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Disappointed and Saddened
Posted by on
NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS -- I have used Dependable Maytag in Naperville for years to buy appliances, purchase repair parts and for repair service at my house.
Most recent experience will be my last.
Bought a repair part for a dryer. Due to lack of time, I could not install the part and called their service dept, who repaired the unit the next day. Spare part I purchased was not needed. Asked if part was returnable and technician said "yes".
Got to store and was told "no problem, just need manager approval". This is when the fun started.
Manager said not returnable due to it being a custom order. Reminded them the part was a stock item when I bought it, 1 of 3 they had in house just 3 days ago.
Manager agreed but THEN said it was not returnable due to being an electrical part. I challenged this because the only electrical component on the item was a single wire and a light bulb socket. Manager agreed but THEN said not returnable because it was used. I showed the manager the invoice from his own service tech showing that the part was not used, and was still in the original box. Manager agreed but THEN said he could not take returns due to the owners return policy. I pointed out that the return policy is not written anywhere in store, just appears to be made up as they go. Manager THEN said he would credit me the repair part price toward the purchase of a new dryer. At this point I walked out with my now useless part. I am horribly disappointed that what used to be a "dependable" sales and repair shop is now resorting an ambiguous return policy to make a buck on a repair part, or even worse, force me to buy a new dryer just to get my money back. I could have bought somewhere else for less, now I wish I had. "Dependable" Maytag needs to publish a clear return policy and show a little respect for repeat customers, instead of laughing and telling them "Good Luck" as they walk out the door in frustration. (Yes, I was really told "Good Luck" as I walked out!)
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User Replies:
qualityappliance on 11/12/2009:
What is the part?
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Defective "New" Product Delivered but Maytag Will Not Replaced
Posted by on
I purcahsed a Maytag dishwasher from Home Depot that was delivered to my rental property located at Bloomfield, NJ 07003 on 01-Aug-09. The Tenants/Meilin Cheng and her husband Luis moved in the weekend of 8/9.Aug and discovered that they dishwasher was not working. I called Home Depot on 10 Aug who stated that they could not do anything for me until we contacted Maytag and give me Maytag's number. I called Maytag who scheduled service on 14. Aug.09. We advised them that we would appreciate them to come earlier. Maytag scheduled an appointment for American Home Appliance Service to come out of the property - they sent an individual named Luis. When he arrived, he asked my tentant' mother who answered the door "where is the good" - a derogatory name for a Chinese. At the time he did not know that the lady was my Tenant's mother who stated that "I'm the gook's mother". Prior to leaving the property on 12. Aug./luis stated that the item was defective and needed to be replaced. I called Maytag and advised them. They stated that they cannot do anything for us because luis had not submitted his report. I also called Home Depot who stated that they could not do anything for us because they had to wait on Maytag. I called American Home Appliance Service today and spoke with a jackie was was nasty-rude-ignorant among other things. She stated that luis brought the paper work into the office today. I asked her why it took so long and she stated that that is the way it is. I told her that that was unacceptable and that I would like to speak to her manager - she hung up on me - I tried calling again - she kept hanging up on me then left the phone off the hook.
jackie then called my Tenant, Meilin and told her that we have no choice but to have it repaired. I called Maytag and advised them of such. I told Maytag that I do not want that kind of business in my property again and that I wanted the dishwasher replaced - Maytag - Dana at 866-640-7146 XT 3561 stated that their contract w/Home Depot is to repair the dishwasher and that the retailer, Home Depot has the authority to replace the dishwasher - I called Cheryl/manager at Home Depot 609-585-0411 who stated that they cannot do that. I told her that my perception of this situaiton is that it is okay for them to deliver a defective product w/out the option of them replacing it. According to them, it is okay for my tenants to be inconvenience by taking time off from work for a couple of days already and for me to spend countless hours on the phone trying to deal w/the situation. I purchased a new product from the retailer but a defective product was past on to the customer who must now deal with repair issues with no recourse offered but the unacceptable issue of having to have it repaired.
I am still getting the run-around from Home Depot and maytag. Neither is willing to replace the defective item but wants to repair it but parts have to be ordered first. This situation can cause me to loose the lease with my tenants who have already been insulted my Maytag's Authorized representative, luis from American Home Appliance Service and jaskie, the rude and ignorant "customer-care" individual. A customer should not have to settle when they purchase a new product - we are concern as to what other issues we will have with this defective product. Please help us.

