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Take this with a grain of SEA salt

Few things come along in life that give you the kind of surprise worth writing about - particularly in a grocery store spice aisle. However, such is the case of a new or newly discovered product I stumbled upon the other day. Like you, I've seen this latest flurry of TV ads featuring soups and food products seasoned with "sea salt."

"Come on," I thought to myself - I've been with that gal on the blue carton with a yellow umbrella since I've been a kid. Funny how I've aged and she hasn't. Anyway I decided to give this McCormick Sea Salt grinder a try - what the heck it's only a couple of bucks.

Being skeptical, I didn't use it for a few days - mad at myself for throwing my money away. One night the wife gets a movie and asks me to pop some corn - in a pan with oil as I normally do. I decide to surprise HER and use this new McCormick Sea Salt on it - see if she can tell the difference. Wow, the surprise was on me as well. WHAT a difference.

The product claims to be "Naturally harvested from the French Mediterranean" and I can't say if that's accurate. What I can say is what a difference it's made in my food and cooking. The stuff is off the chart wonderful. It does in fact come out of the grinder on top, it's not like ordinary table salt, rather it comes out in flakes. The different texture only adds to the amazing flavor that you'll too discover in foods as ordinary as hot buttered popcorn while having "movie night" with your beloved spouse watching crystal clear HD signal from DirecTV on your Sony Bravia LCD. Add a glass or two of wine and life doesn't get much better.

Seriously though, if you want to liven up your kitchen and even takeout food, shake things up a bit with this McCormick Sea Salt - this is one seasoning you WON'T be throwing over your shoulder. I haven't been to the French Mediterranean yet, but if even their salt tastes this good, I can only imagine how good everything else there is.

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