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Worst Refrigerator I Ever Had... Junk
Posted by on
I have had this ref for 9 years and have replaced the electronic board 3 times (guess they didn't know that moisture and electronics don't mix well as the board is inside the ref box not on the outside). The ice and water in the door micro switch relys on the rubber face PCS to return the switch to the off position (not even a spring in there) What a poor design!!!!! The guys who designed this ref should build one more and quit... I am done with Maytag products... they are JUNK!!!!!!!!!!
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At Your Service on 10/09/2011:
It sounds like you've really had a line of bad luck with your refrigerator. Overall, I love Maytag products and I especially like their Wide by Side unit. Maytag stopped producing the unit only because they felt like it was encroaching on the increasing popularity of the French door industry.

Regardless, are you planning on just replacing the refrigerator? What are you planning on replacing it with? Have you looked at certain brands you like more?
Venice09 on 10/09/2011:
I have owned three Maytag appliances, including a refrigerator, and agree that they are poorly designed. It's a shame when a brand name such as Maytag can no longer be trusted to design and manufacture reliable products. Maytag enjoyed a highly respected reputation for decades until the bottom fell out. I think most wise and educated consumers would agree.
Anonymous on 10/09/2011:
Samsung refrigerators are the best quality according to Consumer Reports.
GreenstarYT on 10/09/2011:
I have no complaints about my Samsung fridge, it's awesome!
Venice09 on 10/09/2011:
My refrigerator is working on borrowed time, so I'm going to have to start looking for a replacement. I plan on researching models instead of brands since all the brands are in the same boat. I had a bad experience with Samsung many many years ago and vowed to never buy their products again. Maybe it's time to give them another chance. If Samsung has a model that suits my needs and gets good reivews, I won't automatically rule it out.
At Your Service on 10/09/2011:
Fantastic dialog everyone! Unfortunately, there is a problem. Just a very quick search and what should pop up:,,,,
And that's only a quick five. More thorough searching would produce even more.

It is true that the average appliance lasts about ten years. However we all know that for every one that exceeds that, there are others that fall short. Samsung, IMHO, does have a creative design to many of their appliances. They have a great look. Unfortunately, Samsung is still relatively new to the appliance business. Their service center system isn't as well established as some of their competition. As I've always advocated, when making such a major purchase you can always hope for the best, but you better plan for the worst. Take the extra time to learn about warranty programs and how they are covered by the retailer and service centers in your area. Try contacting them and find out how far out they are to complete a repair on such a unit. It's a few extra steps, but it can make the world of difference in being overall satisfied with your purchase.
trmn8r on 10/10/2011:
After reading the comments above, I went and tried to find a repository of reviews on the internet, like Joe Six Pack might do if he needed a Samsung frig to keep his beer cold. In 10 minutes of searching, I couldn't find any. Maybe my3c is the place to find them, after all.
Venice09 on 10/10/2011:
I'm tickled to know you find the dialog fantastic!

But here's the problem:

"when making such a major purchase you can always hope for the best, but you better plan for the worst."

That warning is a disgrace to an entire industry, especially that it should be completely unnecessary. It sounds more like a warning given to cancer patients than to consumers investing thousands of dollars in merchandise produced in a high tech world. Are you saying consumers can no longer have confidence in any brand and should EXPECT shoddy merchandise and service? It sure sounds that way. Thanks for the warning. I think it's the most Helpful advice you've given.

Anonymous on 10/10/2011:
Great comments AYS> Thanks for providing all those links. Those are very helpful as well.

I agree with you completely that Samsung is new to the applaince business, and hoping for the best, and planning for the worst. Too many consumers like myself tend to buy more on impulse, but now after reading a few of your commentaries, my patience on purchasing is vastly immproving. It's nice to know there are members
here that help other members.

Good review as well. +1,
At Your Service on 10/10/2011:
Thanks so much ConsumersavvyUSA. It never hurts to make sure you think about such things before you have to.

I like what you have to say too Venice09. Even though I may not agree with everything you may say, I sure do respect your opinion.
Anonymous on 10/10/2011:
You're very welcome AYS.
Venice09 on 10/10/2011:
Well, shazaam!.. Thanks!

I've been giving more thought to how absurd this statement is:

"when making such a major purchase you can always hope for the best, but you better plan for the worst."

