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Rights of the poor
Posted on
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I'm writing concerning an abuse of power concerning the southbridge housing authority I call it an abuse of power because I really don't know what else to call it on the my sister is in line for the next section 8 voucher and she was told by the person in the office that if in a week she didn't find an apartment she would be bypassed and go back to the end of the line after waiting for so many years for this she is very stressed and depressed and she has bypolar and she will be sick any day she called me crying because Monday she will loose her right to a section 8 voucher I don't know how they expect her to find an apartment in a couple of days, and if in this office she is the only one that this has been done to, so where is the justice for poor and disabled people in mass and we don't know where to go to stop someone from doing this
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Skye on 08/20/2011:
I'm not sure why you consider the rules and regulations for Section 8, to be abuse of power.

She probably should have been looking for apartments, while waiting for her section 8 housing assistance.

Where has she been living all this time, while waiting? She's been given the same exact opportunity as everyone else who has been on the waiting list for years.

madconsumer on 08/20/2011:
what is she looking for? why weren't any of the apartments she was shown acceptable?
clutzycook on 08/21/2011:
There are thousands of people in line behind your sister waiting for those vouchers. That's why the state only gives the recipients a certain amount of time to find a place to use them in. If she is unable to do it on her own, perhaps you should help her. Grab a few of the free rental circulars that are outside most grocery and drug stores and make a few phone calls to see if they take Section 8. I would bet this could all be resolved in a day or two.
Anonymous on 08/21/2011:
Curious to know how long you think she could be given to find an apartment? She's been on the list for months. How you feel if the reason she's had to wait so long is because the person ahead of her took 3 months to find an apartment? And the person a head of that person took 4 months? I'm sorry your sister is in this situation and I sincerely hope you are doing everything in your power to help her. I don't understand why it would take more than 1-2 weeks to find her a place to live but I hope you guys find something!
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Miller fence company
Posted by on
WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS -- As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

Dear AG,
I live in Worcester. A few years back when we bought our home a neighbor approached us and asked if he could take our fence down so he could get a back hoe in to grate his land. He would put up a new fence in turn.
He held up his end of the deal and had Miller Fence Co install a fence. They came in the dead of winter to put it up, they had to return to reset the fence as it was leaning. They still didn't set it correctly. The neighbor with-held $300 and told them to set it right, they refused. Last Friday May 26th 2006 the company came out. I thought to fix the fence, when I looked again, the workers were gone and so were 3 sections of fence. Since then I have not been able to have my 17 month old little boy play in the yard as it is a safety issue.
I contacted the police, who told me it was not criminal, even-though I pointed out they trespassed onto my property, stomped in my tomato plants and stole my fence.
This matter needs to be handled as quickly as possible as My son has every right to be able to play in our yard, in a safe environment.

As a resolution, I would like the following:

I would like the company to come out and put the fence back where it was,and do it correctly.

Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/31/2006:
Maybe they removed the sections because they were damaged and need to be replaced? (And, didn't have replacements with them??)
Also, I never had a fenced-in yard when my child was yours' age...I just made sure I was outside with her so I could keep an eye on her. She's 16 now, so I guess I did alright...
squeekie on 05/31/2006:
I am always outside with my baby, but children are fast, and it is worcester. That may not mean anything to people who don't know the area, but I do and I don't blame the person for wanting the fence back up.
Doc J on 05/31/2006:
Perhaps call Miller Fence to find out why they were on your property and why did they take your fence? Somehow, that seems a more appropriate action than calling the police. I sense another, unstated issue here.
Hugh_Jorgen on 05/31/2006:
I would make this your neighbor's problem. He is the one that contracted with Miller - you had a perfectly good fence until he took it down to get a tractor in his yard. You are trying to be the good neighbor, but you are getting walked on. Tell him he's got x number of days to whip Miller into shape or you will hire someone else to fix it correctly and send him the bill.
squeekie on 05/31/2006:
call mass consumer affairs they will guide in helping you write a demand and return letter. the company will have 30 days to comply.
Anonymous on 05/31/2006:
They should've told you their intent but you also should do you homework, find a fence company through the BBB listings, check their reputation and see if they have a website, next time.
Anonymous on 05/31/2006:
According to the BBB the Miller Fence Co has one compliant - Oi!
Anonymous on 06/01/2006:
That is lovely information except she didn't hire the fence contractor, the neighbor who tore her fence down did
Doc J on 06/01/2006:
Amani-Don't confuse folks with the facts. LOL
Anonymous on 06/01/2006:
lol Doc, sometimes the sanctamonius lectures get old
Anonymous on 06/01/2006:
OMG! and I must learn to spell (or spell check) sanctimonious is what I meant to say, sanctimonious!
Doc J on 06/03/2006:
No prob. I have an IQ above room temperature. I get it. LOL.
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Transouth won't give me my title!
Posted on
BEDFORD, TEXAS -- I have numerous complaints about Transouth Financial, but this is my biggest one and hopefully last one yet... Here's the deal...I overnighted my payoff check in the amount of $12,000+ to their payoff department in Minnesota and typed clear instructions as to what I needed done with the title to my vehicle... Well, Transouth could sure take my money but as of today, over 2 months later, they still haven't sent me the title... I have called about four times and the reps say my account has been paid off and the title is on its' way... Texas law says that the seller/leinholder has 20 days to transfer title to the buyer... So, Transouth, where's my title? As far as I'm concerned, your company is nothing but a bunch of uneducated, low-life thieves who have nothing better to screw your customers by taking their money and not coming through on your end of the deal!
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Tyster on 05/03/2006:
Good Luck! I bought a Jeep through TranSouth Financial in 1998 from Florida. I live in Ohio and needed the title sent from their office in TX to Ohio so that I can get plates. The State and myself faxed and contacted TranSouth numerous times to have them send the title to Ohio. I had been chasing them for years; meanwhile, I told them that I can't drive the vehicle legally so come get it! I stopped my payments (after already paying over $9000) and let the vehicle sit. They immediately labeled my account as a "charge-off" and turned my account over to a collector. So, here I sit with a 1998 Jeep with 80,000 miles; cannot get tags; they won't pick it up; and have a charge-off on my credit! I now have to petition the State of Ohio for help to get a court ordered title. I can relate to ALL the comments made in this website. It doesn't get any better!
kb6srt on 11/27/2007:
With Regard to Transouth Financial. I bought my 1996 Ford Expedition back in 2000 and paid it off in 2003 (1 year early) over 4 years ago in 2003 and I STILL haven't received my clear title.
When do they actually come through. Maybe they should go bankrupt sp we can get some satisfaction.
Mr Thank You on 05/21/2009:
Thanks for the education guys I was looking to get a loan from Transouth - and now when I hear the name Transouth
I will run as fast as I can
pissed-off on 06/22/2011:
Ibought a car from Transouth in 2004 still waiting on title! {2011}
frank fleming on 03/10/2012:
I have the same problem in Ore 2002 KIA paid off in 2005 and now I want to sell and I couldnot find my
title and find out no title DMV still has them as
lean holders very frustated!!!!!!!!!!!!1
not happy on 08/03/2012:
Bought a 1996 in 2001. Transouth was lienholder now its 2012 can't get a title from the dmv...why? Because transouth was still listed as the lienholder...DUH! If I hadn't paid that vehicle of after 11yr the would have repo it 10yrs ago. NOW WHat should I do can't sell it without title!!!
Ashley on 06/03/2013:
I'm trying to help my dad get his title from on his truck he paid off in 2003. Has anyone had any success? if so please email me.
Feelin Screwed on 06/22/2013:
Soo... Many of the same issues. I bought a Jeep in Ohio with Trans South as my lender. Paid loan off in 2007, and no title. Upon research the company sold off to City Financial, but I cannot find anything on the web connecting them. I got the runaround....lies.. And craziness of no one actually able to give me the straight answer as to who to contact or who's responsible. A year later I loaned my Jeep to my ex husband.... Who is an ex cop and currently a P.I. And he came up with no results !! I am now starting my own business as a L.L.C. And need to transfer title to company name.....and I'm bake to where I was in 2007. I've just come upon another site, to where someone at there DMV instructed them to send a certified letter to last know address of Trans South, and if it's returned UNOPENED, that the DMV will consider the title...cleared. And move to issuing it as a cleared title. I have my credit report showing it paid off, and I will be trying the registered letter and see if I can get my DMV to accept the returned letter and my credit report as proof to move forward. Wish me luck !!! I hope this helps... Anyone else out there dealing with this as well !!! I will keep my results updated here, good luck fellow duped friends !!
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State Lottery
Posted by on
MASSACHUSETTS -- This concerns the drawing of the lottery numbers in our State. The Mass. State Lottery has decided it no longer has to spin the balls that come up with the winning numbers. We the public deserve this courtesy. We spend our hard earned cash in hopes of winning a couple of dollars.

