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Stay Away From the Marriott Residence Inn in Norcross GA
By -

NORCROSS, GEORGIA -- On August 4, 2007, our baseball team took a road trip to Georgia to see the Atlanta Braves play. Check in was at 3:00 pm and we arrived at 4:00. Needless to say, the rooms were not ready and we had almost 25 people (14 children) waiting to check in. While we enjoyed the popcorn in the lobby, it was obvious that the hotel was short staffed for the day.

Later that night (around 9), the smell of smoke came into a room that I was in and the room filled with smoke. We did not hear an alarm to indicate a fire but decided to leave the room to make sure everything was OK. Well, the people in the room across the hall had burned a pizza in the microwave and the alarm in their room had gone off. The entire hallway was filled with smoke.

I went to the front desk - in the other building - and they were completely unaware of what was happening. They began receiving several phone calls from people the building to make sure that there was no fire. We happened to have a fire marshal traveling with us and he recommended that they call the fire department. She had to call her manager to get approval and finally about 10 minutes later, Security called 911 (and was put on hold) and reported heavy smoke in one of the buildings.

Once the 6 fire trucks arrived, I had to escort the firemen to the correct room and explain what happened. I asked the lady at the front desk if they could change the rooms of the parents that were on the 2nd floor but she stated that fire department said that everything was fine and they should open the windows and keep the doors closed.

Later that night (at 2:00) - I heard a lot of music coming out the room down the hall and looked outside my room. A bunch of teenagers decided to have a party - with an open room full of liquor and beer. I called and complained and the police came and broke the party up (911- second time). The next morning around 7:00 am - the parent in the room that my 7 year old daughter was staying called to get me to come pick her up because the residents in the next room were in a heated argument and threatening to call 911.

I called the front desk and they sent someone to knock on the door. Of course the people said that everyone was OK but within 20 minutes were arguing again (3rd 911 call). Everyone left that room - so I don't know how that was resolved. Next - I was at breakfast - they had 3 large groups this weekend and so the room was pretty packed. They had a wonderful assortment of breakfast food but when I got the sausage, it was still frozen.

I reported this to the attendant and he took the pan and warmed it up again. When he brought the next pan out, the meat was still frozen. After the third try, I gave up. Needless to say, this is only my complaint - of the 7 rooms that we reserved, each guest had a laundry list of items as well. When we tried to complain the day before, we were asked to wait until the manager came in the next day.

Well, I waited in line and listened to several guest demand a refund when checking out. They had complaints that ranged from dirty rooms, bugs in the rooms, late check in and missing towels. These people were offered their room for free and 2 free weekends to any Marriott. I wasn't going to make a big deal but when a guest got 2 free weekends because she didn't have any towels, I just knew that my issues by far outweighed theirs.

When I spoke to the assistant manager - (she didn't notice that I was standing there when she offered these amenities to the people in front of me) I was informed that she would have to check with her manager before she could offer me any type of compensation. I asked her to call her manager. She informed me that he was out of the office for the next week for training.

I asked her for the corporate office number. She informed me that they were not associated with a corporate office since they were a franchise. I asked for the GM's phone number - which she gave me. I called the number from my cell phone and would you believe that she had the audacity to give me the wrong number. I handed her the phone so that she could hear that it was the wrong number.

She did not offer any other resolution. She kept telling me that I would have to wait until her manager got back into the office. I asked her how could she offer the other guests the free weekends - she lied and said that they had complained the day before and she had gotten pre-approval from the manager (that was out of town for a week) the day before.

I went outside and tracked down one of the guests - who informed me that she had just complained that same day - not the day before. I asked the Assistant Manager to take my phone number and have the GM call me at his earliest convenience. I still have not heard back from him.

At that point, I am fuming...I called the reservations line who transferred me to Customer Care at the Marriott corporate office. I am awaiting a response from a District Manager because at this point, the locally owned franchise General Manager can not do anything to resolve this situation.

Most of my issues were completely out of the hotel's control and a simple apology would have sufficed but to have a member of management treat me as rudely as she did, refuse to provide the corporate number, and provide an invalid number to contact the General manager is completely unacceptable. I am trying to get resolution at a District Level but it is taking a bit too long for a response and for every day it takes, another complaint message board will be found.

