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Poor Customer Service
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MANCHESTER, CONNECTICUT -- I purchased a new refrigerator and dishwasher in Oct 07. As soon as they were installed there were problems. The refrigerator had a knocking noise like someone at the front door and the dishwasher screamed like a jet engine. We had 3 separate service calls for each appliance which didn't fix a thing. The manufacturer told me that if I had Manny's service department service them, it would void the warranty. This turned out to be wrong as the service department operates under another business name. Manny's told me that they couldn't take it back because they would be stuck with it and that I should pursue my problem with the state Attorney General through the lemon law. I thought I had a warranty from the manufacturer, Manny's seems to disregard that. Apparently it's better to stick the customer than to take back defective appliances. The manufacturer told me to send in all the paperwork and they would put it before a committee to see if it could be replaced. Repeated calls to Manny's were never returned. The service department insisted on a 4th visit by a repairman which I refused.

Finally after 5 months of fighting we got a new refrigerator and dishwasher. The dishwasher was accepted (haven't run it yet, keeping my fingers crossed) but the refrigerator was refused because it was dented. So I guess I start again trying to get an undamaged, working appliance. Never again will I shop at Manny's.
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Slimjim on 02/26/2008:
It sounds like Manny's went through as much hell as you on this deal. They fought for you and got the manufacturer(s) to replace them after exhausting multiple service calls which they probably were lucky to break even on. I think they did a pretty fair job in customer service from the story you tell. If you bought these at The Home Depot, you'd probably still have a rapping frig and turbine D/W.
qualityappliance on 02/27/2008:
Who is the manufacturer?
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Terrible service
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MASSACHUSETTS -- I have been without a kitchen range for over a week as a result of the incompetent and rude behavior of Manny's TV & Appliance service.

I purchased a range from the store. It had to be ordered and was delivered in a few days. The delivery men removed it from the box and left it in my kitchen still with the tape, cardboard and plastic from the warehouse. They rushed me into signing their 2 necessary forms and left.

After they left, I noticed the top of the range was not lined up correctly and was not level and could not be moved. I called the store, was given a name and number to call. Manny's sent their own repairman out who verified that the range was defective and could have been damaged during delivery.

A new stove would be ordered and would be delivered in a few days. I requested that the defective one be picked up and taken back to the store, which it was.
The 2nd range arrived in 4 days. The Manny's delivery man asked if I would come out to the truck because he thought the same problem existed with this one. I told him I trusted his judgment and was disappointed. He contacted the store, told me I would be getting a call, because "Manny's wants happy customers".
The next call I received was from the manager of the store where I had bought the stove. He was obviously upset. He told me there was nothing wrong with either stove (both were declared defective by Manny's employees at my house), he could not continue sending stoves to me, and the best he could do for me was cancel the entire transaction. He also asked me to return to the store with my credit card, because he didn't think I could read him the correct number off the card-?! This I refused to do.

After reading some of the other reviews, I consider myself fortunate that it ended at this stage.

I too have bought things from Manny's in the past, but I will never have any dealings with them in the future.
Good luck to those who do.
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Anonymous on 02/22/2008:
that's no way to run a business.This "manager" should have done everything possible to get his customer taken care of.
Slimjim on 02/22/2008:
Pretty lame service in itself not to remove all the packaging, set anti tip brackets if needed, and install the thing- unless it was a built in.
Anonymous on 02/22/2008:
I agree with the others's and BTW good review!
Principissa on 02/22/2008:
I would count my blessings I got a refund and was able to go elsewhere. If this is how this guy runs a business, he should go out of business. That is now way to treat a customer. Especially just leaving a stove in someone's kitchen and not bothering to at least remove the packing materials. Even if you were having someone else install it they could have at least gotten rid of the materials.
katr on 08/20/2008:
After my Broken refrigerator nightmare dealing with the We live here We have to do better
people, last summer, I will never buy anything from Manny's ever Again to the short of it.
I could write a novel on the nightmare
From the point of having to fight to get service to
being stood up 3 times finally only to have what appeared to
be a used dented and damaged replacement frig delivered
Basically I went and picked up the refrigerator from the showroom floor myself
Overall took 3 months from start to finish to get it all resolved.

