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Not Comprehensive, Missed Diagnosis, Insulted Me in the Process
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Rating: 1/51

ROCHESTER, MINNESOTA -- I told five different doctors that I was so exhausted that my second day at a new job I told my co-workers I was going to lunch and slept in the fire escape instead. All I could do was work, eat, and sleep. I frequently slept in the handicap stall of the ladies restroom, or fire escape and eventually moved right next to my job so that I could nap for an hour at lunch. NONE of them looked into this fatigue. My only response was a psych referral. Turns out I have Hashimoto's and a goiter so large my necklaces no longer fit. All of my dizziness symptoms resolved with thyroid supplementation.

Mayo gave me an insulting pamphlet on "Chronic Subjective Dizziness". Yes, I knew I was chronically dizzy. Thank you for telling me that you see it as subjective. It was as if this shiny pamphlet telling me it was in my head and there was nothing they could do served as a diagnosis. Oh the arrogance. If as a doctor or organizations you cannot find the source of a patient's symptoms you should dig deeper until you do. Only arrogance assumes that since you cannot find a source a source does not exist.

Shame on the Mayo Clinic for taking arrogance to the level of creating a new "diagnosis" as a trash can diagnosis for all the things of which they are not competent enough to actually find the cause. Hashimoto's is a pretty easy diagnosis to catch.

Shame on the Mayo Clinic. The second time I applied (other issues), they rejected me. The numbers game they play to keep their success rate up, their "#1 in the country" claim is a joke. Make up fake diagnosis and reject tough patients and you could have the same claim as well. Anyone working in development/marketing of this organization should take a serious look at how they get to their "success numbers" and leave. Go work for an organization that focuses on helping people, not on their image.

Appointment Screeners Mayo Clinic
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Rating: 1/51

MINNESOTA, MINNESOTA -- Needed a 2nd opinion for a surgery which went bad at local hospital and attempted to get it at Mayo Clinic. Have Medicare as primary and a major PPO as secondary. Apparently, the best I can figure it out, I must've started with a telephone screener who must've had a bad day or something. The screener was polite but, I did notice there was some sort of communicating problem, as if the screener was on the computer with something else while talking to me.

The screener told me that I needed a written referral from physician who operated in me. I explained to the screener that I did not need a referral because I had a PPO but the screener insisted I needed one. When I called back the surgeon who operated on me, I was told I did not need a referral because I had PPO on top of Medicare.

When I called Mayo back a second time, talked to a different screener who again repeated word by word what the first screener said (they just read on computer screen what the first one said), that I needed the referral because based on conversation first screener had with doctor, they were requiring me to get them a referral. After calling back and forth between hospital physician who operated on me and Mayo's preliminary screeners, the last screener told me that based on conversation he had with Mayo's gastro surgery department, that indeed I did need a second opinion.

My surgeon subsequently sent them their requested referral and I heard nothing for a while. When I finally called back, I was told by screener that the Mayo surgeon told them that I did not need a second opinion on my problem. My problem is that I had bariatric sleeve surgery and now, as a result of surgery I developed severe acid reflux which apparently is a new thing resulting from sleeve surgery. I was looking for an answer on what to do with it because the acid eventually causes stomach cancer.

I have a sneaky suspicion that Mayo's reputation is being undercut by very poor communicating (or whatever they are doing) telephone screeners. I will never again try Mayo. I contacted Cleveland Clinic and the response I got was very professional, promptly got an appointment to see a surgeon for a second opinion with a referral because my PPO insurance did not require one.

Again, I never been to Mayo, from news articles I had a very high opinion on them and now, after the "precise" screening I got from their telephone screeners, I have a very low opinion of the place. My suggestion is, if Mayo are subcontracting the screening services, get rid of them. If they are your own people, clean up your act.

Very Disappointing for My Daughter
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Rating: 2/51

ROCHESTER, MINNESOTA -- My daughter went to Mayo Clinic in Rochester in October of 2016 hoping to get help with a rectocele/cystocele disorder and related pelvic floor disorders. She also has Crohn's Disease and was experiencing complications from a hometown doctor having had her on steroids for so long. In addition, she had a blood disorder that no one could figure out. The doctor assigned to her case was a gastroenterologist. He was kind and seemed to be listening. He did several tests including a Cat Scan and sent her to a hematologist and a couple of other doctors in that group.

She was having a lot of pain in her joints, she was getting severely dehydrated on a regular basis, she was having extreme diarrhea and because of the rectocele couldn't expel the waste from her body. Ultimately, after running tests, they told her that it appeared that her Humira was working. I was there with her and I was having a hard time understanding why they thought that it was working. They diagnosed her as having a pelvic floor disorder and sent her to a "therapist" for that disorder. They have this program that they want their patients to go to before they do surgery for pelvic floor disorder. The therapy involves retraining the muscles among other things.

They wanted her to come back to Rochester and do this therapy which was going to cost her $7,800.00 for the therapy alone and insurance would not pay. Along with that cost, there would be airline tickets, hotel bills and time off work. They would not consider doing surgery at all. They said the therapy would have to be done before considering surgery. The therapy would be for two weeks and according to them, there was a waiting list. It would be 4 to 6 weeks before she could even get into the therapy. They tried to convince her to invest in this and we tried to explain that we had no money to do this.

