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A Virus, not a Company --- A slam on the slammer
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MICHIGAN -- Background: I am a former MCI customer who quit the company two years ago. The company was unable to provide me with new service when I moved a mile away. I gave them three months notice and, on moving day, discovered they had not connected the line or tried to. I gave them some time to complete this but they failed and I have used AT&T since then.

Six weeks ago, I began receiving "Welcome to the Neighborhood" letters. I ignored the first, then called MCI customer service. I told the representative that I didn't want MCI service, hadn't asked for it, considered this fraud, and expected them to cease and desist. He promised -- from his perch in Manila, The Philippines -- to have a manager call me. That didn't happen.

Yesterday, I received a bill from MCI for $70 and change. I feel they owe me at least $70 for distress and lost time trying to deal with their broken promises, lies, and current slamming scam.

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5 weeks wait and counting on phone service
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Until now I had never had a problem with MCI. After getting fed up with my exhorbitant long distance charges I switched over a couple of years ago and saw a big difference in my bill. Unfortunately, things have not gone so smoothly ever since I moved back on April 30th and attempted to get my service switched to my new address. MCI told me it would take up to three weeks to get the service switched over. I figured that was just to cover their bases and it would really be completed much sooner, but as it turns out right now I would be ecstatic with such an uberfast hook up. My first request for the order, as they call it, was cancelled without my knowledge because there was no such address. Apparently, even though I spelled out the street name for the English-as-a-second-language "service" agent C-U-Y-L-E-R, two weeks went by and I received, ironically, a bill sent to a "Tyler" Ave. You know if the US Mail can locate you easier than MCI can, they must have big troubles. I also found it odd that I was being billed for service that I didn't even have yet. I guess the billing department and the service department just don't communicate with one another or, like me, they're still waiting for their own phone service to be installed. So, anyway, my service was cancelled because the agent couldn't spell and I had to start all over again - clock resetting another 3 weeks. Luckily, the second time I was quick on the follow-up. I called MCI, from work as usual, and asked how my second order was going. It wasn't. It was cancelled again. Turns out even though the original agent swore up and down I could keep my old phone number (which really didn't matter to me), this was not the case and the order was cancelled by MCI without them proactively informing me once again. Since then I've been given a new phone number at the placement of my third order for service and so far it's been an additional two weeks and I still have no phone service. I just wrote them another email saying that, by my calculations, their deadline for installation on this third order should be no later than next Thursday. Most likely they'll stretch the wait to this date, but I've already informed them if they go beyond this date they're obviously not interested in keeping my business and I'll simply find a real service provider. No matter what, though, I simply can't get over that in the year 2005, in such an advanced technological country as ours, a company like MCI keeps me waiting 5 weeks and counting for phone service. My friends in Russia all ask basically, "why the f-ing long wait?" It's funny. But it's also really sad too. Get it together MCI!!!
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Gonzo11354 on 07/11/2005:
I feel as if I am reading my own story. I have been going through the same crap with MCI for the past two weeks. I have memorized the playlist of music on their Hold Line! I cannot believe how inept this company is. It took my electric company and Cable company a total of six seconds to verify my address. It took MCI THREE WEEKS! That was after I had given them the SAME info four times! In return for my next bill from MCI I will send them my Cell phone bill, which I have been forced to use 24 hours a day while waiting for landline service. The only saving grace is that I am having digital phone service installed in a week, then I can say Ta Ta to MCI!
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Suspension of service
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TEXAS -- I fractured my leg and had surgery in November 2006. Before my surgery I paid my phone bill and thought I was paying for both the November and December bill. I went out of town for Christmas and New Year and when I returned I had a Suspension Warning letter from MCI. I called MCI and paid the bill in full before the service was terminated. I explained my situation to the MCI representative and he told me the payment was posted and I had a zero balance. Within two hours of my payment my phone service was cut off by MCI. Using my cell phone I called them back and was told even though I had a zero balance the account was not paid until after the suspension order was placed and I needed to wait 24 to 48 hours before the service was reinstated. The next day I called them back and this time the representative told me the payment was not posted on the day I actually made it and I'd have to wait another 24 to 48 hours for service to be restored. It's now been three days and I don't have phone service even though I paid the bill in full before the phone was turned off.
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Anonymous on 01/11/2007:
I would use this time to look for another service provider and cancel MCI as soon as they give you a clean bill. Good luck
Ponie on 01/11/2007:
Evidently you 'thought' wrong. Do you pay your phone bill more than one month at a time? My billing for both cell and land line covers just one month. When I pay it by the due date, I know I'm set until I get my next statement.
*Brenda* on 01/11/2007:
Yeah, why would you think you were paying November and December in one bill? I've never heard of that.
pjf on 01/11/2007:
I actually did overpay the bill in November by $145.00.
*Brenda* on 01/12/2007:
Ohh, and your December bill was more than $145.00?
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MCI phone service scam
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This past July I was tricked into signing up for MCI service, being told that the service would be the same, only cost less per month, and that I would have the first 30 days free. Also they would reconnect me to Qwest if I was dissatisfied. After 2 days of "service" I had to call to cancel, because their "service" was nothing like what was promised. They said it would take 5 or 6 days to disconnect me. They refused to reconnect me with Qwest and I had to crawl back to get my former service again. At least Qwest was nice about it. Meanwhile, MCI has been calling and harassing me over a bill they sent for $74 for 2 days of worthless service on a 30 day free trial. They said I had not sent in the 30 day free certificate. Kind of hard to do, since I received it AFTER they disconnected me. Now they are threatening to turn me over to a collection agency and ruin my perfect credit in order to squeeze free money out of me. I have complained to the FCC, the Corporation Commission, the Better Business Bureau and my local Congressman. I hope somebody responds before MCI screws up my credit. I blow my cork every time one of those nasty foreign operators gives me a hard time. I refuse to send those thieving scam artists one dime. Has anyone else been hit like this?
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Roger&Out on 10/18/2004:
They are guilty of the largest corporate fraud in history!! DON'T USE MCI!!
bjfeg on 11/08/2004:
reply to mci experience I was in Wyoming used a pay phone with a sticker 10 cents a minute talked 17 minutes received a bill from mci for $37.00 dollars called to complain they took of $10.00 said I would have to write a letter to mci in Tx to request more refund. I ordered a long distant call card from vart telecom 5 cents a minute it worked fine for a while then they added all the phone tax as my local service I think this is called double taxation
deehottub on 12/05/2004:
Geez-Louise! They even scammed you on a PAYPHONE!! Is nothing sacred??
YourWorstNightmare on 01/18/2005:
um...OKAY payphone lady...10c/min means if you put a dime YOU get 1 min to talk on the hard is it to grasp that that just may not apply to what sounds like a collect call...(I personally have never heard of ANY call that was not directly dialled from a phone being anything less than outrageously expensive--but maybe you thought you'd found the magical payphone that costs the same as a home phone)...CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE STOPPING ANY MEDICATION REGIMEN
YourWorstNightmare on 01/19/2005:
one thing I DID forget to mention: looks like you're quite the bigot as well as less-than-bright
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Unethical business practice - BEWARE
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BARRINGTON, RHODE ISLAND -- I am writing to protest the scandelous behavior of MCI WorldCom Wireless.

