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Marriott International
10400 Fernwood Rd.
Bethesda, MD 20817
301-380-3000 (ph)
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Business Travelers Beware
By -

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA -- I am a frequent business traveler and have stayed at many Marriott hotels over the course of the last year. I have generally had good experiences with Marriott but at the Marriott Courtyard in Fairfax (Dunn Loring), VA., the hotel staff's assistance fell short. I returned from work on 12/07/06 to find my laptop stolen from my room.

I immediately informed the staff who consoled me about "my loss" (I should have suspected something was up from the beginning...). I insisted that the laptop had been stolen and not "lost". I was referred to a claims section and waited for almost two weeks before I was told that I would receive no compensation as I could not "prove" that the laptop was stolen.

In a sense, despite my long association with Marriott, I was being called a liar -- and worse. I strongly suspect that the hotel staff opportunistically used the open door of my room to lift the laptop while the maid was cleaning. However, there is little that a traveler can do to prove this. As Courtyard advertises itself as a hotel for "road warriors", their handling of this theft leaves much to be desired.

I recommend that all guests check in their laptops while staying at this hotel as theft would seem to be a problem. As there is room for only a few laptops in the hotel safe, the care of 50+ laptops or more might be impossible and fully contradicts the image of Courtyard as a place to do work while in the room. As well, this would seem to repudiate the whole idea of having high speed internet in the room. It seems that Marriott would like for you to be able to work, albeit at your own risk.

After this wake up call I will be much more vigilant about laptop security at least within a Marriott hotel. I encourage others to be careful and cautious when staying at this location. I suppose that I'm most troubled by Marriott's attitude by which it was almost expected for this type of thing to happen with the hotel staff mildly concerned at best. I note that although hotel laws (VA) state that "valuables" should be deposited in the hotel safe, these were written in 1982, well before the advent of laptop computers.

I wasn't even aware that the safe deposit boxes behind the front desk could accommodate a laptop PC (they will but most can handle just three or four in total). I would like to be compensated, at least in part but Marriott tends to take a hard line with regard to theft. I encourage that guests be warned fully of the risks associated with leaving laptops in hotel rooms when they depart.

Internet Access
By -

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- I stayed at the Marriott Courtyard in Baltimore during a business trip in March 2006. I arrived on Sunday March 12 and I departed on Thursday March 16. During each day of my stay, I had trouble with the internet service provided by Golden Rod. I discussed the matter with Golden Rod and hotel staff every day for approximately an hour. I was first told that I was the only person who ever had trouble.

Later I was told numerous occupants had problems. I was also told that a virus on another computer, heavy rain in another state and a defective hotel server were causes of the problems. On Tuesday I was told the network was dead because the server was being replaced. Later I was told it was not replaced. After I made arrangements to depart early, an assistant manager, **, apologized for the hostile comments made by another assistant manager about my actions being the root cause of the problems. He said he was drafting a letter of apology.

I complained to the Marriott guest services but they said they could not help. I complained to Golden Rod managers twice but no one responded. I left messages for the general manager but I was never able to reach her directly. Later I learned ** left the hotel before taking any action. My final request was a list of Golden Rod properties but I could not get this information.

However, the Golden Rod staff stated that they handle internet access for numerous Marriott properties. I also had problems with Golden Rod in Monterey California but the hotel manager arranged for me to obtain wireless access at the hotel across the street. My recommendation is to make sure that Golden Rod is not the wireless provider before booking a Marriott hotel if you need internet access during your trip.

Marriott Rewards
By -

I suggest that anyone with a Marriott Rewards account review their account after each stay to ensure that you receive your rewards points.

For 3 different stays I had to spend approximately 2 months going back and forth with Marriott to finally receive my rewards.

I will avoid Marriott stays in the future and probably use Hilton since they are much more responsive and helpful.

Customer complaint
By -

BETHESDA, MARYLAND -- Marriott rewards does not inform me of the points I have earned and I believe it is cheating me and I have no way to reach the company. I intend to file a complaint with the state of ma.

Time shares Don't work
By -

MAUI, HAWAII -- Do not buy a Marriott timeshare. We were told a 2 bedroom lockout room at maui ocean would be easy to used to come to Magi, or trade to go other places. This is not true. If you want to travel during school holidays or summer good luck. We have submitted requests on the opening day, for multiple resorts, and multiple dates. We have been successful one time. We can't even go to our home resort. Unless you can take your kids out of school to travel you will be bummed.

Marriott Residence Inn Washington DC
By -

WASHINGTON, DC, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- I stayed there for a weekend with my Pit-bull. That is right with my dog. The staff was great. Nobody gave me grief about the type of breed, and was very sweet to him. The room was immaculate. The complimentary breakfast was ample with plenty of variety, fresh and delicious. The staff is extremely helpful in all matters and very polite. They made my DC visit a pleasurable experience and I will be staying there again upon my future visits to DC.

London Regents Park
By -

I recently stayed at the Marriott's London Regents Park Hotel. The hotel is actually in /near the Swiss Cottage area.

The hotel staff is non responsive. The hotel rooms and hall has a musty odor. As a Platinum Member, I was not treated well at all, I can not imagine how others would be treated. The maid did not pick up used cups, and never changed our sheets, but took the time to take the water bottles we were keeping cool in the mini – bar fridge out.

I would not recommend staying.

Marriott customer service doesn't show respect for a long time Gold member
By -

MONTREAL -- I have an unresolved issue with Marriott customer care. As a long-time Gold member I expected Marriott to do something for me. During the last 5 years I booked at maybe a hundred times but for the first time this happened: looks like while booking I might have missed "non-refundable" rate type. Then I did cancel this reservation before 6 pm arrival day. Then recently learned from credit card statement that Marriott charged me for two nights. These were Friday and Saturday - the busiest nights for Montreal downtown, and I am sure Hotel (Residence Inn Montreal downtown) has booked out this room for somebody else so they've got double pay for one room.

I asked them to do one of these for me: full refund, 2 free nights, extra reward points enough for 2 nights.

But unfortunately Marriott's customer care doesn't show any signs that they would be willing to do anything for me...

Dr. Alex S.

Personnel-Oakland Airport Courtyard by Marriott
By -

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA -- Don't expect service or much assistance from this hotel. Desk personnel couldn't care less about any issues you bring to their attention.

We arrived exhausted late at night to find a tour bus and about 100 tourists blocking the entrance to our parking with no Marriott personnel present.

When I complained at the desk 8 minutes later, after receiving glares from the desk clerk and a "can't do anything about it", I had to sharply tell the tour manager to let us through.

I received an ovation from several of the people lined up out of their cars out to the street. No one could back up into traffic.

The place was virtually empty of personnel. We asked to have our luggage brought up and were told they didn't have anyone available.

Overbook room cancellation
By -

LINCOLNSHIRE, ILLINOIS -- I am scheduled to attend a conference in Lincolnshire, Illinois (approx. 3 hours distant from my residence) and had a confirmed reservation at the Marriott Lincolnshire (in Lincolnshire, Illinois). The conference has been scheduled in Lincolnshire contiguous to the Marriott facility based upon Marriott's assurance of adequate rooms for those attending. I receive a call however, no apology, no I'm sorry, nothing other than we are overbooked, your room confirmation here is canceled but we can stick you down the road in our cut rate run down motel.

Typical poor service by a corporation that in time will wake-up wondering why they are losing money and want the taxpayers to bale them out.

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