If I walked into an appliance store (or any store for that matter), and was told to hope for the best but plan for the worst, I'd either run in the opposite direction or buy the cheapest model in the store. Why would I invest a lot of money in something that requires me to expect the worst? Even if I spent extra money on an extended warranty, I'd basically be setting myself up for years of inconvenience, wasted time, aggravation and frustration. Only a fool would pay for that.

Imagine walking into a car dealership and being told to hope for the best but to expect the worst. Just absurd.
Anonymous on 10/10/2011:
Also AYS I would like add that it's great that you respect other (as shown in your last sentence).I'm just sorry there's no reciprocity. But I'll always respect what you have to post.
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Nice fridge but poor equipment
Posted by on
We went to have Ice Cream and found that everything was thawed out and no good. We ended up throwing out about $200.00 worth of food away. We phoned to have someone look at it to find that the compressor is no good and the repair guy said that Maytag is no good.

Well it only cost 1600.00 to buy the dam thing!!!
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Venice09 on 03/16/2011:
That's an expensive refrigerator. If you have an extended warranty, it might cover the lost food. I have a Maytag refrigerator. The bad news is that it's poorly designed. The good news is that it's ten years old and still working. The price was around $600.

How old is your refrigerator?
unhappy999 on 03/16/2011:
More expensive appliances do not last longer, in fact, they tend to not last as long because there are more parts on them to break down.
Ontario2013 on 06/14/2013:
I purchased this model May 2007. In Feb 2007 control board had to be replaced, than again Mar 2010 replaced control board, and this evening the temp indicates warm and the freezer in not cold. So tomorrow I will place another call to a repair service. Each service call is $225 to $300. Cost of appliance is not the issue. Manufacturing of appliance is cheaper, all plastic and not made to last. Maytag is not the same as it was 25 yrs ago. Back than all I had was Maytag and today when I replaced this one it will not be a Maytag. Never again will Maytag enter my home.
Ontario2013 on 06/14/2013:
Update.. Repair service arrived this morning and once again it is the control board at a cost of $ 290. Correction to previous post..the date Feb2007 should be Feb2009. May tag is no longer the same since it was sold to Whirlpool plus the cost of the control board went from $125 to $ 175 from 2009 to 2013!!! Do your research. Buying a warranty would not have made a difference since they have a limited time period also.
MRC on 08/20/2013:
Also bought this refrigerator in February 2007 and had to replace the Control Board in June 2010 and again in August 2013.
So, a supposedly top model has cost me an extra $500 I on top of the $1,800 I paid in 2007.
So much for the Maytag quality.
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Bad quality
Posted by on
I have 2 complaints. The door handle on the refrigerator side cracked. I bought a new one, and within a month it also cracked. By this time it was out of warranty, so it was on me. Also, the shelves in the door will not stay in. Evidently, the door liner is too flimsy to hold them snugly. I will put in an up note, though. This unit keeps food better than any refrigerator I have ever owned.
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Helpful on 09/05/2010:
I agree that Whirlpool, the parent company to Maytag, really does make a great refrigerator. Their compressors are good if one will only place them in an area as they're supposed to. Many people complain about their refrigerator, in general, keeping foods fresh and cool. Generally this is because they've placed them in an area to not let the compressor breath properly. As the compressors have become increasingly small, their workload has grown increasingly larger.

