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Marriott's $250 Smoking Scam
Posted by Knightkaj on 09/16/2010
My mother just got a $250 charge on her account for "smoking in the room" which is absurd because my mom is the biggest anti-smoker in the world. She spent hours on the phone with Marriott, going all the way up to the VP of Marriott, asking them if it really was true- why would she fight it this much. They said they had pictures of cigars and papers rolled up and tobacco leaves on a plate! really?? I read reviews online that some hotels offer their housekeepers get $10 bonuses for every smoker they catch. SO what, you don't tip them they make their OWN tip??? The VP refunded all but $50. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. As a smoker or nonsmoker how are you ever going to feel safe booking a hotel room knowing that you will have to find a way to make sure you are not scammed! What ever happened to "the Customer is ALWAYS RIGHT"??
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Posted by Alain on 2010-09-16:
Let the Marriot know you wrote this review. Invite them to comment here.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-09-16:
The customer is always right was replaced a while ago with, profit and more profit!
Posted by James_236 on 2010-09-16:
Wrongly accusing guests of smoking seems to have become a common scam even in the big hotels. Someone I know who is a non-smoker says his way around this is to always request a smoking room even though he is a non-smoker. The smell of the room is at most only slight and never unbearable and you don't have to worry about being charged for smoking.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-09-16:
Stayed in a "no smoking" room last night. Chair had burn holes on the arms of it.....called the front desk and showed them...no problems.
Posted by MRM on 2010-09-16:
JKT doesnt play around!
Posted by ontario_girl on 2010-09-16:
I work as a hotel housekeeper. I certainly don't get "bonuses" for catching smokers! And believe me, in my time, I have found many, many, many people who have certainly smoked in their rooms. We charge a $150 cleaning fee for people who smoke in their rooms but I we don't usually end up charging most people because it's such a difficult thing to prove. Unfortunately, there are several people out there who will smoke in a non-smoking room and it really sucks for us housekeepers because we have to scrub the walls, wash the drapes and every bedspread (regardless if the bed was used or not) just in case the next guest happens to be sensitive or allergic to cigarette smoke. All because one guest couldn't read (or chose not to obey) the "Non-Smoking sign"!
Anyway, sorry to hear about your mom's troubles! Smoking scams do seem to be common these days.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-16:
I would be very upset if this happened to me--being charged for something I don't even do.

Smokers stink! I wish they would realize how bad they make a room smell when they smoke inside. Of course, they are so used to the smell on their own bodies, they probably don't even notice.

Ontario girl, that was very informative.
Posted by old fart on 2010-09-16:
If you're a smoker. use SNUS.... same tobacco high with no odor!
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2010-09-16:
Except you'll get mouth cancer instead of lung cancer.

Posted by leet60 on 2010-09-16:
If they tried this with me I would demand to see "the pictures".
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-17:
There is something inherently wrong with what Marriott is doing here. I believe you simply need much more proof than a few butts allegedly found. Marriott needs to figure out a fair way to make such accusations/charges. Maybe have an employee walk the halls every so often, and if they smell smoke coming from a room, knock on the door and tell them of the charge they should expect. I don't know. I do know that I would fight for my $50. File a civil suit - I'll bet they won't show up and you'll win by default.
Posted by Nohandle on 2010-09-17:
Knight, yours is not the first complaint about someone being charged with smoking in a non-smoking room. The smokers I know step outside if they discovered themselves in a non-smoking room. Ashes in the garbage, cigarette butts floating in the toilet? I would think a smoker, knowing he was in a non-smoking room, would do a bit more to cover up the evidence. Haul the garbage to the car, double check that the potty has been flushed the second time and rinse the sink before checking out. I've maintained many times it is someone onstaff smoking in a room.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-17:
ALWAYS PAY CASH! I hear the same complaint on other threads/posts about being charged for "disappearing" pillows, blankets, towels, etc...If you pay cash, then they can't charge your credit card long after you've left.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-17:
But, justice, you still have to leave a credit card number with them, even if you pay cash at the end. At least that's been my experience. But, I've never been charged for anything missing or for smoking in a non-smoking room, so I must be ahead of the curve.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-17:
I too have never been charged for anything...yet! LOL!
I always pay cash at every hotel I've ever stayed at, and never leave a credit card #. I only pay for the amount of days that I intend on staying. Granted, nearly every hotel will ask for an additional cash deposit up front, for incidentals. But you receive this deposit back at the time of checking out. When I get that deposit and exit the hotel...our business together is finished. PERIOD. Only once, I had the front desk actually use a walkie-talkie and radio the maid upstairs to ask if the room was "clear". It was and I got my deposit back. If there was a discrepancy, it would've been dealt with immediately, with both parties present. CASH-CASH-CASH!!! I know in the world of plastic, it is seems a convenience, but in the end it may not be.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-17:
That's interesting, justice. I've never thought of doing it that way. I think some hotels I stay at require a credit card to hold the reservations. But, I've never had anything put on my card that wasn't supposed to be there. Hopefully it will never happen. I probably wouldn't carry around enough cash to cover one of my bills, so I'm afraid I'll be doing the plastic.
Posted by Nohandle on 2010-09-17:
It's only happened to me once and was a number of years ago. A CC was required. No problem until I received my final bill. Everything was as agreed but I spotted a charge for the hospitality machine, vending machine or whatever it was called in my room. Excuse me, I wondered why someone would pay that sum for a tiny bag of chips or an even tinier candy bar and I didn't open the machine.

When I called the charge was immediately deducted, no additional questions asked. I guess we will have to start demanding someone from housekeeping inspect our room before we check out. Somewhat like a person returning a rental vehicle. I hope you don't have a flight you're trying to meet or you are out of luck.
Posted by HMC86 on 2010-09-21:
Let me break this down for you, as I work at a hotel.
Your mother may not have smoked in the room, but if someone she invited in DID, she's in charge of what goes on in HER room. KNOWING she's in a non smoking room, and signed the folio (check in paper) that says "I will not smoke in a non smoking room" She's signed the legally binding contract.

So no, she may not have. But her name, her card.. her responsibility to keep her guests from getting her in trouble. No, the hotel won't back down, mostly because they have to follow the policy set up.

