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Lack of Customer Service
Posted by on
This is my first and last Mazda. I purchased the 2004 RX-8 and the car can be described as nothing more than a lemon. My troubles began shortly thereafter. The engine would run sluggishly or completely stall in the middle of the intersections. This problem was finally resolved by getting a brand new engine! After further research, I learned that this was an issue across the board and also learned of the coming problems that I would experience. Leaking taillights, (known issues with Mazda, not covered), cracked visor above the driver’s seat, (known issue, not covered) and costly tune ups ($1,500) that I found needs to occur every 30,000 miles or the car will simply become inoperable. The newest issue is the heater control (well known issue with on websites and with the dealer repair center.) In the middle of winter, the heater control knob allows for heat about 50% of the time or stops working mid-drive. It is not on recall, but I was told that I could pay for the $600 repair and be reimbursed if they decide to recall it. Since this was a known issue, I called ‘customer service’ to get this resolved. Follow up was done and they decided not to pay for it. I asked to speak to a supervisor since this was not an isolated concern, but encompassed the 3 years of me owning this vehicle. She hardly listened and showed no remorse for what I was going through. After a point, where I assume she was finished listening to me, she hung up. I assured myself that it was an accident and called back. She assured me that she did in fact hang up on me and assured that there was no one else that I could speak to. After a moment or so, she again hung up. I called back and tried to speak to a different supervisor and was told, several times that there was no one that I could speak to above her and was transferred again to her! I have only owned Toyotas and Hondas in my past and have NEVER dealt with anything remotely close to what I experienced. I will be trading in my car this weekend and taking loss, but at least will be finished with the continuous issues that I have been facing. The point of this blog is that hopefully I will save an undecided customer the same stress and aggravation that I have been faced with over the past three years with Mazda.
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trmn8r on 01/21/2011:
That's a shame. Sounds like a lot of known issues. 2004 was the *first* year for the RX8. There was a lot of buzz surrounding the reappearance of a rotory engine in the US.

We had an RX4 like 100 years ago. I completely rebuilt the engine due to an internal engine failure - it was really neat experience as the block I could carry by myself, and it has those neat rotors. The motor acts a lot more refined in the RX8 (when it runs), and I didn't like the test drive I had.

Buying a new model is risky - I'm sorry it didn't work out for you.
azRider on 01/21/2011:
I used to own an RX2. Man that was a fun little car. but the rotary engine has always been prone to stall if you feed it gas to much. lots of issues for that engine design. it was a cool idea, lots of power, little weight. but they have issues with the design. stalling, backfires, worn out gaskets. when you buy a non-standard engine be ready for large tuneup costs, it comes with the territory.
trmn8r on 01/21/2011:
Mazda worked hard to improve the engine, but it is still only one manufacturer working to further the state of the art, in the absence of competition. Two chief issues in the past were oil seal reliability and fuel economy.

The engine in ours had one of the rotor seals fall out of place, which then got jammed into the rotor housing, seizing the engine. The engine design is quite novel compared with a piston engine. That motor really hauled, and at high RPM. I seem to recall flying along in 2nd gear up to 55mph. You can do that in a V8 Mustang, but that rotary power was so smooooooth. The current design tamed the character of the engine quite a bit. More "refined" (boring).
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Mazda of Manhattan
Posted by on
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- When I leased my first car in my early 20's - a Nissan from 5 Towns Nissan in Inwood, NY - I got a call 2 weeks into the lease that the lease payment was miscalculated and I actually owned $11 more per month, and that if I didn't come in an re-sign, my credit rating would be destroyed. That colored my image of car dealerships as crooked and dishonest. The reason I leased my Mazda from Manhattan Mazda is because I got a good feeling about the sales guy. Unfortunately, the experience turned sour fast.

First off, the shifty finance guy tried to sell me some outrageously expensive tire insurance. He said that the tires were thin and prone to blow outs - that made me feel confident, especially since I was told this after signing all the paperwork. Then, a week later he called to say he had left off the return fee on the contract and could I resign.

The next incedent really blew my mind. About 2 weeks after the car left the lot, I got a tire blow out on the turnpike. Pulled over on the side of the road on a hot summer day with my girlfriend, brother and his pregnant wife, we called Mazda roadside, who informed us that the NJ Turnpike is a restricted road and they could not come help us, so they gave us a number for a local tow service and said that if we mailed in the receipt, we would be reimbursed. The mechanic who replaced the tire said that the tires were unevenly inflated, some were way above the recommeneded tire pressure and some way below. The uneven tires and hot day probably caused the blowout.

