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Why Did Snickers Turn to the Dark Side?
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
I have been a fan of Snickers candy bars since I was still running around in diapers. I used to ask my grandpa if I could have a 'nickers. Like any other company attempting to stay competitive, they've dabbled in tweaking their product with peanut butter, almonds, etc...

This afternoon, I happened to try their Snickers "Dark" bar, made with dark chocolate. It was by far the worst product that they have put out, at least in my opinion. Chocolate lovers are about as finicky with their flavors as those caffeine riddled coffee drinkers. Some prefer dark chocolate, while others do not. When it comes to a Snickers bar, I'm afraid I fall into the latter category.

Dark chocolate has a strong and overpowering flavor to begin with, and to add that to a Snickers candy bar just completely masks any hint of the caramel nougat. It was borderline disgusting in my opinion. It was almost as though I was eating a plain chunk of dark chocolate. There was no hint of that trademark Snickers flavor to be found anywhere.

This is one confectionery creation that should have been left an idea. I would grade this a 1 out of 5 stars.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/14/2012:
To each their own...but JMHO.
MRM on 05/14/2012:
Their ice cream Snickers are yum yum!
madconsumer on 05/14/2012:
dark chocolate is a good thing!!
DebtorBasher on 05/14/2012:
YUCK...I don't like dark chocolate unless it's a Peppermint Patty.
I'll stick with the original milk chocolate.

Man-O-Man, I sure miss ZZ!
DebtorBasher on 05/14/2012:
Oh yeah, Mr. Mike...the Ice Cream Snickers are YUMMMMMMMMMY!!!
Anonymous on 05/14/2012:
Ice cream Snicker bars are the best thing going in the frozen section. Great mention MRM!
Anonymous on 05/14/2012:
Milky Way has a dark chocolate version too and I don't care for it. The dark chocolate also covers up the nougat flavor. I don't think I would like the dark chocolate Snickers. I DO like plain dark chocolate mini Hershey bars. Dove also makes good dark chocolate. I think dark chocolate is such a strong flavor that it really needs to stand on its own.
madconsumer on 05/14/2012:
dark chocolate is healthier than milk chocolate.
whythelongfaces on 05/14/2012:
I love dark chocolate and lots of it, the darker and more bitter the better.
DebtorBasher on 05/14/2012:
DIRM, did you ever have a Choco-Taco? I love those!
unhappy999 on 05/14/2012:
Buy what you like and don't buy what you don't like. "Variety is the spice of life".
trmn8r on 05/14/2012:
You imply they should have never made it, and then you turn around and say to each his own.

You don't like it, move on. I don't like beets. Dark chocolate is a higher quality than milk chocolate, and better for you.
whythelongfaces on 05/14/2012:
I don't like beets either.
Anonymous on 05/14/2012:> Nothing was implied. I simply said they made a mistake with the addition of the dark chocolate flavor. But that is only my opinion...thus, the "to each their own" comment in regards to other people's opinions if and when they try it. Go fishing and trolling somewhere else.
trmn8r on 05/14/2012:
"This is one confectionery creation that should have been left an idea."

"imply", whatever - I am not interested in semantics. Your message is it shouldn't have been made. But in another sentence, your message is to each his own. What IS the message?

I happen to like this product. Is it different that the classic version with the lousy milk chocolate? Yes. Am I happy they came out with it? Yes.

I'm not fishing or trolling, but what's the reference to Venice about?
BigLou on 05/14/2012:
Great review. Reminds me of star wars.
madconsumer on 05/15/2012:
best comment DIRM!!
Churro on 05/15/2012:
Excellent review DIRM74.
Anna Molly on 05/15/2012:
I have not tried this, but I am a fan of all types of chocolate. To each his own, I guess. Now, if I could get them to come up with a white chocolate version...

Nice review.

Anonymous on 05/15/2012:
Anna Molly> White chocolate? My knees buckled and I shuddered at the thought of that delicacy. I never thought of that combination before...that would be EXCELLENT! Great comment!
trmn8r on 05/15/2012:
It should be noted that "white chocolate" isn't chocolate. All the cocoa solids have been meticulously removed ):
CrazyRedHead on 05/15/2012:
A strong woman needs a strong chocolate. I love dark chocolate, not a fan of milk chocolate, although everyone is different.
Anonymous on 05/15/2012:
Crazyhead> I too love dark itself. And DEFINITELY not covering my Snickers bar.

