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Santa Clara, CA 95054
866-622-3911 (ph)
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McAfee Preloaded Debit Card Rebate
By -

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- Stores selling McAfee software offer enticing deals to capture customers. These deals often involve preloaded Visa debit cards. Customers are told they will receive a specific sum on a debit card in exchange for their purchase of the McAfee software. But when the debit card is eventually used to make a purchase, the customer discovers the amount on the card is not the same as was promised.

What the customer does not know when purchasing the McAfee product is that a $3 fee will be deducted monthly from the debit card after a short grace period. The bank will continue to remove $3 a month from the debit card until the card is drained. If that happened to you after you purchased McAfee software, we'd like to hear from you. Visit

Tech Support is a Sham!!!
By -

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA -- I have 2 computers, 1 has the Security-as-a-service and Total Protection on the other. I have yet to have a good experience with McAfee's tech support. They arrogant and don't do anything. They have not been truthful and even destructive.

First problem: Needed help to re-install my Security-as-a-service on my main computer. The first thing the guy did was delete half the icons on my desk top which included some very important documents and then resorted the rest so I couldn't even figure out what he deleted. Was in shock that this twit deleted my files without so much as asking me first what they are.

Second problem: The Total Protection on my other computer started having programs fail and sometime after boot up not be running. When I called tech support they would just reset it and say see it is fine but when I asked why did it go down they would repeat it is fine now. When I tried to push for an answer they would just keep repeating that it is working now and not give me an answer. Even when this problem re-occurred each tech person refused to answer my question.

Third problem: Started having similar problems with my Security-as-a-service where processes fail or my firewall would mysteriously be turned off. Again the tech would just reset and turn it back on but would not check the integrity of the AV program. Again when I asked about what cause the problem they refused to answer me.

Final problem: Started having problems with my main computer and while talking the Computer Tech Support they immediately said sounds like a virus. Sure enough they found several infections some very serious that have been on my computer for several months.

When I called McAfee Tech Support they gave me a double talk that there was nothing wrong with my system even though I had a log report the other AV I used to clean my system. It also turned out that my second computer was also infected. It was clear that the 2 AV programs I was using from McAfee were compromised and not fully working but yet when I was talking to a supervisor in the McAfee tech dept. he claimed that there was nothing wrong with either programs on my computer and refused to look at both of them.

Bottom line: I have dealt with Tech Support for all kinds of product both domestic support and foreign. With any Tech Dept some people you get are better than others and a few that should be let go. With McAfee's tech support I never had such gross negligence and a corporate culture of evasiveness as I have experienced with McAfee's tech dept. McAfee outsources all their tech support to another company and It is clear that this company does not care what you think or what happens to your computer or files. It does not matter how good McAfee's products are, if their Tech Support is bad then so are their products.

I've already spent over an hour with McAfee's Customer Care Supervisor listing all the problems with their Tech Support and why I do not want to deal with them anymore. I am still waiting for them to call me as to what they are going to do about it. The only way I would buy another product from McAfee is if they get rid of that Tech Company and replace or guarantee that I can talk directly to a real McAfee Tech Support Employee. I NEVER want to deal with McAfee's current tech dept. ever again.

Pissed Off Customers
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Rating: 1/51

HERMOSA BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- This is a total scam, this has ripped off two of my computers. I have read through complaint list and it sounds like people are having the same problem that I am. I just got a new computer and never put this on it and it has been telling me that the subscription is expired and whether or not I would like to continue it at this time, I have had the same problem before so I clicked no and it won't go away, leaving me unable to use my computer. MCAFEE IS A TOTAL SCAM, in my opinion, reading all of those complaints someone should SUE MCAFEE!!! I WANT THIS OFF MY COMPUTER!!! NOW!!! It claims to be an antivirus company but this is a virus.

Mcafee should NOT have the right to take money from your bank account
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Rating: 2/51

Mcafee will automatically renew their service, and STEAL the money from your bank account. When you go to their site, it is impossible to find any way to cancel your service. They notify you that they will be stealing from your bank account on the exact day that they take your money, so that you have to request a refund from them. After searching extensively, I finally found an email address, and phone number. I've requested a cancellation (April 23/12), even though I've paid for service into June, in hopes that they return the money they have stolen from me, and remove my credit card information from their data base.

Don't waste your time with McAfee technical support
By -

The following is a complete transcript of my online session with McAfee tech support:

"Please wait while we find a technician to assist you..."

