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Over Book Room Cancellation
By -

LINCOLNSHIRE, ILLINOIS -- I am scheduled to attend a conference in Lincolnshire, Illinois (approx. 3 hours distant from my residence) and had a confirmed reservation at the Marriott Lincolnshire (in Lincolnshire, Illinois). The conference has been scheduled in Lincolnshire contiguous to the Marriott facility based upon Marriott's assurance of adequate rooms for those attending.

I receive a call however, no apology, no I'm sorry, nothing other than "We are overbooked, your room confirmation here is canceled but we can stick you down the road in our cut rate run down motel." Typical poor service by a corporation that in time will wake up wondering why they are losing money and want the taxpayers to bail them out.

Exceptional Service by Hotel Manager
By -

WOBURN (BOSTON), MASSACHUSETTS -- The Courtyard at Woburn is about 25 minutes out of Boston and I found myself booked thereby my company when hotels in Boston were full. I had early morning meetings in Cambridge both days of my stay. The short story is that the taxi service in Woburn is overwhelmed in the morning and never responded to the call (second day never responded to a fixed appointment made the day before). After a 30 min wait the manager made a special arrangement for a private town car and offered me extra reward points for my trouble.

The second day there were more troubles. By the time I needed a taxi at checkout the manager waited only 10 minutes before getting out her own car and taking me to the airport shuttle. I appreciated her care for my situation, her solutions, and her aggressive work to ensure that I could make my appointments and my plane on time. Congratulations, **! I will recommend your hotel to everyone! I hope that Marriott also rewards your exceptional service.

Hotel Charges for Six-Night Stay After Cancellation
By -

LONDON -- I booked a six-night stay at the London Regent's Park Marriott on the internet for a decent, yet unspectacular rate of $225/night. I cancelled the day I was supposed to arrive, and Marriott has charged me for the full six nights. I got absolutely no service for this; only the chance to play around on the Marriott website. A decent cancellation policy would be to charge for one night and provide credit for the remainder.

Marriott will not refund or allow me to rebook. This is the worst policy I have heard of with any hotel chain. Do not book with a Marriott when you have so many other choices. It's just not worth it. Also, their complaint channels are anonymous and faceless. It's hard to get a full name out of anyone you might complain to. They all run and hide. It's very unprofessional.

Very sad and disappointing service at Marriott's Cork centre
By -

CORK, IOWA -- I cannot say how stressful my wife and I have found our recent experience with their Cork Centre. We were the proud owners of three timeshare weeks at Marbella (Beach Club). Two were fully paid for and one was being paid for monthly. I became very ill and made an arrangement to pay a larger monthly sum to them 300 dollars rather than 200 dollars to make up for five months missing payments. They continued to take my 300 dollars every month - which was very hard to find in our circumstances but refrained from advising us that they had revoked our ownership.

£5000 circa which had been paid to them over several years has been lost as well as the ownership and additionally we have experienced the most awful service from Cork office. Their senior will not speak to us but relies on inaccurate records. His staff and administration has lost documents, sent others to wrong addresses and generally caused us considerable heart ache and trouble. We are now £5000 down and have nothing.

Beware - do not get involved with this organization who were once excellent. J W Marriott who wrote The Spirit To Serve would I know take a very dim view of ** team and their inefficiencies. Has anyone tried to make a complaint about Cork to Salt Lake City? Try it. Cork intercept the complaint and keep it from their chief office over the water.

Baton Rouge Marriott
By -

BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA -- I was a fan of the Marriott Hotel until last year when I was on a tour of the devastation left by the hurricanes and was injured due to the Marriott Hotel's negligence. The hotel staff decided to continue operation of an elevator that was stopping about a foot above the floor. The sad part is that when the coordinator of our tour notified the front desk of my injury, they said the elevator had been malfunctioning and they had a call in for maintenance. Clearly, with three elevators in service, an elevator that was not stopping in line with the floor, should have been taken out of service until the maintenance crew arrived. At least, they could have put a warning sign up.

To add insult to injury, the incident occurred in August of 2006 and they refuse to pay my doctor unless I sign a release and accept less than I lost due to the injury. My doctor is still not paid as of April 2007. I didn't go running to a lawyer thinking they were the great Marriott and would treat me with respect. Wow, was I wrong. Who would have thought the Marriott would treat a guest this way.

No Show Policy
By -

FORT WAYNE, INDIANA -- I made a reservation at Fort Wayne Mariott on 2/18/07, I couldn't find the directions to Mariott and called Cust Service. The cust. service agent gave me directions to Courtyard Marriott instead of Mariott (I didn't know both hotels were different and located on same street). I told receptionist at Courtyard that I had a reservation at Mariott and she checked me in, she didn't tell me that I had to cancel other Mariott, as they were different. I saw my credit card statement and saw that I was billed for a day ($114.24) at Mariott as I didn't check in.

I made a formal complaint to Mariott last week and had to call twice to hotel and they came up with reply today saying that they cannot honor my cancellation. How can I cancel my reservation if I didn't knew that both hotels were different? The reservation clerk was rude and didn't care when I said I would take it to next level or complain to BBB. This is high handedness on the part of Marriott Staff.

