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Why Did Snickers Turn to the Dark Side?
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I have been a fan of Snickers candy bars since I was still running around in diapers. I used to ask my grandpa if I could have a snickers. Like any other company attempting to stay competitive, they've dabbled in tweaking their product with peanut butter, almonds, etc... This afternoon, I happened to try their Snickers "Dark" bar, made with dark chocolate. It was by far the worst product that they have put out, at least in my opinion. Chocolate lovers are about as finicky with their flavors as those caffeine riddled coffee drinkers. Some prefer dark chocolate while others do not. When it comes to a Snickers bar, I'm afraid I fall into the latter category.

Dark chocolate has a strong and overpowering flavor to begin with and to add that to a Snickers candy bar just completely masks any hint of the caramel nougat. It was borderline disgusting in my opinion. It was almost as though I was eating a plain chunk of dark chocolate. There was no hint of that trademark Snickers flavor to be found anywhere. This is one confectionery creation that should have been left an idea. I would grade this a 1 out of 5 stars.

False Advertising and Labeling
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I wrote a lengthy review last night, but in my tiredness, apparently erased it accidentally. Here goes again... We have been seeing the ads for the new pretzel M&M, where "a giant pretzel is put inside an M&M". We bought a bag, and not only were we sadly disappointed, I ended up with a chip off a tooth in my dentures. The ads show a standard-shaped pretzel, and the bag shows a cartoon of an x-ray, clearly showing a standard pretzel inside the M&M candy.

What you actually get, however, is a very hard pretzel ball, about a 1/16th inch layer of chocolate and the candy shell. Not being prepared, I bit into a piece of the candy, and heard and felt a strange crunching sound. I retrieved the contents of my mouth, and discovered the candy, roughly broken in half, and a small chunk of white plastic. I probed with my tongue and found a rough spot, which upon further investigation turned out to be a piece of my denture. As a candy, the new M&M candy makes an excellent slingshot ammo, but fails as a treat.

Bad Candy
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NEW YORK -- I brought your big bag of candy. It did not good.

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