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Product Registration
By -

OOSTBURG, WISCONSIN -- Maytag has created a terrible customer experience for new product's owners trying to register their new product. The experience is not what a consumer would anticipate from a high-brand company. I have upgraded from a Maytag Neptune washer with a lengthy history of product defects, recalls, warranty issues and personal significant investment, to the Maytag Epic Washer. I now have struggled for 5 days to register the product.

The website does not work, only notifying the site is not working AFTER investing the time to complete all the information. The concept of "Website under construction" and perhaps allowing the user to print a warranty form for mailing and a phone number for personal contact was completely overlooked of worse, a decision made that it was not worth the investment for the customer satisfaction/service. I did call the phone numbers available in the owner's manual and under "Contact Us" on a different web page.

The phone welcomes the caller to the Maytag Customer Experience Center. The first thing the caller experiences is a listing of recalls currently underway. Makes the caller wonder if Maytag is a good choice. The interesting part is ALL callers, existing and potential customers hear the recall list. If this is not a clear signal to run the potential buyer would have to very, very loyal to Maytag or **. After the recall listing is complete the caller is offered a number of "options" which finally lead to product registration. Selection the registration option has led to over a dozen disconnects.

If a customer service agent does answer you are provided completely new phone numbers to call because the Maytag Epic is really a Whirlpool product and Whirlpool needs to complete the registration. So after 4-5 minutes of listening, pushing phone buttons, and experiencing frustration in the Maytag Experience, you can call a new number. Best of luck to any new Maytag customers. The brand is in transformation and the competition will certainly be leveraging Whirlpool's and Maytag's weaknesses. Brand loyalty will mean very little after the Maytag Experience, at least for Maytag.

Multiple complaints with no resolution
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Rating: 1/51

I recently purchased a Maytag washer. During my very first load of clothing I had a problem. I contacted Maytag immediately and they offered advice. I tried what they advised and it did not work. I contacted them several times, via telephone and email, along with a hard copy letter. They will not do anything to help me. The washer is a dog, my clothes come out smelling worse than when they went in. There is no way to administer fabric softener to rinse cycle unless you catch the washer in the rinse cycle, pause washer and add it by hand. I have to use the bulky setting to get more water into machine (per Maytag) so the energy saving is out the window.

It is an expensive washer, as all are, which is not living up to what is stated it will do in instruction booklet. I don't understand how they can get away with taking your money and selling you a piece of junk. For your own sake, please stay away from Maytag. I thought I was buying a decent washer because Maytag has a good reputation. It could be I just got a lemon but why doesn't Maytag care and help me out? I am so upset with this company. It's the first Maytag I have owned and it certainly will be the last. I am doing all I can to inform people so they don't waste their money.

I dread laundry days due to the frustration and Maytag does not care one bit. One would think a company like Maytag would satisfy a customer rather than have that customer write negative reviews about their company. It was expensive for me but it would be nothing for Maytag to give me my money back so I could buy a washer that would actually clean my clothing and do what it is supposed to do.

Bad Product and Bad Customer Service
By -

Never in my life will I purchase any product from Maytag. I purchased my washer in the fall of 2005 from a Sears store. From the moment they installed it, it was loud and it moved all over the place as it cycled. I was told that this was normal as far as the noise, and that my floor was probably uneven as far as the moving. I adjusted this and it still moved, and we constantly had to rearrange the clothes in the tub to make it spin half way normal without wanting to shake and wobble all over the place. Unfortunately, we didn't take it back like we should have, figured it would be a major hassle, and the warranty for service ran out.

We had a repairmen check it out and he told us it left the factory with a defect, and that he could lessen the wobbling but couldn't correct it entirely. Cost: $100.00 plus tax. This was almost 2 yrs after purchasing it. Last week it quit working, called another authorized Maytag repairman, he came to my house, and in less than 3 minutes he said the transmission was shot! Cost to me for that: $65.00 plus tax. So they install a new transmission in it, the part was warranted so it was no charge to me, but labor was $175.00 plus tax. I originally paid 375.00 for the washer, which is barely 5 yrs old now.

