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Maytag Customer Service E-Mail
By -

PEABODY, MASSACHUSETTS -- Here is a copy of the e-mail that went back and forth myself and the service rep from MAYTAG..


Here is my response to your letter and all the INCONSTANCIES with the crap I been fed from your customer service people and service people should get together once in a while and get your sorry stories straight...

MAYTAG C.S.R.(bill)
It is unfortunate rust is occurring on your refrigerator. All door and
cabinet metal is treated in an eight-stage process. This system creates a
surface to which paint will most effectively adhere. A tough polyester
paint finish is then applied electrostatically. The paint is then baked
to a hard finish. The advantages of this process include resistance to
moisture and chipping.

blah blah blah, I am not interested in your poor design and usage of inadequate materials.

Rust formation is caused by extended exposure to moisture and/or adverse
conditions(.etc etc etc YAWN)

Thanks for the science lesson. I live in the suburbs and have central AIR CONDITIONING not on the beach.

If the rust is severe, parts may need to be replaced and/or the product
may need to be refinished. We suggest contacting a business that
specializes in painting metal, such as an auto body shop.

This is EXACTLY the information I asked your service man for on 2 separate visits and about 10 calls to your customer service (which is the rudest most condescend bunch of people I have ever dealt with) NOT ONE person could answer it or even had the decency to get back to me with ANY info about rust..seemed to be a big MAYTAG mystery..

If you would like a servicer to look at more than one appliance, we
would recommend mentioning this when scheduling the service appointment,
not during the service appointment.

LMFAO I asked him when he was so busy with his hands in his pocket after he PROPPED UP the blowdryer AND WAS PACING AROUND MY KITCHEN for 15 minutes waiting for freezer to defrost. yes, I can see why taking 2 steps 2 the right and peeking at a door( THE DISHWASHER HANDLE WAS A DISATER AREA AND NEVER WORKED RIGHT) while he had 15 minutes to pick his ears was such an inconvenience..MYBAD

. This additional time would require delaying service


Lets talk about time here, TIME, BOTH TIMES your man came to call he arrived well after 500 PM while I had an 8 hour waiting period, that's unheard of these days I CALLED ALL DAY BOTH TIMES TO GET SUM TIME FRAME NO ONE HELPED OR CARED...even when he was late, no courtesy call. no one did anything. AFTER 5 WAS NOT PART OF THE TIME FRAME!!!not to mention ALL THE TIME ON HOLD I SPENT WHEN I CALLED YOUR SORRY EXCUSE FOR A CUSTOMER SERVICE LINE...

After reviewing your file, we found that you had service on 06-30-2006
during which the technician documented that he replaced the seal on

no seal was ever replaced, he ran out of here when I asked him about the rust he kept saying THERE WAS NOTHING he or anyone can do about and I wasn't satisfied with that answer so I called customer service while he was her (AS I DID THAT AFTERNOON TRYING TO OBTAIN INFO ON THE RUST) because that wasYOUR(CUSTMER SERVICE ADVICE WAS) directions if he didn't have answe to a technical question he is to call and find out info) he wouldn't call to ask so I called them WHILE HE WAS HERE because he refused to give me ANY info about the rust except that THEY ALL DO IT!

We also found that you previously discussed your rust situation with an............


Your situation has been documented in your file with us. Again, we
apologize, but we're unable to assist you at this time.

how does it feel to be part of the rudest most condescending customer service team of any appliance division in this country? I am so down with this run-around crap, you sold your soul to the devil working for them, hope your satisfied.

We suggest contacting a business that
specializes in painting metal, such as an auto body shop.

Is this a joke? What body shop is

it that YOU USE to repair your really should think before you tell people such idiotic things..


Freon Leak in Refrigerator Less Than 7yrs Old
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Rating: 1/51

Bought an upscale refrigerator model # MFI2568AES with all the bells & whistles. When the temperature dropped the alarm never let me know until it was too late. Repairman said the best thing to do was buy a new refrigerator because of the possibility of not being able to fix the leak. Need a new refrigerator, GUESS WHO IS NOT GETTING ANOTHER MAYTAG?

Refrigerator Cannot Be Fixed After 7 Years
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK -- We had our kitchen completely redone by Home Depot. The kitchen was gutted and all was replaced. The Maytag refrigerator stopped working after 7 years and could not be repaired. The old one was still working after 20 years.

