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Problem withdrawing money from ATM'S overseas
Posted by Biancarm on 08/19/2010
DO NOT USE Mastercard if you are planning on getting a cash advance from an ATM when overseas!!!
I am from Australia and got a low rate Mastercard for a 3 month European trip. Everytime I have tried to use my card at an ATM to get a cash advance it gets declined. I get error messages like 'your transaction has timed out' or, 'contact your financial institutution'. This happened at almost every ATM I tried to take cash out of. I contacted my bank who advised me they approve my transactions but Mastercard keeps timing out so the transaction is not approved. I contacted Mastercard to sort it out. They advised me that it is not their issue and that I have to contact my back. I advised Mastercard of what my bank had advised me. I was stuck in paris with absolutely no cash on me at this stage. I was on the phone with Mastercard, in America, for 45 mins, they eventually arranged a emergency cash advance for me which I had to travel in a taxi for 20mins to get to the location to pick up the cash. I was then assured by Mastercard that if I used an ATM from a major bank in the country I'm in and it displays the Mastercard symbol, I shouldn't have any problems. So I get to Glasgow and try to withdraw money and guess what, It didn't work! I tried 4 different ATM'S. I call Mastercard again who advised me thats it not there issue and that I should contact my bank. I just want my money. Now because I have attempted 4 transactions that have been approved by my bank but not approved by Mastercard the money has been deducted off my account but I do not have the actual cash, I have exceeded my daily limit which means I can't even get an emergency cash advance!! I am SO unhapp cash with Mastercard's service, or lack of service, when I get home I will be taking this up with Mastercard directly. DO NOT USE Mastercard if you are planning on getting a cash advance from an ATM when overseas
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Posted by dan gordon on 2010-08-19:
getting cash advances on a cc is probably THE most expensive way to get $$, An ATM works much easier. Some countries the MC and Visas have chips embedded in them. If your didn't many atms won't accept the 'swiped' type of transaction. This might be part of the problem.
Posted by Michael on 2013-04-04:
Couldn't agree more about Mastercard (and Australian issued cards at least ) 5 days 6 phone calls and still no ATM cash. What a joke. I've been told everything by the help desks including "well it's Easter and that's a public holiday in Canada". I might be dumb but I'm not stupid. PS my card is actually in working order
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My almost ruined holiday
Posted by Calatin on 08/27/2009
I went to Europe this Summer intending to pay for everything with my Mastercard. Before I left I called them to make sure that my card would work over there. They said there would be no problems. When I arrived, my Card could not be used anywhere because it was not a newer chip card. Not only did they give me false information, their website still claims that chip cards can be used in Europe. Had I not had a bank card with me, I would have had to turn around and come home. When I phoned them for help there was nothing that they could do. Their service quality was abysmal and I will take my business elsewhere from now on.
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Posted by Eloise on 2009-08-28:
Since Mastercard isn't accepted every where, what was your back up plan?
Posted by Calatin on 2009-08-28:
I used my bank card to withdraw most of the funds I needed. Also the man I was staying with lent me some cash, while I had someone back home pay him with an international money order.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-02:
MasterCard does not service your account -- the issuer of the card -- a bank - services it.

All merchants who claim to only accept CHIP + PIN for transactions are incorrect. MasterCard requires that if a merchant displays a MasterCard logo and a cardholder presents a valid card for payment it cannot be declined by the merchant because of the inability to process. It is a serious violation if a merchant claims to only take chip + pin and refuse a card it if it swipe only. Worst comes to worst -- ask them to call in a Code 10 -- they call their bank and read the card # and amount and get a manual authorization number.
Posted by Calatin on 2009-09-02:
Well then I guess every merchant in Europe routinely commits a serious violation. The chip + P.I.N. is for security, because fraud in Europe is rampant. My greviance is against Mastercard, not the bank, because it was Mastercard who advised me on travel, though I have filed a complaint through the bank. Wouldn't it just be easier to give new cards rather than have customers argue with merchants and make phone calls, especially in areas where there is a language barrier?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-11:
MasterCard assumes merchants are in compliance with the merchant agreement -- that they take both swipe and chip and pin. How can you blame them if they state they did not know merchants in Europe are claiming they ONLY take chip and pin cards. They cannot advise on your account such as transactions being approved or declined.