Move on.
Posted by angelout on 2010-09-21:
Actually based on my stay at a Marriott recently, the customer is never right. The managers that strive for excellence but cant spell are!
How do you know the employee did not plant it there . We stayed at a non smoking place and there were plenty of employees smoking outside,surprised me really since they are saying they are 100% smoke free???
Posted by knightkaj on 2010-09-22:
@hmc - i can assure you there were NO guests. My mom checked in at 1130 pm and was out by 8 am. They used the hotel to sleep during a road trip- thats it. One of 2 things happened it was planted in her room by hotel staff or her room was confused with someone else's. Did you get the Anti-smoking part. Even if my mom happened to know someone in the area( she doesnt) and they happened to smoke, she would have been the 1st person to ask them to leave. Ignorance is a trait of every marriott hotel manager and member shes encountered so far.
Posted by GeneralManager on 2010-11-16:
I am a General Manager of a Marriott hotel. I wanted to state some facts regarding this issue. I have never heard of housekeepers getting a bonus for finding smoking proof in a room. We do not want people smoking in our hotels. Neither do our guests. We do thank our staff for finding proof before they clean the room, so that we can take pictures of the proof. We do not charge a smoking fee unless we have picture proof of smoking in the room. We take the pictures after the guest checks out. We do not have cameras or videos in the room (I have seen this accusation on other blogs).

Nohandle (see above) listed the most common places that we find smoking proof. I have had guests leave butts in the toilet, ashes and butts in a bottle, bowl, cup and the like. I have found proof when there are ashes on the window sill (most common), on the coil of the stove, on the bedside table, on the coffee table and other surfaces in the room. Finally, we do look through the garbage in a room that reeks of smoke. We find ashes, butts, spent matches and loose tobacco.

Usually, the staff or other guests let us know that someone in the hall is smoking in their room. The housekeepers are then notified to let us know if they find smoking proof in the rooms around the reported area. Again, there are no bonuses for the staff finding smoking proof.

I wanted to let this site know that we do not go out looking to charge the $250 fee to our guests. There is a lot of work for us in charging this fee, keeping the proof and talking to the upset guest on the phone. The housekeeper who posted about all of the work that goes into cleaning a smoking room was correct. Not only the work, but we usually cannot sell a room that just had been smoked in. We lose that revenue from being unable to sell that stinky room.

In regards to the cash conversation, that is true. Almost all hotels require a deposit if you pay cash ($300 or so). Some hotels do not let you check-in, unless you have a valid credit card. You would need to check-in with the room rate and tax covered and then the $300 cash on top of that. We do call the Inspectors and ask them to check the room for any damages or signs of smoking before we give the cash back.

I hope that these hotel facts help in this blog topic.

General Manager
Posted by Sihyung Park on 2011-12-14:
Listen General manager..

I have too just been charged 250 USD on my credit card. I spoke to the manager of the hotel and she said that she cant do anything about is because it's their company policy. Well the fact of the matter is that
1. I did not and do not smoke at all.
2. What right does Marriot have that they can charge me 250 usd without giving me a phone call or an e-mail stating that due to so and so reason we are going to charge you. Had you called me right that day, I would have gone back and proved to you that I did not smoke in the room and also checked the room that you claim is smelling of smoke myself.
3. I have never agreed in writting that I would kindly sit back and pay them additional 250 usd for something I didnt even do.
4. Lastly, what physical evidence do you have of accusing me that I smoked in the room. When I called the manager and asked this same question, she said she found ashes and that it smelled. Well I want to see those ashes and I want to smell that smell because I did not smoke in the room.

I am going to fight for this one. Not because of the money but because this is a complete scam and my money deserves to be used for better purposes than this. Its not about winning but its about justice.
Posted by Brook on 2012-05-04:
Don't blame the hotels for upholding their terms and policies, blame it on people who refuse to obey them. Everyone agrees to pay the additional $250 as soon as they check in the hotel. Everyone has to check in by going to the front desk right? I use to work in the hotel industry and have stayed in plenty and ever since the Smoke Free environment craze kicked in every hotel has posted that there are designated smoke areas, rooms are smoke free and the price of the fee if anyone decides to smoke in them. Apparently those who complain when they do smoke in the room do not realize what it takes to get the smell out. There is a process before anyone is charged with that fee which 'General Manager' has stated above. As far as being falsely accused, you can fight it and I hope those who have been charged in the past didn't smoke in their rooms do win. But it is BOGUS that housekeepers collect a bonus. Never have I heard of that. Lastly, the $250.00 Fee is NOT a SCAM.

No, you don't always have to use a Credit Card.

As far as the comments on what happened to the customers are always right? Not exactly. Would the customer be right if they intentionally hurt themselves to sue? Or if they falsely accuse a housekeeper of stealing a laptop that was never there? It happens! So therefor, no, the customer is not always right.
Posted by pj on 2012-06-07:
I too have gotten charged for smoking in a Marriott rm and I do not smoke, no one else was in my room. This is not an isolated incident with Marriott. And the employee's there do get paid, one told me when she heard me talking to the front desk.
Posted by NOMOREMARRIOTT on 2012-06-07:
This is not the first time that the Marriott has been accused on charging someone for smoking when in fact that person didn't smoke in the room. It seems to be a real problem at many of their locations. Brook, if you don't know what your talking about, don't speak. I won't be charged $250 for something I didn't do and it is a scam and I will fight to get my money back and so should everyone else that gets these false charges on their credit cards.
Posted by Jersey Girl on 2012-07-19:
I just stayed in the Springhill Suites in Herndon, VA - I was charged the same $250. Luckily, my credit card company notifies me of large purchases, so I immediately disputed it - waiting to hear from Marriott now.
Posted by no more Marriott's on 2013-05-11:
A few years ago we stayed at a Marriott and
was charged $250.They said we smoked in
the room which we had not and after l asked her what proof she had she told me cigarette buts were left in a plastic cup next to the bathroom sink.We knew that was a lie so l went to the motel manager but she defended housekeeping.I even went higher up to Marriott office and received no help.But since
l had put it on our master charge they defended me and the charge was removed.
The charge companies will help you out so try them.I will never go back to any Marriott hotels again.We stay at the cheaper chains
Red Roof and Super 8 hand have had no problems.Good luck
Posted by travelalot on 2013-07-06:
No more stays at Marriott. I am a non smoker, most places offer smoking rooms for their guest, so chances are good I will get this stupid fee.
Posted by Green85 on 2013-09-06:
I stay at Choice Hotels, usually Comfort Suites or Comfort Inns. I absolutely detest cigarette smell and literally have had trouble sleeping in a room on the same floor with smoking rooms. When I register I do sign the agreement that I will not smoke in the room. I also have the assurance from the hotel location that it is a 100% smoke free location. If someone smokes on the property I will be among the first to notice ... and that includes staff. And I won't hesitate to tell the hotel management. I have NEVER been charged for smoking in my room because I don't do it and I keep an eye out for ANYONE that might be smoking near my room.
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Marriott Vacation Club - Stay Away
Posted by RY on 03/24/2009
FLORIDA -- Make sure you read everything and ask a ton of questions before buying with Marriott. They make it sound so easy to use and even easier to sell when you need to but GOOD LUCK. After 7 years of ownership, our resort is still not sold out and you can not resell. We were told 18 months and we could resell.


