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Detroit Marriott
By -

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- Stuck up customer service. Manager was extremely rude. Charged me for a late check out because I was in my room an extra twenty minutes, which wasn't on purpose. I didn't know the check out time. We had a large wedding group here, and they were threatening to kick us out after one warning of being too loud. So ridiculous, had a ton of people staying there, and then they tried to lie to us about who complained. They said it was the room next to us, but the people who were in that room, were actually hanging out in our room with us.

Residents Inn Marriott at Glenwood Springs, CO
By -

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, COLORADO -- This place has only been open 3 months so it is brand new and really nice. I feel it my responsibility to warn other pet owners to not go there. The manager was very rude and full of herself about our dog. After one bark almost kicked us out or threatened to. We were holed up in room entire vacation.

In addition they misrepresented info about the rate. We had spent a lot of money and got some very rude people. They struck me as High School grads that had worked their way up and now we're going to show the world they ruled it. I could not get over how rude this manager was. A short, rude ethnic woman that has no business in hospitality. Go if you must but get anything they say that is important in writing because I caught them in several lies. Very disappointed in Marriott's choice of management.

Car Damaged by a Marriott Valet
By -

Calgary Alberta Marriott gives you no choice but to utilize their valet parking service, which they charge for. The customer is not allowed to park their own vehicle. In Dec 09 I stayed at the Calgary Marriott and was left no choice but to leave my vehicle with a valet. I received a numbered ticket that did not include any liability waiver. In the morning the vehicle was returned to me with $1500 damage to the left rear. It was reported and investigated and I was advised two months later that Marriott employees were not found at fault for the damage.

As the vehicle was in the care and control of Marriott employees and as it was parked in a facility under the control of Marriott, I am at a loss to come to any other conclusion except that a Marriott employee was responsible for the damage to my vehicle. I am very disappointed in Marriott not taking my complaint seriously and will never again utilize the services of the Marriott or any other business directly associated with Marriott. In addition, no valet will ever park my vehicle again.

Marriott Customer Service Doesn't Show Respect for a Long Time Gold Member.
By -

MONTREAL -- I have an unresolved issue with Marriott customer care. As a long-time Gold member I expected Marriott to do something for me. During the last 5 years I booked at maybe a hundred times but for the first time this happened: looks like while booking I might have missed "non-refundable" rate type. Then I did cancel this reservation before 6 pm arrival day.

Then recently learned from credit card statement that Marriott charged me for two nights. These were Friday and Saturday - the busiest nights for Montreal downtown, and I am sure Hotel (Residence Inn Montreal downtown) has booked out this room for somebody else so they've got double pay for one room. I asked them to do one of these for me: full refund, 2 free nights, extra reward points enough for 2 nights. But unfortunately Marriott's customer care doesn't show any signs that they would be willing to do anything for me...

Personnel-Oakland Airport Courtyard by Marriott
By -

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA -- Don't expect service or much assistance from this hotel. Desk personnel couldn't care less about any issues you bring to their attention. We arrived exhausted late at night to find a tour bus and about 100 tourists blocking the entrance to our parking with no Marriott personnel present. When I complained at the desk 8 minutes later, after receiving glares from the desk clerk and a "can't do anything about it", I had to sharply tell the tour manager to let us through.

I received an ovation from several of the people lined up out of their cars out to the street. No one could back up into traffic. The place was virtually empty of personnel. We asked to have our luggage brought up and were told they didn't have anyone available.

Over Book Room Cancellation
By -

LINCOLNSHIRE, ILLINOIS -- I am scheduled to attend a conference in Lincolnshire, Illinois (approx. 3 hours distant from my residence) and had a confirmed reservation at the Marriott Lincolnshire (in Lincolnshire, Illinois). The conference has been scheduled in Lincolnshire contiguous to the Marriott facility based upon Marriott's assurance of adequate rooms for those attending.

I receive a call however, no apology, no I'm sorry, nothing other than "We are overbooked, your room confirmation here is canceled but we can stick you down the road in our cut rate run down motel." Typical poor service by a corporation that in time will wake up wondering why they are losing money and want the taxpayers to bail them out.

Marriott Vacation Club - Stay Away
By -

FLORIDA -- Make sure you read everything and ask a ton of questions before buying with Marriott. They make it sound so easy to use and even easier to sell when you need to but GOOD LUCK. After 7 years of ownership, our resort is still not sold out and you can not resell. We were told 18 months and we could resell. THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE PEOPLE ARE USELESS AND TELL YOU NOTHING BUT THEIR COMPUTER SCRIPT. BUYER BEWARE.