I suppose I am not understanding your story right.
What false informtion did MasterCard provide? Did they knowingly provide false information? What is wrong with advising on thier website that "chip cards can be used in Europe"?
Posted by Calatin on 2009-09-11:
Mastercard says on their website that "Acceptance of international magnetic stripe credit cards has not changed and your MasterCard® card will still be accepted at merchants that normally accept MasterCard payments." This is false. Regardless of what the merchant contract stipulates, magnetic stripe cards are accepted nowhere in Europe. I have no way of knowing if Mastercard provides this information knowing it to be false and I cannot think of a single reason why they would. I blame Mastercard for not knowing because denial of such cards is ubiquitous, and they seem completely oblivious to it. If they assume that merchants are complying, then the need to investigate this situation or more they will have more and more dissatisfied cardholders. Their advice is also completely insensitive to the difficulties that travellers face, most notably a lack of sufficient legal rights to force merchants to comply.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-23:
Magnetic swipe cards are accepted in Europe -- in your case not ubiquitously, but they are accepted so I would advise against stating absolute phrases.

Why not dispute the charges and state the merchant refused to accept my card as presented. Or if no line item charge fill out a merchant violation form via the online form MasterCard give (search Google for "MasterCard merchant violations") This will put the merchant on watch and letter may go out to them and a fine if it is more than the first time they have had a violation.

What types of merchant were you attempting to use your MasterCard card? Hotels? Restaurants? Grocery stores? Movie theatres? Convenience stores?

I will note more often than not I encounter merchant staff who assume or make up rules when in fact they are not plausible (like minimums, ID required etc…) and it makes the merchant appear ignorant.
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MasterCard zero liability
Posted by Sumandega on 08/11/2009

I live in the UAE, my credit card was stolen and used before I notice, once I have noticed that the card was stolen I have reported this to my bank directly. the bank said that they will block the card and that I will need to get a police report to be able to file a dispute.

I filed a dispute with the bank and they said that it will take 90 days for them to come back to me. after the 90 days passed they said that according to their terms and conditions I will be responsible to the amount used from my stolen credit card without my authorization. I tried to contact master card world wide and they were of no use, they keep directing me back to the issuing bank that keeps telling me the same.

I wonder if the master card zero liability in case of unauthorized usage is a fraud or what! who can I contact to complain about this.

PS. The police has called me a week after the I reported the insident and they showed form the CCTV recordings the guy who used my credit card. of course I did not recognize him.

I would be greatful if someone can assist me in this matter
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Posted by skelly39 on 2009-08-11:
Did the police write a report, and did you send a copy to them? There should be an appeals process outlined in your terms and conditions. I would appeal their decision, see if the police will provide a copy of the video and make sure you have a police report on file.
There may be an arbitration clause in your agreement, so you may have to go that route.
I hope this works out for you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-11:
MasterCard only requires issues of thier branded card to offer zero liabilty -- they do not operate or service or mantain that feature of all MasterCard credit cards. But good thining to get advice from MA -- all often they rightly say, "contact your issuer", when in fact the issuer has no idea how to handle the issue.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-11:
If your dispute is denied by the bank, you should ask them for copies of the documents they used in their investigation. They will provide them, but you have to ask.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-08-11:
Great advice, Robf!

Frankly, in a case of fraud, I thought the bank bore the huge brunt of the responsibility, that all the customer had to do was sign an affadavit stating it was not them using the card.

sumandega, please keep us posted about how this works out.
Posted by sumandega on 2009-08-12:
thank you all for your replies. It seems that the zero liability only aplies in the US

Actually the police filed a report and i sent them a copy of the police report as soon as i got it, i filed the dispute attached with the police report!

I have called another bank that i deal with and asked them if this happens with me what would happen, they told me that the bank will not authorize the payment that i complained about and they will put it in the merchant's field.

I told this to RAK Bank the issuer of my credit card and they said that this is not true, they have to authorize the payment even if a dispute is filed on it!

as per Robf's suggestion i have asked them to provide me with copies of all documents that made them reach the decision of declining my dispute. the guy from RAK Bank was hesitant but he said he will look into it after i insisted.

another thing he mentioned is that i should go and follow up with the police if the catched the theif and if they did i can ask for my money back from the police!

Honestly the amount is not very big, i can settle it in a month or two but i dont want to entertain the theif!

Looking forward for your feedback
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-08-12:
"..another thing he mentioned is that i should go and follow up with the police if the catched the theif and if they did i can ask for my money back from the police!"