Marriott, You Got to Be Kiddin' Me!!
By -

RANCHO CORDOVA, CALIFORNIA -- The weekend of Father's Day my fiance, our 4 children and I decided to go visit family in Northern CA. This trip was to include camping, fishing & family fun with cousins I haven't seen in years! On the way home we stopped off in Rancho Cordova to see my fiance's best friend, family & new baby. The decision was made to stay the night. We saw a strip of hotels off the freeway and went over to get some price quotes. I saw the Marriott Residence Inn and said let's stay there since I was a rewards card holder. The front desk gave us a 'special' rate that we couldn't pass up.

We brought in our things, took the kids swimming & washed a few loads. I was content. After returning from going back to our friends' home we parked our vehicle in plain sight of our bedroom. No worries though, I felt pretty safe there. Oh was I wrong! We received a phone call @ 7am to inform us that our right rear passenger window was broken out and it appears to be a break in; that we need to investigate.

So we got up and check out the vehicle to confirm it. Window ripped out and some valuables stolen (in the amount of $1600). We noticed there were no security cameras in the parking lot, nor any security officers patrolling. We went to the front desk and asked to speak with the Manager. We were told that he wouldn't be in until 9am. We were given a report to fill out and told to call the police ourselves to report the incident.

We ate breakfast with the children in the lobby; waiting for the manager. After 45 minutes we asked where the manager was and was told he was 'running errands'. Okay, fine. We took his card and went back to the room and left a voice mail. We then started to call glass companies to come and replace our window. The very first company we called told us that they were just at our hotel the day before from 2 break ins; replacing windows as well. (Are you serious!!!)

So after 3 attempts we finally got someone out to replace the window. We were now 3 hours behind on our trip because we were to leave @ 9 am and the glass company didn't show until 1 pm. Between this time we made 3 more attempts in contacting the manager to no avail. We eventually made copies of everything and left a note for him to contact us. We're still waiting and this has gotten even worse.

By the time we reached home which was 6 hours away by road, we realized that the key to our other vehicle key was stolen. To have this key replaced will cost $200 because of the unique chip inside it. I will never again stay there or advise anyone else to do the same. I'm cancelling my card and putting the Marriott out once and for all. What an inconvenience this has caused us. No wonder there was a special rate!!

Laguna Cliffs Resort and Spa Pathetic Excuse for a Resort and Spa
By -

DANA POINT, CALIFORNIA -- I mean no disrespect to the individuals that have posted positive remarks on the reviews... However I did not have a great time during my stay. I had sent a letter to the hotel expressing my disappointment with my stay and they offered me an upgrade for my next visit. They couldn't pay me to come stay there again! I respectfully wrote back and told the hotel manager that the least they could do was reimburse me for the time I spent there and the hotel manager never even acknowledged my last letter.

I intend to write a letter to the head of the company. I am so angry at the way I have been treated. I am happy to spend a bunch of money, but only if it is worth it. I had a better experience staying at the Courtyard by Marriott - I seriously mean that! I even sent a letter acknowledging the customer service I received with them. It was fantastic. But here I am paying ~1200 to stay for two days ($1200 is the same as my rent for the month!) and had a horrible experience compared to the Courtyard where I was paying $160 for two days!

The more people I share my story with, the more I hear the same experience that they had themselves. I would highly recommend considering a different hotel if you want to stay in this area or you will set yourself up for disappointment!

I am only giving the highlights of my stay at the Laguna Cliffs Resort and Spa here. There were many things that happened that would take pages for me to share my experience. There are many things they do not tell you up front - such as you have to pay $22 for parking (and valet costs the same) but there is not always parking available.

On a side note here, the funny thing I noticed was there was a lot of junk stored in the garage taking up parking spaces. I had left to run to a local store and when I returned, there was absolutely no parking left. My effort to get assistance from the front desk as to where to park resulted in my being told to park on the street where it clearly says "No Hotel Parking".

