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BAD SERVICE - Refused Refund
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Rating: 1/51

ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA -- I have shopped at Marshalls for many years. I confess that I am a shopaholic. One of my many things I bought were BCBG high-heels that were on clearance - $27, great buy! Took them home, tried them on once (standing on my clean, white carpet) and I changed my mind because I realized I had the same color, similar style Michael Kors heels that I also bought recently (Yes, sometimes I forget what I have in my huge closet). So I decided to return the $27 heels, took them back to the same Marshals store (Roseville, CA) few days after, with tags on and exactly how I bought them, and the manager told me they can't take back the shoes because they have been worn!!!

She pointed to the heel of the shoe and stated it looked worn. I noticed maybe a minor tiny scratch to the heel, but that's how they were when I bought them!!! Maybe that is why they were on clearance!! But why sell shoes in conditions that are not refundable or at least inspect for these minor defects (scratches) prior to me purchasing, and then inform me at the time of purchase that this will be non-refundable! Don't accuse me of wearing shoes that I did not wear!!!

Racial Discrimination
By -

BURBANK,CA,STUDIO CITY,CA, CANOGA PARK,CA, CALIFORNIA -- I shop a lot at Marshalls, at least 3-4 times a week. However these 3 stores I shop at often on a regular basis. Some of the merchandise that I purchase, I take to neighborhood shelters, and some of the other merchandise I keep.

However, when I bring merchandise back to return, I am treated and made to feel like a criminal, especially if I return something without a receipt. However receipt or no receipt, I am treated by the staff as if I stole it. And it could have been a 1 hr after I just finished purchasing it. I am so tired of the "racial discrimination" that I have been receiving from the staff at these stores.

I say "racial discrimination" because I have stood in the return lines on several occasions where people that are not "Afro American" like myself, make their returns with or without receipt, and I have never seen not one of them being sent out the door with the merchandise that they came to return. I say "racial discrimination" because on several occasions when Marshalls refused to return their merchandise that I bought, I send my wife with the same merchandise, to the same store, and she has never had any problem.

I wonder why my wife, who happens to be "white" has never been told the things that I am told. Just a minute ago I was being told that "we could not verify this product, or we do not carry this product, or the regional manager ** would not approve your return." I am ready to seek legal counsel against these particular stores for discrimination.

I have made numerous attempts to contact customer service as well as the regional manager Mr. **, however all of my attempts to resolve these issues have turned up fruitless. The message that I am getting from Marshalls lack of response and concern for their customers is that "it's okay to take Afro Americans money but not our complaints.

What gets me so pissed and upset is not their personal feelings or prejudices towards me, but the fact that I am "disabled".It's not a visible disability, but nonetheless it is not easy for to get around, and then to be treated like this when I get to the "Canoga Park, CA" store or the "Burbank, CA; Encino, CA or Studio City, CA store just to be mistreated like this by these rude people. And I can prove and verify everything that I am saying.

Just last month, the Marshalls store in Burbank, CA called the police and told them that they do not want me back in their store because I would not let the manager, who happens to be "white", talk to me like I am some animal. So when I responded to the way that she was talking to me, they called the police and said that I was being rude in the store, and of course my side of the story fell on deaf ears with the police, who told me not to come back to this Marshalls. The police told me that the manager said that there are plenty of other Marshalls in the area to go to beside this one.

Well isn't this racial at its best? This happened last month in November 2007 and I have not been back to that particular store yet. I thought that this was a free country, with freedom of speech. Yeah right! That's what's been put out there for people like myself to believe, however when you exercise these rights, you're wrong.

This has been going on for centuries in many different forms and circumstances but nonetheless, history has shown me that whenever you are black and you speak up for yourself, you're labeled as a troublemaker. If spoken truthfully by all the staff in these stores, without personal feelings or prejudices in the way, I have never disrespected any of these people, I have never stolen anything, and I pay for every thing that get. I have the bank statements of all the checks to validate what I am saying.

I have called the corporate office and they failed to do anything about this either. But then when someone says discrimination, they are quick to say that not true, I shouldn't feel this way. My question is: How the hell can someone that is not my color tell me how I should feel about the way that I am treated, mainly by white people or some of these Spanish people who cannot believe that not all black people steal, and not all blacks are dirty and nasty?

I am from New York City (Brooklyn) and my experience with people has taught me that whenever you are not what people expect you to be and they do not see in you what they have been told about black people, it bothers them and they try to do any and every thing to get you to act that way, to justify their feelings of the fact that their own people lied to them about us.

If you go to see a certain animal perform certain tricks, but when you get there, the animal is not doing or performing any of the things or tricks that you were told he would do. You become very disappointed and you throw stuff at the animal or talk, or yell - anything to get this animal to act like what you said he would act like, and rather than to go back and look at the person who told you this and say, "you lied to us". Well maybe you can forward this to the corporate office for me, hopefully they will listen to you. I am tired of begging these people to hear and respond to my complaints, it's time for some "legal action".

Complaint Regarding an Employee
By -

STUDIO CITY, CALIFORNIA -- My name is ** & I am one of your regular clients all year long. I shop at Marshalls, T.J. Maxx & Home Goods on regular basis. I do not know how your other clients shop at your great companies, but in all sincerity, I am at these locations at least once a week. I am a designer & also event planner. I shop at all your companies on regular basis. I keep all my receipts as well. Due to nature of my business, every once in a while, if my clients refuse something, I do return & that is why I keep all receipts up to 90 days.

Anyhow, today I was at your Marshall location Studio City, California. Had a purchase of around $500 & some returns. An older lady with short blonde hair was helping me & she was nice & she was doing her job quietly. I also had around $300 return. She grabbed a machine to scan the merchandise to check for accuracy & called a gentleman to get approval for the return. So this process took a little longer than anticipated.