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User Replies:
Slimjim on 08/14/2009:
What is this so called defect? Why can't it just be fixed? It's already installed and more often than not, changing a bad part would be a lot easier than changing the dishwasher.

I also had a few more inquiries regarding this "where's the good(k)" thing.
Anonymous on 08/14/2009:
"I called Home Depot on 10 Aug who stated that they could not do anything for me until we contacted Maytag and give me Maytag's number."

One of the problems when buying from a hardware store

qualityappliance on 08/14/2009:
What is the problem with the dishwasher?
Who installed the dishwasher?

The answers to these questions will probably reveal what is wrong. Although it is possible to have a brand new defective unit it is very unlikely. Probably over 99% of the calls I have gone out on for defective brand new installations have been installation related problems.

I would agree that Luis sounds rude, but be aware that if you installed the dishwasher yourself and the problem is installation related the service company can charge you for the service call and repair.
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Maytag Customer Service
Posted by on
DENVER, COLORADO -- This comment is both a complaint and a compliment. First the complaint. Reconsider purchasing Maytag appliances especially when it comes to their delivery service and customer service departments. Appliances were delivered two days late. I was told they would be delivered on two separate days but they all came on the latter date. Poor communication but I can accept. The delivery service is a joke. First they couldn't connect the microwave because of one tile that was in the way. The first solution was to leave the appliance on my counter until someone could fix it. I finally coaxed them to remove the one piece of tile knowing that it could crack but I knew it could be fixed if that had happened. Finally they mounted it. The next problem was inserting the free standing range where another full size range had been sitting. The new appliance would not fit.

To prove it to me, the young man gave it a hefty shove to show me that it would not fit. The appliance was left that way half in and half out but it also blocked the bottom door to the new refrigerator. I asked if he could move the refrigerator to access the freezer as my food was defrosting while they worked. Mockingly, he moved it. He said that I could insert all of the parts (shelving, etc) for the refrig where it was all taped up in a box. I found out later that this was part of his job. He also did not level the refrig as it sticks out further at the bottom than the top by about 3 inches. That's not all. When I called Maytag customer service to complain about the new scratches on the range incurred by the delivery they would only schedule someone to come out for repair.

After the range was pulled out of the opening, it was discovered missing a foot causing it to wobble and the top front oven door was loose and made the lights turn on and off in the oven. So there were more problems than just the scratches. I was getting no where with her so asked to speak to a manager. She then told me that the manager agreed to replace the appliance and he would call me the next day to schedule delivery. I did not hear from him so made the call again to Maytag customer service. The gal that answered the phone this time said there was no record of replacing the appliance but that she would only place a service call to repair the item. She would NOT let me speak to anyone else and said she was the only one I could talk to and there was only one solution and insisted on making a repair call. I then called Home Depot desperately trying to find someone to help me.

I spoke to the HD appliance manager and he referred me to his HD customer service who took care of the whole problem. She was sweet and patient and ensured that I would receive a new appliance and gave me the date that it would arrive. She also assured me that I would not receive the same delivery guys that I originally had. She talked with Maytag and made all of the arrangements for me. Now if that is not customer service, I don't know what is. I am writing a letter to her manager giving her accolades. Good customer service is hard to find but she went the extra mile. They tell us to spend money to help the economy, but you know, I don't want to put any more money into the pockets of these jerks who don't deserve a job.

