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Mayo Clinic Misdiagnosed & Denied Me Treatment for 2 Cancers
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I was misdiagnosed and abandoned at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, Florida after three (3) plus years as a patient there. I was denied treatment and follow-up care for two types of cancer after I was finally, correctly diagnosed. I have a family. I am a mother of four. I am a wife. I believe in God and Heaven and I have a lot to live for. I love my life and I want to live to see my youngest children grow up.

Visit as well to view my story & find cancer support resources.

I want to spread public awareness about GIST Cancer and Thyroid Cancer, share resources to help other cancer patients & ALL patients. ALL patients have the right to compassionate care, timely diagnosis and financial assistance if needed. Click on the “RESOURCES” Tab for information

My ordeal with illness and Mayo Clinic has been crushing but has not completely crushed me. I feel like a tiny ant under the heel of Goliath. I feel that my life had no value to some at Mayo Clinic and I was thrown away like a piece of garbage. But, I am blessed to have found the best of medical care and the utmost compassion from the doctors and staff at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, NY which restored my faith that there are medical professionals who have maintained their humanity and have good hearts. Read “CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE” below.

I want to warn others about Mayo Jacksonville’s administration’s pervasive culture of defensiveness, lack of compassion for me and their blatant, harassing collections protocol and denial of care to me. I know other patients that had very similar experiences but they need to speak up for themselves. There is an obvious, prevalent, pompous attitude with the administration and the financial services department. The physicians, whose attempts to provide patient care and treatment, are ruled with an iron fist by Mayo’s administration and financial services department. My oncologist, a sarcoma specialist, was forced to abandon me by the administration at Mayo Clinic.

This is my story

I was diagnosed with GIST Sarcoma (gastrointestinal stromal tumor), a rare, orphan cancer that does not respond to traditional chemotherapy nor radiation. I also was diagnosed with the common form of Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma but with the rare, aggressive Columnar Cell Variant. I was repeatedly dismissed and denied tests & care for the thyroid lumps that I asked Mayo to ultrasound and provide an endocrinologist for. I had an ulcerated, bleeding, cancerous tumor that hemorrhaged for five (5) years and nearly killed me a few times. (My hemoglobin went up the day after my GIST tumor was removed & has remained normal & the highest it’s ever been). I was under the very nose of a Mayo hematologist and oncologist for more than 3 years and had two undiagnosed serious cancers and he misdiagnosed me. Then he abandoned me and did not see me anymore. I would be seen by a different doctor or a Physician’s Asst. each time I went to Mayo. I never knew who I would see and was prescribed IV iron infusions in chemotherapy and they did not really know why I could not keep my blood counts up or really why they were administering infusions or why I was bleeding internally. I was hospitalized in Mayo with active GI bleeding proven by tests in the ER and in hospital and Mayo missed my bleeding tumor every time. The region of bleeding could be seen on a test but Mayo’s hospital doctors missed it. I went through countless endoscopies, colonoscopies, camera pill studies, nuclear medicine scans, angiogram with catheter, and many other procedures when a simple CT Scan revealed the tumor in my small intestine. It was right there the whole time. This entire experience was extremely stressful, frightening, humiliating and racked up needless debt. Note I was also hospitalized with hemorrhages in another local hospital several times over two years prior to being a patient at Mayo Clinic. I had a CT Scan there in 2007 and I may have a CT Scan at Mayo in 2009. I had countless types of scans at Mayo.

I was in absolute fear that I would one day die from hemorrhaging. I was in fact advised by my gastroenterologist at Mayo Clinic that “we have to find out where you are bleeding from. You might not make it the next time you hemorrhage. We could lose you”. I had in fact almost died in another hospital prior to being a patient at Mayo Clinic from two separate massive hemorrhages. NOTE: this Mayo gastroenterologist is an excellent, caring, good doctor. He was my only true advocate at Mayo Clinic and he wanted to help me.

He stated “I don’t think the way you are being treated here is right; I am going to discuss your case with the board at our next meeting”. This would not be the first time a Mayo physician with good values and a good heart would sit in front of me and apologize to me. After I was diagnosed with GIST Sarcoma, I was assigned to a new sarcoma specialist. He stated he was “sorry for what I had been through and he would be sure I had better care, that he wished he had met me three years prior as he would have suspected and looked for GIST Sarcoma, that I had every symptom of GIST Sarcoma”.