"All agents are currently busy. Please stand by."

"An agent will be with you in a moment. Thank you for your patience."

"The next available Agent will be with you in a moment."

"All agents are currently busy. Please stand by."

"An agent will be with you in a moment. Thank you for your patience."

"The next available Agent will be with you in a moment."

"All agents are currently busy. Please stand by."

"An agent will be with you in a moment. Thank you for your patience."

"The next available Agent will be with you in a moment."

"All agents are currently busy. Please stand by."

"An agent will be with you in a moment. Thank you for your patience."

"The next available Agent will be with you in a moment."

"You have been connected to **."
**: "**, thank you for contacting McAfee Online Support Center. How can I assist you with your McAfee software today?"

"** Well I would like for you to help me Disable something."

**: "Sure **."

**: "Virus scan ver 10 has an item in the sys tray that looks like an exclamation point that tells me I am not fully protected I need to get that to turn off. I only use v scan no other products so It is annoying me that thing coming up all the time. I have other firewall and router and other software that I used to help me secure the pc. What is the name of it in startup so I can take it out, or is you can show me how to manually shut it off that would be OK too."

**: "**, if I understand correctly, your virus Scan is disabled. Is this correct?"

**: "NO. Virus scan runs just fine and is enabled. There is an item that it has installed in the sys tray that looks like a yellow exclamation mark and it said that I am not fully protected. It is like they want me to get more of your software, privacy source etc to fill the void so to speak."

**: "**, I would be happy to help you with this issue."

**: "I do not want or need any of your other products, just want to disable that one item."

**: "Have you previously contacted McAfee support regarding this issue?"

**: "It is a square box with a yellow exclamation point inside it. NO I have not contacted you about this until now, it only started since I did the upgrade that you suggested last week. The upgrade that was needed when they found a huge security risk in your software that could allow someone to steal your password and stuff."

**: "Which McAfee programs are currently installed? If you are not sure, you can find them by doing the following: 1) Double click on My Computer. 2) Double click on the Control Panel. 3) Double click on Add/Remove Programs. 4) Which McAfee programs do you see listed there?"

**: "I hate to upgrade do to this type of thing, there are always bugs. Security center and virus scan that is all. The yellow thing that I am referring to is coming from security center. There are no options when I right click that icon."

**: "May I have your E-Mail address with which you are subscribed with McAfee, so that I can check your McAfee account?"

**: "My account should be fine, I have used your product for 12 years now. I am not referring to the M icon I am referring to that other one that the software put in the sys tray that tells me I am not fully protected, when the virus scan IS enabled."

**: "**, your McAfee account shows that you are subscribe to McAfee Virus Scan which will expire on

**: "I know this already and your point is?"

**: "Please right click on "M" icon and let me know the items listed there."

**: "Please help me with this problem, to turn off that one part of the software. Virus scan, updates, quick links, upgrade center, customer support."

**: "Could you please confirm me that the yellow exclamation icon (in system tray) is asking you to buy any Virus Protection?"

**: "NO, just goes over all the supposed problems, no outbound firewall etc, I just want to shut that stupid thing off."

**: "I don't want spam killer I don't want your firewall I don't want your privacy source. I like what I use now for those items .I just use the virus scan that is all. When I double clicked on the yellow icon, I thought that I selected to shut it off, but then when I reboot it still comes back. What is that called in start up so I can remove it? I have not changed any of the default setting in the virus scan."

**: "**, it is a fake alert message like Adware and Spyware. So you need to contact Virus Removal Support to clean this."

**: "This has nothing to do with a virus. It Only came after I installed your ver 10. I did tech support for 4 years I know that this is not a virus. Do you have a level 2 tech or a supervisor that I can chat with now?"

**: "It is a fake alert message and a type of virus."

**: "**, I have checked my entire system Inside and out and it is your software NOT a virus. Please let me speak to a supervisor. Your last few versions have had a similar Issue and your techs have always told me how to disable that thing."

**: "**, it is virus and you need to contact customer service to clean this virus.

**: "I hope that I don't have to do what that AOL guy did to get help from your company, post this session online."

**: "I apologize, please ignore my previous statement. It is virus and you need to contact Virus Removal Support to clean this virus."

**: "So you are telling that your software let this supposed virus in undetected? What and how do I reach virus removal support? I have wasted nearly an hour of my time with you this morning and very frustrated."