We asked if she could just come back and have surgery and they refused. They were relentless about her doing this pelvic floor disorder therapy. When looking up statistics about how successful this therapy was, it did not convince us at all. Nor could a normal person afford such a thing. I was furious that we spent so much going out there seeking to get help. The only thing we accomplished was to find out blood results. They also told her that they couldn't do surgery because it would not be good for their outcomes. What exactly does that mean? Did they say what we think they said? Surely we heard wrong.

So, needless to say, I was very discouraged by the whole experience. After we left Mayo Clinic, my daughter was hospitalized twice within a month for the very problems she went there hoping to get help. You decide. I wish we had chosen Cleveland Clinic for sure.

Terrible Service, Money-Grubbing Doctors
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Rating: 3/51

ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA -- Had our second child at Mayo after a wonderful experience with our first born at Avera in Sioux Falls. Mayo is supposed to be the greatest medical system in the country. Well, guess what? They're not! Let's start with the basic accommodations.

At Avera, we have a larger, more well appointed delivery room. We have a cafeteria on the ward where you can go get food when you want it. We have a separate recovery room with a queen bed, huge bath, plenty of room and seating for guests. At the great and powerful Mayo? We get a tiny room with no space to move around, no place to even put the small amount of stuff you bring for delivery, tiny bathroom and tub, no seating for guests, and then they expect you to stay in that crappy little room laying on the delivery bed for your entire recovery.

But the best part about Mayo is the absolute MONEY-GRUBBING ** of the whole experience. Not only do they charge more than any other medical system and then cheap out on the care and recovery of their patients, they make it even more blatant by forcing unnecessary services on patients in a ridiculously transparent attempt to pad the bill.

In our case, even though we couldn't possibly rest or recover given their ** room setup, we were forced to pay for an entire extra DAY in the hospital all because their useless moron of pediatrician couldn't get her ** in great and finish tests on time. So in a nutshell, Mayo's facilities are a disgrace, their billing is a joke, and their staff are nothing but a bunch of mindless corporate drones ready to do anything to serve the teat they suck from.

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Rating: 1/51

The aftercare is awful. I need to have lab tests done once a month. Then to find out the results I have to call 3 or 5 times. After surgery was told to come back in 3 months, but when I tried to schedule it they didn't see it on my chart. Well I went for checkup because I was told. The Dr didn't even know about it. Didn't find out anything.

When I got home there was a letter in the mailbox for my appt and to fast. I didn't know that I was supposed to fast and have labs done when I went. Needless to say nothing was checked. The letter was mailed on the 9th (veterans day was in there so no mail went out). I received the letter on the 14th same day that I was supposed be checked at the hospital.

So Far, So Good
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Rating: 4/51

ROCHESTER, ILLINOIS -- I have to admit I'm a bit worried, considering all the negative reviews I've read here. Originally my mom called to get me in to see someone in their psych department (as Mayo is currently ranked #7 in the country in this area). The earliest they could get me in was 3 months from the date my mom called. I thought this ludicrous. Since I'm not currently working, I was advised to call as often as possible to inquire about getting into the clinic sooner.

When I called for the first time, the woman who worked with me was just wonderful. She helped me get an appointment 2 months sooner and told me everything I should do to properly prepare the doctors with my full medical history before they see me so that they can best accommodate my needs while I'm there. This included faxing medical records to their office. Not too difficult a task. So far, my experience with the 'screener' staff has been great and they were very helpful. I'm hoping (and looking forward) to prove previous reviews wrong with a positive experience at Mayo.

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Rating: 1/51

WAYZATA, MINNESOTA -- Is very unfortunate Mayo become a corporation, a business that treats patients according to the size of the wallet. Their polices and whole vision, mission and standards has changed. Services are terrible except, if you look Middle Eastern Oily $$$ cashing, cashing. Then you are able to have an appointment with a REAL Doctor. Other ways for a regular insurance, if you are lucky you can have a 24 years old nurse that looks 16. Taking care of your health needs and concerns. With all my respect to great nurses and their jobs, out there. I always prefer to consult to a doctor who has at least 16 years of studying and some more of practicing.

PLEASE, I'M PAYING TO GET THE SERVICE, THIS IS NOT CHEAP AND NOT FREE MEDICINE FOR SURE. America where are we going? The word "quality" in this country it doesn't have a meaning anymore. China became the standard of quality here. So sad.

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Rating: 5/51

ROCHESTER, MINNESOTA -- The Mayo is No 1 for a reason. They do care and are helpful and kind. Everybody is concerned for the people at the hospital - patient and family. My experience in urology and oncology was simply wonderful and is the reason I am here to write this. I had to spend some time there and NEVER seen anything but professional and caring staff. I am suspect of negative reviews!

