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Outrage Against the Machine
By -

BURNETTE, TEXAS -- I just wanted someone to look at what families these days have to pay for someone getting into trouble and what a ridiculous market it is. I feel raped when these people get my money for 2 phone calls. There are a lot of things I can do with 25 dollars, when raising 2 children by myself. I cannot even imagine what this company's president looks like but if my kids ever ask I will show them a picture of a monster.

I'm very interested to know if Texas is going to file suit like New York against these prices and basic all out rape of an already struggling family a million times over. I wish that someone would seriously charge these people up for what they are doing to children they are legally stealing. It breaks my heart to know that we have to pay for our loved ones getting into trouble.

Global Tel Link-for Inmates to Call Collect
By -

CALIFORNIA -- I also had my phone service with AT&T and my son had always been able to call home. Then all of a sudden he was not able to call collect anymore, AT&T knew nothing about it. Through the facility (prison) I found out that I had to call Global Tel Link. I did and after hours of trying to get through I finally left my number and someone called me back. I had to set-up a pre-paid account and the amount required was at least $50.00. I did what was required, but my son still could not call because he was being informed that there was a block on my phone.

On Nov. 7th, 2007 when I got a new local carrier I proceeded to get in touch with Global Tel Link again by leaving my phone number for someone to call me back I inquired about the money I had on account and was informed that the money was gone because it had not been used within 90 days. I was never informed that the money would vanish in 90 days if not used, you can imagine my anger and I hung up on the person after letting them know that I was not going to let this issue go.

Because I wanted my son to be able to call home during the holidays I called back again to wait for someone to call me back and proceeded to set-up another pre-paid account and verified with the individual that my sons calls would not be blocked and was informed that his calls would go through. After giving her the opportunity to complete her speech and she was saying goodbye I asked her why she was not informing me about the 90 days, she got short and told me that I had not let her finish.

I saw my son today 11-17-07 and asked why he had not called and again he said that the phone had a block. Good Luck!!! getting through to the number provided you have to leave your number and they call you back. Frustrated in California.

Collect Calls From Inmate
By -

SOUTHBURY, CONNECTICUT -- I was with a local phone company until April 2007 when AT&T bought them out. Up to this point my son who is incarcerated in Connecticut has been able to call every week to speak with his children for the last 3 1/2 years. June 1, 2007, this all came to a halt. Via a family member he relayed a message to me stating that when he tries to call my number a recording states that our number is blocked due to billing issues.

I have no billing issues. I do not owe these people any money. I called my local carrier (AT&T) and they informed me that there was no block on my line. I then phones MCI (10 times), their recording tells me that there is no problem with my line and I should be able to receive inmate calls, but when I spoke to the several agents (who were rude, crude and lude) I was told differently.

They wanted me to set up a pre-paid account. I flatly refused to do this. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told 1. There are no supervisors at this location, 2. They do not come to the phone! When I said I had spoken to a supervisor I was told it was just another agent making believe she was a supervisor! Well, I am livid about this whole mess and, yes, something needs to be done about this. I am preparing a letter to out and am also getting in touch with my lawyer to see if I have a case against these horrible people.

Just who do they think they are? And how do you tell a child their father cannot call them anymore? This is not right, they need to be stopped right here and now. I have never in nearly my 60 years on this earth have been treated so badly. This is a terrible injustice to all families whose loved ones are in prison. Inmates need communication with their families. But MCI just won't allow this! There has to be something that can be done. What is this, a monopoly? I can't believe the leaders in this state would allow this to happen. Frustrated In Connecticut.

Blocked Collect Calls From Inmates in Calif Prisons.

CORCORAN, CALIFORNIA -- I had a legitimate dispute with MCI for my personal long distance service. To be brief, I was solicited to use their service and was assured that my monthly service fee would not increase but yet the fee did increase within 4 months while the company was offering lower rates to new customers. This company, instead of taking the matter to court, chose to harass me with automated calls on weekends, turning over to collection agencies who passed around to their friends when they found out they could not collect and such.

Now my son is down on 3 strike law in California prison for drug possession and I have discovered that MCI has a monopoly on the prison telephone service from inmates in the state of California and also have found from the state of VA and probably many other states. Their rates are approx, 1.15 per minute from CA to VA. Since they have a monopoly on telephone service in prisons, it is unethical to not allow prisoners to use their telephone lines to call home. Prisoners have to call collect.

MCI has had problems with ethical practices and it is remarkable that they hold the contract for prison telephone services in prisons. Since MCI has a monopoly on telephone service, they should not block collect calls from prisons.

Inmate Collect Calls Using MCI
By -

NEWTOWN, CONNECTICUT -- I have read the posting regarding the blocked calls coming from a CT correctional institute. I have the same problem. We have a daughter who has been incarcerated since early March. At first they blocked the calls because they THOUGHT Maybe we wouldn't pay the bill. Of course we did, but calls were interrupted for several days, because we hadn't even received the bill (from AT&T) yet!

Suddenly now they have blocked calls again. AT&T says it's not them. For hours I couldn't get through to the number I was given to call. When I finally did I was told to fax our last phone bill to a certain number, with no explanation as to why. It won't show if we paid on time... It won't show anything at all. All our bills are paid on time. And of course I don't have the last bill, since we throw them out after we pay them. Next bill doesn't come out until end of AUG, so until we get it, pay it, fax it, and then wait the several days, required for action, we have no contact with our daughter.

I cannot believe they can do this to us legally. And I don't know who to complain to to make it stop. When I asked for a number where I could make a complaint, they gave me a PO box in FLA! I am raising my daughter's 2 children, and they need to be able to speak to their mother! In addition, my daughter is in very poor health, and the only way I can keep up with her condition is by these phone calls. Does anybody know how to take action against these people?

Over Payment
By -

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- My son has been in prison for about 5 years now in the Florida area. Since MCI has taken over my account from Verizon I feel that I am over paying for the collect calls that are coming in from my son. I make my payment on time when I receive the bill in the mail and also when I check my account online the balance that is due I go ahead and pay. I don't understand why my calls are being blocked and I am being charged about 300 dollars per month to talk to my son and he does not even call that much.

Also I am very unhappy with the service that MCI has provided. I cannot quite understand why I can never get a manager on the phone to explain to me why my calls are constantly being blocked and they are stating to me that my account is over the limit. When it is always paid on time, you will see if you check my records. Because when I ask the representatives they can never explain it to me. They always tell me not to worry and that the account, but it is not fine when my son cannot call me due to this issue.

Phone Calls Home
By -

FLORIDA -- My husband is incarcerated and has been for 11 yrs. This past week his calls home have been blocked by MCI Worldcom. I have always paid my bill all these years. I tried calling and they put me on hold twice and never got back with me. I seen a review on this that's what caught me eye. Can someone give me some help on this? This isn't RIGHT!

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