If this isn’t telling, I don’t know what is.


MY CARE AT MAYO CLINIC JACKSONVILLE, FL WAS COMPLETELY TERMINATED after I was diagnosed with the two cancers. I believe Mayo Clinic’s administration went into damage control and got rid of me to avoid potential legal repercussions. They know mistakes were made and they worked to get rid of me. My own oncologist, a sarcoma specialist, who was newly assigned to me in my last months at Mayo Clinic phoned me himself to “warn me that he had been approached by the administration that they were going to terminate my care due to a lack of mutual trust and my bill”. He stated “I want to be your doctor. I think it is wrong what they are doing. There is not a sarcoma specialist in this region but I will help monitor your CT scans for you if you like and I know a couple of oncologist in the area that I will call and talk with for you. I will ask the administration to reconsider.”

I never heard from my doctor again.

I was heartbroken, terrified and crushed that a healthcare organization would treat a patient like this. I had expected that Mayo Clinic would own their mistakes and ensure that I received better care which my new sarcoma doctor wanted to do. The ethical course of action for Mayo Clinic’s administration to have taken for me would have been to APOLOGIZE in addition to financial services working with me to reduce the bill rather than kick me to the curb knowing full well I had an UNTREATED cancer of the thyroid that would require surgery and radiation therapy and possible other therapies afterward. I am still undergoing treatment for the thyroid cancer for which I was denied by Mayo.


IF YOU ARE A MAYO PATIENT and experienced similar circumstances know that you have rights as a patient. SPEAK UP! Do not allow Mayo Clinic to bully you. You deserve respect, COMPASSION and proper medical diagnosis and care. If you cannot pay your bill, you have the right to apply for financial assistance. These are things Mayo Clinic did not provide to me.


I phoned patient liaisons several times while a patient at Mayo Jacksonville. I expressed my fears and concerns that I was not getting better. I shared my humiliating experience with a very rude, abrasive, pompous doctor in their gynecology department who misdiagnosed me and recommended a needless procedure and/or surgery. I also complained about the harassment I experienced with financial services. I also asked to speak with the President William [snip] at Mayo Jacksonville who ignored me. Patient Liaisons did nothing to help me and did not advocate for me in any way that I am aware of. I believe that the Patient Liaisons served only to accumulate information and complaints from me which launched Mayo into defense mode and damage control then terminated my care.
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Mayo Clinic will deny you an appointment and will not tell you why...
Posted by on
A few weeks ago I requested an appointment at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. I filled out a detailed appointment request online, and subsequently had a long discussion over the phone with someone from Mayo Clinic with regards to all of the tests that I'd had done, my medical history, etc. For approximately four years I have struggled with spinal issues that are growing increasingly less manageable. I had surgery towards the end of 2009, and I have felt physically worse and worse since December. The neurosurgeon who performed the surgery is recommending another more invasive spinal surgery. I went to the Mayo Clinic seeking a second opinion, as they are world renowned and I want to make sure that I am comfortable with my treatment plan prior to agreeing to any further surgical intervention.

They told me they would look over my information and contact me back with appointment information. This was over two weeks ago. I called them back and discovered some very disappointing information.

First, they had referred my appointment request to the orthopedic clinic. My condition is spinal, and therefore should have been reviewed by a neurosurgeon, not an orthopedic surgeon.

Second, I was informed that they would not be scheduling me an appointment at the Mayo Clinic. I was advised that I would be receiving a letter, but it would not contain any details as to why I have been "denied" treatment. When I asked why over the phone I was told that the doctor (again an orthopedic doctor, not really the appropriate specialist in my opinion) had a long waiting list. What this doctor's waiting list has to do with whether or not I can receive treatment is beyond me.

The Mayo Clinic does not have any way to file a complaint, request detailed information as to why they would choose not to treat you, or for a potential patient who has been denied a consult to request that the review be done by the appropriate specialty.

It is very disappointing to say the least. I am seeking the opinion of one of the best respected medical groups in the country, and they won't help me. It just makes me absolutely sick that they can have someone look at the most basic of information (not even my medical records!) and decide that I don't deserve to receive treatment.