Did you purchase an extended warranty as to cover the cost of these handles or insets for the shelfing?
Venice09 on 09/05/2010:
I have read other complaints about the shelves falling off the door. Thank goodness, mine don't. That could be dangerous. I've had my Maytag refrigerator for about ten years and would love it if it wasn't so poorly designed. Nothing about it is user-friendly. And everything freezes that's near that air-blowing unit on the top shelf of the refrigerator. I would have gotten rid of it a long time ago, but it's still running so I can't justify the expense of a new one. And a new one could give me more problems!
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Maytag for the love of god go out of business
Posted by on
My mom purchased the Refrigerator at the Home Depot in June of 2009 Well I didn't like the thing and my sister was the one who picked it out. The lady when we went to buy the appliance she asked my mom you want an extra two years of warranty. I said yes and my sister said no but this would come back to haunt us. To make a long story short July 21, 2010 the Refrigerator all of a sudden stopped working after a lengthly call to Maytag Customer service they said the serial number we gave them was from a Whirlpool By the way The owner of said Company. They just gave us the runaround and said the nearest Maytag repairman wouldn't be available until July 26, 2010 We couldn't wait that long and we called the local repairman ourselves and he came out the next day. Turns out the cooling fan in the back of the Freezer went out and cost us a whooping $156.80 I should have listened to my Grandmother got my mother to buy a Kenmore She has had the same one for 25 years and it is still going strong.
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Anonymous on 08/04/2010:
So, if this was truly a Whirlpool product, I would direct my anger at the store for fraudulently selling you a product that wasn't what was advertised and also make your complaint about Whirlpool instead of telling your god to have Maytag go out of business.
Venice09 on 08/04/2010:
I've had luck with Kenmore appliances too, but you need to know that nothing is going to last 25 years anymore, or even close. However, I have noticed Kenmore does not get as many complaints as Maytag/Whirlpool. The next time I have to replace an appliance, I'll probably go with Kenmore, too. My biggest concern is Sears customer service, but I don't think they are any worse than the other retailers. Maybe we'll both get lucky!
Venice09 on 08/04/2010:
Judge, Maytag is owned by Whirlpool now, which could explain the serial number. I think the OP is annoyed that Maytag gave her a hard time about it.
Helpful on 08/04/2010:
Ironically, Kenmore is nothing more than a Sears brand name. They contract all of their appliances to be manufactured by other brands, until recently Whirpool created most of these appliances.

As has already been stated, you're not going to get an appliance running 25 years any longer. To assume otherwise is lining you up for disappointment.
Anonymous on 08/04/2010:'s owned by them but if it has a Maytag label on it and it's actually a Whirlpool product.....hmmmm. And if there one and the same, what difference would it make to the CS rep and why would they mention that?
Augustus2099 on 08/04/2010:
It's crazy I know The Refrigerator has Maytag all over it. And yet the Serial Number is Whirlpool.
Venice09 on 08/04/2010:
I am very familiar with Kenmore products, and I didn't have to be told that they are manufactured by other companies. It could be that Kenmore has stricter specifications and quality control for their own brand name.

Exactly, Judge.. if they are one and the same, why would the rep mention it other than to just give the customer a hard time? I think that is what the OP is saying.
Anonymous on 08/04/2010:
I'll try again.....maybe I'm just dense. :) My original post was meant to say this complaint shouldn't be against Maytag but against Whirlpool. Maytag is an innocent party here as it seems their label was slapped on a Whirlpool product. Maytag should be given an apology by the OP and Whirlpool should be raked over the coals. I know WP and Maytag are the same but if they are still putting Maytag labels on products, then it should make no difference whatsoever to Whirlpool/Maytag what the serial number is.
Venice09 on 08/04/2010:
I think the OP is complaining about Maytag because that's who they spoke to and feel they got the runaround from. I'm assuming it's a Maytag refrigerator, which would be why the OP called Maytag instead of Whirlpool. I don't understand why the Maytag rep made an issue out of the serial number but then proceeded to set up an appointment with the Maytag repairman. The rep must have known that Maytag is now owned by Whirlpool, so why dispute the serial number?
dan gordon on 08/04/2010:
I was in wholesale for many many yrs and most big brands have 6 or seven 'name brands'. This is nothing new, it just makes comparison shopping much harder.
Helpful on 08/04/2010:
You are absolutely right Dan. Some are unique with only one label, but many, many are identical or with very slight variations, only with a different brand name. Kenmore's being doing it for years, as they're not considered a manufacturer at all. Although most products produced for Kenmore is nothing more than an identical replication of the Whirlpool equivalent, they've recently signed a new agreement with LG. It will be interesting to see how this change affects their products and sales.
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Maytag Refrigerator/Bottom Freezer Model MF12568AES
Posted by on
RAPID CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA -- Purchased the above item in May of 2007. Also purchased an extended warranty from GE Consumer & Industrial through May of 2012. The icemaker had to be replaced within 30 days of purchase. It has broken and been repaired two additional times since then. Once again it is broken and the warranty company has told us repair will come between 8-5 on two separate dates. On 7/3/10 - repairman a no show. When we called at 1 P.M. to try to narrow down the time we were told the order was rejected b/c the repair company was closed on Saturdays. No one notified us. We rescheduled for today, 7/6/10. Again a no show. Their consumer complaint department couldn't care less. Keep saying someone will call us back but no one does. Never purchase a Maytag Product. Never purchase an appliance warranty through GE Consumer & Industrial. Any other company must be better.
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Helpful on 07/07/2010:
I was surprised to hear that a GE reseller had anything to do with Maytag products. The two are actually separate and competing companies. If you don't mind me asking, did you purchase this way because of working for G.E.?