Very Poor Service all around would not stand behind the products they sell.

Here is another
Another nighmare Story
2 weeks ago one of my Eldery relatives had their TV go out
less than 2 years old bought from one of Manny's Stores
in the locally when called the Local Store
was told that it would not accept the TV, it would have to brought it to the
Main store in Wilbraham and then would be charged $100.00
just to look at even though the TV was still under warranty.


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Awful Customer service
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HADLEY, MASSACHUSETTS -- I would like to take this opportunity to express my frustration with Manny's TV and Appliances. Up to this point we have bought our appliances (as many as 15) exclusively from Manny's and have been satisfied with their products. Until ...........

One month ago we bought a refrigerator and Freezer from the Manny's in Hadley, MA. The unit was $1700. Two weeks later the freezer wouldn't open (Frozen shut). We called Manny's service department but we were told to call LG. LG sent someone out to look at the freezer two days later. The service person informed us that there was a "design flaw" (his words) in the appliance. Apparently the control board needed to be replaced. He would look into ordering a new control board, but the same thing would happen.

I called The Manny's back to inform them of this "design flaw". The person in charge of customer relations informed me that "he dint believe there was a flaw, and that he couldn't do anything about it, and I have to bring it up with LG".

I called LG to inform them that one of their representatives had informed me that there was a "design flaw" and that either Manny's or LG should take responsibility for this, being that the unit was two weeks old, and that the freezer was unusable. LG also informed me that Manny should replace the unit and that LG would work with Manny's to resolve the issue.

Shortly after I called Manny's back and inform them that I was getting the run around and that I wanted to return the item, and that I would accept a restocking charge, but the $1700 Refrigerator/Freezer was of no use without the use of the freezer. He told me that he would not do anything and that he wasn't convinced there was a design flaw in the unit. But he informed me that he would send someone down to the house to look at the appliance. Someone from Manny's looked at the unit that same day and proceeded to inform his supervisor that there was in fact a design flaw.

When I called Manny's back he informed me that he wasn't still convinced and that I would have to bring it up with LG. David was very rude to me, and when I asked him for the name of his supervisor her refused to give it to me. I informed him that his selling practices were very condescending and that he would loose many customers, as I would spread the word about Mannys poor customers service.

I have emailed Manny's customer service three times but have been totally ignored.

"We have to be better, we live here". Yeah right!
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User Replies:
shawnp80 on 08/10/2007:
What the hell does the fridge do for 17,000 dollars?
Anonymous on 08/10/2007:
"We called Manny's service department but were told to call LG"

If they don't service what they sell,they are not worth doing business with.I'm shocked that they can take your hard earned money,and then pass you off to the factory when there is an issue.

I'm with shawn, A $17000.00 refer?$1700.00 I'm guessing.
Anonymous on 08/10/2007:
OK I just read page 2.Was the person sent out by Manny's a service tech,or a salesman?
It's hard to find a servicer that services these LG appliances.I was contacted,and asked if I could provide the service in the area for them.Of course I said H*LL no!
Parts are never available in a timely fashion,and trying to deal with the factory is almost impossible
andrew 44 on 08/10/2007:
OK I screwed up 1,700 dollars. Still its useless without a freezer. There were two people who came to look at the refrigerator. LG sent one of their technicians to look first. He said it was a "design flaw". When I told Manny's service department this, they did not believe me because "they would never sell anything that had a design flaw", and so they sent one of their people from the service department down to the house. They couldn't open it, "a design flaw". I thought this would for sure would be enough. That same guy, backed right out of it.
shawnp80 on 08/12/2007:
It sucks that the "design flaw" is somehow your problem. Good luck with this Andrew.
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