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Manatee Memorial Hospital ER Quality
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BRADENTON, FLORIDA -- I will never go to MMH ever again! My 21 month old son was admitted into the ER at 1 am by his sitter cause I work 12 hr nights and could not leave work. When I got off work at 6 am and arrived at the ER the doctor had still not seen my son! The only thing they did was a breathing treatment and take his temp. OK now imagine a almost 2 yr old with a high fever close to 104 degrees, no sleep, a horrible wheezing/ barking cough, a runny nose, and who knows what ever else is hurting him cause he can't tell me yet! My poor baby was so miserable and all he wanted was mommy and his bed. Well to go on the doctor finally made his presence and was quick to say it was just the croup cough. Now I have been through this crouph before and this time seemed different, it seemed worse. So I questioned the doctors abilities. I asked them how he could be so sure it was croup and just viral? I asked him if he did a chest x ray? He told me he did not. Wrong answer! I told him how I felt and that he did have a sinus infection a few days ago... and I the mom still have one now. OK his snot is clear now but where did all that yellow/green crap go a few days ago. What if he has a bacterium infection and you don't check for it and you only send me home with you saying it is the croup and give him steroids? So since I insisted on a chest x ray he had one done. AND IMAGINE THIS..... the doctor comes back and tells my my son has a bacterial/viral phenomena.... so he had antibiotics, steroids, and a breathing treatment prescribed. And we still didn't leave the ER till 8 am.... uhhhh! So if I wouldn't have been so proactive and pushy my son could be worse right now and seriously ill! MMH lost all my confidence that morning! Never again! 8 hours just for a wrong diagnose that is if I didn't intervene. I will never place the life of my son again in one of their ER doctors again!
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Anonymous on 04/11/2010:
Thankfully you were able to get there to be pushy. Did you report this to the administration? If they are not providing appropriate care and it can be proven, they need to know.
raven2010 on 04/11/2010:
Oh jeez---I know many ER's are cutting back, however, a doctor, no matter how rushed, should have been able to tell this was not the croup!

I am glad your little one is OK.
Principissa on 04/11/2010:
Good gracious! I've been through enough croup episodes to know when it's croup and when it's not. I am so glad that you pushed for that chest x-ray. I understand that hospitals are cutting back on things, but patient care should NOT be one of those things.

If I were you, I'd call up the hospital administration and tell them exactly what you told us here. If you can prove that they are not providing appropriate medical care to their patients, it needs to be brought to their attention. They need to know that their doctors are not giving their patients the care they need so that they can either replace the doctors or figure out more ways to improve the care that their existing staff is giving to their ER patients.

I hope your son is better now!
clutzycook on 04/11/2010:
Hospitals usually aren't allowed to treat minors without permission from the parent/legal guardian, unless it is a life threatening emergency. Did your sitter have some sort of paper from you granting her the ability to give consent for treatment? That being said, once you arrived, the staff should have done everything to diagnose your son correctly.Certainly call up admin about the incompetence of this doctor.
madconsumer on 04/11/2010:
I am sure had the er doctor thought this was life threatening, he would have acted as such.
PepperElf on 04/11/2010:
clutzy - there's actually documents you can have drawn up to grant permission like that.

mom & dad have a set for their grandkids (sis's kids) that they always keep on hand. so if there's an emergency, they have legal authority to bring the kids in to the doctor and get them seen etc.
Anonymous on 04/11/2010:
Sad story about doctors and hospitals:

Severely disabled, is she still a mom?,0,7928553.story

Like the OP, we have learned to be very pro active when dealing with doctors and hospitals. They are no more perfect in what they do than we are in our own lives. If you don't like what you're hearing, press them harder until your comfort level is met.
Disaster Worker on 04/12/2010:
So from someone who actually works in an Emergency Room + ambulance, I'm rather shocked that a mother doesn't leave work to be in the ER with her baby. My mother-in-law was admitted to the ER yesterday, and wild horses wouldn't keep me away from my children, husband or MIL. That being said, we are NOT allowed to treat children without a parent present unless it is a life-or-death situation where we're held under the "implied consent" law (versus "expressed consent").