The next day, I contacted the dealership, who gave me the run around about reimbursement. Long story short, it went on for 6 months - unreturned calls, decision makers "on vacation", etc. Finally, I was told that I would be reimbured for the tire - $135, but not the towing charge of $35. I didn't think that was fair, since the only reason I needed the tow was because their tire didn't make it through the first month. The check for the tire was supposedly in the mail, but it never came. I went back and forth for several more months. I then got a letter from Easy Care stating that my tire claim was denied.

All in all, Mazda took no responsibility. They outright refused to make good on $165 just to make a customer happy. They denied that the car could have left the lot with uneven tire pressure, made no apology for my inconvenience or their negligence, and more importantly, the precarious position it put me and my passengers in. It became my problem and not theirs. They tried to throw me free oil changes and the like - funny, just what Nissan did when they screwed me over. In my business, when we make a mistake, or even if it is perceived by a client, we would most certainly eat $165 so as not to leave a bad taste in a clients mouth. Apparently these guys have no business acumen.

I thought that by going back to a dealership where I had a pretty favorable experience, at least with the sales guy, they would do the right thing by a customer. Unfortunately, they embody all the negative images that people have of the car business. They have proven that once a car leaves the lot, that's where the service ends. These guys are petty, cheap, take no responsibility for their own actions and overall, couldn't care less about their customers. I guess I was expendable because I was only leasing a Mazda 3, I wonder if I would have had a different experience if I was getting an $80,000 Jag from their sister dealership??
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Do Not Buy Mazda Car!!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ADELAIDE, FLORIDA -- DO NOT BUY MAZDA CAR!!! Otherwise, there is no warranty guaranty!!!!!!!

I bought a Mazda 3 recently, and the new car warranty expires until April, 2014. However, the paint of the car roof has already peeled off by itself and the window plastic frame was already broken. This car has always been looked after and always garaged. I went to Mazda customer to do the warranty this morning, to my great surprise, they told me it was not a quality issue and will not covered by the warranty. I complained this to the SA service manager (Australian Motors Mazda Pty Ltd), he told me that they can not do anything about that and asked me to report this issue to Melbourne headoffice. I reported this to the headoffice, they told me there would be no warranty for the paint and window frame of my car. I was so disappointed with Mazda customer service and felt extremely helpless. I can not believe the quality of Mazda car is so bad. I can not do anything about my car warranty even the warranty expire next year, I just wish people think twice to buy Mazda, the quality is so bad, and you can not have the real warranty after you paid the car. I have contacted with Consumers Affairs SA, they indicated me that I could use social media to seek help. If Facebook could not get their attention, I will contact Channel 9 and 7, current affair. Now they have blocked me to post on Mazda Facebook, they don’t want me to tell people the truth and how bad they are.

Again, stopping buying Mazda car!!!!!!!
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Lemon of a navigation system
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Rating: 2/51
Sept. 2012

Navigation system (my second in this car) takes me in circles and to towns I have not inputted. It takes me to dead end streets and tells me I have arrived at my destination, even when it is to a landmark like a restaurant or a museum. Customer service said it would send me updated software but couldn't get it to me in 16 days or less (when my next major trip is scheduled. )

I am moving to Colorado next month from Massachusetts and fear for my life as I try to get around in that rugged and strange environment.

I will never again purchase a Mazda and we have owned 7 of them.