A lot of people are unemployed and I'm sure they could be trained and provide better customer service by far. Sorry Maytag. No recommendations from me. I hope you lose so much business where you don't need customer service employees. And your delivery service - maybe you would be better off building bridges. No customers for you to worry about there.
Resolution Update 06/21/2009:
Maytag stood behind their product. Their home office called me to inform me that a new range would be delivered and provided the delivery date for install. Thank you Maytag!
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User Replies:
qualityappliance on 05/06/2009:
Just so I understand, You purchased Maytag appliances from Home Depot and they arranged the delivery and installation through their sub contractors who were less than competent and now you are mad at Maytag. Home Depot contracts with their delivery companies and they have nothing to do with Maytag. It is the responsibility of the buyer to be sure that the aplliances will fit and if modifications to the cabinets was needed I would not do it either for obvious liability concerns.
SilverWngs71 on 05/06/2009:
I second Quality. Maytag does not deliver their products. It is whomever the Dealer where you purchased the appliances from that deliver them. I also agree that it is your responsibility to measure where the appliances will be at. The scratches and dents are the responsibility of Home Depot Delivery. The reason Maytag wanted to schedule svc is that is what they are supposed to do. They cannot assist with the scratches and dents as they are a cosmetic issue and have Nothing to do with how the appliances work. Cosmetic issues are not covered by warranty and you would have had to pay for the svc call as this was an install issue.

Good Luck.
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Freezers Should Be Recalled Too!!!
Posted by on
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- In November of 2007, I decided to invest in an upright freezer for entertaining and holding things that would not fit in my refrigerator /freezer that came with the apartment. I have considered myself a savvy and informed consumer, and I always thought of Maytag as being dependable; which may be due to their subliminal advertising. Anyway, I scrimped and saved my money and bought the above model Maytag upright freezer online from Home Depot; another trusted entity. They delivered it, but I noticed that something was not right with the door handle, and had them take it back, and they rescheduled to bring me another. It was beautiful and I was beside myself with shopping by bulk and then putting the food into my new freezer. It was nice and cold, and initially was very quiet, and was energy star rated. I had no problems with it for the first year, and then as if on cue, when the manufacturers warranty ran out, it began to make noise, first a little, and then you could hear the compressor come on, and shut down. While it was a little annoying, it still seemed to be tolerable.

Last week, I went in to get some ice. The freezer was cold, but I could hear some crackling inside somewhere, like moisture was hitting something hot. I pushed the light off, and through the little vents cut across the interior of the freezer, I could see a red hot coil. I freaked, and immediately disconnected the appliance and called Home Depot. Thank God I was home when that was happening! I have since read where people have lost everything to fires caused by these components! How terribly frightening! Home Depot asked me if I had an extended warranty, which I hadn't; since I struggled as student to get the freezer itself. They said they would set me up with an appointment to have the Maytag repairman come out an look at it. When I asked how much the repair and charge would be, I was told that the repairman would go over that when he called to confirm the repair date; this coming Tuesday.

Then my Mom told me about the refrigerator recall, and how Maytag may have to replace my freezer for free; which I think they should! She had also purchased Maytag appliances (washer and dryer) from Home Depot, and wondered it there was something wrong there; which is why they have such great sale prices . . . because the appliances are "defective." That's an entirely different concept, but in light of things; completely plausible. So, this morning I called the recall line, and was told that they were only doing refrigerators, period. I told them that it didn't make sense since the components manufactured were the same ones that went into the refrigerators and freezers! She gave me another number to call, and no one answered. I will try again tomorrow. I feel sad for the people who have lost everything due to their trust placed in a company's products known for their "dependability." Right!!!

To think that prior to this happening, I was going to buy a Maytag side by side, with automatic ice maker from Home Depot! EEK! Now after this experience, I will always buy an extended warranty for any major appliance! Maytag, when you get this complaint, please contact me right away!
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 03/15/2009:
Contact the Consumer Product Safety Commission. That definitely would have started a fire.

You will have to hold on to your junky freezer for a while, and it may take time for you to get a refund, but it will be worth it later on.
qualityappliance on 03/15/2009:
S. C., You could not be more wrong.

This model is a frost free freezer, and as such about once a day it turns off the refrigeration unit and turns on the defrost heater until the evaperator reaches a high enough temperature that all the ice is melted and the defrost termination thermostat turns off the heater.