In any case, I don't blame you for being upset. To me, it sounds like a problem with the service center however. Any company that won't keep their appointments is a company not worth having around.
Anonymous on 07/07/2010:
the 'Ice-2-O' refers had ice maker issues from the start..The HV board in the back of the unit is another problem they have encountered....
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Ice2o Fridge Fire
Posted by on
We have had this refrigerator since March 2007 with no complaints. Yesterday, we smelled - what turned out to be - electrical wires burning. We pulled out the fridge, took off the back panel where the compressor is, and noticed (when the compressor turned on) sparks and a small flame at the junction where the relay enters the compressor. I contacted Maytag today and was transferred to their Safety Department where the gal took all the information and stated that Maytag would cover the cost of the repair this one time even though the warranty has long expired. Maytag has a recall on other refrigerators with this same problem. I urge consumers to call the manufacturer if they experience a problem with their appliances.
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Slimjim on 07/02/2010:
Good review. Maytag is stepping up here on an out of warranty box for obvious reasoning. Still, many may have this relay fail and not think to try to get Maytag to compensate them. I'm guessing you model will see a recall soon too on this part, which is probably consistent with the other previously addressed models.
Venice09 on 07/02/2010:
Was your refrigerator included in the recall? Did you receive any notice from the manufacturer or retailer? If this was part of the major recall, Maytag did not do you a favor by repairing the refrigerator. They are obligated to do so. If you continue to have a problem, be sure to contact them again. You are very lucky that you caught this before there was an actual fire. You can find the recall info online.
Helpful on 07/03/2010:
Kudos to the manufacturer for taking care of this and thank you for alerting others to the potential hazard.
Venice09 on 07/03/2010:
Nope, no kudos. They had to take care of this if it was part of the massive recall.
NPM on 07/03/2010:
To Venice09: No, our model was not part of the recall (although it is the same problem) and when I asked the gal in the Safety Dept. if there had been any other calls for this model, she stated mine was the first one. I do believe most consumers will fix the problem and not think to contact the manufacturer.
Venice09 on 07/03/2010:
NPM, there were two parts to this recall. I was included in the second stage. You might have started a third because it does sound like the exact same problem. I'm just relieved that you caught it in time. There have been many fires related to this defect. I'm glad you got it fixed.
Helpful on 07/03/2010:
Just so there's no mix up, I'm not aware of there being an "H20" refrigerator. There is an ICE-2-0. I would bet this is what you may have meant. Some people may read the incorrect name for the refrigerator and not make the connection. I am glad Maytag is taking great care of the problem and it was caught.
NPM on 07/04/2010:
Oops! Yes, you are right 'Helpful' it is an Ice2o model.
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Poor service
Posted by on
I recently had to call Maytag for service on my Performa model refrigerator. I had purchased an Extended Service Plan for this unit (against the advice of friends and Consumer Reports advertisement) and wanted to set up an appointment for a service call. The service company contracted to provide service cancelled my appointment, TWICE, after sitting home for 4 hours both times, and taking off time from work both times. After the second cancellation, they wanted me to make an appointment for a third time, not for the next day but for 2 days later, and again sit home and wait from 1:00pm to 5:00pm.

