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Not Getting What You Order
Posted by KASSEYROXANNE on 12/01/2013
FORT MYERS, FLORIDA -- Every time I go to McDonalds, I order a small fry with no salt do they not listen when people talk to them, or do they just not give a damn?? I know it takes extra time to do this, but I don't mind waiting, I understand this. Don't they know I am ordering not salt for a reason ??? The fries are too salty. If no one tells you, you don 't know what is going on in your stores. I like McDonalds I just can't have all that salt.

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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-12-02:
It could've been that they did cook up a batch with no salt, but they put them in the bin with fries that did have salt and they got mixed in. It's also possible that they simply stopped cooking up salt-free batches all together (they should've told you if that was the case), I know the McDonalds were near where I live won't make that accomdodation when they are busy because during the lunch and dinner rush they simply don't have the the 3:00 it takes for each customer who wants no salt to get a salt-free batch of fries. I'll explain, In some situations it's just not practical, and while you may be willing to wait, there's a dozen other people who's orders you're holding up, because they have to use the salted fries that are already in the bin, then wipe down the bin to make sure there's no salt, wipe down the scoop, then put the non-salted fries in the bin, then scoop out some for your order. And then they can salt the remainder of the batch. Obviously all this takes time, and if there's more several people at different intervals that want no-salt on their fries, it can quickly become a bottleneck in terms of getting people their order, because most people who go to McDonalds do get fries.

At any rate I'm one of the (apparently) few people who don't think McDonald's fries are too salty, I usually end up putting more salt on them.
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Posted by Chiltoe on 11/26/2013
I went to McDonalds to get a coffee. The women that waited on me had some type of metal in her lips. That should not be allowed in a fast food place. There should be a code against it. This not the first time I've seen something like that. They should not be allowed to wait on people.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-11-29:
What is your objective rational for outlawing someone having metal in their lips and working at fast food place?
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Ripped Off Customer
Posted by Rmurphy1943 on 11/22/2013
FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a filet of fish sandwich to take home and reheat. When I separated the bun I found a filet about 5/8 of an inch thick, and 3" X 3". The slice of cheese was only half the size of the fish and was almost thin enough to have only one side. I paid $3.95 with tax, for what was not even close to what the pictured sandwich showed, much less with not even a full square slice of cheese.

Fool me once shame on," McDonalds"...! It will not happen again because if it does then shame on me!
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-11-24:
As someone who has a Filet-O-Fish value meal about once a week (no tartar sauce, no cheese) that sounds about right. It's McDonalds not fine dining. The half a slice of cheese is par for the course as well.

Obviously when it come to fast food, it's virtually unheard of for what you get to match what you see in the advertisements. In the fast food business you don't have a half hour to get the presentation of the food exactly right, you have more like 30 seconds if you're lucky. I think your expectations were a bit ambitious.
Posted by ontario_girl on 2013-11-24:
It's policy at McDonalds to only put half a slice of cheese on a filet of fish. A double filet gets a full slice. You can ask for extra cheese and get more.
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Slow Service, Bad Food, Order Not Complete
Posted by Delhuggard on 11/12/2013
WEST VALLEY CITY, UTAH -- My wife and I went to the Mcdonald's Restaurant in West Valley City, Utah, located at approximately 5600 west and 3500 south, yesterday afternoon. After we placed our order at the drive-up we had to wait an unusually long time to get to the service window. When we did get there the attendant attempted to hand us our order before the vehicle came to a stop. I asked him to please put the order in a plastic salad bag, which he did. I had to ask him for salt and catsup (out of salt). We parked in the parking lot and began to eat the food. The fish sandwich my wife ordered was not warm and had a tough edge on the outside. My McRib sandwich didn't have any onions and was only medium warm. Our fries were burned to a crisp and cold.

We used to look forward to eating at this particular restaurant because of the good food and great view in the parking areas. I hope things can get back to the way they used to be.

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Dirty Store
Posted by Packercecil24 on 11/02/2013
CLINTON, MISSISSIPPI -- Let me start by saying that my wife and I love McDonalds but the restaurant that we have visited each day for the past 24 years is dirty. The tables are always dirty and an employee is always washing the windows outside at rush hour which is 7:30 AM each morning. This is definitely a safety hazard because patrons track this soapy water into the restaurant and many have almost slipped down. This needs to be corrected immediately.
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Posted by Ifrog71 on 11/01/2013
I went to Mcdonalds at 1 am. assuming I could get breakfast or supper like advertised but apparently its only what they feel like making. Couldn't get wraps, couldn't get biscuits. They should be more specific on [their] menu about what they want to serve
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No Service at Drive-Thru
Posted by Carolynflener on 10/29/2013
GRAND JUNCTION, CO., COLORADO -- I pulled in at drive thru, this Mcdonalds has two drive-thru lanes. I sat there for 15 minutes waiting for service on the inside lane. Waited while two cars were served on the outside lane. I drove forward as the second car was leaving, I stopped at the window told the girl at the window what had just happened. When I pulled up there was about 5 or 6 young people standing there playing around laughing and cutting up not paying attention to the customers. I drove off went home upset. I called the manager on duty she acted like this was a common practice did not even apologize I asked for the 800 number she gave it too me. I asked her, her name she said it was Aglyhen said she could not give me her last name. This happened at store number 732 on north avenue in grand junction, Colorado at approximately 7:22 pm. I usually stop there every evening on my way home from my daughters house. I won't be doing that anymore. I also have 5 sons and 3 daughters I will let them know what happened.
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Going to MD's and Finding the Prices Higher Than Wendy's
Posted by Mohrnberger on 10/28/2013
EAST MEADOW, NEW YORK -- Hi, I always thought MD's was the best of the fast food stores. I'm complaining about MD's in East Meadow, but the prices. We {my husband and I} Seniors used to purchase chicken wraps. yesterday we were getting them and found out the price had gone to $1.99 each. Wendy's is $1.49 each. also Wendys and Taco Bell give Seniors free drinks. We're not going to MD's anymore. We have to watch our money. Mary Ohrnberger