Westlake Courtyard
By -

WESTLAKE, OHIO -- I accompanied my wife on a business trip to the Westlake area again recently and was sorely disappointed in our favorite hotel's decline. One of the best things about that hotel in years past was the consistency of staffing. ** all bent over backwards to make every interaction fun and personal. They knew and acknowledged virtually all the guests by name.

The hotel has declined with the change in management. ** are just awful with the guests. Seem too wrapped up in their own work to care about a simple thing like being friendly and making guests feel welcome. My wife travels for work 29-40 weeks in the year, often I accompany her. This was the worst I have seen that hotel. The GM ** and the red headed assistant, stood at the desk and watched the restaurant full of guests and never went to help. I sat in the lounge and then got coffee and overheard them talking about 'they can deal with it themselves' and 'they can earn their money, that's what I pay them for'. To me that is unacceptable!

As a manager you are there to lead by example and pitch in when needed! I have been in Marriott hotels and seen Mr. Marriott himself walking the parking lot and picking up trash or debris as he went. This hotel is filthy and the associates are miserable. ** who is an older Hispanic man who has been smiling happy joking and used to wear "my name is **, I love this hotel" on his name tag looked so embarrassed by the hotel and how is it now run.

What happened to all of the great associates that used to care at this hotel? Why would the company let this hotel fall so far off the radar map... What a disappointment. I will not come back again. In this day and age of competition there are too many choices.

Westlake must get numerous complaints and Marriott has to have some standards of ranking performance of their hotels. I would bet my retirement that this particular hotel is in decline in all areas. They need to do something before they really start to lose business.

The GM must have little man's syndrome. He is an older grey haired harsh man with no personality. Why a company like Marriott would put him in a position of leadership and representing their company escapes me. I know that sounds strong, but you would not believe the difference. Too bad Marriott doesn't put this hotel on a surprise inspection list. What a disappointment and poor representative of Marriott it is now.

Update: I just posted a complaint regarding the Courtyard in Westlake Ohio. I went back to read it and started reading posts from others who had had issues in the company. What a sad thing. It seems like customer service is dead in the customer service industry today. In hotels what do you sell? The experience. If you can't give a good experience and you don't care about your employees, do you really care about having guests?

Why would you call them guests if you have no intention of taking care of them during their stay? We work hard to earn money and Marriott hotels are not cheap. I am appalled that they have gotten to be such a big company that the consumer is not important anymore and by all accounts neither are the staff if they do not wear a manager name tag. We are looking at the death in customer service. The irony is Marriott has a Customer Care department! Boy are those people overworked if this website is any indication. My condolences Marriott.

Stay Away From the Marriott Residence Inn in Norcross GA
By -

NORCROSS, GEORGIA -- On August 4, 2007, our baseball team took a road trip to Georgia to see the Atlanta Braves play. Check in was at 3:00 pm and we arrived at 4:00. Needless to say, the rooms were not ready and we had almost 25 people (14 children) waiting to check in. While we enjoyed the popcorn in the lobby, it was obvious that the hotel was short staffed for the day.

Later that night (around 9), the smell of smoke came into a room that I was in and the room filled with smoke. We did not hear an alarm to indicate a fire but decided to leave the room to make sure everything was OK. Well, the people in the room across the hall had burned a pizza in the microwave and the alarm in their room had gone off. The entire hallway was filled with smoke.

I went to the front desk - in the other building - and they were completely unaware of what was happening. They began receiving several phone calls from people the building to make sure that there was no fire. We happened to have a fire marshal traveling with us and he recommended that they call the fire department. She had to call her manager to get approval and finally about 10 minutes later, Security called 911 (and was put on hold) and reported heavy smoke in one of the buildings.

Once the 6 fire trucks arrived, I had to escort the firemen to the correct room and explain what happened. I asked the lady at the front desk if they could change the rooms of the parents that were on the 2nd floor but she stated that fire department said that everything was fine and they should open the windows and keep the doors closed.

Later that night (at 2:00) - I heard a lot of music coming out the room down the hall and looked outside my room. A bunch of teenagers decided to have a party - with an open room full of liquor and beer. I called and complained and the police came and broke the party up (911- second time). The next morning around 7:00 am - the parent in the room that my 7 year old daughter was staying called to get me to come pick her up because the residents in the next room were in a heated argument and threatening to call 911.

I called the front desk and they sent someone to knock on the door. Of course the people said that everyone was OK but within 20 minutes were arguing again (3rd 911 call). Everyone left that room - so I don't know how that was resolved. Next - I was at breakfast - they had 3 large groups this weekend and so the room was pretty packed. They had a wonderful assortment of breakfast food but when I got the sausage, it was still frozen.