Repaired 3 Times in the Last Year, Wait Over 2 Weeks for Repairs
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBIA HEIGHTS, MINNESOTA -- Purchased the extended warranty and each time we needed service it took over 2 weeks to get the unit serviced. How can a person keep food from spoiling. Change the service contract personnel and get someone who can get an appointment in a day or two. I would never buy another Maytag appliance again. Would like a refund on that piece of junk, my last refrigerator last over 20 years, this one 3 years with and still not working properly.

Maytag Freezer Piece of Junk!
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Rating: 1/51

MADISON, WISCONSIN -- MQF1656TEW - Exactly one week after the one year warranty ran out my Freezer quit working. Everything is running but it will not cool and I lost a freezer full of food. I called Maytag and no surprise they were unhelpful and would do nothing except try and sell me a one year extended warranty for $257.00!!! I will never buy another Maytag appliance ever again!! The quality is shabby and they don't seem to care. I also wonder about the rumor of Home Depot selling Maytag seconds??? I bought it at Home Depot.

Side By Side Refrigerator Freezer
By -

We purchased a Maytag side-by side refrigerator freezer in November 2004. It lasted 5 years, with some maintenance in those years required. I recall two episodes of water line leakage that required repair. The second time, the repair was defective so I found parts and did it myself. The latest episode that was the death knell started by stepping in a puddle of water in front of the thing. Thinking water line - I looked. Nope. Seemed to be coming from ice dispenser. I emptied the ice tray, mopped up water, and checked the next morning. The freezer was defrosting. Total failure.

A&E repairman came out, diagnosed compressor failure, and ordered the part. He went through the paperwork we had and told my wife that we were covered parts and labor as failure occurred within the 5 year period. The compressor showed up a week later and a second A&E repairman a few days after that to install it. In the process of removing the old compressor, the repairman mumbled, went out to his truck, and came back several minutes later and said "I have bad news for you." He said the unit was not repairable as the refrigerant system was contaminated. Said I'd get a call from Maytag and gave me a 1-800 number to call them.

Eight days later I called Maytag (not hearing anything from them), and was told the system was NOT under warranty and they'd offer a 20% discount off the purchase price of a new system. So, what do you think a prudent man should do after reading the testimonials in my3cents? Run like the dickens from Maytag! Oh, by the way, we kept our previous refrigerator (not Maytag) in our garage. It looks horrible but runs great! It's 16 years old. Maytag dependability? Forget it!

Maytag H2O Refrigerator is a lemon
By -

MODESTO, CALIFORNIA -- When I saw this refrigerator in Home Depot I was thrilled; it was the refrigerator I was waiting to be designed. The thrill is gone. In the first nine months of ownership we had four service calls for the ice maker. The service technician replaced the ice maker three times, the last time telling us it was a redesigned ice maker (Maytag had finally figured out there was a problem with the original design.)

For seven months no more problems. Then the evening of July 3rd, 2007 the control board went out. Of course, we couldn't get service until the end of the week, three days after the control board went out. Did I mention that when the control board goes out, it doesn't keep the refrigerator or freezer cold? When the repairman came out and diagnosed the problem we were told it would be 8-10 days before the part would come in, then probably a couple more days before they could schedule the install.

(I guess this is our fault, because we purchased an extended warranty from Home Depot. Turned out Home Depot only sells the warranties, they aren't the ones who actually provide the service. If I had extended my warranty with Maytag, we would have been able to call our local service technician, who carries the part on his truck.)

Anyway, the part came in early and we were without a refrigerator for only ten days. This was one time I was really grateful that my husband didn't listen to me -- when I told him we should get rid of the old Kenmore that was plugged in out in the garage! I contacted Maytag and related to them the problems I have had with this refrigerator and they said they would not replace it unless a service technician said it was unrepairable.

Like others who have written reviews of Maytag appliances I have and still own a few other Maytag appliances and have had only a couple of service calls, and that was after the appliances were over 15 years old! Unless Maytag does something to compensate us for this lemon we're stuck with, I won't be buying another Maytag appliance. I guess the Maytag repairman was too lonely, so Maytag had to do something to remedy that!

Ice2O refrigerator and A&E Service
By -

JUPITER, FLORIDA -- Our $2,600 Maytag Ice2-0 refrigerator, purchased from Home Depot has been a horror story. Maytag shipped us three refrigerators - each one damaged - (broken shelves, parts hanging off) but the final one only had a small dent on the side so accepted a small credit and we kept it.

It stopped working over a month ago, still within warranty. We called for service expecting service commensurate with the $2600 price tag, but were sorely disappointed. Our ice door was opening and closing every 10 seconds literally and the noise was driving us and our dog crazy. It took ten days for an appointment with every service department Maytag referred us to.

