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Poor Quality Control at Maytag
By -

We purchased six Maytag products for our new home 3 1/2 years ago, one of which was a Maytag gas range, Model MGR5765QDQ. This range has two large burner grates that cover the entire top of the stove. After the first couple of months of use, the porcelain was chipping off the grates. In addition, the tops of the grates scratched easily when you would move a pot or pan on the grates. It was like they were made of a material that couldn't withstand heat and the finish couldn't have a pot or pan sitting on it without scratching........ kind of strange for grates made to cover burners!!!

During the warranty year, I called Maytag with these problems and the grates were readily replaced. However each time new grates were received and inspected before they were put to use, you could see areas on the top and bottom of each grate where the porcelain finish was not covering the entire surfaces. Therefore, after a couple of months of use the tops were scratched up and the porcelain was chipping off again. We went through three sets of grates during that warranty year.

We've put up with the last set of grates since the warranty ran out. Recently I hit my boiling point with having a fairly new stove with grates that now have large portions of the porcelain missing and with the porcelain bubbling up in many other areas and the tops of the grates full of scratches.

I called Maytag just wanting to talk to someone in charge of quality control and let them know that somewhere, someone isn't doing their job. I explained the situation and asked for the phone number of their corporate office so I could call there. They refused to give it to me. They explained that they were willing to replace the grates one more time at no charge. I told them it wouldn't do any good if they were as inferior as the last three sets. They arrived yesterday with five places on the top and bottom of the two grates where there is no porcelain.

I called Maytag again and was told they could not send me any more grates since the stove was out of warranty. I explained that these were flawed, just like the last four sets and they would do me no good. I was again told they could do no more. I asked why they didn't care that they were putting out a product that was inferior. I was told again that they could do no more.

I asked to talk to a supervisor. I actually got to! He agreed to sending me one more set of grates. I told him that it was no use if they were as poorly made as the previous four sets. Finally he stated that he would request that the next ones to be inspected and specially packaged before they were shipped. I doubt very much that this set will be any better than the last four.

I was told they had not received enough complaints to recall the product. That's very hard to believe..... I can't imagine that out of the thousands of grates they manufacture that we just happen to get four sets that were flawed and all the others they make aren't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The quality that Maytag was known for all those years is gone! Do not purchase any Maytag products..... They aren't what they used to be!

Poor Quality Appliance & Worse Support / Warranty
By -

ELY, NEVADA -- My last Maytag products lasted almost 35 years with only 2 repairs during those times. When we moved to a new home, we recently purchased a new range, fridge, washer, dryer, dishwasher, & over the range microwave, all matching, all at the same time. While I have no complaints about the rest of the appliances, I do about the range.

The range worked perfectly fine until around 8 or 9 months after we purchased the appliances, the digital control on the range that controls increasing temperature, increasing the length of time on the timer etc. ceased to function. Since we purchased all the appliances at the same time we got a very nice price for all of them. We paid approximately $400 for the range (sale price).

When I called both the store & Maytag... They told me that the product was past its 90 day parts and labor warranty. The cost to replace the "entire" top panel (not just the digital electronic board) was going to be approximately $200 and that would not include the cost shipping the part or the labor to have it replaced by a certified repairman. We were then told it would take approximately 3 months to get the part to us and that we'd need to wait another 2 weeks to have it installed as the "lonely" repairman was backed up at least that far, year round!

It has been almost 6 months. We're still waiting for the part. We cannot cook anything in the oven over 350 degrees and cannot even use the timer. If the clock goes out from a power outage, we have to back it up to set it as only the "decrease" control still works. We cannot even use the self cleaning feature on the oven!

My outrage is just this...while I don't expect anything to last "forever", I do expect at least 3 to 5 years of use without too many repairs or problems. Is it too much to expect that the products you buy should work and perform long enough to at least make them worth the money you have spent on them? Our throwaway society has made everything disposable including our income. Companies, including Maytag no longer care about customer service, customer loyalty, quality, reputation or dependability.

