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Maytag H2O Refrigerator is a lemon
By -

MODESTO, CALIFORNIA -- When I saw this refrigerator in Home Depot I was thrilled; it was the refrigerator I was waiting to be designed. The thrill is gone. In the first nine months of ownership we had four service calls for the ice maker. The service technician replaced the ice maker three times, the last time telling us it was a redesigned ice maker (Maytag had finally figured out there was a problem with the original design.)

For seven months no more problems. Then the evening of July 3rd, 2007 the control board went out. Of course, we couldn't get service until the end of the week, three days after the control board went out. Did I mention that when the control board goes out, it doesn't keep the refrigerator or freezer cold? When the repairman came out and diagnosed the problem we were told it would be 8-10 days before the part would come in, then probably a couple more days before they could schedule the install.

(I guess this is our fault, because we purchased an extended warranty from Home Depot. Turned out Home Depot only sells the warranties, they aren't the ones who actually provide the service. If I had extended my warranty with Maytag, we would have been able to call our local service technician, who carries the part on his truck.)

Anyway, the part came in early and we were without a refrigerator for only ten days. This was one time I was really grateful that my husband didn't listen to me -- when I told him we should get rid of the old Kenmore that was plugged in out in the garage! I contacted Maytag and related to them the problems I have had with this refrigerator and they said they would not replace it unless a service technician said it was unrepairable.

Like others who have written reviews of Maytag appliances I have and still own a few other Maytag appliances and have had only a couple of service calls, and that was after the appliances were over 15 years old! Unless Maytag does something to compensate us for this lemon we're stuck with, I won't be buying another Maytag appliance. I guess the Maytag repairman was too lonely, so Maytag had to do something to remedy that!

2yr Old Fridge and Nothing but Problems
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Rating: 1/51

MICHIGAN -- We moved into our first house just over two years ago and decided we needed to get a new refrigerator and did a ton of research online reading reviews etc. We found a few not so great complaints regarding Maytag, however, we took our chances (*Note - we live in a house built in the 40's, so the fridge space is small and we needed a fridge size that is smaller than normal, we didn't have many options).

Well...a little less than 12 months later (yes, luckily right before the warranty expired) our ice dispenser stopped working properly; the mini-ice door would not close properly, resulting in a lot frost in where the ice door was located (there was so much we couldn't open the freezer door, it would get stuck). So we called out the repair guy and he said he had never seen this issue before and basically had to replace the whole flap and parts. Sweet, it was fixed and cost was covered!

Well, then about 5 months later, it happened again!!!!! fixed yet again... Well another 6 months later and after the warranty expired (lucky us) the fridge completely STOP cooling (and just happened to be Halloween, not a great day for a house issue) So we had to remove all our perishable food and place it in a cooler (which works 100xs better than Maytag products), and move all frozen food to a family member's house 15 mins away (luckily!). We were also super lucky we found a repair company that could come out at 5 pm the next day, which happened to be a Friday!

Awesome company (Conner's Repair in Metro-Detroit). He concluded the defrost board was broken, meaning it was freezing and creating frost and then not defrosting; clogs the vents and not allowing and circulation to occur. He was SHOCKED, when he found out we only had this fridge for 2 years and said this is something that normally happens in 20 yr old fridges.

I than decided to call Maytag and nicely request a refund for the issue, and was told no due to the warranty expiring and we also didn't use a Maytag repair company; I didn't want to wait a week as I thought this was something that needed immediate attention. I also am not sure why it matters who you get to fixed your fridge. I have an invoice for proof of the issue and the repairman even said he'd call to verify the issue. I don't understand why I have to pay for something that was not properly produced, and not to mention the time out of my schedule to deal with Maytag's issues. I now know not to buy any Maytag products due to the lack quality. I guess I learned the hard way.

$1500 Maytag Fridge Fails Twice In Less Than 3 Years!
By -

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA -- In August of 2001 we purchased a Maytag washer/dryer and refrigerator direct from Maytag. The fridge cost about $1500, so I assumed it was a quality product. Man was I wrong! In August 2005 the fridge failed. It stopped cooling completely. We called Maytag out to fix it to the tune of about $350. I thought it was a little shady that a $1500 fridge would quit working in less than four years, but never the less it was still cheaper to have it fixed than shell out for a new one. It was crappy to have to fix a fridge that new, but not the end of the world. After it was fixed I also noted that the refrigerator side never again cooled as good as did before the initial failure.