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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-24:
With the economy the way it is I bet a lot of people cannot afford a time share. This might not have anything to do with Marriot
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-03-24:
Can't resell a deeded property?? Good post and warning.
Posted by ks1kick on 2009-11-24:
Posted by Sandra P on 2011-07-04:
Getting ready to do battle with MVCI. Finding out just how difficult it is going to be to get any vacation time with them and the new system is not helping. Regretting decision to vacation with them.
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Rip-off ... charging for alleged smoking...charging an extra day on credit card
Posted by GTOgo on 12/04/2007
AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- On 11/17/07, I checked into the Marriott hotel in Augusta, Ga. At check-in, I was not informed of a $250.00 bill if they suspect you are smoking in the room. It was late and we went directly to sleep. A bill for 246.00 was slipped under my door early on the 18th. When I awoke and was gathering my belongings, I noticed a small card on a desk that I had never approached. It stated that a $250.00 "cleaning" charge would be added if there had been smoking in the room!! Had I been informed of this at check-in, I would have chosen a better hotel as Augusta is full of wonderful hotels. Spending two hours cleaning the room, I checked out at noon. Imagine how I felt when I received my credit card bill and was billed for an extra day!!!!!! Not smoking damage. Not cleaning...but an extra day!!! The "manager" claims they have "pictures"...do they have videos in their hotel rooms????
I urge everyone to avoid Marriott like the plague...not only will they add anything they like without proof...they now claim they "photograph" where you stay.
I have stayed in many, many hotels over the last 35 years, and have never had such a negative experience!!!!!
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Posted by Principissa on 2007-12-04:
Sounds to me like you got caught smoking. So why are you upset that they charged you? They have signs on the front desk at check in stating the policy and also on a sign on the door and also on a small folded card on top of the TV. We just stayed at a Mariott when we went home in the beginning of October.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-12-04:
You checked in, went directly to sleep and then it took you two hours to clean until you were ready to check out? Yeah right!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-12-04:
Princi....it's also on the paper you sign when you register. It's usually one of the spots you initial.
There is also a no smoking sign on the door of the rooms..
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-04:
GTOgo, I don't know but I have heard of this. I too stay at a lot of hotels and I always try to get a NON-smoking room but 9 out of ten times when you turn on the AC or heater 5 minutes later it smells like a smoking room, maybe I should charge them?

Either way I think it is against the law for them to do that or it should be. You might call your CC company and dispute the charges.
Posted by killerklown on 2007-12-04:
It's not against the law for them to enforce their stated policy.
Posted by Nohandle on 2007-12-04:
GTOgo, I'm a bit confused by this. You stated you were charged for alleged smoking, I gather in a non-smoking room, and spent two hours cleaning the room. Did you in fact smoke in a non-smoking room and realize later it was a non-smoking room and there would be a $250.00 charge for this? If you are alerting other members to be aware of a new Marriott policy, many will appreciate that. I personally have never heard of a photograph being made of a room, after a guest leaves, to prove alleged smoking.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-04:
I'm with Nohandle. I'm confused, as well. Another question -- are you sure you checked out before noon? If it was even slightly after, I could see why you would be charged an extra day.
Posted by FoggyOne on 2007-12-05:
So you smoked in the room and got caught. On their website they state they are a non-smoking hotel and being a non-smoker I know how pervasive cigarette smoke can be and how it stinks up a room. You spent two hours cleaning up the room? Did you wash the curtains, bedspread, walls, carpet - everything that captures smoke and makes it miserable for the next guest?

If you checked out at noon, didn't you get a receipt with the time you checked out? I've been traveling for over 30 years too and I always get a receipt when I charge a room. I thinkk the manager means he has pictures of you checking out after noon, not that you were smoking in the room (which you say you were not charged for). You are mixing up the smoking and the check out time.
Posted by GTOgo on 2007-12-05:
The receipt at checkout states checkout time on the actual day we checked out. Also shows balance owed as for one day.
There were no signs on the door. We were not informed at check-in of their policy. Perhaps, as several people have stated, we should have left bleu cheese and onions and cheap perfume in the room.....that certainly would not have left any kind of odor!!!!!!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-12-05:
Perhaps you should have taken the time to read....it's people like you that give smokers a bad name.
This is copied directly from their web site
Hotel Highlights
* This hotel is nonsmoking
7. What measures will Marriott take to enforce this policy?

This policy will be part of our Quality Assurance process. We are training our associates to respond. For example, housekeepers will be taught to look out for signs of smoking in the hotel. Guests will be reminded at the point of reservations and upon arrival that smoking is not allowed. Pre-arrival email notifications will also include a reference to the policy. There will be a significant room recovery fee for guests who do not comply in order to cover the extensive cost of restoring guest rooms to a smoke-free condition
Just like your post....you aren't listening to what people say, you're too busy trying to defend yourself.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-05:
You smoked in a non smoking room.
You spent two hours cleaning (attempting to cover up the smell of smoke I presume?)
You are upset that you got charged for an extra day and claim to have been photographed which you state is illegal. No hotel is allowed to photograph guests in their room - the manager obviously meant they have you on video checking out after 12:00.
You don't have a valid complaint against Marriott.
Posted by GTOgo on 2007-12-05:
To justcuz, just to let you know, the manager of the Marriott has just refunded the 250.00 on our credit card. We did not check out late as you hint, and apparently our complaint was valid as the Augusta Marriott quickly corrected the error!!!
Kudos to the Augusta Marriott and their prompt response by the day manager!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-05:
Thank you GTOgo for the up date and by the way you're welcome.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-12-05:
thanks for letting us know.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-05:
Everybody run away DB will be here in 2 minutes!!!!
Posted by GTOgo on 2007-12-05:
Thanks to all who supported standing up for certain rights.
I couldn't read the website, as this was a last minute decision to stay in Augusta, and I was no where near my computer. I then would have been aware of their policy.
Posted by jenilynne1984 on 2008-10-30:
ALL Marriotts are 100% non-smoking now so pass that along. If the hotel employees suspect you are smoking, the only way to prove it is to literally see you or for them to get pictures. They are following their policy. People with health conditions stay at Marriotts because of the smoke-free policy...they shouldnt have to get sick because you can't read sir.
Posted by goatelite on 2009-05-18:
Not ALL MARROITTS are non-smoking just all the Marriott Hotels in USA & Canada and a few Hotels worldwide. ALLWAYS READ AND UNDERSTAND THE SMOKING POLICY AND CANCELATION POLICY at every Hotel you book online or over the phone.
Posted by isabellebull on 2009-11-25:
Yes they tend to sneek up charges on you. We had $30.00 for three days parking, Not a garage valet just a parking space close to a high end mall. The topper was the cockroaches that would greet me in the morning as they momentiously ran back under the fridge! Watch the small charges and see if you are getting a deal or not. I know that I am out $2.50 for bug spray and $30.00 for parking, which was right outside my door, Come on now!!
Posted by Tman on 2012-07-01:
I/ am a non smoker-was just hit w/a 250.00 room cleaning charge in a Best Western property. Charge was added after checkout. Called and said I am a non smoker-did not smoke in room. Now I read about smoke catching in drapes it was nearly 100 degrees when I was in motel-moved drapes away from a/c to get cool air to circulate---probably cause------motel doesn't want to hear about it----far as they are concerned I am guilty-----sounds like a scam to me!!!!
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Unsafe Area -- Stay Away!!
Posted by Maria george on 03/20/2008
My husband (physician), infant, and I stayed at the Marriott Courtyard Isla Verde Beach Resort in Puerto Rico (7012 Boca de Cangrejos Avenue) in December 2007. The area of this hotel by far is the most unsafe place we have ever stayed at. The Marriott Hotel staff will have you thinking otherwise -- GUESTS BEWARE!