Just beware of putting too much hope into the Mayo Clinic, at least until they actually decide you are worth the time it takes to schedule an appointment. It is a horribly disappointing feeling to be told that they won't treat you, and that they will not tell you why you can't get the best treatment out there. I was so optimistic that they would at the very least be able to make some recommendations or concur with my neurosurgeon so I could be confident going into this surgery, but they are simply not interested in helping me. I feel like others should be aware that this occurs, so as not to experience the crushing disappointment I have as a result of their policies.
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User Replies:
Joe Smithers on 07/23/2011:
The commentsd about Mayo clinic scare me. Are they really good are is it simply a halo effect?
Donald R Dicks on 07/27/2011:
I should have read the reviews before waste of time and money on this no good filtering for there class of client. Registers must decide if you see a doctor even with an appointment.
Naomi on 12/05/2011:
I don't know what the Mayo Clinic wants, exactly.... you on your death bed? it doesn't make any sense. They declined seeing me and told me that I needed to go to a General Practitioner. Really? Even though my general doc said to see a specialist? That makes no sense!
Dani on 01/14/2012:
I was put through the wringer at Mayo. They are very poor in patient teaching. They have this arrogance that pervades their care to the patient detriment. Consider yourself lucky you didn't see them. I was totally unimpressed with their subpar care. Waste of time and money for me as my experience was they decide what they think you have and ignore your actual symptoms that don't agree w/their theory. I went through all their tests just to have my original doctors be right the whole time. What I needed from them was ideas for additional treatment for a life threatening condition. I am sicker now then when I started out. Bad, bad, experience for me.
Diane on 07/31/2012:
I too am devastated and emotional, feeling that there was light at the end of the rainbow. To be told that the results of me getting an appointment could be so complicated. I have lost all hope. I give up.
Syl on 01/30/2013:
I filled out the form to make the appointment over the internet. I just received an email from a lady telling me that the department I was requesting was unavailable...Really? The neurologist is unavailable and also the rheumatologist? Maybe she just decided to throw my case in the garbage. I have been suffering of hip and S.I. joint pain for over seven years. I have seen all kinds of doctors and nobody seems to find out the cause of my pain, some days I can barely walk or move
anonymous on 03/01/2013:
You should be glad they didn't see you. I went there summer of 2012 and I am still upset over how I was treated (or NOT treated). The main feeling I took away was exactly what Dani said.They were arrogant and approached me with a "theory" within 2 minutes of walking in the room before examining me and then just tried to prove that theory. They didn't look at pertinent tests at all. Go somewhere's a halo effect!
jan dillman on 10/16/2013:
My mother was hospitalized on two occasions. In 2006 and again in 2007. She needs to go back there for the same treatment, but Mayo won't let us get her foot in the door. They say that they only take care of the people in their surrounding area. They told me that my mother could not come back there. They are just full of crap. There's a big headline online that says MILLIONS OF PEOPLE CHOOSE MAYO FOR THEIR HEALTHCARE
jan dillman on 10/16/2013:
but they will not take my mother back. She is dying here in Missouri and they will not take her. This is so frustrating and it is hurting our whole family. I'll bet they will take a billionaire Saudia Arabian, but they won't take the common folk in the USA. They are terrible.
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God Awful Doctor Factory
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ROCHESTER, MINNESOTA -- I live near Mayo Rochester.. My family has gone there for decades..We have decided any type of VOODOO is better than Mayo clinic.. Heres part of the story.

1. I had a heart attack 2 1/2 years ago..We went to the emergency room at St. Mary's..During my 4 days there I got little or no sleep..( later hospitalization by other family members were the same !) The attendants stood outside my room discussing Basketball Final 4 half the night. I closed my door. They duct taped it open . Then continued their sports talk. My cardiologist said ( sleep is over rated" and " You can sleep when you get home:.. Nice Fella! Food was restricted.. The medications prescribed were a nightmare in themselves. I did not tolerate 2 of the Golden Four medications. PROCOR gave me horrible flu symptoms. Lopressor later caused me to get frostbite since it reduces blood flow to hands and feet.. The arrogant doc refused to moderate the meds. I later fired him and went to a less arrogant clinic.

2. My wife required surgery to correct a colon problem.. She reacts very badly to Morphine and related pain killers. We met with 2 docs on the day of the surgery AND she was wearing the orange drug reaction band. They gave her a Morphine family drug anyway.. She was in ICU for 2 days..They gave no reason for it.. Our family doc found out why a year later.

