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Mattress Discounters, Suffolk, Va. Poor Customer Service
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SUFFOLK, VIRGINIA -- We had recently purchased a vacation home and I went to Mattress Discounters in Suffolk, Va. and purchased IBC brand Grissom mattress one king, one queen and two twin mattresses. I was told by our salesman this brand was their "hotel quality" mattress and he gave me a contractor discount because we were buying so many at once. The salesman called his manager to have delivery fees waived. All was well, when the mattresses were delivered we noticed the side of the king mattress making a grinding sound when getting in or out of the bed. I called our salesman who informed me Mattress Discounters does not handle any complaints that it is a warranty issue we would have to take the matter up with IBC. The salesman handed me a four page form which requires the customer to fill out and send in along with 2 photos of the mattress for them to review and get back to the customer within one week. After two weeks and several calls to Maggie Enterprises, Va. Beach, Va. I finally was told they authorized a replacement but that they recommended an upgrade in their mattress and also there would be a delivery fee applied as well as the cost for the upgraded mattress. I went back to my friendly salesman at Mattress Discounters to see what my option would be and was told it would be best to upgrade to the $770. (difference in price) mattress (not including the box spring) would be my best bet and I would be charged a delivery fee. I asked him could't he waive the delivery fee since they had done so before. No he could not. I didi't feel it was good customer service to expect me to pay for the delivery to replace a defective mattress. Even if I agreed to not upgrade and had a replacement mattress delivered I would have to pay a delivery fee. No matter what it was going to cost me the consumer more money for Mattress Discounters to replace a defective mattress. I think this is a ripoff and I will no longer do business with this company. No where in the store does it say "we only sell the mattress we don't stand behind our products" maybe that should be their motto! No wonder Mattress Discounters has been bankrupt twice. Maybe they should think of improving their customer service. This customer won't be back ever!
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kc3435 on 04/11/2011:
Your warranty is with the manufacturer, not with the retailer. The retailer did their part. The mattress being defective is not their fault. The nature of a mattress warranty exchange requires that someone come to your home to pick up the defective product, and since manufacturers do not cover this, the customer pays the shipping/delivery. In my experience as a human adult, pretty much every company handles pretty much every exchange by making customers pay shipping, whether it's mattresses, electronics, or clothing. Does it suck for the customer? Yes. But if the retailers gave free delivery to all exchanges, guess what would happen? All that time they spent providing that free service would be charged back to all of us as consumers in the end. Unfortunately, this is one of those situations where you can't reasonably be mad at anybody--it's just how life works.
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Inferior Mattress and No REFUND!
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ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA -- I bought a mattress from Mattress Discounters on April 3, 2005. I have a back problem which requires me to have really good support. I went into the store and tried a few models until I decided on the Pure Exuberance by Simmons. It worked out great in the store. They ordered me one and by the third night it had already started sagging in the middle. This only increased my back pain even more. I called the company on the eighth and was told they would only exchange the mattress if I would give up my 60 day warranty or my 10 year warranty! I argued with them, but finally agreed to have a new mattress delivered on the twelfth. When delivery day arrived, I received a call telling me mattress was dirty and that the delivery was cancelled. I demanded my money back once again and once again I was denied. I am now left with a sagging mattress that is getting worse with every passing night and chronic back pain. I am struggling to have something done about the situation and I will continue to be heard until something is done.
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AZJEM on 05/19/2005:
Sorry but some of this doesn't make sense. There is a big difference between a 60 day and 10 year warranty. And how could a mattress get dirty especially in a couple months? It sounds like you may not have been home when they came to get it cause you said they called you and told you they couldn't take it back cause it was dirty. I know these mattresses are really expensive, like over $1000.00 for the good ones. It seems strange that if it is defective nothing else should really be a problem. Is there more to this story?
Mattress Guy on 05/23/2005:
I work at Mattress Discounters in the Boston Area. It sounds as if the person that gave you that information was new or perhaps explained things poorly. Your mattress has a 10yr non pro-rated warranty through the manufacturer (ie simmons in this case), Mattress Discounters can not cancel that. Your 60 night comfort guarantee is through Mattress Discounters however. Two different animals, so to speak. A comfort guarantee is for those who purchase a mattress and then after sleeping on it for a while determine that it's not the right bed for them. You then have the option to re-select a new mattress. If you select one that is more expensive then you pay the difference, if you select one less expensive then we pay you. So it's pretty fair, you can only do this one time however so take your time in re-selecting. A warranty works a little different. A sag is defined by the manufacturer as a visible depression 1 1/2" deep. there is an easy test to preform to see if you qualify. Simply take a string and lay it across the bed taught over the 'sag'. now measure the distance from the top of the string to the bottom of the depression. if it's more than 1 1/2"s then you got yourself a valid claim, otherwise it's dissmissed as a body impression which is normal for a bed to breaking in new shoes. But if it isn't a body impression then an independent inspector is then sent to your home (after you contact the store and they fill out a form stating the problem) to varify the claim (and to check for rips stains or burns which void any mattress's a viable loophole for the entire industry so I hope you have a mattress pad or something). Your claim then gets submitted to the home office where it gets approved or denied depending on the inspectors results. Make sure that your mattress is on its proper foundation (ie. the one you got at the store, or a platform bed or the floor) as old and incorrect boxsprings void the warranty as well. if you have a queen or king and the bed is on a metal frame, the frame must have a center support or else the warranty is void. The whole warranty process takes about two weeks or so. Should you be approved then a new bed of the same model is sent out to you. Mattress Disounters is not in the habit of sending out defective beds, nor is simmons in the habit of making them, nor should you be subject to sleeping on one, but once in a while defects do happen and that's why your mattress is warrantied. As to what the salesperson told you reguarding your options, all I can hope is what they actually meant to say was; if you exercise your comfort exchange then you will get your new bed much more quickly than if you pursued a comfort exchange. the downside to that ofcourse is that you sacraficed your comfort exchange prematurely. If I were you, I'd pursue the warranty first. best case sceniro is that you have a replacement via warranty in 2-3 weeks. worst case scenerio is your warranty claim is denied and you can then move forward with a comfort exchange instead. either way you get a new bed (except with a comfort exchange you have to pay the redelivery fee). I hope this information helps you out and I do apologize for your inconvience. if there is anymore I can do, please don't hesitate to e-mail me
kc3435 on 04/11/2011:
AZJEM--There is more to the story. In a review posted on another site this complainant stating that when the delivery guys arrived they found the stain on her mattress.
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