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Mayan Palace Lies
By -

MEXICO -- In June 2002 my wife and I Visited Puerto Vallarta Mexico. As soon as we got off the plane we were approached by a local offering us a free ride to town and promising various "Freebies" if we would agree to attend a one-hour presentation for Mayan Palace. Unfortunately, we went along and it basically ruined our vacation. The next morning we were picked up at our hotel and driven to Nuevo Vallarta, (in the next time zone).

Over the course of the next several hours we were held captive and tagged teamed by skilled con artists who used every trick in the book to convince us that buying their timeshare would be the best "investment" we would ever make. And that we would be able to rent our timeshare every year for a profit. They even told us that we were getting such a great deal that we had to waive our five day right of rescission (another outright lie). You can buy the same package online from lots of disgruntled owners for about half what we paid. We were also "given" two extra week for that year that they PROMISED (although they weren't allowed to put it in writing).

We would be able to rent out within the next 90 days for (get this) $2,200.00 each, ($4,400.00 total) therefore recovering most of or down payment before Christmas. When I asked the sales guy point blank "What are the chances they won't rent?" He looked me straight in the eye and replied "Zero chance". He claimed there was a golf tournament in early December and "it's as if the money's in the bank". Needless to say after listing the weeks with various listing agencies on the list they provided (and spending hundreds of more dollars) we never got so much as a single inquiry. I even contacted the agencies and reduced the price by half but still not a single offer.

The following year we couldn't afford a vacation (Thanks to the thousands Mayan Palace cheated us out of). So I listed the weeks again and wasted even more money. Of course Mayan Palace insist on the large monthly payments and excessive maintenance fees whether you use it or not. Finally in 2004 we decided to use our timeshare and called to book our reservations. I first called about 8 months early and was told I couldn't make reservations earlier than 6 months before we intended to use them. I marked my calendar and called the first day I was allowed to.

I booked the reservation for Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) as we could drive there rather than fly, and money was short (Thanks to Mayan Palace). I confirmed our reservations twice before we left and was told both times everything was fine. They even emailed printed confirmations. The day we arrived the desk manager seemed confused and told us we didn't have reservations. When I produced the printed confirmations he seemed to imply that they weren't real. Finally after hours of us refusing to just leave with the other couple we had along as our guests (the suite sleeps up to eight) he tried to put us in separate small lock off rooms.

As a last resort we very reluctantly agreed only to find other guests in these rooms as well. It looked like we might have to sleep in the lobby when we were told they were preparing a suite for us. After 2 more hours we were taken to the suite in an unfinished building. It was obvious it was an unfinished suite they had rushed furniture into. There was no hot water, no pictures, only beds, a couch and some end tables. We had to hike to the spa to take showers while we were there. By this time I was out well over $15,000.00 and this was our first attempt to use our timeshares.

I did complain to a guy who claimed to be a Vice President and before we checked out we met in his office. He promised to make it up to us by giving us a free week with the maintenance fee waived. Since then he has ignored all attempts to get him to keep his promise although I have managed to get him on the phone and he always repeats the promise. Recently I tried to book reservations again (by now we're out almost $20,000.00). I guess they have a pretty small window as it's four months early and they say their's nothing available. I think once you're an "owner" they try to keep you away to make room for more victims.

I'm convinced it's Mayan Palaces policy to lie at every opportunity and to cheat Americans out of our hard earned money. I intend to make every effort to warn folks about them. The next time we stay at Mayan palace I'm taking a thousand flyers to pass out in the surrounding area warning tourist about their scam. There's even more I could say about the Mayan Palace tourist trap but I'm afraid if I write it all in here it will be so long no one will read it.

Mayan Resorts Timeshare Fraud
By -

Mayan Timeshare is guilty of fraud and misrepresentation. The Mayan Timeshare is an OK program, but their sales practices are despicable. They out and out lie! We were told we would receive $22K trade in on our existing timeshare. We gave them our credit cards to secure the deal. Then they bring in all the contracts for signature. We signed everything. Then we asked where is the trade in paperwork? We were told that this could not be a part of the Mayan contract but was all arranged. We got very suspicious and said we did not want to go through with the transaction.

They told us that the contract could not be cancelled because they had transferred the weeks to us. (This is a total lie, since Mexican law gives you 5 days to resend.) When we returned to the US we realized we had been scammed and the timeshare we traded in will probably not be sold anytime soon and we will most likely not get the promised trade in value. These people are the scum of the earth and have no business ethics whatsoever. They will tell you whatever they want to sell you. Beware! If you feel you have been scammed, you have 5 day right of cancellation under Mexican law. Use it and present it in writing!

Scammed at the Mayan Palace
By -

We were scammed at the Mayan Palace in Mexico, While on an all-inclusive vacation at another resort in Mexico, we were approached by a timeshare recruiter promising us cash or trips to go to a 90 minute presentation at the Mayan Palace just south of Cancun. We did not intend to buy since we already owned other timeshare property. After a four-hour sales pitch, we were ready to leave when they convinced us we would have it paid off in no time with the high rental values and that it was a great investment. They also told us we had to waive our 5-day right to cancel because we were purchasing a discounted resale.

Since then we have learned that these were outright lies, that requiring someone to waive their 5-day right to cancel is illegal, that you can't rent the units for more than the taxes and maintenance fee and that resale values are very low. Although, we have complained several times to the Mayan Palace they just say "If it was not in the written contract, there is nothing we can do." So, BUYER BEWARE OF LIES AT THE MAYAN PALACE SALES presentations. There have been whole websites created by other disgruntled buyers, which show that we are not alone. One of these is

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