The red glow you saw was the heating element and the noise was the melting ice hitting the hot heater. This entire process is normal and it has been operating this way since it was new.

As for the refigerator recall, it concerns the start relay on compressors manufactured by Embraco, which by the way, make compressors for virtually all manufacturers.

Soaring Consumer on 03/15/2009:
Hmmm... I've never heard of that, but then again I never owned a standalone freezer or taken the time to inspect my kitchen appliances.

So you're probably right.
vcdiva on 03/15/2009:
I have never heard of that, nor ever seen that, since frost free came out; we have had frost free in my parents home since its inception. Thanks for the info, but seeing that glow, and having been in a fire, just sent all kind of red flags up for me. I will discuss the concept with the Maytag repairman, and see what he has to say. Thanks again for your feedback.
Soaring Consumer on 03/15/2009:
I suggest that, just to make sure, that you contact an un-biased repairman, like a local repair shop.
Slimjim on 03/16/2009:
I too believed when I read this exactly what QA said. Sounds like the thing simply going into the defrost cycle. Perfectly normal. You did make me laugh though about the "subliminal advertising" thing. Maytag's slogan is/was the Dependability People. Pretty in your face from my view.
qualityappliance on 03/16/2009:
The only wat to see the defrost heater in action is to happen to be there during the 10 to 12 minutes within a 24 to 36 hour period and climb down to look for the heater.

By the way Diva, I am the Maytag repairman.
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Iowa Factory
Posted by on
NEWTON, IOWA -- I worked at Maytag for thirty years and am now retired. It saddens me very much to see all the post on here about our products,although some of it is the truth. When I started Maytag at 18 years old in 1967 it was a proud company and the main thing was quality. Starting in the mid 80`s we the factory workers could see that quality was slowly being tossed out the door. No matter what we tried to do the bottom line was profit and quantity. As Maytag bought more and more companies numbers going out the door were the important thing. We the laborers at Maytag's plant in Iowa are sad to see what has happened to the company and to you the consumer. Contrary to what the media would have you believe we have been taking cuts in our wages since back in the 80`s to try to get our wages even with other facilities that Maytag owns but it was never enough for the bean counters that run the place now.

Our own retirement is in jeopardy now as is our health benefits. We don't want pity just justice. All we can ask is that when you complain about the products is that you try and make sure where they were made. We produced the old reliable washers here,dishwashers until the late 80`s, still make commercial dryers here and started the Neptune washer here. I happened to be part of the original 12 people that started producing the Neptune. And you people are correct about the smell,and breakdowns. We tried to tell the engineers about the problems but were dismissed as uneducated. And getting them out to the consumer was the biggest thing on their agenda. So where the blame lays is with the management at that time and the current. We still make the BEST washing machine on the market. It is the Dependable Care model WITH the porcelain tub. (not to be confused with the Dependable Care with a plastic tub) The one with the plastic tub is made in Searcy AK and does not have the quality of the one made with a porcelain tub.

The company has slowly been killing the one with the porcelain tub. Why?? Because the profit margin isn't as high and they last forever. You will find very few dealers across the United States that even know that we still produce these machines. We used to make almost 4000 a day, now we make 75 a day and only special stores are allowed to sell them. This is a perfect example of corporate greed and misleading the public.
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 07/23/2005:
No doubt. It's too bad the early Neptunes, one of the "better" Newton made Maytag lines, compounded the problem with its shortcomings.
Pickles on 08/06/2005:
Very iknformative and what I suspected. I have a Maytag washer, dishwasher and a top of the line gas range. The washer has rusted and snags the clothes. I will be replacing w/ a GE. The dishwasher racks were coated in vinyl? or plastic. It cracked in numerous places and rusted, causing the prongs that hold glassware to break off. Maytag won't give any assistance other than to tell me they will sell me new ones at a cost of over $100 each.(I replaced with BRAND NEW IN THE BOX through E-Bay for $45 and $52 each) The oven has never cooked evenly and has been caalibrated 3 times by the "Maytag repairman"

