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Fraud Charges
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LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- I stayed at this hotel during my mother's 60th Birthday... I received my credit card a month later and they charged an extra 250.00 on my card. When I called them they claimed there was smoking in the room. Not possible as we are all non smokers. I argued with them with no result in a credit to my account. They have no cigarette butts as proof... The only thing they could tell me is there were ashes in the sink. Hello... I know better. I am sure this was pocketed by the rude manager, **. I will fight this to the end... no matter what. This place is a rip off. Do not stay there.

Rip-Off ... Charging for Alleged Smoking... Charging an Extra Day on Credit Card
By -

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- On 11/17/07, I checked into the Marriott hotel in Augusta, Ga. At check-in, I was not informed of a $250.00 bill if they suspect you are smoking in the room. It was late and we went directly to sleep. A bill for 246.00 was slipped under my door early on the 18th. When I awoke and was gathering my belongings, I noticed a small card on a desk that I had never approached. It stated that a $250.00 "cleaning" charge would be added if there had been smoking in the room!!

Had I been informed of this at check-in, I would have chosen a better hotel as Augusta is full of wonderful hotels. Spending two hours cleaning the room, I checked out at noon. Imagine how I felt when I received my credit card bill and was billed for an extra day!!! Not smoking damage. Not cleaning... but an extra day!!! The "manager" claims they have "pictures" they have videos in their hotel rooms???

I urge everyone to avoid Marriott like the plague... Not only will they add anything they like without proof... they now claim they "photograph" where you stay. I have stayed in many, many hotels over the last 35 years, and have never had such a negative experience!!!

Change in Policy Reference Military Retirees
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Rating: 4/51

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I served my country in the Air Force for almost 35 years and recently stayed at the Huge Marriott Hotel here in San Antonio. I telephonically asked for the military rate and when I showed up, displayed my ID and was given a room at the military rate. After a couple of days I decided to get an additional room for my son and grandchildren.

The clerk again looked at my ID and said I couldn't get the government rate as the rate was only for active duty or other government employees. I told him I was essentially still a government employee as I was drawing a check from the DOD for my three plus decades of service. He allowed as how he would let it go this time as I wasn't aware of the rule.

It was a bit embarrassing to me as I felt like I had consciously cheated by getting the military (Government) rate. I have stayed in Marriott hotels many times in the past since my retirement and have never had that mentioned. Not sure if it is due to the clerks not knowing what an active duty ID looks like as opposed to a retired ID or maybe some folks didn't get the memo?

I believe it's a sad situation when those of us that have served in several military conflicts over the years are told the rate only applies to those presently serving. Not sure why the change in policy but I'd appreciate an answer as to why that decision was made. I could understand a restriction on a certain number of government rate rooms but not an entire retiree restriction.

Stopped Complimentary Breakfast & Cookies
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Rating: 2/51

KIRKLAND, WASHINGTON -- We have stayed at many different Marriott Hotels and have always had great breakfasts and were offered cookies when we checked in. The last time we stayed in Kirkland, we were told that Corporate put a stop to this. Well, we will look for other places to stay that still offer these things. We often travel with our grandchildren and this really helps out. Also, our son travels all over for his company and has mostly stayed at Marriott's, but will now look for other hotels. You may save some money in the short term, but in the long run, you will lose customers!

Detroit Marriott
By -

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- Stuck up customer service. Manager was extremely rude. Charged me for a late check out because I was in my room an extra twenty minutes, which wasn't on purpose. I didn't know the check out time. We had a large wedding group here, and they were threatening to kick us out after one warning of being too loud. So ridiculous, had a ton of people staying there, and then they tried to lie to us about who complained. They said it was the room next to us, but the people who were in that room, were actually hanging out in our room with us.

Residents Inn Marriott at Glenwood Springs, CO
By -

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, COLORADO -- This place has only been open 3 months so it is brand new and really nice. I feel it my responsibility to warn other pet owners to not go there. The manager was very rude and full of herself about our dog. After one bark almost kicked us out or threatened to. We were holed up in room entire vacation.

In addition they misrepresented info about the rate. We had spent a lot of money and got some very rude people. They struck me as High School grads that had worked their way up and now we're going to show the world they ruled it. I could not get over how rude this manager was. A short, rude ethnic woman that has no business in hospitality. Go if you must but get anything they say that is important in writing because I caught them in several lies. Very disappointed in Marriott's choice of management.

Car Damaged by a Marriott Valet
By -

Calgary Alberta Marriott gives you no choice but to utilize their valet parking service, which they charge for. The customer is not allowed to park their own vehicle. In Dec 09 I stayed at the Calgary Marriott and was left no choice but to leave my vehicle with a valet. I received a numbered ticket that did not include any liability waiver. In the morning the vehicle was returned to me with $1500 damage to the left rear. It was reported and investigated and I was advised two months later that Marriott employees were not found at fault for the damage.

As the vehicle was in the care and control of Marriott employees and as it was parked in a facility under the control of Marriott, I am at a loss to come to any other conclusion except that a Marriott employee was responsible for the damage to my vehicle. I am very disappointed in Marriott not taking my complaint seriously and will never again utilize the services of the Marriott or any other business directly associated with Marriott. In addition, no valet will ever park my vehicle again.

Marriott Customer Service Doesn't Show Respect for a Long Time Gold Member.
By -

MONTREAL -- I have an unresolved issue with Marriott customer care. As a long-time Gold member I expected Marriott to do something for me. During the last 5 years I booked at maybe a hundred times but for the first time this happened: looks like while booking I might have missed "non-refundable" rate type. Then I did cancel this reservation before 6 pm arrival day.

Then recently learned from credit card statement that Marriott charged me for two nights. These were Friday and Saturday - the busiest nights for Montreal downtown, and I am sure Hotel (Residence Inn Montreal downtown) has booked out this room for somebody else so they've got double pay for one room. I asked them to do one of these for me: full refund, 2 free nights, extra reward points enough for 2 nights. But unfortunately Marriott's customer care doesn't show any signs that they would be willing to do anything for me...

Personnel-Oakland Airport Courtyard by Marriott
By -

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA -- Don't expect service or much assistance from this hotel. Desk personnel couldn't care less about any issues you bring to their attention. We arrived exhausted late at night to find a tour bus and about 100 tourists blocking the entrance to our parking with no Marriott personnel present. When I complained at the desk 8 minutes later, after receiving glares from the desk clerk and a "can't do anything about it", I had to sharply tell the tour manager to let us through.

I received an ovation from several of the people lined up out of their cars out to the street. No one could back up into traffic. The place was virtually empty of personnel. We asked to have our luggage brought up and were told they didn't have anyone available.

Over Book Room Cancellation
By -

LINCOLNSHIRE, ILLINOIS -- I am scheduled to attend a conference in Lincolnshire, Illinois (approx. 3 hours distant from my residence) and had a confirmed reservation at the Marriott Lincolnshire (in Lincolnshire, Illinois). The conference has been scheduled in Lincolnshire contiguous to the Marriott facility based upon Marriott's assurance of adequate rooms for those attending.

I receive a call however, no apology, no I'm sorry, nothing other than "We are overbooked, your room confirmation here is canceled but we can stick you down the road in our cut rate run down motel." Typical poor service by a corporation that in time will wake up wondering why they are losing money and want the taxpayers to bail them out.

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