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Admiral Down After 4 Years
By -

We bought an Admiral Refrigerator, Side by Side approx. 4 years ago. After the first year the ice maker quit working, was fixed by serviceman. The next year, a fan in the freezer went out, which the serviceman said was a part that he had to replace often. This caused a loss of frozen food, which had to be replaced. Between the third and fourth year, our freezer and refrigerator quit working, loss of freezer and refrigerator food. Serviceman came and said he didn't see anything wrong, to turn it back on and let it run and call him, if it quit again. Needless to say it quit again.

He came back and decided that the compressor was going out, which he said was under warranty for 5 years. We paid the service call and fan the second year, because he said it wasn't under warranty. He said that he didn't have the tools to put in a compressor and gave us a number for another service company. By this time we had been out of a refrigerator approx. 6 days. We called and a serviceman came two days later, said it was not the compressor, but something else. Said to plug it back in and he would order parts, but first we needed to pay half of $226, so he could order parts. It was something to do with the defroster.

We paid that money, and then my husband had to spend 40 minutes on the phone with the service company, who set an appointment. We now have been without a refrigerator for 9 days. The service company called me the other day to ask if we have received parts yet, (didn't know we were to receive parts) and to call them if we did. This was on Monday... Today is Tuesday and they called again to ask about parts (which we haven't received), said to call them in the am if parts don't get here tonight, and they will decided what to do then.

Besides doing without a refrigerator, losing food and getting phone calls every day from the service company, we have no refrigerator. This is a brand new Admiral, and we are not happy with this at all. We have had 25 year old refrigerators that are still running in someone's garage. Is this right???

Unsatisfied Rebate
By -

DOTHAN, ALABAMA -- My husband and I purchased a Maytag W&D less than 3 yrs. ago... part of the initial agreement was that we would receive a 3 yrs supply of Tide detergent. We got the 1st year supply after contacting the rebate center once the washer and dryer was installed, we never even used the 1st years supply up before the expiration date of that year. After that first years rebate had expired we then had to call to have the center mail out another 1yrs supply, at that time we thought we should be able to just get the remaining 2 yrs supply, but the representative at the rebate center said we would have to call back and request the 3rd years supply once the 2nd years coupons had expired...

I thought how strange why can't we just get them now, the representative said that was the way they kept an inventory of it. On 5-7-09 I called the rebate center to request my final years supply and the representative told me she would have to enter the request and then they would be sent to me. On 5/13/09 she called to tell me that the rebate promotion had been closed out and there was no way to get me the last years supply. Well I then ask to speak with a supervisor. Once the supervisor got on the phone she told me the same thing and I lost it at that point.

I was lied to not mention the supervisor indicated that when I called in the request the 2nd years supply that they sent me the remaining coupons I was owed... Now this was my word against the person or persons who remarked their computer... but they in no way sent me all the coupons owed to me. They still owe me a 1yrs. supply... but of course like I said it was my word against theirs... but it's not right. How convenient for the company.

I was livid and won't stop until I get the satisfaction I deserve... because I know I'm right. How would you feel if you had been jilted out of $300. Companies are using this approach now. It's no longer making the customer happy. Companies don't care about making the customer happy... once they've got your money they couldn't care less. I have been a loyal customer of Maytag, after this I won't be. I will be making a call or writing a letter to the CEO of the company, we will see how he responds.

Abominable customer service
By -

NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS -- My wife went to the Maytag store in Naperville, IL (1212 S Naper Blvd Naperville, IL 60540) to have my daughter's Maytag dishwasher repaired. The switch on the door was not closing and the unit would run (fine otherwise) unless she held it shut. The store dispatched a repairman the next day.

The repairman arrived as scheduled. He announced to my daughter (single mom, 1 kid, 2 dogs) that the dishwasher was a fire hazard due to defective wiring, the subject of a CPSC recall. Parts would have to be ordered and it would be maybe 6 weeks before there would be parts. He refused to fix the door latch/switch problem. He then pitched a $75 voucher in lieu of the repair, plus $50 if you bought a new machine from Dependable Maytag in Naperville from whence he had been dispatched. He mentioned numerous other needed repairs estimated to be $500 or more.