We asked them to expedite, they told us they could not expedite unless the cooling stopped. The next day the cooling stopped, THEN A&E claimed they could not expedite for any reason. The tech arrived with no parts - a recent change to their operating procedure now has them stocking nothing and express shipping everything. He had to order them. Parts came 3 days later, but it was another 10 days (13 total) before we could schedule an appointment.

The same Tech came back - the part didn't fix it - he said that he needed another part. He ordered it, and told us to tell the service people to call his cell phone and he would come right out to replace the part. No, customer service said - they can't do that even though the tech requested it. It was another week before we could have an appointment. Our appointment day (Saturday) came and went with no tech - I called and they said there was no tech working today, so they'll have to rebook us for Wednesday. At this point - I will not buy another Maytag, its QA process is terrible and its service is FAR below par.

Maytag does not honor their warranty!
By -

CANADA -- I am very frustrated with my efforts to get the Maytag corporation to take responsibility for a defective product. So frustrated in fact that I want everyone to know that the reputation for reliability and dependability is a big fat Maytag Myth! I purchased a brand new bottom freezer refrigerator from Future Shop in November of 2005. Like many other people I was taken in by the myth that a Maytag product was a quality product and thought that if I ever had a problem the corporation would stand behind their products.

From day one the refrigerator has been nothing but trouble for me. The freezer began to frost up and a thick layer of ice built up inside the freezer. The ice became so thick that the refrigerator part stopped working altogether resulting in the loss of all of the food that I had in there. I contacted Future Shop who told me that since it was over 30 days since I purchased the unit, they could not help me. I was told to call the number in my owners manual. I proceeded to call Maytag. Six phone calls later, I finally got someone to agree to come to my house to examine the unit.

To make a long story short, the first call I made was in March of 2006. Since that time the repair guy has been to my house four times, replaced just about every part that could be replaced in the refrigerator and the problem still exists. Now it is November and my refigerator is still not working. Maytag had informed me that the problem is not with their product but insists that I must be leaving the refrigerator door open. Hmmm. What a concept? If you can't fix the problem, blame the consumer! I never saw the Maytag man do that in any of the TV commercials.

The warranty stats that if they cannot fix the problem they will replace the unit. Maytag has refused to do this. They have refused to stand behind their products and honor their warranty. I am so angry that I have vowed to never purchase another Maytag product and I am making it my mission in life to get the word out to as many people as possible that this company sells crap and expects us to take the blame when things go bad. I am very glad to have had the opportunity to vent my frustraions about this experience and this company.

2yr Old Fridge and Nothing but Problems
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Rating: 1/51

MICHIGAN -- We moved into our first house just over two years ago and decided we needed to get a new refrigerator and did a ton of research online reading reviews etc. We found a few not so great complaints regarding Maytag, however, we took our chances (*Note - we live in a house built in the 40's, so the fridge space is small and we needed a fridge size that is smaller than normal, we didn't have many options).

Well...a little less than 12 months later (yes, luckily right before the warranty expired) our ice dispenser stopped working properly; the mini-ice door would not close properly, resulting in a lot frost in where the ice door was located (there was so much we couldn't open the freezer door, it would get stuck). So we called out the repair guy and he said he had never seen this issue before and basically had to replace the whole flap and parts. Sweet, it was fixed and cost was covered!

Well, then about 5 months later, it happened again!!!!! fixed yet again... Well another 6 months later and after the warranty expired (lucky us) the fridge completely STOP cooling (and just happened to be Halloween, not a great day for a house issue) So we had to remove all our perishable food and place it in a cooler (which works 100xs better than Maytag products), and move all frozen food to a family member's house 15 mins away (luckily!). We were also super lucky we found a repair company that could come out at 5 pm the next day, which happened to be a Friday!

Awesome company (Conner's Repair in Metro-Detroit). He concluded the defrost board was broken, meaning it was freezing and creating frost and then not defrosting; clogs the vents and not allowing and circulation to occur. He was SHOCKED, when he found out we only had this fridge for 2 years and said this is something that normally happens in 20 yr old fridges.

I than decided to call Maytag and nicely request a refund for the issue, and was told no due to the warranty expiring and we also didn't use a Maytag repair company; I didn't want to wait a week as I thought this was something that needed immediate attention. I also am not sure why it matters who you get to fixed your fridge. I have an invoice for proof of the issue and the repairman even said he'd call to verify the issue. I don't understand why I have to pay for something that was not properly produced, and not to mention the time out of my schedule to deal with Maytag's issues. I now know not to buy any Maytag products due to the lack quality. I guess I learned the hard way.

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