I taught a lesson to the fraudulent airline agency!!!
Anonymous on 04/29/2010:
cool. Glad you came back to update. Since you went through the trouble of court and actually won, press for the full claim? No need to press. It's a done deal. Just tell them where you want it sent to.
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