After venting my frustration with the service company to try to get someone to come out the next day, to no avail, I called Maytag to complain and I was told that there was nothing they could do but set up another appointment. DO NOT BUY an EXTENDED SERVICE PLAN FROM MAYTAG.
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Dr. DeLores P. McGavock-Gordon on 10/19/2013:
I purchased a Maytag 3-Door Refrigerator because it was highly recommended by the salesperson - now I think maybe due to commission>I purchased an extended warranty which has been a nightmare - dealing with heavy accents - difficult to understand and then "say call this # we don't handle warranties prior another # well you need to call # for that year...all the time water is running everywhere from the ice maker - when the customer service person @HH Gregg traced my record I have made 55 purchases through their store and I have never had an experience as I have had with this Maytag appliance - Samsung gets right to an issue for resolvement>I am so unhappy with this purchase of 2009 - 3 door model - stainless steel with this incident - everything is being frozen - but no ice - water running everywhere>I sorry that at this point I do not think that I could recommend Maytag products.
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Maytag Refrigerators - Do Not Buy One
Posted by on
I purchased the French Door Maytag Refrigerator in June 2008. We spent 3 mos. in Florida & upon returning found the icemaker didn't work, bottle of water & some items frozen in refrigerator. Repairman tried to say it was because the refrigerator was on an outside wall. This was certainly not the case as there is 6" of insulation in the wall, an outside enclosed porch and the heat in the house left at 55 degrees. He finally removed the inside back panel to see that the water coils were frozen and could not explain why. Asked to borrow my hairdryer to thaw them out!! There was nothing in the "User Instruction" book to address the problem. Letter to Maytag was futile and the store where it was bought no help. Technician told me not to leave the icemaker on when we went to FL. Just returned from FL (with the icemaker off) and the same problem. Waiting for a tech (which takes days) to hear what the diagnosis is this time. I will NEVER buy another product. Product support is nil.
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Venice09 on 04/10/2010:
Outside wall?.. now there's a new one.
T. Brinker on 05/24/2013:
We have the same problem. (Things freezing in the refrigerator when left closed for extended times.)
Also, the freezer drawer handle is VERY loose with no way to tighten it.
I suppose when it falls off I'll have to put a suction cup on the drawer to get it opened.
Don't you just love "Quality"!
FedUpWithMaytag on 07/05/2013:
Never buy Maytag. We spent over $12,000 in 2008 on Maytag appliances and have never been unhappier. Our fridge died completely last weekend (it was 31 degrees Celsius). We are waiting for repairman today and if the cost to repair is over $500.00 we are replacing it which means I also have to replace stove and micro to match (I bought black because I like it better, but I can no longer replace it in black). So, I'm going SAMSUNG!!! Read it and weep Maytag!
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Maytag Built With Defective Components And No Repair Parts Available
Posted by on

Purchased as a group of 6 MAYTAG appliances from Home Depot delivered 13 December 2004.
NOVEMBER 30 2009 the Sol/Start RELAY shorted out--replace at a cost to me of $206.25. Maytag repair man said I was lucky a fire didn't start he also said that there could be other problems requiring a compressor system replacement.

February 2010--while I was NOT at home the DEFROST BOARD shorted out and so did the NEW RELAY causing the DEFROST to HEAT UP the inside of the FREEZER to the point that there was a PARTIAL COOKING of some of the meat I had. THE KITCHEN was full of smoke and smelled like burning wiring. WHEN I checked the Refrig. THE inside of the freezer--side walls were SO HOT I could NOT hold my hand on them for a long time. I unplugged the unit and called the same repair man who came out and found that the entire system was junk.

AT first ONLY a parts replacement was authorized BUT that was later changed to a PARTS AND LABOR--100% what ever it took to FIX the unit--this came from YOUR PRODUCT SAFETY people in Washington State.

WHEN the repairman came to fix this pile of junk --he spent 10.5 hours in my home---WE had a working unit --ONLY for about a half hour then IT stopped working. His idea is that the HEAT EXCHANGE/CAP TUBE needs to be replaced along with the EVAP unit---THIS CAN NOT BE DONE as MAYTAG NEVER MADE these KEY REPAIR COMPONENTS--in other words MAYTAG built--FOR 6months only and SOLD IT for only ONE YEAR--- a REFRIGERATOR knowing that IT WAS DEFECTIVE---THAT'S right THE SAME components that are INVOLVED with the OTHER RECALLS were USED in this MODEL TO.

AS has been suggested by YOUR PRODUCT SAFETY DEPARTMENT---"WE will PRO-RATE and REPLACE your REFRIG." this means an ADDITIONAL COST to me----TOTALLY UN-ACCEPTABLE---NO consideration has been taken for the OUT OF POCKET DOLLARS at my end---Cost of prior repair, FOOD LOST --TWICE---AND the fact that IT TOOK almost a month and a half to get to the point that I WILL HAVE TO REPLACE this REFRIGERATOR at my expense.