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Poor Maytag Service
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
WINTER HAVEN, FLORIDA -- When I tried to get some water from my 2007 Maytag French door refrigerator the alarms went off and the lights started flashing. I called the Maytag call service center to report that nothing but the alarms and lights were working. It was a Thus. I was told that it was too close to the weekend for them to come out and that they would be there on Mon. and I should just get some dry ice. I told them to bring a motherboard as that was obviously blown. The repair man came and agreed that it needed a motherboard which he did not have and my request did not show it on his referral. They will be back in another 8 days-maybe. I'm out $102 for the dry ice and am going to loose the food anyhow. The call center thought I was too stupid to know what I was talking about and the call center will only get worse since over the weekend they out sourced the center to India! I liked the refrigerator but will never by another Maytag appliance because of their lousy service!
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The decline of quality in American home appliance industry
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
VA BCH, VIRGINIA -- I am an independent home appliance service provider and have been for over 30 years when I began in this business there was nothing better than Maytag washers and Dryers but when Maytag stopped building the original product they built their reputation on in the earl 1990's , they began their financial decline until ultimately Whirlpool Corp. bought the NAME. And the NAME is all that's left !!!!!!! Let me tell you Whirlpool products are worse today than they ever were as far as quality is concerned . And believe me Quality is no longer the guideline The engineers may as we'll be Etch a Sketch artist if you shake it it will fall apart Greed is a terrible thing and before you know it another Big American Co. Will be owned by a foreign country At this point Whirlpool / Maytag is Just as bad as LG and Samsung appliances and it's damn shame.
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Do Not Buy Maytag Washer
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a Maytag washer in Oct 2013 and almost straight away it had issues with the "door locked" light flashing on the front of the washer even when the door was open. I contacted the company and they told me to unplug it and start over......and admitted themselves this was only a temporary fix. I asked them to replace the washer as it was brand new but they refused. The washer also leaves powder in the dispenser and over the clothes - a fault that has been reported buy other customers. They suggested this was my fault by leaving the powder box under the sink.....which I don't. Their customer service was appalling and their inability to resolve a problem on a brand new machine has left me feeling angry and ripped off. This washer cost over $750. I will never by Maytag again.
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 01/09/2014:
They are not going to exchange a machine for a faulty door locked indicator light. Did unplugging it fix the problem? They will do a service call at no charge to fix it though.
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My 7yr. Old Fridge Broke Down for the Second Time
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
My 7 year old Maytag fridge broke down for the second time due to computer board failure. There are no replacement parts to be found until possibly February. This means I shall be without a fridge for more than 4 months. When I contacted Whirlpool customer service, I was basically told too bad. The alternative to waiting for a part would be to purchase a new fridge and Whirlpool would give me $75.00 towards a new one. That means an outlay of $2225.00 or more on my part. Because that it was out of warranty, they wanted no part of my problem. Once a company gets your money for an appliance, they don't care what happens after that. I have written twice to the CEO of Whirlpool and gotten no response. Customer service and good will mean nothing to corporations anymore.
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Don't Buy This Washer
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I want my old 17-year-old Maytags back! I just purchased a Maytag top loader Centennial washer and a dryer. I still have the dryer even though it sticks out about 8 inches farther from the wall than my old Maytag. I live in a condo where space is precious! Did anybody at Maytag consider the design of this thing?
I sent back the washer. I don't want to annoy my neighbors who are on the other side of the wall. I have never heard a washer that is so noisy. And the vibrations lead me to believe that it is true that the life expectancy of it is about five years. I don't think there's any washer that would stand up to that amount of movement and vibration.
I'm 73 years old and had planned on these Maytags being the last washer/dryer I would ever buy. And I was happy that the stickers on the machines said that they were made in the USA. I had loved my old machines and assumed the new ones would be even better. No such luck!
I purchased an LG for about the same price and LOVE it! Guess those Koreans know what they're doing. How sad!
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