Now I've paid almost the same exact amount in the past year, to get the thing running again. Now when it spins, the noise it makes is so loud, and it makes all kinds of clicks and clanks. When I tried to express my displeasure with the customer service people over the phone, the lady was very rude and short with me, and she interrupted me 2 or 3 times. Worst customer service I've ever encountered in my 53 years. If I ever have to purchase another appliance it will be Bosch, LG, or Samsung. I purchased a Maytag washer and dryer in 1982, and they lasted for over 25 years.

Maytag Washer Fails - No Help From Maytag
By -

Washer was under one year old when it began to leak in the house. Called Maytag since the unit was under one year old and still under their warranty. Had to wait 6 days for the repair man to come. The repair man said this was the worst he had ever seen a washer. He said he didn't even know if they could fix the washer but had to see how much the parts would cost before making a decision if it should just be replaced.

Phone calls back and forth from us to Maytag and they advised 2 weeks later they just started looking for the parts - they didn't understand why the repair man took so long to begin the search... We had to call them back again 5 days later and they said some of the required parts were not available yet, so we would have to wait up to 6 months to see if they came available. WHAT THE HECK???

I kept saying to the person on the phone that I needed to speak to someone higher up like a manager or whoever can tell me that a new washer was going to be sent. I kept getting the run around on the phone. Finally, I talked to a person that reviewed all the data and she advised a new washer would be sent out. Great, so I thought. She then advised it could take up to 3 months for them to find my exact model, color, etc... I then said I would personally drive to the local Home Depot and Lowe's and wherever else to find it so they can deliver it asap. She then said they would research first and call me back.

5 days later I had to call them AGAIN and they said they located one and would be 7-10 days for delivery. It has been a total of 38 days since the onset of our problem with the washer. It has been 7 days since they told us 7-10 days and we have not heard from he company that is supposed to deliver the new washer. I think that was an excuse to get me off the phone again.

Today is December 13th 2009 and I am still waiting fo the new washer. I will NEVER buy another Maytag product and have told everyone I know about this incident - I have to since we have been going to other people's houses to do our laundry!!!

Beware of Maytag Washers + Customer Service Is Severely Lacking.
By -

My washer started leaking when the washer was just about 5 years old. I do only 2 loads of laundry per week so far less than the average family. On the second attempt to get service for the washer (the first appt. was changed by Maytag and they failed to notify me) the repairman came out and before he even touched the washer at all he told me it would be too expensive to fix - he told me the tub seal would be the source of the problem...

So then I told him if that was the case then he could leave because I didn't want to have to pay for anything else (and time is money). He said he could be wrong and took the panel off the front of the washer - not more than 5 min. later he confirms the initial assessment and then tells me it will cost $107 for the 5 min. He spent plus $400 to not worth repairing. I looked online and it appears Maytag is aware of this problem as they issued a service bulletin to their technicians advising them to use a new triple tub seal part when replacing this part (it had been changed from the original part).

I also found many websites/forums of customers with the same problem. When I called Maytag customer service they advise the best they could do would be to offer 50% off the replacement parts price. I do not know how much that would be of the $400 repair bill but I'm betting it's less than 1/2 of the I would still be out $107 for the initial visit.

Needless to say I am extremely disappointed in the lack of durability of their product as part of the reason I purchased it was for the brand...a brand I thought was known for its reliability and quality of customer service. I received neither a reliable product nor adequate customer service. May have once been a good brand; not so anymore. Take your hard-earned $$$ elsewhere.

Maytag, The Undependability People
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Rating: 1/51

I purchased a Maytag Performance washer in February 2011. I paid more for a washer than I normally would because I wanted to get a top of the line product that would last. Huge mistake. I called Maytag warranty repair on January 2, 2012 because the washer was making noises like a jet plane taking off. The machine was unusable. I will not go into the frustration of the warranty repair process or the rude, unprofessional service I got from A&E Factory Service. They didn't get the machine repaired until the end of February. The bearings had gone bad and had a list of parts used that they priced at $1300.

