Maytag Corporation Air Conditioners

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Maytag Air Conditioner Annual Repair Needs
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Rating: 2/51

BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA -- The Maytag Air Conditioner we purchased works great when it is running. It is designed with a poor quality/underrated capacitor that fails regularly. It never seems to fail when it is cool but it waits until it is going to be 105 degrees for several days. It is a quick fix, if the contractor has it in stock. Now after a few short years the blower motor has gone bad. Again, over 100 degrees for several days in a row and no one seems to have it in stock! If you are going to sell a product, why don't you have major parts in stock locally?

Overall, we are not satisfied with this product and would not purchase or recommend Maytag Air Conditioners.

Maytag - never again
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Brought model M6Q10F2D a year ago, it started acting up immediately + completely broke a few days after the warranty expired. Of course, no help on the Maytag end - a company who somehow does not take full responsibility for appliances bearing it's logo and name.

I'll make sure never to buy any type of Maytag product ever again. A company that doesn't take responsibility is not a real company at all.

Maytag Won't Honor Their Warranty
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MICHIGAN -- After spending 20 minutes on hold, waiting for some assistance to help repair the four-year old Maytag Air Conditioner I have sitting in a window frame in my house; I found myself more frustrated than when I made the call. The customer service representative let me know that the Maytag branded air conditioner I purchased, was actually made by Fedders – on behalf of Maytag. Fedders has since filed for bankruptcy protection, and the warranty that accompanies my Maytag Air Conditioner will be honored at some point in the future – could be a week, a month, a year, or a decade; but I’m covered because I called within the warranty period.

The senior leaders at Maytag made a decision – which I’m quite sure was based on lower manufacturing costs – to outsource the production of some of their air conditioners to Fedders, and now they want their trusting consumers to pay for their mistake. I guess the contingency strategy is to minimize exposure; only disclose the details of the sub-contracting agreement with Fedders to those with equipment failures. Hide behind the legal system, and hope most of the problems go away – customers replace their air conditioners, and by the time Maytag is prepared to execute the warranty contract, the unit has been scrapped for its parts. This is unacceptable.

I think a class-action lawsuit is in order.

5 year warranty
By -

LAKE WORTH, FLORIDA -- The Maytag Office keeps ignoring my complaints about our A/C not working.
We called their local service company and they never called back, ever.
We keep calling the 866-Maytag1 and every phone call is a different person.
They act like this is the first time we called.
I have been complaining since last summer about this A/C being loud. Now it will not cool.
I ask to repair or send a replacement.
Now they tell me I have to wait another two days for a regional manager to answer an email!

Resolution Update 07/13/2013:

Brand New Unit sent to me

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