3. Managed care.. I went to Mother Mayo for 5 years for severe back pain ( 2 canes to walk were needed)..They gave me an epidural 3-4 times a year for the pain. The pain got worse. They refused any other treatment.. I went to a great Doc in Edina MN, had surgery and was almost pain free 4 months later.. I wasted 5 years of my life with Mayo. Inactivity contributed to the heart attack.

In conclusion...Some departments at Mayo are Good.. Others should be avoided.
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Mayo Clinic Over Rated For Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ROCHESTER, MINNESOTA -- I went to Mayo Clinic in Rochester Mn., it took over 6 months to get an appointment. I traveled over 900 miles one way. I had gone numb on my left side, all doctors said was they could not rule out a stroke or MS.

When I arrived for my appointment to check in, the lady took my paper that took and hour to fill out, she pulled the medicine list and threw the rest in the garbage. Then I went in to see the doctor, the first words out of his mouth was 'you will probably not know any more than you did before coming here.' He checked my reflexes and looked out my old(5 month) MRI. He sent me for another MRI and drew blood. Came back in to his office after the MRI and said he did not know what my problem is. He told me to go home and keep doing what I have been doing. He previously said that the medicine I was taken was not what he gives to his patients, but would not change my medicine to what he uses to see if it would help me. This man done absolutely nothing for me but waste my time. They do not try to find out what is wrong with you. He knew what he was going to do for me before I arrived in Mn. He could have given me the option if I wanted to travel that far for another MRI. There's no telling what I have been charged. Don't be fooled by what others say about Mayo, they do not try to find out your problem, They actually do less than other doctors. It's all a scam.
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User Replies:
CheriB on 07/27/2013:
I went through a similar experience at Mayo in Scottsdale. The Gastroenterologist, Told me he wasn't sure he could help me. I came in with severe pain on my lower left abdomen with major bloating. Even after diagnosing my illness they refused to treat me. I was diagnosed after colonoscopy with Diverticulosis, I experience severe pain and bleeding. Typical treatment includes antispasmodic drugs and dietary changes. The doctors would not suggest treatment options but wanted me to continue testing for unrelated issues. They make money by ordering tests. I am so disappointed.
Melissa Bernard on 09/18/2013:
I traveled 700 miles in pain, on my side in the back seat because it was too painful to sit. Kept me here 3 weeks recommending consults having nothing to do with my pain.I thinking this was leading to diasgnosing my pain. The doctor I saw in the spine center was just a PA. I thought he was a neurologist that would diagnose the source of me nerve pain. Never got any answers and spent three weeks in a hotel. Now going home no better than when I got there. The last doctor I saw asked me what I wanted him to do for me. I was so upset. I told him I want him to diagnose the source of my pain and treat it. Pretty much said they couldn't do that. I had no tests ordered and absolutely no attempt to help me. I am so disappointed. If you are looking for answers or treatment don't expect to find it here.
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Mayo is a rip-off Beware!!
Posted by on
SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA -- We went to the Mayo in Arizona to make sure my husband really had Parkinson's disease. The first Dr. we saw confirmed the diagnosis. He then started questioning my husband about his swallowing, sleep habits etc. next thing we know we have a weeks worth of Dr. Appointments seeing all kinds of specialist. It is a scam!!! they get you there then they play on your vulnerabilities. They told us our insurance would cover all visits!!! Long story short, he went to all kinds of appts. that we not necessary.. and we got a bill for 13,000 dollars. I am sure we are not the only ones they do this to. I tried to argue the charges. They won't even discuss it. You need to ask why you need to see the next Dr. Question and learn to say NO!! Your physician at home can do everything they do there. They did nothing to help my husband, except add stress to his life.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 06/13/2011:
did you seek a second opinion only? or did you seek medical treatments? the Mayo Clinic has helped thousands and thousands.
Skye on 06/13/2011:
I'm sorry this happened. but before starting any medical treatments anywhere, it's up to us, as the policy holder, to make sure our insurance is going to cover treatments. Nobody likes a surprise at the end.

Contact the Mayo clincis patient advocate services, and find out if there are options available to help fray the cost of this $13,000.00 bill.

Disaster Worker on 06/14/2011:
Parkinson's is a disease that is very hard to accurately diagnosis, thus the different tests. I was in the hospital 2 months ago for 2 hours (in the very ER where I work as a trauma medic!) and the bill came to almost $11,000 for a minor ailment (diverticulitis). $13,000 for a week's worth of testing seems very reasonable. The Mayo has a stellar reputation and they had your loved one's interest at heart.