On our 3rd night there, my husband was approximately 2 blocks from the Marriott when he was attacked by 5 thieves. He was able to out run them and get back to the hotel, but had to be rushed to the hospital in order to receive 10 stitches on his head.

I have been in back and forth correspondence with the Marriott Hotel in Puerto Rico. The general manager is both indifferent and unbothered by the fact that my husband nearly lost his life 2 blocks from his hotel. He has repeatedly said that his responsibility ends right at the hotel's property line. In addition, he is not interested in trying to implement a cooperative effort with the other hotels in this area for extra security and/or perhaps some extra lighting. Furthermore, he also will not warn unsuspecting guests, who are unfamiliar with the area's dangers, that they should venture out of the resort at their own risk. The general manager's response is very unlike the customer service we are used to with the Marriott.

In addition, I copied Marriott International, Inc. headquarters on all my correspondence and once again I have been met with indifference. They neither bothered to write back, nor advise the Marriott at Isla Verde in Puerto Rico to take action.

Finally, I also contacted the Ritz Hotel in Isla Verde. The general manager there personally called me at my home in New York and said she would be willing to join in in creating a partnership with the other hotels in the area to implement a security plan. The Marriott Hotel is still uninterested.

Future guests, you should also be aware that when my husband was attacked and ran back to the hotel with blood stained clothes, the front desk staff was proactive in "hiding" his presence. They did everything in their power to keep the incident a secret and still continue to take this stance. It has all been very disappointing indeed and I fear that next time something like this happens it could turn out far worse.
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Posted by bargod on 2008-03-20:
While their attitude was very poor you are not thier responsibility off hotel grounds. In third world type countries like that it is dangerous to be off hotel grounds after dark. I had a similar event happen to me in Costa Rica,I was confronted at gunpoint just a couple blocks from my hotel when I ventured out after dark. Crime is everywhre.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2008-03-20:
Bargod is right - it's hard enough for them to keep their own property secure in these third world countries - much less the neighborhood surrounding them. How far do you suggest they patrol? Two blocks? Three? Four? Then what happens when your husband gets mugged five blocks from the hotel?

You own it to yourself to be aware of your surroundings and know when and where you can roam.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-20:
I can't imagine any hotel advertising to their customers that their place of business is located in a dangerous area. They, like you, are responsible for their own property. If you venture from that property, you do it at your own risk.
Posted by Ponie on 2008-03-20:
I thought *all* of Puerto Rico was unsafe.

I agree with Hugh. Should the hotel or local police (if there are any) be responsible for crime control? I'd take the same stance the hotel took.
Posted by yoke on 2008-03-20:
You can get robbed even in the best of areas. It is your job to make sure your surroundings are safe.

What was your husband doing out alone at night in an area he did not know?
Posted by spiderman2 on 2008-03-20:
I totally agree Ponie!
My questions are (1) Why is your husband being a physician at all relevant to your complaint? Do they owe him a higher standard of care because he is a doctor?
(2) Did you use a travel agent or book this hotel online? A travel agent would be able to direct you to a safe hotel and/or area.
The hotel is correct, they do not need to provide your husband or anyone with security when they are off the grounds.
Posted by maria george on 2008-03-20:
Yoke....Who told you that my husband was out at night? Try to read more carefully before posting your comments. In addition, two blocks from our hotel is hardly like roaming miles and miles from your destination. We do have common sense; however when we travel we also rely to a "certain" extent on our reputable hotel, i.e. Marriott, not a fly by night motel.

When we travelled to Cancun a couple of years back, we stayed at a Marriott there. The hotel staff gave ever guest a MANDATORY 15 minute meeting session, where they informed everyone of sketchy areas, certain nefarious events, and unsuspecting circumstances. This thoughtfulness was extremely helpful, not only for us but everyone especially those visiting Cancun for the first time.

Yoke, it seems like your advocating that my husband should be chained to the hotel area. Is it not right that a traveler venture out a few blocks from the resort? Good Lord!
Posted by spiderman2 on 2008-03-20:
wow maria -- maybe they detected your pleasant demeanor and decided not to speak to your highness. Also, just becuase your husband is a physician does not make him of superior intelligence, I used to work in the medical malpractice field for a defense attorney and have certainly met my share of not too intelligent physicians.
Posted by maria george on 2008-03-20:
Bargod...Since when is Puerto Rico a third world country? The last I heard it was part of the USA. Did something change these past 2 months? Please enlighten me!

I surely understand that crime is everywhere. What I would like done is in an area where there are 5+ well reputable international hotel chains a better effort at keeping proper security and crime down should be implemented.
Posted by maria george on 2008-03-20:
Hugh -- I can completely understand that a hotel can't and shouldn't be responsible for security issues for miles and miles away its property line, but a 5 block or so radius is very much within its responsibility.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-20:
I understand your complaint, Maria. On the other hand, it may be a bit unrealistic to expect a hotel to advertise "In addition to our pool, bistro, and weight-room...we also feature gangs of neighborhood muggers, dangerous and unfenced construction, and a nearby toxic waste dump."
Muggers near a fairly nice hotel? Not so much of a hidden hazard...rich tourists are there. Muggers probably see little point in seeking their victims in the barrio. Seems a bit obvious. In that regard, warning guests about potential muggers would be like requiring the cafe to print "HOT" on the side of their coffee cups. There is an always element of personal responsibilty. All best.
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2008-03-20:
It's hard to hold a hotel responsible for your safety if you are off the hotel property. Is this some type of resort where the property extends for several blocks? If not, they can't be held responsible for crimes committed while off hotel grounds. It unfortunate that your husband was assaulted. As stated by previous posters, it's a crime ridden world and everyone must be vigilant and aware of their surroundings.
Posted by maria george on 2008-03-20:
Ghost -- well I'll try to go ahead and look past your sarcasm and comment...