In the early part of last year Worldcom mailed, unsolicited, 2 cell phones, to my home address. I duly opened the package, discovered what Worldcom had done, spoke with Worldcom representatives on the phone, and on their advice returned the unwanted phones using the pre-paid envelope. Subsequently I dismissed the matter as a scam from an unsavory company and vowed never to do business with WorldCom again (at the time I was a MCI customer). A few months later, I received a bill for a $240 cancellation fee - despite having never requested or used the service. Althoug I repeatedly tried to resolve this matter with service representatives Worldcom continued to press for payment. Recently, after a long period of no communications, I have been contacted by debt collectors. This is infuriating! I can never reach anyone at Worldcom, no communication is ever answered, Worldcom has absolutely no right to bill me, and I cannot seem to get the matter resolved.

I expect Worldcom to consult their records, admit in writing that I never requested the service, admit this was an unethical business practice, and STOP TRYING TO COLLECT THE MONEY.

Please respond within 10 working days.

I appreciate your attention to this matter. I await your response.
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We Shall See.......
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ARIZONA -- I had written about MCI trying to scam me out of $74 for 2 or 3 days of new service on a one month free deal that was not what I was told it would be and their continuous harassment and threats to ruin my credit over it when I would not pay for it. I contacted the FCC, the AZ Corporation Commission, the Better Business Bureau and my Congressman. Today I got a call from MCI. They were responding to the FCC complaint and promised to drop the whole mess. It pays to persevere. Don't let them pull you around by the nose, people----fight back.
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Roger&Out on 11/01/2004:
Way to go!! It sucks to be the little fish in the pond, but you got satisfaction after all you have been through. I will continue to post...SCREW MCI!!...DON'T USE THEM!!
deehottub on 11/02/2004:
Thank you. Just thought I'd tell you MCI called tonight around 8:30 pm to ask if I would like two free months to come back. No, I do not care to drink from the same bottle of rat poison once my stomach has been pumped, thank you, MCI for your kind offer.
LegalCollector on 11/02/2004:
I would sue them for harassment.
meow001 on 11/30/2004:
I'm glad to hear that. I'm a customer service supervisor at MCI and deal with not being able to help people out everyday because of company policies and guidelines.

They got what they deserved
deehottub on 12/05/2004:
Thank you, Meow001! I finally got a letter from MCI which basically told me that I was wrong and they were right, but they would be big about it and drop the whole thing. Gosh, aren't they nice? I don't suppose it had anything to do with the letter I got from the FCC. Good luck working for them--I hope they treat you better than they treat their customers---I sincerely do! Thanks again!!
YourWorstNightmare on 01/18/2005:
so, you never actually said if you called into customer service and requested a re-rate or not...did you even? because it's really quite simple and 90% of the rep's would be more than willing to fix it--unless you yell or talk down to them...and keep in mind that you DO still have to pay for services provided, so you probably WILL have a small amount YOU will be resposible for...
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