I'm really watching how much I consume though because of my new healthy eating lifestyle. While I know chocolate is good for us in moderation, sometimes my brain miscalculates exactly what moderate!
Alain on 05/15/2012:
I enjoy all forms of chocolate. However, I must ration my intake and I believe dark chocolate would indeed overwhelm Carmel. So I'll take your advice, DIRM, and stick to doing my chocolate in pure, unadulterated form whether it be white, milk or dark. I like my chocolates separate, but love them equally. Thumbs up for your review!
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False Advertising and Labeling
Posted by on
I wrote a lengthy review last night, but in my tiredness, apparently erased it accidentally. Here goes again.

We have been seeing the ads for the new pretzel M&M, where "a giant pretzel is put inside an M&M." We bought a bag, and not only were we sadly disappointed, I ended up with a chip off a tooth in my dentures. The ads show a standard-shaped pretzel, and the bag shows a cartoon of an x-ray, clearly showing a standard pretzel inside the M&M candy. What you actually get, however, is a very hard pretzel ball, about a 1/16th inch layer of chocolate and the candy shell. Not being prepared, I bit into a piece of the candy, and heard and felt a strange crunching sound. I retrieved the contents of my mouth, and sicovered the candy, roughly broken in half, and a small chunk of white plastic. I probed with my tongue and found a rough spot, which upon further investigation turned out to be a piece of my denture. As a candy, the new M&M candy makes an excellent slingshot ammo, but fails as a treat.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/29/2010:
I actually liked them.
jktshff1 on 08/29/2010:
Wally, were your's like that?
Alain on 08/29/2010:
I'll stick to my Almond Joy Pieces.
goduke on 08/29/2010:
I wasn't overly impressed with the M&M pretzels. They were pretty dry.
Venice09 on 08/29/2010:
Thanks for warning, Starlord. I was wondering what was inside these M&Ms. The ads do lead you to believe that there's a regular shaped pretzel in there. I don't think I'll like these and won't go out of my way to try them. I like plain and peanut. I also like the minis, dark chocolate and mint. The minis are good on ice cream. Oh, the peanut butter ones are pretty good too.