Asked for a VP to write can do either. My letter will go right to the very customer assistance dept. I talked to on the phone today.
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bob932304 on 09/10/2012:
Following a GPS can be very dangerous. A recent story in our New Mexico paper reported on a man who was going north on I-25, stopped to get gas in NM near the Colorado border. Somehow, he turned the wrong way and was driving on a 2 lane road. He put his GPS on and it said to turn 'for the fastest way' back to I-25. Unfortunately, it took him on an unpaved Forest Service road. His SUV got stuck in snow (this was in the winter) and he tried to walk out. The police found his vehicle in a few days but it was four months before his remains were found. The article is at
Bill on 09/10/2012:
Do what people did before GPS and get a good map.
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Chassis rusting away
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
In 2003 I purshased a used B3000 extended body pickup. At that time there was some surface rut on thchassis and most underbody areas. I was told by the dealer O'Hara Mazda in Fairhaven, MA that this was not a problem. I took it to a RI garage that specializes in rust restoration. It cost $500 to have it sandblasted and coated with special chemicals to inhibit further problems. Just recently I noticed that the chassis is corroding away along with brake lines, springs, etc. I was told by my mechanic to dump the truck ASAP.
When it was purchased it, on 7/8/04 it had 36,721 miles on the odometer. As of 7/15/12 it now has 55,078 miles on it. As you can see it not a high mileage truck as it used mainly to bring trash and recycleables to the Town dump.
My problem is that I am afraid that soon it will collapse and injure myself
or some other person.
What can I do????????????????
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trmn8r on 07/15/2012:
"I was told by my mechanic to dump the truck ASAP."

This sounds like your very best option. I have a 1992 Ford F-150 that matches the description of your vehicle. I put about 200 miles a year on it and it is trying to rust into the ground.
FoDaddy19 on 07/15/2012:
Understand that mileage doesn't mean much when it comes to rust. Rust forms whether or not the vehicle is moving. You also happen to live in a part of the country that sees a lot of road salt. You didn't mention what year the truck was but and you also give two dates as to when you got the truck. I'm going to make a guess and say that the truck is probably a 2000-2001 model, which would make it 12 years old. At that age in the the northern parts of the country, rust is inevitable.
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2005 Mazda6 - Rust
Posted by on
I bought a 2005 Mazda6 around August or September of 2005. The rear wheel wells are rusting. A Mazda representative told me the rust warranty was for sixth (60) months. The car runs great and I planned to keep it. Now I am very disappointed that the body (rust) of the car did not last longer.
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User Replies:
Skye on 10/06/2011:
Where do you live? I'm from Long Island, and everything due to sea salt and humidity rusted a lot faster.

trmn8r on 10/06/2011:
That is disappointing, for sure. Sometimes a car model will suffer because of a new process that it takes time to identify is a problem, sometimes the finish just isn't up to road deicing.

We had a Mazda several decades ago (1974) that had a bad problem with body rust. I assume they have improved things quite a bit, but your complaint shows either they haven't come far enough or you got a poorly processed car.
redmx3racer on 10/07/2011:
I'm pretty sure the stigma surrounding the early imports from Japan-70's Hondas, Toyotas, Mazdas, Subarus, Datsun etc were premature rust. That stigma is long gone.
If you live by the ocean, or in a state that salts the road, rust can occur, which is why I "waste money" washing my car in the winter at a car wash, since I both live by the ocean and also live in a state where they salt the roads. Actually they now use a liquid calcium chloride treatment prior to a storm that is even worse.
Anonymous on 10/07/2011:
Finishes with a clear coat tend to be a bit softer. Wheel wells tend to have a lot of tiny breaches in the patency and once the sacrificial anode is gone.... Wax is your friend. My house is right on the beach and I trade my cars every couple years and make sure they are clean - FRESH not recycled water car wash.
PepperElf on 10/09/2011:
skye - good point.

when I took my car in to get the brakes fixed the mechanic asked me "Are you from the north?"

He asked because the underside of my car had a lot of rust / salt damage... the kind you don't see around here much.