I reported this to the attendant and he took the pan and warmed it up again. When he brought the next pan out, the meat was still frozen. After the third try, I gave up. Needless to say, this is only my complaint - of the 7 rooms that we reserved, each guest had a laundry list of items as well. When we tried to complain the day before, we were asked to wait until the manager came in the next day.

Well, I waited in line and listened to several guest demand a refund when checking out. They had complaints that ranged from dirty rooms, bugs in the rooms, late check in and missing towels. These people were offered their room for free and 2 free weekends to any Marriott. I wasn't going to make a big deal but when a guest got 2 free weekends because she didn't have any towels, I just knew that my issues by far outweighed theirs.

When I spoke to the assistant manager - (she didn't notice that I was standing there when she offered these amenities to the people in front of me) I was informed that she would have to check with her manager before she could offer me any type of compensation. I asked her to call her manager. She informed me that he was out of the office for the next week for training.

I asked her for the corporate office number. She informed me that they were not associated with a corporate office since they were a franchise. I asked for the GM's phone number - which she gave me. I called the number from my cell phone and would you believe that she had the audacity to give me the wrong number. I handed her the phone so that she could hear that it was the wrong number.

She did not offer any other resolution. She kept telling me that I would have to wait until her manager got back into the office. I asked her how could she offer the other guests the free weekends - she lied and said that they had complained the day before and she had gotten pre-approval from the manager (that was out of town for a week) the day before.

I went outside and tracked down one of the guests - who informed me that she had just complained that same day - not the day before. I asked the Assistant Manager to take my phone number and have the GM call me at his earliest convenience. I still have not heard back from him.

At that point, I am fuming...I called the reservations line who transferred me to Customer Care at the Marriott corporate office. I am awaiting a response from a District Manager because at this point, the locally owned franchise General Manager can not do anything to resolve this situation.

Most of my issues were completely out of the hotel's control and a simple apology would have sufficed but to have a member of management treat me as rudely as she did, refuse to provide the corporate number, and provide an invalid number to contact the General manager is completely unacceptable. I am trying to get resolution at a District Level but it is taking a bit too long for a response and for every day it takes, another complaint message board will be found.

Marriott, You Got to Be Kiddin' Me!!
By -

RANCHO CORDOVA, CALIFORNIA -- The weekend of Father's Day my fiance, our 4 children and I decided to go visit family in Northern CA. This trip was to include camping, fishing & family fun with cousins I haven't seen in years! On the way home we stopped off in Rancho Cordova to see my fiance's best friend, family & new baby. The decision was made to stay the night. We saw a strip of hotels off the freeway and went over to get some price quotes. I saw the Marriott Residence Inn and said let's stay there since I was a rewards card holder. The front desk gave us a 'special' rate that we couldn't pass up.

We brought in our things, took the kids swimming & washed a few loads. I was content. After returning from going back to our friends' home we parked our vehicle in plain sight of our bedroom. No worries though, I felt pretty safe there. Oh was I wrong! We received a phone call @ 7am to inform us that our right rear passenger window was broken out and it appears to be a break in; that we need to investigate.

So we got up and check out the vehicle to confirm it. Window ripped out and some valuables stolen (in the amount of $1600). We noticed there were no security cameras in the parking lot, nor any security officers patrolling. We went to the front desk and asked to speak with the Manager. We were told that he wouldn't be in until 9am. We were given a report to fill out and told to call the police ourselves to report the incident.

We ate breakfast with the children in the lobby; waiting for the manager. After 45 minutes we asked where the manager was and was told he was 'running errands'. Okay, fine. We took his card and went back to the room and left a voice mail. We then started to call glass companies to come and replace our window. The very first company we called told us that they were just at our hotel the day before from 2 break ins; replacing windows as well. (Are you serious!!!)

So after 3 attempts we finally got someone out to replace the window. We were now 3 hours behind on our trip because we were to leave @ 9 am and the glass company didn't show until 1 pm. Between this time we made 3 more attempts in contacting the manager to no avail. We eventually made copies of everything and left a note for him to contact us. We're still waiting and this has gotten even worse.

By the time we reached home which was 6 hours away by road, we realized that the key to our other vehicle key was stolen. To have this key replaced will cost $200 because of the unique chip inside it. I will never again stay there or advise anyone else to do the same. I'm cancelling my card and putting the Marriott out once and for all. What an inconvenience this has caused us. No wonder there was a special rate!!

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