I also disagree with the comment about being pushy. Being pushy does NOT put you up to the front of the line to see the doctor, neither does coming in via ambulance if it's not a true emergency. We do the best we can under situations most of you cannot even imagine. Please try to be patient and realize we care about your family member, but we must take care of the most critical patients first.
clutzycook on 05/02/2010:
I know Pepper. That's why I asked the OP that.
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Emergency Care fees
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BRADENTON, FLORIDA -- In March of 2003, My husband went to the Emergency Room at Manatee Memorial Hospital for an Eye Injury. He had a small piece of metal stuck in his eye. Shortly after he arrived, in a waiting room full of people, His name was called & he followed a nurse to a room where she proceeded to take his blood pressure & heart rate.After she did this, He expected a Doctor to be looking at his eye but instead, He was directed to go back to the waiting room until his name is called again. Stunned by this seemingly odd order of care, & noticing how many people were in the waiting room, He thought to ask ...
"Approximately how long will I have to wait to see the Doctor"? & When she replied ..."It's about a four hour wait" He said "Forget It... I'm out of here!" & He went home & went to bed... Without seeing the Doctor. The next morning, He went back to the Hospital, hoping that they weren't as busy.
They didn't appear as busy but he asked them up-front, right away... "How long of a wait"? when they told him approx. 2 1/2 - 3 hours he said "Forget it, this is ridiculous & left"!
He had to go to work & suffered through the day & it wasn't until later the following day that he was finally seen by a doctor because he couldn't bare the discomfort any longer. He was seen by a wanderful doctor At Urgent Care where I called ahead to inform of the problem & although the office hours were over, The Doctor waited for my husband. Low & behold, The metal was RUST and not only could my husband have gotten lead poisoning, but the rust could have stained the blue in his eye & who knows what else could have resulted without proper care. The Doctor had to perform eye surgery right then and there. Afterward, My husband gratefully paid the Doctor for his care which was worth so much more than what he charged!
Anyhow, The appalling thing that happened, occurred within a week of my husband's eye injury when, He received a BILL FROM MANATEE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL IN THE AMOUNT OF $115.25! More than the Doctor's fee at Urgent Care! I tried to dispute this fee with the Hospital But, I got nowhere.
I painfully paid 68.00 (after Insurance paid their part)to the hospital just to take my husband's vital signs! (at night!)
I feel that the Hospital had no right to charge anything at all. when you consider the fact that my husband could have stopped at the local
Winn Dixie to have his blood pressure / Heart rate checked for free by one of those machines and got a print out for the Hospital. besides, He did not go to the Hospital for any reason that would signal a warning of heart attack or stroke, He went to get medical care for his eye injury and he never received that care at the hospital. Further more, His vital signs could change in FOUR HOURS of "Waiting" to see the Doctor!
I feel that this was an Emergency Room Scam! If they take your vital signs right away, They have you locked-in to owing them no matter what! My husband was unaware of this... who would think of it?
My Advice? I can't give any medical advice But, Unless it's a Life or Death situation, or you are unsure of what is wrong, try to avoid the emergency room! If you must go, ask in advance how long of a wait before they do Anything or you could find yourself in my husband's situation And they waste no time sending you a bill!
This had me so burned up that, when I came across this site, It came to mind and I feel that the time into writing about it or even paying what I did, would be worth it if I could save others from this happening to them.
I just can't believe that they are able to get away with it! Either that or... I haven't taken my complaint to the right places!
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cruisecat63076 on 08/12/2004:
He did see someone in the ER if he left before seeing the nurse then I would agree
sarahnkrystal on 08/13/2004:
A four hour wait int he Er is a common practice in most places, don't blame the hospital, blame the consumer. I went there last time 6 months pregnant unable to breathe, and had to wait 3 hours. The person in front of me was there because she had POISON IVY!!!!! Everyone is taken in order unless you are bought in by ambulance which gives you an immediate room. I went the other day because my Dr sent me to get a chest x-ray and there were about 10 car accidents because of the rain. Unfortunately all of this is beyond your control because your husband was injuredand you wanted him to be seen, but patience is a virtue.
I8Scams on 08/15/2004:
If you were 6 months pregnant & couldn't breathe upon arrival at the ER room & they made you wait 3 hours before seeing the doctor. I must know, was this Manatee Memorial Hospital? I do know that the wait is not always that long and they don't take you by the order of which you arrive rather,the level of urgency & certainly yours was more urgent than a bad case of poison ivy! I hope everything went well for you.
My complaint wasn't so much about the wait time as it was about being billed for Not sticking around waiting for 4 hours to see the Doctor!
When you arrive at any urgent care, first care, quik care or Doctors office, no-one runs out to the waiting room to check your pulse or blood pressure do they? Generally, they do these things when you are next to see the Dr not 4 hours prior!
DebbieAnne on 08/17/2004:
The same thing has happened to me at Manatee Memorial Hospital, more than once. And I know others it happened to. They take you vitals and send you away to a waiting room where you'll spend the next few hours waiting to see a Doctor, in the mean time, your vitals are changing. That's like taking someone's blood pressure and 4 hours later giving blood pressure medication. Something should be done about this place of business and what they are charging.
nurse2 on 03/20/2005:
It is unfortunate that most people do not understand how an emergency room operates. Each person is triaged, which is what you said your husband experienced. Their vitals are taken to determine in what order patients NEED to be treated. Your husband would have been treated that night had he waited. If your husband had shown signs of a heart attack, or burned severely, I am sure you would have wanted him to be treated immediately and ahead of someone with an eye irritation.
nurse2 on 03/20/2005:
You wrote "Unless it's a Life or Death situation, or you are unsure of what is wrong, try to avoid the emergency room! If you must go, ask in advance how long of a wait before they do Anything or you could find yourself in my husband's situation And they waste no time sending you a bill! "

