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Service Above-and-Beyond
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
FLORIDA -- My recent experience (October 2013) with tech support at Malwarebytes was amazing for the level of involvement and attention to my situation.

I'd been using the free scan-on-demand service for a long time & decided to upgrade to paid. Before I got to it, I had a browser hijack by AVG toolbar/search via a freeware download (checked No on options but they forced it anyway) . . After eliminating it I was still concerned about using a credit card for the chance there may be a hidden keylogger, etc.

I told MBAM of my concern. . they said it would have been detected in the full (free) scan, but they could do some further tests. . . At this point I was still a non-paid customer-- but they were extremely thorough wth 7 tests in all (one was ComboFix). . And it turned out the hijacker AVG had Not been entirely deleted as I'd thought-- MBAM's tests took care of that.

I was pleasantly surprised at the attention to my situation as a non-paid user, and also since many companies are difficult or impossible to directly contact for support (such as Google)-- or they do a minimum of support., or else don't satisfactorily address a problem.

The product itself is great,-- I believe superior to almost anything out there for what it does on both the free and paid versions. The paid version blocks 'possibly malicious websites' such as those with suspicious or malicious freeware downloads.
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cmthru on 10/15/2013:
I have been using Malwarebytes in concert with Microsoft Security Essentials (also free) for a long time. Both work quite well.
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Malwarebytes Messed Up My Computer Big Time
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CANADA -- Since downloading Malwarebytes my comp. is in a mess. They down loaded another product also with pro in the name and the tech that did this put files in places they shouldn't be. I will now have to go and have a professional clean out my comp. as they also denied me access to these files, put Firefox on there also can't delete any of that, I'm in a mess, DO NOT DOWN LOAD THIS SOFTWARE. I paid as I got the upgraded version, did get my money back, only good thing about this whole mess.
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John Nicholson on 05/26/2013:
Go to system restore and restore your computer to a date BEFORE installation of Malwarebytes. This will fix it, assuming you have system restore turned on---it is on by default.

As for Malwarebytes, I use the free version, not the PRO and it saved me once from a vicious malware. It is really among the very best programs out there. You should download the free version and then run it once a week. When you download it, tho you need to carefully read what you are installing. A lot of programs like to install Google Chrome, toolbars, search engines, etc. Make sure you uncheck any of these options when installing. You have to be very careful, always when installing software to your machine. As for Firefox, I have used it two years now and will never go back to IE.
Fred Kaplan on 10/19/2013:
I entirely agree with the OP. I downloaded an update to Malwarebytes and it froze my computer. I had to go into Safe Mode and delete the whole programme. I will NEVER use this product again
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Anti-Virus Malware
Posted by on
Malwarebytes is a company that is offering a free download of there anti-virus malware. Be very careful in downloading this software it has been doing strange things to computers. Don't believe the reviews you read. My story is I downloaded the software it did it's thing and I then uninstalled the software. I then find that windows Vista and drivers had been removed. I have seen other stories about Malwarebytes and there problems. Please be very careful.
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 10/14/2010:
I too had a problem with Malwarebytes. I don't remember the specifics but Malwarebytes was at the root of the problem.
trmn8r on 10/14/2010:
Malwarebytes is used to remove trojans, adware and spyware. If you are having trouble using it, there are message boards where people will walk you through the process step by step.

I use another product called Combo-Fix. These packages are very powerful and should be used carefully. I haven't seen other complaints about Malwarebytes, except Venice's comment above (:
Venice09 on 10/14/2010:
Trmn8r, I agree that these programs are sometimes used too casually or by people with little knowledge of what they are doing. That would be me.

I was trying to remove spyware that basically disabled my computer. I found info online about using Malwarebytes to remove the specific spyware, but it ended badly.

I think what I was really trying to say in my first comment is that people should be more careful before trying these programs if they are unsure. Sometimes they can do more harm than good.
raven2010 on 10/14/2010:
have used this program for at least a year, along with Spybot. I love them booth. Oh, and CCleaner (which was Crap Cleaner back in the day) to help delete general crap files)
trmn8r on 10/14/2010:
Venice - I am sorry to hear that. I have had a few bad pieces of Malware hit mine, and I believe they are of the kind that can never be fully removed. Thus, the longer I am online, the greater chance someone has of hitting my IP address and reinfecting me through the backdoor. Unfortunately Betsy is of no use on this intruder, until the day I blow this Dell laptop to kingdom come.