I hope all goes well for you!
annon on 06/14/2011:
I was admitted to the hospital last year for 2 days and the bill was $10,000. I had to pay $2,000. It does sound like your bill is not unreasonable, but I would definitely ask for a discount if the insurance company will not pay for the visits. Have you tried contacting the insurance company? Sometimes you will receive a bill before the insurance pays their share. That's a definite possibility.
saj80 on 06/14/2011:
I wish you the best, as I know several people with Parkinson's. As far as insurance, I am assuming, based on your header, you travelled from out of state to the Mayo Clinic. While Mayo may indeed accept your insurance, most insurance companies require preapproval before approving coverage for treatments at out of state facilities; did you obtain this approval prior to your visit to Mayo?
Ag7happy on 02/09/2012:
I've spent years getting random tests from doctors at home. Mayo is giving you every option that could be to make sure your diagnosis is correct. That takes years to maneuver in the usual medical setting.
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I wouldn't take my dog to Mayo
Posted by on
The Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL puts the doctors first. That means that you can not ever leave a message outside the hours of 8am to 5pm ET. That means that their offices will not return calls or call you even after they tell you that they will. That means that they can choose their patients/customers at their whim without having to provide an explanation; which, by the way is considered discrimination if any other business did that to their customers. The staffs do not communicate well with their doctors or other doctors' staffs. How do I know this? I am ready to jump off a bridge out of frustration with the treatment my family received. Not just that, the attitude is clearly one of "The whole world must revolve around the doctor" even though they SAY the patient comes first, our experience was that the patient comes last. I sincerely believe that they have endangered my family member's life by their actions and delays. They all need classes in Customer Care!!! They have clearly been taught to read from legal manuals without regard or empathy for a patient, not doing what is considered morally right by any mainstream population or even the Wikipedia definition of humanitarianism. Their attitude came across in actions and speech such that they are only in it for profit, profit, profit! I wouldn't take my dog there, unless, of course, he needs to pee. It appears to me that they are living off of their reputation and a PR department that works hard to create an image that is just that, an IMAGE. I would have more confidence in an engineering PhD and a good butcher who studied a medical book, than I do in these folks. They operate like a poorly run factory, as far as I could tell. If they would have returned our calls, taken messages, kept appointments or explained things to us, maybe I wouldn't be typing this. By the way, we aren't the types of people who would ever sue since there are more inportant things in life, but the truth must be known. We will go elsewhere. Good Luck!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/04/2010:
nice review. I especially like the only bringing your dog there to pee....nice.
Anonymous on 02/04/2010:
Exactly what is the issue with the Mayo Clinic? That is it is a busy hospital and research center? What do they do that is immoral? I would think that moral could get you sued in a hospital and they do what is LEGAL.

More info would be better.
bcd on 02/04/2010:
Too much rant. Enjoy your leap off the Dames Point Bridge.
Eva on 08/19/2013:
I was actually handled terribly. The nurse yelled at me when I needed to go to the bathroom. She then told me if I took too long she would rip me off of the toilet! I woke up in the middle of a procedure with a plastic cover over me. I kept moaning and when no one answered after 15 minutes I panicked because I thought I was dead! I then spent the next 30 minutes begging for drugs so that I could not feel what they were doing. Terrible!
Eva on 08/19/2013:
I was actually handled terribly. The nurse yelled at me when I needed to go to the bathroom. She then told me if I took too long she would rip me off of the toilet! I woke up in the middle of a procedure with a plastic cover over me. I kept moaning and when no one answered after 15 minutes I panicked because I thought I was dead! I then spent the next 30 minutes begging for drugs so that I could not feel what they were doing. Terrible!
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Cruel Arrogant Doctors
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ROCHESTER, MINNESOTA -- My Daughter, had been under the care of two specialist at Mayo Clinic Rochester for years. We took her to the ER, when we were not able to contact her doctor by telephone.

The ER Doctor, refused to call her specialist, and wanted to just admit her. She refused to be admitted, this angered the doctor, and when I advocated, that she had a right to choose, where, and by who, she received her care, the very angry doctor filed, an unlawful civil treatment hold, and a false vulnerable adult report. Only because she was born with Down Syndrome, was she forced to endure such, calloused, merciless discrimination.