Exactly - it is an emergency room. People with an emergency situation are seen first. People who just do not want to visit a doctor (usually publicaid).
dolfinfl on 10/18/2006:
I have had problems, too with MMH. They are terrible in the ER. But I have had other problems too. Write the CEO a letter telling him and you could get a little help. I did that way.
Parralmother on 02/06/2008:
I would like to say that the reason I found your comment and this web site is because I looked up registraion fees on google. I have the same problem but I think my situation has no outs for the hospital. My son who is 3 had been sick for three weeks and we have been to his peditrician twice. The day before I actually went to the hospital I had called the pediatrician again and they said to take him to the emergency room if he had any further problems before they opened again on Monday. Well my son had felt bad all of these 3 weeks not eating, having high fevers and other cold symptoms, so at around 9 o'clock at night my son who barely talks and does not like medicine or the doctor, is screaming medicine medicine. He says his head hurts and he wants to see the doctor. I couldn't give him anymore medicine because I had already given him some tylenol an hour ago. So he was sceaming so bad I put his coat and shoes on and took him in the freezing cold with no heat in my car to the emergency room. As you know as parents making the decision of taking your child to the emergency room is a hard decision when they can't talk to tell you exactally how they feel. Anyway when we got to the Emergency room I signed his name in and sat down. As I was sitting there the room was full of waiting people, some saying they had been there six hours and stil waitin, and it seemed like it was worth us waiting since he had been sick so long and couldn't take it anymore. But after 10 minutes of sitting there my son starts laughing and playing. So I then decided that we should go home that if he was playing he could wait another day to go to the peditrician. So I then told the attendant at the front desk that I would be leaving, she didn't ask for our name or anything she only shrugged her shoulders and said OK. OK OK what is OK she should have said do you realize that you will be charged $121.50 for sitting in our chairs and for me putting your name in our computers. Let me remind you that we did not get vitals done, or anything we were there for 30 min. or less before we left. Can I do anything about this bill? Even though they said Medicaid might pay for it, I don't think there should be a charge at all.
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