SOme food for thought for you: When we travelled to Cancun a couple of years back, we stayed at a Marriott there. The hotel staff gave ever guest a MANDATORY 15 minute meeting session, where they informed everyone of sketchy areas, certain nefarious events, and unsuspecting circumstances. This thoughtfulness was extremely helpful, not only for us but everyone especially those visiting Cancun for the first time. It would have been nice for this Marriott in PR to do something of the same; however, they were more interested in keeping everything "secret".
Posted by maria george on 2008-03-20:
MSCANTBEWRONG - As I said before, it would have been nice to be "filled in" on the safety issues. Isla Verde consists of a approximately a one mile strip of very well reputable hotels such as The Ritz, The Marriott, and Inter-Continental, among others. It is not unreasonable for travellers staying at any of the hotels to venture out among this area and feel somewhat safe.

While we were in PR, we spent a considerable amount of time in Old San Juan and the police presence there was EVERYWHERE. Why can the same not happen in Isla Verde? The answer is because of the indifference the general manager and others are showing in this very serious situation. "It's not MY responsibility -- you got attacked 2 blocks from MY property line!!"
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-20:
Okay, Maria, you win. MANDATORY safety meetings for all. And, let's not forget MANDATORY lectures about hand washing for guests entering the buffet line! MANDATORY helmets for use in the showers. Muggers in PR a 'secret'? Okaaayyy. Some things are obvious. I wonder how many people buy a pack of cigarettes, unaware of their risk, read the Surgeon General's warning, and say...'Hmmmmm, I never knew that"?
Blame is easier to place than it is to accept partial responsibility.
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2008-03-20:
Maria--I don't receive a warning everytime I leave my house to run an errand...um...I could be mugged, shot, raped, killed...I don't receive a warning everytime I get on an airplane...uh...it could crash...I don't get a warning everytime I get into my car...uh...someone could hit me, I could hit someone, it could break down...It's called COMMON SENSE...try it out...it's FREE!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-20:
And American's wonder why when we travel the rest of the World can't stand us. Except the French, they don't count and we don't care.
Posted by maria george on 2008-03-20:
MSCANTBEWRONG -- OKAY I get it UUUUUMMMM, so if you have a guest who then leaves your home and then gets attacked by 5 thieves one inch from your driveway I guess you could care less and have no responsibility since your property line has ended UMMMMM RIGHT???
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-20:
I'll have to side with maria on that last point.
Posted by maria george on 2008-03-20:
Ghost -- Let's stick the subject at hand ...I have no comments for cigarette uses, washing hands, etc.

Is there something wrong with a team effort among hotels to make a small area a bit safe? It seems to be working in Old San Juan...why should things be any different in Isla Verde?

I think it would behoove both tourists and the general public. As for muggers in PR -- we had no idea. And YES it would have been nice to be let in on the secret. OKAY? Obviously you have some hidden prejudices huh? We picked to travel in PR for many reasons. One very important one was for that fact that it is part of the USA where the importance of security is foremost.
Posted by maria george on 2008-03-20:
LOL -- UrFriendlyPirate
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-20:
I'm with Lidman on this. For crying out loud, maria george....get with the program, already.

Un-totally-unrealistic maria...my safety is EVERYONE else's responsibility.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-20:
I also see that maria george has some growing up to do...put that on your list, sweetie...
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-20:
I'm with Leela and Lidman on this one (and everyone else except Maria and Pirate). Seems all Maria and Pirate want to do is fight with everyone. Nothing new with that as far as Pirate goes.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-20:
Why is this post still up?

The moderators can't seem to tell the difference as to the fact that this maria george is only here to start trouble and will only get help from one of this sites biggest troublemakers UrFriendlyPirate and yet the moderators see fit to let this go on while every one else is being attacked! What is wrong with this picture?

Leela is more courageous and straight up then you will ever in you life come close to mg!
Posted by maria george on 2008-03-20:
Superbowl -- well I guess the disagreement is settled -- HAIL TO THE CHIEF --- HAHAHA
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-20:
Maria, darling...I DO have my OWN views. You seem to think that the world should revolve around you, and your problems.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-03-20:
maria, your expectations of the real world are totally unrealistic. As an adult you need to take responsibility for your own safety. You can get mugged in New York even more easily than most other places.

Being argumentative with each member only goes to support many of their opinions that you are, in fact, pompous.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-20:
I'm gonna side with Maria in a number of instances here. Why does the general membership tend to shark new posters?
Posted by maria george on 2008-03-20:
Tnchuck100 -- Here is the difference ...I know about NY. However I do not know of places I travel to -- Get it?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-20:
Chuck, Best Answer.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-20:
I suppose I'll receive a similar lashing as everyone else, but I'll still respond. Maria, did either you or your husband think to ask anyone at the hotel whether or not the area you were in was considered safe or not? I guess I just can't see how this could be the hotel's responsibility to tell you - and I agree with you that you received extraordinary customer service in Cancun where the mandatory meeting was held, but you can't expect that every hotel run its business the same way. Yes it would be nice, but the truth is, it's not going to happen and it is our responsibility to ask the questions if we are at all concerned about our safety.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-20:
wow,looks like i haven't missed much...
Posted by maria george on 2008-03-20:
Justcuz -- Well that's the thing -- we DID ask the front desk staff and we were told it was very safe to venture out, far more out then where my husband was (2 blocks away).