Also, be prepared to bring a ton of money to eat in their restaurant. We forked out $13 for 4 shrimp. One cocktail - $10. We called the concierge and asked for a restaurant recommendation for dinner - he gave us one but could not tell us what time it closed and the directions he gave us were wrong - we never found the place after driving around for over half an hour.

Be warned too if you call the front desk for help, you will be bounced around from department to department. Another thing that amazed me was that they charge for internet access. I travel a lot for work - in my $80 a night Courtyard by Marriott room I have free internet access and free parking - at this location you have to pay $10/day and they don't tell you that it starts at noon and ends at noon. So my fiance went to use the internet and only got 3 hours of use before it was shut off and then they charged us twice for it.

Oh and then there is a lovely Sunday champagne brunch - absolutely fantastic - wonderful selection and wide variety and you can eat outside and see the ocean - what you don't know is that it cost 45/person. No one mentions that, there is no sign, no menu, no nothing. That was a unexpected surprise when we received the bill. I do have a couple of positive things to say about the location though - the spa is outstanding. You totally get what you pay for. The service is exemplary! Also, the exercise room is fantastic. Wide variety of well maintained equipment.

I submitted a three page letter to Marriott regarding an extensive number of issues we had while we stayed at the resort (I barely touched on them here) and I never received any response from the Property Manager until after a month had passed. His response was to offer me an upgrade. Who would want to go back to a place that was such a source of stress and frustration? In talking to others, they shared similar experiences. It's unfortunate but my experience has made me want to spend my hard earned money elsewhere.

Rodent Found In Hotel Room
By -

NEW HAMPSHIRE -- On Jan. 7, 2012 at 9 P.M. I saw along with my in my hotel room 305 a mouse hiding between the dishwasher peeking in and out. This was at the Residence Inn located at 1 International Drive Portsmouth, NH.

Marriott Rewards
By -

I suggest that anyone with a Marriott Rewards account review their account after each stay to ensure that you receive your rewards points. For 3 different stays I had to spend approximately 2 months going back and forth with Marriott to finally receive my rewards. I will avoid Marriott stays in the future and probably use Hilton since they are much more responsive and helpful.

Customer Complaint
By -

BETHESDA, MARYLAND -- Marriott rewards does not inform me of the points I have earned and I believe it is cheating me and I have no way to reach the company. I intend to file a complaint with the state of MA.

Time shares don't work
By -

MAUI, HAWAII -- Do not buy a Marriott timeshare. We were told a 2 bedroom lockout room at Maui Ocean would be easy to used to come to Magi, or trade to go other places. This is not true. If you want to travel during school holidays or summer good luck. We have submitted requests on the opening day, for multiple resorts, and multiple dates. We have been successful one time. We can't even go to our home resort. Unless you can take your kids out of school to travel you will be bummed.

Marriott Residence Inn Washington DC
By -

WASHINGTON, DC, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- I stayed there for a weekend with my Pitbull. That is right with my dog. The staff was great. Nobody gave me grief about the type of breed, and was very sweet to him. The room was immaculate. The complimentary breakfast was ample with plenty of variety, fresh and delicious. The staff is extremely helpful in all matters and very polite. They made my DC visit a pleasurable experience and I will be staying there again upon my future visits to DC.

London Regent's Park
By -

I recently stayed at the Marriott's London Regent's Park Hotel. The hotel is actually in/near the Swiss Cottage area.
The hotel staff is non-responsive. The hotel rooms and hall has a musty odor. As a Platinum Member, I was not treated well at all, I can not imagine how others would be treated. The maid did not pick up used cups, and never changed our sheets, but took the time to take the water bottles we were keeping cool in the miniā€“bar fridge out. I would not recommend staying.

Head Lice
By -

PALM BEACH SHORES, FLORIDA -- My family and I vacationed at the Marriott Ocean Point. We entered that resort happy and lice free. We left the following week with a full blown head lice, all 4 of us. The Sunday we left we went straight to the Pharmacy. The Pharmacist told us we had head lice. We frantically call the hotel to warn them about the infestation. They did not seem to care. I feel so bad for the next family who will use that room.

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