It's almost Halloween!
raven2010 on 08/29/2010:
YUCK! Thanks for saving me the trouble of trying these, Starlord. and sorry about your denture.
jktshff1 on 08/29/2010:
VH Starlord thanks for the heads up.
Buddy01 on 08/29/2010:
I like the sweet and salt taste of them, but peanut butter m&ms are my favorite.
Mrs. V on 08/29/2010:
Thank you for the heads up, Starlord. I have enough trouble with my teeth as it is.
Nohandle on 08/29/2010:
LOL Starlord on the "As a candy, the new M&M candy makes an excellent slingshot ammo, but fails as a treat." I've never tried that particular M&M product and would have thought them a little crunchy just like a pretzel. I would never have anticipated them them being hard as ammo. Who wants to risk a broken tooth? I, for one, don't.
Anonymous on 08/29/2010:
Sounds dreadful. Thanks for the warning.
Anonymous on 08/29/2010:
ummm starlord, not to be the negative one, but its just a commercial. I knew from the first time seeing it that theres not going to be a real looking twisty pretzel in there. that's almost impossible to do. I thought that commercial was kind of cute.
Anonymous on 08/29/2010:
A twisty pretzel, dipped in the M&M chocolate coating, then in the candy coating. I can picture it working, in my mind anyway. Sounds good!!
Anonymous on 08/29/2010:
Yeah but how big is an m&m? I've never seen a twisty pretzel THAT small.
Anonymous on 08/29/2010:
Well, I guess they'll have to enlarge the M&M for that, LOL.
Anonymous on 08/29/2010:
I've seen some small pretzels,but none that small...
Venice09 on 08/29/2010:
I've been confused about these M&Ms from the beginning. Call me crazy, but I was expecting a twisty pretzel to somehow fit inside an M&M. A hard pretzel ball is not very appealing. Sing's version sounds a lot better. They just wouldn't look like M&Ms. They would be twisty pretzels covered in chocolate and candy coating. Twisty M&Ms!
Anonymous on 08/29/2010:
Maybe I should call them with my better idea and I'll share the proceeds with you, Venice, for the name, lol. I think my version sounds delicious!
Venice09 on 08/29/2010:
You can have the proceeds, sing. I'd be happy with a lifetime supply of Twisty M's!
Anonymous on 08/29/2010:
You've got it Venice!
Venice09 on 08/29/2010:
I'll be anxiously awaiting the first batch!
raven2010 on 08/29/2010:
great, now I have the munchies.
Anonymous on 08/29/2010:
Me too!
eschev on 08/29/2010:
If you look at a package of pretzel M&M's, you'll see where they have cut one in half so you can see inside. Really? This is a complaint? "No twisty pretzel inside" I guess all those commericals for "flat abs in two weeks" are false advertising too? (sarcasim) I wish that's all I had to complain about-no twisty pretzel in my m&m...
Anonymous on 08/29/2010:
Well, it looks like you are complaining about a complaint. Isn't it ironic, don't you think?
Anonymous on 08/29/2010:
its like raaaiiiiinnn on your wedding day....its a free riiiiide when you already paid!
Nohandle on 08/29/2010:
I believe, eschev, Starlord was not so much complaining about there not being a tiny pretzel (as shown on the TV Ads) within the M&M but he didn't expect them to be hard enough to break a tooth. He found himself with a swell surprise. Hey, I don't have dental insurance so I appreciate a warning of this kind.
Anonymous on 08/29/2010:
I didn't expect for their to be an actual full sized pretzel in the candy, I knew it would be just a piece of pretzel in it. I admit the Candy is kind of hard but its no jawbreaker. I tend to eat a lot of hard candies so maybe that's why I liked em and I like pretzels.
DebtorBasher on 08/29/2010:
My Dad and I were just talking about this this morning when the commercial came on. I told him they probably crushed the pretzel, mixed in with the chocolate then made the M&Ms from it. I didn't know it was a pretzel ball.
Thanks for the warning.
clutzycook on 08/29/2010:
yeah they're pretzel balls and they're pretty hard. I won't allow Baby Clutzy to eat them unless I cut (or bite) them in half first because they're just too much of a choking risk. On the plus side, a bad of pretzel M&Ms are only 3 points versus 5 points for a bag of regular M&Ms. If you got to have chocolate...
Ytropious on 08/29/2010:
That's not fair that it's a pretzel ball. I was hoping for ground up pretzel. I knew there wouldn't be a perfectly formed pretzel inside it, but I also wasn't expecting a ball. I still have to try a bag for myself though.
rockfishing on 08/29/2010:
M & M pretzels are great. They are a nice change. You can't beat the salt and chocolate.
Anonymous on 08/29/2010:
eschev, yes, you are entitled to an opinion. So, what do you think about the M&M pretzels?
redmx3racer on 08/30/2010:
Gee, they also have Coconut M+M's now. I saw a picture of a coconut on the package. To stave off any future complaints-no, there is not a whole coconut inside the m+m. It's just coconut filling.
clutzycook on 08/30/2010:
they're yummy too :)
Anonymous on 08/30/2010:
LOL. Oh, darn, redmx, I was really hoping for a whole coconut, milk and all. That would last me all day!
Anonymous on 08/30/2010:
I wouldn't say this is false advertising...but, I do think it's informative and a good warning to others that these don't have bits of pretzel in them, but rather a hard pretzel ball that obviously can do some damage.

Starlord on 08/30/2010:
Eschev, I for one, especially being on SSDI hardly consider a broken $600+ denture to be petty. I have seen regular-shaped pretzels almost small enough to fit in a regular M&M. These are slightly larger than regular M&Ms, so it is feasible that it could be done. Even a smaller pillow-shaped pretzel piece formulated not to be so hard might work. I pray you never break a denture when you have no way to get it repaired.
eschev on 08/30/2010:
Sorry, Starlord. I apologize for minimizing your complaint. But I thought (based somewhat on your headline), you were saying M&M's did some false advertising and labeling. That is what I disagree with. I don't believe they are doing any false advertising or labeling (again, look at the package) I never said anything about them being so hard they would break a denture and you were being petty about that. Have you thought about a lawsuit and/or a class action suit? BTW-I don't like the pretzel M&M's either.
Starlord on 09/03/2010:
Thank you, eschev. There is a country in Africa where Gerber baby food just does not sell. They put pictures of the food on the label, as most of the population is illiterate, and they think Gerber puts babies in the jars. It may be animation, but the package shows what is apparently an x-ray of the M&M candy, showing a pretzel, and I am sure an illiterate person would be misled. My complaint was that M&M shoould label the package 'Wrist Rocket Ammo.'
myexperiences on 09/03/2010:
the whole pretzel concept is obviusly for recognition... who would know what a little round piece of pretzel was by looking at a cartoon? This whole review should be taken down, as its more a complaint that you chipped a tooth then it is that you were intentionally misled by the company. It's like saying they falsely advertised, because your M&M's weren't walking and talking like on the TV.
Venice09 on 09/03/2010:
I do think this is a valid complaint. Judging from the comments, no one expected there to be a hard pretzel ball inside the M&M. I myself had been wondering what was inside ever since I first saw the ad. The people here who mentioned crushed pretzels are right on track. I think that would have been a much better idea. If there are enough complaints from people with broken teeth, the company will have to rethink this product. This is excellent feedback.