I called the store owner/manager to complain that he omitted to tell my wife, who was standing right in front of him, in his store, that there could be a recall on this machine (since Feb 07), and that if that were the case, there would be no repair whatsoever. Having known this, we might avoid an unnecessary service call costing $110.00 to have the repairman read the model number posted on the door. I asked him to tear up the check my daughter had written.

He refused flatly, saying that since my wife did not think to ask him about the recall, he was under no obligation to tell her of the likely consequence of the repair call in this case. I again expressed extreme dissatisfaction (no swearing or harsh language) but he remained adamant that "the customer is almost always wrong" (direct quote), and that he would do nothing further to see to it that I was satisfied with this transaction.

It is my intention to have Maytag (or whatever is left of it) complete the repair mandated by the CPSC recall, and to operate this dishwasher as long as I can, and then replace it with SOMETHING OTHER THAN MAYTAG assuming I can find someone elsewhere who has a clue about customer satisfaction.

By -

HERNANDO, FLORIDA -- After less than 2 years of normal use, the handle on my Maytag microwave broke. To replace the handle you need to replace the entire door. I contacted Maytag and was told "Too bad, not our problem because you didn't purchase a warranty." A supervisor finally agreed to send me a new door for free. The catch, I had to pay their Maytag technician to come look at the microwave and declare that indeed the handle was broken. The fee was $65 just to show up and then to run up a bill as they evaluated my broken handle.

If the technician agreed that indeed the handle was broken, I then had to have another Maytag technician come to replace the door for $65 to show up and the cost of the time to replace the broken door with a new one. No one would give me an estimate as to how much all this technician service was going to cost me. I figure in total their "free" replacement door was going to cost me at least $150 because they made a product that would not withstand normal usage for even two years. At the rate of a new door every two years, I figure it will cost me about $1,500 over the ten-year life span of the microwave.

I assume Maytag would not continue to offer me their "generous offer" of a free door to replace each broken handle over the life of the microwave. No matter whom I talked to at Maytag I got the same party line. One supervisor told me I should have purchased an extended warranty "to insure myself against poor workmanship by the Maytag workers." Never occurred to them that they should be the ones to guarantee the workmanship on their products.

In total frustration, I have given up dealing with Maytag/Whirlpool. I will continue to use the microwave till the handle totally falls off. Then I will purchase a new microwave made from another company. Since I am in the market for a dishwasher, refrigerator, and stove this experience has definitely helped me decide which company I will not purchase from. I enjoyed the irony of the hollow words on their website that praises their efforts to develop customer loyalty. What a joke.

By -

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI -- My wife and I have purchased Maytag washer and dryers once we could afford to pay more for appliances. We purchased a washer dryer set two and half years ago, the dryer has held up fine, the washer on the other hand has seemed not to operate properly shortly after the purchase, seemed to vibrate too much. We also purchased the extended warranty. We finally called for them to check it out. The repairman found that what he called the bucket was broke, which is the main support for the drum and the motor etc: and placed anti skid feet on the washer.

4 months later it starts the same little dance vibrating. Still under warranty we called for them to check it out, only to find out that the warranty was still active, HOWEVER there was a price limit on the amount the warranty was good for. Based on the amount it cost for the warranty repairs. We now have $20.00 left on the amount that the warranty will cover, and the repair is much much more. We cannot extend the warranty unless we pay for this repair over $20.00 and then we can renew the policy. And then and only then if we have the same problem 3 times in 12 months are we entitled to get a replacement machine under the lemon law?

We have never had this type of problem with Maytag products before, and makes me wonder if they are American made? The quality is inferior to the older (new) machines we had purchased. This machine is two years 1/2 years old I feel has the same problem that we repaired 5 months ago and having the same problem.

For those that have the same confidence I used to have in Maytag products. You might be better off looking at different brands of washers and dryers. Bottom line this Maytag washer with the serious problems we have had I will look and probably purchase something other than Maytag. The Maytag repairman is not the lonely guy in town if there are other Maytag washers as bad as this one. Anyone else having problems with Maytag products. I would like to find out where these are being manufactured, does anyone know how to find out.

