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I had a service call performed on 4/2/05 regarding my Maytag cloths dryer (model # SDE3606AYW, serial #12818324EE). The problem is that when I put sheets into the dryer they form a tightly wound mass that stays wet in the center. When I explained this to their technician (tech ID: SD) and showed the problem to him, he said that there was nothing wrong with the dryer. He then said that I was overloading the dryer, and I explained that with even just two sheets, or one sheet and just a few other items this problem still occurs. I also told him that I have never had this problem with my previous dryers and my friends have never had this problem with theirs either. He agreed that he had never seen this problem with any other dryer yet kept repeating that there was nothing wrong with my dryer. He just kept insisting that I need to \"decrease\" the load I put into the dryer. I said that the only way that I can do that is to then just dry one single sheet at a time which is unacceptable. He then said again "I don't know what to tell you but there is nothing wrong with your dryer". The technician became visibly irritated with me and then left in a huff when I refused to sign his form as I was not at all satisfied with his dismissal of the problem.
I wrote a complaint letter and I was asked to contact their consumer rep who basically said the same thing that if the machine checks out OK there is no problem to fix. I spoke to her supervisor named Eric and he said the same thing. I said that on paper everything looks good but practically the machine does not work the way a dryer is supposed to and so they should replace it. He refused to do so.
There is no question in my mind that I have a defective dryer. I am completely dissatisfied with this dryer and with the lack of professionalism their service technician displayed in dealing with this problem
Damage Resulting = It takes double or triple the amount of time to dry sheets causing waste in electricity, waste in my time and increased wear and tear on the machine.
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 04/18/2005:
Sounds like one of those fluke things of a bad mix between your type of sheets and the dryer drum and airflow design. I say that because the design elements that would effect wrinkling have not been changed by Maytag, so it's not the design overall. The tech look at it and I believe his claim the dryer is working right. Not a lot have problems with Maytag's wrinkling, but you're not the first either. Try some different sheet types as experiments and see if others react differently.
candace on 04/25/2005:
My husband is an appliance repair technician and has seen this problem before. Your technician is right. There is nothing wrong with the dryer. It's not in how much your putting in the dryer...its the way you are putting them in. Shake out each individual sheet and place it in the dryer. Stop the dryer half way through the cycle and fluff the sheets. You should be fine. Try to remember that washers and dryers are just mechanical things. If your technician tells you there is nothing wrong....there is nothing mechanically wrong that he has any power to repair. Be glad he didn't "flub" the repair just to charge the company back for warranty work.
ollie on 06/02/2005:
I have the same dryer and have the same complaint plus on Regular dry cycle I can smell something like rubber burning. I was treated the same way as this complaint and told that there was nothing wrong with my dryer.
stheccanat on 08/01/2005:
Thanks to all who posted a response. I appreciate the effort!
ihatetmobile on 01/23/2007:
Same thing happens to my POS Amana/Maytag dryer.
Tooltime on 04/29/2007:
I had a similar problem that began with a squealing sound whenever the dryer was operating. We contacted a repair technician out of the phone book and he did get the dryer noise to disappear, but it returned two months later. The dryer then began taking forever to dry laundry, and was also twisting clothes into knots. After inspecting the vents and disassembling the dryer to look for any other obvious causes, we decided to go with a different repair company (recommended by Maytag). The technician found a seized idler pulley and defective thermostat. The seized pulley had a flat spot worn into it, but the belt was in great shape. This gives the appearance that the dryer is operating normally since it is heating, tumbling, and there was hot exhaust from the dryer vent. The seized pulley was causing the drum to rotate slower than normal, and since the blower is also driven by the belt - it wasn't operating up to efficiency either. Between the two repairs, we could have almost purchased a new dryer. If it breaks again, we'll count our losses and buy a new one - but I don't expect it will be another Maytag. Hope this helps!
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