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Poor quality
By -

CLEVELAND, TENNESSEE -- Bought the dryer May 28th, 2010 and have had 4 service calls on it already. (It's only Sept 2010.) The dryer's automatic dry cycle doesn't seem to know when the clothes are dry...... The medium weight clothes are completely dry after 26 minutes but the machine continues to run for another 54 minutes before it shuts off. What kind of "automatic" drying cycle is that?

A large box store where I bought it spent 1 hr and 45 minutes on the phone with Maytag and received the runaround like you wouldn't believe. Maytag offered nothing except an extended warranty and wanted to send out another repairman for the 5th time. Thanks Maytag.......... Why don't you stand behind your product? Piece of junk.

Maytag Neptune Dryers are Junk and Money Pits
By -

I purchased a Maytag Washer and Dryer back in 2007. The Dryer costs over $900.00. I have had 4 service calls on it totalling $800, and I just made my 5th service call as the Dryer will not heat. This Dryer is supposed to be top of the line. An appliance repairman came out last September 09 and replaced the controller board and thermostat. I just called them thinking those parts were still under warranty and she told me they only have a 90 day warranty and it will cost $75 just for the repairman to come on-site to look at it.

The costs of my repairs is about to exceed the cost of my expensive (supposedly top of the line) dryer in less than 4 years. This is ridiculous, I hope everyone considering purchasing a dryer reads this post and avoids purchasing a Maytag appliance. Maytag does not mean quality, it means heartache and high repair bills.

Never Ever Will I Buy A Maytag Again!
By -

This product has been fully replaced once already 5 months after I got it because the part that it needed "was not available anymore" NOW the exact same product that replaced it is not working...... They are trying to tell me now that my warranty will have to go back to the original date of the purchase (the one that they replaced only 6 months ago.) I am truly livid!!!! Having spent all this money on the Maytag quality and having to go to the laundromat again for a week with a family of 5 is NOT good. Very very unhappy!!!

Even when this product is working properly it takes 120 minutes to dry a load of clothes!!! What a piece of crap!!! The washing machine does NOT spin all the water out of the clothes - my 20 year old washer and dryer were far better!!!

Best Ever Washer and Dryer
By -

I purchased the Bravos washer and dryer set. I must disagree with anyone who does not believe this is the best washer and dryer for the money. I read many review and was quite concerned with my purchase. But quickly found out as long as you load the washer according to directions there are no problems with wrinkling, tangling, or cleaning. The washer and dryer are quite for fast and efficient. I love the large size of the washer and dryer, I can wash my king size (fluffy) comforters without any effort. I have always had to dry-clean them before. I couldn't be happier.

Maytag sucks
By -

I cannot believe how many times I've had to have both my Maytag washer and dryer serviced since purchasing in 2005. What a rip-off. Cheap, flimsy, they-don't-care-slapped-together made appliances. First it was the washer, it wouldn't spin. Then it was the dryer, the digital panel kept tripping the circuit breaker over and over. They replaced that, but then shortly after that digital panel died and they wouldn't even cover the cost, I had to pay.

Then the washer.... again..... now it's the dryer again. The bearing is gone already. Now it's out of warranty and I have to pay.... again. That whole idea of the Maytag repairman with nothing to do...(remember those commercials?) is a joke. This is the worst experience I've ever had with appliances.

Product Repair Follow-Up
By -

I recently had to replace the motor on my Maytag Dryer that was only 13 months old. The repair cost me about 2/3 the cost of a new dryer. The service tech provided good service, however, he could not get the plastic blower fan off the motor shaft and had to forcefully and intentionally break it off, which cost me additional for a new fan blade. The problem was that these fan blades have a plastic, square shoulder around the brass insert (L/H Thrds.) molded into the center of the fan to screw onto the motor shaft. This is a recurring problem since the servicemen compete to see who can break the fan blade off the quickest and with the least amount of trouble.

There seemed to be NO follow-up back-feed to Whirlpool Corp. to advise them of this poorly engineered "fan to motor shaft" connection. May I suggest that a system be considered to find out what is causing the failure of some Maytag Dryer motors. For instance, my dryer motor had an end-play of 1/2 inch or more after only 13 months and this caused the problem - motor parts rubbing together because of the end play. The cause of this "end-play" is another engineering problem that could be solved to save your customers a great deal of problems - and money.

I am very disappointed with my Dryer repair experience but I thought I might be able to suggest a way to improve your product/s/. Thank you for this opportunity.

Maytag/Admiral Are A Low Quality Washer & Dryer
By -

PORTLAND, OREGON -- Admiral Capacity Plus Washer model #LNC6766A71. I just want to inform the public how crappy this wash machine has been. Our wash machine bounces all over the floor, the lid has rusted off also. Sometimes we have to run the spin cycle 2-3 times to get the water to spin out of the clothes. We had to have the water pump replaced after four years due to it leaking all over our floor. We only have had the admiral machines for 8 years, although it started bouncing around several years ago! Can't believe the lid hinges actually rusted off probably due to the water hitting the lid when the machine bounces around and the poor manufacturing quality of the way it was built by Maytag. We had to replace the heating element on the dryer after only four years and sometimes the dryer makes a squealing noise when you start it.

We are looking at getting new washer and dryer with our tax rebate this year and it definitely won't be a Maytag/Admiral washer and dryer.

I Loved My Nuptune...
By -

COLORADO -- I am having to replace my washer and dryer. I bought my Neptune washer and dryer the very first year they came out. Probably 10 or so years ago. The control panel has gone out of the washer and this is the first time I have had a problem. Until now, while researching the new machines I had no idea how many people had problems and disliked them. I loved the front slant shape and the ease of getting in and out of them.

I only wish I could replace them with another one. I am going to the laundry mat now because I can not find anything on the market I like. I am truly bummed about it.

Appliances Are Junk... Customer Service Even Worse
By -

STOUGHTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I purchased the matching Neptune washer dryer set in early 2006. Within 1 year the drum on the dryer got a puncture in it from a defective wheel assembly. Clothes that were drying went in the hole and nearly caught fire. Maytag sent out a repair company called A&E Factory Service. The man replaced the drum and within the next year the gasket on the front of the drum fell out and the drum broke again, not only did the drum break but the wheels that spin the drum broke. I had another local repair company come out and they said that the dryer was defective from day 1. I called and spoke with Maytag and got no where. Their own supervisor in Corporate said that "all appliances do not last like they used to" I told him that they should last at least 3 years wouldn't you think? I am replacing both of the Maytag units and will never buy another product from them again.

I own a construction company and have a lot of opportunities to recommend brands. I will never recommend Maytag to anyone.

A Dryer Should Last More Than 2 Years
By -

We bought this dryer (specifically, the Maytag MDE4658AYW) in November 2006. We spent more than we wanted to because we wanted one with a lot of versatility and that would last a long time. It worked great for 2 years and 2 months. Then the motor died.

When we originally bought the machine, we paid $400, which was a good amount of money for a dryer at that time. The repairman quoted us $320 to fix it. He also recommended that we not fix it, but rather spend our money on a new machine of a different brand.

I was researching the problem on the internet and I found a fix-it forum where a man was talking about having the exact same problem with his Maytag dryer, except his was only a little over a year old... barely out of warranty. We decided we better take our repairman's advice.

Update Feb 17,2009
Shortly after I posted this review, a Whirlpool customer service person read it and contacted me. She sent me a motor at no charge and I installed it, so the dryer is working again. I don't know why they don't just give longer warranties, it would be a lot easier for everybody and it would have saved me $80 for the repair call. But at least it's cheaper than a new dryer.

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