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Don't go with McAfee.
By -

My father has had McAfee on his computer for the past several years now without any problems, so when I was able to get an internet connection on my laptop, I downloaded and installed the program. It was all right for the first few months, then I started having issues of verifying my subscription, and keeping my system protected (which to me made no sense). Then one day while on a game forum, a program installs itself onto my computer that demands that I buy its deluxe package to protect my system. I did a little research on my dad's computer (since it was randomly blocking websites on mine) and found it was a virus.

McAfee gave me few options; all of which cost a large amount of money, so I opted to run a System Restore, which was absolutely free and got rid of the virus. Next few months pass without a hitch when BAM, hit with not one, not two, but 12 trojans. McAfee was able to get rid of some of them, but for the ones left over, said "Restart and scan". I did... and got the same message. I did another System Restore and continued on without any more problems for about two weeks.

The next virus that I was infected with was not very nice. It installed itself without any notice, demanded that I download another program, blocked my internet access and almost all of my programs and applications; including system restore. I called McAfee (who hide their number oh so well), was scripted by a foreigner who could barely speak the language, and was told that they couldn't do anything, but had experts that could for $90. I semi-politely said No.

A close friend of mine works for a local computer repair shop, and was able to look at and try to clean my system, but wasn't able to get rid of the virus. I had to wipe my hard drive, and since I had no back-up, all my files were gone. I've been able to convince my dad with this experience to ditch McAfee and try another software, which he refuses to do until our subscription is up.

Worse Customer service
By -

I have never had a worse experience with any customer service organization than I have had with McAfee, 9/15/2007.

At 7:00 CST I attempted to login onto McAfee, but was not able until 7:14 AM CST, 14 minutes after their supposed start time). At 7:14 I was able to logon so I could enter my credit card number and pay $64.95 to get help. I called 877-772-4513 and paid $64.95 twice (once two weeks prior to this call) to have viruses removed from my computer. The first call the tech removed the viruses, or so I thought. He then installed reinstalled McAfee protection, or so I thought.

Days later I had virus problems again. I called 877-772-4513 again and "**" in India removed my viruses again (virus pin number **). I told ** before the call started that I thought my McAfee protection was not working... He said he'd check it later in the call. At the close of the call he said that I would have to call 866-622-3911 to have them help me download since I did not have protection.

While downloading I received a prompt which stated that a potentially unwanted program is detected, C:\WINDOWS\RGViYmll\asappsrv.dll if you do not recognize potentially unwanted program, McAfee recommends that you remove it. I was given a choice of the following: Remove this program, Trust this program, or close this alert.

** from 866-622-3911, (case # **) stated that I needed to uninstall the McAfee program I had just installed 5 minutes prior. ** had me reinstall McAfee at which time I received another warning that McAfee detected an unwanted program called, Adware-Isearch. During this call, I was getting unwanted web sites on my screen, leading me to believe that I was getting more viruses again. ** then told me I would have to call a toll free number 900-454-6223. I called this number twice and it did not work either time. I then called back 866-622-3911 and spoke with **, ref number **. ** told me to call 800-644-8144.

I told ** that I had already spent 3 hours trying to solve the problem and that I was not going to call this number until after I spoke with someone in management. ** took 10- 15 minutes to transfer me to her manager, **. ** told me I would have to call toll free number 800-644-8144... I told her she would have to stay on the line with me and transfer me to that number so we could solve the problem. ** agreed, and then transferred me. However, she did not stay on the line. I then received a recording that I would have to pay for the call with my credit card.

Since I already paid $130 over the course of two weeks I hung up and called 866-622-3911 which took about 10-15 minutes for ** to answer my call. I told ** I needed to speak with **. ** put me on hold for 10 -15 minutes and came back and told me I would have to follow **'s instructions. I told her I was not going to call 800-644-8144 again because ** told me it was a toll free call and that she needed to transfer me to **. ** told me ** was in a meeting and that she could not answer my call. I told ** that I need to speak with **'s boss. I then stayed on hold for another 20 minutes until ** told me she was still looking for another manager to speak with me.

After several minutes of waiting ** came back on the phone and stated that they were short staffed and that many customers were calling in. ** told me that she was waiting for **, her manager, to get off the phone with another customer so he could speak with me. I was beginning to think I was on the phone with the Hackers who took over my computer, rather than McAfee, was this a conspiracy? ** told me that should could not tell me managers names or provide additional information about upstream management who could help me stating this information was confidential.

It is now 11:18 AM CST, and I am still on hold waiting for **'s boss, ** To pick up my call. At 11:34 CST I hung up the phone with ** who told me she couldn't help me and that I would have to call 800-606-2266 to get a refund, and that this department would also help me safely install McAfee. I told ** (case number **) I wanted to speak with her boss, but she told me that was not possible and that she was as high as I could get. I called 800-606-2266 and received a recording that their office hours were Monday through Friday.

Since this is a Saturday there was nothing I could do. Did ** really care about this? At 11:45 I called 877.772.4513 and spoke with ** who answered at 11:57. Call ended at 12:42. ** claimed he removed all viruses. ** then told me to restart my computer and run a “Scan” and that if I had anymore viruses to call him back.

Does Not Stand by Product.
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK -- When I phoned customer support at the 800 number listed on McAfee website, stated they could not help but could transfer me to helpdeskhub which I thought was part of McAfee, but had charged me to fix my computer. Later I found out that they should have been able to help me and when I requested a refund, I was denied. The charge was not theirs, but a different company. Why would they transfer me to someone else?

McAfee Internet Rip Off
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Rating: 2/51

SPAIN -- Auto renewal took money from CC that expired 12 months ago? Was badgered to renew my card detail with them telling me my old card had expired so confused how they took the money £59 99 from my bank. Took a full 5 to 6 weeks before it was even up for renewal. Disgusted with them as you can buy the product they offer online for £29. No better than the hackers trying to get into your PC, just bandits.