By the way it was some type of micro-chip panel that went out. I have seen many other Maytag complaints related to computer and microchip type parts. It sounds like Maytag definitely has a problem in this area. Fast forward to August 2008, and the fridge has completely quit cooling again. Exact same problem as before. I have contacted both Maytag and the Company that fixed it the first time, A & E Factory Service, and both have pretty much told me to go pound sand. Am I being unreasonable to expect a $1500 fridge to work for more than 7 years? Or least least to not have the same problem twice within a 3 year period? I don't know. You tell me.

By the way, I also had the heating element on my Maytag dryer (purchased at the same time) go out. I was able to fix it with about 8 hours of my own time and a couple busted knuckles. That's 2 out of my 3 Maytag appliances failing within 7 years if you are keeping track. One obviously with multiple problems. I know it cliche to say, "they don't build 'em like they used to." But man is it true. My in-laws have appliances that are going on 20 years old with nary a problem. Quite a contrast to the crap they are putting out today.

Needless to say, I will not put another dime into this Maytag fridge, nor will I ever buy another Maytag/Whirlpool product. I will also make sure an tell everyone that will listen the same. Just remember if you buy a Maytag product you are rolling the dice. Please do some research on the web to see that I'm not a lone voice of discontent.

Beware purchasing this Fridge
By -

BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON -- Purchased MFI2568AES French Door/bottom freezer unit June 2006. Ice cube dispenser only produced about 8 cubes per day from the beginning. Service call and Maytag replaced the ice maker unit. Within 6 months, same problem plus ice freezing and jamming - again, replaced the ice maker unit. Third call within the 12-month warranty and the tech adjusted the water flow and stated that was the problem all along! It appeared to be working.

This week, the front control panel began flashing and the ice dispenser door flap began opening and closing every 5 seconds. We called the Maytag hotline (open 8 - 5 Eastern time, not too convenient for folks on the west coast) and they referred us to A&E, the local service group.

Described in detail all the problems (sounds like an electronic failure, doesn't it?) and they scheduled a tech to arrive 2 days later. He arrived without the parts to fix the unit - told me that it is the High Voltage Control Board. He has been getting callouts on this for over a month, had 5 in one week and requested that the company stock his van with at least 4 units. He can't get a replacement board until the 30th October.

After some more discussion, he has scheduled to return on the 24th (1 more week). They can't ship the board in less than 3 - 5 days; Maytag is doing physical inventory at the moment. This is a printed circuit board, available on for $179.99 and ready to ship FedEx overnight. But if I replace it, my extended warranty will not be valid. So here we sit with food spoiling in coolers in the garage.

Good luck if you purchase anything from Maytag/Whirlpool (the new owners). We managed to save some food in the old General Electric fridge freezer which we kept for important things (beer) - it's only 26 years old and still works. Guess we should have stayed with a tried and true brand.

Maytag Fraud
By -

CLERMONT, FLORIDA -- About six years ago my daughter purchased an Amana refrigerator. After the first year warranty she received a letter from Maytag offering extended warranty on her refrigerator. Three years later she received a renewal. This past week she had need of service. On calling Maytag Dependability Plus she had a service call scheduled on an emergency basis a few days latter. On arrival they told her that a compressor was needed and you had the wrong refrigerator. We told them this was the only refrigerator my daughter owed in this house. They indicated that we must have changed the unit.

On the phone by mistake they repeated the serial number of the refrigerator we had. When we asked they indicated that in 2003 we purchased a new unit. We said that we did not and they then said that someone notified them we had. "If not you a sales company". We later found out that this different company was really another Maytag company just a different name. We told them and they did not disagree that we did not notify MDP just that someone did. When we said only we should be able to change our warranty they indicated that we should have checked the new serial number on the bottom of the extended service plan.

In short according to Maytag Dependability Plus if you obtain a contract for service from them and if they make an error in determining that you purchased a new unit even though their letter indicates your existing service contract has expired you need to check their work and make sure their sales department did not make an error and change your unit information because even if you pay all the bills for years when you need service all that money you paid is for a unit you did not own or have any knowledge for and the unit you did own is not covered.