So I told the lady, what is the process she was doing & she said, "well merchandise have to match their tickets..." So I asked why it would not match their tickets. This very rude & unprofessional individual - whose name was ** & it said 'Coordinator' under his name - just turned around & said, "well if the tag does not match the merchandise, I am going to send you, your way."

WOW...I could not believe what I heard. This was unheard of!!! As I left the store, I have not stopped thinking about his rude behavior...what does that mean??? I am a 50-year old lady with 3 children & a very successful career. My income is over $300k a year & my household income is over $700k a year & I do spend a lot of money with your stores. I am also a T.J. Maxx cardholder.

After discussing this with my husband, I decided this employee needs to be trained properly. I truly am very very disappointed & very very upset. An individual with no social manners should not be in a high position. When does a good regular client has to be treated like a criminal? Even though the other lady, who was originally helping me, apologized for his behavior, it has truly left a very bitter taste in my mouth.

I will never ever walk into Studio City location.. But I truly cannot share with you, how horrible I feel, about this low-life employee of yours. I truly expect a reply from you & he needs to be notified of his behavior. I have over 50 employees working for me & if one would make a such rude & inappropriate comment, I would have done something about it. Or maybe better yet, I would never hire such an individual to begin with. Please kindly contact mobile no. is **.

Bad Management, Screaming at Me
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Rating: 1/51

HIRAM, GEORGIA -- I went to Marshalls at Hiram, Georgia today. I had a buggy full of outfits for my two years old and went to the fitting room to try something for myself. I left my buggy outside the fitting room with all other buggies for customers in the fitting room. When I came out I couldn't find my buggy and told the guy at the fitting room, he didn't care and said nothing. I went straight to pay for my shorts.

I realized that my car keys were at the buggy that I left outside the fitting room. I told the cashier and she came with me and helped me to look for the buggy. Then, the store manager came and told me that this was not the store responsibility to look for my keys. Well I'm sure an employee took the buggy, I don't believe a customer will take a buggy full of clothes already. They left me standing in there for almost an hour, the store manager then came up with my keys and called me irresponsible for leaving my keys in the buggy.

So much of lack of respect to customers, I can't believe it. She didn't even look at the cameras like I told her to see where the buggy was at, and then she comes and calls me irresponsible. It was an employee that took my cart, and this lady doesn't even say sorry.

I will never buy at Marshall's again in my life. This is the worst customer service ever. I had to wait for an hour for my keys just because an inept employee decided to take my buggy full of clothes. It is too logical that if the buggy is outside the fitting room and has stuff on it, then it belongs to somebody in the fitting room. On top of that, my baby needed a diaper change in the meantime and they didn't even have a changing table in their bathroom. I am so disappointed.

Horrid Service
By -

HIRAM, GEORGIA -- I would like to notify you that I had an incident today, April 7, 2011 around 7, that I didn't really appreciate. I was accused of stealing a green bathing suit and I didn't. This is how the incident played out. My friend and I went in the dressing room so she could try on a dress and some leggings. Two items. The guy at the dressing room counter gave us a number two. I had absolutely nothing in my hands, I just wanted to see how the clothes looked on my friend.

We came out and he asked me did I have a green bathing suit, when he knew that he saw two items. I felt disrespected because he didn't give me an apology and he also disrespected my friend. He was about 6'0, light skinned, dreads. I talked to the manager about the incident but I didn't feel like he cared enough.

The customer is always right and he was wrong. My friend told me also that he called her a few unnecessary names, for which he should be fired for this. I work in retail and no matter what, I never would treat a customer the way he did me. I give a lot of money to Marshalls and I have never had any problems until now. I hope somebody can handle this. If not I will myself. Thank you.

Rude Behavior
By -

I was at Marshalls at the St. Louis Mills outlet to return merchandise yesterday evening. I confirmed with the store clerk (coordinator, her tag said **) if that was the return counter as I saw no one in line, as she was handling a customer. Her response was "€œyes, but let me take care of this lady first",€ which was fine.

As she got done with the lady and I was waiting for her signal, another lady approached her with her returns and asked her if she was returning merchandise and if I was here first noticing me.€“ Marie'€™s response was, "€œI couldn'€™t tell you who was here first",€ looking at me as I was 2nd class. I was appalled as she without a doubt knew I was there first. I am not good at explaining and will suffice to say the experience was demeaning. While I have never placed much of weight on race, both the ladies (** as well as the customer) were white and I am brown, was unshaven and probably looked unappealing. I can only hope this is an isolated instance.

Very Very Bad Customer Service
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a pair of running shoes from Marshalls near San Diego, CA 92117. After wearing them for 2 days, I got rashes on my feet, so decided to return them. When I went there to return, the customer service representative said that I cannot return them because it was used. I showed her my feet and then she makes a call to some other person and asks for the permission if I can return them or not. Finally they took them back but also said that it is first time that we are taking it back from, next time we will not refund if the item has been used.

Come on, it was running shoes. How would someone makes sure that the shoe is comfortable without trying them or just trying them in the house? Nobody is going to run in the house and try them. That was bad. Never had this kind of experience at other stores. I used those shoes just for twice and other stores accept return them even if you have used them for a month or more than that. I would never shop from Marshalls anymore, they treat their customers very badly.

Poor Customer Service
By -

LOS ANGELES (S.F. VALLEY), CALIFORNIA -- I bought a purse, the handle came apart & so I tried to return it w/in the allotted time, but they wouldn't let me. I even said it didn't have to be cash, a gift card would've been fine. They still wouldn't. Businesses like that don't deserve to have customers, they should be driven out of business. They obviously don't appreciate us paying customers. They'll just go on stealing from us.

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