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McAfee Tedch Support and Customer Service - Good Luck if you need them.
By -

I'll make this short and brief as if I say what I would like to say the hall monitors here will just delete it again. McAfee is fine when it is working right I guess, but heaven help you if it causes a problem on your machine and you need help. You can't email them. You can't call them on the phone.

You have to contact them in a virtual chat room and the so called tech support person I dealt with unsuccessfully for two hours could not communicate in English and could not grasp the problem I was trying to explain. Sounded like he was reading from a script... if my problem did not fit the script then tough luck... but oh I could pay $45.00 for a 'real live tech support person' to troubleshoot my problem that was caused by their software and 'maybe' be able to tell me how to fix it.

Finally I found my own way of fixing it... I just uninstalled their goofy software and said goodbye to their useless tech support person. I could not even contact their customer service to request that they cancel my subscription and refund my purchase price. Obviously all they want is your money then they don't want to hear from you again. If you are unfortunate enough to buy any of their software, just don't expect any kind of help from their so called tech support when something goes wrong with it.

McAfee sucks - do not purchase and do not count on customer help
By -

I have purchased McAfee last year. Tons of problems with computer notifying me about an expiry date which was wrong. A week ago despite accessing a site marked as McAfee secure I got a virus on my computer. McAfee support spent 4 nights last week trying to find the issue unsuccessfully. They were supposed to contact me back yesterday and today AM - never did. When I contacted them they couldn't care less. I will purchase another more serious anti-virus as this one proved a waste of money - don't buy it!

By -

On the Mcafee official site it give two options to buy spyware protection. The one I chose was $49.99. When I clicked on that option it sent me to a cofirmation/cart page, which had the price in Danish Kroners (ddk). It was 989.00 ddk, without a US dollar amount. So I did the conversion on another website, and 989 kroners converted to US dollar comes to $180.00 US dollars. Is this fraud or what?

By -

Got McAfee. Got charged twice and no refund. What goes on when you can't trust these big companies? You pay them then they charge you twice. No email no nothing and you can never phone anymore. Con.

McAfee Software Is Useless And Tech Support Run By Robots
By -

ROCKWALL, TEXAS -- Renewed McAfee software in March. Started getting messages that my computer "was not protected." So far we've used the online technician 5 times, been on their so-called "chat" assistance 3 times, uninstalled and re-downloaded 2 times. Tried to call McAfee and the automated answer was to call another that was a fee-based support and to have credit card information available.

We've asked the "chat" assistant on the last 2 occasions that we wanted either a disk mailed to us or full refund. I get same responses to my problem, word-for-word, regardless of who the chat assistant claims to be. I give information, and they in turn ask me for same information. I will never use McAfee again. And, if anyone knows of a class action lawsuit, I'm ready to throw my name in the hat.

McAfee's Total Protection 2007 software
By -

MASSACHUSETTS -- I have same problem as noted by another home user in this system. I installed McAfee's Total Protection 2007. I selected there recommendations for installing it. After it was done I started to get a icon on my status bar indicating my PC was not totally protected. I ran their "FIX" software which told me to re-install certain applications of the Total software, which I did with no success. Ran there Virtual Technician software which told me to, you guessed it, re-install certain software of the Total software. Called the support line, which told me I had to uninstall all third party software which may be interfering with some of the applications within their software. And by the way, I could not get to the internet until I uninstalled McAfee's software, really ticked me off. They then sent me a program that completely wiped out any reference to McAfee in my computer's registry. Started all over again, reinstalled the software, taking all of their recommendations, with the same results.

After reading the other Blog in this system, I think my next step is to call the Attorney General's office in my state, since they cannot fix the problem and will not refund my money.

Thank you for reading this, hope it helps someone else.

McAfee support is a gimmick - it is non existent.
By -

A rogue spyware programme called Virus Protect Pro attached itself to my system. Since my McAfee Virus plus software or Quick Clean was not able to detect or remove it, I contacted their Customer Support line. They referred me to a specialist virus removal team. I paid UK£ 19.95 for a Gold Service but in the process of the chat, I found that the McAfee specialist did not even have a basic understanding of the problem. He was more interested for me to pay additional money and upgrade to a McAfee Platinum Service. Checking the web, I found that 'Virus Protect Pro' is a common spyware and there are many solutions. The rogue SpyWare was removed with a free program I downloaded from the web called ˜Superantispyware". It did the job with a single scan. Since McAfee's support teams were useless, I requested them for a full refund. I have repeatedly called them and also sent eleven email but till date, have not received even an acknowledgment. My calls to their support line till now remains unproductive – an exercise in futility.