While they have all the reasons why you should have checked their work they have no excuse why they made the change for what you were paying for. They can't lose since they are providing maintenance for a unit that does not exist in your house and the one that exists they decided you don't own anymore.

Fridge #MSF25C2EXW With Ice in the Door
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Rating: 1/51

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Purchased this fridge October of 2011 and had three service calls for the same problem. The ice reservoir in the door freezes and no more ice. Can't even remove the ice reservoir because it is frozen to the door. It freezes up just hours after the service call. We were told by the repairman that this model thaws the ice reservoir whenever you get anything out of the freezer and the flap on the outer side sticks open so humidity gets in and contributes to the freezing of the dispenser.

Maytag is aware of the problem and apparently has been working on a solution for a year and a half but so far they are not able to fix them. They still keep selling this model knowing it has a problem. Now I want it replaced and they are giving me the runaround. If you want to keep your sanity, DON'T BUY MAYTAG!

Maytag Refrigerators - Do Not Buy One
By -

I purchased the French Door Maytag Refrigerator in June 2008. We spent 3 mos. in Florida & upon returning found the icemaker didn't work, bottle of water & some items frozen in refrigerator. Repairman tried to say it was because the refrigerator was on an outside wall. This was certainly not the case as there is 6" of insulation in the wall, an outside enclosed porch and the heat in the house left at 55 degrees. He finally removed the inside back panel to see that the water coils were frozen and could not explain why. Asked to borrow my hairdryer to thaw them out!!

There was nothing in the "User Instruction" book to address the problem. Letter to Maytag was futile and the store where it was bought no help. Technician told me not to leave the icemaker on when we went to FL. Just returned from FL (with the icemaker off) and the same problem. Waiting for a tech (which takes days) to hear what the diagnosis is this time. I will NEVER buy another product. Product support is nil.

By -

My bottom-freezer refrigerator (model PBF2255HEW) will be four years old next week and we have had to have a repairman here three times, the first time when it was just weeks old. Another repairman was here last October and "fixed" it. This week, I found all my food thawed and called for service (I had purchased a four-year extended warranty for $99, thank God). I was told a repairman would be here "sometime" between 8 A.M. and 5 p.m., which meant sitting here the entire day, missing a day's work.

He arrived at 7:45 P.M. and found it needs a compressor. He said that's what it needed in October when it broke but for some reason the repairman didn't do it. I bought Maytag after my General Electric fridge broke down at TWO YEARS OLD, thinking I was buying a good brand my parents swore by. I was wrong, and I am disgusted. I will never buy another Maytag product.

Poor Quality
By -

PENNSYLVANIA -- I was always a GE Hotpoint person when it came to appliances and had a GE refrigerator for 21 years when it broke. I needed a new one and with all the commercials about how great Maytag I was open to something new. I went to Sears and being a single mom they had a Maytag for sale at a reasonable price I could afford. It was the size I needed with a large freezer. It seemed the perfect size having two boys who like to eat. Now 2 1/2 years later the motor went in the freezer and needs to be repaired.

I cannot believe it, I only had it over two years when the last one I had lasted 21 years. I had spine surgery last year, so I have been out of work for a year. I cannot afford a new refrigerator and cannot even afford the repair for this one. I tried to find who is the President and CEO of Maytag, but am not having any luck at that.

I NEED a refrigerator, but how do I get this one fixed. I will keep trying to find a name so I can write to the President and CEO with this complaint and hopefully (although I am not hopeful) I can get some help. I also cannot believe the poor quality of this appliance which means this company has gone downhill and all those commercials are a lie, being a Maytag does not mean it will last or be good quality.

Matag Refrigerator - Junk
By -

AVENEL, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a top of the line Jenn-Air fridge for almost 2,000.00 dollars. I got the extended warranty through a third party. Ever since I brought this fridge I have had nothing but problems. Thanksgiving evening we lost everything in fridge due to it becoming warm. The repair service could not come until 5 days later. The problem was found but parts had to be ordered, another 6 days have passed and I still have no fridge. The repair service was not able to schedule me an appointment for another week. This fridge was purchased May of 03.

Trying to contact Maytag is like pulling teeth, they state not their problem.... warranty problem. I still find it a Maytag problem when you buy garbage and they do not live up to their name. Please be careful what you purchase and do not make the same mistake I did!

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