Terrible Customer/Technical Service
By -

Currently on hold now for 30 minutes to the 3rd person they have transferred to me. I just purchased the small business software package and when I clicked the link to download I was prompted to enter in my name, email address, etc. My email address shows "invalid". The 2nd support person I spoke with tried sending me an email and it was sent back to her. With her hands up in the air, not knowing what to do, instructed me to hold yet again to transfer me to yet another person. Currently, 32 minutes on hold. Terrible. I never had this problem with Norton or AVG. Ridiculous!

McAfee Poor Customer Service
By -

After downloading McAfee Virus Protection, my computer instantly slowed down significantly. It would take up to a minute to access a website, and when typing an email, the characters would lag several words behind what I was actually typing. It was annoying to say the least, so I contacted the McAfee technical support site. I clicked on a button that was labeled "Chat and Email," but when directed to the site, the only option available was chat. It took me three tries of repeatedly typing my information and trying to chat because, as I finally discovered, McAfee was blocking the citrix server that provided the chat!

After enabling the site, the representative, **, was slow, never bothered to read the lengthy description of the problem that I had typed in initially, and didn't seem to understand what I was trying to convey. He finally told me I had a virus problem (my McAfee virus scan has never found any such thing) and that he would connect me to the 'virus experts'... for a fee of $89.95!! I told him no thanks, that I had already paid for a service and didn't feel that this was a legitimate charge. My husband has Norton protection on his computer, and has never had this kind of problem.

Thanks to the greed of McAfee, I'm switching over to Norton. Is it just me, or does it seem that it's getting harder and harder to find an honest company that delivers what it promises without trying to squeeze ever more out of their customers? Sorry, just had to vent...

By -

For the past two weeks, I have been receiving email messages that my subscription to McAfee is to expire on January 24, 2010. Today I decided to renew and followed their instructions. I paid about $64 for a one year renewal and paid using PayPal. As soon as I finished, I think my computer was scanned. Then I tried to use my computer and was unable to use it. I kept getting these pop up "Security Warning". In which it asks if I want to activate antivirus software now. If you answer "yes", you get the same warning.

Because I got this virus when I renewed from McAfee, I called technical support. After a long wait, I did get a technician. She sent me an email asking me to download some file and run it. I tried but because of the pop ups every five seconds or so, I couldn't run it. She told me that someone from McAfee could take over my computer and remove the virus and it would cost me about $90. I want to warn others that you may get a virus if you accept the offer to renew and McAfee will charge you about $90 to bring your computer back so you can use it.

McAfee more harm than good
By -

"Am I protected? No" McAfee is the first company I've encountered that alerts customers that they've gotten the shaft. You have to dive into their policies to understand that you're not only unprotected, you're out of luck. "Will I get help from your technical team? No." That message isn't so clear. At least not until you've spent hours trying to get one of their overseas representatives to help resolve the matter. They were good enough to confirm that I did pay for a valid subscription though. They just couldn't fix the problem. "Will I get my money back? No." They have a strict policy. They don't do refunds.

So, I have no protection, no help, and I'll get no refund. And, there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. "Did I get the shaft? Yes." "Should you do business with McAfee? No." It's a big rip off.

Full refund? Only if you demand it
By -

Despite the fact they state they only give full-refunds, a customer service representative tried to tell me my only option was a partial refund (which their website states explicitly they do NOT do.)

I noticed I was being charged for a service I have not used in approximately 2 years since I switched. That was no problem since it's my fault for not checking my statements more closely. I didn't expect to get my money back, but I wanted to at least cancel the account. I immediately went to their website to see what could be done about cancelling auto-renewal. I couldn't find any sort of My Account login, so I went to the support section and saw they had a refund policy read which is located here: **.

Their stated policy is a 100% refund on purchases within 30 days, and 60 days for auto-renewals. I was WELL within those limits. I chose their chat option to talk with a customer service representative. After confirming my identity, I was shocked twice: 1) The email on file was several years old, so old it should be bouncing back email to the company (shouldn't that send up a red flag?) and 2) The representative told me my only refund option was a 50% refund which their policy states they will NOT do.

I am not accusing McAfee of purposely trying to scam people, but at the very least they need to properly train customer support. It isn't excusable to say, "those who don't read FAQs deserve it." It's not like I was demanding my money back on something that stated "no refunds!" I don't think it's too much to ask to stick to their own policies. After linking and quoting the company policy and demanding all my money back, I got my 100% refund. That's why I always read the fine print.

Software sold does not work
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I purchased a McAfee Total Protection software for $70.00 at a local store. I installed it into my computer and from the beginning I got error messages. Since then I have lost my protection so many times that someone was able to access my credit card information and make charges to it. After I finished cleaning the credit card mess I tried to fix the software through McAfee's "online" technical support" to no avail. That thing does not work! I finally contacted customer support and got the surprise of my life. I was told literally by ** (1-866-622-3911), a supervisor there, that if the software I purchased does not work, he was really, reeeeeeally sorry, but there was nothing he could do.

If I wanted to get my software fixed,(I have done every single download, fix, update, etc... from their web page several times in the last three months) I would need to get my credit card ready because Technical Support charge us customers to fix the software they sell!!! If we do not want to pay extra to have it fixed, then we customers are stuck with it and should go and buy some other product from some other company.

Just like that. I got all the conversation on tape!! I was also told that they would not refund the cost of the defective program because it was past its refund date. When I asked what about the program not working and not delivering the protection advertised and sold to us, he said that they were really very very very sorry!! The software is literally garbage!!! Don't buy it. You will have your credit card data stolen like me!! I am going back to Norton! Thanks.

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