Only a very young child would imagine that M&Ms walk and talk. That's their job.
zeldaz on 09/07/2010:
I have seen mini-twisty pretzels and they would be perfect for an M&M covering! No desire to try the new ones as described. Add this to the New Coke flops. Definitely needs a redesign.
Lifemates on 09/13/2010:
Sorry to hear about the teeth.
Squirrel1 on 09/17/2010:
I think these are great. I actually just ate some today with my daughter that has bought them numerous times and she also enjoys them. Nothing is wrong with the advertisement, Don't you think that may be if they showed a pretzel in a ball shape young people or others might question; that is not a pretzel. All they are trying to tell you is that it is the ingredients of a pretzel inside a M&M.
The advertisement might to be clarified a little more (I never saw the actual commercial) to set everyone straight.
So all I am trying to say if THEY TASTE GREAT.
Hope others try them for themselves.
ginka on 10/28/2010:
Maybe they are tasty!!!! But I broke my back absolutely healthy tooth yesterday eating one pretzel m&m!!!!! It was hard as a rock!!! Terrible!!!!!
robert on 11/11/2011:
I recently bought a new flavor M and M that must be a Christmas special flavor called "Chery Cordial" -- they have a VERY hard coating on the outside -- and one of them caused me to BREAK one of my bottom molars almost completely in half. it has been very painful, and now I am going to have to go to the dentist and either have reconctructive surgery OR simply lose that tooth. entirely due to these SUPER hard M and M candies. I have sent a complaint to the company, we will see if they respond. be VERY careful with the cherry cordial flavor......
Broken Teeth on 06/03/2013:
I haven't tried this M and M yet, however I had an experience with a Hershey's EGG candy and broke my tooth. It's similar to an M and M. Manufacturer's really need to provide better detailed descriptions and warnings of their product. Bought it in early Spring. I stored it in my pantry cabinet. I expected it to be like an M and M with a candy coated shell and chocolate center I could easily bite into. What I got was an extremely hard shell and dense chocolate filling. Robert of 11-11-11 how did you make out with your complaint to the company. I have the same problem as you.
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Bad candy
Posted by on
NEW YORK -- I brought your big bag of candy it did not good.
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User Replies:
Sail27 on 07/15/2007:
A little more information needed on this TPS report, mmmmkay?
heaven17 on 07/15/2007:
Klaatu barada nikto!
Anonymous on 07/15/2007:
By David Ignatius
Friday, November 25, 2005; A37

When I lived abroad, Thanksgiving was always my favorite holiday. It was a chance to scrounge up a turkey, gather foreign and American friends, and celebrate what America represented to the world. I liked to give a sentimental toast when the turkey arrived at the table, and more than once I had my foreign guests in tears. They loved the American dream as much as I did.

I don't think Americans realize how much we have tarnished those ideals in the eyes of the rest of the world these past few years. The public opinion polls tell us that America isn't just disliked or feared overseas -- it is reviled. We are seen as hypocrites who boast of our democratic values but who behave lawlessly and with contempt for others. I hate this America-bashing, but when I try to defend the United States and its values in my travels abroad, I find foreigners increasingly are dismissive. How do you deny the reality of Abu Ghraib, they ask, when the vice president of the United States is actively lobbying against rules that would ban torture?

Of all the reversals the United States has suffered in recent years, this may be the worst. We are slowly shredding the fabric that defines what it means to be an American.
Anonymous on 07/15/2007:
Bad candy!!!!! Bad candy!!!!
Skye on 07/15/2007:
Por favor suministre más detalles.
Starlord on 07/15/2007:
It did not good? Are you doing an impression of Yoda from Star Wars?
Anonymous on 07/15/2007:
not did...
Anonymous on 07/15/2007:
Candy ate I... Food no you not... stupid think they are!
jktshff1 on 07/15/2007:
Anonymous on 07/16/2007:
I purchased a bag of M&Ms once. They were all one color. I thought they were trying something new. A week later I bought another bag. I was so angry! The bag advertized a chance to win $$$ if all you M&Ms were the same color.
Ponie on 07/16/2007:
Does Mommy know you're playing with her computer?
CrystalSword on 07/16/2007:
what's to stop someone from buying several bags and making one of just one color?
heaven17 on 07/16/2007:
CrystalSword, I think the bags with all one color were a different color than you would find in the normal bags. Like all white or gray or something.
Anonymous on 07/16/2007:
M&M'a are still mmmmummm Good!
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