It seems that McAfee software is not very effective against new spyware programmes and their customer support non existent - just a marketing strategy to win more customers.

By -

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA -- I have tried twice now to collect a $20 rebate that was offered by McAfee when I purchased their Internet Protection suite product online. I filled out the forms correctly as directed by their instructions and sent the information that they requested. These cheap S.O.B. rejected the first time because they said I didn't send the proof of purchase. I sent them what they emailed me as the receipt of purchase for an online purchase and download. I resubmitted, then received a post card saying it was rejected because of invalid postmark date.

As far as I'm concerned they are crooks of the worse sort. Hopefully some Law Firm files a class action suit against them on their rebate policies so myself and others can join it against this slimeball company.

In addition, try contacting or finding someone in Management at McAfee to address your issue. Good luck, you will have better luck contacting Elvis.

Obviously, there are more important issues for Congress to deal with, but at some point the FTC or Congress should address these idiotic rebate programs. At least other companies that put you through hell in getting rebates pay them.

I for one will never buy or recommend McAfee to anyone.

McAfee Security or InSecurity Center?
By -

I've used McAfee for years but will give it up now, even though I just paid for a new year. Every few days my work is interrupted with McAfee Pop-ups urging me to practice my computer from viruses with their program--but their program is already installed (which is why I get the pop-up). But for the past two months its become much more frequent. I declined their "Internet Security Suite" offer, just renewing my anti-virus program--and now, daily, I get pop-ups urging me to take the whole Suite. And I've no way to stop the pop-ups because its part of the daily update program.
Also, the so-called "Security Center" is an annoying gimmick reminding me, every time I use it, of all the McAfee products I have failed to buy.
Worst of all, the McAfee program also turns off, frequently, with no apparent reason or warning, leaving me undefended (and sometimes infected) until I reboot, and scan.

Customer service is virtually nonexistent, and no way to complain or ask to opt out of their high pressure pitches and endless pop-ups.

McAfee has not only wasted my time but also my money because now I will buy another program, even though I just spent $40 on renewal.

After years of McAfee products, I quit.

Dr. Bill Brown

McAfee Antivirus
By -

INDIANAPOLIS -- When I go to the website and get updates the sight hangs and the pages turn white right before it updates and sometimes stops responding.
Also sometimes when the antivirus is active it will just shut down and disable.
When you set the antivirus on auto update and leave the pc for a while you can come back and the antivirus is disables and the MacAfee is wanting you to reboot the pc because of the update was applied.
I don't like the idea of antivirus updating and disabling protection before I get back to the pc.
I own 2 computers and they are totally different, one has an Amd Athlon xp 2400 with windows xp and the other one has the intel p4 2.8 ghz with 2 gigs of ram with windows xp pro.

I no longer will use MacAfee products on any of my computers because of these issues.
I did buy the brand new version from Wal-Mart and saw that I was going to do the same thing so I removed it and took it back to the store.
I am now sold on Zone Labs antivirus and the firewall they offer and will stay with them.
No website to log in to and the updates are 5 times faster and what I see the antivirus is faster than MacAfee on finding a virus, I downloaded a zip file with a virus in it and it was detected the second it downloaded and deleted it, I tried the same file with MacAfee and it found the infection only when I right clicked on it and scanned it, so what I saw is that the zone labs antivirus picked it up without even doing a manual scan.
McAfee would never respond to this issue and offered no help except had me remove the program multiple times and re install it, I think that is every software company's behind the desk monkeys that they call a service techs will tell us to run us in circles for hrs till we just say forget it and delete it for good.
MacAfee and Norton after 2003 versions are crappy versions that lag your computer and just don't match up to the new Zone Alarm Antivirus.
I dare MacAfee to respond to this post.

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