Maytag Sucks
By -

UNION CITY, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a Maytag MSD2356AEB refrigerator in July 2000. Virtually every six months, this refrigerator has broken down with the same problem. A faulty circuit control board. I have no idea, why Maytag hasn't recalled this part. Instead they put customers through hell, with constant repair jobs for the same issue.

I finally decided to purchase an extended warranty (Maytag Dependability Plus) after getting burned several times with expensive repair jobs. In the past, I would call Maytag and a 'Maytag' van would show up and fix the problem. They had all the parts needed for your refrigerator. But apparently, they're repair business. Now some jokers, from out of town show up, who are absolutely clueless.

The warranty plan by Maytag, is actually outsourced to a company called A&E Service. A&E provides very poor service, slow response time and doesn't have any parts for Maytag refrigerators. It took A&E 4 days to arrive at my house. They originally refused to come for at least a week. I had to complain loudly, just to get them to show up within 4 days. After showing up, they worked for 10 minutes and quickly told me that my refrigerator was broken and would require parts. A&E orders parts from a warehouse in Chicago, and they are shipped UPS ground directly to your home.

So, here is the question... How in the heck can you fix a refrigerator if you don't have any parts? A&E told me that the parts would take 14 days to arrive from their warehouse in Chicago and they would return after that date to fix the refrigerator. No replacement refrigerator. No temporary fix. No apologies. Nothing. I was told to call them back, after the parts arrived. I will never purchase a Maytag appliance again. Nor will I buy any warranty plan, serviced by A&E.

Customer Service
By -

KANSAS -- People always want to ** about when they call into a company they get an automated message. This message breaks thing down into different departments and ask for you to have certain information available. One of the most important things that this recording request is to have your model and serial number. People who work for these companies already know you're going to be in a bad mood cause your "$1000.00" appliance is broken that you choose not to take out a extended warranty on, but come on now. Have the damn information on your product and the call might go a little smoother.

Try this one too, when the rep answers the phone and ask you a question don't respond with your clueless "Hello? Hello?". Pay attention to what they are saying cause you don't like to repeat yourself and they are the same way. When asked what's wrong with the product, don't sit there and go back 5 years and state every issue you had. The rep wants to knows what's wrong NOW, not 5 years ago. And when you call know what you want. Don't sit there and rant and rave then when the rep ask you what they can do reply with an "Uh, I don't know".

Another idea for you brilliant people a deadline, is a date that was set, and approved. A deadline is set for a reason to have some sort of structure to an issue. If you're calling about the Neptune Class Action Lawsuit, what part of the deadline has passed (08/09/05) and there is no further assistance? I mean how much more can someone break it down. Who cares if your sister, mother, and best friend got something from the Class Action Lawsuit, try this on for size, maybe they were smarter and filed what they call a claim and get this they filed before the deadline. They were more likely notified because they do what we call registering the appliance.

If people would just sit back and think how they react they would be so ashamed of themselves. How would you feel if someone down talked to you cause they were unhappy with the company you worked for? It's a job, and it pays their bills. So why don't all you stuck up people get a clue and have some respect and learn to have your crap prepared.

Maytag did not work out of box - food lost.
By -

WINDBER, RHODE ISLAND -- Purchased a new Maytag bottom freezer refrigerator from Lowes in June 2006. Lowes took our old refrigerator, so we kept all our cold and frozen items in freezer chests until the new Maytag had the proper temperatures. Five hours went by and the new Maytag was not cold. We called Lowes and they said that it may take up to 12 hours before the cooling kicks in. 12 hours went by and still no cold. We called Lowes again, they gave us a Maytag number to call. Maytag told us that it could take up to 24 hours.

The next day, 24 hours gone, still no cold temps in the Maytag. By this time our food in the freezer chests was beginning to spoil. We called Maytag again, they said it must have malfunctioned and to call Lowes. Lowes said that they would bring another refrigerator, which they did the next day. However, by then, all our food was spoiled.

Lowes said they would replace the refrigerator, but could not replace the food - that was Maytag's responsibility. We called Maytag the same day, but they said they could not replace the food because we had not purchased an extended warranty. We were very surprised because we thought the refrigerator should at least work when brand new and that the original warranty should cover everything. Maytag had no sympathy, said that it was something we would have to live with and that they would rush a new refrigerator to us.

