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Avoid Manna Distribution Services When Possible
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MENDOTA HEIGHTS, MINNESOTA -- I paid an extra $80 to have 'white glove' delivery of a TV. The reason was because I was taking a vacation and I wanted to be able to schedule delivery before I left and around my preparations. They were supposed to call me to schedule delivery, but they never did. I finally called them and apparently my TV had just been sitting around a warehouse waiting for whom knows what. So I scheduled delivery between 8am-12pm one day (love those tight time windows). When I hadn't heard anything by 12:30 I called them. Between waiting for a representative and waiting on hold, it was a 25 minute call. They said it would be thereby 1:30. To save you some time reading, this happened every hour. In total they told me 5 different times when it would show up, and it never did. I lost my day and almost had to postpone a trip because of it. I ultimately told them to just take the TV back, I'll purchase it somewhere else when I return from travelling. I understand they can't control some things, but their failures were systemic - from the delivery guy to the people that make schedules to customer service. I would have been better off with UPS ground. Good luck.
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Frank on 03/27/2013:
All I can say is I will never buy anything from any company that utilizes your service. Everything about this delivery was bad. For starters I bought the item on March 5th. I received it on March 25th. Along the way I made several calls to check the status, and each time nobody could tell me when I would see the delivery. My Cymax receipt said the item would be shipped with "white glove delivery".(which was important to me because I knew I wouldn't be home to accept the delivery. My 75 year old mother was.)When the delivery finally showed up 20 days after it was shipped, the delivery driver claimed that the delivery was not a "white glove" and that he could only leave the crate in front of the front door of the house. I talked to him on the phone and all he kept repeating was "I have to leave, I can't wait around". I explained that the delivery was supposed to be "white glove" and if he would give me a couple of minutes I would call Cymax or you folks and hopefully get things straightened out. Again the driver insisted that he could not wait and had to leave. I explained that at the least I wanted to have the crate opened so the contents could be inspected. He said that he could not uncrate the item. Finally I told him if he wouldn't bring it in the house and open the crate I didn't want it and he could load it on his truck and take it back!Hearing that he decided to call his office.
Meanwhile, luckily there were a couple of guys painting the interior of the house that were nice enough to open the crate it and carry the desk in the house as the two drivers stood there and watched!
Terrible experience! I wouldn't recommend their service to anyone!

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