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I have been scammed
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I ordered a back to basics product on August 14, 2010 and never received the item. You can not find a phone number to contact the company and they never respond to the many emails I have sent except to give a general email that states :

Maximum Beauty Store Order Status Request Form Confirmation....
Thank you again for selecting 'Maximum Beauty Supply Stores' to purchase your beauty cosmetics and personal care grooming items - we really appreciate your kind and generous business.

The Maximum Beauty Supply Store Service Staff has received all of the required information requested that would allow us to check on the exact status of your order. You will receive an "Order Status" response within 24 to 72 hours via the email address associated with your order.

Below are answers to frequently asked customer questions, such as how do I check on the average handling and shipping time period of an order - this and other related information can also be found within our store policies which all customers electronically agree to prior to completing their purchase order.

*Purchase Order Shipping & Handling:

U.S. Customers - Typically the shipping and handling of most purchase orders delivered 'WITHIN' the Continental United States take from 5 business days up to 21 business days (not including weekends or holidays), simply depending on the specific location of the order recipient and the availability of the items ordered.

International Customers - Typically the shipping and handling of most purchase orders delivered worldwide 'OUTSIDE' the Continental United States take from 2 to 6 weeks, Simply depending on the specific location of the recipient and the customs regulations of that particular country.

*Purchase Order Cancellations:

We cannot accept order cancellations now that the purchase order has been placed, as it has already entered the initial stages of being processed by a secure accounting system that prompts the distribution process to take immediate action on the order the moment payment in full for that order is verified. When you place an order with us, we (and the law) consider it a binding contractual request by you for our services, as part of the 'Electronic Signature Act' passed by majority in US Congress and signed into law by President Clinton, June 2000.

*Purchase Order Returns:

Due to strict Federal U.S. FDA sanitary regulations personal care cosmetic products & tools (for hair, skin or nails) cannot be returned for any reason - All such sales are final. A reasonable 25% restocking fee and loss of all shipping fees will assessed on all unauthorized order returns, refused orders or attempted order cancellations - no exceptions.

*Purchase Order Disputes/Chargebacks:

According to Federal & State laws it is highly illegal and considered fraud for a customer to perform an unauthorized credit card charge-back &/or file a dispute while their order is either "In Process", "On Backorder", "In Transit" to or "Received" by the customer. For such fraudulent chargebacks &/or disputes we immediately invoice the customer a chargeback/dispute service fee of $50.00 to $100.00 (not including the Aragon International Collection Agency's recovery costs) plus the total cost of the order - no exceptions.

Please visit the Best Beauty Store Policy Page.

In your service,
Maximum Beauty Store Service Staff
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/08/2010:
Here's the phone # - 1-777-241-4744
Totally Disgusted 2010 on 11/10/2010:
I appreciate your help but when I call it a msg comes on that says we're sorry your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please check the number and call again. I tried twice to make sure I was dialing the correct number. I still have not heard from this company no matter how many times I have emailed.
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Do Not Buy From Maximum Beauty Supply Store!!! Scam!!!
Posted by on
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I ordered 3 bottles of a hair color, with one bottle free. The order had to be paid for with an electronic check,(my first and last expErience), I was told I would receive this product in 5 to 21 business days. It has now been 2 months, and I have never received any response to any messages that I have left, nor any of my emails. Do not buy from this company, as it is a complete scam.

I am actually going to call the Vegas Better Business Bureau and report them, and also to anyone else who will listen to me. What an insult, and a niftly way to steal from honest, unsuspecting consumers.
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User Replies:
goldie locks on 11/27/2010:
I also ordered from Maximum Beauty Supply. Had to pay with an electronic check. Never received a confirming email. Send 3 emails when check was cashed and made a complaint to the BBB of Nevada.
The BBB sent a letter and got an email from Maximum to allow 3 business weeks for the company to fill the order. Never received the items I ordered. Buyer beware. Do not order from this company. You won't get what you paid for.
Carol on 06/16/2011:
I too was scammed by this company. I, too, ordered hair color almost one year ago. Never got my order and they never responded to my calls or complaints. I think we should all get together and lodge a formal complaint with the Vegas Better Business Bureau.
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Posted by on
On August 8th this year I purchased 3 hair treatment items from Maximum Beauty Stores. So far, almost 3 months later the items have not arrived. I have tried to contact the company via email - I am totally ignored! They have a special "form" to fill in for tracking your parcel - they say it will take between 24-72 hours for a reply. Well for 3 weeks now, I have daily filled in that form and never get a reply. As mentioned no response to any email either.

As far as I am concerned this is fraud and this company should be black-listed!
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Totally Disgusted 2010 on 11/15/2010:
I too was scammed. It has been over three months with no word. I have continued to email and today it would not accept any of my emails. I have filed a complaint with the BBB in Nevada, national fraud center, and the FBI internet fraud division.
globalres on 11/19/2010:
Thanks "Totally Disgusted" for filing your complaints. I am a European woman living in China and had no idea where to turn to. I am almost into 4 months from not getting any response nor the items that I purchased. Thanks again for doing this!!!!!
Still Angry in 2012 on 06/01/2012:
Thanks to "Totally Disgusted" and "globalres" for filing complaints. I was scammed also.
I ordered and paid for hair products back in November of 2010, but never received items,nor refund, nor even response to my emails. I'm surprised to find other persons who experienced similar problems in the same period with this company.

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