In addition, I do not expect anything less than superior service form the Marriott.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-20:
"Ghost -- Let's stick the subject at hand ...I have no comments for cigarette uses, washing hands, etc."
No, Maria, you merely want someone to salute your "I'm a victim" flag. Sorry. Some of us have a bit more experience (and reality) with regard to how the world works. Nothing to see here...move along.
Posted by Frank on 2011-07-27:
Puerto Rico most dangerous. Stay away please. Stayed at the Marriott 10 days in 2009 due to my nephew being attacked. Hospitals and police service suck there. Finally got him back to the states where he ultimately died. Thanks Puerto Rico. No warnings from the front desk or staff of dangers
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Fraud Charges
Posted by Tinydancer41265 on 11/24/2009
LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- I stayed at this hotel during my mother's 60th Birthday...I received my credit card a month later and they charged an extra 250.00 on my card. When I called them they claimed there was somking in the room. Not possible as we are all non smokers. I argued with them with no result in a credit to my account. They have no ciagarette butts as proof...the only thing they could tell me is there was ashes in the sink...Hello...I know better. I am sure this was pocketed by the rude manager, Mr Miller....I will fight this to the end...no matter what...This place is a rip off...do not stay there...
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-24:
Dispute the charge with your credit card company.
Posted by Skye on 2009-11-24:
I concur with Ken!
Posted by Nohandle on 2009-11-24:
The fact there were no cigarette butts really doesn't amount to much as far as proof. Anyone can flush the butts down the toilet and flush. As far as ashes in the sink I expect someone in Housekeeping was having a puff and forgot to rinse the sink. You're not the first non-smoking member who has complained about being charged for smoking in a non-smoking room.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-24:
Dispute the charge with your card company.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2009-11-24:
I stayed at a fancy hotel in Baltimore. When I got my credit card bill I was charged for a robe. I called them and asked what that was about and they said there was no robe in the room when we checked out. Of course there wasn't because there was no robe in the room when we checked in! The charge was reversed by the hotel. I often wondered if they do this to everyone and see who calls back and complains about it. If you don't, they made an easy $25.
Posted by baseball-02 on 2009-12-01:
I had the same experience at Comfort Suites in Lexington, KY, and I'm also a non-smoker. Lexington hoteliers must think that little blurb you initial that says you won't have pets or smoke amounts to a license for them to steal. Nohandle, how do members resolve this if disputing with credit card companies does not work?
Posted by knightkaj on 2010-09-16:
My mother just got the same $250 charge on her account for smoking in the room. My mom is the biggest anti-smoker in the world. She spent hours on the phone with Marriott, going all the way up to the VP of Marriott, asking them if it really was true- why would she fight it this much. They said they had pictures of cigars and papers rolled up and tobacco leaves on a plate! really?? The housekeeps get bonuses for catching smokers. SO what you don't tip them they make their OWN tip??? The VP refunded all but $50. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. As a smoker or nonsmoker how are you ever going to feel safe booking a hotel room knowing that you will have to find a way to make sure you are not scammed! What ever happened to "the Customer is ALWAYS RIGHT"???
Posted by angelout on 2010-09-18:
somehow i now would believe that after my recent experience.
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Change in policy reference military retirees.
Posted by Colainslie on 09/20/2012
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I served my country in the Air Force for almost 35 years and recently stayed a the Huge Marriott Hotel here in San Antonio. I telephonically asked for the militlary rate and when I showed up, displalyed my ID and was given a room at the military rate. After a couple of days I decided to get an additional room for my son and grandchildren. The clerk again looked at my ID and said I couldn't get the government rate as the rate was only for active duty or other government employees. I told him I was essentially still a govbernment employee as I was drawing a check from the DOD for my three plus decades of service. He allowed as how he would let it go this time as I wasn't aware of the rule. It was a bit embarrasssing to me as I felt like I had consciously cheated by getting the military (Government) rate. I have stayed in Marriott hotels many times in the past since my retirment and have never had that mentioned. Not sure if it is due to the clerks not knowing what an active duty ID looks like as opposed to a retired ID or maybe some folks didn't get the memo? I believe its a sad situation when those of us that have served in several militry conflicts over the years are told the rate only applies to those presently serving. Not sure why the change in policy but I'd appreciate an answer as to why that decision was made. I could understand a restriction on a certain number of government rate rooms but not an entire retiree restriction.
Respectfully R. S. Ainslie, Colonel, USAF (ret)
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Posted by Hotel Worker on 2012-09-20:
The hotel I work at offers a Military Discount to ACTIVE members of the military. While I do appreciate your 35 years of service, and you do draw a military pension, you are not on active duty anymore and would not qualify for the military discount at my hotel. While retirees from the military might not like this policy, there is nothing I can do to change it, and if it comes to giving you a military discount or me losing my job, I'll have to chose the option that is of the most benefit to me, which is my job.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-09-20:
Thank you for your service. I think what may have happened here is was that the military discount was likely indeed for active service only, but the person who checked you in initially didn't know the difference between the active ID and the retired ID, and mistakenly gave you the military rate, and the 2nd person to talked to did know the difference. If that was the case, then it was nice of them to give you the discounted rate for the 2nd room.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-09-20:
He gave you the discount even though you weren't eligibile for it. Sounds like this should be a compliment.
Posted by Anna Molly on 2012-09-21:
First of all, I don't understand the last 2 responses to this review, unless it's been changed, because I don't see where a discount was given for an additional reservation.

I appreciate your service to our great country. I am also a war veteran, not retired. I'd appreciate any discount I could get, if I knew about it beforehand.

The only time my past service (discount) was extended to my family members, was when I booked a Carnival cruise, booked at the same time, through me.

I've also volunteered as an EMT, granting me not much courtesy from anyone.

Again, I appreciate your contribution to our freedom, and I am sorry you feel that way.
Posted by Dont UseMarriott on 2012-10-12:
I too was upset that Marriott had changed their policy regarding military retirees. I have used them exclusively through the years and was shocked when I attempted to check in at a hotel in Florda and was told that the military rate did not apply to retirees.

Marriott's decision means they do not respect or desire military retirees
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Stopped Complimentary Breakfast & Cookies
Posted by Svigil3571 on 06/11/2012
KIRKLAND, WASHINGTON -- We have stayed at many different Marriott Hotels and have always had great breakfasts and were offered cookies when we checked in. The last time we stayed in Kirkland, we were told that Corporate put a stop to this. Well, we will look for other places to stay that still offer these things. we often travel with our grandchildren and this really helps out.

Also, our son travels all over for his company and has mostly stayed at Marriotts, but will now look for other hotels. You may save some money in the short term, but in the long run, you will loose customers!
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Posted by Ben There on 2012-06-12:
Like most other hotel brands like Starwood and Hilton, Marriott normally only offers free breakfast and wifi at their cheaper and extended stay brands like Residence Inn, Fairfield Inn and SpringHill Suites.

A good rule of thumb is the higher the star level and cost per night, the more likely you are to pay for parking, eating and wifi. This does not always make sense, but I guess a lot of people with the biggest expense accounts will be willing to stay at the nicer hotels and pay even more for the extras.
Posted by Nohandle on 2012-06-12:
You have a valid complaint if you have grown accustomed to a particular perk at a chain and to discover upon checking in it's no longer offered. I've stayed at very few places a free breakfast was included but was sore if a restaurant was on the premises but closed until late morning breakfast hours.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2012-06-12:
I find it fascinating that one company can operate under many names (this is not limited to hotels)and are not concerned in the least about annoying a customer. The chances are good that when that customers changes the hotel chain they frequent they will just go to another name brand owned by the same corporation. Seldom do they actually lose a customer.

