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SOUTH DENNIS, MASSACHUSETTS -- In October 2003, I paid $722.95 for a Model MER5765-QAW electric range. The oven door handle fell off this month, October 2006 ... a bolt holding the handle to the stove on one side broke in half. This stove is used by two senior citizens and no children, therefore no misuse or abuse.

I called the dealer where it was purchased and they offered nothing except a repair bill as follows: Replacement handle $36.95 (plus tax), $38 flat labor rate, $69.95 charge for a Service Call (5 - 6 miles distance). I had no choice but to pay this bill since the door needed to be removed in order to replace the handle and I have no one that is handy or able to do this type of service.

I have a MAYTAG WASHER, DRYER, DISHWASHER and STOVE because I THOUGHT Maytag quality was worth the extra cost of purchase. To have an oven handle break off is comparable to having a door handle of a vehicle fall off after 3 years.

I did contact Maytag customer service and their only comment was "it's not within the warranty time frame". No help there. The dealer, whom I think is endorsed by Maytag, was also of no help except to say that they would obtain the handle for the stove and send out a repairman ... at a total cost of $146.79! Most agree that the "handle should not have fallen off ..." but no one is willing to accept responsibility for its cost.

I WILL NOT BUY MAYTAG PRODUCTS IN THE FUTURE ... my refrigerator is due to be replaced. AND I'll be certain to share my unhappy experience with others.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/31/2006:
If it's out of warranty, then you have few options but to pick up the repair yourself.
clark02660 on 10/31/2006:
Yes, that's Maytag's position as well. AND I did pay for the repair! I'm just questioning the QUALITY of Maytag appliances. An oven handle on a 3-year old stove should not fall off ... particularly with "gentle" use.

Thank you for your comments.
clark02660 on 10/31/2006:
I just wonder if others have had the same problem with this particular stove ...

Thanks for your help.
Anonymous on 11/01/2006:
Click on my name, and hit TRUST please.
RickK on 11/10/2007:
Maytag appliance handles do fall off. A lot. But has anyone else noticed that Maytag has subtly 'reengineered' the handle (at least the one for their MER6675AAS Double Oven). We, like all of the other suckers, went out to purchase (at our expense) a new handle for our two year old oven and installed it ourselves. Has the same basic look as the old one, but there is no longer a metal insert inside--it's an all plastic connection. Not confident it will last any longer, but wouldn't this change by Maytag be some sort of recognition that the original handle was defective? And why should WE be paying for this crap? Anybody have any ideas?
BarbaraJ on 06/01/2009:
It took 5 years for the handles to fall off my double oven. I lived alone most of that time and rarely cooked. When I did cook the smaller, upper oven met my needs 99% of the time. The bottom, larger oven was used less than 10 times in the same 5 year period. I was upset enough about the top handle falling off. I couldn't think of a reason in the world why the bottom, rarely used handle would break. Based on the other comments I'm seeing, there should be a recall by Maytag and offer to replace those parts. I, too, will need other appliances in the future, and will definitely remember this experience and additional cost.
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