I keep an old computer here, so I can go online when this one is hobbled. Most Malware redirects you so you can't get to the sources of help that you need. I have been lucky in that each time I have had trouble, I am able to get fully running again. The software I use has warnings only an expert should use it. I am only an expert at getting it started.
leet60 on 10/14/2010:
Most often the problem with programs like this stems from the fact the user does not set a restore point before the install or before running a scan. Most of the issues with drivers being deleted or changes to the settings for the OS are easily solved if a restore point was set.
jktshff1 on 10/14/2010:
This is a good one. Free and from microsoft, use it on 3 of my pc's and laptops.
fast327 on 10/14/2010:
I was using the free Avast anti-virus and experienced a lot of trouble connecting to the Internet.A computer expert said I had a Trojan and to install Malwarebytes. I did and the problem got worse. I uninstalled both of them and installed Microsoft security essentials. MSE found the trojan, dealt with it and I have had no more troubles.
MRM on 10/14/2010:
I don't use any 3rd party anti-whatever on my Windows Seven. The built-in security will suffice.
Ytropious on 10/14/2010:
Malwarebytes is not an anti virus, it's anti malware. When I had a problem with my computer that turned all my ads into porn related ads (GROSS) Malwarebytes was the only thing that removed it. I think maybe you downloaded a copy of it from somewhere that was not safe and got a virus with it. The actual program is legit and works. If you want a free anti virus download AVG.
GenuineNerd on 10/14/2010:
I use Malwarebytes in conjunction with McAfee Total Protection, CCleaner, and Yahoo Anti-Spy. I first downloaded Malwarebytes on a Windows XP machine that picked up one of those "rogue antivirus" pop-ups. It did an excellent job removing the malware that caused that rogue program to infect my machine. However, you have to click "Update" on the Malwarebytes page in order to get the latest protection. I since downloaded it to my present Windows 7 machine. I use Malwarebytes at least once a month, or if my computer acts sluggish. As for ComboFix, which also removes malware, you MUST allow this to do its job. Don't, and I repeat, DON'T, shut down your computer while ComboFix is running...or else you'll crash your hard drive, resulting in your losing your files, having to buy a new HD, as well as a new full version of Windows-a very expensive fix. ComboFix takes a long time to work, and is only recommended for badly infected machines. Only use ComboFix as a last resort. Otherwise, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, along with your present anti-virus/security suite, should do when it comes to removing malware, spyware, and viruses.
GenuineNerd on 10/14/2010:
I downloaded Malwarebytes Anti-Malware from Cnet's site. Cnet is a computer news-related website. PC World magazine ( should also have the Malwarebytes download. Those are safe downloading sites.
Freddy2Times on 10/15/2010:
Actually, several people have had the EXACT same issue with Symantec.

I've never had an issue with Norton, (bet some people have though, and it's sort of pricey)and if MS antivirus/spyware did it's job, you wouldn't need it. Some of the free stuff actually PUTS viruses/Spybots on your PC, although I'm sure a lot of it just has some issues with certain OP systems or browsers.

Contact MS, and find out what they recommend. Take the phone service person's name as well, might cut down on BS answers. Take the auto protection included with your internet browser, and DO NOT allow the PC to run sites that have warnings. Check spyware/bots, run disc clean up weekly, and defrag at least every two mo. on 05/18/2011:
I do not believe that this company is a company
tony deleano on 07/12/2014:
I also paid my $24.99 for the latest version of the "Pro" version,I get a drop window from "Windows" that says "Melwarebytes has suddenly stopped working, windows will try to find out why" well got news for you,it never will,I contacted the company and all they do is send you all kinds of links and attachnents to add to this piece of crap and nothing works,in my opinion, this is a rip-off,don't buy it,it's crap in my opinion.
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