DOLLARS I have invested as of NOW---$1500.00 WITHOUT BUYING another REFRIGERATOR at a cost of about $1500.00--for a total OUT OF POCKET of over $3000.00. UN-ACCEPTABLE!!!

AS I have informed your "PRODUCT SAFETY PERSON" I intend to POST all of MY INFORMATION on EVERY BLOG on the internet STARTING with FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, SODAHEAD and MSNBC. I intend to CONTACT the LOCAL news stations--CBS and FOX both have a CONSUMER HOT LINE and WILL amend MY COMPLAINT to the CONSUMER SAFETY COMMISSION AND supply them with the components I HAVE.




I'm on Social Security disability and am a DISABLED VETERAN--Vietnam--I can NOT afford this type of LOSS.

AND another point I should make---I'm not a stupid person I hold an EPA FREON LIC. as I used to own AUTO REPAIR shops--I am VERY familiar with REFRIGERATION systems--as YOUR repair man found out---I also am VERY well versed in ELECTRONICS.

I also in FEBRUARY filed a complaint with the CONSUMER PROTECTION AGENCY about this.
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 03/15/2010:
I don't understand. How can you have $1500 in additional expenses? You said they fixed it (tried) for nothing.
"AT first ONLY a parts replacement was authorized BUT that was later changed to a PARTS AND LABOR--100% what ever it took to FIX the unit--this came from YOUR PRODUCT SAFETY people in Washington State. "
So since they couldn't fix it, they offered a pro-rate on a new one. Why do you feel that is unfair? You had the box 5 years before it kaput. Is the $1500 based on food spoilage that you want reimbursed? Two failures would mean an average of $700 would have to have been lost per incident. I'm having issue seeing that much in food loss.
A little confused. FYI, Maytag didn't go out of business, they were purchased by Whirlpool, and yes because of their laundry. More specifically, the quality that the name is associated with.
jscusmc69 on 03/16/2010:
$2o6.00+$685.00================891.00---FIRST LOSS
Freezer $785.00+Refrig $238.00=1025.00--SECOND LOSS
$1916.oo--TOTAL LOSSES
Pro Rate credit--$200.00
COST of NEW unit$1985.00
$1785.00----TOTAL out of MY pocket to replace

TOTAL loss $1916.00--FROM RECEIPTS-ya I keep the BILLS each track
spending on everything.
+ $1785.00--COST out of pocket to replace Refrigerator
$3701.00--MY TOTAL LOSSES----
SO I was off and MY total losses REALLY is over 3K. NOW address the FACT that "THEY COULD NOT fix it because THEY failed to make the NEEDED PARTS. AND only built it for 6 MO then discontinued it.THE Certified MAYTAG repair man TOLD them--GIVE me the parts I need and I CAN FIX IT---NO PARTS AVAILABLE and he has as of yesterday 9 more of these units.
As I said--I'm no fool--owned several business which were profitable to the tune of NET per year in the mid 6 figures. I and the repairman think we have a way to fix these HOWEVER MAYTAG refuses to give him access to the parts form another type of unit---IT'S easier to write me off than try to keep a customer--I built my business on SATIFIED customers--WORD of mouth--and a business can go upside down the same way.
I also am fully aware of the WHYS that MAYTAG went out of business--BOUGHT by WHIRLPOOL--Laundry was the start AND they knew that they were facing THIS REFRIGERATON problem.
Slimjim on 03/16/2010:
Maytag is not out of business. You bought Maytag products. Maytag has had problems with refrigeration since they introduced refrigerators by buying Magic Chef back in the early 90s and slapping the Maytag name on crappy MC/Admiral/Montgomery Ward boxes. The Whirlpool acquisition has nothing to do with that.
I can see I was off on my estimated losses of $700 per incident, whereas you actually had an average of around $900 in losses each time the unit went out.
That is some serious food storage.
jscusmc69 on 03/17/2010:
This was one of the largest combos at the time as to freezer storage which was nice to have that way we didn't have to go into the chest freezer that much. I followed the laundry thing and as I said am aware of the MAYTAG brand problems---now--at the time there were not that many.
There also is another thing that I have NOT addressed and that is the PROBLEMS with the other items. THE ONLY thing that has NOT had a problem is the Micro-wave.
WHIRLPOOL has had many problems in the past and when they bought MAYTAG they knew that there were OTHER MAYTAG problems----MY info is coming from several repair companies and the PROBLEMS they have had in the past with WHIRLPOOL'S people when they have had repairs or tried to fix customers items. THE delay that the company I called--- and this really frustrated the repairman--FROM WHIRLPOOL was just crazy.