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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-10-30:
The McDonalds I frequent has just raised their prices on the Filet-o-Fish combo meal, by about 30 cents. I can't complain because it had been $5.13 for at least the past 6 or 7 years. Also just because someplace is the cheapest doesn't mean they are the "best".
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Bad Food Slow Service Wrong Order
Posted by Roydro on 10/26/2013
Service was slow, order was wrong, half serving of tough fries. We will make it a point to not go to McDonalds in Macon MS anymore!

Employee was putting ice cream machine together with bare hands. Did not seem like a very sanitary process.
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Would Rather Throw Food Away Then Sell
Posted by Efstucko on 10/12/2013
NORTH POINT RD, MARYLAND -- On 10-6-13 went to McDonalds on North Point Rd in Baltimore MD by Dundalk at 11:03 am, hoping to still be able to get a breakfast sandwich. They were in the process of flipping over the menu to lunch. I saw quite a few breakfast items sitting there and so I asked the young girl who asked for my order if I could possible get a breakfast sandwich. She stated no it was now only lunch. I pointed to the breakfast items and she said "oh we throw that away when it switches to lunch" and I said really-when a customer wants to buy it you would rather throw it away and she said that's what we do. I asked for a manager and I could tell the manager had an attitude and she said what do you want? I finally did get the sandwich but the point was had I not pursued they would have rather thrown it away. Shame on McDonalds!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted by Tezrien on 2013-10-14:
By law and policy that food is only allowed to sit in a warmer for a certain period of time.Once food is at a temperature between 41-140F bacterial growth can begin and the danger of a food borne illness increases exponentially every minute it is allowed to remain in the "danger zone". Had you gotten sick from the items you bought would you still be shaming McDonalds ?
Posted by klp898 on 2013-10-14:
Nonsense - you made that up. No such law. I only eat McDonald's breakfast items (McMuffins or the breakfast taco - their hamburgers taste like babyfood junk due to those nasty groaty buns they use). I went into one at 10:31 AM on a weekday and they had already tossed all the breakfast food away. Lost my sale. Just by one minutes. Is this is a hamburger joint or an army barracks? "tention! It's 10:30! Only lunch is served!" Eff them.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-10-15:
Have you seen the movie "Falling Down"?
Posted by ok4now on 2013-10-15:
I had a similar experience at BJ's, I wanted a roaster chicken and they had just pulled 15 from the warming shelf at the end of the night. They refused to sell me one. I asked what they did with them and was told "we throw them out." What a waste! Imagine how many people this would feed at a homeless shelter.
Posted by jonthethird on 2013-10-15:
Every chain has specific rules concerning how long food can be held after cooking. This is due to issues with quality (try a 20 minute Fish Filet at McD) and health.
In my youth, the McD I worked for sold the waste to a local farmer who fed it to his livestock
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-10-15:
Restaurants do throw out food that's been out for a designated period of time, it's for food safety requirements. I agree with Tezien, if they sold you or gave this food to someone, and that person get's sick, then the restaurant is liable. So they throw out the food to protect themselves. Wasteful, yes, but it beets getting sued by someone out to make a quick buck. You have to look at the situation from the perspective of the restaurant before you shame them.
Posted by Likes beefpies on 2013-10-15:
Ummm you all have it wrong. The reason they don't sell after a specific time is they don't want to "train" customers that you can get items beyond a specific time. This isn't uncommon with a lot of businesses.
Posted by Nohandle on 2013-10-15:
jonthethird is probably the most correct responder. We had a *day old* bread store just down from our office. Many employees would go down and stock up on obviously bread but also those cupcakes for their children's lunches and store in their freezers. I was there one day and all sorts of products were being pulled because they had reached their expiration date. The bread looked perfectly fine to me but the cashier told me they could not sell for human consumption but a *pig farmer* was on his way. It was a huge see thru plastic bag holding those products. No mold, no nothing but they weren't allowed to sell it except for animals.

Many fancy restaurants years ago would donate the prepared food not used that day. Absolutely nothing wrong with any of it They had to place it in a dumpster with a lock so no one would *dumpster dive* for the food.
Posted by JoeKay on 2013-10-16:
The guy came in 3 minutes after the bell. I came in 1 minute after the bell. NO such law
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