That's absolute rubbish. The police won't get money back from a case of credit card fraud.

Was the amount less than $50?
Posted by sumandega on 2009-08-12:
Actually the amount is a lot more, it is more than $1000, I am so puzzled with this case, RAK bank are still charging me interests on the amount stolen from me.

Does MasterCard really withdraw from such disputes or should they stand for their cards. Today i told the employee from RAK bank that it is mentioned on the back of the card that this card is the property of RAK Bank, so he said that this is true but i have to take care of it.

Does anybody know how can this be escilated to MasterCard?
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-08-12:
Mastercard's website says:

Fraud Prevention

Report Lost or Stolen Credit & Debit Cards

If your MasterCard card is lost or stolen you must cancel your account. Call your credit card issuer or our global directory can help put you in touch with a representative who speaks your language — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you need to make purchases or arrange for a cash advance, with your card issuer's approval, you can receive a temporary card the next day in the United States, and within two business days most everywhere else. Remember, if you report your card lost or stolen, you will be protected under MasterCard Zero Liability for unauthorized purchases.



Perhaps you didn't report the card lost or stolen in a timely manner?

Did they give you a reason for being turned down for unlimited protection against theft or fraud? "According to terms and conditions" can cover a lot of things, and I would want to know specifically why.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-13:
You issuer services your card account. MasterCard does not. You could report to MasterCard - via your local UAE toll free or collect# -- which likely connects to Singapore or St. Louis, MO, USA that RAK Bank is not satisfactory in this fraud dispute -- they will be stumped but offer if they can take details and follow-up with you. They have contacts at RAK Bank – likely in the merchant solutions or consumer card department -- executives, but more likely customer service higher-up who will be sure to be on top of anything MasterCard brings to their attention.

I once reported that asking for ID and writing down passport info was rife at all merchants in Paraguay to MasterCard and they were quick to say "yes, not allowed" but contact your issuer. On another note I reported HSBC as not being accommodative in merchant violation reports and they were none too helpful in that.

You issuer services your card account. MasterCard does not. You could report to MasterCard - via your local UAE toll free or collect# -- which likely connects to Singapore or St. Louis, MO, USA that RAK Bank is not satisfactory in this fraud dispute -- they will be stumped but offer if they can take details and follow-up with you. They have contacts at RAK Bank – likely in the merchant solutions or consumer card department -- executives, but more likely customer service higher-up who will be sure to be on top of anything MasterCard brings to their attention.

I once reported that asking for ID and writing down passport info was rife at all merchants in Paraguay to MasterCard and they were quick to say "yes, not allowed" but contact your issuer. On another note I reported HSBC as not being accommodative in merchant violation reports and they were none too helpful in that.

Also if you call the MasterCard 800#’s or such there is an option “if you are an issuing institution” and an option for “if you are a merchant” – try it out and then go back to RAK Bank and tell them to call this # to aid in their search --- helping them do their job might go a long way in looking at this in a new light. They probably did not even know they could call MA directly.

Posted by PepperElf on 2009-08-13:
i would have said to file a police report

but i don't know how they run things in the UAE in regards to that

unless you're perhaps military stationed there, in which case you should contact your command. (though if that were the case the "zero liability" would also apply to you)
Posted by sumandega on 2009-09-14:
The latest reply from the bank came that i have signed the form that says "Any usage of the card or the PIN is the reponsibilty of the card holder"

now this was misrepresented to me because the card was not used with its PIN.

The bank says that it doesnt matter if i signed the receipts or no.

I have been trying to call the mastercard online center, because i wanted to raise a complain on the issuing bank, but they will only direct me to the issuing bank, when i tell them that i do not want to speak with RAK bank they give me a 1-800 number that i can not reach because i dont live in the USA.

