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Health insurance? Don't be fooled.
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IRVING, TEXAS -- I had an insurance plan that I purchased through ameritradeMultiplan PPO, who apparently went bankrupt and found myself with no insurance. Markel called me and tried to sell me insurance, and I was happy because they too were multiplan....only problem is half of what the sales representative told me was untrue, this is nothing like the multiplan I had before, I can NOT find one single dr who acceppts this plan including the ones I was given from the locate a provider number on my insurance card> I work for a small company. No ins provided. I guess I just don't get how multiplan isn't multiplan no matter who administrated the sale or policy. I am confused and need a doctor. Be careful. Not one hospital or dr knew who markel ins co or hammerman & Gainer INC who as I understand it, processes claims, is. What claims? I went to Baylor in Waxahachie and didn't have my card with me, but the dr said if I had multiplan that was great ins with baylor hospitals and doctors, however when I called my member services Baylor Waxahachie was not listed as an accepted faciltiy. Understand that I am not bashing Multiplan, its just apparently who you purchase and what plan you actually get versus what the sales representative makes you think you are getting.
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Deception from agent from Markel Insurance Company
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GLENN ALLEN -- I highly do not recommend to deal with Markel Insurance Company as their agents make a complete deception. I was trying to get health insurance with maternity coverage and agent Lawrence (877-883-9404 ext. 2013) said that he has this coverage and when I've got the plan to review - it has nothing in common what he said by phone (the plan absolutely didn't cover maternity care). Also need to mention that it was 3rd call from him so he was 100% aware that we need only maternity coverage and nothing else at all. Unfortunately my husband gave him credit card information, so we've got charged and that agent said that you can cancel the plan any time till the effective date - "just call me". It was lie again - when I called to cancel he said "we just a broker" and told to call to the Homeland Healthcare and it took hours to deal with Homeland Healthcare and explain that I want full refund for the plan I never used. Now I know that the plans with maternity coverage don't not exist anymore and that agent from Markel knew that too and he lied so awfully. When I called him to cancel the plan he didn't want to talk to me as soon he got the idea why I am calling and he transferred my call to another sales person that wanted to "improve" my plan with higher premium, Needless to say that those people are the most disgusting people I ever had do deal with. Please be aware. I still didn't finish with Homeland Healthcare to get refund.
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Robet on 06/13/2013:
As a former employee on assignment through a reputable employment agency, I can tell you that this is the worst company to work for. I am not disgruntled...this company is about who you know and that's how you move up. If you know the HR director at least in the NJ facility in Red Bank you are "ship shape". If you don't...god help you!!! This company employs a philosophy that says..."if you know this're promoted
Robert on 06/13/2013:
This place is UNSCRUPULOUS!
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