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This Maytag Washer Is An Inferior Product And Maytag Should Be Ashamed. I Was Under The Impression Their Products Were Quality
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Rating: 1/51

BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA -- Had the washer for one year and it has broken down numerous times and replaced numerous parts.

Microwave and Dishwasher
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Rating: 1/51

Horrible products. Both dishwasher and microwave had issues within 2 years of purchase and now the microwave Is failing to work. The touch screen is showing an error message. We bought the items in spring of 2010.

All The Same Product
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LYONS, NEW YORK -- If you buy a Maytag, Kenmore, Amanna, Jenn-air or Whirlpool because you think one is better than the other you are only deceiving yourself. They are all the made by the very same company!! I and my wife argued about which dishwasher, washer/dryer and refrigerator was the best so I did some research on all of them. It's not that hard to find out who owns what. I found that all are made by the same company!! Boy was I fooled. Sears gives Maytag the specs. for what they want and the company builds it for them.

The TV/print ads even fight each other over which is better. It's funny how they will even fight themselves for the market share. At any rate we went with Maytag because we felt that was a better product. Boy where we WRONG!!!!! We also bought the extremely expensive Jenn-Air dishwasher because she, my wife wanted the best. We had it less than 1 yr. when the timer control caught fire. After fighting with "customer service" (hahaha) for an hr. I was no closer to a fix than I was to getting a brand new mach. We paid $1200.00 (or close to it) for the mach. and the fix was $696.43 to fix it. I said no so we bought a GE and it's worked fine for 6 yrs. now.

Anyway, we got the runaround for a month. (with no dishwasher other than me or my wife. mostly me.) When we had enough and bought the new one, the part came in a box 6"x6" and weighed less than a LG candy bar plus installation mind you. (and the gov. got on Bill Gates for owning too much with Microsoft???) That was another $155.00. This co. is way too big for their own good, let alone ours.

Bottom line, no matter what you buy it's the same company making it these days. It's a shame that a company that once made a VERY good product has gone the way it has. My mom has an Maytag stove that has been in the house and used everyday for the past 40 yrs. and is still going strong. What happened to that kind of product?

Disappointed and Saddened
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NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS -- I have used Dependable Maytag in Naperville for years to buy appliances, purchase repair parts and for repair service at my house. Most recent experience will be my last. Bought a repair part for a dryer. Due to lack of time, I could not install the part and called their service dept, who repaired the unit the next day. Spare part I purchased was not needed. Asked if part was returnable and technician said "yes".

Got to store and was told "no problem, just need manager approval". This is when the fun started. Manager said not returnable due to it being a custom order. Reminded them the part was a stock item when I bought it, 1 of 3 they had in house just 3 days ago.

Manager agreed but THEN said it was not returnable due to being an electrical part. I challenged this because the only electrical component on the item was a single wire and a light bulb socket. Manager agreed but THEN said not returnable because it was used. I showed the manager the invoice from his own service tech showing that the part was not used, and was still in the original box. Manager agreed but THEN said he could not take returns due to the owners return policy. I pointed out that the return policy is not written anywhere in store, just appears to be made up as they go.

Manager THEN said he would credit me the repair part price toward the purchase of a new dryer. At this point I walked out with my now useless part. I am horribly disappointed that what used to be a "dependable" sales and repair shop is now resorting an ambiguous return policy to make a buck on a repair part, or even worse, force me to buy a new dryer just to get my money back. I could have bought somewhere else for less, now I wish I had.

"Dependable" Maytag needs to publish a clear return policy and show a little respect for repeat customers, instead of laughing and telling them "Good Luck" as they walk out the door in frustration. (Yes, I was really told "Good Luck" as I walked out!)

Worst Customer Services I Have Ever Dealt With
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Rating: 1/51

NEWARK, NEW JERSEY -- On Feb 13, 2013 purchased a refrigerator from Home Depot. On June 24 the piece of crap stopped working. I made a phone call to the warranty company about a problem I was having with my Maytag refrigerator that was not cooling. Home Depot transferred me to Maytag and Maytag transferred me to a local warranty company to come out and look at our refrigerator.

Dan Mark Appliance representative came to inspect the refrigerator and found the compressor was no good. I asked him "how does a compressor fail in such a sort time? Let me guess, made in China?" jokingly. He said "this is common with this manufacturer." I said, "Really I wish I knew this before I bought this $850 pile of junk." After waiting for a week I decided that the service company was not coming back to resolve the problem.