Any Suggestions?
Posted by sumandega on 2009-09-16:
After I have tried the following

- Contacting RAK bank
- Contacting MasterCard
- Contacting the Central Bank in the UAE

And they were all done properly, I have now a case to present to the press and media, i am reaching the media with my case and ruin the reputation of RAK bank credit card

My next step will be file a law case against RAK bank, I may not win but i dont want to lose without fighting

Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-23:
Surprising MasterCard is so quick to direct you to the issuing bank. Maybe you should ask to move up the chain of command at the MasterCard Service Center --- manager, supervisor etc... Make your point clear -- "your issuing bank refuses to accept and recognize your report of fradulent use of your account." "How can they (MasterCard) help?" I would be hard pressed to have them say "We can't." But you must prove to them that RAK Bank has done nothing to resolve or process this and give a timeline too -- the more time the more it make the issuing bank look bad.
Posted by DrSec on 2009-11-11:
I left Dubai on 2005 (peak of its peace & law). Now I am living in Canada but I am still using my Dubai's credit cards for some reasons. They increased my limit to 200K+ AED. I do wire transfer them my due every month though there is some charge for the transfer (100+ AED). Two weeks ago I had a call from CitiBank Dubai officer. He told me there were two suspicious transactions on my card same day with HK$ currency (total around 13000 HK$) from Spain. I confirmed that the transactions are unauthorized and I did not participated and I filled their dispute form and I sent them some links that shows Hong Kong Apple don't ship to abroad. Tthose transactions are apeared in my credit card statement and they charging me interests too. I sent them several letters to persuade them to be responsible but no reply from them. It is near I show my middle finger to them cuz I found them not reponsible. This two way business. I think Dubai is destroyed, forget it.
Posted by Achal Shah on 2010-01-21:

I may be writing quite late.. However I had a similar case. In my case - I had registered the case with Sharjah Police ( who are hopeless like hell). I gathered CCTV Footage + Signed copies of the transactions, however the bank was not at all ready to listen to this. They will only revert the charges if they get a police report confirming that I am not that person!. When I contacted Sharjah Police - as per them, they can't issue a report unless untill the case gets resolved! This went on for almost 8 months & then they deposited my cheque into the bank & bounced it, so that they can make a criminal case against me. I had no other option but settle at one shot the fraudulent transactions worth AED 13500/-. I would be very much interested to know what you are upto..

Achal Shah
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They Will Make Unauthorized Withdrawals From Your Bank Account
Posted by Thefirst on 05/25/2009
MONTREAL, CONNECTICUT -- I contacted my bank, the National bank of Canada when I discovered that I had and over draft on my account. I was informed that this was done by MasterCard and that would need to contact them. When I contacted them at 5:45 PM EST the same day and was told I needed to call the collections department that had closed at 1:00 PM EST that day and there was no one else there for me to talk to. I asked if they serviced customers in Vancouver and they said yes. So I asked how can you service Vancouver when you close at 1:00 PM EST to this there was no response. I explained that MasterCard was contact 2 weeks ago by the credit canceling company that I had filed with and this withdrawal was not authorized also I sated that the card was in my name and the account they made the withdrawal from was a joint account so therefore they needed both persons authorization to make the withdrawal. To this I received no response.

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Posted by spiderman2 on 2009-05-25:
I don't know if the law is different in Canada, but I have a joint account with my DH and he doesn't have to sign off on any withdrawals to pay bills, etc. If they really made an unauthorized withdrawal, I hope you get it solved!
Posted by thefirst on 2009-05-25:
as the MasterCard is in my name only they are only allowed to deduct from an account that is in my name. Here if they would remove it from a joint account they are holding the second signatory on the account for a bill that they are not rewsponsable for.

FYI: I did get a call back with an apology from MasterCard just 30 minutes ago and I have checked my account and the money has been retruned.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-07:
mastercard has nothing to do with the maitenance of your account -- they dont have access to that -- they only provide the network to banks and merchants and processors for which to process transactions, they dont process if they dont have authorization to do so. If Natinal Bank of Canada told you MasterCard did it -- they wre using the wrong term. I get the same thinh from HSBC Saks masterCard reps -- "call masterCard", "ill transfer you to mastercard"
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Posted by Mastercarded on 12/13/2007
Due to an oversight, I paid my $13 credit card bill 1 day late. The charges for this were $25 late fee and $26 in interest. When I inquired about the 200% interest I was told that they not only charged interest on the late $13 but on subsequent purchases that were not even due as yet.

Needless to say I will not do business with this company again. This was a Home Depot credit card so beware.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-14:
Yes, they take advantage of depot people.
Posted by Ponie on 2007-12-14:
Oversight? Yes, they do cost money.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-15:
Keep in mind the card issuer -- Citi-- is the one you are dealing with here. MasterCard only provides the means for you to make purchases on behalf of Citi. SO it is not Mastercard's fault these issues happened however unfortunate.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-26:
To pay your bills on time all the time, switch to online banking with your bank.
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