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After Sales Service Sucks!
By -

PICKERING, ONTARIO -- I am very disappointed in Maytag/Whirlpool after service customer satisfaction!!! We had a problem with our washing machine. We could not even do a load of cloths as the machine would bang out of control and the load would become out of balance with every wash. You would have to take almost all of the load out and throw it in the wash basin while you spin a small load one at a time to spin dry your cloths so you could put them in the dryer.

Not only was this totally time consuming and inconvenient, but totally not eco friendly with the amount of power we are using just to do one load (some energy efficient machine this turned out to be) and of course our warranty is up so when we called for after sales service they sent out one of their representatives that would diagnose the problem for approx. $91.00 and this would include the first 15 min. of work he might have to do.

As it would have it, the service company Prompt Home Service that Maytag/Whirlpool sent to our home could not find anything wrong with the machine as to why it would keep banging out of balance with each load (even though he witnessed the out of control banging himself, he just wasn't sure why). He went on to tell us he would have to get a price for new springs and a new center Teflon coil which is housed in an enclosure located in the underneath of the middle of the washer.

He told me he would get back to me with a quote for the new parts. His estimate was going be around $200.00 on top of the $91.00 we had already paid him, but he had to go back to the office and get the exact part prices and he would call me in about an hour. I then spoke to the head office again to let them know that I was concerned. He said the machine was fine and he could not see why this was happening, but he would replace all of the springs and the Teflon coil, and hopefully this would fix the problem and he went on to say there is only a 90 day warranty on the parts (so I guess if this would not fix the problem I would be SOL).

When I told the representative ** from customer service what had gone on and my concerns, she said she would personally follow my account and we would wait to see when he submitted his paper work to them where we should go from there (at this point I am thinking a new washer is in order and she was helping me pick out one of their new models, as I did not want to put that much money into this fairly new model that was having problems).

This all happened on Monday, it is now Tuesday and my cloths are pilling up with no call from the service technician, my husband is furious by this point in time, that not only are we running out of cloths but the service representative charged us $91.00 and was supposed to get back to us an hour after the service call which was on Monday and it is now Tuesday evening and no phone call!

So Tuesday night my husband then comes home with the Machine Mechanic from his elevator company he works for. The Mechanic takes one look at the machine and asks me if the guy put a level on it which I than reply "no" and he then pursues to check the level of the machine himself, which is totally off balance.

He said even though we had it installed by the service guys from the store where we had bought it, after it has been used for a while sometimes the locking nut that holds the feet in place becomes loose and if this happens the machine will start to "walk" as he called it and this in turn will cause the out of balance to the machine. 10 minutes later he balanced the feet and locked the nuts with a wrench and viola! NO MORE BANGING! I have now done 7 loads of laundry with no problems.

Now it is Wednesday about 4:00 pm and I have not heard from anyone at Maytag/Whirlpool head office or the service rep., so I call the Maytag/Whirlpool head office again to speak to ** to let her know what happened and to find out what happened to the service guy calling back with the quote, and of course the new customer service representative that my call was answered by cannot put me through to ** who was personally watching over my account.

She also informed me that the service representative never ended up handing in his paper work or reporting back to them and they would have to send him a message to do so. At this point she said she would transfer my call to her supervisor. When I told the supervisor our scenario, she said so you don't need a service representative to fix it for you now?

Now at this point I told her that the mechanic that fixed the problem said the service representative should have checked the leveling of the machine first off, and he could have re leveled the machine and locked the nuts to re balance the machine and it would have been fixed within ten min. which would have been covered under the service diagnoses because it included 15 min of work, which was never done.

The mechanic also said that this is standard practice for this problem, and I should get in contact with the head office and have them reimburse me for the service diagnosis as it was not only done wrong, but they were going to additionally install parts that did not need replacing and charge me for that as well. The supervisor could only apologize to me and tell me that the company would be talked to about their conduct, and there is nothing they could do for me, if I should want to contact their service representative personally to dispute the charge for the miss diagnoses and the bad service for not checking the leveling, that I should take it up with them directly.

I than informed her that I did not wish to dispute with this sub-contracted service representative as I call Maytag/Whirlpool and they sent the representative to me and should be responsible and stand behind them, I informed her that if I want to deal with a smaller company, I would have just called one of my local repair centers and not have had the head office of Maytag/Whirlpool involved in the first place, and if I knew that this was not one of their direct representatives I would have called someone in my local area that I trusted myself.

So she still said I apologize for his service but he did come to your home, and even though he miss diagnosed the problem and didn't check the balance on the appliance (which is standard practice in this case). This was unfortunate but she would NOT be reimbursing us and we could only take it up with the representative himself.

I told her of course the service representative is not going to give back our money at this point. He hasn't even got back to us in the first place. I then went on to tell her that the service representative was going to eventually replace good working parts in hopes that it would fix the problem and there was nothing wrong with them. She said that is unfortunate but nothing she could do, so I said "I guess it's too bad so sad for me" and all she could say is that it is unfortunate.