Any doctor that would, practice such negligent abuse of power and " I am God" Arrogance, is a very disturbed person, yet this behavior is allowed by Administration.

By the time they figured out she, had the same rights as any other human being, that she had a right to choose, and a disability has not one thing to do with a person saying no, she had already suffered fatal treatment by doctors not familiar with her.

One thousand people die every day from medical error. Just in the United States.

United States Senate is now addressing the problem.

Thank you for this web site, this will save lives.
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Mayo Clinic Harassment
Posted by on
SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA -- I have never attended the Mayo Clinic. Despite this I began receiving insistent phone calls from them. When I answer they hangup. When I've tried calling the number back an automated message apologizes and informs me that the number is a general callback number and as such there is no way of determining where or who the call came from. These calls come between 5 and 9am usually. When I called the actaul listed Mayo Clinic I was told the office doesn't open until 8am, despite the fact I was actaully talking to a person, not an automated system, and therefor it was impossible. The calls still continued and have yet to cease.
To me this is very unprofessional, demonstrating simple incompetence and a breakdown in their operating procedure.
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User Replies:
Jay on 06/07/2011:
There is a reasonably good chance these calls are NOT from the Mayo Clinic. Since the phone companies allow caller ID spoofing it is likely a auto-dial telemarketer system that is spoofing the caller ID to appear to be the Mayo Clinic. They do this to avoid detection and being reported by those on the Do Not Call list.
madconsumer on 06/07/2011:
try to use the 'blocking' feature on your telephone.
jim on 07/22/2013:
Google anybody's harassing phone numbers. They tend to come up with the connected business. I did this for a series of hang up calls and calls that do not leave a message. Mayo Clinic was at the bottom of some of these. I ended up calling their business office and strongly suggested they stop this inane practice with me. I never pick up the phone if I do not know caller or if caller I.d. is blocked. Anyway, I have not had another computer call from them.
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They are KILLING my mother
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ROCHESTER, MINNESOTA -- My mom went in on Tuesday 6/24/2014, they discharged her the next evening - in the morning she was having chest pain and black stool - she's been in the Methodist hospital since - and they still haven't figured out where the internal bleeding is coming from!!!!!!!!!!!! I spoke with her nurse today (Sunday 6/29/14) and he said they would be doing another scan tomorrow - but she isn't considered "high-risk" so it will be sometime in the evening - WTF?!?!?!? If they don't do something tomorrow, I will be going down me, they will give her some aftercare or I will be in jail!! Mayo is good at surgery - but after that you're on your own......
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 07/08/2014:
Well, odds are that there are a few other people in worse condition than your mother that need to be taken care of first. If her vital signs are stable and her blood counts aren't dropping, then she really isn't high risk. If anything changes, then I'm sure she'll get bumped up to the head of the line.
sdesmond1008 on 08/25/2014:

How is your Mother now.
I would like to know what her outcome was.
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Mayo does not care about patients, only about them and their pocket.
Posted by on
If you are hoping for a kidney transplant, unless you are the perfect patient that presents absolutely no challenge, save your life, go somewhere else, if your case is somewhat challenging you will be ignored, wait till you probably die, while performing test after test mostly not necessary, but boast their pocket, the kidney transplant department does not care about the patient, only about their perfect numbers, not mentioning the arrogance you will experience any time you call any one at the Mayo clinic Jacksonville.
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User Replies:
ticia232 on 09/22/2011:
Do you not want them to perform everything so that get a better match and make sure that you can survive the surgery?
PepperElf on 09/23/2011:
Tests are taken not to suck you dry of money but to ensure that the new kidneys are the right match for you.

or are you expecting them to just pull a random kidney from a bucket, and just slap it in?

I mean seriously... they do that to ensure the new kidney doesn't kill you or make you worse. and who the hell wants to go through that?
fumblebee on 09/23/2011:
I have been a patient at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville and it was fabulous. The staff were friendly, helpful and would explain everything to me. No one was arrogant, they were kind and understanding. I don't understand why you have an issue with them running tests. If you want the procedure to have a positive outcome then you have to go through the testing to make sure everything is perfect. Sure the tests may cost some money, but really wouldn't you rather pay out a little for tests now than have to pay out for multiple transplant surgeries down the road because they didn't run all the tests to make sure everything matched perfectly?
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