What I find most annoying about hotels is they will never tell you the actual cost of a nights stay unless you press them hard. You must specifically ask "How much are you going to charge my credit card for a nights stay?" When they use the phrase "plus tax" you must re-state the question.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-06-12:
One of the vagarities of running a business is the need to continue making a profit when costs go up. The dilemma of raising prices or reducing benefits to "save money" presents itself.

I assume Marriott did this to remain profitable. I'd hate to see you and thousands of your friends take your business elsewhere and deny them of that opportunity.
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Bad Business
Posted by Jpmaffiliatecst on 01/14/2012
I was not refunded my hotel stay after seeing a rodent in my room since Dec. 20, 2011 through Jan. 07, 2012 and reported it to the front desk.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-01-15:
Contact Marriott at http://www.marriott.com/rewards/customer-support.mi about this location (even if you aren't part of their rewards program, they indicate that this is where you can also provide them with feedback).
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Rodent Found In Hotel Room
Posted by Jpmaffiliatecst on 01/09/2012
On Jan. 7, 2012 at 9 P.M. I saw along with my in my hotel room 305 a mouse hiding between the dishwasher peeking in and out. This was at the Residense Inn located at 1 International Drive Portsmouth, NH
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Posted by MissMary1978 on 2012-01-09:
What happened when you notified management of this?
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Wrongful Termination
Posted by KoriE.McDaniel69 on 01/01/2012
MACON, GEORGIA -- I was hired on to the Marriot team in early October. The hiring process was disorganized, and I almost turned the job down after the official job offer because of the ordeal. I was scheduled prior to completeing orientation, the newly hired director of human resources seemed to be rather incompetent in his position and it took days to complete each step in the drawn out process. Once I was finally cleared to work, I was asked to come train for the first day on my birthday. It was stressed that they were going to be very busy and desperately needed me to work. I agreed and stayed until after 11:30PM on my birthday, After only 1 day of training, I was on the floor by myself with no manager or supervisor. The supervisor that hired me was never actually scheduled to work with me so I never knew who exactly I needed to report to in case of issues, complaints, or even who to ask for wines and alcohols that needed to be stocked. Within a week, I came into work and received listed form letter from a supervisor I had never met. (Tashina) She listed several duties that my trainer had not gone over with me, and some that I had explicitly gone over with another supervisor. When I finally met Tashina she was rude, unproffessional and handled her self like a teen age entry-level employee. I was surprised to learn that she was actually a supervisor. She immediately addressed my shoes, which having worked over 2 weeks already, had never recived any criticism. She then turned to my co-worker/ trainer and said that my shoes were out of dress code, and my pants weren't the right "material" After I was told about the conversation, I waited for her to approach me about my clothes- and never heard from her. On Halloween, Tashina was scheduled to work all night. She left early to be with her family (I have a 2 year old and would have loved to actually spend the holiday with MY child as well) I had a cami tank top under one of my regular cardigans, but after arriving at work, I was rather uncomfortable leaning over the bar. I made a mental not to wear it again and during the remainder of my employment there, I never did. However, the next shift that I worked, I was told that Tashina told several other employees that "she didn't know where I thought I worked" and "Kori looks like she works at a strip club" I was MORTIFIED that this was a conversation between a SUPERVISOR and one of my co-workers! The following was saved on my phone on December 2nd, coincidentally, 3 days before I was supsended for a BOGUS made up event involving giving away free drinks::

On December 2nd I was about 5 min late. Tashina talked to wait staff about my tardiness. Said that she had told me I had to be early that day and that I was "always late" Which was NOT true.
Told chef I wasn't coming in, and had to find a bartender to work for me because I had called in. (I text her and told her I was running a few minutes behind)
Text me while I was in the hotel; clocked in at 420 but had been there for over 15 min
** when I arrived though, all she said was "oh good, you're here" Instead of mentioning to ME any of the comments about being late.

I went to grab food in the cafeteria when I came back Tashina made sure I saw her check her watch twice- meanwhile she was standing around chatting with servers- there was someone at my bar that she could have assisted, but instead spent 85% of the night talking to the two servers on the floor (I'm sure all 3 of them had more productive things to do- such as help run the bar's food, since it's difficult for me to care for guest, remain behind the bar AND run food, and dishes.

At about 630 I told her and another server( that she was gossiping with) that I was going to grab a jacket before it got too cold and a different shirt. She looked at her watch twice and just nodded,

Sunday, NOV. 27th I had a sweater vneck, Eli stopped me in the restaurant and told me I needed to cover up and do something about "that". A front desk girl "Bennie" overheard it and went to the front desk complaining that I should be written up because I've been told "repeatedly about my clothes" I returned to the bar to ask one of the servers if she had heard anything about my clothes. she said she had heard Tashina mention once that she "was going to speak to me" During that conversation, Eli returned with an oversized burgundy sweatshirt. He said he knew that they had spoken to me before about this and that "we weren't going to make a big deal about it" I put the sweatshirt on but was so embarrasssed that both times I was reprimanded, was in front of a co-worker. *NOTE- no supervisor has ever spoke to me about my attire being out of uniform.

Thursday DEC 1st, I saw Trish before my shift started and asked her about my sweater, explained the incident from Sunday and was told my shirt was fine.