IMAGINE this-PUT yourself in MY POSITION----I owned several profitable auto shops,a Computer design and repair company--can write code and have designed software---worked for FORD as a DISTRICT SERVICE DIR--out of Chicago Zone,hold every ASE Master Tech and other certs--including an EPA lic to acquire and work with all types of freon, WAS instrumental in FORD switching to and using on board computers,helped design several power train items that are STILL being used in FORD products today,and have extensive training in the repair of electronics.
A 4 year degree in Business,ASSO in computer science Asso Mech engineering and design -------AND then HAVE SEVERAL MAYTAG reps infer that I don't know what the heck I'm talking about. NOW TELL me HOW would YOU have felt and handled this problem---and yes I can prove all I have said here!
DUMB I may be STUPID I'm not--I won't even go into my Marine Corp years or the Government work I did after the Corp--but you don't move up the ladder to the rank of COL. by being stupid----.
TELL me what else YOU would do at this point!
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Maytag Refrig nearly burned down my house!
Posted by on
WASHINGTON -- It was mother's day, last year, fortunately my mom came to our house, we almost always went to hers. We had a great time and she and a friend left about 8PM. My wife and I went to bed when we smelled something. It was warm so we had our fan on and thought it was the fan. It wasn't. We went downstairs and there was smoke all over the first floor. We could barely see. What was it? We looked around. And finally, at last, it was our Maytag fridge. It was flaming.
Our house was seriously damaged by smoke and flames as we were able to get the fire out in fifteen minutes when the fire truck arrived.

We had to replace our kitchen floor, our carpet, and of course the fridge.

A repair man later confirmed to Maytag that it was the electrical problem-the same one that had prompted the recall that we never received.

We lost a refrigerator and a few thousand dollars in deductible. In other words, if you own a Maytag fridge, do not have a deductible!

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User Replies:
Venice09 on 01/19/2010:
Are you sure you never received the recall notice? I received the original one and an updated version. Did you buy the refrigerator new from a retailer?

Due to the nature of the recall, I really think these notices should have been sent certified mail otherwise Maytag has no proof that they were received, leaving them open to liability, I assume.

Thank goodness no one was hurt. I'm curious about one thing though. Did the smoke activate any of the smoke detectors in your home? I've read other complaints from people who were awakened by the smell of smoke and wondered why they didn't hear the smoke detector first.

CrystalSword on 01/19/2010:
Good rule of thumb....when you turn your clocks ahead/back, change the batteries in all smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide detectors. If you live where you don't change your clocks (like Arizona) then mark your calendar for Jan. 1st and July 1st. I also used this time to replace the batteries in cordless clocks, most of them take one AA battery.

We have a bit of overkill with smoke detectors where we live but the owner of the house is an older gal and she has one in the hallway, and one in EVERY ROOM (might be her way to deter smoking in the house)....someone has to hear one of them! And one is connected to an alarm system that will contact the fire if one goes off, I'm not asking questions or waiting to call myself...we're grabbing dogs and car keys and getting out!
Anonymous on 01/19/2010:
Lost, good response. I am wondering exactly how far the manufacturer can be expected to go to make sure people get the notices. I mean, they send them to the original retailers, who are supposed to forward them to their buyers, or if the buyer has registered the product for warranty, then it goes to them. The OP could have tossed it thinking it junk mail. As for the fire, that is what home owners insurance is for.

Does not the consumer have a responsibility to check on recalls as well? Like google it once in a while to see if anything they own is on a recall?
Venice09 on 01/19/2010:
The recall notice was first class mail and not something that could be mistaken as junk mail, but I could see someone just throwing it away without opening it.

I don't think consumers have a legal responsibility to check for recalls, but companies definitely have a responsibility to notify owners of recalled merchandise. However, if someone buys a second hand appliance, I think they should periodically check for recalls because the company or retailer has no way of contacting them. I would also check for recalls if I moved because forwarded mail can sometimes take a long time to be delivered.
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