**: "We really can't assist you when you have a virus on your system however we have an expert team which can help you with the same and I would really appreciate if you could contact them. For this you have to go to www.mcafeehelp. Com and choose the virus removal support options and from the possible available options you can choose the one that suits you."

**: "So then you can't tell me how to go into the yellow icon and disable it completely. Please just give me that info and I will go away Please tell me how to disable that part of the software, or get to someone that can."

**: "**, which part of McAfee you want to disable?"

**: "For the last time ** I do NOT have a virus, it is your software do you have a supervisor? The yellow exclamation point that is all. The yellow icon in the sys tray I want that OFF."

**: "It will be automatically off when you Clean the Fake Alert B."

**: "So I know there has to be a way to manually shut it off how do I do that."

**: "I can't help you to make to off, you have to contact Virus Removal Support for that."

**: "OMG pulling my hair out at this point. If that does not fix it who can I CALL to tech support a Supv would be nice. Give me the tech support phone number perhaps when I speak to them they will understand and assist me."

**: "**, I am sorry we don't have free Phone Support."

**: "I didn't¶'t ask you for a free number I asked you for the tech support number please for god's sake
Just give me the number **!!"

**: "You may call at Per Minute Support: 900-733-2582, 900. 328.4663 ($2.95 per minute First two
Minutes are free) Per Incident Support: - 866-860-7357, 866-860-7358 ($39.95 per incident)."

**: "OK finally, thanks, if the steps that you suggested to resolve my issue do not work, then you can expect to see this entire transcript online publicly just like the AOL guy did when they did not help him. So with that being said I am going to say goodbye **."

**: "Your reference number for this chat Session is. Your issue will remain open in a close Pending status for the next three days just in case you have additional questions concerning this same issue. If we do not receive further contact from you within that time we will consider the status of your issue resolved and change the status to closed."

Do NOT trust McAfee!
By -

One month extra for a $400.00 bill?! You have to be kidding? I have already installed a new Virus/spyware program with a two year subscription which was included in the $400.00 charge. It took the technician 3 1/2 hours to remove all of the junk that McAfee let through. I scanned this computer several times with your product and it showed NOTHING! Why would I ever use McAfee again?!

I will be posting both the problem and your response everywhere I can. That is an absolute insult. For all I know my credit card information and everything else may be compromised and you won't cover even the cost of the repair! I will tell everyone I know about this and report it to the Better Business Bureau! Thanks for nothing!

On 2010-06-11, at 8:35 AM, McAfee NA Customer Service wrote:

Thank you for contacting McAfee Customer Service. I understand that you are computer was infected by Virus and you have spent $400 to remove the virus form your computer and you like to get refund for the charges made to remove the virus. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. Your account has been verified with the email address **. Your current subscription 3-User McAfee Internet Security expires November 15, 2010. I would like to inform you that we don't have an option to process refund for the charges made by the third party. We do have a free service in order to remove the virus from your computer.

Since you are a loyal customer to McAfee, I have extended your license with McAfee as a token of our appreciation and understanding of your situation. Please review below the new terms of your license. 3-User McAfee Internet Security expires December 15, 2010. ** is the Service Request number for this issue. Please quote this number if you need to contact us with further questions. For all of your future Service and Technical Support needs, please visit

Thank you for contacting McAfee Customer support.

Description: I have had McAfee security center on my computer without any interruption, when all of a sudden the computer was taken over by an intruder. I ran several scans with nothing showing up. My passwords were being typed in whenever I tried to type anything by an external entity and programs were opening and closing. It just cost me $400.00 to have almost 140 viruses and spyware removed from the computer. Will you pay for that since obviously your software didn't protect my computer? Let me know ASAP.

McAfee "Always On Protection" is nothing more than slamming!
By -

I will not use McAfee products again. And here is why:

A few months ago. My McAfee Security Center started popping up error messages saying that I was not protected and that I needed to validate my subscription before it would work. Once I validated it would work fine but only for a day or two. I have heard of others (including my mother-in-law) having the same issue. So, since there are so many other great antivirus programs out there... and my subscription was about to run out, I decided to let it expire and try something else.

Well, to say I was angry would be an understatement, when McAfee billed my credit card they had on file from my last payment for another year with absolutely no prior warning. Then sent me an email AFTER the fact. The email said that they had billed me so that my computer would not be unprotected. I did not even receive an email beforehand saying that it was going to expire and that they would automatically bill me. This really is nothing more than slamming (billing a customer when they did not agree to be billed or did not request the services).