Horrible Experience, Staff Fails to Help Son or Diagnose Correctly
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Rating: 1/51

ROCHESTER, MINNESOTA -- My 13 yr old son recently having depression, failing grades, serious emotional issues started receiving "Treatment" through an Emerald Plan Team of Social workers, Residents and Psychiatrists. After a couple weeks of Treatment became suicidal and was admitted to Generose Psychiatry Treatment under his and my decision. I visited him while he was locked up for his own protection several times. The first time he told me that he could still hurt himself even though it was supposed to be safe in there. He showed me a metal object in his room which I immediately told his staff.

The staff worker replied to me that there were many of them around and never did try and take the object from my son. After less than a week, the staff called me on the phone at home and said "Do you have any guns at home, and are they locked up or just laying around?" We are releasing your son today. I begged them not to release him. My son had been calling me 3 consecutive days prior and asked that he please not be released due to him being emotionally unstable. I called several times to his Blue Team Staff and asked them not to release him. I was told it didn't matter what his Dad had said, just what my 13yr old had said.

Also, that there was a shortage of rooms/beds for other patients who were waiting to get in. They released my son no matter what I had told them and immediately he went back into Transitions with his therapist and group. The first time I seen him after dismissal and picked him up from transitions program therapy it had been a couple days since he had been out, back to school, back at mom's house. I noticed immediately that he had a large scratch on his face. I asked him if he had been cutting himself which he said he had. I confiscated this item below from his pocket coming right out of transitions therapy.

He told me that I was the first person who noticed he had cut himself over several weeks of treatment. His mom didn't even know as he lives with her mostly. (He has been seriously abused emotionally and some physically so he cuts himself to try and feel emotions.) He hates his mom, his life, and wants to live with his Dad. When he has altercations, gets depressed, left alone, he hurts himself at his mom's house. He even came close to suicide recently. I am just livid as I had told therapists, Psychiatry team about his cutting, asked to remove the metal object from his safe room.

Found out he also had cut for a long time and when I took him home he showed me approximately 30 cuts over his arms, legs, thigh, and face. I just do not understand how these Professionals can receive their paycheck without feeling guilt for not helping my son at all. I spoke my mind to all believe me, not a word back, no apologies, nothing. Worst of all, my son continues to have issues and the treatment plan has now crumbled since they were all duped, did not catch on, listen to his dad. If I were their boss they would all be fired instantly.

Horrid experience and terrible ego driven staff
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Rating: 1/51

ROCHESTER, MINNESOTA -- My efforts to go to Mayo Clinic in MN, the supposed "world class" facility famous for diagnosing patients with hard to diagnose medical conditions, was met with the most egocentric, rude, threatening individuals I have ever encountered at any hospital. I was set up to go to the clinic for four days of doctors appointments, as set up by the internist in the department that reviews cases of people coming in from out of town and written by a nurse who takes your summary over the phone.

The "Internal Medicine Doctor" decides what doctors you should see to help diagnose you. When I questioned why I was not given the appt in the one department that was the real possible issue and the reason I called the Mayo Clinic in the first place, I was met with a bizarre combination of combative defensive posturing by nasty staff members. Instead of wanting to correct the errors in the written report taken by the nurse that would help get me to a final diagnosis, they cancelled my appts and said "Go elsewhere lady."

I was so stunned by the overall demeanor of every single person I spoke with in that department. I asked myself if they were covering up their errors and worried I had determined that they missed the critical part of my case, and or just were a bunch of the most miserable people I have ever had to deal with. It was the opposite of what a medical facility should be, especially one that prides itself on its ability to truly help patients where other hospitals have failed. They represented everything that is bad and wrong about medical care. The ego got in the way of listening to and helping or possibly helping a patient.

Every single attempt to correct what was likely an oversight, and to try to get the one appt, with a specialist in the one department I was told, by my doctor at home, was what I needed, was met with refusal and lack of desire to admit that maybe they messed up or that maybe they should correct the agenda given to me. It was a disturbing "take it or leave it" attitude. GO ELSEWHERE. These are not people that really care about getting patients well and when the first key to that journey is listening and reviewing important facts about a case is met with resistance and denial you know you are in big trouble as the patient.

So beware, if you go, the patient is always wrong and never right. The patient must never ask a question, or question the path taken or decisions made by the staff or the doctors there. If you do you will be kicked out of the place promptly, appointments canceled that you worked hard to secure, and red flagged as a problem and treated with the same respect as a homeless drug addict.

Sadly, Mayo's reputation is undeserving. If you really review the backgrounds of some of the doctors at this clinic you will come to realize that some, not all, do not have that impressive of a background. And when you do review those backgrounds and question the reasoning behind being given the appointments with those specific individuals, versus others, you better be ready for one nasty reaction by the person on the other end of the phone.

Mayo Clinic employees should be ashamed of themselves. The stress of dealing with chronic health issues that are a mystery is bad enough, but having to deal with a team of employees who treat you like crap before you have even stepped foot on the campus in MN is a seriously disturbing problem for Mayo. At least as far as the internal medicine program is concerned GO TO Cleveland Clinic. The people are warm, welcoming and actually want to take the time to understand your problem before you get there so that your time and money spent is worthwhile and so that it is indeed a productive trip that generates real results. A night and day difference.

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