On July 9th I called back and they told me it would be another week before the part comes in. July 18th I have to call again to find out where the part is. "Oh, no one called you? It should be there around the hours of 2-5 pm." Thanks for nothing. The Fridge got repaired at 3:30 pm that day. At this point my food is spoiled and I asked for reimbursement. Maytag says they are not responsible for the food. It's not covered in the warranty.

I called the warranty company again and reminded them that I had been without my refrigerator for more than 15 days. I was told that they were still looking into the matter but this is my thought: DON'T BUY ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS, LOOKS LIKE THEY ALL SUCK..... This has convinced me that I will never purchase an appliance or a warranty from Home Depot again. I will not hesitate to let anyone know of the experience I have had with the warranty company contracted by your company.

Customer Service / Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- DON'T BUY THE MAYTAG SERVICE PLAN!! I don't typically write reviews, but my experience has been so appalling that I had to do it.

I have a Maytag washing machine with a broken face plate (meaning it will no longer turn on). I called Maytag for a repair and was told to purchase their service plan in order to have my washing machine fixed. I paid $400 for the plan and was then, after inspection, told that the part I needed was back ordered for 3 months!!! I found another service provider who had the part in their warehouse and could fix the washer within the week, however Maytag would not cover them. This meant if I wanted my machine fixed I would have to pay an additional $500.

I tried to cancel my Maytag service plan since it would take 3 months to fix my machine, but they said I couldn't cancel it until 60 days had passed. Or I could try and cancel now and sacrifice $100 of my service plan and a portion of the plan (Which equaled $200 total). This cancellation and refund would also take over one month and would not be guaranteed. So that means that I would have to wait 2 MONTHS without a guarantee!!!

In the meantime I have been spending a lot of money at laundromats and inconveniencing friends. All I want is to have my washing machine fixed. I am willing to pay for it, but I think that 3 months is a crazy amount of time to wait for a repair, and all the hoops I have had to jump through have been especially painful.

Maytag overall has a terrible service plan. DO NOT BUY IT!!! It is outsourced to a third party and Maytag will not help you if anything goes awry. They send you through a chain of about 5 connections until you are told that you are basically out of luck and have to wait 3 months plus to have your machine fixed. I will never recommend this to anyone, nor will I ever buy a Maytag product again.

Nice Light!
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Rating: 1/51

BENTON HARBOR, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased this MMV5208WB1 unit in December 2012 as part of our kitchen remodeling project. I read reviews on the Maytag site and on the Lowe's site and it sounded like a decent product. I wish I read Amazon!

We installed the unit in January and it seemed that it would go into Demo mode for no reason. We used it for a week or so and called service. They came out to diagnose the problem (trip 1) and decided it was the motherboard and they would need to order it. They were out 2-3 days later to install the motherboard (trip 2). A few days later after having a bag of frozen vegetables in for 15 minutes to get warm, I called again. I asked if they could replace the unit and I was told, "after three of the same issues during the warranty period, the unit will be replaced." They came out and diagnosed the problem as the magnetron (trip 3). Of course, they had to order that.

They were back two days later to replace it (trip 4). Two days go by and we have the same problem. I called again and told them I wanted a new unit. I was told, "I'm sorry, we can't do that." (I was not a very pleasant person the rest of this conversation). They were back out and decided it was a faulty thermistor (trip 5). They were back 2-3 days later to install that (trip 6). They stuck around to see how it would work and it had the same problem. They decided it was a contact in a switch. We are now waiting for them to replace it which will make 7 visits from the Maytag Man.

Service was here for the SEVENTH time in the past six weeks. The unit still does not work. The technician said he didn't think he could do anything else and left. I called Maytag and told them I want the unit replaced. The CSR could not authorize it. I spoke with the customer service manager who told me that they could not replace the unit until Maytag determine that it was not repairable. She is turning it over to Technical Service who will decide if I am worthy of a replacement. I have filed a BBB complaint and, if I do not hear back from Maytag within 24 hours, will be filing small claims action against them.

I wrote similar reviews on Lowe's and Maytag sites and they were rejected! I guess they don't like negative reviews. Lesson learned: Always check unbiased review sites!! Avoid Maytag appliances! I know I will. (Oh, it is nice to have a light over the stove. I just wish it doubled as a microwave.)

Maytag has the worst appliances
By -

I purchased a house in 2006 and renovated it about a year later in 2007 to 2008. I purchased Maytag appliances (Dishwasher, microwave, washer, dryer and a big A/C wall unit) during my renovation because you always see in the Maytag commercials how the repair guy sits around because they're so good. Well that's a bunch of crap! The first time using my A/C unit the Circuit interrupter on the cord kept tripping.