The night of the lady antebellum concert, we were called in an hour early to accommodate the concert attendees. Aisha put her bank in the bar cash register and when I went to put mine into the Starbuck's register, Tashina told me we were "sharing" the register and that she would move her bank over to one side. I was APPALLED at the suggestion, but still being new and the bar was already relatively busy, I utilized two sections of the drawer and kept my larger bills in my bank bag, which was slightly confusing- especially given the pace of the event. At one point one guest requested pineapple juice, and we didn't have any stock (the bar has had continuous problems keeping it stocked) Tashina muttered under her breath that "that was why she wanted the bar stocked yesterday" all the liquor, wine and beer was completely stocked with extra mixers- the ONLY item we didn't have was the pineapple juice. Around 8, Tashina mentioned something about not getting out til 3 am. I asked Aisha why she thought it was going to take 4 hours to close. Then she told us we were staying til 2 am. Neither of us knew about the change to our schedule and both were annoyed at the disorganization. We were both discussing why we weren't told previously and I was explaining that I had to be up for church the next morning when Tashina poked her head around the corner and said we could leave at 12 and two other servers could take our places. When the concert was over, our bar was completely packed. I started taking orders, but when I returned to my register to start a check, there was a female standing at my register with my drawer open! I saw her name tag so knew she was with the Marriott, but wasn't told that other employees now had access to my assigned bank that I am liable for at all times. I became extremely flustered because when I FINALLY got to my drawer, the RVC had been changed and my card no longer could access my tabs and open checks. I had to wait for Tashina to change the RVC but every time the other sever got into the system, it kept happening over and over again. I was waiting 5-7 minutes between every order because she or another server were constantly in my drawer and it was hard to concentrate when I was worried of my bank was going to be short. I finally said that I would start closing out all my checks so that the other bartender could take orders because patrons were getting VERY upset and irritated. I could tell Tashina was mad that we weren't staying, but she had told the other bartender to come and there was no efficiency in having 5 bartenders behind one bar. I finally got all of my paperwork done and went into the back office to complete my close-out, when I came back out, all of the concert-goers were gone, but a wedding party had trickled in. I went behind the bar to help out a little because I could tell they were all struggling. I was loading dishes when Tashina slammed the door, and muttered under her breath (I say this because it was passively directed for me to hear) that she told Ray that we had REFUSED to stay and he was going to discuss it with mr. Mcartney. I opened the dishwasher back up, finished loading and then went immediately to ray's office. I asked him if he had a minute and explained that they had only asked me the day before if I could come in an hour early, but somehow failed to mention staying until 2 am, I told him about sharing the drawer and told him that yes, I didn't want to stay until 2 but when the other bartender showed up, I couldn't work if I wanted to. He seemed surprised that Tashina mentioned him, which led me to believe that she had just been ranting and hadn't even told him the situation at all!

Two days after telling Ray how uncomfortable I was with sharing the drawer, Tashina came to the register and said we were going to have to share the drawer again?! Obviously, the situation was not handled- because this is against ALL company policies.

*lady antebellum- after I spoke with ray, I came back out and continued helping. Tashina had multiple open checks with no hotel room or name- it was far too busy not to have some kind of system. She didn't know how to make 3 out of 4 drinks that were requested and kept asking me how to do different things in the computer. She was completely inadequate behind the bar and voided a LARGE amount of money from her computer at the end of the night.

Nov 27, she called me to ask if I could drop her bank because she had forgotten to drop it.

December 2, she described that brandy had been fired because she didn't respect Tashina because she was black. I felt as though this was her comparing my employment and brandy's. I fully respect Tashina's authority, however- it's difficult to maintain that respect when she is not conducting herself as a supervisor. I love working at the Marriott and usually look forward to what the evening holds before each shift. It does make me uncomfortable though when it seems that there is a lot of gossiping being done by supervisors instead of professional conversations between manager and employee.

I had infomed some of the employees of my intent to speak with human resources about all of these events but ironically, I was suspended before I was even able to complain.

On December 5th, when I reported for my shift, I was told by Tashina that Ray (the banquet's supervisor) wanted to speak with me. I went over his office and couldn't fidn him so I clocked in, and while at the punch-in station, found him headed back to his office. He closed the door and told me I was suspended for giving away drinks and that a manager on duty had "witnessed" it. He infomed me that the incident had occurred that past Fri. I told him about an separate incident that I thought he was referring to, he assured me that he didn't have the whole story and would spend the week "researching" the statement that was given. I gave a written statement to Ray giving details about Friday and was told that If I had any concerns I could speak with Rick, the human resources director, Since I was sure there was obviously a mistake, I took the initiative and time to speak with Rick. He flat out lied and told me he had no idea what was going on, feigned shock that I had been suspended and wasted my time as I rehashed what happened Friday night. I left feeling assured that this was protocol and that I would be back to work on Saturday. I spent the week worried about my job, my bills and how Christmas would be affected by week out of work. On WED, a friend called me concerned because the Marriot had posted an open position for a bartender, I texted my co workers and was told that the position had been posted at work as well. I was distraught that my job was already posted and I hadn't even had the meeting to find out what the accusations were about. When I arrived on Friday morning at 10 AM, I was told that a manager on duty had seen me give 2 AMSTEL LIGHTS away to two gentlemen guests. I was so mad I started crying, Rick admitted that he knew the whole time "but he couldn't tell me" The manager that supposedly witnessed it wasn't at the meeting, and the time that was given didn't even match up with the guests that would have been at my bar. Not to mention...... THE BAR DOES NOT EVEN SERVE AMSTEL LIGHTS. I even mentioned to Ray and Rick that that was very odd because few people drink Amstel light, much less to men drinking it. I explained to them I didn't remember serving amstel light at all, and that the manager on duty was walking around the lobby, walking the corridors, and also working the computers at the front desk... how would he possibly have the seen the entire transaction from start to finish and be sure that they didn't pay. I asked if I was even the server on camera serving the beer.. I was told no, that it wasn't on camera AT ALL!!!! I am shocked that this is how the MARIOTT, an esteemed employer handles employee relations. I worked VERY hard and was passionate about my job. There wasn't a shift that I worked that a guest (often serveral) didn't compliment me on my service, my conversation or drinks. I was never told of any complaints, and strived to satisfy every guest that came to my bar. I don't know the REAL reason I was fired, but it certainly wasn't because of two beers, brands that aren't even available at the Macon Marriot bar. I'm sure that the corrupt employees mentioned have done far worse, but I know how bad their decisions affected me. Thank you for your time. also. I have yet to receive my separation notice or w-2:

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Posted by Alain on 2012-01-02:
You need to get an attorney to sort this out with. Call one that offers a free consultation.
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-01-02:
I may be wrong, but I think Georgia is an "at-will" state. That means they can fire you for any reason, or no reason, as long as the reason isn't because you're a member of a "protected class" (and believe me, if that's the reason they want to fire you, they'll usually find another, legal reason to give you).

Bottom line, it sounds like they did you a favor in the long run. That place sounds toxic. I've worked in a place or two where the hiring practices were comparable to a three-ring circus at best and I accepted the position against my better judgement. I usually regretted that decision in short order.
But, next time you're in a situation like that and plan to address your grievances with HR, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT ABOUT IT AT WORK! You never know who may be listening and who will agree with you to your face, but turn around and blab to the management as soon as they get the chance. At the end of the day, trust no one but yourself.

I've never been fired from a job, per se, but my husband lost his job during the recession and he never received any separation notice, they just told him he wasn't coming back. As for your W-2, my guess is that you'll get it when everyone else gets theirs--around late January or early February. I don't think they process W-2s on a termination by termination basis.
Posted by equinmusicllc on 2013-03-02:
true, except when the firing was done with character defamation attached.
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