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ARKANSAS -- When an MCI telemarketer calls to manipulate you into switching Long Distance Phone Companies - Get ready for a pack of lies. Recently an MCI Rep called and claimed he was "looking at our account with AT&T" and that he could save us more money and "blah blah blah." They are very convincing as you hear the pecking of a computer keyboard in the background - as if they're hacking into private records of other phone companies, Yeah Right!! Unaware of this tactic, and slightly flustered by the pushy approach of this trained liar, we made the switch. Within several hours of the original scam call, we contacted MCI to undo the switch. Even if you have a persons name, it's impossible to contact them again - they are faceless in a maze of nation-wide call centers. The CSR we did talk to admitted that the telemarketer's call seemed misleading. She claimed we would not be billed for the ordeal - more lies! Several weeks later we got a bill from MCI without making a single call with them. Our local phone bill had a $10 fee to switch to MCI and a $10 fee to switch back to AT&T - both fees that MCI claimed we would not be charged! MCI's compensation was to send us a voucher for credit on our next long distance bill with a company we no longer have service with.
The small print on the back of the voucher says that when you sign your name to use the said credit voucher, you agree to switch to MCI.
We will never do business with MCI again - the entire marketing masquerade reeks with a foul smell of dirty rotten bad business.
Trying To Cancel Long Distance
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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I called on August 6, to cancel my long distance, well they didn't cancel and they are blaming my new provider for the problem. They didn't tell me that my new provider wasn't picking up my calls, so they are now charging me by the minute. My bill was over $65.00 For 19 days. I hope I never have to do business with them again. They have been giving me the run around for almost 3 months.

I am done can't get anywhere with this people. Don't use MCI if you can help it.

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ROANOKE, VIRGINIA -- APPROXIMATELY 2 YEARS AGO, I refused to pay the entire amount of a long distance bill due to the following reasons:
1) they deceived and mislead me by telling me that the base rate would not increase but the rate did increase within 4 months while yet they offered the lower rate to new customers.
2) they continued to add monthly charges even after I told them to cancel the service and also they also had a block on my telephone during their additional monthly charge. I saved all of their and my correspondence concerning the matter. I ask them to take me to court but they chose to harass me for months on end with automated telephone calls. they turned it over to 3 different collection agencies who continued to harass, finally, it appeared on my credit report, it was there were I disputed the charge and it was taken off. Now after that, MCI started to harass me again, with automated messages to give them my new cc card number. In other words, it is my opinion that MCI and their arrorgance are much worse than those 1000's of persons in prisons who committed burglary and robbery. The amount was only appx. 55 to start, but multiply that by 1000's and 1000's of customers they have and it amounts to millions, perhaps billions.
Again, this matter has been resolved by credit investigation and BUT MCI CONTINUES TO ATTACK AND HARASS PEOPLE AND I AM SURE THAT I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE.

Overcharging claiming no Int plan initiated.
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CORDOVA, TENNESSEE -- MCI is the worst long distance carrier I have
ever dealt with. The customer reps are incompetent when it comes to implementing requested services and rude when it comes to
dealing with customers. Since their seems
to be a merger in progress with Sprint I would not recommend either of these companies.
Good luck Sprint customers.
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