And of course... yes, I am from the north and bought my car in a VERY snowy area.
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BAD Air conditioner
Posted by on
2008 Mazda 3 with only 60,000 miles. I just spent $999.97 to replace the air conditioner compressor, accumulator, and expansion valve. What a rip off. I am warning everyone not to buy a Mazda. My mechanic said this is a common problem and it will happen again in another 60,000 miles. I should have bought a Toyota.
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Can't Get Parts
Posted by on
Been trying to get a suction hose for a 2002 Tribute for 3 weeks now, auto parts stores say it has to come from the factory. Mazda dealership says there is a backlog on parts. I called Mazda Corp. and they advised me to go to a "Junkyard" for the part.
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Skye on 09/20/2011:
Try looking on line. I justed binged this hose you need, and tons of sites come up, with this hose in stock, for your 2002 Tribute.
GenuineNerd on 09/20/2011:
Would a suction hose from a Ford Escape or Mercury Mariner fit your Tribute? The Escape and the Tribute are identical. Maybe try a Ford dealer, and say that the hose is for a 2002 Escape instead of a 2002 Tribute.
Starlord on 09/21/2011:
I just waited two months for the little lever that advances the line on a line trimmer because it was backordered. This happens with mechanical things. A part like a suction hose is hard to determine how many need to be manufactured,and if you make too many, you have money tied up in excess parts and distribution. The suggestion of Going to Ford sounds feasible, as does the junkyard. I had a '49 Hudson once, and the voltage regulater went out, Fortunately for the Hollander Interchange book, I was able to get one off of another make car that worked.
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Gave me wrong sensor
Posted by on
I ordered a turbine sensor and they gave me 2 speed sensor, so for 6 months I went around and around trying to figure out why my sensor weren't working. It's because the whole time they gave me the wrong sensors and then blamed me and said it's because I said I needed speed sensors. Why would I say speed sensors when the code from the diagnostic machine read turbine sensor. Then they said because I don't use a professional diagnostic machine then it doesn't read the accurate informaion.
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Alain on 05/27/2011:
Did you do this work yourself (sounds like it) and are you a certified mechanic? Are you a shop owner/employee? Some additional information would help.
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Dealership charged to replace new tires after 10,000
Posted by on
OWINGS MILLS, MARYLAND -- My son, foolishly, took the new car (purchased about 10,000 nad 8 months before) that I had bought him from the Mazda dealership to the same dealership, since he had a concern about some slight problem. I tell the kids to use Jiffy Lube or Mr. Tire for maintenance, but he wanted to do things right, so he went to the dealership. Then he called to tell me that they were replacing the 2 front tires, saying one was bald and the other needed it also. I asked to speak with the manager, got someone else, who said it was too late to cancel, as my son had already signed the papers. So, I had to pay around $300 for 2 new tires after only 10,000. Unbelievable. They said maybe it was due to unnoticeable alignment problems (car wasn't pulling, etc.). So - that may have been unnoticeable, but their tactics weren't. Regardless of the performance of the car, I would never buy a Mazda again.
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Hugh_Jorgen on 12/02/2009:
Most automakers don't cover tires under their warranty. I would be more concerned as to why you needed two tires with just 10K miles on the car.

I hope the $300 charge included a full alignment of the suspension. I would keep a close watch on these new tires - if they start wearing prematurely you need to find out what is going on while your warranty is still in effect - if could be a defective or bent front end component.
redmx3racer on 12/02/2009:
When I was a little younger, my front tires always wore out quickly-from doing burnouts and taking corners too fast.
JR in Orlando on 12/02/2009:
My front tires on my 1968 Chevy Camaro, 350 4 barrel were fine, but the rear tires sure took a beating. If you look at almost any automotive help book at the auto parts store they will have a picture of various tire wear and a description of the mechanical problem that causes it, e.g. center worn - air pressure too high, cupped on edge - out of alignment.
Slimjim on 12/02/2009:
Did he bring the car in for new tires? Why would he give the go om something that would be obvious to the eye if there was a need for change or not, if they weren't in fact bad. I'm guessing this is a front wheel drive car ? Unless you saw the old tires first and can confirm they were fine, I don't think you can throw a complaint up based on math and expectations alone. I chewed through tires quite fast too when I was a newer driver.
JR in Orlando on 12/02/2009:
Most tires have wear bars in them now anyway, so it should have been clear to your son whether he needed tires or not. This is something he should be taught, if he is going to drive. The old test was to take a penny, stick it in the tread with lincoln upside down. If the top of Lincoln's head showed and was not down in the tread, then the tire needed to be replaced. This equates to about 1/16th inch of tread left.
redmx3racer on 12/02/2009:
Nice JR! My GF's dad has a 69 Camero SS he bought in 1971. What a car! I've always been a Mustang guy myself, my Dad and I restored several when I was a kid (including a 64 1/2 that was the 88th one ever built).
Skye on 12/02/2009:
What was the slight problem that caused him to bring the car to the dealership, ending with needing new front tires??

Great advice everyone!
lotsandlotsofcars on 12/04/2009:
The tire pressure light was coming on, which ewas why he went, plus a strange noise that he thought might be related to leaking engine fluid. He was told that the 2nd part wasn't a problem, but the 2 front tires (1 in particular) were bald. He did get an alignment, also. I have suggested that he monitor the tires - and get them rotated on schedule -- so, we;ll see ho wit goes. Thanks for the input!
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