Marriott Rewards wasted on frequent flier miles
By -

I recently stayed 90+ nights at a Marriott hotel and did not even realize my Marriott Rewards points were being redeemed for American Airlines AAdvantage frequent flier miles, which have no value to me. Besides, trading the Marriott Rewards points for AA miles is a terrible deal. I would have gotten approximately 5 free nights but instead I got around 1/4 of an airline ticket.

I called customer service and was told by a worker and a manager that they cannot reverse the automatic point transfer to American Airlines. They even said that they've had this request many times, which begs the question: If you have a problem that is causing pain to many of your customers, why don't you fix it? As a customer, I don't care about the problems with a company's systems. All I care about is getting what I expected for my money, and for staying 90+ nights and spending $7000 I expected more than a few worthless frequent flier miles!

By -

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA -- On September 24th, of 2006, I was put in a difficult situation after having to switch my flights around in attempt to avoid sleeping in a deserted airport and missing school the following day. This placed me, in downtown Oakland at 1:30 am. As an international student and extremely unfamiliar to my surroundings, I sought out the nearest Marriott hotel, an establishment of which I have been a long time customer. My attempts were successful at trying to avoid any situation that appeared dangerous, miraculously, as someone carrying luggage and a laptop bag stand out as perhaps a prime target.

Upon arrival at the Marriott my intentions were to request a discreet corner where I could sit for 2 hours to simply work on my laptop as I wait for the Transit system to start running in the morning (only 1.5 to 2 hours). To my disappointment, the desk manager on duty turned me down, and rather than allowing me to stay in their empty lobby where I could have felt safe and warm, I was put back on the street. As a result I cannot see any reason for me to continue my business with this hotel chain, there are plenty of other establishments which I am anxious to support.

Marriott Vacation Club - Stay Away
By -

FLORIDA -- Make sure you read everything and ask a ton of questions before buying with Marriott. They make it sound so easy to use and even easier to sell when you need to but GOOD LUCK. After 7 years of ownership, our resort is still not sold out and you can not resell. We were told 18 months and we could resell. THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE PEOPLE ARE USELESS AND TELL YOU NOTHING BUT THEIR COMPUTER SCRIPT. BUYER BEWARE.

Laguna Cliffs Resort and Spa Pathetic Excuse for a Resort and Spa
By -

DANA POINT, CALIFORNIA -- I mean no disrespect to the individuals that have posted positive remarks on the reviews... However I did not have a great time during my stay. I had sent a letter to the hotel expressing my disappointment with my stay and they offered me an upgrade for my next visit. They couldn't pay me to come stay there again! I respectfully wrote back and told the hotel manager that the least they could do was reimburse me for the time I spent there and the hotel manager never even acknowledged my last letter.

I intend to write a letter to the head of the company. I am so angry at the way I have been treated. I am happy to spend a bunch of money, but only if it is worth it. I had a better experience staying at the Courtyard by Marriott - I seriously mean that! I even sent a letter acknowledging the customer service I received with them. It was fantastic. But here I am paying ~1200 to stay for two days ($1200 is the same as my rent for the month!) and had a horrible experience compared to the Courtyard where I was paying $160 for two days!

The more people I share my story with, the more I hear the same experience that they had themselves. I would highly recommend considering a different hotel if you want to stay in this area or you will set yourself up for disappointment!

I am only giving the highlights of my stay at the Laguna Cliffs Resort and Spa here. There were many things that happened that would take pages for me to share my experience. There are many things they do not tell you up front - such as you have to pay $22 for parking (and valet costs the same) but there is not always parking available.

On a side note here, the funny thing I noticed was there was a lot of junk stored in the garage taking up parking spaces. I had left to run to a local store and when I returned, there was absolutely no parking left. My effort to get assistance from the front desk as to where to park resulted in my being told to park on the street where it clearly says "No Hotel Parking".

Also, be prepared to bring a ton of money to eat in their restaurant. We forked out $13 for 4 shrimp. One cocktail - $10. We called the concierge and asked for a restaurant recommendation for dinner - he gave us one but could not tell us what time it closed and the directions he gave us were wrong - we never found the place after driving around for over half an hour.

Be warned too if you call the front desk for help, you will be bounced around from department to department. Another thing that amazed me was that they charge for internet access. I travel a lot for work - in my $80 a night Courtyard by Marriott room I have free internet access and free parking - at this location you have to pay $10/day and they don't tell you that it starts at noon and ends at noon. So my fiance went to use the internet and only got 3 hours of use before it was shut off and then they charged us twice for it.

Oh and then there is a lovely Sunday champagne brunch - absolutely fantastic - wonderful selection and wide variety and you can eat outside and see the ocean - what you don't know is that it cost 45/person. No one mentions that, there is no sign, no menu, no nothing. That was a unexpected surprise when we received the bill. I do have a couple of positive things to say about the location though - the spa is outstanding. You totally get what you pay for. The service is exemplary! Also, the exercise room is fantastic. Wide variety of well maintained equipment.

I submitted a three page letter to Marriott regarding an extensive number of issues we had while we stayed at the resort (I barely touched on them here) and I never received any response from the Property Manager until after a month had passed. His response was to offer me an upgrade. Who would want to go back to a place that was such a source of stress and frustration? In talking to others, they shared similar experiences. It's unfortunate but my experience has made me want to spend my hard earned money elsewhere.

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