What a load of CRAP! to think never mind I am out of $91.00 and we are a single income family who can't afford to take a hit like that, but to could have spent $200.00 more just to try to fix the problem, which would not have fixed it, or how about the fact that I almost bought a new machine all together, as my cloths were pilling up and we needed to make a decision fast.

Well I don't know about Maytag/Whirlpool but I would think they would conduct them selves better than that. I bought the machine in the first place because the Maytag man never has anything to do as his machines never break down, what a farce! Not only do they, but the big brand name won't even stand behind the service they send to you. This will make me think twice about buying Maytag/Whirlpool in the future and I will definitely spread the word to all I know who might consider their products in the future!

Maytag's quality of products is poor, their service not help at all
By -

BENSON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- I bought Maytag electric ceramic glass top range when I remodeled my kitchen recently. I did not really use it until after the holiday season. When I use it I realized there were big problem. It takes a long time to heat up, long time to cold it down. And it's on and off by itself even I set up at the highest energy! I am talking about cook-top not the oven, there was no temperature set.

One time, I used the largest eye, it took me 20-30 minutes to cock one simple dish that I just need 5 -7 minuets on my old electric stove (I have admit the contact was not good-bottom of the pot not flat like top). Dish was not done the stove was on off or dim operation. I really want to smash the stove with my wok-that's what I feel about the range. The worst thing is at beginning because I am still not used to check the indicator light, I thought it's was off(because I do not see the stove eye rad) and actually it wasn't. Fortunately somebody else was home, smelled burning food and turned stove off! Other wise I can not imaging what going to happen!

Oh, I used Oven, preheating takes 10 minutes!
I went to Home Depot, where I bought the range, the section manager told me this was a special order can't be returned(why they did not tell me when I buy the stuff) and tell me to call Maytag. The first time I called I found although I have the receipt, I do not have serial number. Next time I called from home when I got the serial number, it was 8:15pm-the answer machine told me their service time only 8:00am to 8:00pm Mon to Friday. The third time I called,

I waited on line almost half hour to get answer. The representative told me there is nothing wrong with the range it supposedly on and off during cock. It's designed that way (Oh, my god! what kind of design? let me cock or not!). There's nothing they can do bout it. Like others said "Maytag Customer Service only says they are sorry that I am having a problem and make no effort or commitment to correct the problem". Now, I would never, ever buy any of product from Maytag. I will recommend anybody who were shopping for appliance not to buy Maytag products! Their quality of product are poor, their service not help at all.

A double wall oven with two logic board failures in 9 years: 2 X $400=$800 to fix.
By -

BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- My family owns a double wall oven, Model number MEW6630CAS. It was an expensive oven in 2001 and we hoped we were acquiring a sturdy and reliable tool for our family kitchen. Unfortunately, we have had to fix the digital display twice since we got this oven, at over $400 for each fix. The first fix was in 2005 and the last fix was last month, in 2010. In addition to the initial cost of the oven, then, we have spent over $800 just to be able to read the basic information of time, temperature, etc. of the oven.

Obviously, when we acquired the oven, we never suspected we would need to spend over $800 dollars just to be able to read the displays. This is a huge hidden cost and, we think, points to a serious problem with the design and the parts used to repair this product.

We contacted Maytag first by email, then by phone. Maytag representatives simply said that the oven is out of warranty and that there's nothing which can be done. We are realistic about the lifespan of products, and we absorbed the cost of the first expensive fix to our Maytag oven without complaint. However, the need to fix the oven a second time motivated us to ask for Maytag to compensate for at least the second fix.

We wrote a letter to Maytag, to the Director of Consumer Care, Maytag. Her office (not her) responded by calling us and all they did was repeat the fact that the oven was out of warranty. I wonder if the makers of the Ford Pinto repeated that their defective cars were out of warranty! In short: Maytag oven is a terrible product, with multiple failures of digital display, a huge fix cost ($800 and counting) and a company that refuses to follow best practices and stand up for their customers. We are done with Maytag.

Maytag/Whirlpool - Don't Waste Your Money!!!
By -

We purchased a Neptune top loader washer about 4 yrs. ago. I was immediately aware that my clothes were not getting clean but when I asked the store where I purchased the washer about this they said that they had not had any other complaints so I just assumed that it was my problem. Then within 6 months I started to notice rust stains on my washed clothes. The rust was dripping from the metal lid onto the clean clothes after the wash cycle had completed. To make matters worse my husband and I started to notice a fowl odor coming from the washing machine. It smelled like mold.

I have since read that other Neptune owners have had the same problem and this has turned out to be a serious mold issue because of dirty standing water that will not empty from the washer!! I have repeatedly called the customer complaint number (listed on the inside of the washer lid) only to be told that this is not a problem Maytag is aware of.. BULL!!!!! Today when I could not take the smell anymore I decided to call Maytag's Headquarters. Thinking that the executives at Maytag might be a little more polished and helpful than the customer service people who have offered nothing more than "stonewalling". NOT SO!!!