I will, after all the complaints I've seen on the web about Maytag, think twice about purchasing Maytag or any of its affiliates products. I've been abused and put off as long as I care to be and decided to start sounding off! They want more than half the price of the appliance that I purchased less than a year ago to "repair" what was obviously a manufacturer defect to begin with. And it shouldn't cost more than half the original cost of the appliance to have it repaired or for parts! This is ridiculous! We are sick and tired of being ripped off by these big corporations and distributors.

I think we need to start working on legislation that requires at least a 1 year warranty on parts and labor on all purchases in this country. Or perhaps a year for each $100 spent on major appliances (as an example of a place to start). It may very well influence companies to make products they can stand behind and give the consumer some confidence in what they're purchasing!

I really didn't appreciate the complaint by the Maytag repairman! Yes, it is a commercial, but, there is supposed to be at least a ring of truth in advertising! Consumers have the right, after spending their hard-earned money to complain when they don't get the value from what they've purchased and you shouldn't be complaining when these same faulty products are the reason you have a job!

Service after Warranty Expires
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Rating: 5/51

ALMA CENTER, WISCONSIN -- We purchased a Maytag double oven, ceramic cooktop range in 2008, spending the extra money we really couldn't afford, with the expectation this range, along with a new refrigerator, would last as long as we will need. I wasn't real happy with the way the larger oven baked and I complained to the dealer. The repairman came and checked it out - he said it was working the way it was designed, that it was built with an energy saving feature. So I mainly used my old Whirlpool range that my husband had installed in the basement for those occasions when we had family gatherings and needed an extra oven and cooktop.

The last week of May, 2012, I was preheating the large oven of my Maytag range and suddenly noticed a white ball of fire in the oven. It really frightened me and I immediately turned the oven off. The element had caught fire and was broken in two pieces. I called the 800 number for Maytag and was transferred to a Whirlpool repair #. I talked to a representative at that number who told me they would call the dealer from whom we purchased the range and have their repairman come and check the range. Based on his report, they would either repair or replace the range for us, free of charge.

The final decision was that the element and control board would be replaced at no cost to us, or if we wanted to replace the range they would pro-rate the cost. We decided we could not afford to replace the range, and the element and control board were replaced yesterday, July 3rd, at no cost to us. We are very impressed and happy with Whirlpool for standing behind this 4-year-old range. The warranty expired three years ago.

Maytag Ceran Range Top Problems
By -

OCEAN VIEW, DELAWARE -- There are a variety of reports of problems with ceramic glass range tops, and the Schott Ceran range top on my Maytag range is no exception. After just a week, a metal surface (a stove pan) came in contact with a burner that had just been used: a small, half inch shatter point developed and the glass evaporated immediately into microscopic fragments.

The Maytag dealer isn't sure whether Maytag (now owned by Whirlpool) will honor their warranty, and I'm still working on it. But, metal in contact with a ceramic glass tops has to be a common event for cooks who, like me, are careful in the use of their appliances. In this case, this may have been a built-in defect limited to Schott Ceran glass, who produce range tops for Maytag. Let's just say that this report is a "heads up" for all products with Ceran glass, whether produced by Schott or not.

Why Is New Glass Top Range Impossible to Clean?
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Rating: 1/51

ENGLEWOOD, COLORADO -- I have a Maytag corning glass top stove that is at least 15 years old. I still have the cleaner that came with it. It looks almost as nice as it did when I got it. So I bought one for my son and his wife. I heard complaints so when I was there I tried to clean the top. Even with the cleaner and a special scrub pad, would not clean it. It even had some shiny spots I've never seen before. I discovered the top was made in China.

I also discovered that it was bought out by Whirlpool, I wish I would have done my homework because the quality is not there. It's sad that the bottom line is more important to a company that buys out a competitor. I have many Maytag appliances, but I will not buy another. So everyone don't buy Maytag anymore because it isn't Maytag. Is there a glass top out there by corning?