Another thing is the scratch tickets they need looking into Cahill has made a scam out of our lottery. There should be a law against this practice.

Bill Moore
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User Replies:
Eloise on 08/03/2009:
How does any of this change your chance to win? Also, you might want to consider using Spell Check in the future.
Skye on 08/03/2009:
If everyone was a lottery winner, there wouldn't be a lottery. Nobody is forcing you to play any of the games.

Instead of buying tickets, take that money and start saving it.
goduke on 08/03/2009:
I prefer to go to Vegas and donate to the Steve Wynn retirement fund. At least there I can guzzle a cocktail while walking down the street.
Anonymous on 08/03/2009:
Although Skye makes the most sense on this one the daytime crabbie is going to have to go to goduke. LOL.
Close commentsAdd reply - return policy 14 days from ship date?
Posted by on
BROOKLINE, MASSACHUSETTS -- As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

I purchased a On Hold Plus OHP-7500 MP3 Digital On Hold Audio System for Analog/KSU-Less with Integrated CD Autoload Drive for $362.99 and it was shipped 8/20 but I received the item 8/24. They said it was not with the 14 days from the time it was shipped. I first think 14 days is too short. Second the date I received it should be the day the return policy starts. I am out 362.99 :O(

As a resolution, I would like the following:

I would like for the company to allow me to return a new item I bought for them.

Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/12/2007:
When you made the purchase you agreed to their terms which clearly state the 14 days. Did you request an RMA from their web site? Their returns policy is at
Anonymous on 09/12/2007:
Newegg has better customer service and 30 days return policy on most items.
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Polywell Computer
Posted by on
As a honest consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

I recenly bought a computer from Polywell, and have had numerous problems. I have tried multiple times to have these issues addressed, to no avail. I was hoping that you or someone on your staff can investigate/shame this company.

My story is as follows:
When I was designing my system I specified that I wanted an extra quiet system, since my study is sandwiched between two bedrooms.

1) System TOO loud compared with any other similar computer on the market. They finally shipped a replacement quiet power fan, but the system is still too noisy.
2) The firewire connections do not work - I have tried to use multiple devices.
3) The system shipped without a digital video card (as per specs). after a lot of calls, they shipped me the correct part, but charged my AMEX card for the original part, which was hauled away by the service tech - as per their instructions.
4) The CD-RW and the DVD-ROM are on the same IDE bus - burning is slow and error prone.
5) I have on site warranty service. The service company however will only call back after numerous calls, and it takes weeks to schedule any on-site service (I live on cape Cod, MA).

I am rather angry and frustrated at this point, and want my money back - since the company has seen fit not to/or cannot resolve these issues. If that is not an option, I want a system that works as advertised...

Wilfred Mamuya

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more details regarding this incident.
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