To make it worse... trying to get a refund was a headache. Once I went to their website, and navigate through their ridiculously limiting dropdown menus (instead of a search bar), I had to fill out a form giving all my info just to be able to talk to someone to get a refund. Then I had to download their chat client, and wait 10 minutes to chat with someone. When I finally did, I asked for a refund. Instead, they told me that they would transfer me to their tech support and that if they couldn't fix the problem then I would have 15 days to request a refund. I refused to be transferred and demanded a refund.

By the way, if they do auto bill you (or more accurately slam you), you have to realize it within 60 days and request a refund or you are out of luck. It is apparent to me that they are not concerned about my computer being safe, but about getting my money. The software had quirks here and there, and the customer service was horrible... but billing me without my consent just cost them this customer for life.

McAfee subscription problems
By -

I'm a new customer to Dell computers and McAfee security. I bought a Dell in mid-Jan. '09 with pre-loaded McAfee, 30-day trail. Upon set-up I received an automatic one-year sub. Offer for what seemed to be a good discount. I thought it was worth taking advantage of so I followed the prompt to their site and subscribed for one-year. I didn't know if this one-year service would start concurrently with the 30-day or begin at the end of the free trial but after 30 days I started getting messages and pop-ups that my McAfee coverage was expired. I thought this was a mistake and was busy for a few days so kind of ignored it.

After searching online I'm finding others with similar situations which includes having to use McAfee online fixes that don't help, a customer service dept. That at least acknowledges I did pay for the service (I have the proof anyway on my credit card statement) and so far no pro-active attempt to help me - the paying customer. I asked them to stop being silly and just fix things since they already acknowledged my transaction with them. Why make me jump through hoops and do this the hard way. I feel like they are steering me towards their fee based phone service which will cost more than I paid for the online subscription.

I would probably continue with them if they fixed this soon but don't get a good feeling. I wonder if I can even get a refund as I paid for the sub. On Jan 17th which means it may have expired Feb. 17th and I'm also doubting it actually started at the end of the free trial period that came on my Dell - highly unlikely. I have not exhausted all avenues but they have opened two case numbers for me through their online tech. Service centers but really provided no solutions. I haven't been able to stay on line long enough to conduct an extended chat with them so it's been less than real-time assistance. Just a warning to others and looking for advice. Thanks.

McAfee "Support"? - Not!
By -

Well, I've been using them for almost 15 years, so I recommended them to family members. It works OK, until it doesn't. I'm on vacation, and have spent almost 20 hours with their so-called "support" tools, trying to fix my mother's PC. Security Center doesn't run. Chat client won't install. Called the support line? They want money. I'm currently running the computer without McAfee installed. And BTW, they had to email me a special tool to de-install the old copy. Needless to say, if you have an existing license, and no problems, use it. But, don't let them take the renewal. Run away and buy from someone who actually WANTS customers.

For McAfee AV Users:
By -

Computers in companies, hospitals, and schools around the world got stuck repeatedly rebooting themselves yesterday after an antivirus program identified a normal Windows file as a virus. McAfee Inc. confirmed that a software update it posted at 9 A.M. caused its antivirus program for corporate customers to misidentify a harmless file. It has posted a replacement update for download. “We are not aware of significant impact on consumers and believe we have effectively limited such occurrence,'' the company said.

Online posters begged to differ, saying thousands of computers running Windows XP with Service Pack 3 were rendered useless. About a third of the hospitals in Rhode Island were forced to stop treating patients with less serious medical problems in emergency rooms. The hospitals also postponed some elective surgeries, said **, a spokeswoman for the Lifespan system of hospitals. The system includes Rhode Island Hospital, the state's largest, and Newport Hospital.

** said patients who required emergency care for gunshot wounds, car accidents, blunt trauma, and other potentially fatal injuries were still being admitted to the emergency rooms. In Kentucky, state police were told to shut down the computers in their patrol cars as technicians tried to fix the problem. The National Science Foundation headquarters in Arlington, Va., also lost computer access.

**, systems administrator at Illinois State University in Normal, said that when the first computer started rebooting it quickly became evident that it was a major problem, affecting dozens of computers at the College of Business alone. Personal attention to each PC from a technician appeared to be the only way to fix the problem because the computers weren't receptive to remote software updates when stuck in the reboot cycle. That slowed the recovery."

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