Maytag Gas Range Does Not Hold Temperature
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Rating: 1/51

VANCOUVER CANADA -- Maytag would accept responsibility for a defective gas range which did not work from day one. The range would heat up but would not hold the temperature. The repairman at first thought the problem was the thermostat however after replacing it the problem persisted. The repairman concluded that this was a defective unit and should be replaced as the problem was either a defective gas valve or major problem with the control board. Since we did not contact Maytag within one year the warranty had lapsed.

When we complained within a year Maytag told us it was normal for a gas range to lose temperature but heat up again. When we complained again to Maytag the one year had lapsed. We also purchased a new Maytag fridge and dishwasher which we had problems within the second year. Do not buy Maytag.

Poorly Designed Gas Range
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Rating: 1/51

Here is my control panel problem. I purchased my dream double oven gas range, only to turn into a nightmare. The control panel actually melted and the plastic buckled right on the buttons that control all the oven functions. If this had happened within the first 90 days they would have checked into a recall, I was told.

It did not so I had to purchase an extended warranty at $350.+ which I did, since the ovens wouldn't work at all. I corresponded with Maytag and told them I felt this was a faulty design and that I wanted my money back that I had to pay out for extra warranty. They stood behind their product. So I got the new control panel installed and within a month the same problem the control panel is buckling again. Apparent the flame from the right rear burner shoots up on to the panel and melts it.

Now this to me is FAULTY DESIGN. I thought a stove was designed to cook your food on all burners and both ovens. So now both of the ovens are pooched as well. Apparently the pieces needed to fix the ovens are no longer available, so we will see what this extended warranty will do for me. 2007 this stove is 6 years old. I had a gas range before this for 25 years and traded it in for this nightmare stove. I will find out in a couple of days what the warranty will do to replace my stove. It better be good!

Maytag Sucks!
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Rating: 1/51

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- Bought a Maytag Gas Range in December 2011. Started having problems with it first week of use. Oven would not ignite or stay lit, and would not bake evenly because it couldn't keep consistent temperature. Repairman came to fix it 4 different times in a 3 month span. Worked fine for about 10 months and then started doing the exact same thing again. Worst appliance I have ever bought and Maytag would not take care of it at all. Will not ever buy anything Maytag again. MAYTAG IS EXPENSIVE GARBAGE! Do yourself a favor and purchase another brand with your hard earned money. I know that I will.

Sold overnight service without providing it
By -

BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- Called to order parts for my range. I was told I could pay for overnight shipping, which I did, because I have a catering job and needed my range repaired as soon as possible. It was after 6:00, so I asked point blank, "If I pay for overnight shipping, will I have it tomorrow?" The salesman assured me I would.

When I called to find out why I haven't received my part, I was told it would be shipped out today (which is when I was supposed to have received it) and would receive it tomorrow. I told her I would like to have the overnight shipping charge removed from my charges. She refused. I asked to speak to a manager and she put me on hold for a while. When she returned, she said SHE spoke to her manager and that he would not refund my money. I asked again to speak with him and she would not let me.

They have me over a barrel, because I have to have the part, but I will never buy Maytag again. I was under the impression that they were excellent customer service... I have not found that to be true.

Maytag Design
By -

This Maytag Range is a 5 burner gas range with a see-through oven door. There are several problems with the design of this door. The first is that the door window consists of three panes of glass. The two inner panes of glass are sealed together to insulate the oven and perform nicely. The out glass has a tendency to get very dirty on the inner surface of glass.

This is caused by the fact that the oven door is used as vent for the oven. Instead of porting the vented vapors around the clear opening, the vapors pass over the surface of the glass. Since the exterior of the oven is nominally at room temperature these vapors condense with the consequent mess.

Even this would not be all that bad if the design allowed simple removal of the glass - it does not, it is difficult. It was only through a lot of frustration and searching forums that I discovered the tricks to removing the oven door and glass. After cleaning everything I went to reinstall the oven door - another problem. The specified system did not work at all. Again I had to search forums for the answer. I have always like Maytag appliances, but these are the last I buy - the quality is going downhill.

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