In May 2012 it started making loud noises again and is not usable. I cannot believe that Maytag continually sold products that had known engineering and design defects. I have read countless postings online of others who have this same problem. Do not buy a Maytag washer. If I could give this washer a negative star rating, I would.

Maytag... No longer The Dependability People
By -

4 months ago April/2011 my wife purchased a Maytag front load washer (series 9000) and dryer (Series 5000), including pedestals and 10 year extended service contract. On Sept. 9th, we experienced water damage in our basement as Tropical storm Lee delivered nearly 15 inches of rain to our area, resulting in extensive damage to our area. Our new machines were elevated above the water, only reaching the pedestals, however both the washer and dryer are now DOA. The washer experienced an F70 error resulting in a bad Circuit Control Board, and the dryer runs but because of an issue inside the motor, it does not dry.

Obviously, we did not expect our extended warranty to cover the repair because it was excluded under non-intentional damage, however my complaint is that because of very poor product design, the $600 circuit board is left unprotected at the very bottom of the machine. A leak from a hose in the top of the machine would also have the same effect on the board. Our service technician had seen 6 similar issues with Maytag's the same day; all were dead after only a few months of service. His advice... don't buy Maytag and some other brands of similar poor design. Very expensive advice, a little too late to have avoided this fiasco.

Do Not Purchase the Maytag Washer Model #MVWC200XW1
By -

MICHIGAN -- You know I am so mad I could dump this washer on your doorstep. Built strong to last, who are you kidding. This washer has not worked since I bought it. The service man has been here six times already and I still have no washer to wash my clothes. I will never ever buy another Maytag and I certainly will tell all my friends and the world about your product and service and reliability. First, it had to have a whole new transmission put into it. Now I'm sure it is the electrical circuitry system, because it does nothing it is supposed to do when you set it for washing. That is all goofed up. Tell me who puts your products together. Do they read English.

I remember your commercial a long time ago that said the loneliest service man was a Maytag serviceman. Well, that certainly has changed hasn't it? You get no satisfaction from you or for that matter the place where I bought it, Menards. We wanted to take it back and they wouldn't take it back and you just tell the people to get a service technician, and buy an extended warranty. Tell me is there no more pride in companies. Does anyone in the world care. I am disgusted with this washer.

Bravos... I Hate My Washer
By -

I hate this washer. Traded my Whirlpool frontload for this!!! It does not give you enough water to wash a load and I have to spend about 5/10 minutes working to untangle my twisted/knotted items. If you wash long sleeve shirts and sleep PJ's in the same load you have a real puzzle... not good. Forget about a comforter! Not going to happen. We are now going to use quilts and electric blankets. Doesn't sound like energy saving to me. Just give me an old fashion washer and allow me to control the water level, speed and temp... If I need to use really hot water... I expect to be able to do that!!!

If I am out in the garden and get my clothes are really dirty I should be able to select a water level to fit the load condition... NO, NO, NO... "THEY" know better. This thing controls my life and I hate it!!! I will be dumping this washer (new 1/2010) and find a good old fashion machine that will allow me to decide how I want to do my laundry... on Craigslist. I am so sorry I bought this machine.

I Am Very Dissatisfied With The Maytag Bravo Washer
By -

I have had problems with it after only having it for 3 months. I have had 3 service men from 2 different companies to my home and have made numerous phone calls to the customer care center with no success of having this washer replaced. My clothes have what looks like oil streaks on them and my whites are now a dark grey and can not be cleaned. Also, my clothes come out of the washer the same way I put them in there and one leg on pants are always completely dry and haven't even been washed with all the dirt still intact on the pants. After a recent call to customer service the supervisor told me he would send me a check for 50 dollars to go to the laundromat..

Seriously! This is customer service?! They have extended my warranty twice giving me an extra year. I was told the warranty only covers repairs and not returns. I would think it would be cheaper for Maytag to replace my washer than to continually replace parts.

This last service guy that came out is now replacing the outer plastic bin, the inner basket, the water pump and hoses. The first company replaced the water leveling valve. That leaves only the outer shell of the washer that needs replacing... Hmmm, sounds like I got a defective product and they don't care. I would never recommend Maytag Bravos if it were the last washer on earth!!!

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