We decided that another Maytag was not in our future. We called Lowes, which was very sympathetic, cancelled the Maytag and ordered a GE Profile Bottom Freezer. It has worked perfectly and has several features we liked much better, especially the storage in the bottom freezer and the dual temperature displays in the upper section.

A Bone to Pick
By -

SOMEWHERE, KANSAS -- My reason for this post is a warning to all of you before you call a customer service line. Appliance companies specifically. I have some points to outline for you all: Hold time varies all day long, sometimes it is none, sometimes it is 45 minutes and it is completely random. We cannot tell the future so the hold time cannot be controlled.

The average life span of an appliance built in today's day and age is 7-10 years so do not expect to get a replacement 7 years after a purchase date. Customer service agents are people as are all of you. If you call and swear at us and yell at us and demean us, expect as little assistance as possible and the worst attitude we can have towards you without getting fired. We may be customer service agents but we aren't paid to take verbal abuse.

READ YOUR WARRANTY!! Your rights as a consumer are outlined in that warranty. Certain policies can be bent, but certain things cannot. Expect this and accept it. Your last appliance lasted 20-30 years. Your new one will not. Get over it. Going without any appliance except a refrigerator isn't an emergency, as much as you may think it is.

You will never get paid for lost wages, time or inconvenience. Stop asking. You cannot always speak to a supervisor because there is not always one available. And you can never be transferred to the office of the CEO, no matter how much you ask and demand. If your request has been denied more than 3 times you are wasting your time. The answer is NO.

Threatening a lawsuit, or saying that you will call the news will not make your request come to fruition. The Better Business Bureau cannot do anything but document a complaint so telling us you will call them does nothing to help make your point. If you don't want to be on hold at work, don't call from work.

Last but certainly not least, the customer is NOT always right, regardless of what you may think. 75% of the time the customer is wrong, rude, ridiculous, stuck up, vulgar, abusive, mouthy and just overall unpleasant. Yes I do work at a call center for a major manufacturer, so I am telling you all this as a warning and from many years of experience. Please remember these things the next time you call an appliance manufacturer or you will have the same old crappy experience that you all complain about.

Horrible Customer Service/Repair
By -

LONG VALLEY, NEW JERSEY -- My lovely Maytag washer is on the fritz. With two teenagers, you can imagine how my laundry is piling up! I called the 800# for service, scheduling a date two days out (not bad) for a technician to come. When I explained I worked only minutes from my home, I was told that if I supplied a work number, the tech would call me at work when he was 30 mins out, so I could meet him at my house, thereby not missing an entire day's work (since they won't commit to either morning or afternoon). So, I gave them my work number, confident I was going to be able to get to the bottom of my laundry pile in just days!

Well, at 9 am on the morning of my scheduled service, the technician called to say he was 5 mins away and would be coming immediately to my house. The only problem was, he called my HOME phone number, not my work number as I was promised! When I got home from work at noon, I retrieved his message from my answering machine and immediately called Maytag customer service to find out what happened and if they could get him back here! And this is where the story gets worse!

I spoke to the first person who, not only didn't apologize for my inconvenience (Customer Service 101), but told me the best they could do was to send someone out in 6 days! I asked to speak to a supervisor, and after waiting 11 minutes on hold, I got the rudest person I've ever dealt with. She did not let me speak, but kept interrupting me (again - Customer Service 101), telling me that there was nothing she could do.

She said she had no record of another phone number and that it's the customer's responsibility to be home ALL DAY. When I told her that a Maytag rep asked for my work number and told me the tech would call 30 mins ahead, she said that since I didn't work there or know first-hand their policies, that I was obviously mistaken! So, it's my fault that someone (either the rep that took my info or the technician who didn't bother to check for an alternate number) at Maytag screwed up (And I thought the customer was always right - Customer Service 101 again!)! Aaarrrgghhh!

Not only will I NEVER call their 800# for service again. I will NEVER purchase a Maytag appliance again! p.s. - I called a local guy. He's coming tomorrow between 9 and 11am and his flat visit rate (w/o parts & labor) is $50 CHEAPER than the flat visit rate quoted by Maytag! I guess I learned my lesson!

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