The woman on the other end who stated she was a part of the "executive headquarters" and "very important" was actually more rude than the customer service individuals I had been dealing with previously. Not only did she state that she had no record of any of my many prior complaints she also implied that I was lying, she then went on to scold me for not having had a "service tech" out in the four years to check the problem. When I tried to explain (for the third time) that I had been told for 3.5 yrs by their customer service people that this was not their problem she then continued to berate me for not having a service person out to check the machine .

When I informed her that I would be contacting the "consumer advocacy reporter" at my local news channel she then stated that the conversation was over and hung up! Unfortunately, we had a dryer die on us 4 weeks ago and thinking that we would not repeat the same mistake by purchasing a Maytag we bought a Whirlpool instead only to find out that Whirlpool bought Maytag.

Needless to say we will not purchase any Whirlpool products ever again and will tell all of our friends and family members. Hey- Whirlpool, GET A CLUE. When you don't stand behind your products and your customer service is pathetic, rude and incompetent you'll eventually see it in your stock price.

Unnecessary, Obnoxious, And Loud "Musical Start-Up Sounds On Maytag Bravos Washer
By -

Washer cleans clothes just fine and the WASHING OPERATION itself is quiet. My complaint is about NOISE POLLUTION from the very intrusive, VERY LOUD, totally unnecessary, and OBNOXIOUS musical start-up sounds and other musical noises made by the machine. I would never have acquired this machine if I had known I would have to put up with this harassment "music." The "music" is so loud it can be heard all over my house and it wakes family members who are sleeping.

How can I turn off those obnoxious and unnecessary sounds??? Nothing in the instruction book tells me. I am certain this can be done without hindering the washing mechanism. I eliminated those noises from my cell phone, computer, and high def. television sets.

When Touchpads, Heating Elements, and Customer Service Don't Respond
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Rating: 2/51

BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- Yikes, after only 4 years of once a week use (there's only 2 of us). The touchpads on the Maytag dishwasher don't work. Replacing the front panel -yes that's what it takes - will cost about $250 plus installation. A call to Maytag and I find out that they have also recalled the heating element and the dishwasher is unusable. After 45 minutes on wait or being kicked from one dept to another, Maytag's customer service supervisor (who said she'd call back) has yet to do so. (I've spoken with her once requesting a replacement for my lemon) but no answer yet after 3 weeks and 2 voice mails - last one today. Yes, the Maytag repairman is sleeping somewhere - the company just charges its customers to replace poorly designed products. Is this a function of being bought/merged with Whirlpool? Anyone knows?

Bravo Washer and Dryer Are Junk
By -

My husband purchased the Maytag Washer and Dryer for me last Christmas. I hate these machines. I TOTALLY HATE THEM! It takes twice a long to do the laundry because you can only do a quarter of the load. Then the sensor has to think about how much water it needs to fill the machine. It spins around and thinks about it again. So for 5 t-shirts, 3 nightgowns and two pairs of shorts, it takes almost an hour to wash. Yesterday, the washer said the load was DONE. When I opened the lid to put the clothes in the dryer, they were soaking wet. The washer never spun.

Now today, the dryer drum is banging from left to right and service can't send anybody here until Tuesday. What happened to Monday? It's not a holiday. My wash is up to the ceiling. The machines are TOTAL JUNK and their service department is terrible. I would never recommend these machines to anyone. We are ready to roll them to the curb. Shame on you Maytag.

Don't buy Maytag
By -

ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS -- I bought this washer because I thought Maytag was a reliable name and it came with a stainless steel tub. I have had the lonely repairman out here several times. I've had the transmission replaced and the motor is going (overheats and stops). The paint is chipping and it has had a leaking problem among other things. Everything was covered by their warranty, but I still had to pay $65 for each service call. I feel so deceived by them. It's broken again, squeals and won't spin, I've had it. I will never buy one of their products again, and I tell everyone who is in the market for a washer to steer clear of them. Anything Maytag for that matter!

Who Needs A Maytag Repairman
By -

I purchased this appliance approx 6 yrs ago and have been very happy with its performance until this year (2010). The refrigerator stopped cooling properly. I have had the authorized repairman come to my home three times and replaced the thermostat, baffle motor, and complete baffle assemble; cost, $450. My problem is not fixed. The freezer side works great. The repairman tells me there is nothing else to replace, yet my frig is unsafe because the temp will not reach 41 degrees f. I certainly would think an $1800. Refrig would last more than 5 years. Chalk one up to "name brand". I'm beginning to think American made is **.

Boo Maytag
By -

The range that I purchased just over 5 years ago has broken down 3 times. It's always been the element that needs replacement. The first 2 times it was covered by warranty (thank goodness I bought the extended 5 years). The 3rd time though, it's not covered and I'll have to fix it myself. You know what it's like to be without your oven!

I contacted Maytag Customer Service. Although she was sorry about my situation, there was nothing that they could do except keep my complaint on file and indicated to me that these types of things can happen and that Maytag uses the "Best" components in their products. What a bunch of crap! If their still in business in the next 5 or so years, I would be surprised. A company that once had such an excellent reputation, to end up like this. Too bad.

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