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Defective Maytag range
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- As a small landlord and serial home rehabber, I have purchased a lot of appliances, new and used, over the last 16 years. Far and away the worst experience I have ever had is with the Maytag Performa range I purchased new in the spring of 2004 for my own personal use. I am writing both to warn others not to buy this range and to suggest a possible avenue for redress -- see page 5 of May 2006 Consumer Reports! (more on this below).

After a year and a half the oven stopped working, and I was told that the electronic control panel needs to be replaced. The store I purchased it from (Abt Appliance, a major name in Chicago) not only refused to stand behind its merchandise but falsely informed me -- twice -- that the one-year warranty had expired. In fact, there is a five-year warranty on the part, but not on labor, according to Maytag.

I am not finished fighting with both Maytag and Abt over the issue of paying for the repair costs for this obviously defective product -- since when is it normal for a year and a half-old range to stop working? Normally, people replace still-working ranges after one or more decades of use, because they want something newer, for aesthetic reasons.

However, after reading consumer reviews on this and other websites, I am now very concerned that my defective Maytag range may also be a fire hazard. Because I don't use it all that much, I have never used the self-clean function that seems to be the cause of Maytag range fires, and now I am afraid to do so. This strikes me as simply unacceptable in consumer appliance.

Although my complaints to the store and manufacturer have, so far, not been satisfactorily addressed, I am hopeful that I may get somewhere with the four-year implied warranty of merchantability on the store's part, which Consumer Reports discusses on page 5 of its May 2006 issue. Initially, I was concerned that I would potentially be facing a series of expensive and inconvenient repairs, if the electronic control panel keeps failing. Now, however, I am more concerned that my range simply may not be safe, if the self-cleaning function is ever used.

From what my trusted independent appliance repairman tells me, Maytag ranges are particularly unreliable. Is anyone aware of a class action or other litigation that has been brought over Maytag ranges? I have heard of the litigation over Neptune laundry appliances, but am not aware of other cases. I can be contacted at ** if anyone has information about lawsuits over Maytag range models, or would like more information from me.

Gas Range Model MGR5750
By -

I purchased a new Maytag gas range 4-30-99 and it has never worked correctly. The burners pop when turned on and off. There is a gas smell when it is on. The third time I cleaned the oven the door would not unlock. It took three weeks to get a repairman to fix it by putting in a new electronic control. After one year the inner oven glass broke and I had to pay for the repair. It was inside? Two pieces of glass and it was MY fault it broke! When the oven is on or the self-cleaning is on the upper stove and back splash on the wall are covered in black soot?? Now the oven won't come on when you turn it on for one hour to half a day. We have unhooked it and it will be junked!

I paid $745.48 for this range and today went to Sears and bought a new electric range so I can cook again! They used to have the best now they have the worst! The service is also terrible and I am tired of being cheated! I will do all I can to encourage others to stay away from Maytag products!

Mysterious F1 Code
By -

The electric range/self-clean oven was purchased in 2000. Three years later, during cleaning, it started beeping, the F1 code flashed and the cleaning action stopped. Since the warranty was up I decided to take a look inside the oven. I undid the two screws holding the temperature sensor in place and looked behind it. There was nothing there but the wire to the sensor so I reinstalled the sensor, tried the self-clean operation again and it went through the full cycle.

The range/oven has worked fine ever since, until about a month ago (Mar, 2006) at which time the same problem occurred. Once again I unscrewed the sensor and then screwed it back in place and the problem was fixed. It must be some kind of a grounding problem????

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