To make a long story short, it took Maytag over a year to fix it. I had to keep calling the repair guy over and over for a year to get him out there. He came several different times over the course of a year and never had the right replacement plug. I went two hot summers without an A/C thanks to Maytag's crappy service and units.

Next is my dryer. The drum belt broke less than a year after buying it. I had to spend money on a new one and fix it myself because after the aggravation with the A/C unit, the repair guy was never coming back in my house. Now to my Microwave. Every time I use the stupid thing, the front grill vibrates like crazy and annoys the hell out of you. Lastly, is my dishwasher. I have the Maytag Quiet Series 300 which is louder than a freight train. It was quiet for about 4 months and then started getting louder and louder. It's horrible! Plus I had to replace the cheaply made wheel rollers on the upper rack several times.

The only one of my five Maytag appliances I haven't had a problem with was my washing machine. Oh boy, just jinxed myself. They are the worst crap built and I'll never buy another one again, ever. All this crap is made overseas from cheap Chinese plastic with very poor quality. Bring back good old American made stuff. God Bless America!

Admiral Down After 4 Years
By -

We bought an Admiral Refrigerator, Side by Side approx. 4 years ago. After the first year the ice maker quit working, was fixed by serviceman. The next year, a fan in the freezer went out, which the serviceman said was a part that he had to replace often. This caused a loss of frozen food, which had to be replaced. Between the third and fourth year, our freezer and refrigerator quit working, loss of freezer and refrigerator food. Serviceman came and said he didn't see anything wrong, to turn it back on and let it run and call him, if it quit again. Needless to say it quit again.

He came back and decided that the compressor was going out, which he said was under warranty for 5 years. We paid the service call and fan the second year, because he said it wasn't under warranty. He said that he didn't have the tools to put in a compressor and gave us a number for another service company. By this time we had been out of a refrigerator approx. 6 days. We called and a serviceman came two days later, said it was not the compressor, but something else. Said to plug it back in and he would order parts, but first we needed to pay half of $226, so he could order parts. It was something to do with the defroster.

We paid that money, and then my husband had to spend 40 minutes on the phone with the service company, who set an appointment. We now have been without a refrigerator for 9 days. The service company called me the other day to ask if we have received parts yet, (didn't know we were to receive parts) and to call them if we did. This was on Monday... Today is Tuesday and they called again to ask about parts (which we haven't received), said to call them in the am if parts don't get here tonight, and they will decided what to do then.

Besides doing without a refrigerator, losing food and getting phone calls every day from the service company, we have no refrigerator. This is a brand new Admiral, and we are not happy with this at all. We have had 25 year old refrigerators that are still running in someone's garage. Is this right???

Unsatisfied Rebate
By -

DOTHAN, ALABAMA -- My husband and I purchased a Maytag W&D less than 3 yrs. ago... part of the initial agreement was that we would receive a 3 yrs supply of Tide detergent. We got the 1st year supply after contacting the rebate center once the washer and dryer was installed, we never even used the 1st years supply up before the expiration date of that year. After that first years rebate had expired we then had to call to have the center mail out another 1yrs supply, at that time we thought we should be able to just get the remaining 2 yrs supply, but the representative at the rebate center said we would have to call back and request the 3rd years supply once the 2nd years coupons had expired...

I thought how strange why can't we just get them now, the representative said that was the way they kept an inventory of it. On 5-7-09 I called the rebate center to request my final years supply and the representative told me she would have to enter the request and then they would be sent to me. On 5/13/09 she called to tell me that the rebate promotion had been closed out and there was no way to get me the last years supply. Well I then ask to speak with a supervisor. Once the supervisor got on the phone she told me the same thing and I lost it at that point.

I was lied to not mention the supervisor indicated that when I called in the request the 2nd years supply that they sent me the remaining coupons I was owed... Now this was my word against the person or persons who remarked their computer... but they in no way sent me all the coupons owed to me. They still owe me a 1yrs. supply... but of course like I said it was my word against theirs... but it's not right. How convenient for the company.

I was livid and won't stop until I get the satisfaction I deserve... because I know I'm right. How would you feel if you had been jilted out of $300. Companies are using this approach now. It's no longer making the customer happy. Companies don't care about making the customer happy... once they've got your money they couldn't care less. I have been a loyal customer of Maytag, after this I won't be. I will be making a call or writing a letter to the CEO of the company, we will see how he responds.

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